Dancing In The Leaves – Part 2 of a Madara Uchiha VS The First Hokage Fanfic

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Dark here again with the second instalment of my Madara VS The First fanfic. As always, feel free to comment, and I hope you enjoy it:)

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(DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters, and i do not stand to make any profit from this story)

Part 1 – In The Valley

Part 2 – Dancing In The Leaves

Part 3 – The Roof Of The World

Part 4 – The Line Is Drawn


Madara reappeared in a tree on the fringe of the plain, hidden by the leaves. He crouched low, feeling the bark underneath his feet break a little, releasing a slight earthen fragrance into the air as Madara repositioned himself so that he could see the Hokage through the foliage.

It really annoyed him that Hashirama hadn’t budged an inch, and yet he was able to anticipate his movements with relative ease. His mind flashed back to when he had tried to teleport behind Hashirama. It was unthinkable – impossible even – that he was able to block the incoming strike, while he wasn’t even looking! It had taken less than an instant for Madara to get behind him, and yet…

…there was something odd about the way he was standing. He stood upright with his eyes were closed, breathing deeply. But what interested him was his hands. They were forming the boar sign.

Ah. That explains the Iron Skin Technique.

But that wasn’t it. He looked closer, his sharingan enhancing his vision.

“That is interesting,” He said to himself.

Hashirama’s feet had turned into wooden trunks that had planted themselves firmly into the ground. More importantly, he could see the chakra flowing up and down his legs, spreading out around a large area to encompass all the plantlife around him. He could detect the position of an enemy by the disturbance in the natural chakra around any given plant connected to his chakra network.

Understanding washed over Madara, and with it, a deep sense of dread. He knows where I am…

Madara looked down at the branch he knelt on.


Wooden tendrils suddenly sprang up from the branch Madara was kneeling on. With an incredible burst of speed, Madara slammed his feet into the branch and launched himself into the air. The tendrils formed yet another wood clone who gave chase, the hard face of the Hokage fixed on his opponent as he skyrocketed through the air after him.

The met at the zenith of Madara’s jump, the canopy of the forest appearing no more than a carpet of green far beneath them. The wood clone thrust out his hand, sending dozens of sharpened wooden shafts rapidly snaking their way towards Madara’s waiting figure. The Sharingan could see each individual tendril and isolate them, predicting the movements each one would make.

Madara dodged each as they came, his body little more than a blur as he danced around the wooden tendrils as if they were clumsy fingers grasping at him. They curved in an arc and came back in an attempt to strike at his unprotected back. Madara apparently took no notice of them, instead flying towards the clone with his hands in front of him, forming seals at blinding speed.

Just as the backtracking shafts were inches from spearing him, Madara’s torso winked out of existence for a split second, allowing the stabbing tendrils to phase straight through him and lodge themselves into the wood clone!

With a look of complete surprise on its face, the clone looked up at Madara as he – having performed the necessary seals beforehand – brought his right hand to his mouth and roared the name of the technique his clan was famous for.

“Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!”

A giant fireball erupted from his mouth and flew violently towards the helpless clone, incinerating it within seconds.

Just then, to Madara’s astonishment, a second wood clone jumped from the smouldering figure of the first one and dived, landing on the relative safety of the forest floor.

Amazing, he thought to himself. The clone made a separate clone just before being hit with my katon jutsu. He felt a grudging respect for his opponent surface as he watched the clone disappear amongst the trees, making its way back towards the original.

The wind whipped his hair back and ruffled his clothing as he landed on his feet on the branch of the nearest tree. He breathed in deeply, in an attempt to get some air circulating through his body and help overcome the weariness he felt from the chakra he had expended. But not for too long, as Madara knew that Hashirama was aware of his position. With that thought, he leapt up and powered through the trees in pursuit of the wood clone.

It was not hard for the Sharingan to keep up with the double. The Sharingan strengthened the eyesight of the user well beyond that of any normal person’s eye. He could see the clone in the distance and assessed his speed. Madara knew how many steps it would take for him to overtake the clone, could see every jutting branch and every leaf on every single tree that stood between him and his quarry. He already had a mental image of the path that he would take, avoiding obstacles and flying through the growth with ease.

The hunter in him rejoiced. Nothing thrilled a predator more than a fleeing target.

He powered from branch to branch, using his superior speed to close the gap between himself and the clone.
Suddenly, a branch swung towards him!

Madara almost snorted. It appalled him that his foe had actually expected that tactic to work.

He phased through it, landing on the forest floor and continuing to rocket towards the clone in the distance. He could see that it was almost at the edge of the forest, and could still see that the arrogant Senju standing in the exact same place he had left him.  The powerful face remained peaceful and his eyes were still closed.

The clone stopped and turned towards Madara, body tensed as though it had decided against fleeing and had chosen to fight after all.

Another tree limb launched itself towards him, swinging low. Madara leapt over it, eyeing it in contempt. That Hashirama just didn’t learn-

At that moment, the wind was knocked right out of him as a branch slammed against his back from above, pummelling Madara into the ground.

Groaning, Madara attempted to rise, but the roots of the surrounding trees now wrapped around him, restricting his movements.

“This is nothing…” he gasped, his Mangekyou Sharingan spinning. He would teleport out of the way. He closed his eyes, willing himself to teleport.

Nothing happened.


He couldn’t understand it! Why would his jutsu not work, now of all times!?

It was then that he saw the clone. It knelt on the ground, its hand having turned to wood and rooted firmly into the soil. Strangely, he could see chakra rising up from the ground, through his arm, and into his body. Was he drawing chakra from the ground?

Then, Madara noticed that the roots surrounding him were drawing chakra from him and feeding it into the ground.

Damn him! He’s suppressing my chakra and stealing it for himself!

But what could he do? He tried to call on his chakra reserves…but he couldn’t. He could feel it there, faintly, but even then it was ebbing…he needed to act now.

Madara had hoped to avoid this, but it seemed there was no choice. If he didn’t do something soon, he would lose this fight.

Using his remaining strength, he looked up at the sky and howled the name of his last resort.

The Kyuubi responded with a terrible roar that withered the trees and filled the atmosphere with a potently sinister chakra that burned and tore at everything it came into contact with…


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