One Piece 581 IS OUT + 579 Breakdown and Discussion! Marco vs. Crocodile!? ^(0_0)^

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-One Piece Chapter 579 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 579 Breakdown and what an awesome chapter it was! Plenty of things to talk about so let’s get right to it!

After of course this week’s AMV and BOPP!

This week’s AMV is probably the best Ace vs. Blackbeard AMV on youtube that I’ve come across. Nice and short, well edited, looks great, seamless, and the music rocks! AMV by Luffyjin. There’s something badass about this week’s BOPP. I just can’t put my finger on it…unfortunately. Lol, jkjk. Cosplay by Sondenoshirayuki. Yeah, it’s a mouth full. 😉

On to the breakdown!!!

I have some wood for Vivi...>_> *reaches in pants and pulls out a picture frame made out of wood* Don't assume. ^_^

Lol, it’s a good thing Carue doesn’t sculpt for the Pirate Empress Boa Hancock! XD He’d have his feeling hurt for sure. 😦

Lol, Buggy is such a pushover. ^_^

Over in the main story Trafalgar Law is pleading with Buggy to throw him Luffy and Jimbei so he can take them away and heal them. Why is Buggy wasting time by demanding to know who Trafalgar Law is? If someone is extending a helping hand in a time of chaos just take it. It’s not like he cares what happens to Luffy is it? o_O

He'll make property damage...

The Marines decide to divide their forces in half. One half to suppress the Blackbeard Pirates and the other half to pursue the retreating Whitebeard Pirates. Marines sprawl out from underground out onto the pirates side but I don’t see how these tunnels can be connected when there’s a great fissure splitting Marineford in half. I can only guess these underground tunnels were already on the pirates side and they were just waiting for a surprise attack. In the mean time Blackbeard replicates Whitebeard’s massive quake that tilted the island and ocean depths claiming he still doesn’t have great control over it as he would like. Well damn Blackbeard, you sure did well for a noob. ~_~

Screw this! *puts down mic and runs like hell*

Blackbeard gets cocky again and confronts both Sengoku and Garp saying they can’t stop him. I just wanted Garp to smash his face in but it never came to be. T_T The Pacifistas jump the giant fissure in the ground reminding us of their great jumping abilities. Over in The Shabaody Archipelago panic ensues the crowd as tsunami warnings are blared throughout the island.

It must have been the face rape Luffy gave him. XD

Now on to the more interesting aspects of the chapter I want to focus on Coby…yes Coby! The pink haired former cabin boy who grew up to be a tough Marine, then only to be knocked out by a weary Luffy in one punch. While that shows how great a gap there is between Luffy and Coby still I think Oda is giving hints to just how powerful Coby will become and his growth potential. Coby gets up hearing voices disappearing from his head? Really!? He’s not crazy I assure you because we’ve seen this happen before. Remember the little girl in Sky Island, Aisa? You know what this means right? Holy crap, Coby has mantra!!!

Mantra is basically the Sky Island name for Haki! Mantra has some very unique characteristics to it though which makes for a formidable tool. Here’s what I’m talking about when I say this could be a foreshadowing of how strong Coby can become.

Power 1: Not only does he have some Rokushiki ability.

Power 2: With mantra he can locate his enemy easily no matter where he/she is.

Power 3: And he can predict his opponent’s moves.

Of course this is all dependent on how well he develops it and there’s no telling what mantra abilities he’ll develp, but come on now this is Coby. He’s already standing up to Akainu for goodness sake. I think it’s Coby’s destiny to grow strong enough to replace Akainu as admiral in the future. Akainu’s perversion of justice needs to be replaced by Coby’s love for real justice. By no means am I saying Coby is as strong as Akainu now. I don’t see that happening for awhile. Just saying Coby will replace him. What do you all think?

At least we know what drives them. ~_~

Moving on, Tashigi and Smoker notice something strange happening in this war. It’s not a war anymore it’s a mass slaughter. With their objective done the Marines continue to fight and with the war lost the pirates have lost morale and are on the retreat. The Marines are more focused on killing the retreating pirates than helping their own men and saving lives. Instead they use up the Marines lives to kill….retreating pirates. Yeah, that sure does make the men dying in vain look foolish. We’ll get to that later. While on the other end of the spectrum Blackbeard Pirates are evil personified just killing for chaos and the hell of it. Smoker said it right. “Something’s wrong here!! Both “Justice” and “Evil”…”

You're on a losing streak here dude...>_>

On a side not, poor Curiel. Nothing went his way this war. X_X

Note to self: 'Don't f**k with Buggy The Clown' O_O

Over in the sky Kiazru fires a warning shot past Buggy’s head and tells him to hand over Luffy and Jimbei. Buggy sure isn’t questioning Law anymore and he just throws the two down to him to get himself out of danger. Lol, good thinking Buggy. 😉

Dollar > War. End of story!

Just before Kizaru fires a laser beam down on the submarine to finish off Luffy and the Heart Pirate’s submarine a loud yell is heard throughout all of Marineford. Over the shouts and death cries, the gun laser and cannon fire, clashing swords and tumbling buildings, the shouts and wails of pain. Over all of this Coby’s voice is heard and draws all attention unto himself. This dude has the voice box of a God! XD

Noooeeesss!!! We're all doomed unless someone gets Akainu a bottle of water!

Coby tells them the war needs to stop. The goal has been accomplished with Ace’s death. Honestly, they even got  a big bonus with Whitebeard’s death. Marines can be saved but their lives are ignored for fleeing pirates who lost the morale to fight. Marines are dying because…? Well that’s the question. Why are they dying when they could be saved? The war should be over, the Marines won already.

Child: “How did daddy die?”

Mother: “Well honey after winning the war he got shot by a pirate who was trying to run away.”

Yeah, what a waste of lives and way to make a Marine’s death look foolish.  =_= Akainu isn’t having some two-bit Marine talking down to him no matter how much sense he’s making. He doesn’t care about Marine’s families obviously and can care less about the Marine’s lives. He just wants a mountain of dead pirates at his feet. Complete annihilation and unopposed victory. So he demeans Coby for his impotence and goes in for the kill on a fellow Marine soldier out on the open battlefield. This man is insane. @_@ Coby says he has no regrets as he sees his incoming death bearing down on him in the shape of a volcanic magma fist.

The sword is mightier than the fist. Wait until he brings out the pen!

Then Hallelujah it’s SHANKS!!! Blocking Akainu with one arm and a mere sword he commends Coby for the few seconds of courage that changed the fate of the world for good or for worse. Shanks has his full vigor on display again because Coby is quick to pass out in his presence.  Where was Shanks all this time? He was busy with Kaidou, the 3rd Yonkou, and would have probably been there sooner if it weren’t for him. Now, what does Shanks mean when he said Coby changed the fate of the world? Well, since Marines and pirates were dying every second by stopping the fighting even for a moment he saved countless lives, but whose life did he save that was the utmost importance? Luffy’s! Kizaru was just about to kill him when Coby shouted out drawing everyone’s attention. Remember Luffy is the destined “D” member to change the fate of this world. Great job Coby. 😉

Ah, doesn't it look better for Usopp's dad to come into the picture? Ok, maybe not "looks" better but I would have preferred it this way! ><

Btw, I wish it was Yassop and not Ben Beckman who pointed a gun at Kizaru and told him not to move. What does he have to make Kizaru catious of him? Seastone bullets? Haki infused bullets!? o_O

Alright now carry on he got what he came for. XD

Back to Shanks he picks up Luffy’s dropped hat and proclaims he’s going to end this war! Anyone who said it’d be a pirate who’d return Luffy’s hat congrats. ^_^ Of course, Shanks can’t keep that hat. Afterall it’s not like Luffy losing the hat completes the deal. I don’t even think Luffy will see Shanks return it to him. He’s going to be out for awhile and when Luffy wakes up and learns what happened and who returned his hat back he’ll admire Shanks all the more. Can’t wait for it to happen.

That ends this week’s manga breakdown. Awesome chapter with an awesome ending. Looks like the Shanks is here to put a finale on this war once and for all.

Artworks by Wyv1 and GENgoodstick

CORRECTION: Marco is not a Logia type. It seems he can let attacks phase through his fire and not appear to take any damage, but Garp is not a confirmed Haki user and he did hit Marco here and hurt him. It’s safe to say physical attacks can damage him as long as he doesn’t let it phase through his flames. I confused his powers with that of a Logia’s. Of course Marco can regenerate from any damage taken through his flames and Crocodile is 100% Logia.

Ah, and here’s something new. Haven’t had one of these since Zoro vs. Sanji. The idea hit me when Kisu said in a comment, “I think Croc’s the only one that can take Akainu down now, everyone else’s power is too weak or ineffective against him.” I thought, ‘What about Marco?’ I think Marco with his blue flames and Haki is great matchup to Crocodile so here it is.

Marco vs. Crocodile! The Phoenix vs. The Sandman! Fire vs. Sand! You vote and you decide. 🙂

Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


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    And what a chapter this was.
    I loved every second of it and can’t wait to see how Shanks will end this war.

    @ supertrek: GREAT JOB on the breakdown once again.

    Aw yeah, One Piece just keeps getting better and better.
    HOT DIGGITY 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. 2nd!!!! wooting for myself!!! glad OP is going great… other mangas are pailing in compairison…

    Shanks is gonna royally kick ass. i was literally shaking i was so pumped (im that lame), first time ever ive gotten into a manga that much in a long long time

    Marco FTW!!!

  3. 3rd. I hope. Shanks FTW!!!

  4. 4th O_O

    4th on naruto breakdown 4th on onepiece breakdown >_>

  5. Hey super! Thanks for getting the breakdown out this early!

    I believe that 579 surpassed 578 by a long shot! I mean, 578 was considered awesome for its twist at the end with the arrival of Law, but now in addition to the awesome entrance of Shanks, we’ve got Coby telling Akainu off! Now that’s awesome!

    Yes, Coby is the future of the Marines, just as Luffy’s the future of pirates. Coby’s the compassionate, yet determined Marine who wants to do what’s right and has the courage (thanks in part to Luffy) to do what’s right. I think he’s what Smoker might have become had Smoker met Luffy earlier in his life. Not that Smoker’s not awesome! I predict that Coby will become the founder of the New Order to rebuild the World Government after Luffy and the rest finally send it crashing down to its knees!

    Yes, it would have been awesome if it had been Yassop staring down Kizaru instead of Ben but ever since Ben took on an entire mob of mountain bandits using the butt end of his gun, I wanted to see him use it in action! 😀

    I also agree with you that Shanks will leave straw hat with the unconscious Luffy, telling them to tell Luffy he’ll meet up with him in the New World to have Luffy return it to him, and Luffy will find it after he wakes up and cry, but finally accept Ace’s death and go back to his dream of becoming King of the Pirates!

    Crocodile versus Marco?! That’s seriously unfair! I mean, I like Crocodile much better as a character, but I have to admit that Marco would easily wipe that floor with Croc!

    Next chapter: Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates kick all kinds of ass. Awesomeness ensues! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Sweet breakdown like always Super! and surprisingly fast… i begin to suspect the reason the breakdowns were slow before is just cause you dont like blackbeard? lol anyway, great chapter, id love to see the shanks pirates fight, but it seems like theyd win too esaily, the marines are tired. and what happened to kaido? did shanks beat him? as for Marco vs Croc, i have to say they are definatly on the same level, but Marco has a superior power. similar to how magma is hotter then fire and therfore akainu> Ace, fire turns sand to glass, so Marco>Crocodile i think.

  7. btw i loved that line about the theme park ride lever being stuck on awesome. lets hope the awesome only increases now that shanks is here.

  8. marco v.s croc eh interesting but ill have to side with marco here he is just too awesome X_X and i suppose blue fire can melt the sand and marco has haki as well so double the power O_O

  9. Dammit Super! This breakdown’s too awesome. I’m reporting you to the awesomeness police. Your Coby predictions are awesome x 10. Btw. Buggy FTEW!!!!!!!

  10. pfft, Croco can take Marco! Marco’s a Zoan user, which means he turns into an animal. All animals have moisture. Croco’s power drains water. Get where I’m going with this? Ever try throwing Sand on fire? What happens? The fire gets put out. Croco can make huge Sandstorms that would render Marco’s flames useless if not extinguish them altogether.

  11. kisu dude what if the fire storm marco can create is far greater than what croco boy can create? and i doubt the watersucking would work on marco

    besides from all that haki can still pwn croco

  12. Im with crocodile on this one. Marco is pretty bad ass, but imma have to agree with kisuzachi on this one. Marco is just a zoan, with logia powers. i haven’t really seen him use any actual fire powers like a flamethrower, so unless someone knows a page, he doesn’t really have anything to counter Croc’s sandstorms, or even sables if he can manage to catch him off guard. Marco does have haki, but seeing how it didn’t really hurt Akainu means his wont work against Croc. Also Crocs weakness is being hit with something wet/water/blood and i doubt marco can hit him with a wet hand to effectively hurt croc….

  13. @shinobimadness, exactly ^^. Marco hasnt shown any fire powers and he didn’t hurt Akainu. Crocodile has this match in the bag

  14. look what you guys have made me do now O_O im going to re read all of this war to find more about marco that we missed >_> brb

  15. good luck with that Ahsan ^^

  16. an awesome match up could have been crocodile vs magellen, however i’ll bring that up next week after crocodile

    don’t forget crocodile has poison in his hook, so if he hits marco i doubt he could heal from poison… but the cut from it most likely

  17. kisu: yeah but can marco really be hurt? i mean look what happened before! he got shot by kizaru:
    a seastone cuff placed on him and shot again:
    and then as soon as he was freed from the cuff, he was fine again. he is fighting fine, like all that never happened. his pheonix ability seems to heal him. and how would croc dry him with his touch? if he touched him, he would get burned. besides if croc gets that close hes screwd anyway.
    lucci tells us zoans are strongest in close combat.
    also blue fire is the hottest kind of fire there is, so marco could esaily turn crocs sand into glass.
    anyway, thats just my two cents on why i think marco would be able to win. i think it would definatly be close, but marco would manage to win because of the reasons i have already stated in my posts.

  18. yeah that was gonna be my point what happens when you head sand? yep it turns into glass that would make a glass croc which would be funny aswell…
    but no seriously croc stands no chance again marco ffs hes the first division commander of “the ol’ whitebeard crew” hes hellish strong could fight even with kizaru. proven hes even stronger then ace by beeing able to stand up against akainu (and akainu eats people alive,… =) )
    When it comes to speed i believe marco is just as fast as croc since he saved luffy multiple times while he was far away only seconds befor he did a life saving action.
    No matter how many awesomenesspoints croc gets, and .i really think hes become an awesome character he cant strand up against one of the strongest pirates of the moment Marco! Instand heal from damage just cant be beaten with meltable sand.

  19. great breakdown super 🙂 ……..and god knows, this chapter deserved it 😀

    well i think croco-boy is riding on an awesomeness-wave right now………SO I’M WITH HIM 😛 ………..and of course, for technical reasons, see my solicitor kisuzachi 😀 …..go get em, kisu

    btw, is Akainu pissing anyone else off as much as me? i mean, seriously, he just needs to STFU and die…..i did’nt mind it that much when he killed ace T_T……but he must STAY AWAY FROM COBY!!!! LEAVE COBY ALONE, YOU CANNIBAL XD

    hope shanks hands him his ass on a silver platter 😀

  20. @fearvano and takashid, well even tho marco does have that healing factor similiar to wolverine(lol) he still doesn’t have anything solid enough to hurt croc other than making him glass by touching him.. don’t forget croc does have hook and knife on that arm of his, as well as poison as i stated earlier. Croc also has the advantage of location on his side, except being in the water(obviously) because of his ability to drain the moisture out of it, he can “fly/float” in the air so marco doesn’t really have the sky for his home turf. It comes down to what Crocodile said earlier when talking to Luffy, some people are satisfied with the power of the df *which he used buggy as an example*, while others push for the limits. I don’t think Marco’s done anything to push the limit other than his human/phonix, and mixed. However Crocodile has various moves, from sables, to sand coffin, sandstorms, as well as his moisture df, and logia powers…

  21. @glass, it depends on the amount of sand. If Crocodile attacks him with a huge Sand stream, then the fire, which may or may not burn, wont turn Crocodile’s sand to glass.

    “lucci tells us zoans are strongest in close combat”- he meant they are at their best in close combat, not that they are the best fruit-type in close combat. Besides, all it takes is for Crocodile’s sand to touch and the moisture’s all gone. And remember, phoenixes are animals and all animals need water, as such they can be drained of water as well.

    Crocodile is also more aware of his surroundings, even in a huge battlefield. Marco was caught off-guard several times.

  22. kisu:
    other translations say the same thing, “zoan is the strongest kind in close combat”. he isnt talking about CP9 there, he is talking about devil fruits in general. also, how can croc grab hi when he is constantly burning with the hottest kind of flame? not to mention the panels i have placed below with kizaru show that he can let things pass through him, such as kizarus blasts. so wouldnt it be the same for crocs hand and sand streams? and for that last part about awarness, cmon, you got to cut him a break there, he was distracted by his love and concern for the most awesome dad ever!
    marco has definatly developed his powers. here:
    he blacks all of kizarus blasts
    and here he flys right through a storm of light blasts from kizaru:
    kizaru even says there, he isnt just a normal zoan, he is a “mythical beast zoan type” according to kizaru, “even scarier then logia!!!” logias such as him and croc.
    besides, you dont becoume commander #1 on whitebeards ship without developing your powers.

    all in all, i think this is a good debate that cannot be resolved since we know so little about marco. the pannel i posted with kizaru says he can recover from any attack, but we have no way of knowing how that would work against crocs drying ability(i think it would be able to handle the poison, but drying i dunno) and i agree that croc has shown more techniques. Marco hasnt been in many fights that were shown yet, so he is alot more of an unkown.
    i have really enjoyed this debate so far. Super, maybe you should make this a more regular thing, have debates about characters we all like and who would win. it could be a fun thing to do, but it might get boring every week, so maybe every other week?

  23. and katz: YES Akainu must die! unfortunatly i dont see that happening any time soon. in fact, with sengokus constant slip ups, like letting ace escape, blackbeard and whitebeard destroying marine headquarters, i have a feeling that after this war is over we are going to see sengoku demoted by the gorusei and we will have a new, horrible, Fleet Admiral Akainu. i really hope not, but akainu has really done so much to affect the war and cause the marines victory (killing ace, taking out whitebeards face, etc) that i have a bad feeling that soon the devil will be in charge of the Marines…

  24. Akainu definitely needs a butt smackin’ from hell. If only WB were still around to bring him down to size. Tragic.

    Great call on Coby’s mantra, Super; didn’t notice that one. Actually, I never notice any of these things until you write them on your breakdowns >_>.

    Anyhow, great job, jo.

  25. I’m back! Thanks guys for the comments and I had a great meet if anybody is wondering. ^_^

    Nobody’s wondering…>_>

    Lol, anyway I’m going to stay out of the Marco vs. Crocodile debate. You all already know where my support lies. Great points made by both sides though. 🙂

    @Takashid: If the readers enjoy it then sure we can do this every other week. I’ll pit less unknown characters with more explored fighting ability next time. XD

    @Elisha: Indeed, Ben Beckman is cool but I miss Yassop. T_T I bet he can easily take on Van Auger.

    @Everyone: I just found out I messed up a link on the breakdown. The one with the Yonkou Kaidou. Here it is and it’s fixed on the breakdown.

    I don’t think Shanks defeated him. Just stalled him and convinced him to back off. If Shanks fought another Yonkou his ship and crew would be in a poor state right now. Can’t underestimate the power of another Yonkou. 😉

    P.S. I heard Ahsan was coming up with a grand post to end the debate…>_>

  26. @super i actually do think Kaidou was beaten by Shanks, since Kaidou was kinda proven to be the weakest Yonkou of all he was on even foot with Moria before Luffy met him, so Moria might ve been a bit stronger then he was befor he met luffy due to his crew size and the number of shadows he possesed. But still i think Shanks and his crew could defeat moria at any time,.. Kaidou is legendary for the size of his crew right? I wonder how many people he actually has then cus i think there are plenty more crews with alot people anyways.
    I dont think when you fight Shanks numbers helps you out alot you just gotta have some bigshots,..

    @Croc vs Marco: Since marco is a mythical zoan i doubt he needs water atleast not when his body is in pheonix state. however he might need Oxygen to keep the fire burning (pretty sure he does).
    So i actually think thats crocs only chance to win. Since marco’s fire is even hotter then ace’s and ace allready kicked ass. he also has instand healing powers. he can go from place to place in the blink of an eye we saw that happen quite some time in this last arc where he had to save luffys butt multiple times.
    I just can barely think of a way croc could win but well its up to you guys =D

    Does anyone else think Shanks has something up his sleeve that will actually surprise the marines ones again? I mean hes pretty damnn confident and the marines dont look like there gonna give up at all. Although the pirates just got a huge buff theres still 3 fronts WB+shanks , BB, Marines and both of the other sides have some big shots walking around. So i do think Shanks has something why hes so overconfident that he can end this war just like that.

  27. @Takashid, ok but like i said before, close combat with Croco means death. So basically, a Zoan’s strongest quality is useless against Crocodile.

    Now unlike Akainu, Marco cant regenerate at reflex. So when Crocodile gets in a sneak attack on him, its over. And btw, we dont know if he can use fire attacks. But Crocodile can create giant sandstorms and since he’d have more sand that Marco has fire, well you get the picture.

  28. @debate (srry if its late )

    Marco in pheonix mode is not made of flesh and bone like other animals he is made of fire. thats why pheonixs are almost unstoppable. u can dry up a fire and clearly marco has control of his powers.

  29. kisu:
    kizarus light blast go right through marco when he is in pheonix cause he is made of fire. so crocs sand would just go right through as well. as for the drying thing at close combat that you pointed out, like i said before, we dont know wether or not Marcos healing ability could heal that.

  30. Hey guys i tried to read every piece of info i could get before wirting this but still im still human forgive me if im wrong . im generally known for being favouritive in debates and give non-logical reasons for things and making non-logical statements but in this one ill try to be as logical as possible 😉
    ill start of by correcting super . this technically is not a battle of the logica’s as marco is a zoan type fruit user >_> lol .
    ill be base all the arguments to come on the fact which crocodile himself stated while fighting luffy that he has mastered his devil fruit to perfection thus he couldnt have improved by much(not at all if you ask me) since his fight with luffy .
    first of ill adress the issue of marco not being able to regenarate at reflex . well that maybe true but consider this he was shot twice with kizaru’s light attack but was able to regenrate immidiately after the sea stone cuffs were removed . so unless croc can do something to distract marco (like revive whitebeard and stab him ) he cant really take any advantage even if marco is in human form . hold this thought for a moment though for all the croco supporters saying that he would turn to sand and appear behind him or something there is a simple way marco can avoid that grow wings yes ! while in partially transfomed form he is like a logica . kizaru attacked him and took out his eye but all that happened was a hole covered by fire either he has reflexes faster than the speed of light or he isnt damaged by attacks in semi phoneix form . or maybe he can heal a complete eyehole O_O
    now here comes another thing
    while in full phoenix form marco is completely fire and there is absolutely no way in hell that there is any water that croco can absorb lol. now in semi phoenix form i cant say there are two possible answers
    1- either he has the reflexes matching up to the speed of light thus he could easily avoid being caught by the water sucking hand while in semi or completely human form or just go full phoenix before it happens
    2-semi or full phoenix form is phoenix form no water to absorb(those thinking about wouldnt he be in human form ….. he isnt an idiot -_-) thats the only
    3- he can heal from anything .water is being sucked he goes phoenix (speed of reflexes to be noted here ) and would heal from even great damage that has been done (pretty much same as 1)
    knowing marco he would probably fight croco boy in full phoenix form so EVEN if my genious conclusion is wrong croco boy has no chance of damaging marco boy …
    as for physical attacks of croco boy like the one that split the desert in two or the blade that grew on his hand or his POISONed glove of justice wont work against either the full phoenix or the half phoenix forms

    as for close combat as marco would be in half phoenix form croco boy could get some serious blue fire burns 😉 and some haki hits . who knows he might become a standing glass statue

    about the sand stream well guys you know that there are two ways
    1- he can withstand it going phoenix like he took on kizaru’s light beams infront of whitebeard (when he was first intorduced)
    2- he is a freakin bird made completely out of fire and is freakingly fast he can just fly away if he wants to have fun lol^_^

    now i really dont see ANYWAY in which croco boy can hurt marco boy . where as marco boy has haki ^_^ so kicks punches fire +haki kicks and punches . fire wings etc….. croco boy is done for
    we still dont know if marco can shoot fire like ace (that would take his winning chances to 500 % which already are at 200 % )
    we have to assume that marco has also mastered his devil fruit to quite some extent and is knows the ins and outs of battle if not better than atleast equal to croco boy = you arent made the captian of first division for nothing

    i know this post might have many errors but meh i did my job i havent slept in ages bye >_>
    p.s everything in this comment is taken from the manga unless i have stated so im not going to bring you the links go read the manga your slef

  31. lol Ashan, you sound like Iva, calling them “Marco boy” and “Croco Boy”. nice post btw.

  32. Amazing breakdown for an amazing chapter super ^^

    Marco simply couldn’t lose to Croc. The ONLY way i think marco could actually die if for him to be hit with a blow with the power to kill him while he is in full human mode and then impead his powers so he cant transform. When he has any single part of his phoenix transformation (which he has full control of) out he is effectively a logia since half his head was blown off by kizaru in his intro and he was just smiling about it. If Marco is hurt but can transform then he can just heal up anyway. His power is rarer than a logia so of course there is more to it than just being a zone with logia powers. As i have said, it practically makes him invincible. But as you have all said, we dont know if he can use any fire attacks but still, he can beat Croc. If the confusion we have with haki means i cant use it as an arguing point then Marco could just dip his talons in water while having his arms as wings. He seems pretty happy fighting like that anyway. Just a final reminder, he is reborn with the flames…from any injury! Yep, he rocks….

    Hmm do Shanks’ crew have bullets that move at the speed of light i wonder…?

  33. more like haki infused made out of sea stone travellin at the speed of light bullets >_> @franky

  34. @Ahsan: Lol, you got me there. You’re right Marco isn’t a Logia he’s a Mythical Zoan. X_X You’re pwning me on the Naruto and One Piece breakdowns! Bastard…>_>

    @Fear: I believe you’re thinking of Shiki. He’s famous for the size of his crew not Kaidou.

    We know little to nothing of Kaidou except he once fought on equal ground with Moria. Moria’s crew was known far and wide. For all we know Kaidou could have had the smaller crew and still fought equally with Moria. We don’t know. What we do know though is that Kaidou won and he’s a Yonkou. If Shanks went up against another Yonkou I can’t see him leaving uninjured.

    @Franky: Thanks, good to see you back! 😀

    @Kisu and Shinobi: Use the sand can smother fire argument again…>_>

  35. Ahsan just confessed he’s human!! *takes screenshot and runs around shouting it to the world* So much for GOD, eh? 😉

    I think Killer Croc could beat Marco in an all-out battle. Well simply speaking, we all know what happens when you pour sand on a fire: it’s put out.

    Marco cannot turn Crocodile to glass because sand isn’t the only requisite for making it. And apart from that, the amount of heat required, I’m sure, is way more than Marco can spit up…even Akainu probably can’t.

    Marco has considerable skill besides his DF, but so does Croc, and given the upper hand he gets, Marco will only have his fire put out: literally and metaphorically.

    Besides, we all know ground Pokemon eat fire Pokemon…but Marco is also flying type. Hmmm…maybe he’ll pwn Croc with wing attack.

  36. @pickles: you have no facts. “Marco cannot turn Crocodile to glass because sand isn’t the only requisite for making it. And apart from that, the amount of heat required, I’m sure, is way more than Marco can spit up…” how do you know?
    “Marco will only have his fire put out” same question as before.
    your arguments aren’t convincing at all since they’re just assumptions.

  37. What is it that Croc could do that Marco couldn’t either dodge, block, heal up from immediately or allow himself to bleed from before hitting Croc and then healing?..

  38. @Pain: Ah, but you see, that goes both ways, my friend. But if you would like to stick to your guns and believe he can somehow produce over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, the fact still remains Crocodile will still not turn to glass because, as I said, that isn’t the only requirement for that reaction to work out. It involves an entire process. So it isn’t as simple as turning water into vapor at 100 degrees.

    And again, as I said, pouring sand on fire would put it out. So yes, that’s where I’m coming from when I say Marco will have his fire put out (at least the literal part). And that’s where Croc gets the upper hand.

    Tis all I was saying ;).

  39. Frankly I don’t think raw Devil Fruit powers are as important as how they’re used. While Marco may be more experienced than Crocodile, seeing as he was in Whitebeard’s crew back in the day while Croc was still a rookie, Crocodile may be more cunning and use that to his advantage. Remember that he managed to manipulate an entire country to the brink of civil war, while running an underground criminal organization, and using his status as Shichibukai to give himself the image of the country’s hero.

    He’s a damn good strategist, so he could just trick Marco into a sand pit or a cage of kairoseki. Hey it worked on Luffy (though that’s really not saying much! 🙂 ) and it almost worked on Alabasta itself.

    We haven’t really seen the full extent of Marco’s planning abilities, although if he’s 1st commander to Whitebeard himself, it’s doubtful he’s a complete idiot. Who knows. 😉

  40. @debate
    cunning can only get you so far. we see cunning work if there is a small difference in power between the two fighters(neji and naruto), or when someone is trying to escape(Mr.3 and Mangallen). In this fight the only way croc could win is if he someone how faked dead and pulled a naruto then somehow suckd all the water out of marco. Oh wait marco can instantly heal…

    I agree with pickles about turning croc into glass, thats a little ridiculous but i think a pheonix’s flame never goes out until it dies so throwing sand on it wont work. (not sure if thats true)

  41. I made a few corrections in red under the ‘Versus Picture’ in the breakdown. I think you all should check that out. Anyway good debating. ^_^

    On a different subject though, I have a theory on how Shanks plans to end this war. Obviously the Admirals aren’t going to stop since Luffy is nearly dead and they seem adamant on him dying. I don’t know how Sengoku feels about the war continuing but I know Garp wouldn’t mind it ending. The Whitebeard Pirates are in a state of retreat and low morale so they don’t want to continue fighting either. Then there’s the Blackbeard Pirates who just want chaos. How does Shanks put an end to all of this fighting and make everyone go home to fight another day?

    Surely he can’t overpower the Marines and the Blackbeard Pirates with his fresh and powerful crew (ok maybe he can but I highly doubt it). I think Shanks is going to use the power of…WORDS! That’s right he’s going to convince everyone either through threat or cunning to end this fight. His status and power will only give him leverage. The tongue is sharper than the sword. If he fights the fighting will only continue. There’s no other option I see. We’ll see how it happens. Just a thought.

  42. There’s been some awesome debating in regards to the whole Marco vs Crocodile and if you ask me, i wouldn’t know who to pick as the winner between the two. They both have great strengths to defend their case and their weaknesses. But i’m not gonna go into that. If i said anything, it would be without proper eveidence and then i’d look stupid 😛 But to be honest, i love both those characters and they’re great in my opinion.

    @ supertrek: I was sort of thinking the same thing. That Shanks won’t use violence, (since we all know, that has resulted in pointless deaths and stupidity as Coby said), nor will he use strength, (other than his ‘vigour’ aka Haki). But if he does use words as you say, what could he possibly say or mention that would cease the fighting entirely and allow for every party to retreat to their own corners?

    @ everyone: Maybe this is just me, but i am POSITIVELY SURE, that Luffy and Jimbei have already got away in Law’s submarine.
    Here’s an image of BEPO running in after Law says they’ll dive, (bottom left, before last panel);

    Then on the next page, on the middle row, last panel to the left, the submarine is diving already and Kizary can’t stop them because Ben Beckman has him targeted. Here’s the link for this;

    Correct me if i’m wrong but i’m SURE that Luffy and Jimbei are now safe from danger and all that will happen next at Marinford will be without Jimbei and Luffy in sight.

  43. @xdt0ks

    hey, you’re right!!! it seems they have got away safely…… 😀

    as for shanks stopping the war, i tink he will most likely use his ultimate Haki to hold off the marines until the WB pirates escape………can’t see what he can do about BB pirates though….BB is going crazy at this point. power drives a man crazy O_O

  44. Ok everyone, i’m quite new to onepiece, but i have to say i do really enjoy onepiece(shockingly even better than naruto). Characters like shanks, WB, the shichibukai, the straw hat Crew are just legend. I watched episodes 1-401 in one and half weeks and i’m craving the rest 43 like herione. I’ve, however, read up the mangas to the current events to catch up.

    Is it just me, or did Garp tell sengoku that he will ‘murder’ akainu if he was not restrained? With WB now dead, doees that mean luffy automatically has the support of the WB crew given how they reckoned he was important to ace and marco was told by whitebeard to guard him with his life? With shanks present at the scene, surely the movements of the marines would now be strained, but doesn’t that mean he has to worry more about blackbeard who’s power crazy at the moment(having absorbed WB’s powers)? Will Garp, who already intended to “murder” akainu really forgive him for trying to kill coby?

    These are the questions i’ve come up with for now. Any volunteers to answer them?

  45. Then again, what’s going on with luffy’s crew? Are they ever gonna come back?

  46. @Hypnosis: Yea, Luffy now how they’re support. However, there’s no telling if it’s long-term or short.

    But that just triggered my dormant theory cells. Maybe the WB pirates will help Luffy find his crew and gather them up for him.

    Sengoku and Garp still have BB in check, so Shanks may not have to worry about that. And it IS probable that the marines would be strained. But, like Super and xdt0ks said, I doubt he’s there to do more fighting. Two wrongs make no right.

    Yea, Garp threatened to take Akainu’s head (figure of speech) and was held down by Sengoku. But I think that was just an outburst of anger that sprung after Ace (who was like a son to him) was killed, but has since calmed down a notch (though I’m sure he’s still pissed him). Besides, Akainu then tried to follow-up with Luffy, but that lead to no such provocation, so I’m doubtful about that in Coby’s case.

  47. Well, seeing how WB believed so much in luffy to tell marco to guard him with his life means luffy holds some degree of importance to the WB pirates. Also, luffy has inherited Ace’s will, and that still being fresh in the minds of the WB pirates would be a source of motivation to lend him their support. When luffy collapsed after the death of Ace, they remarked on how they should save luffy as he had inherited ace’s will.

  48. @Ahsan, “ill be base all the arguments to come on the fact which crocodile himself stated while fighting luffy that he has mastered his devil fruit to perfection thus he couldnt have improved by much(not at all if you ask me) since his fight with luffy .”
    – Yes he did say that he mastered it, but he was much stronger than Luffy when they fought. He was already a Shichibukai-evel opponent so does he even NEED to improve? The only reason Luffy defeated him was because he found out Crocodile’s weakness to water (a weakness Marco CANT exploit because logically, he’d be weak to water as well) and forced Crocodile into had to hand combat (something he probably hadn’t done for years! lol). Its the “Enel” situation all over again, in which Luffy beats someone that is notches above him in level and power because he has an advantage over them.

    “first of ill adress the issue of marco not being able to regenarate at reflex . well that maybe true but consider this he was shot twice with kizaru’s light attack but was able to regenrate immidiately after the sea stone cuffs were removed” – Its really not that hard to sneak attack someone when you have control over the ENTIRE battlefield. For example, Maro and Croco could be having the traditional anime stare-down then suddenly a large spear of sand flies through his back lol.

    “while in full phoenix form marco is completely fire and there is absolutely no way in hell that there is any water that croco can absorb lol”
    – In full phoenix for he has a non-fiery neck, eyeballs and a mouth, those things contain liquid so yeah. 8P

    “reflexes faster than the speed of light”
    – It’s not hard to dodge Kizaru. All you have to do is dodge the moment he moves his had in your direction because no one can see light moving and dodge it, the human body just isnt fast enough to react to that.

    “as for close combat as marco would be in half phoenix form croco boy could get some serious blue fire burns 😉 and some haki hits . who knows he might become a standing glass statue”
    – Glass is formed from a very hot liquid mixture of chemicals – mostly melted quartz sand grains – but unlike granite it is cooled down too fast for crystals to form. Now if i had a lit match and i poured 2 tonnes of sand on it, would anything turn to glass? Marco doesn’t have nearly enough flames (assuming they burn) to turn Crocodile and the VAST amount of Sand he can create to glass, if anything, Crocodile could just “choke” Marco’s flames by suffocating them.

    “1- he can withstand it going phoenix like he took on kizaru’s light beams infront of whitebeard ”
    – Light is energy, Sand is not. Light can pass through him with no ill-effect, Sand on the other hand is different. If a huge Sand Stream hit him, his flames would dwindle/be put out. Ever been in a sandstorm before? Ever try breathing in a sandstorm either?

    “we have to assume that marco has also mastered his devil fruit to quite some extent and is knows the ins and outs of battle if not better than atleast equal to croco boy = you arent made the captian of first division for nothing”
    – Croco boy controlled his own army, almost took over a country and easily beat Luffy twice and took out Nico with one slash. Now HE knows the ins and outs of battle, besides, he didnt become a Shichibukai for nothing.

  49. btw, sorry it took so long for me to answer. I was smothered by my family yesterday 😥

  50. @Hypnosis: Exactomundo, mon frere. That’s precisely what happened. What I was saying is that I’m not sure it’ll be safe yet to conclude this protection will be short-term, in which case, it would just revolve around this war, extending no further, and maybe they would remain allies and friends afterward. Or long term, like Fisherman island was to WB.

    I’m not sure if anyone has raised this yet, but this question just started gnawing at me. Why in the hell or heaven or anywhere in-between is Law sticking out his neck for Luffy? They don’t even know each other. Besides, Luffy and his crew almost got him and the other Eleven arrested.

    @Kisuzachi (regarding your talk on glass making): Exactly! I’ve tried to explain that without going too technical, but you defiintely whacked that nail on the head. Same goes for the fire choking.

  51. @ kisu ^O_O^

    “Yes he did say that he mastered it, but he was much stronger than Luffy when they fought. He was already a Shichibukai-evel opponent so does he even NEED to improve”

    1- he said he mastered it to perfection . i think we all know what perfection is 😉
    2-shichibukai level is far below admiral level. marco fought on par with all three freakin admirals 😉
    3-does he need to improve? let me put it this way . can he even improve beyond perfection?

    “im sorry if i dont get you ? i mean what are you sayings here ?
    Its really not that hard to sneak attack someone when you have control over the ENTIRE battlefield. For example, Maro and Croco could be having the traditional anime stare-down then suddenly a large spear of sand flies through his back lol.”
    marco is an admiral level opponent who KNOW the ins and outs of battle i believe better than croco . he wouldnt be standing there in his human form doing nothing but waiting for croco to attack lol in his half human form (just grow wings) he is the same a logicas as i proved above 🙂 i doubt even he croco manages to use the same cutting-desert-in-half tech successfully on marco it would even do ANYTHING

    “- In full phoenix for he has a non-fiery neck, eyeballs and a mouth, those things contain liquid so yeah. 8P” is all i say 🙂

    “it’s not hard to dodge Kizaru. All you have to do is dodge the moment he moves his had in your direction because no one can see light moving and dodge it, the human body just isnt fast enough to react to that.”
    you didnt get what i was trying to say read my comment again please 🙂

    ” Glass is formed from a very hot liquid mixture of chemicals ”
    i didnt say he will …” he might become” was what i said 🙂

    ” Now if i had a lit match and i poured 2 tonnes of sand on it, would anything turn to glass? Marco doesn’t have nearly enough flames (assuming they burn) to turn Crocodile and the VAST amount of Sand he can create to glass, if anything, Crocodile could just “choke” Marco’s flames by suffocating them.”

    marco is not a mass … flame has no mass even if you put 10000000000000000000 trillion tonnes of sand on marco is will merely pass through 😀
    and if you look back on when marco stopped kizaru’s attack that was actually Alot of flame spread over alot of area 🙂

    “Light is energy, Sand is not.”

    same thing would happen like i said above it would pass through him no biggy

    in the end you try to suggest again that croco boy was really good i never said he was bad he did what he could do he achieved perfection 🙂 sorry but there are people just simple STRONGER than him and know the battle stuff better than him 🙂 its the way of the world even if you become the best you could be there will always be people better than you 🙂

  52. @ pickles:

    Law is helping rescue Luffy supposedly because they’re going to be future opponents and Law would never get a chance to fight Luffy if he was dead. It’s a shounen rivals thing, I guess.

    Also, I think he isn’t pissed at Luffy for the Shabaody incident for two reasons:
    1. they’re both pirates with high ambitions. If Law hadn’t been willing to risk his life for adventure, he wouldn’t even be headed for the New World.
    2. he finds Luffy interesting and watching him hit a Tenryuubito was really enjoyable!




    Title is… I think the cover was Robin

    Shanks picks up the strawhat, and says this isn’t how we promised, so we’ll do this next time.. as he flashes back on the past.
    He tells Buggy he’ll give him a treasure map, so give this strawhat to Luffy.
    Buggy gets excited and takes the strawhat back to Luffy, but upon return he realizes Shanks was just screwing with him, and starts insulting Shanks. The prisoners see him talking to
    Shanks, a Yonkou, as his equal, and say they’ll follow Buggy for life.

    Aokiji and Kizaru attacks Law’s submarine trying to escape.
    Ice Age freezes even the ocean below, and Kizaru’s laser spam rains down from above as the sub tries to dodge and run (whether they got away or not isn’t shown)

    Some interaction between Marco and Shanks.
    Shanks tells the marines if you want to continue, the entire Redhaired Pirates will face them.
    Sengoku gives up the war, and tells the marines to tend to the wounded.
    He (doesn’t specify if this is Sengoku or Shanks) then looks at Blackbeard, and says this isn’t the time to fight you yet… we’ll withdraw as we got what we wanted.
    Hancock charms marines, and takes them to search for Luffy
    Shanks says he’ll do the burial for Whitebeard and Ace.
    Some of the marines protest to this, but Sengoku tells him “I don’t mind… since it’s you”
    One shots of all the characters, and narration stating the war has ended, and fin.

    Break next chapter.

    Nja answering questions of how Buggy got the strawhat to the sub.

    Law was checking out Redhaired, and his men were telling him to get inside, when Buggy arrives and chunks the strawhat from above. The hat gets back to Luffy.

  54. yeah, the spoilers are out. here’s the link so that you if pics come out you can see them.

  55. Sorry. I am going to have to be quite a big hypocrite now and also come off quite annoying which isnt my favourite thing to do. Please stop using crazy amounts of physics and biology in a debate about manga. the simple reason i say this is because i have first hand experience about ow it doesnt work (me and Pickles had a big debate on luffys control of his powers) Yes, it is great when the manga ties read world logic into its fantasy but come on. Marco would get put out? You’re telling me that the guy who can ‘be reborn from any injury along with the flame’ would die because he flew into a headwind too strong? Or hung out in a storm? Its rediculous because you know that it simply isnt true…just because! I mean Aokiji is ice but he can freeze things for weeks. If that was normal ice it would melt. Heck the ice guy can stand next to Akainu and not melt. The fact is we dont even know if Marcos flames are there for anything more than asthetics so why is everyone talking about them so much?
    Next point, Crocs weakness isnt only water. It is any liquid. Marco could start be bleeding like luffy was and that would let him hit Croc, who, whether you like it or not, simply has no way of killing Marco…He would need kairoseki or the sea or something to stop marcos powers and i didnt even think those kinds of things were allowed in this debate otherwise i would simply say Marco aims the ancient weapon pluton at Crocodile and blows him and half the world behind him up. Are you actually conceding that Crocodile cant win with his own power by saying something like that? Hmm…a bit dodgey….
    I know not a single character that means just about anything in pretty much any manga that would be killed in a single hit, from a sneak attack no less. Look, Oda has all kinds of crap hurt people in stupid outrageous and rediculous ways in this manga and they dont die. Even Whitebeard and Ace didnt die strait away…Marco would heal if he had the chance to.
    Something you all seem to forget. Marco can fly. Any big attack that crocodile threw at him could be flown out the way of. ‘Croc could catch marco in the sand trap?’ Im sorry but its just not happening.
    Why does everyone think Marco is such a push over in terms of…pretty much all fighting as far as i can see. We havnt seen him fight long term but that doesnt mean he cant throw a punch. The dude managed to kick Aokiji off luffy without him seeing it coming…He has skills…He stopped Akainu from killing Luffy…
    “Moving and reacting at the speed of light is physically impossible” Yeah but so is being made out of light, turning into a phoenix, blocking a sword made out of light with a real sword, filling a real sword with ‘willpower’ so you can cut a marine admirals cheek, eating a bad tasting fruit that bestows super powers, lifting glacial ice bergs and hurling them at your enemies, making magma fists to melt said glaciers, cracking the air and making earthquakes appear and a whole list of other things i could say and annoy you all with. As i said at the top real world logic doesnt always work. Kizaru moves at the speed of light…His attacks move at the speed of light, like the attacks that were heading for Whitebeard at the very start of the war, the same attacks that were, while travling at…yes the speed of light, intercepted by marco…It happens and Croc doesnt do it…
    Everyone is also completly overlooking haki now. I wont. My THEORY on why Akainu withstood Vistas and Marcos attacks in that picture that is making everyone waver is simply because its One Piece and he is a strong character. The attacks could well have hit. Take any of Zoros fights. Arlong stabbed him in the face with his saw like nose, Daz Bonez jabbed him in the stomach with his drills that break walls, Kakuzu rained down the equivelent of knives and kuma pumped stupid amounts of pain into him…But he lives. Haki works, and it powers up attacks, and it lets you hit logias, and its another reason Croc would loose.
    ” I dont think raw devil fruit powers can count on their own anymore” Blackbeard is taring up Marineford with raw df powers…

    im sorry, i totally forgot who said what or even how the quotes were really said but hopefully i got the jist. I dont like being agressive in posts and hopefully i just came off more of an idiot than an agressive turd but everyone else was getting really fired up about points that i didnt agree with very much…
    oh on that note, the glass thing is ridiculous…
    Franky out…

  56. No one is saying Marco’s a pushover, just that he cant beat Crocodile ^^

    “marco is not a mass … flame has no mass even if you put 10000000000000000000 trillion tonnes of sand on marco is will merely pass through :D” the mass isnt for squashing him lol. The large amount of sand would make it impossible for the fire to breathe and it would get put out. But I gots to admit, you got me with that fiery neck thing lol.

    Besides, Marco didnt stand toe-toe with ANY of the admirals for long. AND Crocodile obviously knew the World Govt would interfere if he had succeeded in taking over Alabasta/Arabasta (I HATE EngRish), thus he knew he would have to deal with the Admirals but he didnt give a crap. He attacked Akainu without hesitation as well and was prepared to fight him afterwards. Crocodile is awesomness and he’s underestimated because Luffy exploited a weakness that Marco CANT exploit. And most importantly, Crocodile’s suit never gets damaged ;D

  57. @Elisha: Hmmm, that seems probable. Manga character CAN get a bit weird lol.

    @Franky: Lol, relax, this is all in good fun. 🙂

    Good point about the physics, though. I do remember that one. There’s also the fact about Akainu not instantly turning into solid stone. So yea, it’s apparent most of that technical stuff holds no bearing on manga.

    The point with the glass is that Marco’s fire will have a reduced effect on Crocodile because of his sand. And the gist of the choking fire is that Crocodile’s sand will have an augmented effect on Marco. That’s all there is to it, really, without all that technical stuff. A lot like Pokemon, eh? ;)…ok forget that I said that >_>…

    Also, I’m very doubtful about all this Phoenix stuff: all the healing and the immortality. I realize what Kizaru said about his regeneration and whatnot, but if Marco did retain all of the perks that come along with being a Phoenix, that would make him simply unstoppable. Yea, sure, he can be hurt with Kairoseki and Haki, but if his powers employ everything that comes along with being the mythical creature, once the Haki or the sea stone is off, he’ll simply be “reborn” regardless of any injury he may have sustained while they were still on, which would make it impossible for ANYONE to truly stop him, and that just seems so very farfetched. So I believe there has to be a limit to all of that Phoenix power that he boasts. At least a weakness that Crocodile can explot.

    Oh, and by no means is Marco a pushover. In fact, I think he’s awesomeness. =P

  58. “which would make it impossible for ANYONE to truly stop him, and that just seems so very farfetched. So I believe there has to be a limit to all of that Phoenix power that he boasts.”

    you cant say “he probably has a weakness” as an argument! this is one of the problems with this debate that i mentioned, we don’t know enough about Marco and his powers! as far as we have seen, he CAN heal from anything! Whether or not he has a weakness has not been revealed, so lets not start that. anyway that’s all, i think im done debating this one. anything Croc threw at Marco, he could either use his bird form and have it pass through, or heal. Marco’s haki would allow him to hit Croc, or he could use liquid. Marco vs Croc, Marco’s win (though i still think it’d be close) in my opinion.

  59. guys guys i mostly proved marco wins without going unreasonable or unmanga >_>> mauahahahahahahahahah a i win XD

  60. Ah, this debate gave me a few good ideas I’ll be using for the future. 😀 I don’t think anyone has blown their top so I’m glad for that. We’ll have another one in a few more weeks. XD

    Now I’m really curious what’s going to happen with the Whitebeard pirates, mainly Marco. The Moby Dick which served as their home for decades and Whitebeard who was like their only father to them are both dead. Will they disband or will Marco lead them? I’m leaning towards disbanding now that Ace is dead. I really wanted him to take over the crew when Whitebeard died. T_T

    And what’s going to happen to Crocodile now that Whitebeard is dead? Basically that was his goal when breaking out of prison. What if he joined the Blackbeard Pirates!? X_X

  61. @Takashid (aside from the debate now): Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, but what I do believe is that once there is enough fact, case study or basic understanding to back a claim, it’s safe enough to assume such could be true. In all my knowledge of manga and real life, even, I’ve seen that there is simply no such thing as absolute power. There is always a fallout. There is always a ‘however’. In One Piece specifically, we have examples of Enel and even Crocodile himself. That’s why to me, even though it has not been officially put forward, it seems imaginative, to say the least, that Marco’s ability could withhold all that came with the original creature…”rising from the ashes”, “immortality”, the list goes on…as that would simply make him unstoppable…my anyone. And from such an obscure place, too…

    But that’s all just my reasoning, it’s your choice to take it up or not (a choice you’ve probably already made lol). I wasn’t trying to use it as an argument or anything. Just expressing a point of view on the matter, since almost everyone on the Marco corner seems to love that whole Phoenix business a lot. I’d probably have still said it if I supported Marco in this debate, but that could be subject to misconstrual.

    Anyhow, that’s that in Jerusalem. =)

    @Super: Actually, now that you mentioned that, I’m curious to know why Crocodile even saved Luffy. Especially after all he did to him. It seems everyone is really loving the ‘save Luffy’ parade going on.

  62. Crocodile is a very muy très cool character. He just brushed off the Alabasta/Arabasta (darm you EngRish) stuff as business. So whatever Whitebeard and Ivankov did to him had to be REALLY brutal for him to still hold a grudge. As for why he saved Luffy, its obviously cuz he has nothing better to do (this is the same man that could have broken out of prison but chose to stay there for no other reason except he didnt feel like it) and he claims he did it because he didnt want the World Govt to have things their way.

    @Super, I asked that very same question when Whitebeard died, but joining the Blackbeard pirates is a big NO. Crocodile would never work for someone else. It’s called villainous pride. And he’s more the type to say “You took the pleasure of killing Whitebeard from me so, I’ll kill you instead Teach.” (or something of the sort) XD!

  63. looks like the argument is getting a little too technical O_O…..relax guys 🙂

    what happened to the good old reasons:

    Crocodile will win because he smokes awesomeness cigars 😀


    Marco will win because he is teh Pheonix 😛

    agree with kisuzachi, Croco-boy is awesomeness. he is my favorite villain of OP. he is kindof an anti-hero now 🙂

    i see crocodile forming his own crew again. he already has mr. 1, mr 3 and hopefully mr. 2 ( BON CHAN IS STILL ALIVE )……but this time, crocodile is really after one piece and heis an honorable and above-board pirate now 😀


    Goes to read…o_o

    Whoa, pretty mellow chapter. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of action so Shanks not fighting isn’t a turnoff, but he sure as hell intimidated a few people. This was just what the title says, “End Of The War” and what a quiet conclusion to an explosive war that was. That ends the Marineford Arc. Ah, and there won’t be a chapter next week. T_T I can tell this is going to be a short breakdown…>_>

  65. @ supertrek: AWWWW DAAAAMN, you beat me to it. I was hoping to post the link for the new chapter, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, aw well. It doesn’t matter.

    I enjoyed this chapter and it made me realize how much of an influential character and role Shanks plays in the One Piece world. He deserves his position as Yonkou and it is clear that he is very intimidating without even wanting to be. I also admire how, as much as he wants to see Luffy, he’s respecting the promise between them.

    I also have a new found respect for Sengoku as a fleet admiral, and how he did not feel it necessary to brag about the Marine’s victory over the pirates.

    And i’m 100% sure that NOW, the Heart pirates have escaped safely and will be able to tend to Luffy and Jimbei’s injuries.

    But more than anything, i’m glad this war is over and that all has ended peacefully and without extra unnecessary bloodshed, and also that Whitebeard & Ace will have the funerals they deserve. I miss those two, DAMN 😥

    Quick little question: Do you all think there will be a timeskip? Cos i just don’e see why they would show details of the different prties going their own separate ways. So what are your theories on what’s next? I’m sure super, that you’ve got some clever ideas on what’s in store for us 😛

  66. No chapter next week?! I best enjoy my fleeting moments of freedom and sanity before I’m taken to the asylum again. ;___;

    A very relaxed chapter that I enjoyed more than all that aimless bloodshed and violence is what I felt 580 was. Finally the war is over and we can all move on from here. It’s the only thing I’ve had to look forward to since Ace kicked the bucket. What will happen to the Whitebeard pirates? What will happen to Luffy? What about the rest of the Strawhats? Where does everyone go from here? Finally, we’ll be getting our answers soon enough, and I can’t wait.

    Oh, and Shanks FTW.

  67. The author seems to be getting tired of writing. His chapters get shorter and shorter and is taking breaks frequently. I wonder if hes getting too old for this XD

  68. @axelgerhard: Too old ? He only just turned 35 on New Year’s Day !

  69. Speaking of the wonderful Oda, i found these earlier mangas of his before he did One Piece…it also includes Romance Dawn

    Its interesting to see what it would have been like if one of the others would have been picked up instead of OP…

  70. captian pickles: no i understand your reasoning, i was just saying that since we havent seen any weakness from marco yet, it wasnt valid in the debate. oda has made it clear that almost every devil fruit has a weakness, or cannot perform well against a certain other fruit. i also agree with your thoughts on the healing, its probobly not that overpowered, but since we havent seen any evidence suggesting what his limits are…

    anywway enough about the debate, this chapter rocked. lol super you thought shanks would have some special speech to convince them to stop, but all he really said is “if you try to continue the war well crush you” XD not even blackbeard wanted to try going up against shanks unprepared, even with two devil fruits! that speaks volumes about shanks power and his crews. i a only disapointed with the chapter being so short, i wanted more! and now we have to wait through a extra week break D:

    btw super, i was rereading the sky island arc, and they said there that Eneru’s lightning fruit was the strongest logia type fruit there is. is that true? does that mean he could beat the admirals? lol we should make a debate on that.

  71. @takashid, i think he’s the strongest we’ve seen thus far, even compared to kizaru. (not saying kizaru’s the strongest, just with the highest possible canidate to be badass) Enel, has speed, destructive power. Kizaru’s speed makes up for the power, because it gets weight added to it so even a feather could feel like a train. If Enel were to fight any of the admirals the only one i think would give him a hard time would be akinu…and thats because he’s straight evil…lol

    Once again pokemon proves it useful.
    Lighting vs Ice=Lightining
    Lighting Vs Light= Possible draw
    Lighting Vs Magma= Close, But Lighting

  72. very nice chapter, with the epicness continuing through it. Shanks using buggy to deliver hat and lying was cool……but even funnier was buggy’s anger and the prisoners reaction: BUGGY-SAMA FTW XD 😀

    shanks shows why he is one of the bad mofos of the series…that full-page shot of red-hair pirates was epic….even BB,akainu, garp or Sengoku does’nt wanna fight him…….but maybe they are too tired? meh 😕

    of course, the most satisfying frame was of akainu losing control and calling shanks a bastard…….lol i wanna see this guy pumelled >:)……….however, he calls luffy dragon’s son again and again………does akainu have some history with dragon? O_O

    so luffy is (hopefully) safe and sound and in capable (?) hands of Dr. Law…….Bepo in a nurse costume next? O_o


  73. @Takashid: Lol, I didn’t say anything about a special speech.

    “I think Shanks is going to use the power of…WORDS! That’s right he’s going to convince everyone either through threat or cunning to end this fight. His status and power will only give him leverage. The tongue is sharper than the sword. If he fights the fighting will only continue. There’s no other option I see. We’ll see how it happens. Just a thought.”

    He threatened to kick anyone’s ass who still wanted to fight. 😉

    Now about Enel’s DF. I can’t find anywhere where it says he has the strongest Logia ability but if you can give a link that’d be greatly appreciated. All I could find was this.

    He has one of the “Invincible Powers.” Oh trust me, Enel will be pitted up against someone in a debate but not to soon.

    @Shinobi: LOL! XD Pokenmon should be the reference to any elemental attacks in any manga and anime. Thanks for the those masterpieces. I read the last one before but not the other 4. I really enjoyed all of them but the 4th one, with Ryuma, was just epic!

    @Katz: Since Law is the ‘Surgeon of Death’ I wonder how he got that name. Was the way prescribed death on his enemies like that of a surgeon. Quick, efficient, and professional. Does it hint to his skills as a doctor reviving the nearly dead? o_O

  74. super: i think its a translation error.

    manga share and one manga say that its a fruit from the strongest class, but the official released One Piece books at the bookstore, (where i was reading) had her saying that his fruit was the strongest in the logia class. i don’t think the official books would make that serious of an error though, since they are selling them to people…
    anyway, they both basically say that he is overpowered.

  75. and… the war is over………
    sad and yet….
    more accurately, I think it’s what they call melancholy
    I’ll miss you WB 😦

  76. @Takashid: Mmhm, gotcha.

    Anyhow, I think Enel is definitely the strongest Logia we gave seen thus far. He’s fast, he’s got mantra in his arsenal which is a cheat upon a cheat. And let’s face it, his lightning is simply beast.

    I wonder how much luck he’s getting trying to escape to the moon. Hmmm…

  77. hehehe. So the reason whitebeard laughed like this “gurarararara” is because he ate the gura gura no mi.

  78. So i’ve got a little prediction. On the straw hat crew, something is going on, and we know it’s some kind of transforation. With the crew gone their seperate ways, we know they’ve been sent to various places where they can develop their potential. Sanji to ivankov’s kingdom(okama kenpo), nami to the weather research island, chopper to the island where birds rule, zoro having to cut the shadow swordsman, robin to the place she can further her dexterity, franky to vegapunks birthplace and so on. It’s also interesting where luffy was sent- to a place where he could master his haki. Luffy also is the focal point of this ‘game of tag’. It’s either he has already started meeting people who have connections to these places where his crew are lost, or he will eventually meet people with connections to these places(i.e ivankov). I get the feeling, however(apart from ivankov) that he’ll have to duel with these people to win their trust before getting to see his crew again.

    It also seems luffy has managed to gain the trust of the whitebeard pirates, which will just come in handy when the time comes. Marco has already expressed some interest on luffy, so we’ll see how that works.

    Another thing, luffy’s sovereign haki is different compared to others. He would be the first to push the sovereign haki to another level. Just blackbeard’s got a special body, luffy’s body is unique too.

  79. There’s also the possibility that luffy would meet dragon pretty soon, and also dragon would soon ake a move.

    Speaking of debates, how about this.


    Lets see your answers.

  80. @totalitarian

    lol, the problem with OP is, we dunno any of these guys abilities at all……..for example, we know that both yasopp and van auger are VERY ACCURATE marksmen, but that’s about it O_o……

    though if it came to a fight, I’d back DRAGON against anybody 😀

  81. @katz: i would put shanks at #1, while dragon would either be his equal, or a very close #2. When shanks lost his arm, they said his power didn’t drop. Now, we know what kind of cans WB opened up at HQ, and this is years later, and they said his power hadn’t dropped even with old age. So the issue on power and strength are to me in favor of Shanks. A one handed guy that can fight toe to toe with WB?…yeah he’s badass. Dragon on the other hand, Even though we don’t know much about him, we can almost guarantee that he’s probably more badass than anyone else. Since he’s a D, that also puts him up there with Shanks..If anything i’d see him filling up that role up Yonku with ease if he wanted to.

  82. Browsing through one manga again and found this collection of DBZ and OP combined..its short, but its from both authors 🙂

    Theres Everyone From Luffy to Chopper,
    and Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Roshi, Krillin and Piccolo, and 2 surprise Villians

  83. @CaptainPickles: They showed in those cover stories during the Water 7/Enies Lobby arc that Enel got there & conquered some Spaceys.

    @totalitarian: Shanks vs. Dragon, we don’t know enough about Dragon. Shanks would destroy Aokiji. It’s enough proof that Shanks is a Yonkou, and he alone stopped the war. He also blocked that lava fist by Akainu. We don’t know enough about Ben Beckmann, but I’d still vote for Kizaru, and same for Yasopp and Van Auger … you should pick people whose power, abilities, and limits we know well.

  84. @Nagashikage: Ah, yes, I do remember that. I never was too fond of those cover stories, though. I find it hard to tell when it’s true or just poppycock.

    @Hypnosis: Like Nagashikage says, we can only work with those we have sufficient information on regarding their fighting abilities, etc. Those look like potentially interesting debates, though. I’d especially like to give Shanks vs. Dragon a go.

    @Madness: Lol! Great stuff!

  85. …new breakdown?

  86. Hey guys, I was re=watching the Skypiea Arc and now I gota question. Enel and Kizaru both possess a power based on the same principle, light. Both can move as fast as light, and both have destructive abilities. So really, who would win in a fight between these two? Enel has Haki so that may play an important part here. Any ideas guys? This one is really bothering me.

  87. @kisuzachi: i personally believe Enel would win in that match up. Although Kizaru is light, lightining is essestianlly lighting with more potential/kinetic energy. Also the power inside lighting travels through the light, so in essense i believe Enel has the speed advantage there. If you combine that with his Mantra, he basically can out maneuver Kizaru with his 7 beam light travel, or any other attack. Also Enel can use the lighting to create heat. Granted both are logia types, i see there relationship more like Ace’s and Akinau’s, with Enel dominating Kizaru. Now i don’t know if what i explained is actually accurate, but im just trying to put it in perspective the possiblities.

  88. about the croc vs marco fight i have a question… if haki can be used to fight logia does it still work agains zoan?? cause a phoenix is a fire bird… its not turnng into one… haki stopped the logias turning into their element… nd i think that marco would win.. he is the commander of whitebeards first division… i mean that has to be pretty badass… looking at it he basically is the first mate or something… and croc is just a washed up shibuchikai… theire bounties would be on a completly different level from each others… nd i cant wait for luffies bounty to go up after this… how much do u guys think it will go up to?? im hinking over 500,000,000… cause since the last increase he has:
    Defeated moria
    Fought against would nobles
    broke into impel down
    freed pirates from impel down
    broke out of inpel down
    fought against marines, nd was crucial to the rescue of ace, even thought ace dies
    and now everyone knows that he is dragons son…
    so yh i think his bounty is gona go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up… he is gona be the highest ranking rookie now… woooooooooooh im so excited… =D

  89. @dabisan, im thinking only a marginal increase. Perhaps to 350,000,000. Oda said the highest reward is 500,000,000 and that only Enel’s would be that high. As for bounties in general, they don’t tell the combat strength of a pirate, only their threat level to the World Government, so simply being a part of the WB pirates means you’ll have a high bounty, even if you’re only as strong as say Don Krieg. Croc had the 81,000,000 bounty while he was a ROOKIE and during all the Arabasta hoo-ha, had the World government known, his bounty would have been doubled to 162,000,000. Bounties mean nothing, Blackbeard doesnt even have a bounty.

  90. @PPickles: Lol, the cover stores you have to look out for are the ones that deal with the same character twice in a row or more. That tells you Oda is making a story with him/her. The others are quite random. XD

    @Takashid: Hmmm…the official translation vs. fan translations. They both take the job seriously because no matter who’s translating if you screw up you will get complaints. I’ve been looking around on the internet and I can’t find any discussion on Enel’s power being officially the strongest in the logia class so I’m going to have to go with the fan’s translation. Plus, so far there hasn’t been any DF considered to be the strongest of their class (Paramecia, Logia, or Zoan).

    Ah, a new breakdown. *Achoo* o_o

  91. @Kisu: Oda didnt say 500mil was the highest bounty there could be did he? That just seems weird to me as it would mean all the yonkou and new world pirates are only considered a threat worthy of 200mil more than Luffy, a rookie…

    @Shinobi: I like your idea quite a bit to be honest. Enel and Kizaru being like Ace and Akainu ^^ My only quam with what you said is that Enel was never shown moving at the speed of light unless he transformed into lightning completely whereas Kizaru can move his whole body as light or part of it at the speed of light. To me that means Enel could keep up with or even move faster than Kizaru in something like a race but he would never be able to throw an attack to get him. Then again pleanty of non-speed-of-light moving people attack Kizaru….

    I am actually starting to see an arc dedicated to collecting the Straw Hats which i was really reluctant to admit might happen. Oda! Why cant they just teleport back and go to fishman island already?!! >.<

  92. @CyborgFranky, i dont remember if Oda said “the highest bounty would be 500,000,000” or if he said “the highest a bounty can go is 500,000,000”. But the info is on One Piece Wiki though, so you can check. It comes from one of his SBS thingies

  93. Super: yeah, i had my doubts about the books translation, but i thought it was worth mentioning. o, and just wondering, about what you said about no fruit being said as the strongest, back when Blackbeards Yami powers were introduced didnt they say something like that? something like the Yami Yami fruit was the most powerful or most evil or something like that. I dont remember exactly, but there has to be something really great about it, otherwise Teach wouldnt have waited so long to get it..
    btw as an idea for the debate, how about kizaru vs Blackbeard? light vs Darkness, it was something i saw on another website.

    O and gazuntite >(

  94. um guys?

    o come on…

  95. @Takashid, Rwach’s and Kizaru’s powers are far too different. Teach’s powers seem more like God Realm Pain’s, gravity

  96. kisu: yeah i k now, but i was thinking more about who would win in a fight between them. Morias power is really more of an opposite to kizarus then teach.

  97. The breakdown is going to be out tomorrow night guys. Sorry about the delay but track and school got the best of me this week. XD

    @Takashid: Yes, that has always confused me why that smiley was on Whitebeard’s life support. A smiley very much like the Jolly Roger (flag/symbol) of Trafalgar Law’s crew. I forgot all about it until you brought it up and at the most appropriate of times. That time being, Law comes to Luffy’s rescue after Whitebeard has acknowledged Luffy and told his crew to protect him at all costs.

    I don’t believe a rookie like Law would have a connection with Whitebeard but then again who knows? Law is a doctor right? Whitebeard is using a doctor’s equipment and nurses we have not seen again even when the Moby Dick was sank. Nor have we seen those nurses partake in this war. In other words, correct me if I’m wrong Takashid, you’re saying that equipment and those nurses came from Law’s crew? A great theory whether you came up with it or not and I’ll be posting it in my next breakdown. ^_^

    Hmmm…did I say breakdown out last night? Let’s just do a highlight of chapter 580…>_>



    Looool. One, the last Yonkou is named “BigMom” … Doflamingo gets orders from higher ups, even higher than Sengoku, to attack Moria and make it seem like he died in the war ? lolwut? Well, Gecko Moria was a pretty gay character.

  99. one piece is out on mangastream

  100. like were this is headed with luffy taking refugee to with kujau piartes homeland because there is a chance that he will be like ‘im not strong enough, remeber about margerete telling him that ‘ofcourse it will be strong when imbued with haki’ and then starts learning about it.’

    i would love it if after luffy woke up he didnt say much just thinking and then he heard people talking about how all of the island that were under whitebeards control are under attack, so he says that he needs to get in contact with as many of the whitebeard pirates as possible, and asks them that can they split it up and protect the island that are under attack. (he will be on the phone to marco or somebody and there will be shanks in the background listneing and smiles, after they hung up, shanks and crew says that they will also do there part to proctect the islands aswell

  101. i also like it how jimbei says that he cant imagine wat luffy is going though how wats he’s lost so this could lead to having the strawhat pirates getting back together, or also a appearnce of dragon is ivan goes with luffy.

    i think that when luffy wakes up he could also have amneisa or dead emontionless eyes to protect himself from the things tat have happened and then his friends show up.

  102. Just read le chapter.

    Well it looks like it’s officially finally over now. And apparently, Law had no real reason for saving Luffy. Man, these Wacko Jacko pirates…

    Oh, by the way, is anyone else thinking that Big Mum (LOL) could be Lola’s mother who she asked Luffy to see? Just got me thinking…

  103. YOSH! Great chapter! Things are moving along steadily and slowly gaining pace. Luffy is going back to the Kuja Pirates and there of course he can learn better control of his Haki. Why does Boa think her island is protected though when she blatantly betrayed the Marines at many points in the war? XD Maybe in the heat of battle she’s hoping the Marines will have forgotten or because of their victory they just won’t care. Most didn’t even notice but we know Smoker and Sentomaru saw her kicking some Marine ass (mostly theirs).

    How Boa traced a submarine on the bottom of the ocean floor is beyond me. Ideas anyone? Luffy is going to be emo when he wakes up. Noooeeesss!!! T_T Oh and, Hahhahahahahaha that’s what you get Moria! 😛

  104. Looool. When I finished reading Thriller Bark, I was thinking that Moria should be killed off, ’cause his Nara clan powers were in no way sufficient enough for Shichibukai status. That’s the second time in the past week where a simple thought about a character came to fruition … even though Gin’s Bankai was just a result of lack of creativity.

  105. LOL poor Gecko LMAO!!! Is it me, or are the reptiles being kicked out, Crocodile, Gecko….possibly Boa?? Man that Doflamingo is one seriously fruity fruit cake

  106. o god, i missed one piece. i didnt even realize how much i missed it till i read this chapter. Moria is going down ha ha! and is doflamingo implying that the world goverment gave him this order? or the gorosei? anyway, i am glad to see this group that luffy has taking care of him, law, boa, jimbei, ikanva(does anything kill him? in impel down he got poisoned by magellan, something that stopped even blackbeard, and came back fine. now he gets crushed by akainu and is again fine!) lol at magellan, beaten to an inch of his life and still talking about how he will take responsibility and end his life. as for the rest of the world, i liked how oda showed the changes in the world. …someone kill that “brownbeard” asshole please. their can be only one beard!

    and lastly, i called it before and im calling it now, “big mum” is lola’s mom!!! see if im right, its just like oda to drop a hint for the future and then leave it in wait for a couple hundred chapters.

  107. one piece strong world raw is now avaible to watch

  108. Lmao what a great chapter, The way Boa spoke to the bear was hillarious in my opinion :p
    Anyways big mum is obviously Alvida xD ! Nah honestly i would ve no idea but you guys are prolly right by saying its Lola’s mom.

    So do you guys like Doflamingo any better yet? I allready liked him but mayb i should make him my avatar =P

    @super the snake traced the submarine,.. and if it isnt a water snake i have no idea how it was done xD

  109. @Pickles: Hmmm…I don’t know about the Lola’s mom being a Yonkou theory. The theory has actually been around for awhile now but there’s another person that could very likely be it (not talking about Catalina Devon). I’ll talk about in the breakdown. 😉

    @Smurf: Raw!? Subbed will be here soon then! @_@ YOSH!!!

    @Kisu: Maybe Oda just hates reptiles. XD

    @Faer: I think any avatar would do over the anonymous noob face you and Smurf still front actually. Yes, even that bastard Doflamingo. ~_~

    @Nagashikage: Lol, sadly Moria’s death may not come true. Oda was never one to kill off a major character and when he finally did he made it a huge spectacle. If he disposes of Moria in some back alley like a petty criminal being erased from society by a group of thugs then it’ll leave a slight awkwardness in the series.

    What happened to Moria? He got killed off by his own side. o_o Well, so much for him…

  110. wondering how many chapter do u think that it will be until Luffy wakes up?
    will there be a couple of months time skip before he wakes up?
    will law say with him until he wakes up?
    will margaret be by luffys bed side becuase i think that she is in love with love as much a hancock is just not showing it?
    will jimbei and iva stay with them until the new world?
    will rayliegh bring the ship to them?
    will the marines be waiting for the strawhat pirates at the bottom of the sea?

    anyone want to answer the questions?

    i just thought of something and that being now that luffy is in a coma they could have a couple of chapter with him getting to a safe place and then go to see wat the other strawhat piartes are doing. wat does everyone think?

  111. ahem, btw, BROWNBEARD FTW LMAO!!!!!!!

  112. @smurf: where did you find out about strongworld, and is it possible to watch it without having to download a torrent?

    Since WB is dead, and everything Jimebei was talking about the fishmen island, as well as the other world is coming to pass, what is the world gov gonna do about that island? It wouldn’t make sense for them to put people there to guard it if, Wb’s name alone kept them safe, unless someone who had an equal level of fear made such a claim. I only see someone of a high level such as a possible ex-shickubai(BB, Jimbei) or even higher such as Shanks, or the other 3 Yonkous and maybe luffy or Dragon. Dragon seems more reasonable seeing as how the merman island is so close to Majoria, plus the possible help fromt the merfolks. IF Luffy does manage to get there with his crew i see them getting involved through a conflict with brownbeard lmao…(what a wanna be) or someone else, thus making a declaration just like WB did.

    @Everyone: Anyone notice Ivankov and his group of kambaka’s talk about the same place Sanji’s at? hmm… that may be Sanji’s way out or Luffy’s way in after heading out with Boa…

  113. its raw and the conditions on very good but u dont have to download it

  114. @smurf: thanks, i gotta go to work from 3-11 today, so im glad you gave this to me today so that i have something to think about while the day drags along 🙂

  115. lol no problem but i cant wait for subbes and a better copy even though i kind of understand most of it.

    going by the last raw movie for bleach it took about 10 days after it came out but that raw was a good copy to begin with so i am guessing alot more time

  116. @smurfclassic: Could you give me a link ? I can’t find it.

  117. Strong World for those interested

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