Naruto Shippuuden 150 Breakdown. Going out with a bang.

Hello everyone and welcome to another weekly anime breakdown, brought to you by yours truly, Tenrai Senshi. Firstly, before I start this breakdown, I would like to say a little something first.

As some of you may have noticed, there was a bit of commotion on the breakdowns recently relating to the topic of spoilers. I know Supertrek89 put up a post regarding the matter, but I also feel the need to say that if I had in any way antagonized the situation, I am sorry.

Anyway, moving along onto what should be better and brighter matters, we come to the topic of our latest filler episode, which, unfortunately, seemed to dip a tad in the entertainment department.

Oh, come on, let's see a smile on that face! Fillers aren't that bad. ^ ^

I am not sure how everyone else felt about this episode and to be honest, I wouldn’t say it was bad. In fact, it was still “good” in a somewhat lighter sense of the word. It just seemed to let go of that feeling that had carried this arc so well for the past few installments we have seen in this filler up until now.

It just felt very… average. Not great, not bad, just average.

One of the more discerning factors that fueled my feelings on the matter was the very lethargic pace that ran throughout. Whereas all the previous episodes had kept up a more or less consistent beat, this one just bounced out of tune altogether. There was more talking than anything, and almost the entire showing took place in one location, with one primary and overly consistent focus that was only systematically and temporarily broken up by a less than satisfactory side battle that did little to entertain.

But we’ll get to that a bit later.

Hotaru realizes that playing 'Dance Revolution' is more dangerous than she originally suspected.

In its saving grace, this episode did manage to bring some interest into light, with the subject of natural energy, which, for manga readers, is a matter that only comes up a bit further along during Naruto’s extended training with the toads.

It is explained by Shiranami that the forbidden jutsu embedded in Hotaru draws in natural energy from nature in order to acquire the power needed to unleash its devastating, village flattening destruction. This is comparable to the similar way in which Sage Mode draws in natural energy from the world to increase its user’s strength and stamina, and it is also a good example of how potent natural energy actually is.

The only difference is, instead of being absorbed by Hotaru herself, it is instead absorbed by the vessel she contains, which would, in theory, eliminate the risk of natural energy to ones own body. It also suggests that the Tsuchigumo clan had some knowledge of the existence of natural energy and found some way to harness it.

The repetition of this flashback in its entirety, a flashback which has somehow managed to squeeze its way into every episode of this arc thus far, is just one of the few blemishes that keeps this episode from being great.

This alternate look at natural energy gives us an idea of how potentially powerful Sage Mode could be. For one thing, the fact that the Tsuchigumo clan’s forbidden jutsu can level a village by gathering enough natural energy is already a good example.

In a similar manner, it helps us gauge just how much more strength Sage Mode can infuse within its user. Of course, the downside shared by both examples of using natural energy in combat, is the length of time it takes to acquire enough of it to use effectively.

Think Spirit Bomb from Dragonball Z.

Don't worry. We're just here to pose and look cool. It helps pass valuable time that could have been used for more useful and entertaining content. <_<

After watching Shiranami share a few words with Naruto and Utakata (literally), we then swap scenes to Yamato and his two charges, Sakura and Sai, who are still toying with the annoying zombie villagers and our four, seemingly vain, minor villains.

This is probably the one scene that really dampened the episode for me as a whole. What was supposed to be a fresh diversion from the otherwise laborious focus of this particular showing, actually turned out to be a big letdown. The short mock battle between the two groups of shinobi and villagers was really quite stale. The animation felt choppy, the attacks were underwhelming and the tempo was almost non-existent.

It felt like the only reason this scene was inserted in the first place, was to stretch for more time in order to sooner reach the ending credits. I can understand wanting to leave off with a cliffhanger, and this episode certainly does that much well, but I really felt like they could have injected so much more.

Epic power-ups. No anime would be complete without them. @_@

After that time stretch is over, we finally make our way back to Naruto and Utakata, who are trying desperately to escape from Shiranami’s control over their bodies, inevitably releasing both of their Bijuu chakras in the process.

After that, another short battle, almost just as underwhelming as the previous scene, ensues, with our two Jinchuuriki seemingly getting the upper hand. Unfortunately, the triumph is short lived, and Shiranami’s control over a partially charged Hotaru is quickly taken advantage of to give him leverage. What follows is probably the flashiest part of this episode, as the forbidden jutsu is finally released in a vibrant display of power and light.

In answer to Naruto's and Utukata's own power-ups, Hortaru reveals her Super Saiyan transformation to blow away the competition!!!! O_O

Interestingly enough, the one part of the episode that really got my adrenaline racing, was the scene that ironically brought the episode to an end (along with some foreseeable environmental collateral damage).

It does leave one wanting more, despite the otherwise uninspired content that brought us to this point. To be fair, it really wasn’t a bad episode and although my breakdown may sound largely negative, it was still enjoyable. It just wasn’t at the same level that had taken us this far in the first place.

Either way, it is a small blemish on an otherwise great filler (as far as fillers go) and I am sure it will be the only one we will find.

Caption Contest Winners:

5th) Captain Pickles: *Creepo* “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Hotaru’s little sister, Notaru.”

4th) Avenue0Pein: “Here take this coupon, (you) may exchange it for one prosthetic arm after the purchase of a first” (explosive sale) :P

3rd) Tigerpalm: Hi mister, I can’t read … can you tell me what is written on this note.

2nd) Captain Pickles: *Creepo* “Hello, Mr Person, sir. I is with a organization named KPBBP (Kids Protects Big Blue Planet). We am distributed flyers containing information on how we can stopped global heating. For example, did you knows you can reduce the temperature by changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius?”

Truepain: Is the toilet paper finished? Use this!

To be honest, it was actually very difficult to select the top five and trying to sort between all the captions turned my mind into jelly.

*Eats the yummy jelly*  O_O

I chose the top five from the ones that stood out a bit more, but otherwise all of the captions were great.

Now for this weeks screen!

*Insert caption here*

Well, that’s it from me this week. Unfortunately, I could only include one poll this time around because there wasn’t anything I could think of that was worth asking, so I am sorry for a lack of that feature. I know people like them for the most part. T_T

Here’s the preview for next weeks episode.

See you all next time! 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 9, 2010.

20 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 150 Breakdown. Going out with a bang.”

  1. Yay,Great breakdown but unfortunately quite an average episode.But know I actually saw a positive side to fillers.They make us realize how good the manga following episodes really are and judging from the Killer Bee vs Sasuke fight they are going to be supreme from when we get back on track.

  2. Great job Tenrai!

    Filler was meh. All I’m wondering is how in the world Ukataka saw or even sensed the natural energy. Kinda contradictory to what the manga says of it only being noticed by those who are one with nature. I’m sure they’ll say it has something to do with his slug or something or not even explain it at all. Silly filler…~_~

  3. this episode sucked. how can you guys say it was average? it had a really slow pace, there wasn’t any action, naruto and utakata got screwed over by that creepy guy’s horrible word jutsu(utakata practically runs into the wordbind jutsu!!!) and, after beating him and getting to hotaru, they just give up since creepy guy said so… it’s around 7.40 of part two:
    i just think that this episode was pointless. all of this could have been showed in 2 minutes.
    the forbidden jutsu seemed cool but the fact that naruto and utakata got hit at point black range and it left them with only a few scratches equals 100% FAIL! all this build up for what?

  4. Another great breakdown Tenrai. It was easily the worst ep in this arc. Maybe my expectations started to get too high for a filler, since the other eps were great (for a filler). Well, let’s just hope that the rest of the arc goes down smoothly and prepare for Pein! 😀

    Caption: Christmas tree lights! When one strand isn’t enough!

  5. Awesome breakdown Tenrai for a not bad episode. I am curious how much difference between this forbidden jutsu and Pein’s that level Konoha.

    Caption: This power !!!!


    Hooray for old internet memes. Is this filler almost over ? I thought “Going out with a bang”, when I read the title, meant that the filler was almost over.

  7. Craption:

    “Holy crap! Space Aliens are coming to do inexplicable perversities to our posteriors!”

  8. @to63to

    Lots of long words in there. lol!

    As for the filler, as decent as it was, I am ready to move onto the battle with Pein now as well. We have so much ground to make up for, but at least we are getting closer now.

  9. lol the captions were awesome again 😀 so was the breakdown unlike the fillers O_____O before i run


    Solar flash , no matter how old it gets its awesome as hell and you cant see a thing -_-‘

  10. Caption:

    OMG! It’s Beyonce’s jewelery collection!!! X__X

  11. Seems Fillers need to End all this is getting in the way of Pein or even just Naruto emo stage before pein, plus training etc T_T still gonna be a long time before that battle comes… dam…

    Caption: “Come on Truck Driver, BRING IT ON!!!”


    I will stop ur vehicle with nothing but my amazing voice

  12. fillers REALLY need to end and this episode proves it all over again. i just wanna see naruto vs pain in HD, NOW 😀

    CAPTION: (while surfing on WRA) HOW CAN ONE SITE BE SO AWESOME?? O_O

  13. Ahsan, wait for me!


    In the next episode, we will see how this man, with his new name, will go on to become one of the greatest evangelizers of his generation.

  14. OR!


    Who knew this would happen on the Road to Damascus?

    *runs away with Ahsan*

  15. Caption: CLOSE YOUR FU**ING MOUTH HOTARU! That new toothpaste your using specifically says “Using excessive amounts could lead to exponential vision impairment”

  16. Good work on the breakdown, I agree on your outlook on this one.


    Lighting crews: they can’t ALL be perfect


    “OMG! Is that the end of the filler I see or am I dying?”
    (sorry for the double pun Ukata)

    Sai’s midriff: putting the “flash” back in flashlight

  17. Well,I just watched episode 151 and apart from being vastly better from the last one, guess what…That’s right fillers are officially over. Next time we get back to the manga.

    I do have to admit those were the shortest and best fillers I’ve watched but still I am damn glad we’ll be seeing Pain soon. 😀

  18. CAPTION:

    Hotaru… your breasts… THEY’RE… THEY’RE MAGNIFICENT!!!

  19. All the final filler will need is for Sakura to use her new “destructo-disc” to attack the bad guys…

    *Nappa talks to Vegeta*

    Nappa: Hey Vegeta, check her out, she’s the Raditz of their group!

  20. Sweet!!! My wish came true! The filler ended in one episode…and a pretty entertaining one at that. The first five minutes of this one (Shiranami getting bashed in the face) was better than the whole last episode. I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to fit the conclusion of the arc and the capturing of the six-tails in one episode, but they did…and it didn’t seem rushed really either. I’m just stoked that it’s getting be back to the “real” storyline next week. I don’t usually like fillers (I hate em, honestly) but I actually wouldn’t mind seeing one (a SHORT one) of Naruto training in…well…I don’t wanna spoil it for anyone who hasnt read the manga…when Naruto does his NEW training, I wouldnt mind seeing a little filler of it.

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