One Piece Chapter 579 IS OUT + 578 Breakdown and 577 Highlights! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^_^

Read Chapter 579 here

-One Piece 577 Highlights Below-

Ah yes, a nice Monday morning breakdown coming right up! Hey WRA, here’s your One Piece Chapter 578 Breakdown! Of course, because I feel like I cheated you all last week, I’m going to go over the highlights of chapter 577 and the things that just really stuck out to me. It’s going to feel a little rushed and quite frankly, it’s because I’m rushing it! XD YOSH!!! Let’s do it! 😀

Here are this week’s AMV and BOPP!

Ok, this AMV is longer than the ones I usually post and I was a little put off about posting it in the past because of its length and slow build up, but I just love it to much. I suggest watching it when you’re in a mellow mood. AMV by Kalvi13. This week’s Badass One Piece Picture by our one and only Kabutoslingshot! Congrats Kabuto now draw me a naked NamiXRobin picture! @_@ Lol, jkjk…*whistles and walks away*

Now for Chapter 577 Highlights!

Even after death Whitebeard is awesome. Btw, did you know Whitebeard died?

1. Whitebeard’s death is overshadowing Ace’s?

The news of Whitebeard’s death spreads faster than herpes in a freshman’s college dorm (that’s pretty damn fast). I ask you, does Oda overlap Ace’s death here with all this coverage of Whitebeard’s death? The narrator eulogizing Whitebeard’s death in chapter 576 where he actually died was cool and all, but it even carries over to the next chapter! The narrator got his age down, his title, and reminds everyone, just in case they forgot, Whitebeard died! O_O Even the Dark King Rayleigh is crying for the man! Some may not understand why Rayleigh isn’t crying for Ace, his former captain’s son, but you have to understand Rayleigh never knew Ace. As for Whitebeard, Rayleigh went through countless battles with him and grew a bond like real men do over many awesome battles. Like Roger and Garp shared a certain bond. Besides all of that we don’t know if Rayleigh shed a tear for Ace or not. Oda never covered it. Whitebeard’s death is eclipsing everything! I guess the badass of the Arc deserves it.

I know I wasn't the only one thinking it. >_>

2. Blackbeard is into Necrophilia? (most definitely)

Just what exactly was Blackbeard doing under that black blanket with Whitebeard’s dead body? Why was he under the sheets with a corpse? Why were there moaning sound effects emitting from Blackbeard that were later edited out of the official manga translations? All these answers will be answered as soon as you start believing my ramblings.

Also good for ordering sammiches! XD Sexism FTL...>_>

3. We get a clearer look at King Abalo Pizzaro’s hands.

Yeah, I’m telling ya, some of these things only interest me. XD

Going off of Jimbei's appearance his cousin is blue and that's to freaky for me.

4. Jimbei the next Strawhat?

Ace: “If I really do end up dying, could I ask you to look after my brother?” (to Jimebei in a flashback)

Oh please no! >< Now I love the dude don’t get me wrong but he’s not….Strawhat material! Sure he’s strong and loyal but he doesn’t have…personality. Even quiet Nico Robin has more personality than this Fishman, with her morbid attitude towards life which makes for funny jokes and awkward situations. Plus, I want another female to join the crew and Jimbei is not a girl…I hope…

Last but not least the WTF moment. No it’s not the fact that Akainu rose from the pits of hell to wreck havoc on humankind and eat your babies (that’s common knowledge).

His craving for vast power all makes sense now. o_o

5. Blackbeard steals Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit ability!

A. Ehhh!!? —>

B. Atypical? His body isn’t typical!? He’s just a fat bastard!


And that’s all I have to say on that matter…-_-

On to the 578 Breakdown after I point out this awesome prediction!

“Hey guys, i don’t know if this could ever be possible, but you know how BB said he would shake the world to it’s core, WHAT IF he knew how to somehow take someone else’s DF ability, like WB and use it? Now i know this sounds stupid and completely ridiculous because no one can consume two DFs or you would explode but i just thought of that as being some crazy twist that BB’s Darkness power would allow him to do.

Hahahahaha, u never know. Vegapunk may have figured out a way of doing such a thing.”

Xdt0ks said this on February 21, 2010 at 7:12 pm

Very nice Xdt0ks! Very nice indeed. 😉 And I would just like to point out Vegapunk “may” indeed have knowledge in such things. ^_^

-Chapter 578 Breakdown Below-

This chapter was pure balls to the wall awesome! Last chapter I thought was great but this chapter kicked its ass. Blame it on Blackbeard’s unfathomed growth. ~_~

Akainu is a cannibalistic demon and Blackbeard is a rapist. These things now stand confirmed in my book. -_-

Blackbeard has gone mad with power, if he wasn’t already loony enough to begin with. He is once again a freelance pirate on no ones side but his own. His first goal as the first known man with 2 Devil Fruit abilities? Sink Marineford into the sea!

Lol, come on we were all thinking it. XD

But not if Sengoku goes DBZ on his ass! Woot! This was the first time I actually cheered for the Fleet Admiral! I knew he was powerful but I thought he was only limited to physical attacks and most likely Haki. Now I learn he can shoot shockwaves from his hand? Awesomeness! He can’t let Marineford fall because as the center and prime example to the world as “Justice” it’d be a disaster for the world if Marineford was completely defeated. It can be rebuilt but what it stands for, “Justice”, won’t be defeated.

If you eat an Okama does that make you gay? What!? Moving on...O_O

Meanwhile over on stage left Akainu is on the hunt for his second “D” kill. The evil bastard doesn’t know when to give up and takes out both Ivankov and Inazuma quickly. I have to admit that he is strong there’s no doubt about it. Jimbei tries to escape to the sea but unless he planned on wowing Akainu into submission with some fancy ice skating he’s not getting anywhere because Aokiji froze the water and turned it into ice. The sly bastard but I have a feeling he could be doing more to stop Luffy from escaping. Meh…pssst…what is Kizaru doing during all of this? >_>

Some people just don't appreciate the fiery love Akainu tries to show for them. ~_~

As Jimbei takes the leap of faith Akainu opts to punch Luffy through Jimebi…ouch! >< Seems to me Akainu punched through Jimbei’s left arm or shoulder and through to Luffy’s chest. So wait a freaking minute!? Luffy can survive a hole in his chest but not Ace!? WTF!? Maybe the hole isn’t all the way through Luffy’s chest and it’s just a molting lava induced dent. -_-

Did it hurt? Nah. Why? Because he's a logia. Logia? Logia = Hack!

Anyway, as Jimbei moves in for the kill, sound the trumpets, because “CROCODIIILLLEEE!!!” (Luffy impersonation) comes to the rescue cutting Crocodile in half! 😀 Damn you Crocodile! Damn you for making me like you, you country ruining bastard! >< With a quick flick of the wrist a sand tornado appears and Jimbei and Luffy are swept off like Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ straight into Buggy’s caring/cowardly arms.

It's amazing how the hat has zero damage and look at poor Luffy.

But the Straw Hat is left behind! This is madness! No, THIS…IS…MARINEFORD!!! Meh, just doesn’t have the same ring to it. XD

Boo-hoo-hoo Akainu! Maybe you should stop roasting your own soldiers like marshmallows and then you''ll have an army too. 😀

Lol how convenient, Buggy gets more praise and cool points for trying to escape. If anyone’s confused about how Buggy is flying here you go. I didn’t know he could be that far away from his feet though…maybe I’m missing something….>_> As Buggy flies/runs away the commanders confront Akainu all at once and they come to terms with the admiral. They agree….to disagree! Akainu wants Luffy dead because he’s a “threat”. The pirates want to keep him alive because they have “great expectations” for him. Well you know what happens when two groups of people have conflicting views. They fight! [insert big explosion her]

Well...he is a doctor...>(0_0)>

Mayhem encompasses the island all around and when no one knows what’s going to happen next a submarine appears out of the deep blue sea. A voice comes out telling the flying clown to bring “Mister Strawhat” over to him. Holy crap it’s Trafalgar Law! Holy crap! He’s a doctor!!! @_@ Holy crap, he was already sexy enough with his bad boy image and now he has the status of a doctor!? Damn, he’ll get all the girls! >_< And that concludes chapter 578. 🙂

Sorry the breakdown I was so late with the breakdown and sorry it was so long (that’s what she said) but thanks for reading anyways. ^_^ Here’s your demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Artwork by Spookydoom


~ by supertrek89 on March 22, 2010.

30 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 579 IS OUT + 578 Breakdown and 577 Highlights! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^_^”

  1. Finally! Thanks super for finally getting this out! Meh, 577 was a little dull beyond BB being a hack and stealing WB’s DF. But man, 578 really makes up for it!

    Oh yes, Law’s a doctor! With a PhD in kicking your ass! 😀 From what I remember, though, that guy is the last Supernova I’d think would put his life on the line to rescue anyone. Back on Shabaody, the only reason he fought by Luffy and Kid’s sides was that he felt insulted at having to accept their help. Maybe the guy’s got a hidden agenda in helping Luffy? I dunno. Maybe I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Oh and did you notice he’s actually got a sub? Man, I hope it’s yellow! 🙂

    Eh, don’t worry about Jinbei. I doubt he’ll actually join the Straw Hats after Luffy’s rescued. Now that WB’s dead, Fishman Island is at risk for raids by pirates and such, so he’s got to go back to see to his people. I actually feel kind of sorry for the guy! 😦

    Luffy’s Straw Hat will have its own mini-arc as it gets tossed around and finally, miraculously, gets back to Luffy! 😛 That would be awesome!

  2. 2nd!!!!!!!!1

    awesome breakdown supah ^_^ .
    croc ftew O_O

    i really hate how bb gets pwned and keeps coming back
    1-a cut in the shoulder by wb spear
    2- a neck quake by wb
    3- laser palm

    whats next?

  3. Third

  4. Fourth.

  5. YOSH!!! Glad you all liked it. Hey, does anybody else here watch the anime? It’s really picking up and we finally got to see what Gaol Bullets or “Prisoner Bullets” are. They’re seastone nets I believe. And Fishman Karate is indeed awesomeness! 😀

    @Elisha: Lol, yep I noticed he had a sub. Pretty cool, I don’t know why I didn’t mention it in my breakdown. o_O Having a sub gives Law easy access in and out of the Grand Line if it’s coated in seastone to keep the Sea Kings at bay, obvious advantage over other ships, and access to the New World because he can just dive to Fishman Island. More people should have sub like Trafalgar Law. XD

    Yeah, I really hope Jimbei doesn’t join the Strawhat Crew. Just remain distant friends like Vivi, but I having a feeling the next nakama will be a Fishman/Fishwoman or Merman/Mermaid.

    @Ahsan: Lol, I told you on MSN it’s not a Laser BEEEAAAMMM!!! +_+ It’s a shock wave! 😛

  6. DAMN YOU SUPERDUDE! Now I cant go on hating you………..the breakdown was actually……….better than my wildest expectations T^T Just damn you.

    Once again Crocodile shows why he’s super dupe uber badass! I think Croc’s the only one that can take Akainu down now, everyone else’s power is too weak or ineffective against him. Now where’s Smoker!? The World Government sure could use the “guy who beat Crocodile”‘s help lmao (seriously though, I’m a smoker fan and did he lose to Hancock!?)!

    Jimbei wont join the Straw Hats. If a former Shichibukai joined, then the Captain (Luffy) would be completely overshadowed, the battles would be less interesting (because the Shichibukai are badass mofo’s), he’s just too strong. What the Straw Hats really need to do is…….GTFO of Sanji’s way and give the man some damn screen-time!

    Y’know, since we’re reading this story from the pirates’ point-of-view, we perceive the World Government as the bad guys when in fact most innocent people look to it for safety. Smoker probably saved a lot of lives in Loguetown/Roguetown (damn engrish!), so what Sengoku is saying DOES make sense. But more importantly, is Garp still eating dirt? He IS an Admiral-level Marine after all.

    Btw, I don’t know if only i interpreted it this way, but Aokiji seems regretful in this. The guy doesnt want to kill Garp’s grandson, but has to, didnt want Jinbei to be caught, but had to help do it. I guess not all Marines are cut from the same cloth (just most lol)

    Trafalgar for the win! Lets just be glad it isnt Kidd there -_-‘

  7. Awesome breakdown Super!
    and yes you got one thing right Trafalgar Law is now officially in my book of Hot One Piece Men. XD

    Im kinda not very happy that Luffy’s hat is being left behind. He is going to be even a bigger wreck without it! How much more can he take? Lost his crew, lost years off his life, couldn’t save Ace, is in some coma-like state, has his own Lava burn to the chest, and now he’s loosing his hat? Come on!
    btw… the coma-like state he is in right now–is that from shock of Ace dieing? or has the hormones wore off? I can’t remember correctly.

    So this is what I see happening in terms of who will be next to join the Strawhats…. It will be a fishwoman! She will be big and strong and powerful and fishy and *coughnotprettycough* Then you can get what you want and there will be another girl in the crew XD

    Also yeah, I am keeping up with the anime. The Karate Jimbei used was pretty bad ass. The whole episode in general was awesome.I can’t wait for more of the fight scenes to be played out.

  8. Great breakdown.
    Man this arc is crazy. You never know when a major player is gunna pop up. they’re gone for a while and then bam:
    crocodile outa nowhere. inazuma outa nowhere. akainu outa nowhere. i could go on. there’s just so many options for twists. i guess that’s what makes one piece so awesome… the sheer number of unique side characaters. i noticed it too….where has kizaru been? he’s gunna pop up i know it.

    anyone think buggy might be the next straw hat? he definitely has room for improvement as a character. both morally and physically. and he has experience in the new world. just an idea.

  9. Btw, I love how everyone think’s Buggy is Jesus XD!!!!! Great running gag lol

  10. @Kisu: Muhahhahhahahahahha~~! Hancock is awesomeness and she’s sexy as hell! Lol, of course she beat the crap out of Smoker, she has controlled Haki and not just any Haki but ‘Sovereign Haki’. The best of the best 😉 Though, she never really “beat him”, just roughed him up a bit.

    I despise the fact that I like Crocodile now. ~_~ I used to loathe him almost on the level of Kuro, Don Krieg, Arlong, and Enel (Arlong is the worse). Now he’s wormed his way onto my good side. It’s sickening really. T_T I do believe though that Marco can equally handle Akainu just as well as Crocodile. You know what…that gives me an idea for the next breakdown. @_@

    And indeed this is true. The pirates are the “bad guys” and the Marines are the “good guys”. XD

    @BB: Lol, sounds like you’re Blackbeard now…>_>

    I hope his hat is returned to him safe and sound and without to much hassle. Nami can always stitch it up if something happens to it though. ^_^

    As for Luffy’s predicament it’s a combination of Ace’s death, hormones wearing off, and exhaustion. Mostly Ace’s death though because I bet he would still be up and running if Ace wasn’t donkey punched through the back. X_X

    Hmmmm….Fishwoman…@_@ I have yet to see a sexy one though. This is the only fishwoman shown in the entire series. Yech…Lol, but here’s to hoping!

    @Theoldknew: YOSH!!! I do believe this is your first comment so welcome to WRA! 😀

    Lol, I wonder what’s going to pop out next. If Buggy is the next Strawhat I’m flying over to Japan and kicking Oda in the nuts…with all due respect of course. 🙂

    @Ahsan: Spoilers already!? O_O *runs away*

  11. Just saw the real spoilers for this weeks manga………….
    check it out here!!!




    pic 1
    Chapter 579: The Courageous Seconds

    pic 2
    *Shanks blocks Akainu’s attack apparently aimed at Coby?*

    pic 3
    pirates: It’s the Red-haired Shanks!!
    Shanks: I came to end this war

    pic 4
    Marine: It’s Trafalgar Law!! A rookie from the North Blue!!!
    He’s the co-perpetrator of Strawhat Luffy of the incident on Shabondy, and it seems he has come to rescue him on his submarine!!

    Law: Hurry!! Get both of them aboard!!
    (too blurry to read the rest, it seems that marines are going to focus on
    capturing Luffy and defeating Blackbeard. Marines are coming out of the ground,
    there’s a passageway there now, and Law’s ship is being attacked by marine battleship)

    pic 5
    Teach: Zehahahaha!!! What an awesome power!!
    *Marines panicing*
    Teach: Come on, Sengoku the Buddha!! The Hero Garp!! Can you stop me!?
    Your era will end along with Whitebeard’s!!

    pic 6
    Pirate: The Pacifistas have come over the crack in the plaza!!

    *Tashigi worried about another marine*
    Smoker: Get a hang of yourself!! You’ll still live!! You just have to be tended…
    VA?: LEAVE HIM BE! We’re still in middle of a war!!
    Corner the pirates!!! Crush every last one of them!!
    Tashigi: (Their spirits is still high…! Marines’ morales are higher, since they completed their objective….!)

    pic 7
    Tashigi: (Even in victory… they thirst for more!!)
    Akainu: Do not forgive this evil called “Piracy”!!!

    Teach: No one can stop me now!! I’ll destroy everything, and swallow everything!!
    Buggy: eh!?

    Kizaru: Leave Strawhat Luffy behind~~!!
    Law: It’s Kizaru!!

    pic 8
    Buggy: Alright!! You take care of them!! (throws Jinbei and Luffy over)
    Law: (blur) Jean-Paul!(blur) Let’s submerge!!
    (blur blurblur blurblurblur bulr)
    *Kizaru teleports next to Law*
    Law: Damn it..!

    ???: Stop right there!!!
    Kizaru: …..!?
    Marco: …. a marine!?
    Akainu: ?

    pic 9
    Coby?: Let’s stop this!!! Let’s stop this fighting!!
    This is… a waste of lives!!
    (Every single one of these soldiers have a family to go back to…!)
    Our objective is done!! To keep fighting against enemies who have no more intention to fight back…. and pursuing a war that can be ended already…!!
    Abandoning soldiers that may still live if they are tended right away…!!
    And increasing even more casualties on top of it…!!
    The soldiers that’s going to die from now…. this is sheer stupidity!!
    (blurblurblur Akainu’s speech about not needing a soldier who doesn’t walk in the way of justice, and attacks Coby)
    Coby: AAAAAaaa!!!!

    pic 10
    Shanks: ….well done, green marine.
    (blurblurblur) The few seconds you bought with your courage…
    May have decided the future of the world!!

    pic 11
    Crowd: That.. that ship is…!!! Why is it here!?
    Pirates: It’s the red-haired Shanks!!!
    Shanks: I came to end this war!!

  13. SPOILER REPLY!!!!!!!

    @Ahsan, is this a sick joke? IT BETTER NOT BE!? The return of Smoker! I could squeal like a fangirl now!!!!

  14. YOSH!,great breakdown super (yay i got a mention, i feel soo popular :P).

    @Ahsan: whereever you found this spoiler, good job (Y) i think you deserve a shiny penny 😛

    not only a penny i deserve onepiece for it !!!

  15. Hey hey hey, how are you all doing?

    @ super: Once again, an amazing breakdown for both chapters. I would say Ch 578 was better than 577 but then again, 577 kind of left you wondering many things and has a mystery about it, with BB acquiring his 2nd DF. And one more thing, thank you for mentioning my prediction, i appreciate that 🙂

    @ everyone: The new Chapter is Out and OH MY GOSH… it’s all i can say

    Enjoy it and have a nice day.

  16. omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg *falls to the ground foaming at the mouth*

    This newest chapter is friggin epic!!!!!!!!

  17. @ axelgerhard: I had the same reaction and with my eyes going white when luffy knocked down Coby to the ground 😛

    Chapter 579 is absolute Epicness and with how it ended, i feel this arc will wrap up nicely and make way for the next part of Luffy’s adventure. OH YEEEEEEEEEEEAH

  18. LOL! My favorite Yonkou is back! I know we had some hopeful predictions from people that he’d return but I forgot from who. Now’s the time to step up. I know I said numerous times I’d think he wouldn’t show up because it’d tip the war in the pirates favor by far to much. Coby just earned more than enough awesome points to make up for how Luffy pwned him a few chapters back. Overall, freaking awesome chapter!

    so you forgot me …. 😦
    – Ahsan

  19. NOW we know what happened to the hat that got left 😐

  20. luffy and the staw hat crew meet either in the next or withing the next 3 chapters this prediction has been brought to you by Ahsan the spam god 😉

  21. OH! MY! GOD! The dark doctor shows up at the end of the last chapter and now the one and only red haired makes an epic appearance and his crew totally match up to the admirals. I swear it could only get better if Roger himself came swingin one piece in his arm at the end of the next issue….

  22. O.o and once again OP beats all the other mangas
    what an awesome entrance of Shanks although i do not yet know what exactly Shanks meant it was all awesome!

  23. Awesome chapter =P
    I hope there will be a breakdown for it soon.

    Also I have a theory

    It goes like this

    One Piece is actually the tree(or whatever you want to think it is) of the Devil Fruits and Gol D. Rodgers found it and hid it in the grand line so that no one could take it and monopolize the powers of the devil fruit.

    Also I don’t expect a reunion of the Straw Hat Pirates for another 4 chapters at least. Shanks or Trafalgar’s people will probably hunt them down for Luffy while he’s out of it healing up from the battle.

  24. how does everyone see a reunition of the strawhat pirates so fast?
    only few hours have passed since this war started and few days (2 mayb 3) since they were split up. Unless there is gonna be a timeskip i dont see the SH pirates beeing together again for over andother 20-30 chapthers atleast. How much i hope they will reunite asap i just dont see it happening in the short future maybe 1 by one they can come back but not all together in only 3 chapters.
    Although it is almost 1.5 years for us since they split up its only been days in the manga just wanted to point that out again.

    I wonder if luffy is gonna meet up with Shanks soon or is Law gonna set ship to far away for now?

    @Imnotreallyhere: yeh good theory =)
    Although i have the feeling its not gonna be confirmed or busted soon 😛

  25. why do i see luffy crew meeting up soon ?
    two reasons first the logical one

    1- i dont see how this war would end … and the events which will follow i see a timeskip coming thus in the next 3 chapters the sh crew will meet most likely thru a time skip 😛

    2- few chapters back the spoilers were out and i was blackmailing super that i would tell him . suddenly a random thought struck me why not make a crazy theroy and tell super that thats the spoiler 😛 – i told him shanks has come and bla bla – after a few chapters shanks comes??? from now on ill go with the crazy theory’s 😀

  26. Shanks showing up wasn’t such a crazy theory. He met with WB before hell broke loose to try and stop this disaster from happening, because he had an idea of how the outcome would be. I expected him to show up, more so than anyone else, not only because of the meeting, but because he knew (most likely knew) his adopted son luffy (was asked to care for luffy) would attempt to rescue his brother in a reckless attempt. If shanks didn’t show up i would have expected Dragon to show up, but nothing hinted that Dragon had any interest in participating in this battle. Ya his son would be there, but something tells me, Shanks and Dragon met up after the WB / shanks meeting. Your crazy theory was spot on dude^^ Oh and i’m not sure about the time skip, only because it would leave a lot of unexplained stories about what happens after this Huge event, along with how and when the crew meets up with one another. Btw i wonder if Sanji is gonna be a tranny for the rest of the story, since last time i saw him, he was wearing a dress, covered in make up, and skipping along a beach holding high heels. o_O


    great breakdown for a great chapter super 🙂

    good as 578 was, i have to say that 579 is one of the most BADASS chapters in the history of manga……..when i first saw shanks blocking akainu’s fist, i was like “fuck me sideways” 😀 …….also, coby shines in a nice speech….BB shows exactly how dangerous he is……kizaru appears again………more akainu pwnage……and of course, Vivi-san on the cover again 😛

    luffy’s hat is in safe hands now 😀 ……wonder what shanks will do with it……will he return it to luffy again or will he keep it……

  28. great chapter! i wonder if there was some external person or force causing everyones blood lust to go “up to eleven” or if it was just the heat of battle? the way it was emphasized ade me think that someone or something was causing it. till coby and his awesome speech of couse! XD coby saw what the devil does to soldier who disobey, and he still stood up to him and called him out. pretty sweet. and of course shanks! WOOOOOT!!!! my only question is… what about kaidou? he was stoped by shanks fro making a play from power, but did shanks beat him? draw? ditch the fight to come to Marienford? i have many questions for you red hair…

  29. I’m actually just a beginner of onepiece and i’ve had to start all ovef from chapter 1 which is kind of frustrating. Could someone tell me more about the abilities and titles the following people hold, and perhaps list them out in order of strength.

    shanks, dragon(i know he’s luffy’s dad), Ao Kiji, White Beard, Black Beard, Hawk Eye, Gecko Moria, Marco, Pirate Empress and Vice admiral Garp.

  30. And Wait, is white beard dead?

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