Sorry Folks, No More Naruto On WRA. In Fact Christians Ban Naruto In America!

Artwork by Lele91

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we’ll be taking Naruto down from this site by the end of the day. As of yesterday the ‘Naruto’ manga has been banned in America due to so called “blatant” and “intolerable” Christianity references noted throughout the manga. Christian groups claim these references target their religion and make light of their savior’s miracles undermining their religion as a whole. Christian readers and advocate groups have been reading the popular Japanese manga for over 3 years now building up their case as to why the “sacrilegious” manga should be banned in America, which is 75% Christian. The main leaders in this march to ban ‘Naruto’ from America call themselves S.A.S.U.K.E (Sacred Angels Sent to Undermine Kishimoto’s Evil). A zealous group who believe Masahi Kishimoto is the agent of the devil sent to turn the youth’s eyes away from the teachings of the Lord. Yesterday after bringing the matter into court a judge’s ruling placed a permanent ban on all ‘Naruto’ related material for “…inciting rebellion in today’s youth with its demonic material.” The evidence the Christian advocate group S.A.S.U.K.E brought into court to sway the judge was this…

Let's test him out! See if he can turn Suigetsu into wine!

People who can walk on water. One of Jesus’s more notable and popular miracles.

Nope...I just don't see the similarity. The cross doesn't have whiskers. o_O

Christians are outraged saying that Naruto is a parody of Jesus with crosses in his eyes and his forgive and forget  mentality.

Pffffft, it's not like Nagato later sacrifi-ohhhh, wait nvm. >_>

The repeated use of the cross and those who sacrifice themselves on it.

Devil worship or art? You decide...>_>

And in particular the Christian group isn’t to fond of a certain character. We all know him as Hidan but to others he’s known as a devil worshiping foul mouthed satanist. The founder, Jack Mi Hardon, of the group S.A.S.U.K.E when questioned about this character quoted some of Hidan’s dialog.

“I’ll never die. Even if you destroy my body, and I’m left with my head…I’ll escape somehow…and when I do, I’ll find you and bite your fuckin’ throat out!”

“Do we really want our innocent kids reading this garbage?”

HALLELUJAH! 5 messiahs! We can't possibly screw this one up can we? X_X

The tolerance level for ‘Naruto’ hits its peak this Wednesday with the latest chapter release and the resurrection of the dead shinobi. S.A.S.U.K.E reports this is similar to how Jesus rose from his tomb 3 days after is death. That’s strange, I didn’t know Jesus was a ninja and was resurrected with Edo Tensei. I wonder if he has a Kekkei Genkei… Anyway, with Easter only a few days away the outraged S.A.S.U.K.E couldn’t take this sitting down and slammed the evidence in court the same day. Pitiable but they wound up winning the case. I’m not going to even try getting into Naruto being the chosen one and Pein calling himself God. They really rammed that one home. ~_~

Oh God...*facepalms* ><

As of now any site, store, or product with‘Naruto’ related material still up and available past April 1st will be shut down and their owners fined. Since ‘Naruto’ is now as illegal as child porn I do not want to be involved with it anymore. Though ‘Naruto’ fans all over America are asking for an appeal to lift this ban. I would encourage all of you all to join in on the fight to bring ‘Naruto’ back buuut… Well, instead I’m going to turn WRA into a strictly ‘One Piece’ blog! I’ve always planned ‘One Piece’ domination since I’ve joined this site and now’s my chance to strike! To greet you all into this new WRA domination here’s Luffy.

Artwork by Bdgiga

For more on the article related to the Christians ban on ‘Naruto’check out on the link below and with that, have a great day. ^_^

APRIL FOOLS!!! (So late…>_>)


~ by supertrek89 on April 2, 2010.

34 Responses to “Sorry Folks, No More Naruto On WRA. In Fact Christians Ban Naruto In America!”

  1. <__>….. OMG naruto is over! I never thought naruto was so evil! -_+

  2. Indeed, tis’ a sad day. If you live in America and you want more Naruto I suggest you become a fugitive or as a last resort go to Canada.


  4. Vicory is ours! For I am the leader of S.A.S.U.K.E!

  5. This cant be true! Not american but NANI! wait its apRIL fools day not sucked it you bakas!~

  6. Dammit … the fact that I’m soundly aware what day it is makes it ultimately impossible to fall for any pranks.

  7. if this is true then wtf.., but if this is an April 1st joke…bravo, its very believable..(lots of crazy people here who focus on the wrong thing to crucify…sorrybad joke, but you get what i mean)

  8. LOL…if you can still find 2 girls One cup, you can still find Naruto….

  9. dude its april first lmao

  10. kukuku……nobody realized that SASUKE has a secret agenda and a real secret “other name”……………..IT’S TRUE!!!

    SASUKE is actually named U.S.O.P.P (Unto Shameless One Piece Promotion) and it’s real agenda is to promote One Piece at all costs…..WAKE UP SHEEPLE!! 😀

    Super you bastard, so you and your SASUKE/USOPP finally achieved your aim……….can’t say i disagree with you guys, though!! 😛

    well, what is the procedure for being made a member of USOPP… whooops i mean SASUKE 🙂

  11. …Wow. I thought you were joking when you said you would have made this post, but obviously you weren’t! -_-

    It’s convincing, but I won’t fall for anything on April Fools Day… 😛 Not even if I’m reading it on the day after that… 😀

  12. LOL

  13. the only thing that gave it away for me for some reason was SASUKE, dont know why but ohwell.
    Bravo super very believable XD

  14. i roflmao with super, except you posted it april 2nd, not bad though

  15. S.A.S.U.K.E. has presented more compelling evidence. It depicts an old man selling his soul to a demon for a favor.

  16. Hahahahahahahahahaha rofl omg that just made my f***ing day XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *takes a deep breath* Im gonna declare my ultimate love for super ❤ :3

  17. OMG i actually believed that,you scared me lol
    i admit it you fooled me!!!!

  18. *lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao* SO hilarious!!!!! 😀 😀
    The S.A.S.U.K.E. acronym is fantastic!!! Epic! 😀 I KNEW it was you who wrote that, Trek 😉 !

  19. wth? i was about to start crying when i saw the aprils fool thing. Btw i hate you super… i just woke up and you greet me with this?! hahahaha jk dude, hilarious post.

  20. awwwwwwww i was really hoping for the whole one piece domination thing to be true too. Damn. (Good april fools joke btw)

  21. hmm…S.A.S.U.K.E.

    Succumb to

  22. Sasugay And Saucege mUst be Killed by Enel

  23. This is such a farce! Great joke.

  24. YOSH!!! I got someone! Muhahahahahahahaha!!! My life is very much complete now. XD

    I love you too Death!!! 😀

  25. Hmmm… funny, but wasn’t there a motivational poster that mentioned something about stereotypes?

    As much as this may have been a joke, just remember that some people will take it personally, especially if you knock their beliefs. I myself am Christian and I can tell you I am not like that. We don’t all huddle up into little groups on Sundays to plot which manga/game/movie we are going to get banned next.

    I am not sure what beliefs others have, but I am sure many would be offended if you targeted their religion personally as well. It’s the same as targeting race or even gender, because all it is doing is grouping a select kind of people together and labeling them all as the same.

    And no-one should even try to bother saying that I am being too serious, etc, etc. I just don’t like being labeled and I don’t like discrimination of any kind. If you want to mock someone’s religion, mock your own first before you feel you have the right to mock someone else’s.

  26. @Tenrai

    Since I am not religious can I mock everyone’s religion…


    Ok, I’m joking but come on guys, it’s just something written, it doesn’t even have a physical form.And besides I think Super was referring to the fanatical form that every type of movement, be it religion or politics, has.If you don’t belong to this type of movement, I don’t see a reason to feel offended, if not, well, I almost feel sorry for you.

  27. @to63to

    I am all for a good joke and I have dealt with many similar jokes in the past without bothering to protest, but sometimes taking it too far is simply just taking it too far and people are entitled to stand up for themselves.

    If I made a post about race, would that be any better? Does it suddenly becomes excusable if I just generalize or stereotype against someone’s race and then excuse that action by saying people shouldn’t take it too seriously because it was just a joke?

    If people got upset over something like that, I would understand. I am just warning everyone that this post might have a similar effect. Take that however you will, but that is what it is.

    The truth is, some people do take their religion seriously and even if they are not fanatical, as you put it, it doesn’t mean they enjoy seeing their beliefs being openly mocked. The other truth is that many people might be driven away from reading the blog for that very reason and it is those people that I am trying to look out for here. It hurts them and the blog at the same time and that means all of us, not just some of us.

    If you are alright with that outcome and you just feel pity without respecting the beliefs of others, then that is fine, you can ignore everything I have just said. However, I already know some people who are upset and who would avoid the blog altogether because of it. That is all I am saying.

  28. @Tenrai

    Don’t worry, I really dislike insulting people and I definitely won’t do it here.After all, I hold the belief that every sentient being has the right to choose his own way, as well as what he/she believes in, as long as he/she doesn’t try to force them on others.

    All I wanted to say is that, people shouldn’t take things too seriously, especially on the internet. Furthermore, the people running this blog, including you, have long proven that you want everyone to feel comfortable here, without fear of being mocked or ridiculed so anyone offended should by now know that they are not deliberately targeted nor is anyone else. After all, if you are a true supporter of something, you should be well aware of some of it’s negative sides and should accept them and the fact that there are people who disagree with you.If we all start taking offense from the slightest of remarks, the world will go to a very bad fiery place.

  29. *sigh*

    So much for an April Fools joke. ~_~ If anyone took this seriously and was offended I assure you I meant no harm and apologize.

    @Tenrai: Honestly, stereotyping can be funny. It doesn’t have to be ill intended. That’s why I made this post and the demotivational poster about stereotypes. It made people laugh and it’s very much laden with sarcasm. If a few people were offended that wasn’t my intention and unfortunately you can’t please everybody. Who knows, some people could have been offend about my Killer Bee stereotype poster. -_-

  30. @Tobeto. Because you are an atheist you must mock atheism first.

  31. Way to go SASUKE, I am very pleased with this outcome which would be seen as great victory For Christ and his followers.
    To go all the way to proclaim a mere human such as naruto would bring peace to the world;I find it very amusing indeed despite the fact that its fictional based.The only One to Bring Peace to this world is Jesus Christ and none other.
    And for all sharingan fanatics out there if you not aware, now is the time to tell you this.The sharingan or whatever it is called denotes the number 666 with those three tomoes in it.

  32. Hahaha what a joke that was but wished it were true.

  33. it may have these bad sides but…………still love Naruto!

  34. Someone commented on this…. 2 years later. Omg.

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