Bleach 395 The Burnout Inferno 3….OMG ICHIGO DOES SOMETHING!!

Note from the author: I think the way I did the spoiler/breakdown thing worked pretty well this week. For those of you that missed it, when spoilers come out I’ll post them in a seperate post and when the manga comes out i’ll delete the spoilers and put the breakdown in the same post. Anyways, there is a poll underneath about it. There are some other polls on stuff i’m wondering so if you guys could please answer them it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Alrighty I first want to start this breakdown by wishing the one and only Chuck Norris a Happy (belated) 70th birthday! 70 years old and can still kick everyones ass, rock on! His birthday was yesterday but since I had to wait til today for the manga to come out….it’s late…. 



Just because that song has been in my head all freaking day! 

No! Chuck! I’m sorry! It’s wasn’t my fault!!! 

*Mandi gets a roundhouse kick to the head and passes out* 

*sits up* Damn you mangastream! This is your fault!! Now has anyone seen my tooth?! 


Contact! Yama-Ji’s punch connected with WonderBra and he is torn to pieces…. 


 We get a few pages of Wonderbreads demise….then there is some talking between Yammy and Aizen which basically amounts to….

“You’re Evil cause you did this.” 

“No, i’m awesome cause I did this, you suck cause you killed it. Oh btw, guess what…” 


Turns out Rujin Jakkas powers were sealed inside Wonderweiss and now that he/she/it is dead there ain’t nothing holding back the flames… So Yamamoto goes omgwtfbbq!!!, jumps on the corpse and it goes bang… 

Aizen thanks Yammy for saving “his world.” Cause that blast would have not only destroyed the fake world, but the real one as well….then he does the ok i’m gonna kill you now but Yammy has other ideas. He grabs Aizen by the leg and unleashes some kido on him. Aizen just barely makes it out then the moment we’ve been waiting for for nearly two months happens!


That’s right guys! Ichigo has actually moved! He’s got on his hollow mask and is gonna pwn Aizen….or is he?


So Ichigo is now moving, sad when that’s a big break in the manga eh? That’s it for this week… here’s Anons summary.

wonderbread: hurp durp

aizen: lol blow up


aizen: lolpwned


aizen: oshit

ichigo returns from his 2 month hiatus and that’s that

Here’s this weeks demotivational poster! 


Now riddle me this?

Be truthful with these guys! 


If your answer is no, please email me at on how you think I could do better…but don’t be a dick or i’ll ignore you. 

I’ve also gotten rid of the AMV Corner…not enough of a fanbase to do hours of searching…so i’m taking a page out of Trek’s book and posting one with my breakdown. Enjoy! 

Condemed by Blanco 


That’s it for this week! Have fun! 


~ by Miranda on March 10, 2010.

54 Responses to “Bleach 395 The Burnout Inferno 3….OMG ICHIGO DOES SOMETHING!!”

  1. Damn Sounds So Bad Ass
    Yama is so cool

    You forgot: FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Haaa. Whitebeard and Yammy have so much in common … old captains who entered the fray, had their powers absorbed but still managed to kick ass, but then died … and within a chapter of each other too. So, this is how Aizen beats Yama ? Wow.
    I forgot who said it, was it Ms. Mandi ? She said that Yama was subject to the rule of something-or-other, that he was gonna die.

    So, that makes Jiraiya, Yamamoto, & Whitebeard one and the same, in spirit and common.

  3. actually that was Kizusachi

    “Yamamoto is a victim of the rule of manga. Whenever an old guy fights someone extremely strong, their power gets showcased by them beating on the weaker guys and then when they face the Big Bad (Aizen), they usually die. Now here are just a few examples; Master Roshi and the then-godly King Piccolo (DB), Genkai and Younger Toguro (Yuyu Hakusho), Whitebeard and Blackbeard (One Piece), hell even Obi Wan “Ben” Kenobi and Darth Vader. So all points to Yamma dying against Aizen..”

  4. oh noes…….if that’s true then yama’s badassery lasted only 1 chapter 😦


  5. AHHHHHH >.<





  6. Nice job, Mandi.

  7. Lol, good job Mandi. Cool AMV.

    @Ahsan: Hahaha! Yeah, why’d Ichigo move now? Gin’s going to get pissed he has to start that painting all over. XD

  8. I don’t realy see how Aizen could ever be beaten, his power was set above any other upon its writter’s creation… And now we expect Ichigo to get in with his brute strength and save the day… If that happens it will be devastating for the whole Bleach concept! I just hope they come up with something original yet not too flashy coz lately I was mostly disappointed with new chapters! Maybe we were just used to getting good stuff that we forgot that even writters can’t satisfy everyone! I personaly think Bleach needs someone to actualy die, like in Naruto, in order to get better! Btw nice work Mandi!

  9. great breakdown as always mandi 😀

    hey, that pic of yama blowing up wonderweiss was BADASS. i wish he cud do it with aizen too….

    as for ichigo pwning aizen, that can got a snowflake’s chance in hell of happening…… setivius above says, all ichigo has, more or less, is his brute strength……that is no good against a genjutsu-type like aizen :)………

    LOL. i am waiting for another “AIZEN PWNS ICHIGO WITH FINGER” moment…….that, or maybe Ichimaru Gin decides to “complete his painting” by killing the subject 😛

  10. a couple of things that are pissing me off about bleach… why is gin sitting around… two… what are urahara and yoruichi doing…. three… why is everyone scared to release their bankais when theyre about to die…

  11. Yamamoto is a badass

    Ichigo’s still alive!!!


    Is gin done with his painting yet?

    Why the fuck is Chuck Norris on this breakdown? Even a manga as good as Bleach is not worthy enough to be graced with with the presence of CHUCK!!!! BLASPHEMY I TELLZ YOU!!!!

    This has been my summary of this manga/breakdown


  12. That Bankai (or lack there of)thing is driving me Nuckin Futs too. Most of the Visards were captains and only One went Bankai!?!? Old man Yamma is not dead… If he dies without going Bankai….I will fly to japan find Tite and plant Foot deeply between Ass and cheek!!!

  13. Yamamoto is a badass
    Ichigo’s still alive!!!
    Is gin done with his painting yet?

    copy cat flexy >_>

    though the urahara sentence has the most value 😛

    great breakdown mandi 😀 you rock .
    and about the poll . ichigo will loose i just cant see ichigo winning against aizen . aizen is in god mode 😛 . urahara will come and put aizen in human mode then ichigo might finish him off . but until urahara comes . ichigo is gonna get his asss kicked

  14. I agree with Ra. I dont think we have seen a new bankai since…one of the vizard??? Seriously?!?! Look I understand from a business standpoint about drawing out an idea and milking it for all its worth but come on now Tite…

    Very well done on the breakdown Mandi. 🙂

    I don’t see an Ichigo / Aizen fight just yet. Someone will step in again. No banki will come out until we get a “suprize” at chapter 400 and we get a gimpse of it. Then we be going back to the desert or Tite will take a 3 week break…

    %#*&%^#*@^%(!@*#&$@…. so stupid…

  15. That may be a Chuck Norris cake, but it has a deadly SWAYZE FILLING!

    *yes, that’s right, the Swayze himself was smelted in a volcano, and made into a creme filling, a filling that only Chuck Norris could contain*

    “That Norris cake is breathing… or is it BARELY able to contain the Swayze”

    As a final insult, after eating a piece of this cake you will fatten up like Steven Seagal, and shit out a big ol’ Van Damme Log

  16. Wow prawlkage…just wow… if I didnt know any better I would call that the most awesome comment I have heard in a while! I’ve been laughing at that all day! 🙂

  17. The most unpredictable thing this chapter was that Ichigo moved. Nice one Mandi ^^

  18. It makes no difference who arrives at this point. Aizen is so haxorz that every character falls into the Komamura Syndrome when facing him, that is, they get aizen’d ( easily. Also, why would anyone use bamkai against Aizen? The only person that should use bankai against Aizen isa already using it + his hollow mask (Ichigo).

  19. Wow, somebody actually put that in the urban dictionary….LOl. Now thats comedy. I still say its going to come down to Kenpachi and Aizen. I was kidding about Kenpachi being the King but the more I think about it….The “crown” , not having a name, he does’nt even use his shikai(sp), past completly shrouded in mystery other than when he met and named Yachiru… and then there is the matter of that outrageous spirit energy…Just enough to make you say Hmmmm…. Maybe Yammy or Capt.Kuchki will bonk him on the head and it will all come back to him, Leaving absolute carnage in his wake…Just a thought

  20. Well im glad ichigo finally attacked too, but not for the same reasons as all of you. Anyone else see the “Uh-oh ichigo don’t look at aizen right now” moment? Aizen has his sword out and now ichigo is going to attack, even though they said stay away from his sword at all costs. which is why the captains were going to try to keep Aizens sword in his sheath, but failed for obvious reasons. If Gin doesnt step in to block ichigo, Aizen will just use his Shikai on Ichigo. Which is friggin awesome, because that means one of two things are about to happen.

    1. Urahara shows up and we get to see a Two Insane Captain bankai battle.
    2. Urahara shows up with Iishin (ichigo’s dad) with all of his Reiatsu restored.

    If tito lets Ichigo kill Aizen i’ll be pissed. Some of you say Aizen is in God-mode, but Ichigo gets killed (literraly has died twice from Ulquiorra) and resurrects into an unstoppable fighting machine… and thats not un-fair God-Mode? I want to see a real battle with Aizen and urahara / Iishin and Gin. Although i think the cat lady is going to fight Gin, which would also be cool. I know this story is about Ichigo, but c’mon… hes been a shinigami for a year and is more powerful then captains who have been training for centuries? This would be like Naruto becoming Hokage, right after he learns shadow clone jutsu.

  21. Riddle me this. When Yamamoto released that whole hooge fire technique thing, the whole idea was that it would destroy pretty much everything within a rather large radius including himself, Aizen, and the Gotei 13 (exclusing Ichigo who was asked to get out). But the plan was foiled when Wonderweiss ate the flames. Now it’s dead and the flames are being released again to do what they were supposed to do in the first place. How is that a problem? Why did Yamamoto block it this time?

    I’m pretty sure I’m mistaken somewhere, I just want someone to correct me.

    Btw, good job, Mizz

  22. @Cap’n Pickles, Yama’s move was a techniques, finely controlled. If all of his flames were release at once in an uncontrolled way, everything would be gone.

  23. that demotivational poster = AWESOME because its so TRUE

  24. @Reflex
    you WOULD write your summary in a rainbow XD

    great breakdown! I got to lol about 19848475 times. I liked the amv too ^__^

    wow. Im completely stunned Aisen actually has some scratches/bruises/burns WHATEVER you want to call those pwn marks he got from the old man. just wow.
    But on another note, theres no chance in hell Ichigo is going to get Aizen here. The man has his sketchy face on! if you can’t see his eyes, you know theres going to be trouble.

  25. –deleted cause i don’t fee like fighting with people

  26. @acklikxx I would prefer it if you would email me with your issues, not post it on the blog.

  27. @bb, i’m glad you laughed. I always try to throw humor in it. Sometimes what I find funny others don’t >.<

  28. Wow. So Captain Commander Yamamoto dies without revealing even a glimpse of his Bankai. That’s the kind of good manga writing Tite Kubo has to offer.

  29. I doubt there will be a “Uh-oh Ichigo don’t look at Aizen right now” moment, as axelgerhard mentioned in his post.
    If you look at Ichigo’s new mask – his eyes are completely different. His left eye isn’t affected by hollowication at all, however his right one shows neither sclera nor iris. So he doesn’t really have to ‘see’ Aizen, as long as he follows his hollow’s insinct. Perhaps, he will ‘learn’ how to use it, and fight like Kakashi does with his sharingan? I mean, Kakashi closes his normal eye, when using sharingan, so it wouldn’t interact with his vision.

    That is of course, if Ichigo will accept the fact, that he has to be more like a hollow in order to defeat Aizen.

  30. @nagashikage: There is no indication that Yamamoto is dead. Your just assuming.

    @FB: When Ichigo goes Hollow he will have to embrace it all to defeat Aizen. Unfortunately, b/c of Aizen’s i-pwn-all jutsu Ichigo will have to go God-Mode hollow form to beat him up. Unless, like everyone has said before, Ichigo’s dad shows up and shows his zero guard power or Urahara’s Banki really is that incredible.

  31. @Frozenbunny: ummmmm you don’t need eyes to be affected by Aizen’s Shikai, and Ichigo’s eyes are open with his new mask. you see it when hes fighting yammy, and he has his “O shit wtf my mask is heavy” moment. Aizen was capable of using his shikai on barragan in skeleton form when he had no eyes at all, not to mention barragan was in his release form, much like Ichigo is in his hollow form. All i’m saying is if the shikai takes hold of Ichigo, the fight will go to Urahara. If Ichigo does fight Aizen and somehow beats him… then i just wasted my time reading 395+ chapters… when i could have just watched Rocky I-VI.

  32. What happened to the 396 spoiler post?

  33. more than likely Mandi took it down and is writing the 396 breakdown.

  34. No one posted this yet? Bleach is out but I’m sure everyone knows by now.

    Pretty good chapter except Yamamato died before we got to see his bankai!!! Wait, it’s not confirmed that he’s dead! Please don’t kill him off just yet Tite! If Ichigo winds up killing Aizen in this fight I’m going to be pissed. It looks like Tite is trying to wrap this Arc up in a month or so.

    And how obvious was it that Aizen had planned Ichigo’s growth? We all guessed that back at IRA. -_-

  35. yeh i know the aizen controlling ichigo part was lame put i ❤ aizens baddassery as long as its against ichigo

    ichigo is just a lame over rated kid who take part in other peoples jobs ….

    as for the next chapter most probably urahara will show up with a way to remove/destroy the hogyoukou (whatever) and kill aizen

    urahara FTEW

  36. @Kisuzachi: Yea, I get what you mean, but if he had such control over it, why would he have allowed it fry everything in the first place? Good and evil…and Aizen >_>

  37. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we never got to see yamamotos bankai :’-(

  38. @Bakakage: Two things here. One – Don’t assume he’s dead. All that was said was that he used his body as a catalyst for the spell. I don’t we should jump to the conclusion that he is dead. I see this guy as a pheonix (as one guy put it in here) and he will rise from the ashes or something.
    Two – Anyone every stop to think Yama’s so damn power he never needed one. Kind of alludes to Kenpachi being the next CC don’t you think? 😉

    @Everyone else: ISSHIN HAS ARRIVED!!!ブリーチ-ネタバレ-bleach-397-spoiler/

  39. Finally Iishin shows up. I knew he was gonna have to save his son from this, Thats an ex-zero gaurd captain for ya. I guess this means Urahara went to Sereitei (wait how do we spell the spirit world again lol, been forever since ive seen it spelled). Although now since i was right about iishin, i guess this means thats not Aizen that Ichigo was about to fight. Aizen can swap bodies during his illisuion technique, and im pretty sure he swapped with gin right before Yamamoto stepped in. This could mean Iishin vs Gin, and Urahara vs Aizen. Reason i believe this theory is, Aizen’s confidence in his ability will betray him, and assumed a body swap with gin would be enough to keep all the bad asses in the fake town, while he destroys the real town. Ya i wish Urahara was played by “Dr. House” cause house would have a funny sarcastic line waiting for Aizen at the gates of Seretei.

  40. btw im sure he’s zero gaurd for 3 reasons:

    1. Rukia, renji, Hitsugayguy, and all the others who have stayed at ichigo’s house did not recognize Iishin, which means he was way before their time, yet has only been (exiled?) gone for 20 years or less.

    2. He was no where to be found in the 100 year arc, and yes if he was in seretei during that time, kito would have put him in there.

    3. when he first reveals himself to be a shinigami, the author through us a hint in the non-translated (some of these translators i’ve noticed have even screwed up names, and im not talking typo-s) about his Reiatsu only being at about a tenth of his norm, but referred himself at Captain level when talkign to the arrancar. Also take the scanlation from Jump and zoom in (on the same chapter) on Iishin’s left shoulder when its half showing, and if you can read Japanese, there is a nice surprise for any who speak/read/understand Japanese^_^

  41. Bleach is out on Mangastream now

  42. omg… i just realized something… Iishin is the king. Yes i’m super stoned, but still it makes sense now. Anyways i call dibs on Iishin being king. In desguise as a zero-gaurd captain. oh and the more Aizen explains about how much he knows about and controlled Ichigo’s past, the more he sounds like Urahara, if you think about it, Urahara had also picked some of Ichigo’s battles and helped him obtain Vaizaard powers… something doesnt add up now. I see a plot twist here soon.

  43. Iishin isnt the king. He gave up everything, powers and all to have the life he wanted away from being a shinigami. Now that Urahara convinced him to come back, I think he will just go back to being on the zero guard.

    More talking in the next chapter. Dont know why Tite cut off Aisen from talking about Ichigo’s mom tho. There is your plot twist. Is she more than what we all thought too?

  44. lolz kool chapter ^^,
    Although the appearance of lisshin was so predictable during the chapter.
    the whole chapter was built up to that moment 😛

  45. Iishin FTEW!

  46. Ya i know he isnt the king lol. when i read it again stoned out of my mind, Aizen made reference to Ichigo’s birth as being important enough for him to recognize it (as if he ws the son of someone very important). And since someone made reference to Kenpachi being king, because of his hair style looks like a crown, well Iishin’s hair looks like a crown right now too. But yes i know hes not the king, but i have a feeling hes gonna have an epic history, epic enough to catch Aizen’s eye.

  47. Oh and i have an idea who ichigo’s mom is, but i dont want to give to much away as to why, but take it or leave it. I think his mom is Hikifune, the captain during the 100 year arc who got promoted to zero gaurd. To me it was strange for Tite to refrence a random captain to show the mystery of the zero gaurd. Not to mention she supposedly was a very beautiful woman, who many adored her, from her hard headed vice-captain to many of the other barracks. I think Hikifune and Iishin fell in love while in zero guard, and had to chose love, or their titles. It would explain how Ichigo’s mother knew her son was about to be killed by a hollow and reacted well before any danger was present. Well its just a fun theory and not much to really go off of yet, but i’ve noticed Tite is all about the subtle hints to people’s pasts and futures.

  48. @Axel: “omg… i just realized something… Iishin is the king. Yes i’m super stoned, but still it makes sense now.”

    LMFAO!!! XD Oh boy, that made me laugh.

    One problem I have with Ichigo’s mom being a former shinigami is the fact that she was so weak. Especially if she was a former 0 guard captain you’d think she’d have means of dealing with weak hollows even in human form. For her to die so easily and at the hands of something so weak wouldn’t fit her profile as a former 0 guard captain. It’d bring shame to the whole status of the elite guard.

    @Chapter: Personally, I thought it was meh… Talk, talk, talk, and more talk basically to tell us that Aizen planned out Ichigo’s battles. Correct me if I’m wrong but we found that out last chapter right? The end was greatly built up to and was the only saving grace of the chapter for me. I’m hoping if there’s going to be a lot of talking next chapter it’ll be more interesting and revealing things we don’t already know.

    @Theories: I have one that Isshin is the son of the King and the next to inherit the throne but since he gave up his title it should now be passed on down to Ichgigo. Thus, Ichigo is the inheritor to the King’s title. A very important person indeed. Came up with it a long whole ago and, yes, it sounds like a legit stoner theory. 😉

  49. Anyone but me still in awe of Aizen. I was reading old chaps today (sick day) and all of Aizen’s monologues actually make sense and have truth to them. Tite must be one hell of a philosopher………or he’s just quoting from books 8P

  50. @ axelgerhard …. I mention Kenpachi’s “Crown” as a clue. The other things i mentioned i think would give One pause to say there is something more to hime than meets the eye. When he fought ichigo and had the flashback, it alludes to him not Knowing his name / identity. Maybe he’s not the king, but consider how strong he is that he has to tone it down with his eyepatch. Then consider he doesnt seem to know his true identity(nor his swords). Then you add his “Crown” to that , its just enough to make you wonder…

  51. @ supertrek: Remember though Iishin gave up his shinigami powers to live a normal life (cause of why is still unkown, but will most likely find out very soon). Which means if my theory on Ichigos mother is true, then Hikifune did the same thing (if Hikifune is Ichigo’s mother). My theory isn’t based on hard facts, just on subtle hints. I can’t recall the chapter, but i will look for it if you want me to, when ichigo has his flashback on his mother dying, while he is in mid run to save the girl, Ichigo’s mother tried to stop him before he got to the girl out of pure fear. She knew what it was and through herself in between ichigo and the hollow. A normal mother wouldn’t have known it was a hollow. Ontop of that, when she died, Iishin knew what killed her, but was also to weak to get there in time. This was refrenced when Iishin killed the same hollow that killed his wife. My second reason i think its hikifune, is because Tite made refrence to her as a new zero gaurd captain in the 100 year arc… and he didn’t have to. Like most authors, when they make a scene about an unknown character, that character comes back later on, whether it be a flashback, a comeback, or a rival/ally that arrives at the right time of plot twist or to answer an important question. And no i wasn’t stoned when i came up with this theory… but i will be soon… very soon.
    @Return of Ra: don’t worry man i wasn’t mocking your theory about kenpachi. i made refrenced to your theory mainly because when i was super baked and re-reading bleach/one piece/naruto/fairy tale, for some reason i assumed Iishin was king for two reasons, and one was because of his hair… don’t ask lol. For some reason when i was baked, Aizen’s knowledge of Ichigo sounded like Urahara was talking about Ichigo’s training and trials. So last night i passed out thinking Aizen and Urahara are the same person, but Urahara is either Aizens Zanpakutou or the other way around. To me it explained how both of those two power houses share the same knowledge about everyone and everything. Aizen made Renji’s Tracking Goggles for him, which sounds a lot like what Urahara would have done, not to mention both had the same knowledge of how the Hougyoku works, and both knew who had the Hougyoku stored in them. Ofcourse i only realized that stoned, so now im re-reading a lot of chapters to make sense of why they both know the exact same thing. I’m not saying they are the same being or oen is the zanpakutou of the other just yet. But what a heel of a plot twist that would be, love it or hate it lol.

  52. hmm…i thought they just said the king was more of a…omg i can’t remember the name of it. Basically, he just governs all of soul society but doesn’t necessarily have strength. Like he’s just royalty and that’s all.

  53. IMO Urahara’s Banki has something to rendering someone else’s Banki useless. Just like Aisen made WW to seal Yama’s Zanpakto. Urahara will show up to take out the Hougyoku and make Aisen just powerless against Ichigo’s Getsuga. Isshin will hold off/kill Gin. My two cents.

    @debito89: I don’t think that any of Shinigami have even seen the king. I think it was said that they felt his presence (??) or something like that. So I don’t think we honestly know if he is stronger than them or not. We do know that the Zero Guard are stronger than Yamamoto or at least on par with him. Remember that they call themselves Shinigami (sp?) which means “Death God”. I dont think the Shinigami would allow themselves to be ruled over by someone not stronger than them.

    @axel: I LOVE your theory on who Ichigo’s mom is and why they gave away their powers and all that. (Makes for a GREAT story)

    @super: Axel’s theory makes sense if you remember that they gave up their powers which would in turn make them weaker than even the lowest hollows back then.

    @Everyone: Why are people so quick to chalk people up as being dead? I don’t recall ever seeing Ichigo’s mom as dead. Yamamoto, everyone attributes as dead and gone but i don’t believe that either. Conspiracy abounds!!! 🙂

  54. @Sockorlu i’m glad you like my theories^^ also you just gave me another one. About Ichigo’s mom. If she was in fact Hikifune(or just a random shinigami) and she was killed by a hollow… wouldn’t that mean her soul would go back to the spirit world… and since she has already been there, finding her way back to the Gotei 13 wouldn’t be hard right? or since she was slain by a hollow, would she herself become a hollow? Perhaps from an ex-zero gaurd to a Vasto Lorde? Much like what Ichigo’s new hollowfication looks like. You are right sockorlu, we are up for a hell of a conspiracy.

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