Naruto 489 Breakdown: ‘Cause this is thriilleeer! Thriiilleer night! Demotivational poster, WRA comic and official debate inclusive. Just click me…you know you want to…@__@

And as the most famous and classical line in horror movie history goes, I implore all you faithful Narutards and loyal WRA bloggers to chorus with me in saying…


Naruto does love his zombies...and he looks hungry, too...O__O

As we shall soon see, aside from the obvious, ‘it’ may stand for a great many things in the context of the latest Naruto chapter, 489. But that’s for later.

Besides that, it looks like the plot of our great manga just keeps on building and ramping up, the rate of development only picking up speed. Every new chapter since has brought along with it something just as fresh and tasteful to tingle the readers with cracking excitement for things to come; or for the occasional few, inflicted annoyance when things don’t work out their way. But you’ll get over it. =P

With a clear-cut goal and a unified heartbeat, these shinobi prepare to confront the grand challenge that lies ahead: proctology exams...*shudders*

I have nightmares X__X

Anyhow, in a nutshell, this chapter was  another awesome and intriguing installment in a long, hopefully, and most likely continuous chain. And who’s complaining? Not me…

It begins mostly with frivolity which offers a little comedy here and there, and then gradually works its way into the good stuff where one major persistent theory in particular is confirmed (well, mostly), and we get to sneak a peek at some old faces that we really shouldn’t be seeing: except in a frame of the subterranean level. All in all: twenty pages of Eastern goodness…

The chapter was refreshing for the most part, as we watched Naruto retrace back to his quintessential vivacity. And again, the drollery was another very welcome drift from what we have had to read for a while. And this symbolizes the first ‘it’ that is once again alive!

And you thought Perez Hilton was a diva...>_>


Amidst all that, however, 489 by no means failed to present a level of depth and enough substance to still keep readers wanting more. We’re left with whole a lot to talk and babble on about, so as Ajd offered, it does beg a good deal of discussion. Here’s your emergency breakdown. 😉

Anyhow, enough of all that. Let’s get down to business!

I knew these shady toads were mobsters!!

Wait a minute, not this kind of business! >_>

Remember way back, when Jiraiya was getting intel on Pein straight from…the frog’s mouth (literally)? When he said to that little tadpole/living scroll , that under the condition that anything happened to him, this toad, which held Minato’s seal on the Kyuubi, would then pitch its tent inside Naruto…

Well, unfortunately, something did happen. And Naruto is reverse summoned for a word with the Boss, and the timing couldn’t be any more perfect lol. You better give him his money if you know what’s good for you, Naruto.

Three major topics for discussion come up in this encounter. One of which is the fated meeting between Naruto and Sasuke. Just when Boss was on to something, Naruto cuts him off.

“You will battle the young man with great power in his eyes, and-”

God, I hate when that happens -___-. And what?! And you will have a tea party in dead man’s camp? And 1? And you will be conceived by the Holy Spirit?!! ;___;

My bet, and my fear is that what Naruto thinks the Boss was going to say is indeed true, which is “. . .and you will both die.” Not verbatim, but something along those lines. I addressed this topic a few breakdowns ago, and explained how I felt that by no means will Naruto die. But we can only hope for the best and expect the worst, huh?

As far as I’ve seen in the comments so far, no one has called this out, and that probably owes to the fact that everyone is sure it’s the first option. But I’m thinking (hoping) that maybe, maybe Naruto is wrong. It’s doubtful, but a boy can dream, can’t he? Can’t he? ;___;

The next point of interest is ‘that’ jutsu. The great unknown. It’s not the first time we have and most propably not the last time we will hear of it. Remember when Naruto and the gang were leaving for the Sand village?

It can’t be elemental, since Naruto learned about the various elements and their entailment long after his training with Jiraiya. It can’t be genjutsu (or maybe taijutsu) for reasons all too obvious. And it was mentioned in this chapter that once Naruto obtained the seal, he would then be able to perfect it. So in all likelihood, it is tied in somehow with the Kyuubi.

So here is my thought.

Puke: Comes in all shapes and sizes...

Remember that? From the little scrap between Naruto and Solid Snake. From the epic battle with Pein, also. It may be a wee bit farfetched, but hey, it beats an upgraded Jesus no jutsu…bluetooth friendship maker!

Anyhow, enough of that.

On to the next one. The Boss foretold that Naruto will meet an octopus. Does it happen to spit fire instead of ink? I bet! Enter, Bee! There are two note-worthy implications of this prophesy.

First, and most important, is that this could mean that that long-proposed theory of Naruto learning under the guidance of Killer Bee is finally seeing the brighter light of day. And soon, he could be spitting more fire than Natsu on a bad day. And in the end, this could go a long way in seeing to it that he finally gains control over the Kyuubi. But one vital question still remains without answer: for what reason would Bee help Naruto? Regardless of that, hope once again gleams.

The second implication is also the second ‘it’. Naruto’s meeting Bee could very well mean that he will, by one way or the other, survive Kisame’s infiltration. Hence, keeping himself (it) ‘alive’. But that is only under the condition that Jaws does not slack off and stall a little too long in doing the deed, in which case, the chances of Bee training Naruto in the aspect of Bijuu control (hell, in facet for that matter), are slimmed. As someone suggested in the comments (can’t find who it was now), the supposition of Naruto walking right into a Bee – Kisame engagement still remains unscathed. Every probable outcome remains very relative, and how it will be engendered in the end remains to be told by time alone.

You know what would really funny, though? If Naruto just ended up going sight-seeing in the ocean. Or met with some terrible cosplay. God, that would suck. Kishi must have a death wish to pull a stunt like that. But just in case, let’s all ready our pitch forks and burning torches. Oh, and some tweezers and a microscope…we may need to perform castration. >_>

Meanwhile, back at Konoha, things seem to be moving along smoothly. The third ‘it’, stood for by Tsunade and…’them’ >_>, is in fact still alive. (Yay)

This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy got a fur coat. This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy went "wee wee wee" all the way down her throat.

Poor thing. ;___;

While Tsunade munches, Kakashi arrives to have a word.

A single part of import can be taken note of here. I’m not talking about Kakashi’s coolness by being unfazed as result of having his Sixth Hokage chances slip away by a hair’s breath. I’m speaking of something that was quite obscured, but aren’t those most often than not the most notable? It’s just how Kakashi referred to Madara. I’ve seen a few comments to this regard so far, and it’s probably nothing, but since it came up twice in this particular chapter, I felt it has earned your audience. Besides, it’s my job here to make a mountain out of a molehill anyway. =P

“I have no solid proof.”

What if this lack of proof is pointing us in a path that has since been untraversed. What if, just what if Tobi isn’t what he professes to be? It seems to me that all existing proof points in that precise direction. The count of unanswered questions bearing on this masked villain continues to build week by week. I tell ya, the seed of doubt has just been planted, and uncertainty with continue to establish itself further in readers’ psyches until we start  getting some answers. And FAST.

I told you you're next, Ino. *evil laugh*

Tsunade, being the Hokage, calls for a meeting to arrange for necessary measures to be taken in respect to the upcoming war. But I have this tiny misgiving, though. Observing the situation plainly, anyone will notice that this isn’t exactly your typical war. All the villages are fighting with each other against a common enemy, Akatsuki. It’s irregular in the sense that it doesn’t involve shinobi fighting against one another in the myriads on all/either side. So why all the formality? I just don’t sense any stimulus to necessitate the customary “gathering of weapons and rations,” “platoon breakdowns,” and such and such…as if to suggest everyone will collide on a single, literal field of battle. I plainly see no sense in it.

Anyhow, that’s enough of that blah blah blah harangue. Why don’t we drift just a wee bit from Konoha and see what’s going on on the other end of the spectrum…

Penetration: It's a pain...


So the focus shifts once again to Kabuchimaru and his…escapades >_>.

I read on the blog a few months ago about some Kishi interview in which he supposedly proposed that Akatsuki will be recruiting some fresh blood. Well, now we know who one of those new enlistees is. But who else will be joining the Dark Force?

(You know, just when I started making that poll, I realized I had no real candidates to offer up >_>)

Also noteworthy in this encounter was what Kabuto said about Tobi, which is very similar to Kakashi’s earlier statement in that it, too, questions the verity of Tobi’s professing to be Madara. Hmm…suspiciiiiooouus…

So Kabuchimaru approaches Madara. And he brought with him a little proposition. Lemme give you the real…

What group of people have ultimate power in the ‘streets’? Can wow anyone with their eye-turning leg-work? You know it…dance crews! …Yo!

Since Orochimaru died, Kabuto has spent his days working tirelessly to perfect his crew’s moves. But they just didn’t cut the cake.

Remember this?

"Wrap," "Wrap," "Wrap," "Shift," "Step," "Step." Sounds like bad choreography to me...

Unfortunately, it didn’t end very well for those ex-crew members. Tragic.

But with his new power, Kabuchiramu has developed a new, unfailing plan.

Soon…soon, the whole world will be one big ‘street’ under his unrivaled and undisputed control. It will soon be all over. ;___; But the question remains: what is this plan? I’ll answer with another question.

What fictional creatures are known for their KILLER moves on the dance floor? Yup, you’ve guessed it. And now, feast your eyes on Kabuchimaru’s new unbeatable squad.

The streets will never be the same.

Madara is the only zombie left that can put an end to the treachery that is Kabuchimaru’s world-dominating dance crew known as…The Boys ‘R’ Ours!!

But with these odds, he’s as good as screwed…


I think Kabuto just certified himself as a real force to be reckoned with. And now that he’s coupled together with Akatsuki, their strength just hit a multiplier.

Again, leaving us with more unanswered questions, and more brewing anticipation for things to come. All I gotta say is the next chapter better come quick!

But until then, this breakdown has reached its ending.

And here are your extras.


5. Gavin


Karin: I’m going to have Naruto’s baby.

Caption: Sakura, you had your chance. Stop pouting.

4. To63to


Karin:”It’s Sakura,right? You should really wax your legs.They look like Juugo’s ass right now.”
Caption:There are things that are better left unseen!!!

3. Ahsan


karin : its ok sakura we can share kakashi’s pickle

Caption : Dattebayo




Karin: So, you’re Sakura… Sasuke told me about that time you tried to “give yourself” to him… He said you look like a man down there!

Kakashi: HAHA!

Sakura: Nnh…

No Worries Sakura! Three more surgeries and you’d be a “real girl”

And the winner…

Sakura…. even Karin is more useful than her.

Lol, good one. Congratulations to Tenrai Senshi.

Here’s this week’s material. Have fun.

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And now for a new feature I wanted to add this week. It’s an official debate. And the contenders?

Kisame vs. Bee...Jaws vs. 80 Cent

I noticed a little of this debate was already imbuing, so I figured hey, why don’t I be an instigator! Well, that, and Super gave me the idea >_>. Now, I want a nice clean fight…and by clean, I mean I wanna see bloody inards EVERYWHERE…(not really)

Lets see you guys battle it out. Try not to get too aggressive, though, it’s all in good fun. 🙂

Finally, here’s my parting gift.

(You’d probably have to read the first part of the breakdown to understand this one =P)

If you’re gonna have God’s baby, you’re gonna have God’s baby…

See ya next week!


Now my feet won’t touch the ground.



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  1. 1st awesome breakdown pickly poo , now to read it >_> XD

    update- effin awesome breakdown X___X lol you get better and better everytime and everytime i think the breakdown is perfect XD you are the god of naruto X____X

    anyway about the kb v.s kisame its killerbee for the win 😀

  2. FIIIRST!! Just so Ahsan doesn’t get it >_>…

    Epic fail X__X…

    Awesome fail 😉

  3. roflmao, 3rd

  4. 4th. now to read.

  5. 5th!!!!!!! Nice one CP!

    Caption:Naruto: “WILL SUCK BALLS FOR RAMEN!!!!!”
    Sasuke: “Narutoooooooooooo be my bitch!!” “Get on your hands and knees woman, and suck my balls!!!!!”

    If anyone knows where suck my balls comes from u shall get a cookie 😉

  6. I just wanna know what “that jutsu” Gamatora’s talking about is.
    But haa, Bee is 80 Cent. I’d listen to that mixtape.

  7. 7th.

  8. @nagashikage: “that” jutsu has been bantered about since Naruto returned from his two year hiatus with Jiraiya. I think it’s a controlled Kyuubi, personally.

  9. Awesome breakdown.

    Interesting theory about “That Jutsu”. Although I hope it’s something else. The lasers are fun to watch but,… Well… They’ve been even less effective than Sakura. I don’t remember any menacing ball ever killing anyone. Yugito died after she failed to kill Kakuzu and Hidan with the Two-Tails Menacing Fire Ball. Naruto’s Four Tail Menacing Ball didn’t kill Orochimaru. His 6 Tail ball didn’t destroy Deva Path and couldn’t crack Chibaku Tensei and Bee’s 8 Tail Menacing Ball didn’t kill Suigetsu…
    But who knows, maybe “That Jutsu” does refer to the Menacing Ball and Naruto may be the first to ‘pefect’ it just like he did with the rasengan. 😛

  10. Okay, thanks for the emergency breakdown lol. I agree 100% with your view on “that” jutsu, no way it’s elemental. Maybe it’s Lee’s drunken fist style lol.
    With the sharingan having soo many different variations, and now everyone questioning Madara being Madara, I can’t help but think…Well, know (imo) that at least that is obito’s eye and not madara. The age is way off, so it ain’t Obito in the flesh. This theory has been dismissed several times now, and I hate that I’ve been tempted to think as much, but at the least, I believe that Kakashi will fight Madara and he will confirm that it’s Obito’s eye. How else did he “know” that Kakashi’s MS wouldn’t work? (besides Kishi hating him). I tell you, he is more familiar with how Kakashi’s MS works than he would if it weren’t true. Why doesn’t he have EMS “anymore”? How did whoever this guy is know the history of Uchia, EMS and of Madara? Sharingan, MS, and Rinnengan. It was simply read. The big dismissal for it being Obito is the 4th’s student and the fourth being attacked by what he thought was Madara. So, I’m aware that it’s not Obito. Only Opinion of it: That is Obito’s eyes. when he was dying he said his right side was almost smashed, not smashed.
    Maybe Ino is Madara! They haven’t been in the same scene as eachother!

    Killer Bee is going to stomp Kisame if Samaheda is with him. Samaheda’s a whore though, so who knows.

    What IS Sasuke? why did they phrase it like that? Is he just a ball of emo? Author’s mistake? My misunderstanding?

    What if, and It’s a big IF, Naruto’s jutsu is an orignial, unforeseen shape manipulation justu *gasp*? No other comment on that. About 1, 1.5 years ago, we closed a rasengan discussion on the strength of everyones Rasengan (on IRA). WE closed the discussion because it was clear cut, that Giant rasengan and shuriken were the strongest. I suggested the ultimate Rasengan. Harshyt stated it was closed until Konohamaru learned it. Maybe, it is “that” jutsu…SEXY NO RASENGAN! No one can defeat a double D class move…no one.

    I’ve stated what I wanted to say about Itachi being back, so I will no longer distract anyone…on this comment anyways

  11. Bubble:

    That april fools post had me going, bu-
    America loves me, right?

    Caption: S.A.S.U.K.E.’s dynamic takeover! HOLY SPIRIT!

  12. ok, I looked up and it said 666,666 hits. I had to say that, sorry. And I formally apologize about the several spelling errors in my comments.

  13. WoW! This is gonna be an epic war! Naruto kun… Hurry up with “that” justu!!!

  14. @CP: Very nice and funny breakdown man, but curse you on that last poster – please don’t sink that low!

  15. Awesome “emergency” breakdown! I’ll be informing S.A.S.U.K.E. As for the talk concerning “that jutsu”, I was thinking that it’s a combination of using the Kyuubi’s chakra and Shiki Fuujin together…possibly sealing Madara away with the Kyuubi chakra…?

    @deathcon It’s from South Park!!!

    @redbaron: “Menacing ball” LOL…but seriously, it COULD be some kinda “Menacing ball” rasengan too I guess. As long as he actually hits somebody with that thing.

    Oh, and between Kisame and Killer Bee, I say KB all the way!

  16. YOSH! Awesome breakdown Pickles! XD Kabuchimaru’s new dance team will definitely go for the gold but what side do they represent? The 5 great Nations have the South, West, North, and East covered. I guess Akatsuki is left to represent the Dark Side. 😉 I finally got the WRA comic for anyone who missed it.

    I wonder who’s going to be in it next…>_>

    @Penny: Nice to see you drop by! ^_^

    I agree, I think “that jutsu” has something to do with control over the Kyubi. Maybe full control over the Kyubi is “that jutsu”.

    @Ajd: You all make me want to do a post on the sharingan and all of Madara’s possible candidates. @_@

  17. Caption 2: ITSSSSS JOHNNY!!!!

    Caption 3: ITS TIME TO PLAY Wheel of Future!

    Caption 4: ITS a word that is used to help describe certain objects. ;)….that was for CP and his need for the word it…

  18. @supertrek89:
    Evil dude: Its not the north or the south side!
    Darth Vader: No ITS Not!
    Evil dude: Its not the east or the west side!
    Darth Vader: No Its NOt!
    Evil dude: ITs THE DaRK SIDE!
    Darth Vader: U R CORRECT!

    LOL! You are very much correct Death. It is the Dark Side. 😉


  19. get some pork on your fork Tsunade! awesome manga this week and awesome breakdown

  20. pickles, your breakdowns keep getting better and better 😀 …….awesomeness scale of this article is OVER 9000!!

    anyway, i think “that” jutsu is something using “that” kind of chakra and “it” is also present in “that” technique. “it” has already been used by “that” person from “that” time!!!


    i guess “that” gives a complete idea of what “it” is 😛



    CAPTION: Naruto, you truly are Jiraiya’s student ~_~

  21. IDC who sayys the next comment katz747 wins the bubble/caption contest!…In my book any ways lol. And your comment makes more sense then the manga at this point lol

  22. AWESOME breakdown Captain Pickles. You really R DA BEST!!!! (your breakdown got me in a wierd mood) ^_^

    Anyway, “that” jutsu has to be something completely new, not elemental jutsu or taijutsu or genjutsu like you said.

  23. that jutsu, i have other think that it came from distance past.
    that even older than sage of six path. i think i maybe jutsu creator
    by ten tail beast, jyubi . come to think sharingan and rinnegan is a pair
    one yi and other is yang. to much yin / yang is not good , example uchiha and rinnegan user.uchiha drain their vision and rinnegan crop their body that evidence is to heavy for the user. it maybe that jutsu is complete control of six path element.

  24. Great breakdown Pickles!

    My it has been a while! *whew*

    I know its just my two cents but I’m thinking “that jutsu” is some special form of fuuinjutsu. And because it requires great knowledge, I’m gonna guess that he probably will need advice from different people(perhaps even from different countries…iron?) for each of the fingers used in the sealing technique. It will help him defeat Kabutomaru when dealing with Edo Tensei. It will also help him in battling any bad Jinchuuriki. If I am right about the Dark Zetsu theory then maybe it will help with that as well. This technique goes great with Naruto’s fighting style. It’s similar to Rasengan, up close and personal. 😉

  25. To be specific, he will probably use the Gogyou Kaiin(five elements unseal)

  26. stick with me for aminute…what if kisame kidnapps kb, then disguises himself as kb and goes on a rampage with sameheda in konoha? i see no other plausible reason for kb to invade konoha.

  27. @ajd
    Thanks, man =)


    fuuinjutsu? what is that?


    hey that IS possible, you know O_O ….. let’s hope kishi does’nt read this blog :O

    personally though, i feel killer bee will meet up and train naruto in chakra control………and then, when naruto becomes an expert………..maybe kisame ambushes killerbee and captures him……..this will give naruto an added grudge against akatsuki 😀

  28. @katz747: Fuuinjutsu is sealing jutsu. Try clicking on the link for more.

    @visionary: I don’t think so. No one sealed his chakra, right?

    @shinobimadness: He might invade Konoha if ROOT (or someone evil) tries acting on its own and kills or kidnaps someone of the Lightning for some reason.

  29. BUBBLE:

    Yeah another DBZ reference so what .. :p

  30. BUBBLE

    It’s… OVER 9000!!!!

    CAPTION (don’t count it if you want CP)

    You heard him, folks… THE RAMEN’S POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!

  31. meh just writing to tell you people ill be away for some time quite sometime X___X exams and parents is the reason in a nutshell >_> meh i know i wont get missed much X_X but ill miss you guys 😀 ill post my amv when its complete ill try to make occasional visits 😀 this is the preview of it 😀 the timing is a little messed up but ill fix it 😀

    see ya in well dunno see ya in sometime ~_~
    until then keep on trollin ~_~

  32. before i go id like to state my thoughts once more time things ive been saying for quite sometime

    1-dunno its madara or not but he is using obito’s body (dude the hair the in hair X_X ) or atleast his eyes and his hair 🙂
    2- kakashi will be the one to beat madara
    3- reaper death seal will be the jutsu used to beat madara
    4-kisame will die by killer bee’s hands
    5- kabuto will play a big part (he might become the main villian)
    6- kishi will continue to hate kakashi
    7-onepiece has , is and will remain to be the best manga
    8- bleach will continue to suck until urahara shows up and and after he leaves
    9-urahara will be the one who beats aizen
    10- ft will continue to be a cheap copy of op thats why it will continue to suck

    time to go *poof*

  33. LOL at number 6.
    Why does he hate kakashi so much?

  34. @Ahsan: 6. Why would Kishi have Kakashi defeat the primary antagonist when Naruto and Sasuke are the main characters, especially if he hates him ?

    @ultimatesharingan: Apparently because Kakashi has failed to perform any useful/significant acts, like when he was helpless against Pein, or a few chapters ago in the encounter against Sasuke.

  35. @ nagashikage

    got me there bro

    i dunno how but both things are gonna happen eh im totally crazy right now tonights the last night i have so meh >_>

  36. What do you mean this is the last night you have?

  37. Thank you, thank you guys a lot. 🙂

    @Lousytv: Ah, if you’re bring serious, then you have my sincerest apologies if I transgressed you or your religion in any way. Frankly, if I did, it wasn’t intended. ‘Sides, you and I both know Naruto isn’t exactly immaculate…>_>

    @Baron: Yup, and that’s precisely why it still needs perfecting on Naruto’s part. It’s kinda like you said.

    Oh, by the way, welcome to WRA! I’d give you advice, but I have none. *nice Gai pose*

    @Ajd: Ino is Madara and “that” jutsu is Sexy no Rasengan?! Why the hell haven’t you been recruited by the CIA?!

    Anyhow, since this has been by the wayside thus far, why don’t I get things started on the debate.

    At the moment, Bee is taking it by a landslide, since almost everyone is siding with him, but I think an extremely significant factor concerning this argument is Samehada, and who it really belongs to as of the moment.

    If you ask me, I say Kisame and Samehada completely played Bee from the very beginning. First, Kisame showed him his sword was living, and could act on its own discretion. Then Kisame continues on and on about how Samehada is just in love Bee’s chakra. At the last moment, the sword ‘refuses’ to kill Bee and even goes the extra mile in replenishing some of his energy, which earns it a swift kick from ‘Kisame’ as if to demostrate all ties between the two had officially been severed, and Samehada was Bee’s for the taking. In the end, Bee falls hook line and sinker. on top of that, why else would Samehada let Kisame enter it if they weren’t still buddies? Forgetting how nasty that may sound >_>…

    All in all, if Samehada’s loyalty is still with Kisame, which I believe to be the case, then Kisame has more than a fighting chance against Bee. That’s where I’m getting at. You can argue that during their previous knock-off of a scuffle, Bee had to take up the responsibility of fight and protecting at the same time, so he wasn’t going at it full-on. But remember, Kisame’s mission was not to kill Bee, but infiltrate the Cloud. No doubt he was holding back loads, as well.

    On a side note, I’m seeing some pretty good bubblition entires here already. Keep ’em coming, people. 😉

  38. @debate ive always wondered if samhada can steal chakra that isnt being engaged. like if u just get too close it can steal the chakra. people say it can because of his battle with suigetsu in the anime but i dont think that is good evidence because suigetsu went into liquid mode when kisame swung at him and noticed his chakra was being leached, that is chakra engagement (cause people cant just turn into liquid)

    my point is if Bee battles kisame with just sword skills then we may see a much different outcome than before. we havent seen much from kisame in the skills department, we have only seen him be a sponge for chakra. Bee has demonstrated his skills with all kinds of blades with and without charka enhancement. i feel like if bee is more conservative with his chakra this time he wont lose this fight. We also havent seen bee using much jutsu beside chakra flow so if he keeps it in check during the fight kisame will have no real advantage.

  39. Kisame in the Lightning Country in Shark form hes gonna absorb all that lightning chakra, and kill many a ninja. I rekon the more ninja who attack Kisame the Stronger he’ll get, also when he turns their village into a swimming pool they wont have a chance but Sharks are known to not like electricity but in the end I hope KB eats him cause thats what Octopus do.

  40. @CP: No worries… still love your work! 😉

    @Ahsan: Yeah, Obito’s somehow involved in all of these… but I just can’t place him. @_@

    Great! No harm done, then. And thanks, jo. 🙂

  41. I thought it was a great chapter, to be honest. What I really like is how the manga manages to keep things interesting, even during the quieter moments, by injecting a sense of anticipation provoked by each turn of events that occurs.

    Kabuto’s sudden appearance and more involved presence in the plot opens up many new possibilities. In fact, there is even a chance we may see the manga turn completely on its head, with Madara, the supposed ultimate villain of the series, suddenly finding himself overthrown by a character that has mostly remained in the shadow of those with far greater presence until now.

    I think it’s a great turn of events.

    Anyway, as for Naruto, he seems to be at two minds about accepting the key to his seal. He already knows the damage his use of the Kyuubi’s power has caused in the past and I think he wants to stay away from it now. However, his father also told him that he believes he will control it some day, so I can see an inner battle of will coming up.

    The fact that his meeting with Bee was also predicted may actually fit into that, because I don’t believe it was a coincidence that their meeting was foreseen at the same time as Naruto was to receive the key to his power. Bee may be the one who helps to teach him to control that power. The only question that still remains is, what is “that” jutsu? T__T

    On a final note, with regards to the debate for the battle between Kisame and Bee, I am unsure as to who would win now. It all depends on the circumstances. We all know Bee held back somewhat during their last encounter, because of his two companions and he even refrained from going full 8-tails simply because they would be caught in the collateral damage.

    If you add that to the fact that the Samehada is also a gray area in terms of whether Kisame can now fully utilize that power, Bee may very well have the edge. However, the greatest factor that makes me believe that Kisame will not defeat Bee any time soon, is the prediction that Naruto will meet him. Naruto can’t meet Bee if he is captured and so the prediction would be false. Unless they are both captured. O_o

    Anyway, if it was a one on one battle, with no interruptions and with both characters going all out, 8-tails and fishy transformations and all, I might say that Bee may have an edge if the 8-tails has too much chakra for the Samehada to absorb.

  42. Kisame Vs Bee: I think both are fairly a draw and the factor that would make someone win or lose is Samehada’s loyalty. It should be loyal to Kisame but then again, in terms of chakra, Bee has more chakra BECAUSE, he is a Jinjuriki…hello? and is water weak against lightning? this clearly put Kisame at the disadvantage.

    Sealing technique is too high for Naruto to handle. i think it has something to do against “Madara”. The jutsu looks like planned and im sure when Minato met “that masked Akatsuki” he already noticed the sick Time/Space that the latter had. and since it was intended by Minato for Naruto against Madara, i think it is something to nullify or fight against this.

    I think Kakashi is too weak to battle Madara alone. I think if this is to happen Kishi will still develop Kakashi by giving him more jutsu or something like making him realize a weakness of Madara.

    About the revival of the 5 Akatsuki member, i think i would not be the same ahinobi as their “Alive” version. When the 3rd battled the 1st and 2nd do you really think the 3rd is strong enough to defeat them without any jutsu-side-effect whatsoever? it should have some side-effect.


  43. @ everyone, dose anybody know when the naruto shippuuden movie inheritors of the will of fire english sub video will come out,, the reason i ask is because last year shippuuden bonds relesed the movie this day april 4th, and i was wondering if the 3 shippuudem movie will come out the same as the last one.

  44. @ Pickles
    awesome breakdown this week man! you get extra brownie points in my book for throwing a little Fairy Tail in your there 😉

    @Super and Pickles
    Unfortunately, Kobuchimarus ‘The Boyrs R Ours’ will not win Americas Best Dance Crew. There’s no way a blind (or no eyes O__o) Itachi will be able to help his team dance their way to victory, its physically impossible!!

    speaking of no eyes. how the heck is itachi suppose to fight now without his eyes? last time I checked, they were inside of Sasukes eye sockets @____@ Unless Madara/tobi/obito/INO can transplant some other uchiha eyes into itachi X___x

  45. @bbgurl :
    well we are speaking of Itachi and he still has his Kunai and Katon no jutsu, thats all he needs \o/

  46. after seeing this jutsu im curious to know if he has all of orochimaru’s techs, or just the ones that can pwn anyone…

  47. does this also make him a sannin now?

  48. @Gudoruto – When Oro summoned the 1st and 2nd to fight he put a seal in them to take their personalitys away, so without their will of Fire I would imagine them to be weaker, but they invincible cause the dont take damage only reason the 3rd beat them cause he knew a powerful jutsu to seal them.

    @bbgurly14 – if itachi is blind or no eyes, he always has the option of implanting sasukes MS actually.

    @Shinobimadness – He was fighting on equal terms in combat/medical skills with tsunada and surpassed Oro better than Sasuke had attempted, Kabuto’s capabilites surely put him above the Sannin level at this moment anyway. And speaking about this now the Snake that is hanging outside of Kabuto’s Robe Im going to assume that is Kabuto’s new Pet like Manda was to Oro and if it is then thats Awesome.

    @Everyone – Am I the only one who secretly hopes that the Byakugan has some Secret Hyuuga Clan techs besides seeing long distances. I still have hope that their eyes are Awesome.

  49. @shinobimadness: There were and will ever be only 3 Sannin. The Sannin are three Kohona-nin that survived a fight against Sal. Hanzo. Since Hanzo’s well & dead, there can’t ever be any more Sannin ever, ever, since Hanzo’s not there to name them. If you mean does it make him a Sannin because he’s turning into Orochimaru; probably technically, if you look at it in certain ways … but I’d say no.

  50. @BB: Jabber Wockees have got nothing on them! Lol

    @Savior: Ah, you have a very good point there about Samehada’s probable inability to go about sapping the energy off of anyone at any time. But the thing is, if Bee decides to conserve his chakra by engaging in nothing but swordplay with Kisame, who’s to say Kisame would limit himself from using ninjutsu? The only one with the cap would be Bee, who would be stuck with nothing but sharp ends, so he doesn’t get his chakra leeched, while Kisame could very well set about bombarding him with all manner of jutsu. In the end, the only person who would be limited and still with the nagging disadvantage is Bee himself. Besides, Kisame is one of the Great Swordsmen of the Mist, so it’s doubtful he can’t hold his own with Bee in the unlikely event that they BOTH resorted to swort fighting. 😉

    @Gudoruto: Lol, if I have my facts straight, I think in the Narutoverse, lightning is only strong against earth, but weak against wind. Lightning > water is Pokemon. But I don’t blame you, I’d have totally said the same thing X__X. Oh, it was also stated quite clearly that Kisame has Bijuu-level chakra. And even besides that, he can absorb the chakra of his opponent with Samehada. He’s a greedy little shark, eh? =P

    @Lelulalilo: Well, it can see through solid objects. Kind of like X-ray vision. And it can also see the chakra network and other inner workings of the human body. I’m pretty sure you mean more, but I’m quite certain that’s most there is to the Byakugan. It’s as if it just drew the shorter end of the stick with Kishi, especially when compared with the other doujutsu, but on its own, it’s pretty badass.

  51. @Killerbee vs Kisame: Everyone always seems to forget that Kisame on his own is an extremely powerful ninja. Just how much of a role did Samehada play in his fight against Team Guy (while he was at a fraction of his normal strength)? Besides, Samehada is still loyal to Kisame. It never rejected Kisame’s chakra, it rejected the Kisame clone’s. Think of it this way, why didnt Samehada turn on Kisame in Part 1 of the series for the KYUBI’S chakra? If it turned down the Kyubi’s chakra for Kisame’s, why would it turn down Kisame’s for the Hachibi’s? Bee and Kisame fight almost the same in terms of Jutsu, large-scale. However, Kisame spams huge jutsus more than any other character and is adept in their usage. In terms of Swordsmanship…..anyone ever watched Ruroni Kenshin? If you have, you see how different sword styles stack yp. In Naruto, almost everyone uses the same style (like Sasuke and Bee), which emphasizes speed. However, Kisame, Zabuza and Chojuro (Three Swordsmen of the Mist)fight noticeably differently. They use moves emphasizing power above all else. So in terms of Swordsmanship, we cant know until these two different styles meet. Kisame has this fight won, in my opinion (I’ll be glad to use evidence from the manga next time, but im so tired now T^T).

  52. “Well, it can see through solid objects. Kind of like X-ray vision.”

    Man Pickles, when you put it that way, the Byakugan really sounds like shi……excrement XD!!!!!!

  53. @captain pickles: nice! i almost thought that Pikachu was stronger.. harharar and thanks for the correction… it was indeed from Pokemon.. hahaha

    No problemo. 🙂

  54. @gudoruto and Captain Pickles: The Lightning Element is strong against the Earth Element and weak against the Wind Element. But Kishi can’t change the laws of nature in his manga, so water is still weak against lightning and electricity, as Suigetsu said here:
    And Naruto Wiki says here:
    Due to his water-like body, he exhibits weakness against lightning-based techniques, as exhibited in his defense of Sasuke against Killer Bee’s chakra-charged strike against Sasuke.

    It really is confusing because Water Element isn’t weak against Lightning Element, but water is weak against lightning and electricity! @_@

  55. Hi peoples, been a while! Awesome breakdown Captain Pickles.

    Bubblition 1:

    Caption: “Zombies-the next logical step from emos”

    Bubblition 2:

    Naruto:”MMMMMMMMM, frog’s legs!!”
    Caption:”Alas, this was the only way for Naruto to obtain that seal scroll.”

  56. what about suigetsu’s quest to fight kisame and to get samehada? maybe that will factor in

  57. I am guessing that Kabuto’s resurrection technique doesn’t just summon a corps, but rather regenerates the body altogether.

    The reason I say that is because, firstly, Deidara blew himself up, so there was no corps to speak of. Kakuzu’s corps wouldn’t be able to move (all the chakra lines and nerve ends were destroyed on a cellular level) and Sasori was just a heart (which means a new body would have to be generated).

    It stands to reason, though, seeing as how the first and second hokage also regenerated after any wound inflicted, regardless of its severity, so it is likely that the technique recreates the body regardless of any damage. The thing is, with both known users of the Shiki Fūjin jutsu now dead (those being Hiruzen and Minato) how can you kill those bodies now without removing their souls?
    That makes Kabuto a far greater threat than he ever was before. He has immortals at his disposal and he could probably resurrect even more powerful shinobi to serve him (Hanzou anyone?). What would really be a killer, is if he resurrected Jiraiya and made him fight Naruto. Seeing as how the spirits also seem to retain their personalities (albeit without their free will) I can only imagine the words that would be shared between Naruto and Jiraiya at a time like that. It would sting quite badly…

    There is also a chance Madara may use those husks as shells to contain the Bijuu to send into battle. It would make the perfect combination. To control a bijuu’s full power, a host is needed to guide it and mold it properly. If those hosts are slaves with no free will, that gives Madara the perfect way to control Bijuu directly in battle without any of the risks of letting them loose without a Jinchuuriki host. It also means that once their use has been spent, he can extract them again without resistance.

    The only snag would be that Kabuto would likely be in control of the bodies, and I doubt Madara would risk handing his power over to be used by a former traitor, even if he seems loyal now.

  58. As for the Byuakuga, well let’s see…

    It has 360 degree vision for as far as a 50 kilometer radius (the furthers mentioned so far, but it may go further for all we know), while also being able to penetrate any natural obstacle.

    Now, I am not sure about you, but being able to see all around myself for as far as 50 kilometers all at once, without any obstruction to impede my view, sounds pretty powerful. It means that I can see any attack coming from anywhere save for a tiny blind spot, without anything getting in the way of that vision.

    It also has the ability to see chakra and even the chakra lines flowing through one’s body and it can see through genjutsu. Sure, it can’t copy moves like the sharingan or cast any offensive abilities or genjutsu, but the overall visual proficiency makes it great for scouting, information gathering, defense and an overall ability to avoid attacks while delivering pinpoint strikes yourself.

  59. holy sh*t tenrai! i believe you just hit the jackpot! 😀

    those resurrected bodies are perfect as jinchuuriki, like you said. it would also fit in with naruto being the only “free” jinchuuriki and increase the whole “jinchuriki FTW” storyline… and kabuto could be controlled by madara’s EMS or moons eye plan or whatever…….

    i don’t see kabuto becoming the MAIN villain anytime soon……the main villain of course is “madara” >_>…..his EMS should be sufficiently haxx to counter edo tensei and control kabuchimaru 😕

    @byakugan discussion

    sorry, but i don’t think the byakugan is strong enough…….i won’t (or can’t) go into technicalities, but the byakugan’s time is simply over………similar to shikamaru’s shadows, chouji’s fat jutsu, and kiba’s dogg style, it’s now OBSOLETE…..
    like their users, the konoha 9 genin, they can now be used only for minor tasks….

    BTW, i never really understood the fascination people have for the konoha genin 9……. i personally never really cared or liked them anyway :P………..apart from, of course, Lee and Hinata 🙂

  60. got hold of a computer and net >_>
    @ bbgurly 😛
    “speaking of no eyes. how the heck is itachi suppose to fight now without his eyes? last time I checked, they were inside of Sasukes eye sockets @____@ Unless Madara/tobi/obito/INO can transplant some other uchiha eyes into itachi X___x”

    do you really think a ninja like itachi even needs the sharingan ?

    @ whoever wrote this is forgot to read the name ~_~

    “I think Kakashi is too weak to battle Madara alone. I think if this is to happen Kishi will still develop Kakashi by giving him more jutsu or something like making him realize a weakness of Madara.”

    meh ofcourse kakashi is gonna get more powerfull T_T he would right ? T_T i just have a feeling he knows the reaper death seal and thats madara’s weakness

    about the bodies confusion gah just read my first post on it its complete ~_~

    and kb is gonna pwn kisame 😀

  61. In regard to the zombies and all the confusion just read Ahsan’s post and it explains everything.

    @ Katz, i think the reason we don’t hold the konoha 9 so close to are heart this days is because we haven’t seen them in action in a while, that said i think everyone is underestimating what they actually are capable of, i really don’t see ninjas like Neji, lee, shino, hinata, shikamaru and kiba taking it easy with there training, ino and tenten, well that’s………, i’ll let u guys find the wright word for them, but the rest are very capable of holding there own in a fight and then some, out of all the konoha 9 i especially hold in high regards Neji as being the best out of the bunch, he should be in a team with shikamaru and naruto, and that would be the perfect team in konoha, sai’s great too, probably stronger then any of them (shikamaru and neji not naruto ) but I always felt a little distant towards Sai for being introduced late in the manga.

    But what i’me trying to get to is the fact that whit this war coming str8 for them the y will be on the front lines and this is were we’ll take them back into our hearts, I know for a fact that they will prove themselves worthy of the will of fire and be 110& there for konoha and there comrades.

  62. Awesome breakdown and epic chapter but with regards to the konoha 9, I must say I’m a bit dissapointed that the manga has taken a Dbz approach to other interesting characters they just become the background and the main character gets all the fame, I’d like to have seen more of lee and his excellent taijutsu moves because let’s face it hand to hand is always the most epic of battles and I’d like to have seen neji aswell as chouji and especially shino get powerful on a level atleast close to narutos but no, instead naruto went supersayan4 and everyone remains fairly powered but not useful at all for instance when pain invaded konoha, nobody even could take out one of his paths really for crying out loud! And yes on a side note in dbz I was especially pissed that at the end gohan was still pathetic weak in comparison to goku an got beaten by majin buy and that none of the humans got super secret levels like the sayans, especially yamcha, i liked him but instead the writers turned him into a wimp but nway sorry bout that rant bout dbz, that’s for another blog lol

  63. @ bakakage rant or not what u said was absolutely true, as u said gohan who was one of the most powerful characters in dbz was a wimpy nerd by the end of dbgt, whit nothing to show but SSJ2 and the mystic training with the kai.

    In Naruto the same story, we start out whit powerful characters all being a match for each other more or less, neji was way strong and so was shino and shikamaru and kiba, but now only kakashi and yamato are able to stand there own and Gai, but talking about the konoha 9 I don’t see them putting much of a fight against as u said almost none of pain’s bodies, the only 3 i’ll give a fighting chance alone with one of them and that’s human realm because he was the weakest are neji shikamaru and shino and i bet Sai can do a badass job to, but other then that all of the rest are more of a unit based ninja, not being able to take matters into there own hands and that’s why i hate seeing them like this.

    They all have such potential, I mean Ino’s clansman Danzou’s bodyguard ( i forgot the name, i think it was Fu ) he was bad ass, now that guy could kill u without even being there, he’d just use a puppet like he used on Ao, really great tech.

    And Torune the one from the Aburame clan now that guy was bad ass all the way, with that poison bacteria tech, awesomeness on his part.
    So that says a lot about the potential all the konoha 9 have, maybe except Tenten, but other then her they all could be just as strong if not stronger and with way better jutsus then the ones in root and even Kakashi, Gai, Asuma and Yamato.

    All we need is for kishi to take some more interest in them, and i’me confident this will happen sooner or later otherwise the story will be very sad just seeing ninjas like gaara temati kunkaro and the rest of the kage’s bodyguards take all the glory and representing konoha only naruto with the jonin will take the stand. I just don’t see that happening.

  64. speaking of the sand, did anyone notice that there were no sand shinobi in the group photo, any reasoning for this?

  65. Theres a new Naruto Shippuden!!!!!

    Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 The Lost Tower

    Minato’s in it!!!!!!!!!!!

    heres the link to the pic

  66. ok im just wondering if the 2nd hoksge, orochimaru and kabuto have used edo tensei why havent they ever brought back the sage of six paths or their sons, i mean their supposed to be the most powerful yet they’ll summon worse people comparecd to them

  67. @Kisame vs. Killerbee debate: I would’ve voted for Kisame before this chapter but since the geezer frog’s prediction, I don’t see Killerbee getting captured anytime soon…he did have a lot of factors favoring him, like that Bee may have had people around to get in the way of a full transformation, Samehada could switch sides on him (possibly mid-fight, even), Kisame nearly defeated him when Sharky was trying to get CAUGHT…but maybe he’ll just hang out in that sword until after Bee trains Naruto and hunt him REEEEAAALLY slowly…and wait until he’s completely isolated or worn out.

    He’d probably get really hungry tho… 😛

  68. @AHSAN
    yes I do believe Itachi would need his sharigan. Are you gonna honestly tell me that he could have become the powerful shinobi he was without his eyes? I highly doubt that.

  69. My thoughts
    – ¿¿¿Madara??? (obito) will kill Kakashi during or after the naruto and saskue dual to
    the death
    – Naruto beats Sasuke to a pulp using kyuubi sage mode along with itachi’s secret
    power (although it would be funny if naruto ended up not needing it as Itachi
    – Every one need to accept the fact that KB(80 cent) does have to die in order for the
    manga to climax and kisame is the one to pwn him.Raikage goes ballistic and loses
    another limb sry for the downer guys
    – Guy kills Kisame by opening the 8th gate (rock lee crys for his master and goes on a
    druken master rampage)
    – Sakura finally makes her self useful!!!!!
    – light will be sherd on narutos heritage
    – naruto learns somthing other then improving his rasengan (hopefully some bad ass
    4th hokage secret tech or some of his mothers moves; wishful thinking)
    – Naruto saves the world by using the kyuubi’s being to seal away the tailed beast
    forever with the death reaper seal not sacrificing himself

  70. So I was gonna wait and see if anyone posted about this so that I wouldn’t have to… but they didn’t, so here we go…

    Anyone else notice the discrepancy in Mangastream’s and Onemanga’s translations on pg. 14 or 15 of this chapter…?

    The great toad sage says, about Sasuke presumably, two different things in each translation.

    MS: “And you know WHAT he is!? The young man with such power in his eyes?”

    OM: “This boy with power in his eyes… you know WHO he is…?”

    See what I’m getting at? Two very different meanings. The first implies Sasuke has an identity or a purpose that we are unaware of. The second is more harmless, merely confirming mutual knowledge between the sage and Naruto…

    Usually I prefer MS for the translation… but this time idk… Is kishi hinting at the “thing” inside Sasuke that is yet to be identified, i.e. the thing Karin would compare the kyuubi to in the last chapter…?
    Thoughts? I know super has posted about this translation issue a couple of times, so i figure i have a good audience for this…

  71. @pazowns: Well, I’m sure there’s some technicality with that, or maybe the Sage’s badassery prevents that from being possible. But Kishi having the Sage ressurected would take away from his mysteriousness. You also probably have to know the person, or at least what they looked like. And, you say they summoned people who weren’t as good as them ? Shodaime and Nidaime were way better than Orochimaru, by a long shot.

  72. @Kisu: Not if you’re a raging pervert, it doesn’t >_>…

    @Dragon: That is a mighty good point you raised there. It likely is just an overleaped plot hole. However, Bee’s lightning-enhanced sword attack was parried by Suigetsu with his own sword. As such, this much is clear: water was uninvolved in that exchange. My guess is that when Suigetsu made that statement, he wasn’t adverting to his being made entirely of water, but his being a swordsman. Bee’s blades would slice right through any regular sword Suigetsu makes uses ease, owing to their lightning coating. And since he is a swordsman, that would essentially make him week against lightning. And in the end, lightning-based attacks remain no stronger against those of water than they are any other element. That, of course, is excluding earth, which is sort of a given, since ground is simply one of the best conductors you will find. 😉

    @Senshi: I totally thought of that at first, but forgot to slot it into the breakdown X__X. I chewed over how Deidara could be pieced back in one, when he was blown up into itty-pitty pieces. I didn’t theorize a conjecture to that effect, though, like their not being reformed instead of resurrected.

    I have to admit, the jutsu, in its entirety, is a bit of a sore spot with me, because, in the first place, after one dies, the body decomposes, and all that’s left is a creepy skeleton. So the fact alone that when the Edo Tensei is evoked, and the subject(s) (who really should be nothing but bone) are ‘resurrected’, and are made completely anew, stands to question. Mounds of arguments could be elicited to challenge the accuracy of it all, so I personally prefer to leave it be. That theory seems plusible enough, though.

    Oh, one more thing, I don’t think Shiji Fujin sole method of defense or even offense against those zombie creations. As long as they can be contained by one way or the other, they can be stopped. Anything conventional could do, maybe…never underestimate the power of some rope and a roll of duct tape. Eventually, the jutsu will time out…I think >_>…

    @Metachi: Yup, that could well be a factore, but it’s also very possible Naruto and Bee meet before that fated battle. In which case, there’s still a chance Bee will get pwned…fishy style >_>…

    @Adaikas: Hmmm, I’m not sure it’s anything to sleep on. I think they portray the same idea, though. I won’t go into my grammatical reasons for that belief, since it’ll probably just earn me some blank stares >_>, but this has happened many times before, so again, I’m not sure it’s really anything to lose sleep over. But I’m with you on going with the OM version this time, I usually prefer MS, asl well.

  73. Well even if kabuto wanted to summon orochimaru it wouldn’t work I think because technically oro is still alive in susanoos dimension marble jar? Same goes for hidan, he’s still alive underground somewhere, kabuto should let revived kakuzu go and put him back together hehe by the way, did anyone notice how HUGE kakuzu is, damn!

  74. I have a question that’s more or less commen sense, If u guys remember when Hiruzen was up against Oro he used the Shiki Fuujin 3 times, the first time se sealed the Tobirama hokage the second tine he seald Hashirama and the lest time he seald Orochimaru’s arms, he did this using kage bunshin.

    So my question is ( and Yes I know that what ever the clones experience the User experiences as well) could it be that Naruto can use this technique in some way as to not have his soul sealed at the end of the jutsu.
    I was thinking this because as Hiruzen sealed Tobirama & Hashirama he didn’t have his own soul sealed till he sealed Oro’s arms.
    So could there be a back door to this jutsu, and could this be THAT JUTSU that is incomplete just because it cost’s u your soul, and Minato was aiming at the fact that Naruto can find a way to overcome this problem, if that were so then it would be something combined with the flying thunder god, that can’t be stoped, a perfect combo jutsu if you will.
    Speed of light combined with the ultimate sealing jutsu, now that’s the most potent jutsu I’ve seen sine Susano’o.

  75. ****Spoiler alert!****

    Its upナルトネタバレ/

    I think the new summoning is eigther gonna be the rikudo sage or the REAL Madara (maybe his brother)

  76. @ Captain Pickles – I thought I was the only one with the “AWESOME AUGER-DRILL-HOLE-BORING ARM OF AWESOMENESS”


    *rips of the auger-arm, and replaces it with a gatling gun/battering ram* (think evil robot from robocop 2)

  77. hmm how long can jaws stick with his sword without starving to death? any opinions?

  78. The problem with fighting against Edo Tensei is that the jutsu continues even after the caster dies. It also requires live sacrifices. I think everybody should review the fight in which the third fought Oroch’s Edo.

  79. I actualy think that this are the most important things to remember about this jutsu.

    and i bet the same thing aplies to kabuto’s summening, so the theory of itachi not having eyes iswrong as was stated bi Ahsan & me too.

    It’s not there bodies it’s just a humain sacrifice that the summond person’s spirit goes inside. Just like the manga states.

  80. ********SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER*********
    *****POLICE LINES, DO NOT CROSS********

    read Flashstep’s comment above for the spoilerナルトネタバレ/

    kabuto is badass..he summons a body that shocks madara….madara is almost crying 😛 …..madara and kabuto make a deal…… madara SELLS SASUKE to kabuto O_O….. naruto thinks about kyuubi …..and Jaws (kisame) spies on kumo meetings


    i think you are right. it has to be either the real madara or izuna (his brutha) 😀

    just read it 😀

  82. After reading the chapter, i definitley think that summoning was madara or his brother because kabuto told him that no one else knew about it, meaning that madara would defnitley wants the corpses identity hidden. It could still be the rikudo sage but i dont think the secret to its identity would be so stressed if it wasnt madara or his brother.

  83. got to hand it to Kabuto, the man really has gone from bitch to bull in this one, and now like most of us I truley think that Madara/Tobi isn’t Madara at all.

    This chapter blew me away and thank god Naruto finally has the knowledge to train with the Kyuubi, it sound dumb but why didn’t Jiraya teach Naruto that thing about keep the chakra and block the mind in the firs place, because by the look on Naruto’s face he didn’t know about it.
    Anyway to sum it up, Kabuto’s Ultimate Badass, Naruto is becoming an ultimate badass and he’s on his way to se Bee

  84. Awesome chapter.

    They finally explained why the fox is so hard to control. It’s probably the same with the other bijuus as well but the fox being pure evil maybe makes it so hard to use it properly. Also, it seems that the fourth’s seal was restricting Naruto’s access to the fox. Furthermore, now I am fairly certain Naruto will intervene in the fight between KB and Kisame and will kill Kisame or something simillilarly unpleasant for fish boy.

    The other interesting thing was that body Kabutochimaro summoned. I actually started to wonder whether Tobi is Madara (nope, he still isn’t Obito) and whether that summon was the real Madara. It may ofcourse have been his brother but that remains to be seen.

    Finally I got this strange theory. Remember when Itachi said Madara is a shell of his former self. What if he meant that leterally- Madara’s EMS might have retained his soul, thus enabling him to use some random body as a vessel, technically making him immortal. Also it would allow him to again become just a non-material entity at a whim which would exlain his teleporting jutsu.

  85. Ok, it’s nearly confirmed that Madara ISN’T Madara… let’s start the bidding on who he REALLY is…

    A) Obito Uchiha – never saw his body AFTER the mission
    B) Tobirama Senju – Never saw his body after Kumo raped him
    C) Future Sasuke – Slit-wrists hot tub time machine
    D) Sasuke’s Dad – but less dead
    E) Madara Uchiha – Maybe he is just that bad-ass

  86. Alright, all joking aside, I am now strongly thinking that Tobi is Obito, for the SOLE reason that Kakashi’s Kamui didn’t work, or “wouldn’t work” on him.

    I think that each Uchiha would have some natural, maybe genetic protection against THEIR OWN EYES, regardless of the body they were in.

    Bee will die just after showing Naruto how to control the Kyuubi, and Naruto will take out Kisame, and make what’s left of him into Ramen.

    Either that, or Bee battles Juugo, cuts the top of his head flat, connects up a turntable, and uses Juugo’s multi-subwoofer attack to rock the house

  87. It’s not because it’s obito’s eye, I think it’s a power you gain from transplanting eyes. That would explain why their ability is similar.

    I’m more interested in the 5th coffin summoned and at least going from the rough translation I think I’ve figured out the madara thing: it IS him, but not his body. His body is clearly in the coffin, but the question is, is this like oro’s body switch jutsu or something else? It’s odd because I thought kabuto’s jutsu pulled the souls of dead and attached them to a sacrifice body…. I THINK IT’S A BODY ZETSU MADE. IF YOU THINK ABOUT HOW HE RE-ATTACHED A NEW ARM, AND HOW CLOSE THEY ARE. IT’S CERTAINLY HIS MIND, BUT THE REAL QUESTION TO DEBATE IS WHO’S BODY.

  88. well, either way the next chapter SUCKS. Mangastream has it up

  89. @ milo

    that 5th coffin could have anyone in it cuz for now the only thing we know about it, is that it scared madara. so whoever it may be he is either goku (meaning simply super strong and unknown to us), sb “with a very unique set of abilities” ,or a corpse madara needs as a vessel/whatever for himself.

    whats way more interesting in this is kabutos role.

    not only did he join the darkside and declared taking over sauce his goal but also purposely leaked some info to konoha for reasons unknown.

  90. I don’t think it’s reasons unknown. If you recall way back when he gave all the info on akatsuki to kohona he said that he was agains kohona, but his first priority was akatsuki and specifically sauske.
    I’ll agree though that it’s not necessaarily his body, but I don’t think it’s just someone who is super strong. That’s mostly going on the rough translations in the spoilers, when kabuto refers to him as madara and pauses before saying something about, even if the vessel is different. And kabuto’s remark that he’d not told anyone else about it yet.
    It has something to do with how madara managed to still be alive.I do think it’s madara, but his mask is definately hiding something more than his face.

  91. CHANGED MY MIND!!!! I read the mangastream translation and it’s way different than the rough. I think he actually summoned madara, even though madara was standing right there. That’s why he wanted to know how he’d done it. And that’s also probably why he said he’d not told anyone… because it meant he knew what madara looked like, and he’s obviously got a recognizable face.

  92. You guys, i think Madara is like the body’s that Kabuto Summoned. If you remeber Itachi told sasuke that Madara is a shell of his former self. Maybe madara figured out a way, when the first destroyed his body, to get his soul into a host, and then he’s been living in that host. Not an exact copy of the jutsu that Kabuto uses but somthing similar. So Kabuto was able to bring back his body, which the first destroyed, and if Kabuto goes through with the jutsu then it would rip madara from his current tobi body into the one Kabuto just summoned. THUS kabuto has madara by the balls!

  93. taking a shot at who the anon corpse is and i say its the 4th (minato)

    search your heart, you know it to be epic

  94. I see. So it’s finally clear why sasuke was able to control the nine tails at the time. With naruto unable to control the kyuubi then it’s malevolent hatred which makes up it’s mind could only be controlled by strong will and empowered hatred. With sasuke’s potential and hatred which drives the uchiha(and which sasuke has inherited very strongly) he was able to supress the kyuubi, given the kyuubi’s hate was roaming freely unsupressed/uncontrolled(of course naruto’s strong will was not strong enough to control it then). But when naruto learns to control it, the kyuubi, as geratora said, would be reborn. When that happens naruto would have learned to supress the kyuubi’s will and give the kyuubi his own will, giving sasuke no control over the kyuubi when they meet. It was the only way madara was able to control the kyuubi, supressing the kyuubi’s malevolent hate with his. With the kyuubi having naruto’s will sasuke will not just have any kind of ability to supress the kyuubi anymore, but infact might not be able to win against naruto.

    if i remember correctly the kyuubi warned sasuke not to kill naruto because he might regret it if he did. What if the kyuubi had a sort of connection to the hate destiny of the uchiha? What if the kyuubi was a source of power to the uchiha because of it’s malevolent hate? What if that malevolent hate is supressed the uchiha then become less powerful as a result? I reckon these are things we would find out in a while.

  95. Well i think that the third corpse is either madara’s original body or that of his little brothers(the only way it would be his little bros is if he is indeed himself and not using obito’s body salvaged from the remains of the ninja war). doubtful of it being the fourths body because his sole is trapped.

    Kabuto’s new role in the manga is the most interesting thing in this manga series. kabuto has always been one of naruto’s most sinister ever since the chunin exams and always has something up is sleeves. but i do have some questions beenin that he really never had any will of his own and was on orochimaru’s leash is he acting on his own accord or still trying to prove himself to his former master? and how much of kabuto left inside the body? also why did he lead the leaf ninja to the hideout and did he kno that Anko was leading the mission ????? hmmmmm

    lastly i wonder what madaras sharingan eye wall has to do with this whole plot does he used them to revitalize his life force, switch bodies, or to create the rinnegan?

    and madara knows the leaf ninja are there. Madara knows ALLL!!!!!!

  96. @ dricedt: i get wat ur saying but i find that very doubt full because then there would have to be a puppeteer maybe its the same jutsu that orochimaru had used to hold on to his youth. remember orochimaru was weak a lot of times in the series. maybe madara taught orochimaru the jutsu and that what hes been using to live these hundreds of years

  97. it’s not hundreds of years though, it’s more like 100-130 years since the village was founded. If you think about it, the 3rd was young when the 2nd was alive. And the 3rd was maybe 70-80 when he died. And the second wasn’t that old when he died, so it’s perhaps 150 years at the longest.

  98. still along ass time to live still be young and filled with power. even the sage of six paths died

  99. You’re all wrong that last coffin contained…Beetlejuice! LOL wouldnt that be crazy?

  100. I know what’s inside the coffin! It’s madara’s nude pictures from he was younger and desperately needed the money!

  101. I know what’s inside the coffin! It’s madara’s nude pictures from when he was younger and desperately needed the money!

  102. Never has a mystery such as this one disturbed & racked my brain sooo much … who was in that casket ???

  103. @Tenrai: The bodies Kabuchimaru summoned to be used as hosts for the Bijuu Akatsuki captured? I love that idea! Easily controlled hosts and so far we’ve seen Kabuchimaru can summon 6 powerful bodies at once. That’s 6 hosts which can be easily sacrificed at whim. Like you said though Kabuchimaru would have control of them so Madara would have to be cautious of such a plan.

    @Flashstep: I too think it’s the Rikudo Sage (the Sage of 6 Paths). That would surely even put Madara in a state of dilemma. On the other hand Kabuchimaru could have also summoned…Madara if what everyone is saying about Tobi not really being Madara is true. That’d probably be more interesting.

  104. If Tobi is Madara then I would guess the fifth coffin was either the sage of the six paths, or Madara’s brother, or someone like that.

    If it was Madara in the coffin then, I would have to say that the person behind the mask of Tobi is probably… Ah who knows, I just doubt that it is anyone we think it is. For all we know it’s Konahamaru taking revenge on the village for not remembering his name from the first of the series =P

  105. After reading the chapter for the third time, I noticed something:

    Here Kabuto call Madara by his name meaning that Madara might actually be Madara. But that still leaves the question who is in the coffin. It must be someone from whom Madara is afraid but it can’t be the first hokage as his soul is sealed.Hey, it might as well be Madara’s mom o_O

    Whoever it is Kishi sure is messing with us big time.

  106. per the last comment, what if his comment of “Uchiha truly are in your own league.”, is in reference to the corpse in the coffin next to him, instead of Tobi?

  107. Well I am 100% sure that in the coffin is Minato.
    First of all Naruto must prove that he can become stronger than his old man. So It will be fight betwen Minato and Naruto.
    Minato was once almost summoned …this time may be successful.

    For the second, I believe that Minate have do something to Madara. For example Madara manages to summon and control nine tail in his Konoha attack attempt, but after he failed he became almost without the any power.

    Madara is afraid of Minato.
    I will be rather suprised if that isn’t Minato. Maybe this may be a first hokage (Madara’s rival) but I doubt that.

  108. Would it really matter if its madera’s body is in the coffin if his soul is in use by the man in the mask known as madera? That’s a critical error!…”Sorry soul is in use. Please try again later.”

  109. @ cumu

    i strongly doubt that minato is in the coffin. simply because madara never was, and has no reason to be afraid of minato since he is way stronger than him ( check it up minato admitted that during the pain arc). maybe minato is in kabutos stock though ^^ i too would like that.

    i just remembered wasnt oro able to fully revive people by sacrificing others? imagine kabuto being able to do that ^^

  110. SPOILERS!!!

    Uhhh… Didn’t Kishi already say in an interview who Tobi really is? Just because Tobi referred to himself as Madara didn’t make it true (I’ve been saying this for months). In an interview Kishi said Tobi is actually a ninja known as “The teleporter”, so you can assume its either Minato (obviously not) or Shisui. It makes sense that it could be Shisui but some questions obviously needs to be answered.

    As to whose in the coffin, I’m pretty sure its Tobi/Madara’s original body before he took Tobi’s.

    @to63to Right after Kabuto called Tobi Madara, Tobi called Kabuto a wise guy. I think Kabuto was more mocking Tobi than actually calling him by name. He outright said that Madara was just a moniker

    Yea I know I’m just babbling on but the manga is leaving us more and more questions and I want answers NOW!!!

  111. @klokoller

    Well I don’t belive in theory that Madara is in the coffin.
    If isn’t Minato, first hokage or Madara then….. i don’t know.
    Maybe Sage of the six path?

  112. @pokekage – yeah, at first the “wise guy” thing threw me off, but you’re explanation makes a lot of sense… I think the best theory now is that Tobi is another ninja, not even necessarily an uchiha although that seems most probable, masquerading as Madara…

    Although… Itachi did confirm for us that Madara is alive, and I find it hard to discount his words considering how shrewd and calculating he was… Also, he implanted that amaterasu in Sasuke to react to Tobi’s specific sharingan, so Itachi must have known his true identity… why then lie to Sasuke, if Tobi is not really Madara?

  113. Sir Pickles,

    It would be a pleasure to read your review and thoughts, maybe sometime this week on the new 490 issue? Hehe, It’s been a weekly addiction of mine. Naruto Anime, Naruto Manga and Captain Pickles Review. I wish they would release 40 page editions and make us wait a couple of weeks instead of getting the cruddy 18 pages a week. LOL, that’s how you know I’m addicted. Well in addition to my pleading for you to feed my addiction, I also want to thank you for the awesome reviews you give us every week. Thank You Sir and on top of that, you educate some of us with the 12th grade level verbage used in your reviews. These days newspapers are at a 6th grade level so there’s not much they can teach us in terms of vocabulary.


    The Addicted Shad295

  114. I usually don’t swear but HOLE SHIT… i just saw the new naruto shippuden intro and it LEGENDARY.

    I’m just going to add the video to your comment so people can see what you’re talking about.


    OMFG the scene where kakashi does the raikiri throwing is so awesome T_T ive been waiting for it for so long yayyyyyyyy , it just made my day . thankyou man

  115. the corpse is

    2-the sage of the six paths
    3-kishi’s mother ~_~

  116. ?why is the video mirrored? lol i download mirror torrents all the time but this is just crazy

  117. @pokekage i like the idea that tobi is really shisui, like madara in shisuis body. Would make sense why he wanted to get shisuis eyes so badly from danzo and it would fit nicely with the timing of itachi killing shisui (so mandara could take over his body)

  118. @pokekage– I think the wiseguy comment was directed at his, “in your own league,” comment and not calling him madara. It was directed at kabuto’s comment as a whole, not just the name.

    I do think however, that tobi really is madara. What the twist behind that is, I don’t know. But I would point to a few things:

    1. It was stated that there were no other uchiha missing nin

    2. the new power gained from transplanting the eyes seems to be the space-time ninjutsu both he and kakashi use, which means his eyes aren’t original.

    3. itachi said rather firmly that it was madara. and jiraiya reached that conclusion on his own.

    4. tobi didn’t just call him a wiseguy, he also said he was a madman and asked him how he’d done whatever it is he’d just done. So it wasn’t as simple as just summoning some random person.

    Bottom line, I don’t doubt that in some way it’s madara. I think the real secret here is HIS FACE. and it’s going to give away something as to how he’s managed to still be alive.

  119. I think he just wanted shisui’s eye for his collection. He’s obviously a collector of eyes, and shisui’s had a unique power. That makes them like a rare collectable item there.

  120. @ Supafreak & everyone else – That new opening IS AWESOME!!!!

    If it does correlate to anything that we will ACTUALLY see in the upcoming episodes there will be something that I felt the manga really lacked on, and that was NINJA BATTLES!
    In the Manga we saw Iruka, Konohamaru, kiba and ‘momma’, and some nameless ninjas, BUT the intro makes it look like we’ll see more -More like INO ACTUALLY TRYING TO FIGHT AND BE USEFUL!!!
    Also, there was a quick scene with Sai, but I thought he was off with Anko, and yamato when Pein attacked…

  121. @milomelo Yea, I agree with you that Tobi can be Madara. He may have Madara’s soul but his identity is definitely not that of Madara. I know that sounds weird but if it was simply Madara then the mask would have come off a long time ago. I think Tobi is Suisui (who was still Madara but known to everyone as Suisui). Suisui was Itachi’s best friend and Tobi said Itachi was “the only person who knew he was still alive”, this could mean Itachi figured out who Suisui really was. Itachi said Madara is a shell of his former self maybe that was more literal than ppl think.

  122. @prawlkage: yeah.. if kishi is thinking of pulling a dragon ball kai on me i’m gonna be pissed.
    Also, there’s a fight sequence with team guy vs yahiko but i’m 95% sure that team guy was out on a mission and didn’t actually get in a fight with any of the pains.

  123. Yeah, the new shippuden opening is so awesome that I dare hard not to look at it! :-))

  124. @everyone: well thinking back on all the powerful characters its only plausible for a few characters to be in the coffin:
    1st Hokage
    Hanzou the Salamander(maybe but least likely to happen)
    Ridoku Sage
    Izuna(Madara’s Brother)
    i say these guys because theres no one else that would be able to atleast fight toe to toe with madara/tobi at the moment thats not on kabuto’s side or has had their soul sealed.

  125. Possible Tobi’s

    – Madara
    – Izuna
    – Kagami
    – Obito
    – Shizui
    – All of the Above fused in one.

  126. The video was cool, but I was LOL when I saw Hinata and Ino fighting against Konan at 1:01. Who’s next?!? Tenten?!?

  127. @shinobimadness and anyone else insisting that a hokage may be in the coffin.

    Guys, I already said it but I’ll say it again as it seems nobody botheres to read my posts. It is impossible for any of the former hokages to be in the coffin. As far as I know the edo tensei puts ones soul into a living body in order to ressurect a certain person which makes ressurecting any of the four previous hokages impossible as all of them have been sealed away by the shinigami god. If someone can call back their souls even though they are sealed, it wound mean the third an fourth hokages just wasted their lives with an useless jutsu and I don’t think Kishi kills off important characters for no apparent reason.

  128. @to63to absolutely wright you are, it’s a shame when people just skip the most important info on the blog by not choosing to read the posts above.

    Anyway wright u are the first, second, third and yondaime hokage are all sealed away, the first 3 are sealed with the shiki fuujin, at the oro vs hiruzen fight and Yondaime is inside Naruto apparently a result of the same jutsu.

    So people the hokages are not in the coffin it’s common sense.

    I like the rikodu sage theory and the one that the real madara could be in there too, but I don’t think that izuna is in there either, if “madara” had the permission of his brother to take his eyes and we all know he was a step above Izuna even if they were more or less at almost the same level I don’t see a reason for Tobi to fear Izuna, other than that I hope it will be a very nice turn of events and already we start seeing Madara/Tobi loosing his power to the younger generation, like Kabuto, Sasuke and hopefully soon Naruto, who’s on his way to see Bee.

    And to all that said Bee is gonna die at Kisame’s hands I waiger anyone here that Bee is far form being captured, he’s gonna be a very important piece in this war and for those who don’t see that you’ll get it by the time he’s done mopping the floor with fish fingers.
    There’s no way the bast jinchuriki there is so far will lose to kisame, what would the point of being a perfect jinchuriki be if u get your ass handed to you by the likes of Kisame.
    Not to bash on kisame that much but he isn’t that prime of a fighter to me, sure he’s awesomeness as to be expected of all akatsuki, but i ask u again what’s the point in achieving perfection as a Jinchuriki if u get beat to a pulp by anyone that should be weaker then you.
    Think about it.

  129. @to63 and Eugen

    I must disagree with you guys. People who has their souls sealed can be brought to life. I already post the link. Minato was once almost summoned
    His soul was sealed when he sealed Kyubi in Naruto, but couple years later we was almost summoned. So he can be summoned!

  130. @cumulusbg

    Well, there was the kanji for fourth on that coffin and we all assume that it was Minato but what if was the fourth Kazekage.Didn’t
    Oro killed him in order to enter Konoha pretending to be him. I don’t see a reason why it can’t be the Kazekage. 😀

    Anyways, I still don’t think any of the Hokages, or any other kages for that matter, are in there. I do support the idea of the Rikudo Sage as he probably is one of the very few people who can scare Madara(if that is, in fact Madara).

  131. So about Kabuto and The Coffin
    Orochimaru’s Edo Tessai Summoned coffins were marked because the users insignia were on the buried Hokages coffins.

    Kabutos Edo Tessai summons blank coffins. Maybe because the users were not buried properly with the courtesy of being named.

    If Kabuto summonded Madara’s Brother Izuna then the Uchiha Insignia would of Appeared on the coffin like the Hokages.

  132. But with that in mind Tobi could also possess Madara’s Will thats been passed on somehow so its possible Madara is in that coffin.

    Kabuto found the original and thats what Tobi wanted Nagato to do which just so happens to Be Kabutos Ace up his Sleeve.

    Original Madara Haircut

    Madara in the coffin Mirrored by Tobi’s reflection and hairstyle

    Tobi thinking of the Good O’L Dayz


  133. @cumulusbg and to63to: There actually is no proof that the Fourth Hokage was in the third coffin that Hiruzen stopped. In the anime you see the coffin and it has Yon (Four) written on it, but in the manga you dcn’t see it at all, even though Hiruzen says he stopped it. Just look at that manga page you posted, cumulus. You see no third coffin, only two.
    Here’s the Naruto Wiki page, look at the trivia section:

  134. @Dragon

    Ummm…that’s what I said.

    Just because there is “fourth” on the coffin that doesn’t mean it was Minato. Until there is further proof that Minato was about to be ressurected back then, I would have to discard anyones statement that it was him.

  135. @to63

    That is big “if”.
    We don’t know for sure but we presume.
    I think it’s 50%-50%. It may be Minato. All this years I believe it was Minato. And I still believe it now.

  136. @to63to: I know you said it wasn’t Minato, but you said that there was Four on the casket and thought that maybe it was the Fourth Kazekage, so I said this: “In the anime you see the coffin and it has Yon (Four) written on it, but in the manga you dcn’t see it at all, even though Hiruzen says he stopped it.”

    That means that it could have been anyone, since you didn’t see the coffin in the manga.

  137. Jes, but if Kishi didn’t want to anime have third coffin with yon mark on it, that will not happen at all.

  138. @Dragon

    I was just giving example to show it could be any other ninja with fourth as a title.

    Anyways, lets just return to who might be in the coffin Kabuto raised. I believe it is Madara’s mom. You could just see the sheer terror on his face. Why do you think he wears a mask-it’s to hide his horribly disfigured face from people. Imagine the horror this poor soul has witnessed in his childhood. T_T

  139. some people seem to be overlooking the most important thing said when that 5th coffin came up, and that was that kabuto said don’t worry, I’ve not told anyone about this….

    SO that would imply it’s not just some random powerful person, but someone or something that has to do with his identity and how he’s still alive.

  140. ok i really dont see how that could be minato.

    The thing is, madara was really shocked to see the body in the casket, and remarked on kabuto being shrewd just to set that up to meet him. Kabuto then said two things which caught me off guard.

    “You go by the name madara these days don’t you?”
    “i’ll keep it a secret”

    Madara also said,

    “you madman, how did you get this?”

    That meant whatever was in the casket had everything to do with madara’s personality, and in fact was something that held a link to his secret. Could be his real body, could be izuna(which i slightly doubt given his reaction).

  141. Caption: IT’S…POOFIN’ TIME! Aww dammit…SCREW YOU KISHI!

  142. @deathcon’s very first comment: SOUTH PARK! GIMME COOKIE, YOU BIZNITCH >_<

  143. Okay, sorry to bring things back, but i’m just a little confused.. since we’re on the subject of the shiki fuujin jutsu, is the third hokage actually sealed away for all eternity?

    because if that is the case, that’d just SUCK.

  144. Total is right. We could go through some of the ‘what if’s’.

    Example: Madara’s original body is in the casket.

    Tobi’s identity: It means that if he’s really Madara, that he’s been switching bodies. This might mean that summoning the original Madara may affect Tobi in some way just like Orochimaru was supposedly stopped from summoning the fourth Hokage. Summoning the fourth may have extracted his chakra/mind from Naruto, and that would have been bad at a crucial point in the story.

    Or someone is posing as Madara. If Obito lives and is just posing as Madara now because of the legendary name, then the jig is up because Kabuto has proof that he is not the real Madara.

    Either way is reasonable for the Narutoverse. If it was the 4th Hokage in the casket, then it doesn’t quite fit with Tobi’s reaction.

    Has anyone mentioned Jiraiya as one of the candidates?

  145. @ Breakdown: Awesome work!!! Very funny and thought provoking at the same time!

    @ New Shippuden opening: So cool! I can’t wait to see the Naruto vs Pein battle… that must be the most anticipated battle since sasuke vs Itachi and the opening just whets your appetite 😀 . Oh and at 1:00 in the vid, as you can see Capt. Pickles, Ino is in action… LOL!

    Cant wait for new breakdown!

  146. I think that Sasuke don’t want to see his dead brother Itachi being revived and controlled like puppet. Toby and Kabuto must keep that as a secret.
    But the same that Sasuke don’t want to see his brother in that state, I believe that Madara didn’t want ether to see Izuna as a zombi. So I believe that in coffin is not Izuna.

    And one more thing. If Itachi is dead and he doesn’t fill pain, and he cannot become blind again, does this means that his sharingan is now like a Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan?

  147. Kabuto is Obviously gonna summon Minato & Jiraiya for Naruto in the Future they would really be the only match for him.

  148. Yea I can see Naruto & Hachibi Tag team killing Kisame, Because these are the Facts Naruto cant train super quick like he does without the Samehada. Because the Lil Club that knocks Nature chakra from him will be replaced by the samehada knocking the Kyuubi chakra outta him.

    Those links explain how its gonna all work but in the End his training will exceed that little bit more with Samehada.

  149. @prawlkage: A lot of things that are in that opening didn’t really happen. Pein never entered Konoha anywhere near the Hokage Monument, the Animal Path didnt summon a rhino while Konoha was still intact, Kakashi never fought the Preta Path, Ino, Sakura, and Hinata never fought Konan, & Pein never used Shinra Tensei specifically against Team Guy.

  150. @nagashikage

    Well it was like this in the previous openings depicting Sasuke vs Itachi and Pain vs Jiraiya as well. I think the guys were drooling over the visual goodness rather than the fights themselves and frankly so am I 😀

    If the real fights look anything like this I think we are up for the best Naruto episodes EVER. I can’t wait for the six tails to emerge and rip Pain a new opening. 😀

  151. Question: If Samehada were to absorb Naruto chakra when Naruto is in Sage Mode, will Samehada turn to stone?

  152. i doubt that samehada would turn to stone being that it is a in between an animal and a weapon and kisame seems to have pretty awesome chakra control not to turn into a frog. can samehda een absorb natural chakra in the first place. he probablly have never encountered a sage before.

    even i naruto and killer bee double teamed kisame i think he would still kill killer bee, perhaps to save naruto’s life.

    besides i still want to see guy an kisame go at it ending in guy releasing the 8th gate for a double K.O.

  153. Well the toads are animals too and apparently they can turn to stone if their not careful too. It’s not a matter of being carefull, it’s a matter of being able to control the influx of natural energy and balance that against the amount of chakra you can make.

    Samehada probably wont turn to stone seeing as how it would have more chakra than natural energy, but if it can absorb it I bet it messes it up at the very least. Making it incapable of eating chakra for a while, kind of like eating something strange and exotic can mess with your digestion.

  154. I think that Samehada won’t turn into stone for the pure fact that it can remain perfectly still while it absorbes the chakra and from what i know if u are still u can gather as much natural energy as u like.
    So that for me is the most important thing, but i don’t think the samehada will play any role in Naruto’s training, I just don’t see that happening.

  155. @Eugen: You have to stay perfectly still to gather nature chakra, but if you’re not able to balance physical, spiritual and natural energy you will become a stone frog even if you’re perfectly still.

  156. wat if instead of the sword turning to stone kisame turns to stone when it gives him chakra? mayb the sword cant turn to stone but once the chakra is given to kisame there is know way he can control wat happens just like pain.

  157. @Eugen: I like that theory on using Samehada as a tool to help Naruto in his Kyubi training. Just like Pa Frog used the stick to sap away the natural energy when it became to much, Killer Bee can use Samehada to sap away the Kyubi’s chakra when it becomes to much.

    @Tiger: I’ve believed for awhile that Samehada can be turned to stone if it absorbed to much natural energy. It’s very much a living being. It eats and even thinks on its own so I see no reason why it wouldn’t go under the same affects as another living object if it absorbs to much natural energy. If it doesn’t work on Samehada maybe then it’ll work on Kisame when Samehada shares its chakra as Fuuton said.

  158. @cumulusbg: Good question about Itaachi! I will assume that he becomes like his old self right before he died. That includes his slightly blurred vision!

    @Samehada debate: I can’t help but notice that that those barbs on the sword resemble teeth or scales which are made from some protein but mostly minerals. I think it would be too predictable if Samehada turned into stone. Maybe Kish would rather put a twist on it where the sword turns into a real monster?! I’m just sayin…samehada is not a human, so don’t be surprised!

  159. I have a question but don’t get pissed at me for asking, why do u guys always change the pictures at the home page ore one piece and bleach and never do so for naruto???

  160. I guess tobi is obito after all… Just using Madara’s name…

  161. Is it just me or is the animation quality of the Naruto anime getting worse and worse. Its getting REALLY bad now!

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