Naruto Motivational Poster Madness!


Hey everyone! It’s Tenrai Senshi here with a new competition for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, there was no Naruto anime from this past week and the new episode of Naruto Shippuuden will only be out this Thursday the 25th of March. So to make up for the gap and to have a little fun, I decided it might be a good idea to have a motivational poster competition.

This is what a motivational poster looks like, for those of you who may have only just recently discovered the wonders of the interwebs. ^ ^

So… how will it work?

Alright, so here is the idea. All you have to do if you want to enter is hit the link below…

…which will take you to a pleasantly simple site that will allow you to make your own motivational poster with the utmost ease. It is very simple to use even for technologically inept minds, all you need is an image, some wit, a funny bone or two and a keyboard.

If you have your own way for making motivational posters, then that is great as well. As long as it looks like one, it is eligible for entry.

Of course, as with everything in life, there is always more to it than just that…

The competition is rough. That's why we also have rules to go along with it...

Every competition has to have rules and guidelines, right? So here they are…

1: Anyone can enter. All you have to do is make a motivational poster and either paste a link in the comments, or simply send it to me at Just remember to put your username from the blog in your email if you do send it that way, otherwise I may not know who you are.

2: In light of the fact that this is a filler for the missing Naruto anime breakdown, this will be a Naruto-themed motivational competition. In other words, no cats with creepy eyes or cars defying gravity. Only Naruto anime or even manga screens if you want.

3: We all have our own unique sense of humor, but I would ask that people please refrain from being too profane, vulgar or explicit with their entries. Any posts that are ‘exceedingly’ excessive in this nature will be ignored along with any complaints concerning the fact. Swearing will be tolerated for the purpose of humor, but entries must please be sufficiently censored for the sake of posting. There are a lot of users who visit the blog, both older and younger, so let’s try to cater for everyone.

4: Only original motivational posters will be allowed. In other words, don’t go looking for already existing posters to use in this competition. This is about originality and the whole fun of the competition is in coming up with something unique yourself. If I recognize any entries as pre-existing posters or if I discover that it is not original and that it belongs to someone other than the individual posting it, they will be ignored completely.

5: Multiple entries will be accepted from each individual, so you can post as many as you like. However, I will, for the sake of variety and healthy competition, only select a maximum of three entries per user for final voting. The more you send, the better your chances of having more than one entry in the finals, but that number will not exceed the maximum.

Lastly, if anyone has any questions, or if they would like me to elaborate further, you can simply ask in the comments section or email me at and I will do my best to respond.

Follow the rules so you don't get pwned. <_<

That’s it for the rules, but where do we go from there?

The closing date for the last entries will be by the release of the next anime breakdown (which would be, latest, Monday 29th of March). After that, I will select a couple of good entries and put them on display in a new post for everyone to see and have a few laughs.

I will also include a poll so that everyone can vote for their favorite entry themselves, to avoid any bias. Whoever wins will be solely dependent on those votes alone. My opinion, or the opinion of any other admin, will not factor into that decision whatsoever. The winner will also be announced in the following breakdown after that, where their winning entry will be included at the end of that breakdown.

Most importantly, have fun. Even if you don’t win, feel good knowing you that gave someone a laugh or two or maybe even brightened up their day. This is a post for everyone to enjoy, competitors and viewers alike.

So good luck and enjoy! 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 23, 2010.

43 Responses to “Naruto Motivational Poster Madness!”

  1. First! YAhoo!

  2. lol second ^_^
    me is such a lazy asss but maybe ill give it a shot 😀

  3. third! and now to come up with one…>_>

  4. Sounds fun.

  5. 5th espada!!!!!! O_O

  6. YOSH!!! Lol, I’ll see what I can come up with. 🙂

  7. Good idea Tenny! 😀

    I was wondering where you can do motivational posters and now I know. I’ll fave the site and give it a try. I probably won’t be so good! T_T -_-

  8. I’m in. we’ll see what I can do

  9. this is my crappy half-ass attempt at one

  10. BTW, Noveno Espada! Oh crap, I’m that guy with two skulls in a pickle jar T^T

  11. Here ish mine!

  12. This is my first attempt ever of a motivational poster so i hope you like it, i tried my best…
    O,Yeah i’v done two that have the same picture but different words at the bottom, i didnt know which one to choose lol.


  13. Here’s one, with more to follow! hope you enjoy!

  14. is it just me or are all the links broken. Every time i try to look at one it gives me an opps link is broken.

  15. How about this?

  16. And finally… a few more!

  17. @Kisu: I don’t know if anybody else has the same problem but your link appears broken to me.

    @Urias: Most of them work for me.

    @Post: My entry.

  18. @ Super – Can you try mine and let me know if they work?

    Lol yeah, they all work for me. I don’t want Shinobi AIDS…>_>


  19. One more… couldn’t resist a lil’ Sakura bashing!

  20. here they are again

    not very good though, I’ll post some more once the creative juices begin to shoot out (get ur minds out of the gutter lol……….this means you superdude -_-‘)

  21. my entry is based on the truth ^_^

  22. I have noticed that many of the links supplied are not working. Prawlkage has managed to get it right, but many others are posting broken links.

    Please check your links before you post them to make sure they work, otherwise I will not be able to see your entry. (Just remember, when you create the poster, that is just a temporary preview. You need to save it if you want to keep it.)

    The previews are also TEMPORARY and only remain online for a few days. So if you want a more permanent link, or you don’t want to lose your work, please save the poster onto your computer and either upload it to an image hosting site like photobucket or deviantart or email it to me (with your username, so I know who you are).

    In any case, the ones I have seen are quite funny, so keep up the good work! ^ ^

  23. ten ten bash 1

    ten ten bash 2 (same pic)

    Anchorman quote

    Accidental Sakura bash…(maybe not too accidental)

    street lesson

    The inconvenient truth

  24. Here’s my lousy entry…

  25. LMFAO Lousy! XD That’s pro…or maybe I just suck at photoshop so much everything is pro to me. 😀

    @Tenrai: Is there a way you can tell us whose links are broken for you since you’ll be the one choosing these pictures? I click on my own link and appears fine but I don’t know if it works for others. This may be the case for other contestants too. That way people will know who needs to resubmit.

  26. Couldnt resist making this one hehe

  27. Sorry about that, here’s my entry now…

  28. The links not working with mine aswell here’s mine again hope you like it….
    C:\Documents and Settings\elle\My Documents\My Pictures\More Pictures\motivator38f9968346657688969b577075d3c2285815711a.jpg
    C:\Documents and Settings\elle\My Documents\My Pictures\More Pictures\motivatord83cc3aa8a98f1de34e1666383c972beffea3969.jpg

    LOL … they cant work they are where the files exist on your computer , you have to upload them to an image hosting website and then post the link the website gives you here or email these directly to tenrai (his email is written above ) hope i helped

  29. Just copy and paste it in your box when your on internet,please tell me if it works please =)

  30. @elliethe0riginal, nope, it doesnt work. Try uploading to a photo sharing site.

  31. @Ellie: Save your picture to the computer and upload it on here.

    Then click on your uploaded picture until it’s at full size then take the URL and post it here.

  32. so i just put mine on facebook, anyone should be able to see it, feel free to add me as a friend if you haven’t already

  33. ok i lied here is the same poster on imageshack

  34. Rough Economy

  35. Here’s mine. Probably not very good though;

  36. @ Everyone – I will release my “poster-binding genjutsu” If you surrender your nations to me now… also I want the remaining two Jinchuriki… and a new spirally-face mask… I’ve been wearing this shitty mask since I fought Shodaime… it smells…

  37. I will spam this site with dumb motivational poster until… oh nevermind…

  38. Neji… Tenten… the list goes on

  39. Can everyone see it now….


    Thanks alot supertrek89 i appreciate =)

  40. rofl @ prawlkage. the Tenten ones are priceless.
    These are very good everyone. I personally like pretty much all of em. I’m finding that everyday, there is at least one I can laugh and appreciate. It’d be tough to funnel these down lol

  41. here’s one for all of us college basketball fans!!!

  42. omg some of these are great!!! but ajd’s hinata one just rocked my socks. hands down winner

  43. @prawlkage: Those tenten ones are awesome!!!! lol!!! 😀

    @ everyone: Great work! I’m happy i dont have to judge’s job! Too many great posts 😛

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