Bleach Manga 396 and 397- Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Wow, i’m a huge slacker! Gomen guys. I’m not gonna make up some awesomely insanse excuse as to why I didn’t post last week… I totally didn’t want to do the breakdown, real life has been kinda busy. So i’m doing a double this week…Please don’t beat me!

So last week some exciting stuff happened….Ichigo was still moving! Epic right? Yama is gone…or is he?  I’ll discuss my theory below.  He used his burnt arm in a sacraficial hadou and there’s a big bang.  Ichigo throws a Getsuga Tensho at Aizen but only cuts his shoulder. He throws another one and Aizen dodges, they cross swords and Aizen starts laughing. Ichigo asks why and Aizen tells him he missed his shot to kill him. Ichigo says he wounded him, then Aizen says ORLY and regenerates. God, is there anything this guy can’t do? I really hate him *sigh* Aizen says no it’s not regen, cause i’m not dumb enough to turn myself into a hollow. Then shows Ichigo the Hougyoku which he has implanted. The wound heals and Ighigo goes OMG…

Aizen tells Ichigo that’s he has grown quite a bit, just as he had planned….wait, what? Aizen explains that from the moment Ichigo and Rukia met all the way up til now everything has been his plan….Obviously someone has a freaking God Complex…ugh. How is it possible to plan that kinda shit out? Aizen musta had alot of time on his hands…or he’s just really good at playing chess. I mean to be able to set up every single battle, even the meeting between Ichigo and Rukia…. And if this is really the case, how did Aizen even know about Ichigo? Aizen wasn’t in Soul Society when Isshin was so how did he even know? Unless he was going thru all the records…I dunno what do you guys think?

Anyways, my theory on Yama-ji….I don’t think he’s dead. Aizen says that Yama sacrificed his “charred body” for the hadou…but look back and the only thing that that was actually charred on Yama was his arm…so this leads me to the conclusion that he isn’t dead.

Alright now let’s get cracking on this weeks, which I found pretty boring except for the end. Lots of bla bla from Aizen and then dun dun dun…Isshin makes his appearance. So shall we get on with it eh?

So Ichigo is in shock by Aizens revalation…hell I would be too…”Hey guess what, I rule your life” WTF >.< Ichigo yells at Aizen and the wanna-be god tells him not to raise his voice. He also goes on to explain that he thought Ichigo had the best “raw materials” to carry out his research and helped him grow….so basically, I wanted to use you so I cultivated you.

Ichigo attacks…silly boy. He’s trying to rile you up…baka. They fight back and forth for a bit and Aizen stops Zangetsu with his bare hand saying Ichigo should be better than that. Ichigo tells Aizen he doesn’t believe him and tries to list reason of why he’s wrong…don’t work…Jeesh Ichigo, are you ever gonna learn that u can’t reason with people that have a god complex. Only Naruto can do that! Aizen gives a long speech, at which point I kinda zoned out and all I got was bla bla bla i’m god bla bla bla. Then Ichigo asks him the question that i’ve been wondering. How did u know about me? To which Aizen answers….
Ichigo goes OMGWTFBBQ!? And Aizen tells him that he’s been special from conception. He goes to tell more but dun dun dun….

 It’s Isshin! In a Shinigami robe no less. Soooo now Ichigo will learn the truth. Will he react the same way Naruto did when he found out his dad was the fourth Hokage? I doubt it. But I’m pretty sure Ichigo will be pissed. Ok so that’s it for this week. Sorry again guys.
Here’s anon’s summary of this weeks chapter!
Aizen: lawl, all your base are belong to us
Aizen: lawl, sheeple
And here’s an awesome AMV! 


Suddenly by thnksfrthmmrs123

Have a great week!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's.....DAD?!?!


~ by Miranda on March 26, 2010.

54 Responses to “Bleach Manga 396 and 397- Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun”

  1. 1st!

  2. 2nd … this is sad. Not “cry-tear-bawl” sad, like “this-sucks-bad” sad.

  3. seems like this arc is about to end

  4. is that really real?
    thats terrible

  5. xD aizen in god mode again FTEW

  6. I really like this spoiler solution that you have created. Thank you, Mandi.

    Does Tite know how to bring a great antagonist to life? Aizen is powerful, ruthless, sociopathic and cruel… while at the same time, he’s handsome, cultured, ambitious and intellegent. I hate him, but isn’t how the “bad guy” is supposed to make us feel?

    I think Ichigo is about to be in need of an Urahara intervention.

  7. lol i agree fully @ jbd44

    infact ive been saying it all my life xD i actually want that to happen >.<

    what i guess is that urahara shows up and fights aizen uses his bankai against aizens bankai – he will have a counter to aizens shikai so aizen will be forced to use bankai – it will be a bankai v.s bankai battle … urahara will loose but will severely damage aizen . now either ichigo will finish off aizen or aizen will run away 😀

    what i want is – urahara pwns aizen – the end

  8. the raw images are up at
    if we’re not allowed to post links im sorry :S

  9. you’re cool back nbd

  10. I know I 100% called the events to this point. Isshin steps in, Aizen will leave. Now he will train to get stronger and eventually Isshin will be killed. Then Ichigo eventually kills Aizen

  11. U really think Tite is gonna do that? I just don’t see it happening.

  12. OMFG i totally missed this post X_X sorry

    great breakdown mandi ^_^

    the chapter sucked though talking talking and more talking about what? things we knew from an year back >__<

  13. i only just released it ahsan….but it won’t let me up it on the top of the list >.<

  14. Aizen and Ichigo’s dad are old buddies and kept in contact after pops left the soul society (for what ever awesome reason; probably for ichigo’s supper powered mom?)

  15. And isn’t it obvious how Aizen knew? Because he is Aizen. That’s it. Aizen is secretly the devil. and HOW THE HELL HAD NO ONE NOTICED AIZEN FOR THAT LONG BEFORE? Come on SS.

    Oh, and now you know how his mom was mysteriously out of now where attacked by a hollow and killed. Aizen saw Ichigo was a giant flaming panzee, so he Aizened his mom. Wow, that’s not cool Aizen, not cool.

    and yes, I know there will be an Isshin arc to explain this, then something at least, negative, will happen.

  16. Aizen rocks so hard! Everything the guy says makes sense. He’s almost AS GOOD AS ANOTHER VILLAIN WITH A God COMPLEX (Pain). Only Tite can save them now. Plotkai for the win!

  17. “Just cause he knew” isn’t a good enough answer for me. I want concrete reasons and proof backing it up…that’s just how I am.

  18. I think it’s cause Aizen realized that there was an ex-shinigami living in the real world with a massive amount of spirit energy (Iishin) and kept tabs on him to mebe use him. However, Ichigo was born and Aizen saw the potential in using someone new, someone completely unaware of his own powers and potential. He sends out the hollow to kill the mother and knew the father would react the way he did, thus he wouldn’t have to worry about him interfering. idk…it’s Aizen. He’s epic and will explain his epicness when he chooses lol

  19. Long time since i commented on wra again, but the comp is back up and running for good this time *crosses fingers of everyone in the house* 🙂

    I’ve been seeing everyone claim that Isshin is a zero guard, to the king of ss, or even his son. Yes he does have “captain level” reiatsu, which im not sure where but its when he’s fighting the grandfisher ancarrar. I think he’s just someone who could be a captian if there was a need for one back when he was a shinigami. Anyways sorry for ranting,its just i couldn’t follow along with that so im just venting…lol
    Its gonna be interesting when or if Aizen starts to get Aizen’d by either Isshin/Uhara and ichigo, because he’s bound to lose his cool and when he does…i dont even wanna know whats gonna happen. Plus gin’s still lurking around which he might end up fighting ichigo while the adults play for a
    Yamato’s not dead!!!!! We need to see his bankai or even more of his shika like a PS3/Xbox needs a tv!!!!

  20. I know soon that it will be explained mandi. It hints it a lot at the conclusion of the save Rukia arc that he knew. But we have yet to understand via facts just how he knew

  21. lol………at this point i’m ready to believe anything…..maybe isshin is aizen’s old schoolmate/rival and he’s superpowered up too 😀 …….or maybe ICHIGO IS THE KING 😕

    for now,anyway, aizen’s “I R WINNER” attitude is quite enjoyable by me 😛

  22. Great job Mandi!

    I know how Aizen knew about Ichgio’s birthright/life/importance. He’s Aizen so he took advantage of his status and Aizen’d reality making it bend to his will and cough up all the information he wanted on anybody and anything. Another theory what if Aizen is the son of the King and was banished from the palace long ago for trying to usurp the King from the throne? Impatience. Lol, I’m just throwing out theories because I have no clue where the manga is headed right now with this plot.

  23. CRAZY THEORY TIME!!! thanks to super above who gave me this idea:

    1. Aizen is Ichigo’s REAL dad O_O

    2. Aizen is the king

    3. Aizen is ACTUALLY ichigo’s Mom, he/she modified her appearance

    4. Ichigo is a test-tube baby, with “inputs” from aizen O_o

    5. Isshin and Aizen were once buddies, until aizen……

    6. Aizen read ichigo’s secret diary >_>

    hope the real storyline does’nt go as crazy 🙂

  24. Ichigo’s Mom is a Hollow(arrancar/espada) that Aizen placed like a chest piece . I would like to know how Aizen knew about Ichigo & Ulqiorra since Aizen was not even hueco mondo at the time. When did he have time to watch the security tapes?

  25. Bleach is out. Now to read and be entertained…NOT…

    Shocking…I didn’t actually fall asleep halfway through. The comedy was a relief. Oh, and we get to see Gin’s Bankai next week. Zippity doo da…

  26. Sooo this week was alright. Kinda cool to see Iishing do more dmg to Aizen with his middle finger than Shinji could with his Shikai. Goes to show the huge gap between Iishin’s zero gaurd powers to that of a vaizaard captain. Although since Gin is already using Bankai, it looks like Iishin is gonna (i’m hoping not) sacrifice himself to save his son. Or Urahara will show up to back up Iishin. Or the unlikely, Unohana will show us why everyone thinks she is scary. Also anyone have a theory of what makes Ichigo so special to Aizen: “Because you are human, and a…
    1. Noble 2. Prince 3. hollow? (Maybe Iishin fell in love with a hot espada. Like is wife was Halibel’s -Sama. I’d sooo do Halibel even if it meant exile, wouldn’t you?) 4. Yamamoto’s grandson!! 5. Aizen’s Nephew?! (now that would be a wierd coincedence) 6. Aizen’s son!!!!! (Ichigo… i am your mothers sperm donor, i used her vagina as the dixie cup… twice.) Anyways next week will definitley be interesting. Gin’s Bankai, what do you think it will be? He seem’s like a snake to me, his sword extends to an unknown length, but i can’t tell what on earth his power will be. And one more note to go off of, i noticed Iishin and Ichigo share the same style of blade, Black dyed steel, with white polished blade. I wonder if they have similar powers.

  27. Aye, that was a pretty good chapter! Gin messed Aizen up just by flicking him off! XD There’s one thing I noticed though with the translations. In chapter 397 and in two translations Aizen says, “a Shinigami and a-”

    But come chapter 398 Ichigo remembers him saying something different. “A human and a-”

    Mistranslation? Purpose? Shinigamis and humans are completely different things. He’s half human and half Shinigami…I think… Anyway, just thought I’d point that out.

  28. Actually Tite screwed up, i’ll ask my friend the website again, if he ever picks up his phone, but Tite made an apology. Apparently Human and a…. / Shinigami and a… He meant to put in Shinigami like he did last week. An error on his part, and stated no Aizen isnt saying he’s a shinigami and a human, and we will find the truth as Iishin’s story is unfolded (obviously). The website is in japanese, could be his own fansite, but i need my friend to give me the name of it again. He lives in Japan, and it is hard to get a hold of him. So bare with me until i can show ya the proof XD Also i noticed Tite took of the zero gaurd Kanji on Iishins shoulder plate. Again look back to the shonen jump release of Iishin revealing himself for the first time. I think its page 16-17 and if you look at the second frame you get a small hint. I’m guessing since now we see Iishin all out he took out the hint as to not give it away completley yet. Granted 90% of us already know he’s zero gaurd.

    @supertrek89 Don’t you mean Iishin messed Aizen up? or do you see through Aizens illusion… omg Supertrek is a shinigami!! I figured out the biggest secret since Naruto’s Hard on for Sasuke… wait you all knew they were gay for each other?.. k i’m done.

  29. I wish Tite Kubo would’ve just gathered the whole story together from the beginning, instead of freeballing for all these years … maybe he wouldnt’ve screwed so much stuff up, like Soifon’s Bankai, Stark’s Ressureccion, his and Harribel’s death, Shunsui’s shikai, and so on.

  30. @Axel: Ah crap, you’re right, lol. I meant, “Isshin messed Aizen up just by flicking him off!” X_X

    Thanks for the info.

  31. could it be that this is Isshin’s twin brother, Isshon, who is fighting aizen? 😀

    that would explain his telling ichigo that “you’re mistaking me for someone else”

    anyway, this chapter rocked for 2 great reasons:

    1. Isshin (or Isshon >_>) flipped a bird at aizen that hit him where he lived 😛

    2. Gin is done with his painting, and decides to go bankai on ichigo’s ass 🙂

  32. lol. Great Bleach chapter. I love Isshin’s secret move: bokudo # 69, F off. Aizen never saw such a blow to his ego coming. Isshin has is the funniest character in Bleach if you ask me. I bet Gin’s bankai is him opening his eyes to fight! Why does Ichigo have to get struck by a comrade to regain composure?

  33. Isshin has been kicking Ichigo’s A$$ since the beginning and he was overdue. LOL

  34. @supertrek89 no big deal man, its not like you write bleach and screwed up Shinigami with the word human, then had it published and distributed it to a million readers worldwide (maybe more, maybe less). But i still think you see Iishin as gin, because you can see through aizens shikai >_>

    @Katz: either i need glasses, or i need to re-learn how to read XD. i could have sworn Iishin said “You’re not mistaking me for someone else, no matter how hard you look” In other words he was telling ichigo, yes i am your father, and am a Shinigami, so relax and get your head together ichigo. I’ll re-read the chapter again just to make sure, and if theres a problem with the translation, i’ll e-mail the translation team.

  35. @axelgerhard

    lol you’re right man. thanks for the correction. so it IS isshin, then 🙂

    noooooooooooooo Isshon! there goes my contribution to bleach >_> 😛

  36. @katz no worries man, i’ve made plenty of errors from misreading. which is why i like to contribute to blogs here. I miss a lot of story line, and know i can find what i miss by what you and everyone else contributes. Your theory would have been a good one, to be honest. It would have added to my Iishin is a Noble theory. Remember, their are 4 great noble families in soul society, and we only know of 3. Iishin having a twin brother, would have meant Iishin was born in a soul society family. Granted, even without a brother, Iishin still could have been born in soul society, but now we have no evidence to support it. I just hope you dont think i was picking on you =/

  37. @axelgerhard

    Peace my bro 😀


    here’s a spoiler for ch. 399 from Nja, fellas. it’s confirmed 🙂

    The story doesnt progress much.
    Hirako is the cover picture.
    Isshin and Aizen have a small skirmish
    Then action switches to Gin and Ichigo.
    イチゴ あんたの剣には何かがない~他のみんなと刀を併せた時にはわかるんだけど~
    Ichigo: “There’s something missing from your sword. When I crossed swords with everyone else I understood, but…
    あんたはどこに向かって剣をむけているんだ~? ここらへん覚えてない><
    The direction you face is where your sword goes? (Nja forgets the rest.)
    ギン なんや~気味悪い子やな~
    Gin: “Well you’re an unpleasant boy.”
    He explains his abilities.
    His shikai(?) extends his sword to the length of 100 swords. (It was called something like “100 sword difference” )
    What do you think my bankai will be?
    13kmや!本気でいくで 神殺槍  名前は忘れたw
    13km long! He uses some attack called “God Killing Lance,” but Nja doesn’t remember the name exactly.
    He swings it down at Ichigo, but it’s blocked and he takes a getsuga in the face.
    As blood flows down from Gin’s forehead the chapter ends.

  39. Spoiler Discussion Alert!! Spoiler Discussion Alert!!

    Honestly I am really disappointed by Gin’s Bankai…

    I mean what’s it called Shinsou Extenze? Really? It only gets longer? First he doesn’t even show us Yamamoto’s bankai, and now he phones this one in. Even I could have come up with a better Bankai then that.

    Here’s hoping that that isn’t all his bankai does.

    Also I think Aizen maybe Ishin’s father and Ichigo’s grandfather. Urahara is probably Ichigo’s father in law, being the father of his mother or some such that is how Ishin knows and trusts Urahara.

    All speculation though.

  40. Bleach 399 is out on Manga stream. Not very impressed with it either :/

    This week is a bummer with the new releases of manga. *shrugs*

  41. Ya i agree this chapter was a huuuuuuuuuugggggeeeee let down. I agree with all of you, Gin’s bankai… are you kidding me? thats it? 13km sword… yay… *twirls a flag that says Gin is #1* How on Earth did Aizen think Gin was powerful. Ya i get hes got strong Reiatsu, i get he’s a natural fighter… but his bankai is by far the lamest i’ve seen. If Gin was fighting Iishin, Gin would be dead right now. He’s lucky to be fighting Ichigo. I also noticed the start of this chapter says, this is the final battle? If this fight ends without Urahara showing up, im gonna be a little worried. Remember me talking about Aizen and Urahara being of the same mind, meaning they somehow have the same knowledge of literally everything. whatever one knows, so does the other. If Aizen doesn’t show up, im afraid theres gonna be a huge dark plot twist, and Urahara might actually be the real mastermind behind everything. *Iishin kills Aizen, next page panels over to Soul Society where Urahara destroys the real town and acquires the kings key. Urahara claims, vengance is mine* I hope im worried over nothing, but the way this author keeps ruining good story plots and character development *cough Gins bankai cough* this horrible theory might not be far off. Oh and for you Gorrilaz fans out there, doesn’t Shinji on the front page look like he belongs on one of their CD covers?

  42. well my guess is ichigos pulled another of his (rawr i am super-powerful now) moments or gins just weak as shit. the power levels in this manga never made sense to me. its less of a spectrum and more like everyone has turns being most powerful guy of the day.

    in theory gins bankai is pretty powerful its massive(and thus prolly as powerful as captain doggys) and massively long so u can’t dodge it. if it can go into its small form and large form it would be pretty devastating, but as i said above its ichigos turn to be the most powerful one of the day, so its rendered useless. meh it prolly has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

  43. @ axelgerhard, this could be very true here…disturbing even, I hope you’re wrong though lol.

  44. LMFAO!!! XD It’s an elongated version of his regular shikai!!! Hahahahahahha, Gin you’re a damn creepy ass funny dude. His bankai has to be more than that but yeah, that chapter sucked ass. If Mandi were here to do a breakdown, lol, this is what Anony’s summary would be.

    Gin: “Do you remember me?”

    Ichigo: “No, I can’t feel your heart. I don’t understand you.”

    Gin: “I’ll show you my bankai.”

    Ichigo: “Ok”

    Gin: “Bankai”


    Ichgio: “Ha! I’m powerful too.”

    Gin: “You’re creepy.”

    END! WTF was that!? XD Didn’t Gin say “Bankai” last freaking chapter!?

  45. WOW, Mr. Kubo. I had once joked a long time ago that Gin’s Bankai was probably a longer or wider version of his shikai … I never thought that it would actually be true. And that was a very weak ending to this suckish chapter … “you really are a creepy kid”. wtf. Not only did he say that already, but it had no significant meaning or anything.

  46. Gin could have been pulling his punches ya know, or he could actually not be using his bankai too. If this is the case I would think that he would just be keeping Ichigo busy so he doesn’t try to fight Aizen with Ishin. The thought being that Aizen wants him alive and Gin using his real bankai would be hard pressed not to kill him.

    So he could be lying about this being his bankai, but if that’s the case then what is his real Bankai? And are we actually going to be able to see it or is he going to pull another Yamamoto on us?

    This may just be wishful thinking on my part though.

    @supertyrek89- It would probably go more like

    Gin – remember me little boy
    Ichigo – I couldn’t feel your sword
    Gin – Wanna feel it now? I can make it bigger
    Ichigo -coc.. I mean sword block FTW!!
    Gin – your a creepy little boy

  47. Bleach have a very long arc stories. I can’t wait to end with this. I did’t like this arc, and the chapters are more and more boring. Kubo is suffering of the lack of imaginations.

    13 km sword? Common! That’s stupid.

  48. Correct me if I am wrong but in most fictional stories of katana wielders, doesnt sword length = sword skill? (Think Sephiroth from FF) Coupled with the fact that to swing a 13km sword, Gin has to be rediculously strong. Gin reminds me a lot of Seta Sōjirō from the Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga. Supreme swordsman with little to no emotion which is why Ichigo could not read him before.

    And get off Kubo’s back guys. He’s a writer and a damn good one at that IMO. This would be concidered a suspense chapter. He’s setting the scene for this next fight while we get a little insight into a rather unknown (other than creepy) character in Gin.

    Take a happy pill and look on the bright side of things. K?

  49. @sockorlu I know I never said he was a bad writer, I know he can write well. It just seems to me that a super long sword is a bit, well predictable. Gin is the only one with a zanpakto that doesn’t get new powers or change in any real way other than it can get longer than it can in shikai.

    I personally think Bleach is one of the more decent manga out there, I just know Kubo is capable of so much better than his sword gets even longer. I mean look at every other Bankai out there, all of them are more interesting than Gin’s. That alone makes me think that Gin isn’t using his Bankai, and is just calling the full power of his Shikai his Bankai to try to either throw Ichigo off, or he is holding back so he doesn’t accidentally kill him. Either way would be more interesting than that being his actual Bankai.

    Just my two cents =P

  50. It is very rare to find a writer that blows your mind with unpredictablity and cunning. Even rarer for a comic/manga writer. And the reason that it is so predictable is that Banki’s mirror the shikai release. I just get a little frustrated at people who expect every chapter to be epic, revealing, amazing, and awesome. Why can’t people take the chapter for what it is? And I will not even start in debate manga lovers are having lately with which one is the best of the top three right now.

  51. @sockorlu I don’t expect a lot from every week, but I expect the plot to roll more smoothly. It’s almost like he rushed his last chapter’s big “bankai”. Everyone expects when a new Bankai is released, it’s gonna be a good chapter, But I think everyone’s getting frustrated on how they just seem to fit it to the situation. >_>(soi-fon)<_<

  52. *takes a happy pill*

    Alright, instead of the chapter sucking ass I now think it just sucked. I don’t have any expectations on the extreme level for Bleach…definitely not for Bleach. All I want is a good read from any manga series. In other words all Bleach had to be was good. Bleach failed for me this week. Opinions, opinions…

  53. Gin with his eyes open was preety cool, he looks more bad ass than Aizen.

  54. @sockorlu: not all shikai’s are mirrors to ones bankai, i’ve noticed a few are somewhat different.

    @everyone else: i just realized, Gin can destroy the pillars in one stroke now… um… i think i see how Urahara might be ntroduced into this so called “Final Battle” as this chapter states. Gin destroys the pillars with no one around to actually stop the city from coming back. Urahara shows up with his barrier buddy and the two kids he picked up in his van while scouting elementary schools. They set up some super barrier and by this time Ichigo was (hopefully) beaten down by Gin so the adults (Iishin and Urahara) can team up. Although there might eb a chance that Urahara shows up to Hueco Mundo to fight yammy as Yammy had challenged him for a rematch a while back. If that happens, the cat lady with the big tits is gonna rock it with Iishin against gin and aizen. Would still be a good fight

    @anyone who likes kyouraku: I wish they’d all leave so Kyouraku could use his bankai and kill gin and aizen in a few moves. Seriously he may have a crappy group fighting shikai, but if he would have showed up by himself and released, i don’t know how aizen could prepare for kyouraku’s bankai, since not even kyouraku is aware of what game his zanpaktou wants to play. He even stated anyone caught in his Reiatsu when the game starts, is bound to the rules of his zanpaktou. the loser, or losers recieves a fatal wound, how bad ass is that. he could kill 1000 people in one shot within his reiatsu area. Honeslty this has to be one of my all time favorite powers in any manga. Why couldn’t Gin have something this cool.

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