Naruto 486 Breakdown: They’re first-class, baby, screw flying coach…

If anyone can recognize this reference, that would make me feel more like a normal human being >_>

Well, if you thought there wasn’t nearly enough pink-haired goodness in the last chapter, there ya go! 😉

Welcome, WRA, to another edition of Family Feud the Naruto manga breakdown! You already know who this is, so let’s hop right to it!

First of all, I’ve been watching in the shadows, observing everyone’s reaction to this latest installment, and I must say, there have been some mixed emotions regarding this chapter, almost verging on two completely opposite extremes.

But hate it or love it, whatever the case may be for you, there is no denying the fact that 486 most assuredly riveting.

It brought to light some mighty interesting plot twists that had not been touched on, and refueled some already existent theory fires that have been persistently lurking around some of our visionary minds; all of which I will try to touch on, but if I miss anything, by all means, spam (not really) the comment section with your ideas for all of our reading pleasure!

N.S = Naruto.Sasuke = NarutoXSasuke = NaruXSasu: Kishi is leaving us clues! Or is he just playing with my mind? X__X

When was the last time we saw Naruto smile and simper so coyly this much in the manga? Well, I certainly don’t remember. But if I were to take a wild guess, I’d say not in the past 40-50 chapters, maybe more. The reason is rather simple: there hasn’t exactly been a whole lot to smirk about.

Inches away from reaching the ever elusive young avenger in his last attempt, he misses by a hair’s breadth in the form a mask-wearing, walking crypt named Madara. A downtrodden Naruto returns to his village only to find that his teacher and long-time mentor has left for Necropolis, never to return: no seven Dragon balls are bringing him back, rest his pervy soul ;___;. Months later, Naruto returns once again only to gaze in awe as the smoke from vaporized village cleared and the man responsible majestically falls from the heavens, prepared to do battle.

So yea, like I said, it hasn’t exactly been the most joyous of times for our hero. BUT, lo and behold…

Able to look past the untold sorrow and pain gnawing at him on the inside, he will never forget to display, with all honesty, a reassuring smile, lighting up the hearts of those around him, even when he is dying on inside. Yet more sacrifice for the ones he loves...

I just wanted to point this out to remind us all of what we love about Naruto-kun!

It seemed Sakura felt the same, because it looked like her tear ducts were about to explode, releasing another barrage of salted water.

In spite of the less than pleasant message Naruto had for Sasuke, and his entire audience constituting the rest of Team 7, and the Akatsuki remains, he never forgot to put on a little smile on his face.

This brings us to the core of the entire last chapter: the message, which no doubt left a good few of us on the same page for quite a while, trying to pick up our jaws. But let’s not devour the main course just yet. That’ll have to be for later. In the meantime, there’s still plenty to discuss.

Sasuke-kun is in a lot of a fix (see what I did there? =P), but where is his fairy-godfather? He’s chillin’ like the villain he is in his secret lair…mask off. Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly, what we get is a rear view, but that’s more than enough to reignite a particular dormant theory flame. I read in the comments, Gavin said something along the line of “Madara sure has a serious case of Obito hair.” It also caught my attention, and I, for one, am an avidly anti-Tobi/Obito (just ask Super >_>). But the resemblance is undeniable…

Those Kages are going down!

But more notable, is what Madara says to himself (or to his right-hand man) in his little chamber. Noting that he needs to be ready for war, he says “…This will be a good chance to take out the Rin’negan.”

This begs a few questions.

The sole purose of my quoting directly from the panel was to bring to your special attention exactly what Madara said. Now, unless Madara was bald and wore the same perpetual black suit and wielded dual pistols, I doubt he would have used the phrase ‘take out’; except, of course, he already has the Rin’negan. So in my opinion, it can only be one of the first two and the last option (the last being the most likely >_>).

Vegetative propagation FTW!

Zetsu is another curious case. For as long as I can remember, he’s been snooping, eavesdropping, and stalking (bad pun) everyone from Sasuke and Itachi to Naruto and Pein. But never as in the last few chapters has his character been developed as much. We’re beginning to gain more insight into his character in the last few weeks than has been shown in the last few years. Could this hint to this human-plant thing being in a major battle or at least being more involved in the plot?

Finally, as Madara arrives and goes ‘down boy’ at Zetsu, he is ready to ‘flush’ his protege to a safer place. But first, Naruto has something to say to his buddy.  Calmy, he inches forward as his lips part. It was interesting to note that Sasuke asked Madara to wait, for the sake of Naruto, as if to suggest he has developed a level of deference for him.

That’s when Naruto drops the bombshell.

Naruto first recounts what Sasuke said about how first-rate shinobi are able to read each other’s minds when they clash. He then asks if Sasuke still remembers his furry little stuffed, cuddly sleeping partner that stuck with him all those years following the massacre, and how it mysteriously vanished.


Not Mr. Snuggleees! ;___;

And when Sasuke asked why, why would Naruto do something so heinous, Naruto replies…

Aww, you should have made the switch before it was too late!

Poor Naruto, 15 minutes could have saved you 15% or more ;___;. If only you knew…

On a more serious note, though, we all know what Naruto said to Sasuke, to the utter stupefaction of his entire audience, and all of us, even. And I am sure we are all acutely aware of the gravity of his claims, none of which are very pretty.

On the one hand, if he dies together with Sasuke after a long and arduous brawl, Naruto can by no means fulfill his ultimate aspiration to become Hokage: the cornerstone of his entire character thus far.

In addition, Naruto statements may have come off has…’emo’ to the lot of us, which is immensely uncharacteristic of him. And this has led many to believe the worst of Naruto’s new persona.

On the other hand, Naruto’s words are true. How could he become Hokage if he fails to save a single comrade? Besides, like I said, becoming Hokage is what Naruto is all about, and being the main character of the manga, in effect, that’s what the whole comic is about. It’s no pipe dream to him. He will see it through, and we will watch him do it. Alive.

Secondly, I understand perfectly where anyone may be coming from saying Naruto may be taking a wrong turn toward Emoville now. But there is another way to look at it. The way I see it, it shows the extent to which Naruto is willing to go all for the sake of the people he loves and how high the esteem he holds them. In my own opinion, willingness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of others with a pure heart has to be the single most selfless act of benevolence and love anyone can ever display.

Why does Naruto care so much?

For the sake his friends and for his loved ones, again he is willing to give up his hopes and dreams. Again, he is willing to give up his own life. Again, he is willing ti give all he has. Again, he does so with a warm-hearted smile...

For someone who claims he can barely string a sentence together, Naruto definitely dazzled me with his words in this chapter.

And finally, as the curtains closed for the chapter, he acknowledges that the only way he and Sasuke can understand each other is with their ‘Fists’. And with a firm proclamation from him, it’s double-sealed that he will be the only one to fight his troubled friend.

Errr, sorry, that was me. It's the burritos I had for lunch >_>...

Thus ended the chapter, thus ends this here breakdown.

I get the strong feeling that we’re done with the action-packed chapters for now, and we will be seeing a lot more talking henceforth. And frankly, I’m not complaining.

But before we go…


Here are last week’s winners.

5) Ahsan

SASUGAY (2nd bubble ) – IM GAY :) and i love pickle’s


4) Gavin

BUBBLE 1: How are you gentlemen!!!

BUBBLE 2: All your base are belong to us.

CAPTION: You are on the way to destruction.

3) Bakakage

Caption: Bubble 1- back streets back
bubble 2- ALL RIGHT!!

2) Prawlkage


“But wait… there’s more….”

“Order now, and not only will you receive a Sham-Wow, but a customized Uchiha SLAP-CHOP”

And the winner!

Lol, good one, Harshy...

Edit: For whatever it’s worth, I thought Catz’s and Senshi’s were pretty damn funny. The former would have been a pretty tough contender for first place, had I not missed it when I was looking through and was too tired to go through a second time ;__;. So kudos to them both as well. I just wanna say that henceforth, if you’re gonna post an entry, please write “BUBBLITION” at the top of it so I can easily make a quick search. Btw, absolutely nothing is taken away from the current top five, those were some pretty funny entries =P. Keep em coming.

Here’s your material for the week. Enjoy!

Insert possible caption here

This is for those of you who weren’t exactly thrilled with Naruto’s performance this week.

I’m sorry Naruto-kun, it’ll never happen again!

Go easy on him, guys ;___;

*wild static*

Scorpion Legacy has taken over! Run for the hills!

Make that triple K.O. X___X

Lol, wow…

See you guys next week!




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  1. FIRSTTTT, nice breakdown pickles prettey funny

  2. second…Yeah!!!
    Great Breakdown.
    And i read it …

    grrreaat brkdwn pickles!

  4. If Naruto lets Sasuke kill him, who’ll protect the Village from the strong bad guys, Iruka or Ebisu? We’ve seen Kakashi cant fight an Akatsuki-level ninja for too long without being bedified. Naruto is being a selfish prick. Not going back on his nindo is only a testament to his PRIDE, its time he swallows it to protect the people of Konoha. 1 criminal life to protect the lives of many innocents.

  5. Btw, YONDAIME!

  6. AWESOME breakdown. I’m wishing it was longer. ^^

    Anyone else feel like we’ve just had another confession week? >_>

  7. is it third for me? Not very sure.

  8. @kisuzachi: Common, do you really think naruto plans on “dying” with sasuke when the time comes? He was only reflecting the truth of the moment. By saying they would both “die” he meant he was not “strong enough” yet to win sasuke over. For the first time, he’s realised it’s down to strength and abilities to win sasuke over and has acknowledged there’s still enough work to be done by him. Hopefully with his level of determination he would be able to win sasuke over because he would prepare for it, putting his sole mind to it. Note what he said when kakashi reminded him that he still had a dream to become hokage and hence should not let sasuke drag him down with him. He said, “and how can i call myself hokage if i can’t even save one friend? The only person sasuke is fighting is me”. You can also see where he is heading with that, saying he’s not given up on saving sasuke. I reckon with a little bit of patience we could see exactly what naruto is capable of when the time comes. I would love madara and/or zetsu to watch that fight so we could see how much madara would marvel at naruto’s growth, or perhaps see the power of “senju hashirama” himself one more time.

  9. No! Naruto has been hit with Emo no jutsu btw nice breakdown

  10. No, wait the emo no jutsu has been activated.

  11. @captain pickles: I especially like your “answer” on naruto’s claim to ‘die’. Very well put. A good breakdown anyways. Very simple. Benevolence, sacrifice to save from a good heart. And most importantly, the fact we’re going to see naruto save sasuke alive(i get the feeling the soundtrack in the anime while this fight is going on would be Alive by Payable on Death(P.O.D). Couldn’t break it down much better, captain pickles.

    And cheers to naruto discussions.

  12. Can some1 answer me plis?

    if ma dog pees on zetsu is he pissing him off or is it consider marking territory? LOOOL ahahah this was a funny joke ;P
    Lets talk seriously now plis
    1. what hides behind ZETSU, is he a human plant did his dad pwned wid a plant or backwards :S? is he strong or just like a flower pretty fragile?
    2. Point out to madara, you masked obito/Tobi/madara/twin danzo lol can u pass me ur id/passport, hmm we gotta do you an an*l search so *robber glove noise* prepare yourself, do u have a sharingan and a rinnegan mhmmmm don’t think so but u do have to clean up ur as* and treat ur fungus.
    3. SASUKE: MOM, naruto called me a faggot aka Gay, SASMOM:So hit him, Sasuke: but mom he is so cute and pretty, bahhh sasuke make up ur mind dude it can go both way or u swallow or u don’t gezz.

    LOL i think i shud stop wid the character bashing or else i’ll be kickedo ut xP hope u find dem funny and entertaining hihih

    srry for double posting but eugene got me mistaken on the issue 😛



    *Zetsu is sent to find Kisame, Madara has fun taunting Sasuke now that he’s blind*

    Sasuke: MARCO!!!

    Madara: POLO CHA!
    *Madara throws a shuriken and hits Sasuke in the nuts*

    Sasuke: AHHH! GADDAMMIT! What did you do that for?

    Madara: Because a TRUE ninja knows how to DODGE! Now go walk it off!
    *Sasuke takes 3 steps and falls into Madara’s rabid badger pit, where he is attacked*

    Madara: DAMMIT BOY! How many times am I going to have to save your worthless ass!

    *meanwhile Zetsu finds Kisame’s remains*

    Zetsu: C’mon Kisame… quit playing around… Kisame…? You can LIVE without a head right??? SH*T!!! I better call Madara… after I eat Kisame’s body…

    *Zetsu breaks out the ol’ SPORE-ULAR PHONE and calls Madara*

    Chapter ends with Madara revealing his face… MADARA IS TOM CRUISE!

  14. BUBBLE:

    Heyyyy Sasuke…. I heard you’re blind, so I brought you something….

    ….Here, These are your mother’s eyes… I dug her up and took them… Also, I’m no longer a virgin…KUKUKUKU

  15. prawlkage bravo that was pretty damn funney 😛 though i just got one doubt on that wasn’t fish sacred for zetsu?

  16. BUBBLE:

    Take a good look at this fist Sasuke…

    …Because I’m gonna punch it down your THROAT and make it POP OUT YOUR ASS!

  17. @ acklixx – No no, you misunderstood… Zetsu gave up CHOCOLATE for Lent… he can eat all the fish-man, or manfish that he wants

  18. mhhmmm i’m rlly not sure bout i still think he can’t eat fish because of his religion and i don’t tihnk he gots stomach for it for starter he just half atm and its a stomach of a plant :s
    i think his diet is based on water earth minerals and sun but idk

  19. BUBBLE:

    1: Heart!
    2: GO PLANET!
    CAPTION:Captain Planet, he’s our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero

    This would be more appropriate for Akatsuki (with the ring thing). It could be also “1:Wind!” for Naruto.

    Oh and one question. What is Zetsu’s relation with Poison Ivy?

  20. Wow, I really liked the big emphasize on Naruto smiling at the beginning of your breakdown. Of course I recognized that he smiled as well, but I didn’t try to remember how long it’s been since he last smiled… that’s really nice!!

    @total: OOooooooooh my god, you are so right!! That would be SO magnificient if we could see Tobi admiring, in awe, how strong Naruto is!!! 😦 I’m afraid I don’t think that that will happen…

  21. @aeris: Fair enough… was only a wish/projection anyway.

  22. So, normally I just say “awesome breakdown” out of probably 85% courtesy and 15% sincerity… but this time pickles, your bubble work and captions and polls were really in top form… Bravo sir!!! (your asexual reproduction reference was rather timely, as my AP Bio class tackled the subject this past week, appreciated)

    Disagree with the idea that this manga has always been about Naruto fulfilling his dream to become Hokage. It may have began that way when Kishi didn’t really have a grand plan for the storyline… But, seems to me that by the time Kishi was setting up parallels between Naruto/Jiraiya and Sasuke/Orochimaru he had decided what the manga would be about: the duality of Naruto and Sasuke and the resolution of their differences….

    That’s why I loved the way Naruto confronted Sasuke in this chapter… To me, considering what I take away from the series when I read it, it was perfect

    I also loved Sakura’s tears at Naruto’s speech… NaruXSaku never felt more right…

  23. Thanks for the honorable mentions Captain! Impressive Breakdown.


    1) I found Madara’s stash of Itachi eyes.

    2) And I think I SQUISHED THEM!!!


    Caption: Naruto you jerk…

  24. Great breakdown Captain Pickles(we should really start calling you CP-much shorter).I really laugh at your breakdowns.

    I had a thought(yes I have those occasionally) yesterday whether Naruto,knowing that Madara manipulates Sasuke so much, can bring himself to kill Sasuke.I wondered if that’s what he meant with “we’ll both die if we fight now” part.Certainly they are at a similar level but with Sasuke’s current condition one has to wonder whether he really stands a chance.

  25. awesome breakdown pickles lol awesome combo of insight + awesomeness O_O


    Naruto : The Power of my hand is undeniable
    Naruto : It can extract the juices out of the biggest and hardest “pickles”

  26. @Kisu.

    I don’t think Naruto said he would die because he wants to die. I think he said it because he realises that if he fought Sasuke seriously, that is what would end up happening.

  27. BUBBLE:
    Naruto: You see this?
    Naruto: These are the balls that you left in Konoha when you truly became Sasugay. Say goodbyeeee!

  28. @tenrai: Naruto is not going to die fighting sasuke. Of course saying that he had no way of knowing what would happen if he went back and trained hard, possibly becoming stronger than sasuke enough to beat him up like a baby and drag him back to konoha, or become less stronger and have sasuke kill him. I believe he was referring to the worst case scenario, how far he was willing to sacrifice himself just to stop sasuke. He was indirectly saying he would go all out against him, so sasuke should know what to expect. Sasuke was just a little dumb to understand that, even kakashi fell for ir. For all we know, naruto might learn every jutsu there is to learn and hence be stronger than sasukem and vice versa. There’s no way he’ll be able to tell what eventually happens.

    That statement from naruto was absolutely figurative.

  29. @Pickles … Great breakdown


    1) A game of RPS to decide the winner?

    2) Rock … Paper … Scissors

    Caption: Rock breaks scissors … I win!

  30. @Tenrai, If Naruto had fought Sasuke the moment he arrived, then there’s no way in hell he would die. Its sad jus how rapidly im losing respect for my favorite blonder orange jumpsuit-wearing ninja T^T.

    Speaking of orange, why would any ninja wear such a bright color? O_o

  31. BUBBLE 1: I just saved a whole bunch tears

    BUBBLE: By switching to emo ensurance!! XD

    CAPTION: That’s Emo state stand! Are you in good hands?

  32. @kisuzachi, orange bright color huh…? let me think…oh i got it! Goku was wearing a bright color jumpsuit :).

    Have you noticed that in naruto-world they never wash their clothes especially between battles where each battle starts with a new pair of clothing. Also, nobody needs to take a piss…never.

  33. Even if Naruto plans on him and Sauske killing each other in battle its not going to go over well with either side. Madara needs Naruto alive for the 9 tails fox, while Kakashi, sakura, tsunade ect. wants him to pursue his dream of Hokage. Every things up in the air now and I cant wait to see the interesting turn the mangas about to take. s/n Great Breakdown! as always

  34. Great breakdown but…WAT IS THIS FAGGOTRY AT THE END!?!?!? lol

  35. @goldenpill: just saw that pissing part…well it hasn’t been since i think the second part of the chunin exam but Naruto has gone off to take a piss because Sakura bashed him a good one for trying it in front of her lol

  36. I liked the chapter but was debating the other day if Sasuke and Naruto fight to the death… It would mean madara would fail in his plans… without the 9 tail fox he cannot complete the big bijuu and without sasuke’s eyes he is stumped to a point which would mean by them dieing it would save everyone from the moons eye plan ?

  37. i hope there would be a time skip so that we can go straight to the war.. hehehe


    Bubble 1- Holy shit Sasuke! you got the brand new apple iPENIS! It’s sooooooo small, and it’s DETACHABLE AS WELL!
    Bubble 2- I wonder what’ll happen if i squeeze it…Steve jobs said blah blah blah….

    Sorry Sasuke…you can’t hide it, the closet’s wide open.

  39. BUBBLE: I can punch you face.

    BUBBLE: And tell your future.

    CATION: Who says looking in someone’s heart isnt painfull? O_o

  40. Dunno if anyones brought this up alredi but where did madaras new right arm come from? the one tht got infected and he supposedly tore off and kicked away during the fight with danzo’s guys???

  41. pure awesomeness as usual pickles 😀

    can’t post a long comment, my computer is screwed up.:S anyway…


    BUBBLE: You see this hand?
    BUBBLE: This, my friend, is THE HAND OF GOD!!!

    CAPTION: Naruto, you were’nt born in 1986,you Argentina fanboy O_o


    BUBBLE: I just grabbed a fist full of sand.
    BUBBLE: After I beat the shit out of you, I’m going to throw it all in your mangina!


    early spoilers out!

    sweet! so kisame really is still alive! at least we get to see more habichi in action. and FINALLY! its about time kabuto made his return. also it seems naruto really did make a dent in sasuke afterall. if he’s itching that bad to kill him then naruto must have put some doubt in the emo kings mind.


    Hmmm… So Kabutomaru is now the new lead singer for White Snake… Maybe they will burn down a club, like great white did!

    I have mixed feelings about Kisame being alive, also, if he IS still alive, why would Samehada let him “Enter” it?
    The sword appeared to hate him at the end… perhaps a bit of sweet talk, and some hard liqour helped him “enter” Samehada

  45. WOW Kishi trolled bad on this. This manga is going down the drain

  46. @peinavenue, that’s y u and i get along so well. You’re thinking outside the box. that’s a good theory, but Naruto dying would do more harm than good (read my first comment)


    Kisame is alive ?? Kishi must be setting him up for something pretty huge if he’s keeping Kisame alive after that.

    @ultimatesharinganuser: You might be the only one that thinks so.


    Caption: The ultimate battle between Naruto and Sasuke finally comes down to one last epic exchange.

    Bubble 1: Rock, paper, scissors!!!

    Bubble 2: HAHAHA!!!! YES!!! Rock beats emo scissors!!! I win!!!


    @ prawlkage: it must have been some sort of ruse to get them to take the sword with them. Gives him an easier opportunity to take out the hachibi when his guard is down. plus now he knows how he fights and can come up with a counter. same goes for the hachibi but being taken by surprise is probably the way they wanted it


    Bubble 1: Fists!

    Bubble 2: It’s the only way to please a woman!

    Caption: What did you think Jiraiya was teaching him those past 2 years?

  51. @debito89

    LOL your bubblition is desturblingly awesome 😀


  53. @ to63to : hahaha thanks…well arent bubblitions supposed to be like that? lol

  54. YOSH!!! It’s been so long but I got lazy over break. Can you blame me? XD Awesome job Pickles and great job on the comic Scorp! Notice Sasuke’s on top! He wins! 😀 Lol, jkjk…but not really…>_>

    @Naruto dying: When he said, “When you and I fight we’ll both die” he was talking in the future tense. He wasn’t talking about now. Obviously Naruto would have handed Sasuke’s ass to him in that state. I don’t think Naruto can see the future though, so who knows things might end up changing. It could have been Kishi showing Naruto’s conviction or obvious foreshadowing to a much darker ending of the manga. Yep, one of them may end up dying but Sasuke needs to be saved. Naruto needs to become Hokage.

    Yes, remember Naruto’s only goal wasn’t to gain the village’s recognition when he became Hokage. That was actually the latter half of his goal and he’s actually already achieved that already. The first half of his goal is this…

    Goal 1

    And then…

    Goal 2

    Naruto needs to become a Hokage that surpasses all the other Hokage so he can’t die can he? Unless he dies and is made honorable Hokage…>_> Like when you die in duty and get promoted. X_X An even better scenario though would be for Naruto to become Hokage while the series is going on and then fight Sasuke where he either lives or dies. So Sasuke may end up being saved by being killed… Being saved from himself through means of death. Then Naruto can go on living as Hokage knowing he cleared the darkness from Sasuke’s heart in his last moments on earth.

    Then there’s the scenario of both of them dying like this. Then the other scenario of Sasuke winning and having a change of heart after killing his friend. Meh, who knows…? Kisimoto does. *goes back to One Piece*

    @anyone who thought that Kisame wasn’t dead: You were right! The spoilers say that the decapitated Kisame was a special clone created by Zetsu’s tecnique and now he has infiltrated the Lightning Country within the Samehada! I really hope Raikage or Killer Bee survive…
    And I loled when I saw the picture of Naruto with foam at the mouth! Sakura probsbly gave him rabies… 😛

  56. Bubble 1: Mr. Owl?

    Bubble 2: How many punches does it take to get to the center of an Emo-Mon?

    Caption: The world will never kn….. oh screw it, just kill the bastard already!!

  57. just curious…how can i change that pic on my comments? im sick of seeing that stupid triangle lol

  58. @ debito

    login to your account go to profile and click on the pic to the right top corner it says gravatar 😛


    If the spoilers are right, we’ve got several storylines being revisited in the next chapters. Kabumaru is back from the grave; will he rejoin Akatsuki? Kisame isn’t the dud we were lead to believe, and KB is now back in his crosshairs. Finally, Sasuke is going to take itachi’s eyes, and just as importantly, he has decided that killing Naruto is his mission. Lastly, could this be the first mission where Kakashi doesn’t need a hospital stay and Naruto does?

    Kishi has put a lot of balls in the air; it doesn’t look like a time skip is coming any time soon.

  60. hmmm…i tried that but it still not working… 😦

  61. dude just wait for sometime if you uploaded a new pic and selected it as your gravatar it will appear , it can take up to 5 hours to appear 😀

  62. grimmjowfan brought this up earlier but i’me gonna put it in a different perspective, if Madara can grow a new arm for himself via what ever that zetsu like thing was, could he restore Danzou’s fu*ked up eye as well, he should be able to do it, i just don’t know if when you die and a sharingan is deactivated, would it activate again in someone’s eye socket after it’s implanted.

    BTW Awesome breakdown pickles as usual.

  63. @Eugen

    lol, your comment totally grossed me out man, no offence 😀 i dunno why, but it happened………..guess it’s the attention giveN to “eyes” and “eye sockets” and “regrowth” and “new body parts” in naruto 😛

    anybody else think kishi is f*ckin about too much with “eyes”??? 😕

  64. @debito89: I see your new image from yesterday. I remember when I changed my image… a month ago. And I know someone who still sees the old one! TT_TT
    It truly depends on your computer, no offence to you or anyone who still sees the old image. 😀

  65. nice one!!!!!

    Bubble 1: Hey Sasuke, CHECK THIS OUT!!!!
    Bubble 2: ROCK!!!!!!!! Beats….EMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Caption: When life gives YOU a WILL as tough as a ROCK. Keep pounding on that EMONESS tell it blows away in the wind FOREVER.


    Bubble 1- Sorry sasuke you chose my right hand

    bubble 2- you DO know you just cost madara my nagato rinnegan eye souvenir right? haha i win.

    Caption is: Murphys law, its a bitch

  67. @ Ahsan: hahaha yay! i can finally see it. thanks! lmao i put it up like 2 days ago and it wasn’t working…i was totally frustrated!

    @ Eugen: i think he has a fake arm along the lines of fma lol so I don’t think it’s zetsu makin new arms or body parts. or he could have grabbed his detached arm and fixed it before putting it back on?


    NARUTO IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. YOSH!!! Awesomeness! Though I had to download it because mangastream is moving as slow as molasses. XD Is it considered Sakura bashing when Sakura bashes herself? 😉

    Anyway, plenty of new plot elements being introduced to the story. The obviousness of Sasuke wanting Itachi’s eyes. Kisame isn’t dead! I wonder what other clones Zetsu has walking around. Maybe we’ll see a real fight from Kisame vs. Killer Bee next time. No people in the way and full chakra! Kabuchimaru is also on the move and he hasn’t let Orochimaru’s life force take over. In fact he’s getting stronger. Very nice. Naruto and Sasuke are destined to fight and Kakashi is shooed aside. XD Karin being taken back to the village with the rest, probably to be healed and interrogated.

    Sakura…no comment… ~_~

    Oh, and I want to know more about the Rinnegan business Madara was talking about last chapter.

  70. I hated sakura’s “resolve” in this chapter… i agree super, she did your job for you….

    I was gonna predict this ever since Karin was captured alive, but never got around to it amidst other debates, but… I predict Karin will be get to know Naruto and fall for him, while she compares his warmth to sasuke’s cold chakra, etc… hopefully it will make sakura jealous… not gonna lie, I’m a tad more interested in this possible love triangle than I am about Kisame or KabutOro…

  71. naruto has hinata and karin
    sasgay has… one any more

    this makes me happy

  72. Unless your a Sakura fan, this is one of the best chapters that Kishi has penned in a while…and there wasn’t much physical action.

    First, Sasuke declares war, not on Konoha, but on Naruto himself. Naruto’s answer, “I’m ready when you are.” A classic response from our number one knuckle-headed ninja. Then he keels over and foams at the mouth. Thanks Sakura!

    Second, Kakashi prepares to take out Madera with his Mangekyo Sharingan’s Kamui technique, only to have Madera wave it off like a mosquito. That’s got to be disconcerting to Kakashi.

    Third, Sasuke demands that Itachi’s eyes be implanted immediately. Why? So that he can destroy Naruto. Madera was pleased with this turn of events, but doesn’t he want the Nine Tail’s Jinchuriki alive. Hmmm.

    Fourth, Sakura praises Naruto for his resolve…again. She beats herself up for not having resolve…again. And, Naruto may have gained another fangirl. Karin says, with a smitten look on her face, “So he’s Uzumaki Naruto.” Just Sayin’.

    Fifth, Kisame lives! Hidden inside Samehada, Kisame is now strapped to Killer Bee’s back. Kisame is about to raise some Hell in Kumogakure. Uh oh.

    Last but not least, Kabuto Yakushi, now known to all of us as Kabuchimaru, has emerged from his battle with the Orochimaru’s essence… and apparently he won. His statement, “Perhaps it’s time I got things moving” is rather intriguing. After trying to figure out what he might be planning, I found these:

    I’m tightening my seatbelt. Hope this time it’s needed.

  73. Blimey. If THAT CLONE of kisame was “weak for battle” then kisame must be a water God or something. To think kisame’s “weak clone” was able to subdue hachibi(though i understand he did not go into full transformation) then the real kisame must be monstrous. Seems kishi has some real plans for my shark boy.

    I think things are going to be really interesting here. With karin here she just might be able to help in naruto’s training…hell might even know something about naruto’s chakra or innate abilities he does not know of. That’s a huge plus to naruto’s development, even though we might not see it that way.

    Kabumaru is something else. I wonder what he wants to have going. He must be someone to reckon with. I guess time will tell.

    Good chapter overall.

  74. Great breakdown pickles! I cant remember the last time I lol’ed so hard 😀

    Arrrgh I really want to read the chapter but I’ll wait till it comes out on OneManga! That Mangastream site is crawling with bugs…I remember what happened the last time I was too hurried to wait for the manga and went there :-/ >_>

    @ Prawlkage: Epic Bubblition entry, Naruto is no longer pure huh XD lol lol

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  76. i think this is one of the best set up chapters ever… KISAME!!!! i did not see that coming at all. mayb thats why samehada hasnt gone back into normal from. i also like how sasuke wants to boost his powers without training again, o well wat did we expect

  77. @totalitarianhypnosis

    That’s exactly what I noticed too. The real Kisame must be on Pains’ level if his “weak” clone could easily fight on par with Killer Bee’s 7-tailed II transformation. I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news but I think Killer Bee will die, unless the entire Kumo village fights with Kisame.

    Also, as someone mentioned, I wonder how would Karin react to Naruto’s chakra.Knowing that the fox is pure EVIL, she might be terrified of him but it would be damn funny if she falls in the exacts same obsession with him as with Sasuke.

  78. not a bad chapter by any means but my only dissapointment is kisami is alive i know he has been about since the beggining etc etc but i thought it was nice for a character to be disposed of in that fashion without all the trickery.but i have been tricked again!

  79. @Hypnosis and 63: I thought the same at first, but then White Zetsu said something about it being really hard for him to switch places with Kisame underwater. So this would imply that the real Kisame did the lot of the fighting and all Zetsu did was have his head chopped off.

    Btw, thank you guys!

  80. ok is madara some god or something ? i mean seriously WTF if he does sorta space time jutsu then shouldnt like kakashi’s kamui work on it? like wtf ??? i think that this maybe a prediction kakashi v.s madara is on !!! naruto v.s sasugay , kakashi v.s madara O_O oh yehhhhh

  81. @Ahsan

    Not a god Ahsan. He just uses space-time jutsu himself, so he probably knows how to counter them.

    @Talk about Kisame

    Zetsu said “Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy switching places with Kisame under water.”

    So, in other words, Kisame did most of the fighting and only traded places with Zetsu near the end of the battle. I doubt a clone would have handled Bee otherwise and even Madara said it would be too weak to win in a fight, so it should rather be used as a diversion.

    So no, don’t judge Kisame’s strength based on the theory of him fighting as a clone when the clone only came in much later, by which time Bee was already considerably weakened. The swap was probably done while the water sphere that Kisame created was enveloped in Bee’s ink. It would have been the best time to do it unseen. Zetsu can also drain ckakra as well, from what we have seen, so it would have been easy for him to continue keeping up that charade and make it more convincing.

  82. @Captain Pickles

    Yeah, you are right.I noticed it now.Well, that is good news, since Killer Bee looks less doomed now 😀

    Btw, what do you guys think is Kabutochimaro going to do now. Attack Akatsuki, try to take over Konoha or find some more young boys to…”experiment” with. o_0


    So i’m wondering where the clone came in. If zetsu is able to make perfect duplicates of people he comes in contact with, right down to their chakra, then why would there be a need to suddenly switch? ust curious.

  84. yeh probably … but i really was surprized at the way he mocked kakashi ” dont bother techs like that have no effect on me ” implying it was weak and lame -_-

    anyway i wanna say that like when kb is alone he can go all full 8 tails on kisame ? and with samehada with killerbee dont you see like a big loophole in madara’s all awesome plan ?_?

  85. @totalitarianhypnosis

    Look at my post where I said he may have come in when the water was filled with ink. No-one could see much (including us readers) so that would have been the perfect time for a switch.

  86. just wanted to add that i really really believe the madara is using obito’s body theory 😀 or atleast his head XD

  87. and i mean, zetsu mentioned something about performing a shapeshifting technique. I’m just curious as to how and when zetsu performed the technique during the fight. He(white zetsu) wasn’t even visible in the first place. Unless kishi’s just having a hard time being elaborate the whole thing’s a little confusing.

  88. He said he switched places underwater…so it was actually Kisame performing the majority of the badassery (most likely) and Zetsu was there to be rejected by the sword and get killed, pretty much.

    And here’s a reference…

  89. @ ahsan: ur right about samehada. that’s probably going to be an important factor. Kisame is even surprised by samehada

    @ everyone: idk if anyone pointed this out but kabutomaru is at the place kakuzu came from. look at their forehead protectors!

  90. but how can kisame stay in the sword? i mean, didn’t the sword reject him????? kisame even confirms it here:
    shouldn’t the sword be sucking his chakra right now???

  91. @Truepain: You know, that whole deal with the sword has me wondering if it was all an act and that it was a pre-planned action between him and samehada to pretend that they had a fall-out just in case he lost so that they could infiltrate Kumo. Cause the way he planned so far ahead with zetsu, tells me that a lot of planning went into this lol. They knew the Hachibi is the “sword man” lol and wouldnt resist taking the sword with him so they probably planned this. It would work out better in their opinion as they would get the Hachibi AND undermine one of the Hidden Villages involved in the war! But if they had just gone after the 8 tails, they would have risked losing it and the opportunity to infiltrate, but this way they get the Hachibi and their enemy.

    Thus i think the whole “disagreement” with samehada was an act.

    Anyone has any thoughts on this? I would like to get imput on this point! 😀

  92. @ tangel2heart: i think i already pointed out that it wasn’t all a complete act. Samehada did indeed choose to give bee chakra and protect him. kishi prob did this for a good twist. I think Samehada really does want to belong to bee now

  93. @truepain and 1angel2heart: I was thinking the same thing… Was Samehada’s betrayal an act or was it real?

    If it was an act I think that’s stupid because then Madara just lost the chance of getting the Hachibi, because he would have got it before Raikage arrived if Samehada wouldn’t have betrayed him, even though Kisame was able to infiltrate the Lightning Country.

    If it was real (which I strongly think is right) like Kisame leads to think in truepain’s link, then shark-boy will have to fight through the Cloud Village’s jonin and the Raikage.

    @everyone: White Zetsu and Black Zetsu seem to be separate entities like Sakon and Ukon because by the way they speak (look at the fourth panel here: it looks like White Zetsu is a non-warrior and Black Zetsu is. He says “You are too weak” like he’s strong enough to do that mission. Seems like we have to see Black Zetsu’s abilities too.

  94. @debito89: that’s true, but what confuses me is that if it wasnt an act, why is samehada allowing bee inside it? Isnt the sword aware that kisame intends to kill bee?

  95. @1angel: exactly… there are still many loose ends to tie up. as dragon said, zetsu is made up of two different people with (i believe) different abilities. who knows where he even comes from…i think the way madara got his arm back has to do with the thing zetsu’s coming out of on the first page of the chapter.

  96. @ Everyone!
    Hey, here’s a possibility we haven’t yet explored…(sarcasm)
    Maybe Madara IS Obito…
    Can a sharingan technique work on the eye’s owner? (original owner)
    If Madara truly is Obito, this would explain why Kamui/Kazooey/Kablooey… whatever the hell, didn’t or WON’T work on him!

    Either that, or Madara is JUST THAT F*CKING BADASS…

    BEST QUOTE FROM NEW CHAPTER (if translated properly): Sakura take care of my body!

    *Sakura breaks out the lemons and chapstick, and that lubricant that Kakashi likes so much*

  97. @1angel: imo Samehada is just a chakra slut. Basically he’s sleeping with two hot chicks at the same time. He just wants to keep them both alive and suck on their chakra, kinda like polygamy.

  98. @ devourerofmemes dude now that’s some funny ass shit, it’s way beyond funny dude, props to u man .:)) i just can’t stop laughing =))

  99. ROFL @ prawl

    yeh even the orignal is just pure hilarious

  100. LOL yeh just read the devour dudes comment dude youre fuc*** right you just solved a big question congrats

    samehada has to choose one though

  101. @ the kisame situation, I think it’s different then u guys predicted, that kisame did most of the fight and zetsu just came in at the end, even if that situation is very probable too, if zetsu can make almost perfect clones the i think he was fighting bee the whole time, and was only referring to the fact that it was hard for him to breath underwater, plane and simple.

    I guess it’s just a matter of time before we find out the what really happened .

  102. eugen you are wrong why?

    black zetsu says to white one you are weak thus he couldnt have done that awesome fight X_X
    and white zetsu himself said it wasnt easy switching places with kisame while under water he himself created the water why would he do so if he had trouble breathing meaning that he did mean it that kisame was fighting and he switches places with kisame most probably while the ink was out

  103. @Debito: Good catch man. Those are ninja from Kakuzu’s village. I wonder what Kabuchimaru wants with the Waterfall Village. Maybe that forbidden jutsu that kept Kakuzu alive for so long. Afterall Orochimaru was all about immortality and if Kabuto attains it he would have effectively surpassed his master as he so yearned to do.

    I hope he’s not after the village’s ‘Hero Water’. Freaking useless power up. ~_~ On a side note Fuu, the 7 tails Jinchuuriki, was also from this village.

    For all those wondering who Kabuchimaru’s target is he plans on killing Sasuke then Naruto, as Jdb44 pointed out. A reason for Kabuchimaru to join Akatuski and get as close to Sasuke as possible?

    Anyway, as you can tell Kabuchimaru’s development is what I’m most interested in the story as of right now. Everyone knows I’m a long time supporter of the Obito/Tobi/Madara theory so WOOT!!! 😀

  104. Hiya, new here ^_^

    Has nobody realised yet, that the whole Kisame rejecting from Samehada “never” happened.
    The rejecting part took place after the water and ink fight, so it was most like Zetsu who get rejected. 🙂

  105. i was thinking that the reason samehada ditched Kisame was because it wasn’t Kisame anymore. True it was still his chakra signature but not the tailbeastlevel amount since it was then zetsu. I think this may be key because it only chose Bee becausse his chackra is stronger than zetsu but it didnt switch sides until the other switch. I want to see Kisame kill some dudes haha.
    BTW, in wiki it says Kisame acknowledged Itachi the stronger of the pair, does anyone know where he says this???

  106. @maidencow

    its a common fact that itachi is far stronger than kisame

  107. Well it isn’t something i just found out but i have wanted to see where Kisame would say something like ” Yea im real cool but my boy Itachi is on a whole other level”, i guess cus to me it seems unreal to picture Kisame saying something like this, i have to see 0_0 to believe it.

  108. Itachi was the STRONGEST NINJA EVER… before he got SHINOBI AIDS!!!!

    The only reason he joined akatsuki (no not to make Saucegay hate him) was so that he didnt have to wear that damned Hello Kitty ANBU mask

  109. Chuck Norris + Segata Sanshiro (youtube it)+ sharingan + squaids = ITACHI !!!

  110. @ teramas , yo dude i just read your comment right above mine, looks like we were thinking the same thing at about the same time. I didnt read any comments before posting mine but yea it was zetsu that got the cold shoulder.

  111. T_T arrrggh why is onemanga taking soooo long to get the new chapter??? geez i want to read what u guys are talking about but Mangastream has too many bugs 😦

    *sigh* i guess i’ll have to wait a few hours till friday!

  112. @1angel2heart: Or you could just go to OneFanBlogspot:

    They come out just as early as Mangastream (they actually rip from them), and the way they project the pages is cool.

  113. @ teramas: still, it doesn’t change the fact that the sword plain out loved bee’s chakra. Ya that doesn’t seem to suggest that it likes Bee more than Kisame but then what about Samehada giving Bee chakra? Even Kisame was surprised about that. I think it has found a new master and Kisame is going to shit bricks when he actually gets ditched

  114. wow the thing just hit me, kishi’s almost at his 500th manga, maybe he’ll give us a surprise and make it a 2 in one manga chapter.

  115. Well howdy folks.

    Ok…you know what I think about Samehada(probably not but still…) I think that, during Kisames’ and KB’s second fight Naruto is gonna join in and The Slut Sword is gonna do an orgy with those three. It’s going to suck so much chakra that it will throw up and die from chakra overdose while the three stooges next to it will be having the time of their lives.

  116. Come to think of it, now you guys say it i reckon it’s quite true zetsu did the switch with kisame in the water. That would also give one reason why samehada ran off from kisame to killer bee, i mean knowing quite well that zetsu wasn’t kisame. Perhaps kisame, being in his fused form just hid in samehada while zetsu took kisame’s form. Maybe it explains why kisame’s samehada gave killer bee chakra and the kind of “affinity” it developed for killer bee. That would also mean the supply of chakra from samehada was an act, as it never did have any sort of affinity for killer bee. Killerbee is not in control of samehada one bit.

  117. Yes! I was right! Kisame is still alive!
    In your face nonbelievers! 😀 😛

  118. @Adakias: Yea, maybe I should have said just Naruto’s character revolved around that to be more clear. You may have a point there.

  119. Bee is a goner. I don’t think the manga would go through the trouble of hiding kisame in the sword only for him to fail in the end. That’ll make for a more epic showdown b/w naruto and sasuke since he’ll be the last remaining host. can’t wait! and now that sasuke’s getting another “power up” I wonder what’s in store for naruto?
    oh, and did anyone else feel jipped that we STILL don’t have an answer about what itachi gave naruto?

  120. @totalitarian: That’s a perfect explanation for what’s happening. I’d be willing to bet money that that’s true.

  121. @kahmix

    more training for him i hope, he has yet to be given that key the toad had been told to give naturo. so some kyuubi training needs to be done as well as learning flying thunder god. i think them two techs are a must have for him.almost forgot he needs to learn another element as everyone has said it is obviousley going to be something to do with looking forward to them returning to the village but i think thats a few chapters away yet.

  122. Now that its turning out this way, it might be that what Itachi gave to Naruto was immunity from his own eyes. Itachi could have foreseen how Sasuke might want his eyes and planned for this.

  123. I don’t want to be mean or anything, but WRA is getting really empty the days after Thursday, because that’s the day when the new manga comes out and since it takes some time to make the breakdown people don’t seem to be in that much,

    But in regard to what DRIGRUAN said, i think it’s the best itachi’s gift theory i’ve heard ever
    Itachi must have known sasuke will go blind and his only alternative was his eyes, and what better defense to offer naruto against sasuke then a armor against his own eyes GENIUS REALLY GENIUS.

    Great Call 土龍 drigruan

  124. Wow…you’re right, it is getting pretty quiet now. It seems like everyone’s come to somewhat of an agreement though (rare, huh?) about Kisame, Bee, and Zetsu: Kisame’s badass, samehada loved Bee’s chakra but not Zetsu’s, and Kisame’s somehow gonna “kidnap” Bee out of his own village. I still don’t know how he plans on pulling that one off.
    …and nobody knows wtf Kabuchimaru’s doing in the waterfall village. Maybe he IS after some of that waterfall village Hero Water/Pimp Juice. If he’s “immortal”, something that shortens his lifespan wouldn’t really affect him. Then again…I think that Hero Sauce was only in the Anime, and they’ve never referenced any info from the Anime in the Manga.

    And one last thing! When Sasuke gets Itachi’s eyes, what do you think they’ll look like??? It’s hard for me to imagine what his eyes will look like…but it seems like they’d be slightly less badass looking than they already are 😦

  125. itll never be silent!!!!

    the haters of sasugay will continue to scream we hate you moth*****!!!

    and regarding your theory of itachi good theory mate 😀 seems plausible itachi was a fuck** genious after all ^O_O^

  126. I’m with Ahsan! We hate you Sasugay!

  127. perhaps whatever Itachi’s gift will activate when Naruto sees Sasuke with ITachi’s mangekyou. Itachi would have known that Sasuke was really deep in darkness if he took his eyes, hence why he said he hopes Naruto will never have to use it

  128. About Itachi’s gift.

    It would have been better if Itachi just rigged his eye to explode if they ever ended up in Sasuke but unfortunately Itachi could never have allowed himself to hurt his little bro.

  129. @totalitarian: Exactly my point, i totally agree that the whole thing with kisame and samehada was a plan to get bee to take the sword into the village so that they could infiltrate it as well as capture the hachibi.

    ITACHI’S GIFT: I remember a few breakdowns ago someone had predicted that the gift itachi gave naruto was one that would activate when naruto looks into his eyes and the only way that would be possible would be if sasuke took them meaning that he really had turned bad. I cant remember who had said that but it seems that as the chapters go by this seems more and more likely!

    ABOUT SAKURA: Does anyone else wonder what is up with kishi’s portrayal of sakura? first she was weak, then she worked hard and got strong now she’s weak again? im confused!

    KAKASHI: How dare kishi give kakashi the finger like that? he didnt even get to shine! And he looked so sad here—-> like he was thinking: “sh*# that was embarrassing!”

  130. @Eugen: I agree with you. WRA is VERY empty or silent after Thursday! Yesterday the only person that commented was Ahsanny! 🙂

    @metachi: This is the image of a fan made Eternal Mangekyo for Sasuke:
    It doesn’t look plausible to me…

  131. The best part about kisame being in bee’s village is that it seems like they all use chakra enhanced weapons and that just adds to kisame’s powers. bee could possibly beat kisame if he transforms totally or just stops using chakra flow on his swords… i really hope bee doesnt hold back the next time they fight it will be a much better fight.

  132. just thought of something when i saw that fan pic, does your eyes still bleed while using powers such as susano and amaterasu if you have ems? if it does the technically your mangekyou can still kill you (blood loss), ugh and imagine sasuke spamming susanoo the whole time if he doesnt bleed and go blind.

  133. but yes that fanpic is cool but not plausable, its to, oh whats the word……… madara.

  134. i dnt think they’re gonna get rid of his mangekyo’s atom shape. its something that makes a distinction in his sharingan

  135. @ sasuke’s ems these seem like great ideas.

    @ the kisame part of the story 100% agree with u guys, but i don’t think samehada is just acting with kisame’s plan because kisame says “” he didn’t think it would give bee chakra.

    So something is going on that could tilt the balance into bee’s favor, at least that’s what i think, other then that you guys just hit the nail on the head, and if kishi start weaving his magic manga pen then it should go down just as you guys predicted.

  136. I could care less for Kisame so I hope Bee kicks his ass into the dirt. Then I hope Bee destroys Samehada. That sword is just to powerful and cheap in anybody’s hands and, it’s a chakra whore. I think someone covered that already…

    As for Sasuke’s EMS I hope he doesn’t spam his eye techs like before. I’m hoping he learned a valuable lesson from overuse of his eyes like Naruto learned a lesson after relying on his Kyubi to much. He has plenty of other techs in his arsenal and once he works on the basics he can improve and develop even higher level techs. That’s the Sasuke I want to see.

  137. @Super

    Well, wouldn’t Eternal MS allow Sasuke to spam MS techniques even more so? He doesn’t seem to be a man who knows his own limits and even if he does, he goes way past them anyways. The problem with Sasuke is that he wants revenge and does not mind using “cheap” jutsus if it means winning. At least that’s what we have seen so far and frankly I don’t think we will see any different in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I really love watching elaborate combos and multiple technique uses but I just don’t see Sasuke going for that approach.

  138. If this prediction is true ‘the gift to Naruto from Itachi defending him from Sasuke’.. then Sasuke might be in for a beatdown by Naruto. All because, as strong as Naruto is right now, he is going to train even more.

    If these really plausible predictions come true.. Sasuke will get his ass handed too him.

    Which leads me to believe, Kishi is reaally stirring something up for his viewers.

  139. Well I hav to say that I do recall Kisame saying Itachi was far stronger than him. I forgot what episode it came out on but i remember cutting a clip from that period.

    BUT FOR THE KISAME IS ON PEIN’S LEVE!? that is completely absurd. You must know… Pein was stronger than Naruto even when he was in sage mode, even though i hate to admit it, but Pein could have killed Naruto… Why he didn’t kill him? Because he was to capture him and extract the beast from in Naruto. How do I know he could have killed naruto?

    As you can see he was avoiding it… Also we all know Nagato was already weak… He had to control 6 bodies but if it was just HIM??? We know he was severely crippled and thats why he had to use 6 bodies for his power. That is how strong Nagato is He had to use 6 body vessels to contain his powers. not 1 or 2… SIX!!! Even when Naruto went 9 tails, there was only 1 pein left. and he killed the 6 tails in one attack with the Hazura path? Anyways, to say he is on Pein’s level is ridiculous….

  140. @greyfox2012

    I do believe your comment is targeted at one of mine in which I mentioned this.In my defence I will say that I was only speculating, as I didn’t notice Zetsu saying he switched places with Kisame in the end and not before the battle began. That means I thought Zetsu’s supposedly weak clone of Kisame fought with Killer Bee but now, no one actually supports this idea, including me. I can only guess about Kisame’s real strength but I think it is pretty much what we have seen so far, but this time I am sure we’ll get a much better fight between those two because Kisame would have an incentive to fight for real.

  141. @To63to: Yep, it would allow Sasuke to spam more MS techs at only the cost of chakra drain and not vision loss. The possibility is there that he’ll take advantage of this but the possibility is also there that he learned not to rely on his eyes to much because of recent events. I’m sure Sasuke knows nothing is infallible, not even EMS, so while it may seem perfect he may not overuse it in order to improve in other areas and become an all around improved fighter.

    Overall that’s what I’m hoping to see. No one wants to see three MS techs spammed over and over again with some chidoris added for “variation”. I also want to see him put that hawk summoning into use more. o_O

    @Anyone: I have a feeling both their asses are going to be handed to them. In fact it’s guaranteed. 😀

  142. @Supertrek89

    Well, I too hope Sasuke develops more as an all round fighter and not some whiny little punk, overly reliant on his soon to be acquired EMS but I still remain somewhat sceptical on this matter.

    We saw the same reliance on the curse mark, and now on the MS so it would be entirely in his character to do the same with the EMS.Though, I have to admit, that he seems a little phased by Naruto’s speech so he might have changed at least a bit but that remains to be seen.

  143. does anyone besides me thinks kabutos is gonna become some mayor threat, idk maybe he will become kabutops!! :p

  144. yeah we all know Kabuto is going to have a big roll… especially from a previous comment i read on his goals to kill Sasuke and fight Naruto again…

  145. i think we wont see sasuke for a long time again, the focus will probably go more towards kabuto now

  146. @ bakakage

    I not sure of that, kabuto what revenge on Sasuke not Naruto(okai yeah Naruto but not as much as for Sasuke) And it make a while that Naruto is jerking itself, so my guest is Naruto will be training for a little while (probably with Killer Bee) or something like that

  147. I am really, really sorry, you guys. I’ve been having connection issues throughout the week (and for the majority of last week, too). All I’ve had to stay in touch has been my cell which has its limits. Honestly, I’ve heard of technophobes, but I think electronics are Pickles-phobic -___- (I’m not even gonna recount my cell phone misadventures). So in effect, I haven’t been able to even begin working your breakdown at all. I only got my connection up and running today, but it’s a little too late, I guess…

    Again, I’m really sorry. No excuses. Once the new chapter is out, I’ll be doing a double-hitter. And hopefully, I’ll have it out once Sasuke turns away from the emo side.

    *runs away before anyone realizes that ain’t happenning* >_>

    See ya soon!

  148. !!! SPOILER ALERT !!!

    Here you are guys-spoilers.I haven’t read them,though, nor do I looked at the pictures.

  149. The new chapter is out!

    Now to read it…

  150. Damn awesome chapter! I know some people in Naruto vs. Sasuke debate a few weeks ago are dreading something right now, lol, or they’ll stick to their posts. *shrugs* Will comment more on that in the next breakdown. *inserts evil laugh* 😉

    This panel just had me ROTFLOL. It’s so true it’s funny.

    But man, Naruto sure is growing up fast and i’m glad to see he’s getting back to his old self now that he feels he got something off his chest. Though, if I remember correctly he took on another burden just a little while ago. I think the fact that he told Sasuke his decision eased him into following that goal. Now everything is set in motion like the fine tuned gears of a clock waiting to turn.

    So many things happened. All I can say is YAY Tsunade-sama!!! 😀 And Sasuke has those eyes! @_@


    I am really sorry for spamming but I just couldn’t refrain myself.

    The chapter was pure, undiluted awesomeness.Man. so much happened you guys won’t believe. Just to show you, I will only say this-a certain someone just came back from the death camp of card playing.

  152. Tsunada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *runs around in happyness* 🙂 I’m so freaking happy!!!!!! This chap was a nice transition chapter with alot of inportant details mixed in ;). Along with tsunada waking up we got r new hokage! Root is about to get it’s weeds pulled and Naruto has developed a very nice mask to cover up his emotions at the momment. I mean know one would expect anything different of him with yelling out his needs for his favorite food. :p

  153. Goddammit! Tsunade woke up! All Pain could do was put her in a coma for a year, that doesnt do the Naruverse’s version of God any justice. And why’d she HAVE to wake up right before Kakashi-san became Hokage? Ahsan’s right, Kishi DOES hate Kakashi -_-‘. Btw, Sasuke is now officially a mega-douche.

  154. ALLLLL RIIIIGGGHHHTTT!!! Tsunade’s BACK!!! I can just imagine the relief(or exhasperation?) spreading through Kakashi ^_^

  155. Hi everybody. I’m new here but let me just jump write in…

    I don’t know if I’m the first to come up with this theory but I think Sasuke has a deeper connection to the Kyuubi that we don’t know. Here you can see Karin notice how Sasuke’s chakra has become darker and we see a silhouette of some beast. In the latest chapter when Karin sensed Kyuubi within Naruto she seemed to be familiar with the feeling.

    With that in mind what Naruto said about each other killing each other in a fight makes a little more sense. And that can be what Naruto was referring to here:

    I know this theory has holes right now, but I’m pretty sure that Sasuke has a deeper connection to Naruto due to Kyuubi.

  156. THis chapter was awesome. we get comedy back, we get to see other charcaters and we get TSUNADE BACK!!! but now we know the water country is gonna mess this whole thing up somehow. the leader of the country was afraid of something, maybe cause he know madara can show up at anytime considering he was the mizukage at one point.

  157. @pokekage: That’s exactly what I was thinking! Once again the theory of the Kyuubi’s chakra in Sasuke comes up. The SasuNaru double-death idea seems like it could be adopted by Kakashi, since he does mention how peaceful he looked…and I know, I know…the fourth sealed the yin chakra with the shiki fuujin, but maybe Madara retrieved it somehow…? Possibly with the help of Pain…?

    The more I type, the more ridiculous I sound to myself. Maybe Karin was just referring to Bee’s chakra when she mentioned Naruto’s “evil” chakra.

    And what happened to this being “the year of Kakashi” or whatever. He almost gets killed by Sasuke, his trump card gets blown off by Madara, and now Tsunade’s back (with the chakra-diamond-thingy back on her forehead!) and he finds out right before becoming Hokage.
    Poor Kakashi D:

  158. @pokekage and Metachi – Karin’s comment was definately interesting. I also thought that Kishi was alluding to a potential for Sasuke having Kyuubi’s yang chakra within him. However, Karin never completes her sentence.

    So the question is, “It’s exactly like-” what?

    It appears that Naruto knows but isn’t telling. What did he see during his and Sasuke’s clash?

    Kyuubi also knows something about Sasuke and his relationship to Naruto.

    Would Sasuke regret killing Naruto because of what’s inside Sasuke? –or maybe it’s what resides in Naruto. Or is it both…

  159. I really think Karin compared Naruto’s chakra to KB’s. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember someone telling her that Naruto has the 9 tails so she was probably surprised not to mention worried as that means Madara and company would soon be rolling in.

    Even if she was comparing Naruto’s chakra to Sasuke’s it’s probably to show us how far has Sasuke gone to the dark side. It would be way too cheap, even for Kishi to give Sasuke a jinchuriki comparable chakra capacity.

  160. a few things to ponder

    If Itachi had some kind of disease and it was killing him, and Sasuke now has his eyes, could that possibly transfer the disease to Sasuke?

    If Tsunade is really back how long will it be till she is pounding on Naruto again? Or Sakura for that matter =P

    I think Madara used up one of his eyes during his fight with the fourth Hokage. I think he may have used Izanagi to summon the Nine tails as that is the only way I think he could have summoned it.

    I don’t think Root Anbu is going to get disbanded, maybe it will be placed under the control of someone who can be trusted, I can see Kakashi being placed in command of them.

    Just some interesting thoughts IMHO

  161. @iamnotreallythere

    I was wondering the same about Itachi as well. How come, if Itachi’s eyes were damaged too, can they be made to work perfectly again by just transplanting them in Sasuke. Shouldn’t they stay damaged, ‘cuse you know- it is physical damage and it can’t just magically disappear like that.

    Also, I couldn’t quite get why would Izanagi be the only way, or a way for that matter, for summoning the 9 tails. Izanagi just allows the user to return a few moments back in time, thus avoiding any damage he might have received.

    I wonder what Naruto is hidding from the others. He obviously saw something in Sasuke we missed or deliberately weren’t showed. The good thing is, judging from his words, he is going to train more soon.

  162. @to63to Izanagi allows one to alter reality, it isn’t just a reset so I don’t die Jutsu, that is just how Danzou was using it. Presumably one could use it to create jutsu on the fly as well.

    As Madara clearly states “The user can take disadvantages like wounds or even death and turn them into nothing more than a dream”
    then on the next page “And then take his own attacks or other advantageous objects and make them real” So I assume this is how he summoned the Nine tails mostly because I don’t see him, or anyone else for that matter, being able to do so any other way.

  163. awesome! is everything once again fallen into Itachi’s plans?
    I do think Naruto’s hidden power has something to do with itachi’s eyes and itachi knew sasuke would need his eyes some day.
    DAMN YOU TSUNADE! why did you have to wake up now they better make Kakashi hokage now or is he gonna be screwed over for a second time? first danzou gets in his way and now tsunade again? no way,….

  164. i know double post,..sorry 😛
    Is Kishi trying to start the theory of Sasuke also having a beast sealed in him up again? well ill guess we’ll just see.
    Why does Kishi always have to play mindgames? just show us madara’s face and just let karin explain what she thinks,.. >.>

  165. to63: “I was wondering the same about Itachi as well. How come, if Itachi’s eyes were damaged too, can they be made to work perfectly again by just transplanting them in Sasuke. Shouldn’t they stay damaged, ‘cuse you know- it is physical damage and it can’t just magically disappear like that.”

    Kishi: ” Stfu!its manga, it doesnt have to make sense just accept it and move on!”

    In other words, Kishi will never explain that lol

  166. @kisuzachi

    Ah, but he can explain it. It goes like this:
    “One day the magical ninja tooth fairy was flying down the block when suddenly she heard an unknown emo looking character crying. She stopped next to him and asked:
    “What is it, that upsets you so much, my dear emo boy?”
    “I need my brothers eyes to destroy our former village and it’s people!”-looked at her the boy-“…but they are damaged and since in the real world what is dead stays dead, I can’t have them!”-the boy continued crying.
    “Well, I can help.With my magical wand I can cast no-explanation-required-no-jutsu and you can have them without any problems.”
    With that said she quickly did it and the poor emo boy was back on track destroying everything and overall being a whinny little *ss.


    P.S. I really hope people will still think I don’t have any mental illnesses after reading this. 🙂

  167. there is a better explaination

    to63: “I was wondering the same about Itachi as well. How come, if Itachi’s eyes were damaged too, can they be made to work perfectly again by just transplanting them in Sasuke. Shouldn’t they stay damaged, ‘cuse you know- it is physical damage and it can’t just magically disappear like that.”
    Kishi: ” STFU you hoe !! this isnt kakashi im writing about its my cute sasugay 🙂

  168. @kisuzachi

    Hmm the way i understood it, when i read the manga, the mangekyo
    doesnt really “damage” the eyes but rather seals them off and
    each time you use the mangekyo the seal goes more tightly.
    And by transplanting the “closed eyes” the seal will be removed so the user can see again?

    Does that make sense for anyone besides me? O.o

  169. @teramas

    Actually it does make sense.It is a very good explanation and I do remember something along those lines so it may very well be true.

  170. This chapter was great! Even was an awesome week with the anime too. This moment was awesome for me:

    Thats the look of “I’m going to work my ass off and become stronger than Sasuke”

    Could Kabuto be in the Waterfall country looking for info on Naruto’s mom? I know she was from the whirlpool country, but maybe they are related somehow. Or maybe if Kabuto has Orochimaru’s power now, he might be looking for a new container for his soul?

  171. I think Karin just recognized the kyubis chakra and realized it was just like killer bee’s not sasukes. sasuke does not have a bijuu

  172. I think Karin seemed so terrorized because she recognized the evil, dark chakra deep inside Naruto (the Kyubi) as similar to the evil chakra inside Sasuke and Madara.
    The Kyubi said it itself:

    Sasuke’s chakra is just like Madara’s, dark and sinister and not at all unlike the Kyubi’s…

  173. Chapter was awesome…

    I’m glad Kishi stepped in and settled the Naruto vs. Sasuke debate(you know the huge one we had a few chapters ago…).
    Sasuke ftw.

    Also, totally called it… Karin love triangle looks like a real possibility 🙂

  174. Actually i think she recognized the chakra Itachi placed in Naruto. Which would resemble sasuke’s dark evil chakra now flowing through his veins, Karin even said Sasuke’s chakra has become very sinister, dark, and evil. I am disappointed though in this whole series now. i’m tired of this game of tag. How many times is this now? Naruto catches up to sasuke, demands man love, and sasuke isnt ready, and runs away arms flailing in the wind. Naruto is sad and swears next time he’ll get him… Thank God Bleach and One Piece keep getting more epic as time passes. Naruto is just repeating its story and just adding new characters to make it seem like the “Chase” is different. Time to take a naruot break of about 6 months, then i’ll start reading it, to see if sasuke and naruto finally fight to the death. Sorry to flame naruto but i’m just disappointed.

  175. @Akadias: Lol, my thoughts exactly.

    @Iamnotreallyhere: If Madara used Izanagi to summon the Kyubi then his left eye here would be closed and shut forever right? I think Izangi is just a technique to bend reality not for summoning the Kyubi. Those are two very much separate things. I believe it’s the power of the MS, and most likely the EMS, that gives one the power to summon the Kyubi and control it like its pet.

    Seeing as how Izanagi is not a MS technique it’d be hard to believe that it was the technique necessary to summon the Kyubi.

    On a side note, Kakashi as leader of ROOT Anbu would be cool, but how about Yamato as leader of ROOT instead? 😉

    @Eyes discussion: Carrying the MS discussion on…as Teramas said the eyes are slowly sealed away the more they’re are used. This is the “damage” done to them. The exchange of hosts I guess releases this curse and gives all light back to eyes. It’s like magic, so now Itachi’s eyes in Sasuke have found an “inextinguishable light”.

    @Kyubi chakra in Sasuke discussion: Lol, I know I brought this up a long time ago during this chapter.

    And as I said many, many posts back. I’m sticking to my theory until proven wrong. XD Of course, what Karin could be referring to is “Exactly like…Killer Bee’s chakra” or “Exactly like…Sasuke’s evil/sinister chakra.” I know some people went over this stuff already but I wanted to show what you all were referring to.

    As for “Exactly like…Itachi’s chakra.” Has she ever met Itachi or felt his chakra? It could be similar to Sasuke’s but she wouldn’t know that.

  176. @Super, Sasuke once supressed the Kyubi using only his level 3 sharingan. Also when Madara is controlling the Kyubi he has a level 3 sharingan activated as well.

  177. @Kisu: Yeah that’s true, but I’m talking about controlling the Kyubi and making it bend to your will. Doing things at your request. Suppressing the Kyubi is a formidable but different matter.

    It looks like to me that if it wasn’t Madara’s EMS that was controlling the Kyubi then at least his MS was activated.

    Though, at closer inspection it does look like it’s his regular 3 tomoe sharingan. Then again, it’s only been said in the manga that it’s the MS which controls the 9 tailed demon fox and not just a regular sharingan. Of course, Danzou only had regular sharingans and he planned on controlling the Kyubi but remember he also had the 1st’s wood release jutsu to help him out. That’s evidence in itself a regular sharingan can’t do it by itself and he had numerous sharingans. My overall verdict…I can’t really tell what Madara has activated honestly but if I had to give a percentage I’d say it’s 60% most likely, from the looks of it, a regular sharingan. Now I’m confuzzled. Madara was special…>_>

  178. @supertrek89- All I was stating was that it was theoretically possible that if one could warp reality with it that one could summon the Kyubi with it. As far as I understand it the more powerful the summoned creature the more chakra it takes to summon it and I don’t see Madara as having enough chakra to summon the most powerful of all Tailed Beasts. It is just a theory though, and we have no idea if Izanagi would blind someone with an EMS either as it probably affects how all the Sharingan Jutsu work in one way or another.

  179. Something’s been nagging at me ever since I read it. Kishi’s set-up line for the next chapter is tantalizing. “Who will Naruto call on with the war about to begin!?”

    Ma and Pa frog, Killer Bee, Itachi’s ghost, Minato’s inner sanctom… all would provide some help. Or is there a new character Kishi might want to introduce? I hope this isn’t a throw away line, and Kishi makes good use of this “Call”.

  180. Im curious about what Karin saw inside Naruto. she said in the “onemanga” version that its dark. Killerbee’s chakra was never said to be dark. So it could not be his. so im more interested about the Kyubi inside Sasuke. I hope its not true. its the only advantage Naruto has over Sasuke and if Sasuke also has something like that inside of him, that would mean that Naruto really is no match for Sasuke 😦

    @jdb44: i think Kakashi not completely proclaimed as Hokage means he has more time to teach Naruto. If Kishi sed that it would be Kakashi’s year today then that may mean that he may be a good mentor for Naruto and may teach him more of Nondaime jutsu since it is only him left that has first hand knowledge of this.

    I think there will be or should be a time skip. When Naruto is more like his father and Sasuke is fully healed. i wish they would set up a few “gaiden” for Madara or Nondaime Hokage.

  181. @jdb44

    I vote for Konan.
    Konan said that she and amegakure will help Naruto in his path for “world peace”.

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