Naruto 487 + 488 Breakdown: What’s this? Comedy?! Oh, and Motivational poster and WRA comic inclusive!

Pickles: JO!

WRA: Where the hell have you been?!

Pickles: I-I was wor-

WRA: Save it! Are you seeing someone else?!

Pickles: N-no *shivers*

WRA: Who?

Pickles: I-it’s…


Pickles: …

WRA: …

Pickles: Yo momma


I get the feeling that isn’t helping…>_>

I’m sorry, guys, see, what happened was: I got lost in Pan’s Labyrinth, on the race to Witch Mountain, where I met the Lightning Thief with whom I traded my PS3 for a pair of winged sneakers that flew me to Heaven where I got eaten by Tenrai Senshi and vomited (along with a bunch of other swallowed humans <_<) onto a distant planet which was unwittingly blown up by two golden-haired meatbags, with a force that flew me right back to my desk only to find my connection was out X__X. Sucks, I know…

Really, though, sorry about that, guys…

Naruto and Sasuke CAN read each other's minds. And they seem to both think the same thing...the truth >_>

Thus, in light of my abscence last week, I’m going to be doing a double-hitter this week! So strap yourself in tight, because this is gonna be a wild ride. Oh, and if you have to go, go now, there won’t be any pit-stops along the way; besides, I’m not a huge fan of the #2…>_>

As I’m sure a good few of us had guessed, myself included, all of that swift-paced action is at its end and things are finally beginning to calm down a bit. But who would have guessed these last two chapters, with minimal action, could deliver an almost rivaling amount of hair-raising excitement without the flying knives and the throwing stars?

In less flamboyant terms: chapters 487 and 488 were awesomeness!

The story is being notched into high gear and it’s all progressing at top speed with a hint of long overdue, yet very much welcome comedy from Naruto and the gang, some even unintentional.

Fail: If Kakashi can do it, no one is safe

You’re still epic cool, Kakashi ;___;! Hell, I’m sure you did it on purpose 8-).

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s take it from the top, shall we?

Schizophrenia: Symptoms include split ends...

It all starts back under the bridge that tripled as a battleground and a graveyard.

Naruto and Sasuke are done exchanging pleasantries and it’s time for Sasuke to be warped, but not before a dose of the already painfully obvious along with a helping of epic fail from an unexpected source.

Need any more be said? >_>

So Sakura declares (to herself) that all that she can do henceforth is believe in Naruto and Sasuke. Honestly, I find this a bit disappointing. I was clinging tight to the prospect of Sakura playing a more major role in the grand scheme of things. I’m sorry, did I say MORE major? >_> I may bash her a little…ok, a bit more than a little, but I was still hoping she’d become more crucial to the plot…you know, do more than just place her hopes on others and roll with the punches. I thought maybe her character would be developed more than since: new jutsu, maybe? Anything, really, would be a very welcome change. And don’t even get me started on pre-time skip.What say ye?

Well, it seems luck is on Kakashi’s side, because since his Kamui failed…well, let’s just say he won’t be crying himself to sleep at night, or be haunted by recurring nightmares of what would have happened a-…I’ll stop there >_>…

What happens next made me LOL. At first, I feared it was another anxiety attack, so the next page was a hooge relief: comic and otherwise.

Fail: When Sakura doesn't do it, you know the end is near...

And so they head back to the village along with all of the Kages and respective confederates.

And that includes the Raikage and his brother, Bee, still with his agonizingly painful rhymes. But a surprise awaits them. And it has fangs.

Some people take hide and seek way too seriously...

IT’S JAWS!! He’s back!! But wasn’t he guillotined by hand?!

Apparently not…

To our utter surprise (well, most of us, anyway, excluding Cumulusbg…kudos to you! :D), Kisame is indeed still alive and kicking…well, flapping. I had always felt the Bee – Kisame scuffle was rushed, uneventful, and anti-climatic, to say the least. I had a small intuitive feeling Kisame could still make it, but just an insignificant undertow. It was never given a second thought by me, really.

But the question now is begged: how?

You read the chapter and you know how. Or DO you? I’m sure you all read about White Zetsu’s ability to shapeshift and whatnot. Yea, that’s what they want you to believe. Here’s how it really went down.

What’s a rapper’s worst enemy? His greatest fear? His Kryptonite? I’ll give you a hint, its home is in Nashville, Tenneyoudon’twannasee. You guessed it (or not), it’s…COUNTRY MUSIC. It completely screws with his mind @__@. In effect, it’s foolproof genjutsu of absolute efficiency for rappers!

Unfortunately for Bee, Kisame can pick up sound waves from just about anywhere and transmit them in his fused form while he’s underwater. So the battle was over for Bee once Jaws used his anywhere-public-pool no jutsu. Everything that happened afterward was a complete HOAX.

It’s too bad Bee’s rap mojo wasn’t strong enough to withstand the power of Country. If only this had happened to him. Then he could call himself 800 Cent, or get an even cooler name…like Killer Praying Mantis. If only ;___;. Well…coulda, woulda, shoulda…

Long story short, Madara can now check right next to ‘Infiltration’ on his list.

But what happens next?

Yet another surprise is what we see next. Someone else has returned. And this one also has fangs.

"Wrap", "Wrap", "Wrap", "Shift", "Step", "Step"...sounds to me like very poor choreography...

Kabuchimaru is back, and more slithery than ever; fully mascara-ed and all.

But what’s his plan? It seems to me that he has retained his consciousness notwithstanding Orochimaru’s cells growing within him. So his aims and aspirations will most probably be different, as well, from those of the original belly-crawler. Or will they?


I think revenge is a very plausible  assertion. Kabuto did seem a little emotionally attached to Orochimaru while the old slicker was still alive. And on top of that, recently, the manga has revolved around vengeance and its effects, making the right decisions that would ultimately prove beneficial to you and those around you, or choosing the alternative which would end up detremental to you and the third party included. Choice is key. And it seems Kabuto may be taking the wrong one…

All the while, the Feudal Lords bicker among themselves to decide whether the alliance is for the best and the report is fed back to each village. And as Naruto and the gang traverse straight for Konoha (with a few LOLs in between), something very interesting catches our attention.

Karin goes meditating on how completely polar Naruto and Sasuke are, even chakra-wise.

Down to every last diminutive detail, their differences continue to stack, as they each walk wholly diametrical paths. Like earth's poles: drawn together, but forever asunder.

But just when Karin begins contemplating Naruto’s pleasant chakra, she digs deeper and find one far more sinister and baneful deep within. Speculation states that that chakra is the Kyuubi’s sealed inside him, and I entirely agree. What other explanation could there be?

The real treat, though, is what she starts thinking afterward. “It’s exactly like-” LIKE WHAT?! ;___;

Like THIS?!

There’s no denying the similarity. A whole bunch of Narutards, in their imagination, even conjectured at first that the beast we saw ‘cupping’ Sasuke was the Kyuubi. But I’m not talking looks now. The real similarity between these two creatures is their common minacious nature. They both exude an ominousness that Karin, the ever so potent chakra sensor, has pointed out.

While the last option seems all too credible, I’d have to go with the first, seeing as how Karin has only commented on two manifestations of evil in chakra in all her panels under the spotlight, and those would be the Kyuubi, that being the most recent (still speculation) and Sasuke’s inner demon (or Susano’o…whichever floats your boat).

All I have to say is ‘damn those Anbu Roots to hell for their rudeness’…well, she wasn’t speaking out loud, but it still counts >_>.

When the gang finally returns to its village, Naruto is put under fire for his actions (or lack thereof) and his decision.

Like anyone would ever believe tha- NO WAY! O__O

You’re next, Ino…*evil laugh*

Well, it seems like none of the Konoha rookies is all too pleased with Naruto’s seemingly self-interested decision, and they voice this in no uncertain terms.

But what really caught my gaze was what Naruto said that made all those Sasuke supporters grin with happiness. “I can’t defeat Sasuke at his current level…” (Manga Stream) “I wouldn’t have been able to defeat him.” (One Manga).

Now I know a lot of us have concluded that this simply means, quite bluntly, that Sasuke is stronger than Naruto. But here’s what I feel is the case. When they met, Sasuke had just been through one long, laborious (and rather epic, I might add) battle with the now dead Danzou, and a short stint with Kakashi. So it’s safe to say the tides weren’t exactly in his favor. This says two things.

First, it says it would more or less have been wishful thinking to conclude Sasuke could have been able to put the beat down on a fully-powered Naruto. And that’s simply because the odds were so severely stacked in Naruto’s favor, that prospect would border on impossibility. And Naruto is by no means a bowl of duck soup.

So the question remains: why, then, did Naruto say what he said? It’s because of that underlying factor of fairness and equality. Naruto couldn’t bring himself to take out an already fatigued Sasuke who most probably wouldn’t have stood a fighting chance.

Translation also plays a vital role here. The tenses used in the MS and OM tranlations are different, perfect present and past participle respectively. These could completely change the meaning of Naruto’s words.

From the MS rendering, Naruto says he ‘can’t’ which is more general. I say this could be because of Sasuke’s blindness, which brings me to another theory: maybe that’s what Naruto saw in Sasuke in that collision. He saw that Sasuke couldn’t, and because of that, even if he weren’t fatigued at the time, the scale was and will still be tipped in one direction.

In the OM version, it’s very specific when Naruto says ‘wouldn’t have been able to’, speaking of that particular incident in question. In which case, both/either Sasuke’s blindness and/or fatigue was/were factor(s).

In conclusion, Naruto wasn’t saying Sasuke is stronger than him in the long run, he was saying he could not (and cannot yet) bring himself to kaput Sasuke because of the inequality. Further fuel to this fire is what Naruto said to Sasuke back at the bridge: “You still don’t see me as an equal.”

I have a very strong conviction I’m only making sense to myself here, but if you do understand what I’m on about, and it isn’t all too moulded up for you, keep in mind, it’s all just a theory of mine. Hell, it could just be me overthinking things. That happens from time to time.

Whatever the case may be, Naruto is being very enigmatic right now, and it’s beginning to frighten me to a lesser degree. But I know it will all make sense in due time.

While the Konoha noobs banter on, look who’s back from the land of the dead!

Shizune is hosed X__X

N.B: To the guys out there, there is still no word on whether ‘they’ are still intact since ‘they’ were covered in the only frame. Confirmation is due by next week.



Well, since Tsunade is awake now, this probably means Kakashi will no longer have to play temporary Hokage. I can almost hear him sighing with enormous relief lol.

On to Sasuke! (Booooo)

Looks like he finally is agreeing to have Itachi’s eyes implanted in him. And for what reason? Well, apart from the fact that he is near completely blind, he wishes to crush Naruto with his full power, in order to reject all that he stands for. In its own way, I feel this is a testament to Sasuke’s acknowledgement of Naruto. Not too subtle, but recognition, nonetheless.

I have to concur, Madara >_>

So Sasuke now has Itachi’s eyes in him. This technically would suggest he now has the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, which would make him god-like. Now I’m very much looking forward to how all this will play out.

Oh, the power of photo editing...don't you just love it?

And that’s how it all ended. Epic.

Again, sorry about last week.

But before we go…


You guys really kicked it up a notch, and I really LOLed at it. Poor Naruto ;___;

10. Devourerofmemes


BUBBLE: I just grabbed a fist full of sand.
BUBBLE: After I beat the shit out of you, I’m going to throw it all in your mangina!

9. Deathcon

Bubble 1: Hey Sasuke, CHECK THIS OUT!!!!
Bubble 2: ROCK!!!!!!!! Beats….EMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caption: When life gives YOU a WILL as tough as a ROCK. Keep pounding on that EMONESS tell it blows away in the wind FOREVER.

*runs away to escape the wrath of the Con* >_>

8. Ahsan

Naruto : The Power of my hand is undeniable
Naruto : It can extract the juices out of the biggest and hardest “pickles”

Ahsan, you need help X__X

7. Harshy

Bubble 1- Holy shit Sasuke! you got the brand new apple iPENIS! It’s sooooooo small, and it’s DETACHABLE AS WELL!
Bubble 2- I wonder what’ll happen if i squeeze it…Steve jobs said blah blah blah….

Sorry Sasuke…you can’t hide it, the closet’s wide open.

6. Tenrai Senshi

Caption: The ultimate battle between Naruto and Sasuke finally comes down to one last epic exchange.

Bubble 1: Rock, paper, scissors!!!

Bubble 2: HAHAHA!!!! YES!!! Rock beats emo scissors!!! I win!!!

(Kudos to Tigerpalm, too! Same great idea, just a better rendered by Senshi)

5. Debito89


Bubble 1: Fists!

Bubble 2: It’s the only way to please a woman!

Caption: What did you think Jiraiya was teaching him those past 2 years?

Jiraiya would be proud X__X

4. Goldenpill

1: Heart!
CAPTION:Captain Planet, he’s our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero

3. Marksman

BUBBLE 1: I just saved a whole bunch tears

BUBBLE: By switching to emo ensurance!! XD

CAPTION: That’s Emo state stand! Are you in good hands?

2. Katz

BUBBLE: You see this hand?
BUBBLE: This, my friend, is THE HAND OF GOD!!!

CAPTION: Naruto, you were’nt born in 1986,you Argentina fanboy O_o

Sick, sick, sick ;____;

It was extremely close, but someone had to win. Congratulations to Prawlkage!  Katz, if the picture was of Naruto punching Sasuke in the ‘forbidden region’, yours would have been an instant sure banker ;).

Here’s this week’s material.

Insert possible caption here

Have fun with it!

*wild static*

“Click on the comic to read the words properly.”

FIN! 😀 - by Supertrek89

“We’re going to be doing weekly comics on the Naruto breakdowns from now on, and we’re slowly going to integrate regular commentators on the blog into these comics. How do you get your character in on the action? Go to the site and create your avatar. Save your Avatar then submit your Gaia Username or Tag. Then send the Gaia Username to If you want send a basic description of how you want your character portrayed in the comics. Admins and writers will be appearing in the comics first so if you don’t see your character yet just be patient. :)”


*wild static*

And finally…

See ya next week!


Now my feet won’t touch the ground.


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  1. FIRST!!!!!

    It had to be done… <_<

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  3. Awesome breakdown Captain Pickles.Also, what a wonderful world you live in 😀

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  6. @Captain Pickles- This was, by far, your best breakdown to date. Excellent job! 🙂

    I appreciate your analysis of the differences between the OM and MS translations of Naruto’s “Defeat Sasuke” statement. At first, I thought it significant too,given the difference between “can’t” and “Wouldn’t.” However, if you look at the sentence structures, they really say the same thing. The MS version uses “can’t” as a modal verb to set up a conditional sentence. The main clause, “I can’t defeat Sasuke,” is conditioned on the subordinate clause, “at his current level.” The OM version just leaves the conditional clause unsaid.

    Regardless of the translation, the panel is significant. We know that Naruto has told Sasuke that both of them would die, if they fight. Most shinobi would see that as “defeating” the enemy, even at the cost of their own lives. Naruto; however, doesn’t see that as an option. We, as readers, are left wondering how Naruto defines defeat. We know that he doesn’t see Sasuke as an enemy, but Naruto will defend the Leaf Village if it is attacked. So… if Sasuke attacks the Leaf Village, how will Naruto defeat him, since fighting sasuke will result in an unacceptable outcome? Naruto must become strong enough to defeat Sasuke without either of them dying. That feat just became even more difficult, given Sasuke has his newly transplanted Mangekyo’s.

    Kishi teases us at the end of this chapter. “Who will Naruto call on with war about to begin!?” We all know that there are many shinobis that could potentially provide Naruto with significant help. Who will it be?

  7. 7th grat job Capt.

  8. awesome breakdown captian!!

    and here i thought i was gonna have to defend the whole naruto vs sasuke statement. Pickles you took the words right out of my mouth wich saves me a whole bunch of typing! ^_^

    after all we know that the half dead sasuke would be no match for a full powered naruto. and seeing as how naruto doesnt even know sasukes “new” abilities up until that point. theres no way for him to come to a ‘hes stronger than me’ conclusion.

  9. Awesome job Pickles!

  10. It seems kishi has absolutely designed naruto to be second fiddle.

  11. Great job on the breakdown. Loved the boy-toy reference re: Kabuto. Maybe now that Kabutochimaru has returned things will become interesting again. 🙂

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  14. @loverainscent: It never got uninteresting after Kabuto left.


    I win again! My sick-jutsu’s will never fail

    *Prawl fails to even be mentioned on WRA for next 7 months*



    Karin: So, you’re Sakura… Sasuke told me about that time you tried to “give yourself” to him… He said you look like a man down there!

    Kakashi: HAHA!

    Sakura: Nnh…

    No Worries Sakura! Three more surgeries and you’d be a “real girl”

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  20. Lol Prawlkage your bubble contest was so funny i could’nt stop laughing even though it was sick lol..
    i can’t wait for the next chapter now i want to see what happens to karin, oh yeah was it just me or did it make you laugh when naruto fell asleep and sakura was shouting at him and karin just said “It your fault.. sakura,was it?…that naruto’s in the condition in the first go karin!!

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    Karin:Sakura was it?,you can have sasuke now..i want kakashi now, hes mine all mine…
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  22. Naruto said “I wouldn’t have been able to defeat him.” because he has a high sense of pride and justice (especially when it comes to Sasuke) and wouldn’t feel right if he pwnd him at his weakest point. he wants to fight Sasuke at his strongest. Duh!!

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    as for “the” debate, i think naruto is seriously in need of some ramen………..i mean, jeez, what has the guy been listening to recently? linkin park? MCR? 😕 He’s so EMO it’s not funny……i know it’s hard to face emo-no-jutsu and survive but still O_O

    bakabaka naruto, just say whatever you wanna say without caring for anyone else…..the way you used to before the timeskip 🙂 …..we DO NOT need this new diplomatic naruto. “i won’t beat up sasuke because i wanna save him” will be enough 😀


    Karin: Sakura, was it? You suck, you’re bad at cooking, you have no boobs, you’re ugly as shit, and you whine too much………SASUKE IS MINE, BIATCH!!

    Kakashi: Haha 😀

    Sakura: Nghhh

    Caption: Jealousy. Spoils your friendship O_O

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    Karin: Why the hell were you crying when they didn’t even fight? Are you that weak that watching two guys fight make you scared?

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    Sanji from One Piece is Kakashi….why else don’t we ever see his other eye…lol just kidding

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    @ shino


    karin: sorry sakura a boobless girl like you will only get a pickleless guy

  29. Arigato, people =P

    @63: Unseen AND unsaid X__X

    @Lovesrainscent: Haven’t seen you post in a while. Welcome back! 🙂

    @Bankai: My point exactly…well, mostly…

    @Jdb: Ah, I see what you mean, you have a point there. But one major aspect you need to take into account is that the OM version read “. . .Wouldn’t HAVE been able to. . .” as opposed to “. . .Wouldn’t be able to. . .” in which case, if that adverbial clause you metioned were slotted in, it would, in fact, mean pretty much the same thing as the MS version: “…Wouldn’t be able to. . .at his current level” would equal “…Can’t. . .at his current level”

    However, the OM rendition read “. . .Wouldn’t HAVE been able to. . .” Throw in that subordinate adverbial clause and what you’ll have is a semantic error: “. . .Wouldn’t have been able to. . .at his current level” (the proper depiction being “. . .at his previous level. . .” or “. . .at the level he was. . .” and that owes to the fact that it refers to a specific past event under the condition of the level Sasuke WAS at that particular time, instead of an ‘as of now’ statement under the condition of the level Sasuke IS)

    So in conclusion, what you said is right, but given that the OM version didn’t read, “wouldn’t” but “wouldn’t have been” it thereby completely changes the tense, and in effect, changes the structure, which would then make it unqual to the MS version

    Hope I’m making sense to you.

    Oh, and who does Naruto call? Emo Busters, of course!

  30. @pickles above


    okay pickles,you REALLY need to stop reading that grammar book now 😀

    i mean, it was so complicated i thought i was genjutsued 😛

    PS: yeah, I R a grammar idiot….

  31. Awesome review!

  32. Awesome job Pickles! XD

    Alright it’s time for me to jump in here! I think Kishi clearly pointed out that Sasuke is stronger than Naruto this chapter. I believe the debate we had a few chapters back was Sasuke at full power vs. Naruto. Not an exhausted Sasuke vs. a poisoned Naruto. What’s the point in that? No fun at all I tell ya. 😉

    As for the translation let’s look at the track record of Mangashare vs. Onemanga. Though Mangashare and Onemanga aren’t responsible for translations, just uploading the chapters. Specific translators and scantalators handle how the chapters look and yada yada yada. Anyway let’s get to it.

    Onemanga (translated by Sakura)

    Mangashare (translated by Cnet)

    Obviously Sasuke wasn’t going to try to take all 5 Kages on. The translations Onemanga upload are a bit sketchy.

    I also believe the translations Mangashare upload are more direct instead of beating around the bush.

    Mangashare (Translator: Cnet)

    Onemanga (Translator: Sakura)

    Where in the Onemanga translation it leaves it up for grabs the Mangashare translation clearly states Zetsu’s opinion on Naruto being stronger at that time. Not “probably” but definitely.

    The translations Onemanga upload are more general while Mangashare uploads are more direct translations. That’s what I get from them.

    As for the latest chapter it wasn’t Mangashare which uploaded this chapter but instead Mangastream and Binktopia. Still, the same translator for Onemanga (Sakura) translated the latest chapter.

    Onemanga (Translator: Sakura)

    Mangastream and Binktopia (Translator: Hisshouburaiken)

    Again, Onemanga’s translation is open and general leaving it up for the reader to guess its full interpretation. Either way I think it clearly shows Sasuke is still above Naruto in strength. “Wouldn’t have been able to defeat him” and “Can’t defeat him at his current level”. Same thing. In the Onemanga translation read the whole thing and it tells you that Naruto would not have been able to defeat him because there’s something inside of Sasuke that would have not allowed Naruto to win. Read the Mangastream and Binktopia translation and it tells you Naruto could not have defeated Sasuke and Sasuke was thinking the exact same thing. Sasuke has something up his sleeve. Whatever it is it’s inside of him.

    Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents on the matter.

    P.S. Sakura translates for Onemanga. Come on can we really go with what he/she says? Lol, jk whoever is doing it is doing a great job. 😀

  33. @Katz: You were @__@

    @Super: Yea, I also tried to take that into account. If you look closely at le breakdown, you’ll notice I tried to consider both renditions and point out for each, why and how Naruto’s words would not necessarily mean Sasuke is stronger.

    For MS, I said: “Naruto says he ‘can’t’ which is more general. I say this could be because of Sasuke’s blindness, which brings me to another theory: maybe that’s what Naruto saw in Sasuke in that collision. He saw that Sasuke couldn’t, and because of that, even if he weren’t fatigued at the time, the scale was and will still be tipped in one direction.”

    And for OM: ” it’s very specific when Naruto says ‘wouldn’t have been able to’, speaking of that particular incident in question. In which case, both/either Sasuke’s blindness and/or fatigue was/were factor(s).”

    About that “inside him” thing (eeeeeww >_>), the theory I postulated above would apply. Again, it’s all just something I thought of, that’s why it’s only a hypothesis.

  34. In regard to the Om vs Ms translations i think kishi is sending a point, the fact that sasuke has reached a point a pint in his life were things are at the very peak, and is naruto’s job to even the balance and lean all that was ment for him to learn from the get go.

    Sasuke thus far has reached perfection in terms of his clan’s power reaching the absolute limit to the sharingan, the only way i see him going further is if he can somehow super sayian his eyes into the rinnegan, an i don’t think that’s a option.

    So that says one thing, Naruto in on a mad sprint now to catch sasuke yet again from behind and this time it will probably be for good.
    Naruto is gonna seek out help from someone that’s bound to be very strong, it may be killer b it may not, i’me guessing we’ll find out next time.
    But what the translation from both OM and MS said to most of us readers without over thinking and beating @ the bush is that Sasuke is stronger then Naruto, and blondy needs to train hard and leave us speechless for the final battle.

    I’me sure now that Tsunade is awake Kakashi’s gonna get the hokage seat after all, you may say ” dude are u high gimme some o’ that shit too, puff puff give mother fuc?er, but kishi said in his 2010 interview that this is kakashi’s year, so I think that is about time tsunade left the seat to the younger generation and kakashi is the best decision so far for president of the united states of the fire country, it may come to the discussion of weather or not give kakahi the title of hokage or keep tsunade, and in my opinion it will be tsunade’s decision to chose kakashi for the seat of fire shadow, and she’ll probably remain as important member of the hidden leaf’s command or something like that.

  35. @everyone and eugen: tsunade may give up her postion of hokage to kakashi, and actually take control of root now that danzou is dead. She clearly can handle the position that danzou had being hokage/sannin etc, so this isn’t really a demotion more of a transfer for her, allowing kakashi to become hokage and more on the front lines for this. Because we are in the 4th ninja war, the hokage is gonna have to step it up and get in some of this fighting, and with tsunade jusst getting out of a coma, she’s not the best canidate to do such a wide scale fight.

  36. yeah VOTE FOR KAKAKSHI!!! kakashi for hokage!!! 😀 COPY-NINJA FTEW!

    agree with eugen and shinobimadness, this is kakashi’s year and it’s his time to shine. tsunade may join homura and koharu as an “Elder” of konoha. this may nicely set up a storyline in could go like this.

    Sasuke attacks elders—sasuke fights tsunade—–sasuke injures tsunade——sakura intervenes——-sakura gets pwned 😛 ——hokage kakashi saves her—-kakashi beats the shit outta sasuke 🙂 ——-sasuke unveils new haxorrxx superjutsu——–sasuke kills kakashi 😦 ——-naruto chases sasuke——–EPIC NARUTO VS SASUKE FINAL FIGHT——–they both die >_>

  37. @ shinobimadness great point made, as we all have seen in this manga the hokage of old have been a very big part of the specific ninja war they were in just like the shodaime and nidaime, sarutobi afterwords and then the 4th hokage, they’ve all been on the front line, and that’s not an exception to tsunade herself and jiraya along with orochimaru were like the extermination squad back in the day so because of that i’me not gonna bash on tsunade saying she isn’t cut out for being hokage at this time, it’s just the time to let someone younger take the burden from now on, and kakashi has proven time and again he can hold his own and then some.

    The fact that tsunade is gonna be root’s new commanding officer is a great twist in the tail if u ask me, but is she really that sort of ninja, the type to teach no feelings and sentiments on the battlefield, only the mission has priority and your life is expendable, if not maybe she’ll turn root @ and make it different.

    What I’me most eager to see is who will Naruto train with from now on, seeing as it would have to be someone very strong and with lots of experience, who might it be ???

    From the start of the Naruto goes to konoha and starts training debate i’ve always considered Kakashi as the main teacher for Naruto, now more then ever Naruto need’s his help, having Karin with them and Kakashi having fought Sasuke for a little while till Naruto Came to save Sakura’s ass yet again, Kakashi has intel on Sasuke’s powers, that provided with what Karin knows it will form the basics of what Naruto needs to learn to combat jutsus like Kirin, Tsukuyome, Amaterasu and the ever present Susanoo, this in my book being the best Sasuke has to offer thus far.

    Or maybe Kakashi & Karin will only provide Naruto with the intel he needs on Sasuke and he will start training with Bee as most of us predicted, only thing is bee has a little sushi problem now so I don’t think he’s available for the moment and for that matter Naruto doesn’t even know him, so that bond might take some time to forge seeing as we don’t even know when they’re gonna meet.

    Another good candidate would be the Raikage who also might have had a little Naruto magic rubbed in his eyes before the kage meeting and will come to pay Naruto back for the advice.
    And this might also be from who he might have the chance to learn Flying Thunder God, again these people I’ve just talked about all have very important shit to be doing, raikage is the new leader of the alliance, kakashi is the hopefully new hokage witch only leaves Bee vacant for the job.
    I really hope it will be Killer Bee, I can just see myself barfing on the floor from excess laughing doe to those two.
    Naruto’s short minded commentaries and bee’s raping, now that’s just waiting for someone to try and extinguish a fire using kerosene, not the best thing to do.
    It’s gonna be better then Lee and Gai training, God pleas bring the good old bays back. Dynamic Entrance FTW.

  38. great theories eugen X_X

    my two cents would be Kakashi would be the one training naruto (there could be more than one guy ) kakashi would be a part of it at the freakin least …. karin might also help out or maybe kakashi will ask karin on intel and then train naruto …. bee is a chance as well as you said eugen but as far as im concerned im 100% sure kakashi will be the one

    but who knows Kishi-hate-kakashi no jutsu might start working again -_-

    @pickles and super

    i didnt read your posts as grammar is the last thing i wanna discuss in my life LOL

  39. @ Ahsan

    I’me hoping that Kakashi will get that role as teacher for Naruto yet again, because what Naruto needs now is someone, as I stated earlier, very versatile, a man with lots of skills and experience, of course that would be Kakashi, but on the other hand kakashi always stated that Naruto surpassed him, obviously not in every aspect for sure, but non the less Naruto is in many ways above kakashi, he might not have as much experience but hell with a 10000000 kage bunshin he can gather that in a sec, the best thing Kakashi has to offer here is experience and knowledge witch is the spark that Naruto needs to start training and thinking big.

    thus far besides the sage mode, witch don’t get me wrong is awesomeness, Naruto only learned Basic things only to pump them to S-Class levels like the rassengan = perfect shape manipulation, or kage bunshin = a normal jutsu pumped to the limit and receiving the absolute maximum out of it, great combat really good for strategy and the best way for him to learn fast,
    all these are mere simple jutsus that Naruto trained with to perfection.

    Now he should begin a stage in his life when he stops adding to that witch he already knows and start making his own jutsus, get the wind to the point were he can use it like Sasuke uses lighning, that dude can fart lightning out of his ass if he wanted to, why not naruto too. ( ok the farting was a bit much but it would make for a funny ass jutsu and probably a strong one as well) =)) :)).

    Seriously now If naruto adds some more wind based tech, and with the addition of the Flying Thunder God, and the now already known sage extended mode training maybe some Kyuubi+Sage eyes in the mix, and I don’t know if that means he will have complete control over the fox or not, that for me spells School’s out for NAruto, from there on he will be a Hyper Kage level kid.

    One thing still feels wrong to me, the fact that Naruto is still a genin, and I wondered a while back, can someone be promoted to chunin or jonin if he/she dose not pass the chunin exam, or is that just a formality and since Kakashi is hopefully gonna be hikage he woul be able to give Naruto the status of chunin, or jonin or AMBU without the chunin exam, bacause Naruto technically passed the exam and in my opinion he had one of the best fights against neji who was far superior in skill then naruto back then, even showing cunning and smarts on the battlefield the way he tricked Neji into thinking he was down and out.
    So that being said can he or can he not become a chunin without tacking the exam again ???

  40. @ Eugen: Sadly, if Kakashi does become hokage, then he won’t be training naruto. Killer Bee won’t be training him either cause i think Kisame is gonna take care of him real soon. Its either gonna be someone who we havent heard from in a while or he’s gonna just train himself. shit, im sure yamato would do a fine job training him.

  41. @ debito89 as far as kisame taking bee out I don’t think it’s gonna happen, not to say your wrong, but kisame is just not at bee’s level, now that bee knows kisame’s power it will be easier for him to beat jaws, it will be epic non the less.

    Now as far as Yamato training Naruto, that could happen seeing as it already happened before and Yamato is a really strong dude, but the only thing I see Yamato teaching Naruto is how to harmonize two chakras of different natures together to form a new.

    That’s about the only thing Ymato can do that Naruto can learn, plus some eventual water justus.
    Unless we see the Shodai sprouting out of Yamato and starting preaching to Naruto Bijuu controlling capabilities I don’t see much use in the long run for Naruto’s training with Yamato, for a short training as i said before he is great, but not the one to lead Naruto all the way to his goal.


    Karin’s bubble: You know, when I look at you, I suddenly feel so much better about myself.

    Caption: Sakura…. even Karin is more useful than her.

  43. @Tenrai: LOL! Nice one!

  44. GUYS GUYS GUYS o_o

    i think we are forgetting someone who can train and guide naruto very well…… will not be kakashi because he is the hokage now…… will not be tsunade……it will not be the sage toad people because their screentime is over now >_>………and it will not be the killerbee because he is long overdue for a pwning from kisame. like i said, the killerbee’s screentime is over now…he only exists to get pwned and captured by kisame soon 😛

    the only “person” who can train naruto now is…………..THE NINE TAILED FOX 😀

    It’s hig time naruto gets some frickin control over the awesome power of kyuubi…….because if he has any hope of beating susanoo, he’s gonna need it……….and wo better to teach naruto than the kyuubi itself…….

    so that’s the way i think it will play out…..the kyuubi will train sage naruto and try to break out in the process……but naruto will ave complete control over it by that stage and will subdue it. 🙂

    can’t wait to see naruto go “sage-kyuubi” on sasuke’s ass kukuku 😀

  45. @katz747

    LOL, I can imagine the 9-tails screaming:”Control me you little punk.Yes,that’s right, I LOVE it when you control me like that!” 😀

  46. On the note about the thing Naruto said that caught EVERYONES attention… I honestly think Naruto was actually saying that “he wants Sasuke to get stronger so then he won’t feel guilt when he does fight him again without holding back”… If you notice, they had that last frame for a reason how when he turned his back to his comrades his face was stern and very serious…


    Karin: Yeah Bitch not feeling to useful now huh!?

    Caption: When your own captive says that… you know you’re pretty damn useless -____-

  47. also on the same note about the naruto phrase that he cant defeat Sasuke… to strenghthen my statement, you know how parents say “Go clean your room” and the child says “I can’t clean my room” the parent would ask for a reason… Naruto didn’t really give a reason he changed the subject and walked away very seriously as if he was either disappointed with the group or he is still stalling…

  48. @ Eugen: Possibly…but I still think Bee has had it. The only reason why he survived in the first place was because the raikage showed up. Before that, Kisame had wailed on him so hard. Plus, Kishi wants to make this story about Naruto and there’s no better way than to make him the last standing jinchuuriki!

  49. Wait a minute Killer Bee can’t die! O_O He’s the only living Jinchuuriki with full control over his Bijuu and what better person to train Naruto than…the only person left alive with another Bijuu and with full control over it nonetheless!? XD

    The only reason Kisame was smacking around Killer Bee like that was because Killer Bee was protecting his friends and fending off the enemy at the same time. He couldn’t use his full power and was handicapped.

    Lol, I don’t know what kind of mutual understanding the Kyubi and Naruto will build together but it’s necessary for Naruto to have control of it. I can’t see Naruto talking to the Kyubi like Killer Bee talks to the Hachibi. Killer Bee is the dominating one in that relationship. I can see Naruto subduing the Kyubi into submission but the Kybui will always have some sort of snappy comeback and threat while relinquishing to Naruto’s demands. Maybe Oda will take the chance to put some more comedy into the manga with talks between Naruto and the Kyubi. ^_^

    Naruto: “Give me some power!”

    Kyubi: “Up yours bitch!”

    Lol, jk the Kyubi never had any problems with giving Naruto power but I think he’ll have problems with Naruto trying to fully control it.

  50. i agree super killerbee is dying nowaay in hell ._. he has the the 8 tailed beast ^_^

    and kishi writes naruto , though i know oda is on all of our minds O_O . op FTEW

  51. @Ahsan: LMFAO!!! XD Ah crap! >< You're right sorry about that. I meant Kishi not Oda. X_X And I can't even edit it now because you commented on it already. 😛


    Karin: Listen lady, these glasses of mine provide vivid detail of everything, so if you’re gonna be on your period, do it someplace else.

    Caption: Oh, Sakura, don’t worry, she’s only saying that because she’s Always protected

  53. still no spoiler yet? can someone post some link?

  54. @gudoruto: It’s too soon dude. Spoilers usually come as early as tuesday or maybe wednesday… A piece of advise, if you wanna truly appreciate the twists and turns kishi puts on every chapter, do NOT read spoilers. Spoilers are evil, they made fun of me and always took my lunch money when i was little kid 0_0.

  55. @superfreak17

    Sorry dude.. i just cant wait anymore! Waaaaaaah! my mind is tricking me already and i kept dreaming about Naruto already.. hehehe Its a wednesday here and maybe tomorrow .. i can have my dose of Kishi… hehehe

  56. @Captain Pickles – LOL, I cede your point, with one caveat. You’re assuming that MS’s translation, “at his current level” would have been used by OM’s translator or the reader to fill in the unsaid clause. However, I’m assuming (maybe incorrectly) that they would have conjugated the unsaid adverbial clause correctly. 🙂

    As for who Naruto will “call on.” I’m conflicted on what Kishi is saying with that statement. “Call on” is pretty damned ambiguous. It could mean a short meeting without much significance to Naruto’s growth… or it could mean finding a new mentor to continue his training… or somewhere in between.

    I hope it’s the latter, but trying to divine Kishi’s hints can be troublesome (nods at Shikamaru) much of the time.

  57. Oops! I should have said, “I hope it’s the Middle choice.” Naruto finding yet another sensei to train him would be awesomeness.

  58. i was just thinking that what sasuke might have inside him is a monster like the one we saw in the anime. The little girl that was i think Anko’s old student or something that had an evil spirit inside her?? maybe thats all that is growing inside sasuke. i guess just like that one in the anime it is growing stronger through his hatred and will eventually take over.

  59. @ super: u might be right about Kisame not taking out killer bee…but i dont think he will last long enough to really train Naruto. I seriously think Kishi wants Naruto to be the last standing jinchuuriki to make the situation more dire for the ninja world.

    Mebe he will just get him started on the kyuubi training…we all know Naruto is a genius at hard work and only needs that little push?

  60. @Jdb: Exactly, I, like you, figured the clause could be (not necessarily should have been) used, but the fact that they would have to make changes to it in order that it fits correctly into the OM version, as you said, is proof (and as a result) of the fact that the structures of both versions are different. So I was just using that fact of the semantic error to complement that main point of inequality in sentence frame that I raised.

    As such, I was saying had their structures been similar, that exact clause could be used exactly as it is in both cases, without any touch-ups or alterations made on it in order ascertain it fits. And that’s precisely the item I tried to drive home.But I’m sure you get it. 😉

  61. How come no one has thought of the obvious person to teach Naruto?

    He has the Fourth Hokage floating around in him and in my humble opinion he needs to pay some more rent =P. It would be cool if his training was internal rather than external, I bet Minato could also train him to master the Nine Tails as well. Also he is the only person who could possibly teach Naruto the flying thunder god that I know of, though I don’t really think Naruto will learn that particular jutsu.

    A crazy thought, his training could come from the last place you would expect. What if Madara decided to train Naruto. I know what you all are going to say, but what if he wants Naruto to beat sasuke, so he can take sasuke’s eyes and further power up his own sharingan. Like I said, a crazy thought.

    I think the next big fight in the manga will be Kabuto vs either Sasuke or Naruto. Either way I believe Kabuto will die in the fight. Perhaps Naruto will have to save sasuke’s sorry arse from Kabuto.

    On the Subject of Kisame vs Kirrabee part duex: I think It will take place in the heart of the Cloud Village, so he will still have to hold back. I think the Raikage will be their cause I don’t see him letting K-bee out of his sight since he ran off. His students will also be there, whether they are of any help or not is debatable. I also don’t think that Kisame will succeed in capturing Hachibi.

    The only real way I can see him being able to pull it off is to do it real stealthy like. Taking him in his sleep or something the like, I just don’t see it happening. If K-bee does go down though, it will probably be after one epic fight, cause I don’t see kishi letting Kisame take him that easy.

  62. Also at Jdb: I think Kakashi is a good enough bet for general training. As for Kyuubi training, maybe Bee can assist on that angle, but I also get the feeling Bee will be killed, leaving Naruto, the main character, as the only remaining Junchuuriki. Dunno…

    @Crow: For a second there, I thought you said there was a little girl growing inside Sasuke. I thought: “Damn, Orochimaru couldn’t have messed him up that bad.” >_>

    @Notreallyhere: Nice theories you got there. 🙂


  64. @ iamnotreallyhere really cool points made dude.

    !!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

    Dude now that shit was of the charts, I knew from the first time i saw tobirama senju that he was a very cool ninja even if we don’t know shit about him except the fact that he’s a god with water, but what i read in the spoiler, now that shit was great.

    Please give me a Ok so I’ll know if i can continue debating and talking about this spoiler because it says a great deal and it got me OMFG @ the house.


    yeh chapter is just OMFGWTF ._. fuck yeh he is back yo yeh oh yeh X_X but i want HIM to retain his personality but it looks like kabuto is controlling them so meh X_X 😦 and im talkin bout itachi >_<

  66. Spoiler alert

    I’me wondering if nagato still has the spikes in his arms and back, or will he be fully regenerated, if he will be good as new then he will be the ultimate weapon.

  67. BUBBLE:

    Karin: i said i’m through with sasuke and my crush for him is gone, sasuke knows you tried to kill him, hinata has bigger breast and almost died for naruto, now no one like you even more.

  68. !!!!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    All I can say is that this next chapter is gonna be epic. Fuck spoilers are bad, this thing is way out there and for me to find stuff like this out 1 day b4 the manga comes out is pure awesomeness, xquze my romanian but this last 2 chapters really brought a lot of light on things to come especially the fact that bee’s gonna ………………….. meet Naruto, we don’t know if he’ll train with Naruto but the meeting is inevitable, so the whole kisame ftw against Bee theory some of u guys had I think just got kicked out the window from the 50th floor.

    Hope the colored pages kishi promised this week are of the resurrected akatsuki.
    Tomorrow’s gonna be a great day 4 all.

  70. !!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!

    But if he has used edo tensei, wont most of them be like good, like itachi, nagato and sasori?

    and sorry dont know how to do yellow writing


    @ pazownz, i’me guessing that they’ll be under Kabuto’s control, but the thing that intrigues me the most is the fact that Itachi’s eyes are out of his sockets so will he have eyes or not?????

    That’s some bizzare shit if he dose, anyway can’t wait for the manga to come out.

  72. @EUGEN

    When the caskets open the bodies will be grey and in a state of minor decay. At this point the dead souls are able to remember their past life, but they are at the command of the one who summoned them. One final act will fully wipe out their conscious and make them under the command of the one who summoned them. The ninja will place a fuda (charm/tag) of some form into the head of the body. This will then give vitality back to the body and make it a pure killing machine.

    TO ALL O_O

    guys as most of you know i was of the opinion that kakashi would be the one to take out madara and was thinking that kamui(his ms) would be the jutsu to do it but since that failed….. and nothing else seems to work as well … kakashi using reaper death seal on madara ? seems plausible to me .his sensei made it so he should know it since 4th also taught him the ressangen 🙂 what do you guys think ?_?

  73. Spoilers!!!

    This is the biggest troll ever
    EVEN bigger than Nagato bringing back the village. This is AIZEN level of trolling. All that hard work for nothing.
    And now that Itachi doesn’t have Aids he is going to be unbeatable

  74. Spoiler alert

    The only one i regret being resurrected is that boyband bitch deidara, besides the exploding clay and a persistent way of getting the job done that punk doesn’t have anything going for him.

    by the way Ahsan nice call on the oro vs hiruzen fight, jutsu definition, right on the money.
    One thing i’me curios about is the fact that kabuto said he mastered the tech better then oro and tobirama, so what special tricks can this resurrected zombies do, maybe they can have a consciousness on they’re own without being controlled by kabuto.

    DUDEEEEEEEEEEE I can’t wait anymore, bring the manga man i’me boiling here.

  75. guys… dont you think its possible that these spoilers are april fools? i mean the ENTIRE spoiler to me seems fake but who knows. i kinda hope it is fake cause all of that is just too much for me. its even worse than the reverse-plot no jutsu at the end of the pein fight.

  76. i agree kingtuckerviii
    i think its April Fools joke
    to much craziness

  77. I don’t look at spoilers but if they look and sound ridiculous make sure to check their confirmation and be weary that April 1st is fast approaching. Though, it’s not even March 31st yet… Anyway, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m just waiting patiently for the manga like a good boy who receives free stuff. ^_^

    @Notreallyhere: But didn’t Minato almost run out of chakra just by appearing in front of Naruto for a few minutes? He’d be a great sensei for Naruto though and it’d be cool for him to talk to Naruto some more. I’m more excited about Naruto meeting his mom, Kushina, though now that he already met his dead. That’s if she’s alive and kicking still.

  78. @ : I totally agree…I was thinking the same exact things, that is if Minato COULD do what he did again. It kind of seemed like a one time thing with his chakra depleting and not being able to fix the seal again. Still, my agreeing with you can only mean one thing…
    It’s wrong. 😦
    ALL of my predictions are wrong! 😡

    As for the technique that would finally be used to defeat Madara, I’m 99% sure it has something to do with the Kyuubi. Jiraiya said that Minato must’ve sealed the nine-tails in him for a reason, and I think that’s it.
    Also, the 4th pretty plainly states that Madara could only be defeated with “a very unique set of abilities” when explaining why he sealed the nine tails into Naruto.

  79. looks like spoiler have everyone fired up. I’m not sure I buy it, but we’ll see what happens. I haven’t read into it, but from what I’m seeing here, it sounds plain ridiculous. Who knows with Kishi though…

  80. I haven’t read the spoilers but judging from everyone’s reaction they must be pretty crazy.Still as ajd and Super mentioned don’t entirely believe the spoilers.I remember during the Pain arc that some pretty crazy shit was coming out as spoilers and none of them were true.Also we should take into consideration that Kishi, while doing some rather unexpected plot twists, usually stays away from craziness, at least most of the time so until there are pics, everyone should calm down. 🙂

    Now about someone training Naruto, don’t you guys think it would be nice if that crazy guy Ibiki teaches Naruto some interrogation techniques, you know, just in case.



    mainly -you are going to meet an octopus and confront one with powerful eyes.

    yeh i overread this line first because of all the awesomeness in the chapter but while re reading it i was left staring at this line …. octopus is bee , one with powerfull eyes ? itachi is fuckin coming back baby !!!!! fuck yeh O_O i ❤ that guy oh yeh 😀

  82. Phew! I can finally comment! I was too occupied before, but now I can comment…

    *****!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!*****

    Am I the only one that’s completely unhappy with this spoiler??? I think it’s crazy and ridiculous!!!!
    I mean, it’s Reset Button 2: Revenge of the Kishi! *facepalm*
    I think dead people that served their purpose should remain dead. All of these people were great villains and I wouldn’t like it if they came back.
    I REALLY hope this spoiler is fake.

    @Eugen: I think the bodies of the people brought back with Edo Tensei will be in perfect condition because you don’t use the people’s bodies but someone else’s. Back at the Orochimaru vs Hiruzen fight he used two twelve year olds’ bodies to bring back two old ninja, so I think Kabuto could use the Waterfall guys’ bodies to bring back the Akatsuki members, even though Sasori’s puppet body is with Kankuro, Kakuzu’s should be in Konoha, Itachi’s should be in Madara’s possession and Deidara blew himself up.

    That makes me think that the spoilers are impossible and ridicoulous. 😀 😛

  83. New Manga Episode looks Epic.

    Kabuto is Awesomeness 🙂

  84. SPOILER PICS!!! Looks like the spoilers were true!

  85. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! The spoilers are true!!! I’m so unhappy… TT_TT 😦

  86. ****!!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!****

    Somehow I don’t think Sasuke will take kindly to Kabuto resurrecting his brother and puppeting him around. Doesn’t seem to be the thing that would butter his bread. If he resurrected nagato, maybe Madara will play along to get the Rinnigan. Looks like a good chapter though! Love the toads!

  87. ****SPOILER DISCUSSION*********

    kukuku………..go kabuto GO !!!! 😀

    if this spoiler is true then it would be EPIC!!! looks like Kishi is borrowing a page from Oda’s book……..

    also, naruto FINALLY looks happy for a long time……..thank god, he’s not giving out those emo-smiles now..****shudders*****

    also…madara is a real turncoat……one second he was fighting kabuto and the next second he’s like “LETS BE ALLIES” >_>


    damnit they were true…
    well if it wernt for the huge pile of crazy thats at the end of it then this would be AN AWESOME CHAPTER!!! love the naruto summoning. classic ^_^ and tsunade piging out just pigging out was hilarous! why does something completely and utterly ridiculous have to ruin the whole thing?!?! these “puppets” better not have anywhere near their original power or ill lose A WHOLE LOT of respect for kishi. cause unless he’s planning on replacing madara as the main villian then thats just going too far…

  89. I can’t imagine an Itachi puppet is going to go over well with Sasuke…

  90. @devourerofmemes: yeah but just imagine how pissed itachis gonna be!

    itachi: what the- i cant see anything! where the F*** are my eyes?!?
    sasuke:… oh…. about that…

  91. whats got me thinking how did he got nagato? did he defeated konan

  92. @ lackofimagination it’s not the actual body as Ahsan said in a earlier post the bodies are someone else’s only the mind is there’s and that is soon to be controlled by kabuto.

    Just look at Dragon’s last post and you’ll get what i’me saying.

  93. @Everyone: If you’re going to discuss something having to do with spoilers, or anything that might spoil the manga, please put “Spoiler Discussion”, “Spoilers”, or something of that nature over your comment so admins can mark it yellow and readers aren’t spoiled by anything.

    -Thank you

  94. “SPoiler discussion”
    @Eugen thanks dint saw that post and i went back to haruzen and oro fight and saw the jutsu and how is done.


    *gasp*!! i just realized something… narutos back at Myobokuzan…… which means…… HE CAN GET A NEW FLAME COAT!!!!!

  96. The chapter is out. Go get ’em!

  97. oops…

  98. Now that was pretty damn awesome! So much is happening but all I care about are three things.

    1. Naruto receiving the key to control the seal on the Kyubi.

    2. Naruto is destined to meet Killer Bee, and most likely, train under him! Screw Kisame this is Killer Bee’s time to take the stage! 😀

    3. Kabuchimaru is a badass mofo. That’s all I’m saying.

    Itachi and Nagato should have their eyes btw and even their old personalities for now.

    Oh, and does this mean Madara is hiding out in the Waterfall Village and Kabuchimaru is leading the Konoha ninja to his location on purpose? On the other hand maybe Kabuchimaru got what he came for in the Waterfall Village already, left, and then headed to Madara’s hideout.

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  100. @nagashikage

    yesss keep the violence coming, ESPECIALLY IN NARUTO. we’ve all seen how chapter titles get when all is happy and peaceful: “Sakura’s turmoil” or “hinata’s secret” or even “sasuke where are you” >_>

    btw, does anybody else think kabuchimaru just pwned madara? 😀
    i mean, until now we had been the true picture of madara as one badass mofo……..and suddenly WHAM!!……kabuchimaru takes all the glory from him………jeez, if i were madara, i would be feeling pretty pissed off and cheated right now 😛

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    sasuke gunna get maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

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    Wow this new chapter (489) was everything i ever wanted it to be and more! WOW 20PAGES OF NARUTO GOODNESS 😀 I was *this* close to giving up on the manga but thank goodness it’s turning around 😀

    Kabuto is a badass, Naruto is as funny as ever and thank goodness sakura isnt crying!

    Wow i can’t wait to read the breakdown for this chapter!!

  103. @ katz747:- with reference to madara being pissed off at being pawned: It’s the cycle of life, what goes around, comes around;P

    1) Madara pawns zetsu —->
    2) Madara pawns kakashi —-> 3)Madara is pawned —–>

    LOL!! 😀

    @ Anyone:- those who said that sasuke may have something Bijuu-like in him may be right, cuz why did the great toad say to naruto “And you know what he is…the young man with such power in his eyes?” I believe the term “what” is used as a noun in this case so hmmmmm… let me know what you guys think!!

  104. Kabutomaru just made my top 10 list of badass goodness. He just Aizen’d Tobi. What is “THAT jutsu”?

  105. ok this chapter just made me confused, wat is sasuke? is tobi really madara? kabuto made it seem like he is not, but by far an epic chapter

  106. That was an awesome chapter and it showed us a few things we were wondering, namely Naruto meeting KB.And there were zombies!Seriously, everything’s better with zombies. 😀

    Anyway, I am really starting to wonder what “that” jutsu is.I really doubt it’s The Flying Thunder God technique, because I don’t want it to be it, mainly because I think it’s somewhat lame(YEEEESSS, I SAID IT,SUE ME).Yet the toad said to “perfect” that jutsu witch means it is something that is already existing but not completed.As far as I know The FTG was completed and ready for use jutsu so it must be something else Minato was working on before he met his demise.

    Also this jutsu must require monstrous amounts of chakra for Naruto to need the fox in order to complete it, so that further proves that it probably isn’t The FTG(hopefully). What if it is a technique that allows him to change one chakra type into another but huge amounts of chakra are needed for this, hence the requirement for the fox.That way he would be able to use any jutsu that isn’t a Kekkei Genkai.

  107. I am interested in “that jutsu”, maybe a space time jutsu to be able fight madara that minato started before he died? I hope its somthing even better. How is naruto going to learn about killer bee (the octopus)? I think karin is the only person in konoha right now that could make the octopus connection b/c shes the only one whos actually seen killer bee transform. Is “that jutsu” goin to be used aginst sasuke? or is kishi leaving that to what itachi gave naruto? Are the zombies gonna be around all the time now? or do they go back into the ground and kabuto calls on them as he pleases? what are their personalities gonna b like?

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    @ kingtuckerviii nice point out at the flame coat, now that would be great to see him putting it on once again and hopefully for good this time.

    @ to63to I’me down with everything u said dude, but maybe the FTG wasn’t perfected after all who knows, any way after the little scroll frog told naruto to place his hand on the square we got a panel of the pipes that lead to the place of the kyuubi prison in Naruto’s mind so next issue we might get those answers from the Fox itself, this i’me pretty sure is the first time since the new team 7 fought Sasuke that the fox will talk with Naruto.

    About the zombies issue, now that panel at the end was epic, the way itachi and kakauzu looked like it was damn scary as hell
    and the thing i’me most looking forward to as most of us are is, what’s gonna be sasuke’s reaction when he see’s his big bro str8 out of “left for dead”.
    Starting today Akatsuki ha gained the best team it ever had, and the fact that Nagato probably will not have to rely on the 6 path anymore is gonna make him that much stronger being able to control every tech that the 6 path’s could individual on his own, that just means a hell of effort Naruto did to kill the 6 paths just went out the drain.

    Perfect manga with perfect plot twists and a new story to follow, kishi you’re the man.

  110. PEOPLE———–PEOPLE!!!!

    it’s obvious what “THAT” JUTSU IS ……’s a advanced version of the sexy no jutsu……it’s a continuation of the harem no jutsu……….IT’S THE ORGY NO JUSTU O_O 😀

    even madara and kabuchimaru must bow to it’s powers!!!
    it’s EVEN STONGER THAN SASUKE’S EMO NO JUTSU!!! sasuke dies from sheer exposure to such pleasures >_>

  111. @Eugen

    Whoa, I actually missed the sewer thing since I read the chapter very early in the morning but yeah , you are right, we’ll see the fox in the next chapter. I can’t wait.

    About Kabuto vs. Madara I really don’t see how exactly would Kabuto harm Madara. Even with zombie company of heroes there, Madara can do whatever he wants with that ghost jutsu. Oh btw how exactly did Kabuto get all those boddies. Didn’t Deidara blew himself to smitheriens or something… maybe the edo tensei call back the souls and the materialize so the original bodies are not needed.

  112. @ to63to check out Ahsan’s last post or go to the hiruzen vs orochimaru fight and you’ll see what happens, the bodies belong to other people, then the souls go inside those bodies and to finish the ritual they have a kunai with a spell or seal on them implanted in there skulls witch gives the user control over there bodies, in this case Kabuto, back then it was Orochimaru.

    And about the Kabuto vs Madara i’me with u on that, but come to think of it madara was a little threatened by Itachi’s power and now it’s itachi, nagato, kakuzu, deidara and sasori all aginst madara.
    There the best shinobi at what they do and I think Madara can’t be a match for all of them, at least that’s what i think.
    Guess we’ll see what goes on next.

  113. @Eugen

    Thanks for reminding me, I really had forgotten about that.

    About Madara, it is true he looked a bit startled but it was maybe because he wasn’t expecting this particular jutsu from Kabuto. I am really looking forward to reading the chapter mainly because there is a chance we finally witness Madara’s abilities. Also I am itching to see what happens when Naruto supposedly gains control over the seal.

  114. hey hey hey…….
    now an impressive turn of events. I love where kishi is going with this. I was beginning to think sasuke getting itachi’s eyes so early was as a result of kishi wishing he was named sasuke, but i was wrong. His story turnout is impressive. While he develops sasuke he also develops naruto.

    Now sasuke has the EMS, naruto has ‘that jutsu’, and can summon the full kyuubi at will. What i would want to know is to what extent naruto would be able to control the kyuubi after having the key. It seems he might have to use willpower and learn to control it with training. The key, it seems, is just a guarantee that he would be able to unlock the full kyuubi if he wants, but would need to learn to control it. This would also make his sage+kyuubi combo a success because he would be able to control the kyuubi to a good degree.

    Kabuto is amazing. What kabuto is trying to say in essence using the edo tennsei is he has surpassed oro. And with kabuto’s edo tensei i get the feeling he does not need to use bodies t resurrect them. I feel he’s combined his amazing medical ninjutsu abilities with edo tensei(originally oro commended kabuto for his ability to use one body as the same test subject over and over). This is all becomming interesting.

  115. I feel like this Episode was a Good Refresher 🙂
    Kabuto being a Lich King and all just may put him at the Top as the Number 1 most Dangerous ninja.

    I like his Cloak by the way nice and simple just got the Snake Eyes nothing to Fancy, he made the White Snake power Awesome all those sneaky things he does just added something fresh instead of Sharigan eyes but mind you sasukes eyes in Itachis Skull has me thinking.

    And Nagato being Gedo Mezo master all those bijuu that Tobi has no control over it Kinda mixes it up though its good they get a second chance with new amped up battle scenes.

    I just get this Feeling its gonna be Awesome 🙂

  116. well, I’m fairly certain my brain exploded. This chapter is just begging major discussion. This calls for a emergency breakdown people! jk. So I thought it was classic timing on the reverse summon, it made me lol so hard. What’s got me short on words is what “that” jutsu could possibly be. If Itachi is actually allowed to talk to Sasuke, with an intact personality, I wonder what he could possibly say.speaking of Itachi, he gave Naruto something. Naruto had “that” jutsu before that. so there’s 2 things askew about what Naruto has. Tsunade doesn’t know Danzo is dead, does she? Kakashi was pwned out of hokage position!

    @Return_of_Ra agreed lol. It’s about time Madara was Aizened

    I think Kishi Aizened me with that chapter. However, does it seem to any one else like Naruto might be over in a year? If Kabuto is joining Madara, Naruto is working “that” jutsu, Sakura is still useless, Ten-Ten spoke, War is neigh, and a women is hokage again, the end must be coming!. j/k at that last one, but the time skip I wanted soo bad, it just might not happen. Have I cracked people?

  117. Good chapter and this finally addresses something I have been wondering about.If Kabuto really is going to join up with Madara then it looks like Madara actually has the troops to fight a war.I have been wondering what he would be using.And maybe now we could actually see Raikage against Nagato.

    But this is all riding on Kabuto actually joining Madara and not betraying him, right now i’m more inclined to believe that Kabuto is going to abandon Madara and his plans when it is convenient for him.

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  119. maybe “that jutsu” has something to do with the shiki fuujin!???!

  120. nvm…didnt scroll all the way over hahahahaha my bad

  121. does anyone else think its funny that hidan is still alive and nobody wants to go get him out of that ditch

  122. @fuutonsavior: Hidan is dead and gone by now.

  123. Hidan should be cut up in the ditch still, he’s immortal.

  124. So what do you think about “that jutsu” being Hirshin, and its dangerous for Naruto because of the insufficient control he has over Kyuubi chakra. Maybe something having to do with teleportation becoming unstable because of kyuubi chakra. Anyway just something I was thinking about and wanted to here others opinions on.

  125. seriously kabuto is a huge threat in this war. I can just imagine him summoning legends, like the hokages, the sands third kazekage, previous raikages, mizukages like yugura, and some dangerous people like jiraiya and orochimaru. That would be sick. And that’s just from kabuto’s angle alone. We haven’t even see yet what a serious madara can do, how he intends to lay his hands on the rinnegan and what he might do with it, what the seven bijuu at the moment are capable of, what a full powered sasuke with the EMS is capable of and so on and so forth.

    Perhaps this was what kishi was talking about, the five replacements in akatsuki he was talking about, ones that would be stronger than kakuzu, deidara, hidan, sasori and pain.

    Also the talk of naruto mastering his kekkei genkai, perhaps “that jutsu” has something to do here with his supposed kekkei genkai, given the key from the FOURTH is supposed to enable him master ‘that jutsu’.

    About him making kisame an important character, him sparing kisame is proof of that already.

  126. im just wondering, if they’ve been edo-tensei’d, doesnt that mean the only way they can be killed is like what the third did and use shiki fuujin? or could like kakashi use kamui what would beat them? i mean the villages look screwed, unless like naruto’s “that jutsu” is something that will just beat these easily. It feels like this manga gonna keep goin now for like 3-4 years with this arc at least 1-2 years

  127. Here’s a nasty thought I had after reading this chapter:

    We’ve never SEEN Jiraiya’s body… Nagato is back from the dead…
    Nagato may want to make 6 more paths… who better to use as one of them, than Jiraiya’s body (not for a new lazer-head though)

    OH GOD!!! What if Lazerhead comes back with Pein?

  128. I find it interesting that Kakashi isn’t 100% sure Tobi is who he claims to be. And Kabuto’s remark about Tobi going by the name Madara is even more interesting. I never believed the ‘Tobi is Obito’ or ‘Tobi is Danzo’ theory but perhaps Tobi really isn’t Madara at all. There are so many things that don’t add up. Why would he no longer have the EMS? How did he loose to Hashirama with such a space/time jutsu? Why did everybody believe he was dead (well perhaps Hashirama shares the same ‘check body for life-signs’ jutsu with Nagato, they sure as hell didn’t use rule number 2, The Double Tap).
    Now I’m not sure if this has been mentioned here before (probably has but I’m new so don’t beat me up over it) but I think it’s a good possibility that Tobi, if he really isn’t Madara, is in fact Madara’s brother Izuna. The wrinkles under his eye would make sense, the hair style would make sense and the fact that he no longer has the EMS makes sense too. Plus it fits with the current theme of revenge and what Tobi claims to be the curse of the Uchiha.

  129. Am i the only one who doesn’t like the zombie crap?
    Now they are going to be beat a lot easier and seem so much weaker. If someone dies they should stay dead. This is like reset button 2.

  130. i did notice the kakashi comment and the kabuto comment 1redbaron1 i just though i was goin crazy lol .


    dude did you forget the fight of the 3rd these bodies LOOK like lame ass zombies but they will kick ass and furthermore they wont take damage from attacks as i said before they will just heal LOL like instant regenaration you can say or like marco’s healing ability in op 😀

  131. @1redbaron1 completly agree with u, i actually suggested that some time ago but i was just rambling, but yes it would make perfect sense to me if he is izuna

  132. i don’t think the 6 paths of pain are going to come back. kabuto is going to make nagato use his regular body…which is stronger then the 6 paths combined.
    i too don’t like this reset…it seems like kishi doesn’t want to introduce new characters and develop them. all we get are recycled characters! still, i’m happy to see them back. too bad hidan wasn’t brought back. i believe that he wasn’t brought back since without his immortality jutsu he’s nothing special.

    p.s.- hidan is alive. kishi confirmed that hidan was slowly dying from a lack of nutrition…don’t know how long it’ll take but he’ll die sooner or later.

  133. Well, there goes my theory about Nagato being not dead…

  134. I wonder if Naruto will take on some of Killer Bee’s garb when he trains with him… Ooo – or maybe he’ll start training in swordplay!

  135. I have announcement to make and I would like to get it out before the day’s end.

    *whistles and walks away*

  136. @1redbaron1

    agree totally with you……..i am beginning to have serious doubts that tobi is madara……..several things reveal this:

    1. kisame’s comment: mizukage…….i mean madara!!

    2. kabuto’s comment: tobi….going by the name of madara these days

    i think tobi is going to be someone we have’nt suspected for a long time……….it could be Izuna, it could be Obito, it could be Itachi (O_O), it could be fugaku (sasuke’s dad) O_o

    and of course, it could be a non-uchiha…….that would explain single sharingan……….i am even ready to believe it could be DANZOU……yeah, he faked his own death somehow >_>

  137. this has got to be ridiculous. So naruto has been banned in america because kishi is the devil’s spawn? Doesn’t really affect me in London, but i’ve got to say some americans are really dumb as hell. That, is utterlly the most ridiculous, hypocritical move i’ve heard anyone(group or moveent) make. Given how satanism flourishes in america i find it a very stupid joke. At least it tells me naruto’s famous enough to get banned. The more reason for me to keep going at it.

  138. @moonseyeplan above

    LOL at your righteous anger. It’s a joke………after all, SUPER posted it >_> <_<………..wait, it's all a joke, RIGHT?? o_o…super?

  139. If this is a joke then you missed april fool’s day by a whole day super, if not i don’t think anyone has the right to ban a manga just because it has explicit content in it, and if i’me not mistaken it’s against a certain law in USA or amendment that states the freedom of a author to write draw and say what ever he/she the hell wants without anyone telling them otherwise.

  140. @katz: hahaha…got ya there. Just decided to tag along, and you fell. See that’s the reason why the post was put, to draw antagonism. And i just “tagged along” by responding.

  141. *whistles and walks back into the room*

    Ehhh? What’s this about an April Fool’s joke? I know of no such thing. o_@

    P.S. The timezones are different so when I posted it, it was April 1st. Thanks for playing along everyone, it was really fun. ^_^

    @Katz: I know Dro had a theory on Tobi being Shisui Uchiha (Itachi’s best friend) who Itachi supposedly killed. If that comes to light chances are Dro we’ll come here to show us all. XD

    I’m still pitched in the Obito/Madara/Tobi camp and assume Obito’s eye fits in this somehow. You know what they say about “assume”. >_>

  142. @totalitarian

    so that’s why you are called moonseyeplan…….LOL yEa u got me therE 😀 ……good genjutsu………..wait……OMFG I JUST GOT IT………YOU ARE TOBI!!! O_O


    oh yeah, shisui would fit in too…….that would explain why mizukage and Ao had to get outta the way when madara was there……..apparently Ao knows shisui’s chakra……if he was there, he could have nailed madara’s lies! :S

    hey, i just realized, it could be the 2nd hokage too………after all, he was called tobirama O_o…… okay okay i give up 😛

  143. meh XD OMFG that is a great call katz like tobirama tobi tobirama tobi tobirama tobi O_O it all adds up thats why kabuto called him tobi because thats his real freakin name!!! O_O XD

    anyway about this whole mess i dont know who it is but all i know is that i support the

    i-dont-know-who-but-whoever-is-the-so-called-madara-he-is-in-obito’s-body theory ^O_O^

  144. “i-dont-know-who-but-whoever-is-the-so-called-madara-he-is-in-obito’s-body theory”
    That’s the one theory I absolutely refuse to believe. Obito was just as old as Kakashi, getting crushed doesn’t give someone wrinkles around their eye. Sure, it would make someone look bad but not old. If Tobi is Madara inside Obito’s body he would have the same age as Kakashi and his face would have been free of wrinkles.
    Just look:
    That is an old man. Certainly not the face of someone as old as Kakashi.

  145. Yea looking at that pic, 1redbaron1. I dont think they are wrinkly old eyes imo it just looks like baggy eyes witha Madara eye line under it.

    Tobi True Blood Uchiha possiblitys
    1.Kagami Uchiha, who was around the 3rd’s and Danzou’s time.
    2.Obito Uchiha, who was around Kakashi’s time during the last war.
    3.Shizui Uchiha, who was around Itachi’s time who died before the uchiha massacre.
    4.Madara Uchiha, teamed with Zetsu replacing old body parts with new and improved parts like eyes and missing limbs.
    5. All of the Above in somekind of twisted journey Madara being a leech consumed them all.

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