Rate this Weeks manga 12/03/2010

Yosh! right first off im going to tell you, that this week my post is going to be very short, mainly because i do not have the time at the moment to do a full post. So this week im going to base this post around all of your opinions.

So lets start with Fairy Tail in which i must admit wasnt that good as i was hoping, after last weeks emotional effect. The only good thing i can say about this weeks chapter has to be the ending … Which was a bit of a twist, i wasnt expecting it to be honest. Anyway the rating i give to this weeks chapter is 5/10.  Let me know what you thought of this weeks chapter in the comments, what you liked, didnt like etc.

next Bleach, and like the title of MsMandi’s breakdown, yay ichigo does something! i love this chapter it was intense, Aizen finally has abit of fear in his eyes, and ichigo is being rather sneaky, like hiding round the corner, waiting for someone to pass then jumping out, tripping them up and hiding again.

Yeah its shaping up rather nicely now, and unlike Fairy Tail theres nothing that i could say was bad about this chapter, so for my rating i give bleach this week 10/10. Once again discuse the chapter in the comments.

Onto One Piece, which was good this week, however it pissed me off, but more specifically Blackbeard pissed me off

if you cant figure out whats going on that picture, basically, Blackbeard stole Whitebeards powers, which means that hes ‘technically’ the strongest man in the world. So yeah, not alot i can say about One Piece, i will leave the details to Super and his breakdown. My rating os 8/10 only because im  a little sick of this scenario and i want to start seeing Luffy’s crew again. you should know by now, discuss in the comments etc etc

And finally Naruto, which as previous few chapters, has been awesome. First i’d like to raise the question in this weeks breakdown, will Zetsu become more involved? what will happen after this will Madara take Sasuke and go and leave Naruto and co. to Zetsu ?

Yeah anyway, im not going into loads of detail, im just going to leave you to ponder about whats coming next. My rating… 9/10, could of done with more action in my opinion.

So yeah, sorry for the rushed feeling this week, ive just got alot going on at the moment, next week i will try to give you a more indepth post, and like i said discuss each post in the comments, if we can get some nice discussion going im sure we can make the post rather popular :P. Anyway thanks for reading.


~ by Captain Awesome on March 15, 2010.

11 Responses to “Rate this Weeks manga 12/03/2010”

  1. FIRST!

  2. second? @______@

    The ending of FT saved the whole chapter, but yeah I agree with you, that it was nowhere near as good as last weeks.
    I gave OP a 1/10 this week cause it totally pissed me off >.< nuff said.
    Naruto and Bleach were pretty beast this week in their own ways.

  3. 3rd

    bleach 0 /10 (no i didnt accidently miss the one XD)
    op 10/10
    naruto 8/10 (even though it was talk it was actually good XD naruto showing the emo jutsu effects )
    ft- gah 0 i read a chapter after so long and it sucked

  4. @Ahsan: how can you give bleach 0/10 this week, it was beast (as bb said)

  5. I agree with Ahsan-

    Bleach= 0/10

    Yamamoto dies without showing his bankai,
    Aizen acts scared and is probably not going to be affected considering that he can stop ichigo’s blade with a finger.

    Ichigo is weak
    Gin still doing his painting

    Plot holes x infinity

    What is everyone doing right now?? Why has no1 unleashed bankai,
    urahara, yoruichi? isshin, uryuu? What the hell is Kubo waiting for?

  6. Bleach gets a 7/10 at least. Yamamoto couldn’t use Bankai, his flames were sealed. Yet, after all those flames made a huge blast, he survived and managed to catch Aizen off guard? That’s pretty bamf at least. This chapter showed that Aizen had calculated any toubles that would occur with in his knowledge.

    OP 10/10
    Naruto 7/10
    FT…yeah sympathy 1/10

  7. @ajd… even if thats true…

    any of them could have used bankai all of this time… including yamamoto….before unleashing the most powerful attack with his shikai, why not his most powerful attack with his bankai??

  8. @omar101990, Bleach isnt just about ppl shouting “Bankai!” anytime things look bad (Komamura, Renji, Toshiro and Ichigo do that, and they get pwned a lot for it). Besides, what’s the point of using Bankai if you’re sure its not gonna work? Remember everyone is under Aizen’s illusion, so using Bankai would end up doing more harm than good and would show Aizen their secret weapon. Ichigo is the only one that has the right to be using Bankai because he’s the only one not affected by Kyouka Suigetsu.

  9. i guess you’re right in that sense…but then why do anything if ur in an illusion?… also i mean when will u show ur trump card, until u die?… like where are shinsui, and ukitake’s bankais when they were getting owned by starkk…it just pisses me off that the shinigami are so proud

  10. YOSH!!! Great job Dean sorry I haven’t been around much. About that One Piece Breakdown… Blame it on Spring Break…>_> My ratings would have to be…

    Fairy Tail 5/10…I’m yearning for something interesting not involving the bossy little cat. ~_~

    Bleach 8/10…Yamamato was awesome but that’s the only thing that happened this chapter. Ichigo jumping in was pretty cool.

    One Piece 9/10…Blackbeard’s a little %&#$%

    Naruto 9/10…Lot’s of talking but what needed to be said was said.

  11. why i gave bleach a zero

    -there is no plot … or atleast its very messed up
    -there is no clear power statues …. aizen pwns all captains but cant avoid an attack by the cc who doesnt even have a zanpakuto (in a sense )
    -ichigo to beat aizen . f*%$. there are people 100000X better than that little brat who even pees while in bankai state …
    -much more

    @ super . i 9/10 for op ??? whyyyyyy >>_<_>

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