Naruto Shippuuden 151 Breakdown + Motivational Poster. The fillers have come to an end!

Hey everyone. Well, I guess this is the moment many of your (or most of you) have been waiting for. Our latest filler arch has finally come to an end in this episode and for better or for worse, it was quite an end indeed.

To open things up, I would like to say that this episode was definitely better than the previous one before it and it held a lot more emotion and feeling. It was also far more visually appealing and had a greater presentation, albeit with somewhat hasty yet still palatable battles that did better for their showing than the disappointment that was our last episode.

All in all, I guess one could say that this filler wrapped up nicely, as far as fillers are concerned, and this time around they managed to avoid the clichéd happy ending, instead settling for a far darker tone that serves to leave a bitter taste in one’s mouth rather than surgery sweetness.

Is that a "Tiny NOOO!!!!" or just a normal "No"? O_o

Yes, that is right Hotaruo, your time in the anime is inevitably over. There is no point crying over it now.

Leaving all attempts at humor behind (for now), we start things out exactly where we left off, with the immediate aftermath of Hotaru’s jutsu and the ensuing collateral damage, which just so happens to include Naruto and Utakata. Fortunately for them, the jutsu was quite underwhelming at this point, thanks to a short charge-up time, which means they have an excuse to still be alive.

(Somewhere on another planet named after a vegetable, a similarly dubbed Saiyan is shaking his head in bitter disappointment.)

After a short exchange thereof, we move back to our other trio of leaf shinobi as they resume their battle from the last episode. Luckily, this time, the animation is much better and the increased visual appeal definitely makes an difference.

They say acupuncture helps relax the muscles. Well, Sai definitely looks relaxed if nothing else. O_o (Secretly, everyone cheered when they saw Sakura impaled by large shards of glass/ice.)

Overall, the battle was still brief and the lack of suspense, based on the knowledge of the fact that main characters cannot really die in fillers, didn’t add anything to it, but at least it wasn’t completely underwhelming. Actually, to elaborate even further, the entire episode seemed to be one fast sprint to the finish line. Scenes that could have been dragged out for quite some time were dealt with hastily and all the loose ends were tied up in an almost abrupt manner.

This could be seen as a good thing by some of those who couldn’t wait for the fillers to be over, but in a way, it also takes a bit of feeling out of the episode as a whole. However, even despite that, the dip is marginal and barely worth any significant mention.

Shiranami: "For my next magic trick, I will roast a marshmallow over the fire and then eat it." @_@

Following the short battle, our scene moves back to our two resident Jinchuuriki and their bout with an increasingly agitating Shiranami.

Much like our other battle taking place beforehand, this bout was just as short, although it was not without its flair. What was lost in terms of a lack of fleshed-out content was somewhat made up for with flashy displays and powerful jutsu, and most viewers would more than likely be pleased with the quick resolution, especially considering the lethargic pace of the previous episode and the general consensus regarding fillers.

However, there were still some niggling blemishes that remained ever-present, even in our finale, such as the consistently reiterated and almost clichéd themes of redemption and hope that we have seem many times before, as well as even more repeats of the same flashback scene of Utakata’s past that has not missed a single screening since the fillers started.

Just hold on a little bit longer! We're almost at the end of the fillers!

Once Shiranami is sent running, this is where the heart of the episode really starts to shine through, while moving above all of the typical mess and grime. While Naruto chases after their fleeing adversary, Utakata remains behind to try and stop Hotaru from blowing up, literally.

Of course, this is where we move from the less meaningful battles and into the types of scenes that really gave flavor to this arc, and what better way to save someone than to enter their mind and have a little R&R?

Don't worry Hotaru. I promise it won't be anything like that last time in the bubble.

This scene was more enjoyable than the parallel one that Naruto had found himself in. Chasing down a villain who is hardly anything beyond annoying almost feels like getting the short end of the plot stick, but then again this filler was never really centered on him in the first place and he had already fulfilled his role as the loud, supportive pillar of strength.

Naruto proves that actions do, in fact, speak louder than words and a Rasengan is definitely a mouthful for those on the receiving end.

Again, I will reiterate that the battles in this episode were not the true highlight, but rather just an extra injection of flashy substance to carry the real meat of the show.

Once all is done, the conflict and strife finally comes to an end as Utakata, with the new strength imbued within his heart thanks to the likes of Naruto and Hotaru, nullifies the forbidden jutsu set to claim all of their lives, using his own Jinchuuriki power to consume the blast.

Alright, so maybe roasting the marshmallow over the fire wasn't such a good idea after all. X__X

After, that, I guess you could say we have our typical happy and peaceful ending, with the damsel rescued, the once emo prince now relatively happy and Naruto grinning like an idiot as usual. At least, that’s how it is for a moment.

A bit earlier in the arc, I asked the question of whether or not everyone thought there would be a clichéd happy ending to the arc where Utakata somehow finds a way to be with Hotaru, despite all plot implications, or whether it would be darker and more gritty, with Utakata facing capture and eventual death.

The appearance of Pein’s summoned hound further along hinted at the latter and instilled that sense of dread that lies in the wake of an ill omen. And now, finally, Utakata’s fate is, however bad, has been confirmed.

Note to all viewers: When you see a group of creepy, robed figures hiding in the bushes while staring at you like a good meal, it's a good idea to save all questions you may have for later and to start getting yourself the hell out of there. If you don't, then only pain awaits for you in your future. @_@

Yes, that’s right. For better or for worse, whether you wanted it or not, the dark reality cannot be changed. We all knew that one way or another, Utakata’s Bijuu would be extracted and the fact that he has met such a cruel fate despite the momentary promise of a bright future with Hotaru, definitely instills that sense of darkness and plight that faces all Jinchuuriki.

There are no happy endings hidden in a field of colourful flowers or happy sunsets. Utakata’s death is practically force-fed to us on a grotesque platter and it is a meal that is somewhat hard to swallow after seeing him finally develop a sense of belonging.

The question is, how do you feel about it now that it has finally come to pass?

Hotaru basks in the warmth of the sun, unaware of Utakata's fate as he lies imprisoned in the cold earth that has fallen around him. The final desperate whisper that escapes his lips carries the last of his dying will, as fate embraces him in a cruel shadow of unrelenting darkness.

In the end it is a cold, hard truth and a fate already shared by a few other Jinchuuriki besides Utakata as Pein defeats him in what is literally a landslide victory. It is also a fate that possibly awaits Naruto and Bee as well, both of whom are now the last two Jinchuuriki left to be free of capture.

What I am interested to see, is whether we will get any insight into Utakata’s extraction, or whether any news of his fate will reach Naruto, even though that would fall outside of the realm of fillers and into cannon. However, it would help bolster his feelings of hatred towards Pein that much more, so it could essentially fit within the boundaries of the existing plot.

Well, the fillers have officially come to an end and the next episode will see Naruto learning of Jiraiya’s fate at last. That will definitely be an emotional episode so get those tissues ready if you are easily moved to tears. X__X

In the meantime, here are last weeks best captions.

6th) Nagashikage: Damn … He’s A’FIRIN HIZ LAZER !

5th) Catz747: (while surfing on WRA) HOW CAN ONE SITE BE SO AWESOME?? O_O

4th) tigerpalm: This power !!!! (We all know where that was going. :P)

3rd) Avenue0Pein: I will stop ur vehicle with nothing but my amazing voice.

2nd) ajd: “OMG! Is that the end of the filler I see or am I dying?” (Double pun indeed. ^ ^)

Captain Pickles: In the next episode, we will see how this man, with his new name, will go on to become one of the greatest evangelizers of his generation.

For those of you who don’t know what an evangelizer is, just refer to your nearest dictionary. Well done to everyone, all the captions were really great. I had to have more positions than I normally give out, so keep up the good work.

Now for this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*

I know it’s a difficult one, but lets see how you guys do.

That’s it for this week. All that’s left is to give you is the trailer for the next, potentially emotional episode and a motivational poster just for fun. ^ ^

See you next time!!!


~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 15, 2010.

64 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 151 Breakdown + Motivational Poster. The fillers have come to an end!”

  1. 1st 😀


  3. xD i win mauahhahahahah gr8 breakdown 1010 , love the motivational poster 😀

  4. Yay, no more fillers.

    If you look closer to the next episode preview, you would see how mind bogglingly better the animation is, which is by no means surprising, but it just makes me tremble in expectation for the eye candies due to be seen.

  5. lmao pretty cool breakdown Tenria. I like your choose of words when describing the last plea of Utakaka.

    CAPTION: For My next trick, i shall burn myself alive in an attempt to keep myself safe from shadow clones. Epic fail

  6. 5th.

  7. i was expecting a more sugar-coated ending. if you think about it, the implications are terrible….it’s not as if i care, but it’s a pretty bad ending.
    most importantly, i was expecting utakata to put up a bigger fight. i mean, he was beaten thanks to a few rockets…i don’t know if this is a testament to azura path’s power (who never faced naruto! getting rasenganed from above doesn’t count…) but still, he’s the 6 tailed beast!!!!!!!!!
    anyway, i can’t wait for the pain arc.

  8. Great Job Tenrai!

    CAPTION: I fell in to a burning ring of fire, and it burned, burned, burned, the ring of fire… the ring of fire…

  9. Or if Johnny Cash is not your thing, perhaps some Coal Chamber
    (paraphrased of course)

    CAPTION: My ass, my ass, my ass is on fire… I don’t need no water let the motherf*cker burn… Burn Motherf*cker BUUUUURRRRNNN!!!

  10. CAPTION: “Ring of Fire Jutsu: Almost as impressive as those abs.”

  11. Hm, so I got a loooooooooooong opinion on the filler.

    Tenrai, you propably remember from me personally what said in advance about that filler: “Meh, I think it’s going to be boring, Guren filler was boring as well, and Isonade wasn’t really the main focus.” and you said “Weeell, but this time, we have a REAL Jinchuuriki and not just a Bijuu, so I think it will be better.” In fact, it WAS better, of course. Not only because it was shorter. BUT the main thing that is making me angry is this:

    *The filler was more about Hotaru than about Utakata.

    More things I’m angry at:
    *Naruto and Utakata NEVER spoke about their “comradeship” in being Jinchuurikis. I’m really pissed at that. I SO wanted to hear Naruto say, in a funny way “Oh yeah, you too? What can you do, show me, what is yours like?”, heheee, and of course some deeper serious discussions.
    *The filler guys didn’t have enough guts.
    **They didn’t have enough guts to show the slug properly.
    **They didn’t have the guts to show a fight against Pain that was LONGER than 20 seconds.

    The filler was more about Hotaru and the Tsuchigumo clan than about the jinchuuriki Utakata, and that’s the dumbest thing.

    Besides that, I was happy with the filler!

  12. I loved this filler. Only episode 150 sucked, everything else was top-notch. Even an evil creepy dude like me felt sad when Utakata got captured *sigh*. But him running away was the right move plot-wise. He wanted to get to Hotaru and get her away so he can be her master and facing 6 powerful ninja (we know he can sense chakra) would make it less likely for him to fulfill his duty as a master. It was a good end to the best Naruto filler of them all.

  13. Ahh, Naruto is so good. Unlike Bleach, Naruto fillers actually at least fit into the anime’s story and look canon, are enjoyable to watch, and don’t last … I think Bleach has been on filler for 9 months now ? I could’ve impregnated someone and they would’ve had the baby before Ulquiorra came back. This filler has been going on so long I’m not even looking forward to Ulquiorra anymore. But anyway, this is Naruto here. Pein’s here ! And he’s such a creeper.

  14. Nice job Ten!
    I thought that this filler was probably one of the best ones in the whole series. It had pretty good action, a good background story (even if it repeated many times), and best of all, they didnt drag it out for another 10 episodes with some kind of ridiculous ending.
    The ending was very bitter-sweet btw, but it was perfect, and like you said it really did show sad fate most of jinchuurikis face.

    Why did you stop attacking? these flames aren’t even two feet tall! *sigh* I miss the good old days when the good guy could majestically walk through fire, be totally unaffected, and then beat the bad guy to a pulp… you all are pathetic

  15. great job tenrai 🙂 …..and thanks for the 5th prize kukuku..

    as i said on another breakdown here, i can’t post comments this week as my computer is screwed 😦 ….only the essentials:

    CAPTION: Acme Gangrape Prevention kit: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK >_>

  16. Hey guys sorry it has been a while since I have been on here, having my computer fry on me has taken my ability to talk on here. Uhh right on to the fillers.

    So as with Aeris I wont say that this filler is terrible. Heck I wont even say that the fillers are bad. The missed opportunities, however, make it for an extremely dissapointing experience, mostly because there were so many high expectations. One thing that they did well which I wasnt actually expecting was to actually develop the character of Ukataka well. Unlike the characters of past fillers Utakata is one that will actually be remembered. And I was probably the one harping on him the most at the beginning.
    Now then, the missed points.
    — Actual epic Utakata fight— Ok Ok so the studio behind this past filler arc has spent the last…what 2-3 months right building up this character..getting us to invest ourselves in this character. Then in the very very end, the end we were waiting for for 3 months by the way was…friggin tacked on… it wasnt intertwned with the plot. And Utakata got his but handed to him OFF SCREEN. I feel like I just got the finger, one of the biggest f*^% You’s in a while. I mean, think of it, this doesnt need to be a fight that overshadows Jaryias fight, but Utakata could have at least have gone down in a heroic fashion. With flashes of Utakata coming to terms with the power inside of him top finally awaken…whiche takes us to
    —Bijuu Throwdown— I want my friggin Godzilla fight dammit! I want bid monsters throwing down or big monsters doing something. I mean the fact that Utakata was a Jinchuriki in this filler was inconsequential. In the end he could have been any ninja with (insert deus ex machina plot device here) type of power. In the end the (forbidden jutsu/plot device) greatly overshadowed the subplot of the Snail biguu. Which I would have been okay if the sub-plot was even realy addressed or was relealed t everyone which brings me to the next point
    —Jinchurikii Exposition/Analysis— We know that Jinchuriki are “clan/village secrets” and one cant just go around yaking about them; but we all wanted to see the flash of understanding and growth that would have stemmed from the realization and kinship of out two main protagonists within this filler upon realizing thier true nature. Once again, something we do not get.

    I want a way to redo those episodes, if these episodes were done right and well, this filler could overshine not only the regular episodes but outshine most anime. I mean, I had a friggin wish list when this filler was announced for those who remember that list. This is like that feeling when your 12 on Christmas and your grandparent give you the same Ninja Turtle pajammas, dang it I wanted a Gameboy!!! (what, dont judge me, I was 12, I was allowed to act like a bratty spoiled 12 year old).

    Final thought: Definate step up from what we have seen currently, and it could me much worse. I am still convinced that the filler episodes before Shippuden are why Naruto stopped showing on Cartoon Network in America. Of course, that is a double edged sword, if these guys start making good fillers we are going to have much higher expectations. As a result, our reviews will be that much more scathing, because we cant simply come up with the excuse, its just filler. In the end the filler, especially the ending, was like eating a cup of ramen noodles. Its tasty, its definately refreshing, but in the end you still feel empty and hungry for more.

  17. Caption: *Whew* Told ya not to light a match….

  18. @ Aeris & accordionninja

    I enjoy it when you guys give such a detailed analysis of your thoughts regarding a subject, because it really adds a lot to any discussion and it helps bring out new topics of discussion where there may not have been one before. It is very deep and it definitely gives people a lot to think about and I appreciate it a lot.

    “In the end the filler, especially the ending, was like eating a cup of ramen noodles. Its tasty, its definately refreshing, but in the end you still feel empty and hungry for more.”

    That, in particular, was a very good analogy to sum things up. I agree that there were quite a few missed opportunities. As I said in my breakdown, the entire last episode felt like a sprint to the finish line, which to some may be a good thing, but it also means that a lot of potential content is lost in that haste. It was still good, but it could have been more than that.

    Either way, it was definitely a good filler. I just wish that Naruto and Utakata interacted more on a level of two Jinchuuriki understanding one another, rather than just two shinobi with the same goal of rescuing Hotaru.

    However, in the end, I think this filler was actually more about the relationship between master and student, above all other themes, rather than those of being a Jinchuuriki or having to carry a heavy burden. That theme was hit on consistently throughout the entire arc, so I guess if that was their message, they definitely kept their focus without straying from it.

    All in all, it all comes around full circle back to the death of Jiraiya and it does a good job of highlighting just what it was that Naruto has really lost and how much of an impact it will really have on him.

  19. The only thing I have to say to this filler now is, “that’ll do, pig.” When I heard about the filler, I wasn’t expecting anything but the worst. It really grew on me, but really Naruto? He’s an arm length away and all they do is flash back to the creepy old master scene? Then at the end, Ukataka was like “Ohhhhhhhh…He was helping me, not raping me.” grr, have that realization sooner damnit!…yeah yeah, character growth, I get it. But, as stated, not a single curious thought from Naruto? That’s unusual. I like the way Terai and accordiannija put it. Spot on man.

    However, one thing these spoiler do story wise is add more build up. They’re similar to how this filler arc went and added: stars like a small, inconspicous bubble and makes it bigger and bigger, until BAM. The bigger the bubble is, the more significance the pop. Enough with the puns, Great filler, likely the best. Lets hope future ones are as good.

    I only have one question: Does any one know water jutsus? I promise I’ll only blow up the lesser important villages.
    (TINY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! sorry, that came into my head while typing XD)

  20. sorry, one more

    Naruto, Note my glorious abs! I got sssssssssssteam heat!

  21. Caption:

    In the Narutoverse, the camp fires huddle around you. O_o

  22. Actually, as some may already know because I, like, say it in every second sentence, that I’m really against Sakura bashing, I noticed something I have to mention here:

    Yamato did a wood bunshin.
    Sai did an ink bunshin.
    Sakura………… did not make her own bunshin, but had to be bunshin-ed by Sai.
    😀 😀
    Actually, she CAN do a Bunshin no Jutsu, and a Kawarimi no Jutsu!

  23. great breakdown… Filler finally over and Pein was in it surprised he had all his paths with him but guess that shows the 6 tails is really powerful. This is how i like my anime, the darker side shows the world won’t always have this happy ending and in the end destiny must be there.

    Caption: (starts singing) “can’t touch this, na na na na, can’t touch this” (hope no one finds weakness of fire O_O )

  24. Caption: ” Hey you there, go get me a marshmellow or my freakishly defined abs won’t be the only frontal nudity you see.

  25. YOSH!!! Great job on the breakdown Tenrai! This filler was pretty good and I’m glad I had no expectations when I stated it. Lol, no matter what I was going to watch it anyway. XD

    The forbidden jutsu was mostly full right? He kept saying “just a little more” but it barely did anything! And Ukataka wasn’t even sizzled from using his Bijuu like that. Hotaru was looking good though after she had that jutsu removed. Hell, she looked fine before. 😉 Yep, I think that’s all I wanted to say…>_>

    Caption: Gather around Narutards, it’s camp story time! Tonight I have a scary one about the fillers that never ended.


  27. HEy guys, anyone else notice that six tails chakara was red like naruto’s Kyubi chakra?

  28. @Marks: Yeah, I expected it to be light blue or blue! It would have been way better, as I stated here in the fourth comment:

  29. Like Killerbee’s chakra could have been the same color his bijuu is… retarded decision, whether Kishi said “Yeah yeah, orange is fine” or the anime guys said “What will we do? Stick with orange? Yeah, that’s fine.”

  30. Caption:

    Trapping-myself no-Jutsu….Ohhhhh…shit…

  31. I think this filler was rlly about hidden concepts like:
    1. Master vs Student, preparation for jiraiya death (ero sennin =( ] announcement to naruto, where we get more about what jiraiya is for naruto and what is their relationship.
    2. More insight in another jinchuruki.
    3. And I think no1 mentioned this before but wow that forbidden jutsu doesn’t look familiar?, just like Shinra Tensei? The explosion kinda looks the same, and i think the idea of that so called “forbidden jutsu” that wasn’t rlly named came form shinra hihih xP

    I kinda enjoyed the filler didn’t went too god wid the ending tough but who cares 😛 say hi to PEIN ARC 😛

  32. @ acklikxx

    dude the first two points of your are proven wrong by the fact that they didnt even show the jinchuriki go down , the master go down >_<



  34. nice one teny!!!!!!!!! oh and u were right about naruto being poisened teny -_____-.


  35. Yea, it would appear the 8 tails chakra is red too. Seems as though most of the bijuus chakras are red.

  36. CAPTION: Lets gather round the campfire and sing our campfire song. Our C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E gathering campire song. nd if you think that we cant sing it faster then your wrong, but it will help if you just sing alonnnnnnnnng!

  37. Cption: Da…da…And the burning ring of fire…

  38. Caption: Burn it to the ground ton-OMG MY FREAKISHLY UN-RIPPED ABS…NUU!

  39. Woohoo! Spoilers are over! Ahsan, we can stop running away now…party time!


    Narutos: “Through the fire and the flames we carry ooooon!”

  40. yup no need to run now yaasaaaaaaay

  41. Oh man! The fillers are OVAH! Woo hoo!

  42. @Tenrai Senshi

    No worries bud. As has been mentioned before we are here for you guys. It is a nice change of pace to finally write about and break down something that holds a great interest. Or just the utter dissapointment of an episode needs me to vent, and since my roomate is out of the dorms for Spring Break I have noone to choe in pure frustration, so congrats you guys are now the outlet of my frustration.
    But in all seriousness, you guys are what make it worthwhile. Now I have to get back to writing my 15 page theisis…..ugh.

    -Accordion Ninja

    the accordion…aweapon to be feared

  43. I think the reason why they made the fight between pain and utakata so short was because pain is really that much of a badass and they don’t want to reveal much more about pain. If they did that it would totally ruin the surprise of his attack on Konoha (at least for those who don’t read the manga and just watch the anime)

    but yes, i will agree that a little more interaction between the jinchuuriki’s would have made it better but someone already mentioned that it was really just a master and student theme. they’ve already covered the jinchuuriki bond with gaara and that sora filler…

  44. @debito89
    Good catch there. although people watching anime only will be a little disappointed with it, It’s going to pay off soon enough and build their anticipation for the fight ahead.

    That’s exactly what I was thinking lol…<__> and the jutsu too…*ehem* But, as implied by debito89, It’s gonna make them anime-only narutards witnessing peins version not only defaecate themselves, urinate themselves, and vomit (guaranteed), but also induce high blood pressure, an erection lasting for longer than four hours, drowsiness, kidney stones, constant twitching of the body and eyes, mild strokes, emo, brain swelling bad breath and occasionally heart attacks every other tuesday. In severe cases, due to the sheer shock of the events, they may believe that it wasn’t this serious and deny having any symptoms. It’s likely that once they stand up and take five steps, their hearts will explode.
    You should immediately stop watching and call your doctor if you experience the following of the above symptoms: Erection lasting longer than 4 hours, drowsiness, and emo. Isolated cases have also shown heavy mood swings in females. If you are pregnant, it is not recommended you watch this episode, unless you want that baby shooting out and having the first thing it sees be true pain. It’s first words will be TINY, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Well…guess I touched base on it.
    @everyone who reads this, Sorry if you were looking for logical input, but you’ll find I covered useful information in there.

  45. another CAPTION:
    Naruto? GTFO, I’m waiting for the White Fang.

  46. @ajd

    ROFL!!! Yep, a lot of useful info there! 😀
    Oh, btw are you a doctor…


    Ryūjin Jakka!!!!!!! No wait a minute thats not right……..

  48. when is ep 152 coming??

  49. its coming out with 153…1 hour special next week





    yup cant wait for it (the new episode that is)

    kakashi fight coming up O___________________o

    i freakin cant wait to see wolf chidori thingi

  51. i know its late but i just noticed …… sai got pierced by 3 frozen sticks one of them is in his ass O_o or maybe im going crazy

  52. @Tenrai Another great breakdown.

    Caption: NOW … do you think I am hot?

  53. @to63to well, i don’t want to brag, but I’ve been learning from commercials and action movie. I’d say it won’t be long before I earn a ph. d. wait, I have to have schooling for that? bah, at least I have chicken.

  54. Caption:
    FLAME ON !!!!

  55. Caption :


  56. @ajd

    Holywood movies-the best way to learn everything about anything 😀

    I will follow your example and start preparing for fighting aliens and zombies for when inevitably we are attacked by one of them…or by angry gerbals.

  57. @to63to: Aliens, zombies or angry gerbils? I would rather say evil hamsters… There’s even a website! lol XD

  58. @最强 Dragon

    Oh man, I am getting a machine gun installed on my front door…

  59. ROFLMFAO!!! @ dragonny lol

    where’s my shotgun O_O

    check out my new pic —————————->>>>>>>>

  60. Unfortunately there was no episode last week, so we’ll have to wait until the end of this week for the news to be broken.

    In the meantime, I think that I might hold a little competition to pass the time. Perhaps a competition for motivational posters to see who can come up with a great original one just for laughs. If anyone likes that idea, just let me know.

  61. It’s really quite a shame we won’t be seeing more of Hotaru’s rack now ;(

  62. @zzattack

    There is always Hinata… 😉

  63. Ah, yes, I remember a certain coloured panel after she receives a little treatment of god. They better animate that properly.

  64. I just watched the new episodes and I have to say their quality bordered with that of the movies both graphically and story wise.

    It is really sad to see our beloved hero in such deep grief.I know for those of us who follow closely the manga this is not something new but the anime conveys Naruto’s feeling of loosing the closest thing to a father much stronger and definitely made me think how strong both emotionally and mentally must Naruto be to withstand this personal drama and move on in such short period of time.

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