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Heeeere’s Johnny dynamicentrace with your monthly (nearly) witty (pfft) breakdown of our favorite adored… likeable manga: Fullmetal Alchemist!

First of all, sorry about the INCROYABLE lateness of this post- I was evicted from my hole in the ground and forced into a proper establishment together with the three little piggies– can you believe that? (if it’s not yet obvious, this post will be very random and will have the tendency to wander off)

Secondly, this is the SECOND most AWESOME chapter in the history of FMA since blonde fleas were first sighted in the Amazonian jungle! Jam-packed with action and gender-awesome (take notes, Kishi, take notes), the only thing I can complain about is how quickly the souls of a couple million dead people were brought back. Even Kishimoto took a while to pull the Deux Ex Machina trope on us.

First thing’s first- we start off with color pages! Not only that, we also get to see our beloved little Elrics reading books (apparently, that was their pastime 99.9% of the time, and Hohenheim had a bookshelf the size of the White House).

Merging male and female, eh? Loincloths can't hide your deep dark secrets, Father. >_>

And it becomes apparent that someone else already knew what it took to become a God, seeing as there’s a book about it. A book that two ten-year olds can read. -___- And everyone was somehow surprised when they saw Father turning immortal.

… -__-

*cough* Allow me now, for a couple of moments, to talk about the giant foldout of Father. No, seriously. I can write essays on that. Srsly.

However, I’ll have to restrain myself seeing as the WRA population also contains a gender which would rather NOT hear about it. As far as I know, Hinata would be a more popular subject. But I digress.

Everyone’s shocked at the fact that the whole country is basically dead. Quite frankly, I don’t think their minds can wrap around that fact at all. If this wasn’t the cliche hero story in which everyone stays relatively calm when they have to, they’d be running around screaming and trying to shoot lightning bolts from invisible ray guns at Father. The idea is so big that it’s hard to wrap around it.

Father can now stop Alchemy from working. His impassive, scowling face seriously gives me shivers. I don’t think Aizen’s smirk or Madara’s… uhh, Madara can compare to this being that kills so ruthlessly and carelessly. (Admittedly, Aizen comes pretty close.) Father became a God, someone who can destroy and create anything he wishes, and yet all he wants is more death and more destruction.

Father is not amused. Or maybe he is.... Impassive face is impassive. O_o

His attempt to destroy his ‘sacrifices’ with a mini GREAT-BALL-OF-DOOM is foiled by Hohenheim. Apparently, he can stand up against the powers of a GOD. Now that just blew me off a little. As usual, there’s a slight hitch in the road where the immortal’s never-ending power is concerned, but Hohenheim handles it perfectly.

I was so happy to see some of Hohenheim’s real power in this chapter. Like all manga heroes, he used the power of allies and friends instead of forcing minions to do his bidding. Even though the allies are locked inside of him as philosopher’s stones and minions are awesome. >_> Already at the beginning of the chapter there was a feeling of superiority in Hohenheim’s attachment to the souls inside him and Father’s indifference to the source of his power. We got the usual dose of ‘love and friendship conquers all’.

However, holding up a raging inferno of doom leaves your feet completely open to attack. Father displays basic strategy and uses the opening. Which makes him a total outcast among most villains. And let me remind you that alchemy is currently out of service. OH NOEZ, WHAT SHOULD OUR HEROES DO?

In my opinion, this is where many shonen mangakas often fail. They do an ‘Insane Troll Logic’ and pull something out of their asses that makes absolutely no sense or needs many pages of explanation. All because they want a specific character to save the day. No one ever goes for kick-ass girls.

This manga does. *smirk*

Look out, a pre-teen is about to pwn you.

A pre-teen is about to kill you. D8

Cue pwnage music! It’s May, coming in to fill the role of Little Miss Badass. Having a hard time performing alchemy? Never fear! Xingese Rentanjutsu controls the energy of the earth. The more power there is, the more awesome May becomes! 8D She promises to keep the ground safe for as long as she can.

Meanwhile, Father is beginning to get a little pissed off. So he decides to end everything. And create a sun in his hand. And if you’ve done your physics and chemistry, nuclear fusion is no walk in the park.

No one can sustain that much power! D8

But what’s this? Something seems to be wrong with the master plan oh we so weren’t expecting this. Perturbed, father checks his mini-sun. It must be some technicality. You know, caused by creating a cosmic body in the palm of one’s hand and all that.

Turns out that the souls used for giving Father his Godly powers are rebelling. Obvious? Yes. Hohenheim’s currently going “Told you sooo~” >_>

Not only that, but the awesome Elric daddy’s been preparing for this day for a long time now. He had removed some of the souls from his body and placed them in the ground, so that when Father decided to use the earth to open the gate, he’d absorb those as well. And the old souls of Xerxes have been bored for a long time now. They decide to take action and save the souls of the people of Amestris.

And now, as it turns out, you can use just about any old round shape as a transmutation circle. Including the shadow of the moon. -___- Which is actually pretty awesome…

Suddenly, everyone’s alive Dave! 8D

The whole resurrection thing seems pretty fast to me, but then again I couldn’t see Arakawa dragging this out. It was actually pretty smart. Because Father’s plan was foiled so quickly, there were no holes in the logic of the plotline, such as ‘Why didn’t the villain just…’.

… and the villain in question is going Super Saiyan on everyone’s asses. Umm… it seems like making your hair rise against gravity is a sign of power in all mangas. Or hairspray.

In his current state, having lost all the souls of Amestris, father can no longer make suns. So he is faced with yet another dilemma: stay in a body or get rid of the sun.

Decisions decisions...

He obviously decides to keep the fangirls happy and extinguishes the flaming ball of destruction.

So what now? Of course, there’s always a plan B. Can’t get the souls you wanted? Get angry and claim all the souls in the world. That’s the evil mastermind way. Oh, and tornadoes will help a lot in claiming souls. Yesh.

Hohenheim: Damn, you’re controlling the weather now too? -___- Is there anything you can’t do?

Fireball at twelve o’clock. 8D

Hohenehim: Shouldn’t have said that…

So papa Elric puts up a brave wrestling match against a giant raging inferno ball of doom. (DOOOOM) But it’s no use. The force is pushing him back. What does that lead to? ELRIC BONDING TIME!

Al: Together, we can do it! ^.^  Ed: Burn, old man. BURN! >D

Meanwhile, it’s back to the most awesome showdown of the year! Scar versus Wrath. When looking at them, it’s really hard to tell whether or not they were knocked out by Father’s great big plan. I’m guessing they were within the boundaries of the circle, so their fight probably had continued during the death of the country. It seriously doesn’t feel like the awesome action was stopped there.

After much kicking punching and sword swiping (man that kick was awesome), Wrath yells out something that’s supposed to throw Scar off his tracks.

Of course there is. He's pretty and shirtless.

And right on cue Wrath looks up at the sun, which blinds him and allows Scar to deal the final blow. Fate? Symbolism? Whatever it was, Wrath isn’t hanging around much longer. However, being the most awesome MOFO sin in the manga, he uses his sword one last time, dealing a hard blow in Scar’s abdomen. While holding it in his teeth.

He falls to the ground and out of the shadows comes Lan Fan to watch her grandfather get avenged. She stares at the homonculus and asks him whether he has any last words. But Wrath is quite certain that he had no ties to the world. However, just before he goes he says that life was interesting just because of humans. Touching moment? Yes. We’ve finally witnessed the end of a legend. *takes off hat*

Lan Fan picks up a philosopher’s stone from Wrath’s pocket. I sense usefulness in it… How’s this scenario: when/if Father is defeated, Greed disappears from Ling and he is left mortal again. However, Lan Fan gives the philosopher’s stone to him so that he could claim his place as Xingese Emperor. *remembers May* Damn my theories always have holes in them. -___-”

Scar goes to the center of the BIG ENORMOUS OMFGBBQ circle and places his hands on the transmutation marks. His speech about the positive and negative flow remind me of the ‘sun and moon’ thing at the beginning of the chapter. It seems as though Arakawa keeps hinting at this perfect whole when combining two opposites. Chances of good guys winning now? OVER 9000!!

Holy transmutation circles, batman! D8

Ed and Al have their powers back! Obviously, the first thing to do is send numerous differently shaped projectiles flying at the throne. Which proves quite effective really.

The throne is gone and the God is left crouching. Major pwnage coming up? You bet!

Crowning moments of awesome: there has to be one in every self-respecting manga. >D

So how badly will god get owned? More female badassery? Who will become Emperor of Xing? Will Scar survive? (doubting that one) AND WHEN WILL GRANNY PINAKO CLOBBER HOHENHEIM?

These issues and more in the next chapter. >3


~ by dynamicentrance on March 30, 2010.


  1. YOSH!!! Awesome breakdown Dynamic!

    I’m so peeved that Wrath is gone but his death was inevitable and his end was very well done. I think he truly cared for his wife or at least came as close to loving someone else as a Humunculus can get. He gave small hints to that. How he picked her himself. How he said humans made his life interesting. He was acting all tough and bravado in his last moments but he called her “it” then he called her his “partner”. Then he got real sentimental near the end saying “It was a good life. A life worth living.”

    Those may be his last words to her and anyone else for that matter. He could care less about his illegitimate son ‘Pride’.

    Anyway, I hope Scar doesn’t die. Not when he just got his creation arm out! >< May can always heal him especially with the help of the Philosopher's Stone. He needs to stay alive and help change the country. Atone for his sins and not just trough death.

    Hmm…Hohenheim is awesome. May is awesome. The Elric brothers are about to kick some ass! Father isn't "God" anymore, not with all the souls of Armetis returned to their rightful owners. Now he's just a giant Philosopher's Stone once again. 😉 Izumi looks like she's about to lay a smackdown on Father too. XD Wonder what Mustang is going to do…nothing…

    Yeah, that's enough of my rambling. Great job once again Dynamic! More people should read FMA! It's about to end soon! T_T It's going to go out with a BANG! 😀

  2. Second!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. yea…FMA has prob 2 more chapters til its over. which is really sad. I didnt like the first season ending cuz i loved the show. then brotherhood came out and i was like, “omgwtfbbq? This is waaaaaay better!”

    still liked conqueror of shamballa tho…tite movie!





    lol XD 😛

  6. @dynamicentrance
    I totally agree with you. I love how women in this manga can kick ass and are actually useful ^__^

    I hopt Scar doesn’t die either. He’s a little too bad ass to be killed off by a slight slash in the gut X___X Plus I want to see him be all happy-go-lucky after all this is over and maybe claim his old name back… thatd be a nice ending ^_^

  7. CHAPTER 106 IS OUT!!! 😀


    I have no time to read it right now though! T_T

  8. Gahh that chapter contained way too much epic badassery. Pride’s death, Kimblee’s reappearance & departure, Father’s Kamehameha wave … why does FMA have to end ?

  9. I just cause up! (Woohoo)

    I have to say, it’s a wonder why FMA isn’t as popular as manga like…Fairy Tail >_>. Or maybe I’m just not up to speed on the manga current affairs.

    Anyhow, that aside, FMA is absolutely nothing but impressive. It’s far more intellectual that any other that I have read, and the build-up to the current events is just…WOW. Not a single event or occurrence is wasted or fails to play a role in the grand scheme. Everything from beginning to end is connected by one way or the other. And every minor happening leads to something of a much larger scale that ultimately affects a course. It’s simply the product of some seriously well thought out plan.

    Obviously, the author, Hiro, I believe, knew exactly where he was going right from the get-go. Good stuff.

    My only regret is that I couldn’t wait until it ended before I read it. Now I have to wait a whole month for a new chapter X__X.

  10. @CaptainPickles: Yeah, that’s the only thing I dislike about FMA, that it comes out every month instead of every week. Come to think of it, that’s probably why it’s not as popular as Fairy Tail or Bleach, even though it’s miles better than those two.
    Oh, and … FMA’s author is female ! Lol.

  11. Nagashikage: Lol, really? What’s her name?

    Oh, and you’re probably right. I really see no other reason why on earth anyone would find those two preferable. Ok, I may be crossing the line here…



    I may have to start doing breakdowns here too. X_X But besides that…THAT WAS AN AWESOME CHAPTER!!!

  13. wow, what an epic chapter. just badass, espically the end. i have to make a side comment here after seeing him again, Bradly NOOOOO! come back and retire with Mrs bradly, you were too badass to die.

    i have one little complaint though, about how this final battle of homunculus and father vs humans has gone, and im wondering if anyone else here feels the same. i think, and not to sound bad or anything, cause i love all of the good guy characters as much as anyone else, there should have been more character death. i mean, the homunculus and father were played throughout the series as a really bad, serious threat, but now that we have reached the end, the only people that have died ( in this final battle, not counting hughes or any others before the promised day) is buccaner, foo, and thats it really. sure we had that whole “everyone dies” part, but that was undone, not to mention we knew it was coming before the battle even started. there have been lots of close calls, but now that we have reached the end, the differance kind of shows. we had an tragic thing happen this chapter, i wont say who in case some havent read the chapter yet, but based on who it is, we know that probobly wont be permanent either. on the other side, all the homunculus except the good anti hero greed have been slaughtered, or, in prides and the seinor general guy’s case, captured. Again, i like how its gone, and i love how the good guys are winning, but it feels sorta too easy. there really havent been any permanent losses or sacrifices from major characters, (we all know that hoenhim plans to die anyway, even if he survives the battle to go to trisha, so that doesnt count in my opinion) just minor ones dying and wounds. hopefully arakawa will shock me with the final chapter, but till then it feels like this has all been a little too good to be true. anyway, didnt mean to make this such a long post, but i felt like sharing this viewpoint, and i am interested in hearing what you guys think.

  14. One word: epic!

    @Takashid: I never actually noticed that. I’d mention Al, but like you said, I’m seriously doubting his is anywhere near permanent. Thing is, there are only so few characters in FMA whose deaths would have any sort of profound impact on the readers. Unless their character is delved into a bit more like it was with Hughes and his wife and daughter (R.I.P ;___;). Or if the death was conspiratory like Ross’s (who, by the way, I thought was a man for half the time ‘she’ was shown). Both cases would take quite a bit of time which would suck at this point.

  15. i think ur mind will change when u read 107 takashid


    I’ve been meaning to write this, but then I’ve been meaning to do the breakdown too, in which case writing this would be meaningless… although it would be polite (but meaningless)… and, well, you get it. -___-

    So I’ve been having nervous breakdowns in my life for the past five months or so, but survived them somehow. However, the last two months were probably the hardest in my life (which is very possible, seeing as I haven’t had a very long one), and so I completely failed at delivering anything in terms of creative input.

    THIS WILL CHANGE. I’ve just started the 107 AND 106 breakdown, and I’m dead set on finishing it, even if it takes me a week. Besides, this manga is too awesome not to write breakdowns, even if it doesn’t get any attention here on WRA.

    So look out, wra peoples, this is my dynamic re-entry. 8D

  17. Hey Dynamic, it’s no problem as long as you’re here for the finale right? 😉 Just welcome back. 🙂

  18. welcome back Dynamic, sorry to hear about the nervous breakdowns, hope your doing all right. you should definatly take care of yourself first and cant wait to see the new chapter breakdowns.


  20. An Epic End to an Epic Series

  21. *sniff* Full Metal Alchemist IS OVER!!!

    It’s always sad when a manga ends… TT_TT *sheds man tears*

    *changes argument quickly* Anyway, Winry and Ed had children and maybe Al and May too? What about Roy and Riza? 😀

    *smiles but then turns around and cries man tears*

  22. *wipes away a tear* T_-

    I’m just glad I caught up for this moment. To be in the know when the series ended. It feels so good yet so sad. EPIC MANGA!!! Loved it through and through! 😀

  23. wow, so good. ive never seen such a perfect ending to a manga. everything was tied up perfectly!!!XD the part with ed saying all that stuff about half your life was both hilarious and touching. sooooooo gooooooood!!!! the last page glimpse of them is great!!! i just could praise this on and on. can. not. wait. to see how brotherhood does this! with music the ending will be even more emotional. great manga, cant wait to see what arakawa does next.

  24. read the chapter 0 years ago and hated it . never read anymore XD

  25. *facepalms in Ahsan’s general direction*

    For anyone looking for better quality reread the chapter here!


    I think the last chapter deserves more than 1 read through especially in better quality. ^_^

  26. ;_____________________________________;…

  27. I just wanted to say one thing since no one mentioned it…


    Lol, jk.

  28. By the way, can someone please do the breakdown of the final AWESOME chapter of FMA, please?

  29. I agree and they should use both the episode and the chapter as refernce

  30. Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden is out!


    Makes the fact that FMA ended even sadder…

    I miss you FMA!!! XD TT_TT

  31. http://mangastream.com/read/fullmetal_alchemist/29614736/1 Gaiden

  32. Lol, that was a pretty mellow chapter. I liked it though I could have gone without it. It’s nice for closure.

  33. Bah, Bleach is better >_>

  34. i agree kisu , atleast bleach is a great source of humor xD

  35. *sigh* You just had to say THAT! NOW YOU MUST PAY FOR SUCH BLASPHEMY!!!!! *takes out Cluster Bomb launcher and fires incendiary type bombs at Kisu and Ahsan*

  36. *is utterly baffled*

    *looks up “cluster bomb on google” *

    “Explosive munition designed to explode in the air and release a cluster of smaller explosives, thus spreading the blast over a larger area”

    *looks up incendiary type bombs on google *

    ” a mixture of aluminum powder and iron oxide that burns at a very high temperature. ”

    i get it ^.^ *meanwhile is torn to pieces by the bomb*

  37. Just finished the last episode. It was a good series, not great or awful, just good.


    1. Not enough explosions
    2. Fight scenes were lackluster compared to most Shonen manga
    3. The Final battle with “the dwarf inside the flask, Homunculus” was disappointing (nowhere near as disappointing as Ichigo vs Aizen, but still disappointing). The end of the series was very predictable for anyone paying attention and since I watched the entire series over 3 days its pretty obvious to me.
    4. If the manga was trying to lean to the darker, more intellectual side of Shonen series with all the Angsting that goes on, it doesn’t do it well. Death Note is this done well.


    1. The mangaka did her research and paid attention in chemistry class and it shows.
    2. Good characters (especially Greed, Scar, Mein Fuhrer! and Mustang)
    3. Excellent story
    4. The series stuck to the concepts it introduced and didn’t go throwing random sh!t out there like a certain other manga whose name rhymes with “Leech”.

  38. http://mangastream.com/read/silver_spoon/73207011/1 check out Arakawa-sensei’s newest manga.

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