Rate this Weeks Manga 27/03/2010

YOSH!! im going to start this post by saying sorry i did’nt make a post last week, had some deadlines for schoolwork that needed doing, but i wont go into that, the main thing is, im here now ! 😀  And all i can say is almost every chapter i read this week was pure awesome! (except Fairy Tail, i was going to leave it out of this post but Super insisted i put it in, so there will be a little section at the end for it).

I Return to bring you 'Awesomeness'

… anyway, i will start with Naruto, since this week in my opinion it was the worse of the 3 (not including Fairy Tail).

Now i had to say it was rather good to have  a chapter that wasnt too serious, there was humor, which i missed seeing in Naruto for a rather long while…

Yep good ol’ comedy. Not alot disapointed me about this chapter, except that there was alot of talking, and then a moment which shows Kishi really does hate Kakashi… just as hes about to officially be made Hokage … Tsunade wakes up, which is good n’ all, but poor kakashi 😦

My rating for this weeks Naruto is 6.5/10, could of done with less talking and more ‘kashi lovin’

Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is bleach, and i will go ahead and tell you straight away that my rating this week is 7/10, once again, less talking would be nice, especially since Ichigo is meant to be going Jackie Chan on Aizen’s ass.

so as the short paragraph above explains, this chapter had ALOT of talking in, which is alright, it wasnt all talking, it was more like…

Aizen: mwuahaha random evil bullshit >:)

Ichigo: (shouting) oh noes :O

Aizen: Oh yesessssssssss >:)

Ichigo’s Dad: Halt noob!

Yep a short summary of the chapter, more thought would of went into it, but you should no me by now, i dont put alot of thought into anything. So yeah, as Ichigo is about to go all crazy, Isshin arives to save the day… that proberly was the only thing to get me looking forward to the next chapter.

and finally, once again, we save the best till last (not including Fairy Tail) and if your a fan of One Piece, you will admit you would of been creaming going mental over the awesomeness of this chapter.

Now there isnt alot to say about this chapter, even though it was awesome, its basically been in the same setting as the last couple of chapters, except BB has turned Marineford into some wierd ass rollercoster type thing and Coby has regained consciousness from Luffy’s falcon punch a couple of chapters back …


ahhhh good times, anyway, yeah coby is trying to play the hero untill Akainu tries to be a dick again blah blah blah, then awesomeness arives (kinda like i arrived earlier to bring you this ….)


it was awesomeness all around i was creaming going mental, i loved it!, only downside as it has been for the past few chapters is that i want to see something from the Straw Hat crew, but we will get to that eventully.

My rating for this chapter is OVER 9000/10, yep it was sooooo awesome, i went and destroyed the limit of the rating…

and now … the little section added to the end just for super… Fairy Tail = 5/10

there ya go <(“<)….

Thanks once again for reading, disucss, bitch, and moan in the comments, so i get something to reply to and have fun looking at 🙂 Cya next time folks.


~ by Captain Awesome on March 28, 2010.

9 Responses to “Rate this Weeks Manga 27/03/2010”

  1. 1st

  2. Ratings:

    Naruto: 6. Humor I was happy to see seemed like it was forced. Too much talking, not enough to satisfy me.

    Bleach: 9, Ichigo just shat himself at the beginning and then Isshin comes in. Ichigo shits himself twice. Aizen is BAMFFFFFF

    One Piece: OMGWTF I just shat myself! definately OVER 9000!

  3. I was disappointment with this week bleach. Boring, boring, and than….dad!
    I presume that next week will be way more better than this one.

  4. both naruto and bleach failed in comparrison to one piece as usual. however bleach did better than naruto for the fact that isshin showed up, further proof aizen kicks ass and ichigo isnt gonna be the hero this arc …
    One Piece-EPIC..it was over 9000 😉 BEFORE Shanks Showed up

  5. nice classification kabuto :)….this week’s chapters were widely varied…..on one hand there was naruto, which is beginning to piss me off……and on the other hand there was one piece, which was the kind of chapter fanboy/fangirl dreams are made of :D…

    Fairy Tail=5/10.I don’t read it,so i’ll quote kabuto. Lulz ensues.

    Naruto=5.5/10. IT SUCKED. sorry, but some random BS humor cannot distract me from the fact that NOTHING FREAKING HAPPENED. As a sick bonus, we gotta see naruto’s Emo side more 😛 ……

    0.5 marks extra, for showing us The Awesome Mr. Kabuto ( of Orochimaru fame). SSSSNNNNAAAAAKKKKEESSSS 😀

    BTW, did anybody notice, Madara performed the Eye surgery himself…..hmmm, this man is a real hidden character 😀

    BLEACH = 7/10. Aizen is teh badass. Ichigo almost wet himself on learning aizen manipulated him all along. Jeez, Ichigo, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM THE MAN WITH KYOKA SUIGETSU ANYWAY? 😕

    Isshin is left to save the day 😛


    No words can do justice to the awesomeness of this chapter. No, not even “IT’S OVER 9000”. Thanks to Oda, we all just discovered a whole new level of awesomeness 😀

    Excuse me while i go and make a shrine to Oda in my house. You should do the same.

    ****rant end******* 😀

  6. BLEACH = ZERO YES IT DOES no matter if you dont put it in there many will vote it zero in the comments O_O … why its bs talking talking and talking about what? about shit we knew years back -_-

    naruto = 2 sorry chapter sucked

    op= over 9000! LOL shanks FTEW

  7. 1 24% (5 votes)

    5 people already gave bleach a 1 , i bet these 5 would have given it zero if you had put it there. and dont forget you posted this post today around 7 hours ago and already 5 people want a zero for bleach ? dont you think you really need to put in the zero there 😉

  8. @Ahsan, i do put the 0 in every week, it just doesnt show up in the post for somee reason

  9. Awesome post Kabuto! How come no one seems to have liked this week’s Naruto chapter!? It was awesome! Humor, Sasuke got EMS, Naruto’s about to train some more, Tsunade woke up, the alliance is official, and my point has been made about Sasuke kicking Naruto’s ass! 😀

    Lol, I’d give it a 10/10

    Of course Bleach gets a 4/10. Blah, blah, blah, SURPRISE!!! -_-

    Fairy Tail beats Bleach out with a 5/10. At least it had some emotion to the chapter.

    One Piece was just pure awesomeness like Naruto but on a different scale so it gets OVER 9000!!!

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