The Time Has Come….

Well ladies and gentlman as much as it grieves me to do this, it is time for me to say goodbye to you all. Things are changing in life and which leave me unable to continue on here. Thank you guys so much for the support and love. I’ve had alot of fun with ya’ll. If any of you would like to take over for me please get ahold of SuperTrek. I will be finishing Orihime in Hiding 2morrow, it will be my last post. Love and happy thoughts to you all. Thanks guys!


~ by Miranda on March 28, 2010.

20 Responses to “The Time Has Come….”

  1. X____________X whyyyyyy is this happening O_O

    bye mandi X_X

  2. Ahsan, i’m moving and getting a full time job. Plus I will have minimum pc access. I will still be around, just won’t be able to to do breakdowns and stuff.


    first penny, now mandi 😦

    what is happening to this place 😕

    i hope we don’t see super saying goodbye next ;_;

    anyway, goodbye mandi……..will terribly miss your AWESOME breakdowns and stuff…good luck be with you wherever you go 🙂



    I’LL MISS YOU!!!! X_X

    Bye Mandi and may you have a good life. Once again, we’ll miss you. TT_TT

    all the old bloggers are quitting it seems… penny, mandi, if super quits too, i will probobly stop coming to this site.
    anyway, good luck with the moving and the part time job! sorry you cant do those great breakdowns anymore. goodbye mandi!

  6. It’s a full time job taka….

    and not to worry guys, i don’t think super will be leaving any time soon! And hey, i’ll still be around…ya’ll won’t miss me that much 😛

  7. im glad you got a full time job mandi , will miss you though . be sure to hang around here as much as possible >_> ^_^

  8. Thanks for all your hard work on this blog Mandi! You’ll do well in your new job and whatever life has in store for you. 🙂 You will be missed.

    Can’t wait to read the rest of ‘Orihime In Hiding’! ^_^

  9. Thanks for all them awesome breakdowns. ^^ Do hang around here when you can– this place seems to be getting emptier and emptier… TT.TT

  10. NO!!!!! My twin is leaving!! TT____TT

    Mandi, good luck at your new job! I wish you great success. You will be greatly missed here.
    Love ya tons girl! ^__^

  11. awwwwww! you leave darn it Ms M my fan fic is not done yet



  13. Goodbye Mandi… Hello Ms. Mandi the secretary… PREPARE FOR “After-hours-promotion-no-jutsu”
    You’ll be missed… don’t be a stranger (or become some sort of cubicle-zombies…damned cubies!!!)

  14. God I love you guys

  15. I’m sorry to see you go, Ms Mandi. You’ve been a real asset to the site here. I wish you every happiness in your turn of future. Good luck. You’ll be missed by so many.

    Take Care 🙂

  16. I hate to see you leave Mandi. Comment on occasions! Your breakdowns and posted fanfics were beast.Oh, and marines? come on, Navy is wayyyy cooler 😉

  17. oorah! Marines all the way baby! Semper Fi!

  18. No this cannot be….. This place is becoming a “sausage”, factory….. You , my dear , will be missed !

  19. Who the eff is “Katz747” O.o anyways Mandi don’t leave D:

  20. @k00kim0nstur

    O_o i am Katz747 o_O

    plz don’t eat me, mr. m0nstur!! 😛 ………i can give you some c00kies in return 😀

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