Naruto 485 Breakdown: I want your love and I want your revenge, NaruXSasu = Bad Romance

I’m sure we are now all aware of  the little squabble that temporarily took over our hitherto warm and hearty little community of  manga lovers and Narutards alike; a teeny miff that was blown up far beyond necessity required. Nonetheless, my fellow bloggers, there is something I feel must be said, it’s absolutely crucial that you all know … I just wanna say … Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you dooown! Never gonna ruun around and deseert youuu!

Ahaha! This isn’t a breakdown! You’ve all been Rick-rolled! *dodges projectile stiletto heels* I’m joking! >_>

Ahem…hello, hello, WRA! Told you I’ll be back ;). Welcome to this week’s Naruto manga breakdown proudly brought to you by me, Captain P. If you’re expecting me now to announce who it is I’m substituting, then I invite you to read this. As repercussion for an unfortunate turn of events, it seems I will herein be your new permanent Naruto manga author. *dodges some more flying footwear* I get the feeling this will be a very painful job…

But for better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; for awesome chapter or epic fail: I solemnly swear to do the best job I can, at all times, no matter the circumstances, as a chapter summarizer for as long as WRA shall live, so help me God…soon as I finish this episode of American Idol…>_>

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Now, while the majority of you ponder over where on earth I cooked up such a wacky name for my email address, the rest of us will be moving on to the real dish. Let’s talk some Naruto! (Woohoo)

The paths of these two rivals, as preordained right from time immemorial, has led them both in opposite directions; each unwittingly trudging along fate's walkway, leading them further and further away from each other as they progress in their respective wild odysseys. Uchiha and Senju, Sasuke and Naruto: so close, yet so very far...

So they meet again. Only this time, I doubt Sasuke and Naruto will be sharing another ‘passionate’ smooch to make fangirls, the world over, reel and squeal. But what then does this confrontation entail for them both, and the rest of us readers, as well? I’ve been hearing theories left, right, and center; some plausible, others make you go ‘WTH’…if, of course, you have enough remaining air in your lungs after you laugh your face off (Prawlkage >_>). So I’m throwing it out there. What’s your take?


Naruto has come a long way from the hot-headed, blond (in more ways than one) hero from three years ago. We have since watched him as he dons a new personality, one that fits in so well with our oh, so lovable protagonist. More clear-headed and focused, as opposed to the rash 12-year-old from way back when; Naruto’s new and improved style and mannerism have propelled his character into a  whole level level far beyond its already compelling nature. All of this may very easily be bunched up and compressed into a single, concise grouping of six letters: growth. Naruto has grown. Not only in physical stature, but also regarding mental valiance, owing largely to a very unfortunate incident that has since changed his life forever; none of this any more evident than in most recent times. The actions he has taken, the decisions he has made, all of these serve as shining beacons of his extreme development which we have observed take place as time has gone on.

Yet, despite all of this change, one thing about remains constant; you know, like in those math equations the lot of us find so incredibly exasperating. I’m sure you’ve out figured out what I’m blabbering on about now. Naruto’s nindo has been his guiding principle in all his days as a Konoha shinobi, quite possibly even before then. Even when it seemed utterly, well, stupid for him to uphold, Naruto has allowed the drive to “never give up” and “never go back on [his] word” to be the one model he follows with utmost integrity.

Once more, as in the latest chapter, Naruto decides it’s high time he showed us more proof as testament to this fact (not like any of us needed it, but it’s welcome, nonetheless). So with this new chapter, we see just how much and how fast to his ninja way Naruto is willing to adhere. And with that nasty cliffhanger right at the very end, I have quite a bit of trouble believing there is a single living, breathing Narutard on the globe that still has nails on their fingers.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start from the beginning.

If you haven’t gotten the gist by now, let me refresh your memory. Naruto is back! And he’s badder than ever, with a dynamic entrance to make Gai swell with envy. And from the look on Sasuke’s face, he may need a fresh pair of undies, one that’s spoil proof this time, if there’s any such thing in the Ninja Verse. Both their eyes meet for a fleeting moment, until it is cut short by who else?

The son of the White Fang ain't letting these noobs get all the attention!

Fortunately for him, Sasuke is able to block the punch at the nick of time. And after receiving a nod from his sensei about his impeccable timing, Naruto begins to work his magical tongue into action. Heaven only knows if it will work this time. He says to Sasuke what he has said once before, and it seems to strike a nerve. That, or Sasuke has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

No, but the movies nowadays provide explicit detail...>_>

I think the look on Naruto’s face says otherwise, Sasuke…<_<

Aaaanyhow, Sasuke swiftly dismisses Naruto’s claims of understanding his feelings, and denounces him as an “outsider”. Dude, considering your situation, who wouldn’t want to be an outsider? Anyway, Sakura takes the stage, and she’s quick in jumping to our hero’s defense, basically explaining how through thick and thin, Naruto stuck by him no matter the cost, no matter the circumstance, considering him a friend, even until this moment.

It seems it’s all going through one ear and escaping via the next, and Sasuke speaks on…

*I suggest you click on the image so you can read all of its inspiring content <_<*

Crap, I can't get past the loading screen...>_>

On we go!

Sasuke announces to the rest of his former teammates that he put an end to Danzou’s wretched life, explaining how invigorating the experience was (wow…no comment); like he was one step closer to fully cleansing the Uchiha name from the blemish that has stuck to it like an annoying rash…or an almost as annoying annoying stalker >_>. Sasuke then goes on to recite his ultimate goal once again.

Let’s break here. You all know what Sasuke says, but unlike your untrained eyes, I can read between the lines in this case. *dodges projectile furniture* I’m sorry ;__;. Ok, ok, but either way, I know Sasuke’s true objective. I’ll tell you. But be warned, what you are about to read will completely unhinge your lower jaw. And if you thought Sasuke’s plan was sinister before, I suggest you think again. Listen carefully.

I’ll start with an easy question. What was Sasuke doing all those years with Orochimaru? Training to become a stronger ninja and defeat Itachi? Wrong.

I’m sure you all believe he was becoming stronger, training like a madman to attain power and learn new moves. That’s what they want you to think. I’ll tell you what Sasuke was doing. In a way, you’re all right. Sasuke WAS ‘training’,  he WAS learning new ‘moves’ during the time he wasn’t at the recording studio with the rest of his group, Taka. Yes, I said recording studio. Have you guessed it yet? No? I’ll spell it out for you then.

For those three years, Sasuke and his ‘team’ had ‘trained’ their vocal cords…learning new and perfecting old dance moves every day. Have you guessed it now? No? Ok…

All those years, in all those years of grueling training and midnight sessions, Sasuke was creating his ultimate weapon: one with immense power and no known weakness (Except maybe Kanye West >_>). Sasuke was creating…Sasuke was creating…Sasuke was creating A POP GROUP!! Don’t gasp yet! There’s more!

In no time at all, with their excessively auto-tuned voices singing outrageously catchy choruses, their bevy of head-churning choreographies, and ludicrously ostentatious matching costumes,  Sasuke and Taka will have at their disposal an entire army of tween worshippers all over the globe doing their bidding!! And just a little while longer: total…world…domination…literally…

I'm currently having an ear seizure.

The end is near! Flee to the mountains!!

Team Taka: They will consume your soul.

Look, they already have one victim in the background…poor guy. (Credits for the pretty friggin’ awesome pic at the bottom left corner of it)

This is all truth, I tell you! This is Sasuke’s true objective! *dodges projectile trailer home* Is there no mercy for the widow’s son? ;___;

Ok, where were we?

Yea, ok, so Naruto has had enough, and performs the play of  his two hands most common to him. And soon, following a sudden puff of white smoke, we spot two more Narutos ready for action. But once again, Kakashi wants some of that limelight. And he steps in in his consummate badass-ness, saying: “This is my job.”

After asking for Naruto and Sakura to leave the area and being asked whether he is going to kill Sasuke, to which he responded with a resounding “LEAVE”, what Kakashi gets in return in an arm lock from none other than Naruto (well, his clone, but you get the idea).

But before that, Kakashi said something rather interesting. He hinted that the kunai Sakura tried to pierce Sasuke with, the kunai Sasuke tried to return the favor with, the same kunai that gave Naruto the cut on his face had poison in it. Soo…

(Btw, props to Senshi-poo for pointing that out to me)

Amen, sister!

At this point, Sasuke has his favorite Thousands Birds of death primed and ready to go. And since Kakashi is held down by one of Naruto’s clones, nothing is stopping Naruto from unleashing his spinning chakra ball of doom, and with that, they charge full force at each other.

For a brief moment, Naruto thinks about how he and Sasuke could so easily be in each other’s shoes. At that same moment, I think: “Oh, how right you are.” And he is. Without a doubt, in some atypical twist of fate, Naruto could be the one plotting to level the village he has abandoned and developed an extreme hatred for, almost beyond reason, and Sasuke, his ‘brother’, trying desperately to redeem his best friend from the piercing darkness, and at the same time, fighting tooth and nail to protect the village the loves so dearly. Life has a funny way of doing things…

All too familiar, is what comes next. Remember three years ago at the Valley of the Ends? It was epic then. It is epic now.

Far away from the other as one may be. They will always collide. And so, once more, they clash: Sasuke on the one side, Naruto on the other, and in between, a grand culmination of unimaginable power. As it was in the Valley of the Ends, so it is now. A blast from the past.

For the second time around, some time during the chaotic explosion of energy, Naruto and Sasuke appear in a space. Empty space. With nothing but them two and their consciousness.

Naruto speaks. In a solemn, austere fashion, his words flow, floating in the direction of the one person he continually strives after.

He tells it all once again: the Nine Tails; the brewing hatred he had inside. Sasuke pays rapt attention, listening intently as Naruto tells his tales of how he reciprocated the hatred his village bad for him because of the beast living in his subconscious; how he thought he would never be able to forge a true bond of friendship, of brotherhood. But that all changed.

“I’m really glad I met you.” Naruto said to Sasuke, with an honest-to-goodness grin across his face, and a heart pure as fine gold.

Sasuke’s subsequent words come out arctic. He reaffirms what he has been singing for a while now. He is going to kill Naruto and his precious village with him.

“Kill me and become a hero, or die by my hand and be another one of my victims”

However, true to his one guiding principle, his nindo, Naruto chooses neither. He is going to…

That’s all, people!

You deserve a shiny medal if you’ve followed this far.

On to your Bubblition! Have fun with it =P

*insert possible caption here...anything else is strictly prohibited >_>*

That’ll be all, folks!

So until next time, have fun in the comment section, and I’ll be seeing you in the next breakdown.



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  2. second!

    now i’ll go read it

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  4. Awesome Breakdown!

  5. DAMN YOU CAPT. PICKLES!!!!!! I was enjoying i nice of glass of warm milk and some cookies, i had just gotten into my snuggie and was going to enjoy a nice, comfortable, grotesque obscentity free reading of the breakdown for Naruto 485, when you know what i got instead?!?!?!?!??!?! A nice, big, fat, heaping pile of steaming rick roll all over me and the computer!!!! Thanks a lot… a-hole.

    jk, nice breakdown ^_^!

  6. trek, we discussed this under j-man and ibi (god rest their spirits in blogger limbo), but the hokage can’t technically claim first over a post, considering that person has ultimate power over the blog and can see it coming (yes, read it like a shakespeare joke) from a mile away. I would declare ms. mandi the winner, but she’s also an admin, so i nominate gavin for the win since he wasn’t too much behind mandi-san. so i’m re-ranking this on no authority of my own 1) Gavin 2) Ms. Mandi…. 9,000) Bono and finally 9,001) Trek

  7. YOSH!!! Awesome job Pickles! Very in-depth on Naruto’s character growth and nindo way. I bet he plans on helping Sasuke revive the Uchiha Clan in his own way like Aeris pointed out last breakdown. Just like Naruto promised to change the Hyuga Clan when he becomes Hokage. He sure is packing a lot of responsibility on his shoulders in the process though. Still no excuse for the panic attack…>_>

    Let’s see…Naruto is poisoned like Jiraiya was. Sasuke has almost lost his eyes like Orochimaru lost his arms. Sakura is unable to fight like Tsunade was in the beginning. Kakashi is about as useful as Shizune was in the battle of the 3 sanin (no offense). Lol, jkjk…I think…

    @Alec: *mentions something about being over 9000* +_+

    @Spoilers: Please don’t try to test the yellow text out on comments that are not spoilers. When spoilers do come out they’ll be plenty of time for testing and if you want to be extra cautious feel free to put “spoiler warning” above your spoiler discussion. I assure you though, the yellow text does work. ^_^

    Edit: Ha! Seems like it only works for writers on the blog! Lol, that’s just great. ~_~ Continue on with Naruto discussion. >(0_0)>

    Edit: Then one of the writers can put the spoilers in yellow when they see it –Mandi:D

  8. so sorry peny is leaving she was awesome but you cool pickles.
    man i agree naruto is defenetly wiser maeby the finding out his bushins can transfer what they see and learn to him got him on that path to maturity.
    lol sasuke has a pop group. and a silent aplause for karin you go girl.but silent cause she might double cross konoha if given the chance thats the uchiha charm.
    greatness overall pickles im looking foward to more wacky jokes.

  9. Seventh!! *sigh* that’s not even in the top five… but at least it’s under ten! (unless a bunch of people comment before i click enter 😀 )

    Now on to read this awesome, entertaining breakdown ;P

  10. This is bugging me, naruto cant be senju! hes uzumaki, isnt there a reason every uchiha has uchiha before the name? uchiha sasuke, uchiha madara not bob sasuke and fred madara? lol

  11. otherwise naruto should have been senju naruto (sorry bout the double post)

  12. Caption: Bubble 1- back streets back
    bubble 2- ALL RIGHT!!

  13. Good Breakdown, I like all the subtle references to the Lost Symbol

  14. @bakakage i think the reason for that is that the Uchiha had kids only with those within the clan while the senju were pimps nd had kids all over the 5 great nations!!!!1

  15. @jb135: Bwahahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!! i like your syle hahaha true that. but yes then in that case im still a little dissapointed in kishi cuz its not a pure blooded battle between senju and uchiha, except if naruto discovers his bloodline limit it MOKUTON!!!!!! (very unlikely)

  16. @bakakage

    It was never once mentioned that Naruto was Senju. It was, however, said that Naruto had inherited The First’s “will of fire”, which is why Madara could see Hashirama in Naruto.

    Just remember, blood isn’t the only thing that can tie people together. It is also your spirit, which, to me, is more important than the blood running through your veins. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose who you are as an individual and what you believe. Naruto has inherited the will of fire and that is what puts him at odds with the hatred of the Uchiha clan.

  17. oh ok so im missing the point, its not about blood its about the will of fire vs. the will of hatred

  18. @bakakage

    Essentially, that is what it boils down to. As much as Madara tries to blame fate and the curse of hatred for all the conflict between Uchiha and Senju, we still see alternate examples suggesting another solution.

    After all, Obito and Itachi never held that kind of hatred. Itachi himself chose peace over conflict. He chose to protect the very village that Sasuke now seeks to destroy with his hatred and he never let the name “Senju” blind that compassion and turn it into hatred.

    At the end of the day, your spirit can overcome the circumstances of your birth. Sasuke inherited the curse of hatred because he chose to, not because it was forced on him.

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    Bubble 2:FUCK! It’s JAY LENO!

  20. sorry for the late comment pickly poo O_O ( hell yeh the names i give FTEW) i was on my mobile could read but not comment though i promise i was the first person to read it O_O unless someone read it before he commented xD

    awesome breakdown 😀


    SASUGAY (2nd bubble ) – IM GAY 🙂 and i love pickle’s

    it up to you to what pickle’s means 😉

  21. nice breakdown … but there s this thing about your name thats really bugging me. Captain pickles. you know im german and all and in german “pickel” are those ugly tiny to fat red spots with little white eggs in them that people tend to have on their noses…

    so i was wondering …

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    CAPTION: You are on the way to destruction.

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    This is the pose I learned in ballet class today. Apparently I’m gonna be playing the part of the nut in ‘The Nutcracker’.

  24. awesome breakdown Captain Pee.! =P
    We’re you able to figure out sasuke’s real intentions just from one page o.0. I’m stunned…
    It’s an awesome theory tho if only 1/10th of it is true Naruto would turn out awesome xD.
    I wonder if Sakura is gonna step in again next chapter just to fail again that would be three times in a row which would be awesome.
    No really i wonder why kishi is holding her back this much she has awesome strength, great healing power, and some unused potential left, didnt kishi say in an interview he would make sakura more heroic, unless he means epic fail with that he isnt doing a pretty good job sofar,…
    well anyways the next chap will prolly be a good one i just hope that madara wont show up to soon to get sasuke out of the fight.

  25. AWESOME BREAKDOWN PICKLES :D……you is the new penny! (unless penny was the old pickles? O_o)

    anyway, i think there is a lot of sense in the sasuke-pop-band theory…..i mean, the facts all fit in 😛

    Bubble 1: Yo Naruto, i’m really happy for you and i’mma gonna let you finish, but

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    Bubble 1) “Come one, come all*! Welcome to Emo-Land!”

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    Caption) *Applicant must qualify as an emo. **Not all Emo-wishes will come true.

  27. Here are the spoilers for anyone who wants them.

    I think Super’s theory about Sasuke’s all powerful Emo no Jutsu was correct after all. O__O

  28. Silly answer, Trix are for kids….

  29. i really liked the breakdown and how you had both funny and serious moments. great comparison with past events.

  30. @bakage, this debate goes way back, and has created more imaginary wounds than Saskue’s wrist cutter technique. I say that the senju may have been a clan at some point (which the first two hokages and tsunade are a part of) however, by the time they met the uchihas in battle, they had absorbed countless other clans into through battle and alliances, such as the hyuga as well as shikimaru’s clan. This would explain why they were known as the clan with a thousand jutsus, because they had a lot of other ninja groups fighting for them. At this point the senju in it of itself, is long gone, however it’s possible that naruto did descend from these original senju’s but the name is gone as in japanese tradition, it’s acceptable to name your child after the mother. His mother’s name was uzumaki, not his father’s. Back to the senju anyway, when the uchiha say senju, i don’t think they mean anyone clan, but rather any konoha ninja that is not of the uchiha clan. That way it’s more of a me versus everyone else attitude and gives any uchiha a solid mental reason for hating the other ninja, becasue they are the enemy and the oppressors.


    reading the spoiler im going like wtf -_-

    1- naruto stops kakashi from removing the emo jutsu creator and the biggest gay on this planet
    2- and his third option is (******) -_-( go read the spoilers i dont wanna get into any trouble )
    3- sasugay thinks he can defeat naruto LOL in this condition , and also thinks he can beat kakashi and can destroy konoha now thats what you call a “spoiled brat” = p

    So if people put “Spoiler Warning” on their comment discussing spoilers, an admin or author can easily find the comment and turn the text yellow. Coolio.

  32. been a while everyone, though i WAS watching that big blog conflict from the shadows…..

    aaaaanyways, is anybody else getting an ominous feeling about what naruto said, or is it just me? i dont really feel like going to get the links for it, but i know when naruto got that power from itachi he said somethin along the same lines of what he said in this chapter. basically, “I wont let sasuke destroy konoha. But i wont kill sasuke either. so i’ll find a way to stop him without killing him”, and only after saying that did itachi give his power to naruto. sooooo..i realize it might be too early for this, but do yall think we’re about to see the power he was given? or maybe just a hint/glimpse of what it may be? it’s been buggin me ever since i first finished the chapter.

  33. sorry about not putting the “spoiler warning ” X_X but i basically didnt say a spoiler anyway 😛

  34. Lol, I need to do this complicated (but not really) link test.

    @Dish: You mean this? Ah, and the link appears in a new window saving people the time to press the back button.

    @Anyone: Do you all think Karin will not only go back to Konoha but become apart of the village as well? Like become citizen? Maybe substitute for Team 8 while Kurenai is pregnant. Far-fetched I know but an idea. If she doesn’t go back to Konoha on her own free will then she’ll likely be carried there for hospitalization or jail.

  35. Great breakdown Cap’n Pickles, i was LOLing through the whole thing. Two thumbs up 8). NaruSasu, such a sweet match made in every fangirl’s fanfic 8? I find the Naruto-Sasuke cover page with your text very enlightening, but I also find this pic enlightening

  36. Awesome breakdown Captian P. i really enjoyed it 😀

  37. @ super

    i am bent more towards the karin becoming a konoha citizen , why? cuz she didnt kill anyone -_-‘ it was sasugay who killed em all muahahahahahahaha and she doesnt look evil O_O

  38. Karin should be executed (after being “interrogated” by Ibibki. She’s an accomplice to the world’s second most wanted man >_> no happy ending for her……..I hope

    Spoiler Warning!!!!!!!!!
    If the spoiler is true and Naruto really did say that, then I believe Hinata has no chance, Sasuke has her dude.

  39. ROFLMFAO!!! XD @ kisu

    anyways hinata is mine O_O mine i tell you muahahahahahhahahahaha

  40. @kisuzachi: Hinata has no chance because Sasuke has her ? Mistake or no ?

  41. Along those lines, I wonder if Naruto is going to offer Hinata to Sasuke, so that:

    1) Sasuke can rebuild his clan
    2) Sasuke can finally relieve his teenage angst, making him calm the fsck down 😉

    Of course, I’m just joking, but I had to make *SOME* comment XD

  42. Ok, here’s my entry for the caption contest:

    Bubble1: Naruto’s gonna pimp Hinata to me!
    Bubble2: Sweet!!
    Caption: BRO’S BEFORE HO’S


    Aw man, couldn’t resist spoilers. It makes my predicting a little hard now.

    So I won’t mention them and hurry off instead to another topic. You know the whole Sasuke and Naruto debate, as well as the hellofaload of symbolism that Kishi stores in his chapters? Well I noticed another interesting thing for predicting the future of those two:

    Their main techniques, chidori and rasengan, reflect both characters almost as much as every other thing thrown at us. For Naruto, the rasengan was a symbol of controlling something, aka his emotions, instead of letting them control him. It’s self-discipline, learning, improving. Sasuke’s chidori, however, is a technique of pure power and raw energy, like the anger he usually boasts.

    And just like their first confrontation on the rooftop, the rasengan didn’t make much of an impact on the water tank until all its compressed energy was released. I think it’s similar to Naruto in that respect. It might either be the fact that he doesn’t seem like much until Kyuubi decides to take over and become a whirlwind of power and explosion, or that we should be expecting some sort of big breakthrough for the blonde hero (if he hasn’t had one yet).

    The chidori, however, had given the illusion of being powerful through and through, while turning out to be the weaker jutsu in the end. Which makes me feel that whatever Sasukito does, HE’S GONNA LOSE, B*TCHESS! Since he only has the pretense of being powerful.

    Not to mention that the rasengan evolved so much through a lot of hard work that it continues to amaze me, while the chidori only has derivative jutsus. It’s true that they were both worked on loads since Sasuke left Konoha, but it’s only Naruto’s improvements that merit attention and awe.

    Naruto’s learned to control himself and to improve and evolve his views, just like the rasengan, while Sasuke continues in his mad, single-line strike full of raw power, unable to turn away from the path he’s chosen because of the speed with which he decides things.

    Peace out. I’m off to bed. *dies*

  44. Thanks, you guys =)

    @Alec: Lol, did the milk squirt out your nose?

    @Klokoller: Wow, lol, flattering as that is, that’s not where I got the name from. I took it off of a video game (Worms 4: Mayhem).

    @Super: Once she gives Konoha valuable intel, maybe she’ll be pardoned for her transgressions, but the first suggestion seems a little too much for me. Maybe with time…


    Naruto got poisoned by Sakura’s Kunai!!!!
    Hopefully Kishi Didn’t forget this

  46. oops my bad i posted before reading your breakdown! Epic Fail on my part. HUGE FAIL

    oh you should have posted this picture where they change rasengan and chidori. That was awesomeness

  47. Nice job on the breakdown Captain Pickles. I found a site that helps make one of your points much clearer…

    YGRR’d 🙂

    As for Karin, I think Kishi is going to pack her up and send her into the sunset, much like he shooed Konan back to the Rain Village.

    Regarding Naruto’s choice, what if Naruto had been given or taught some kind of sealing technique, like Shiki Fuujin? It would require Naruto to seal himself along with Sasuke, and neither “wins.” We could see Sasuke and Naruto belly up to the poker table alongside Hiruzen, Minato, and Orochimaru’s bodiless arms. >_<


    *looks around, and notices what appears to be a hellish stomach*

    AWWW DAMMIT! You guys trapt me in the Death God’s Stomach… AGAIN!

    *Sits down with Hashirama, Tobirama, Hiruzen, Minato, half the Kyuubi, and Orochimaru’s arms to play cards*

  49. CAPTION:

    “The more of Madara’s creamy man-lotion I rub in my eyes the more powerful I become”

  50. CAPTION:

    “But wait… there’s more….”

    “Order now, and not only will you receive a Sham-Wow, but a customized Uchiha SLAP-CHOP”

  51. CAPTION (yes I WILL fill the ENTIRE breakdown with them… muwhhahahahahaha)

    “DAMMIT KAKASHI… IT’S NOT BLOOD ON MY FACE! It’s my cool new tatoo… it’s TRIBAL!”

    *silence, disgusted looks from others*

    “TRIBAL!!! Damn you all! Mike Tyson has a cool tribal tatoo on his face… Killabee has a tatoo on his face… Iruka.. uhm, well he has a huge fuggin’ scar…but..err.. GO TO HELL ALL OF YOU!”

  52. Oh, and I didn’t forget



    NARUTO: You wanna see the f@ckin power Itachi Gave me Sasuke!!!

    SASUKE: No.. not really

    *Naruto is enraged by the emo-king’s lack of enthusiasm, and goes 8.5 tails on him*


    *flashback to Madara telling Sasuke about how SICK Itachi was, and all the meds he needed just to stay alive*

    *Sasuke is infected*


    *Sasuke DOESN’T die, but he never poses a threat to anyone again
    Naruto goes on to become the 23rd Hokage… but it only takes about 6 months to get to #23 at the rate Hokage’s are droppin.”

  53. @Prawl: LOL WHAT!? Shinobi AIDS!? XD

    @Dynamic: That was well thought out. Naruto’s rasengan could also represent how he has an impact on people. When he hit the water tower at first glance it didn’t look it had much of an effect. Take a look on the other side though and you can quickly see how much of an impact it had.

    Same for how Naruto changes people whether they be friend or foe. While it doesn’t look like his words are getting through to them on the surface he’s making a greater impact inside of them. This is also helped by the fact that he’s beating the crap out of his enemies and forcing them to submit too. Ahem…

    As for Sasuke his impact is immediate, harmful, aggressive, and very evident. Just like his chidori on the water tower. That’s just how he rolls. Quite the opposite of Naruto.


    Sasuke 1: “Hello kids, I’m Uchiha Sasuke your substitute teacher for the day.”

    Sasuke 2: “Today I’m going to teach one of you vulnerable minds how to abandon your fellow peers.”

  54. @ prawlkage
    ROFLMAO :D. addition to sasuke-gets-AIDS story:-

    Sasuke: nooooooooooo Karin this is all your fault!! you OUTSIDER T_O

    Karin: but sasuke….you DID wear protection, did’nt you?


    on a more serious note, i have a really crazy theory…….what if the power itachi gave naruto was……..NOTHING? it could be an epic mistranslation on part of the scanlators, and itachi could have just “given his his hope” or some such crap:D…..think about it, mistranslations are not so common:P..KUKUKUKUKUKU………..people accquainted with One peice will remember how long we believed the “ace and luffy will meet at Pirates Summit” crap O_O…

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    your predictions are always so funny and this one is just as funny as the one u did for the kage summit when the tsuchikage’s bumps on his nose were really herpes XD

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  56. *Spoiler Warning*

    Looks like the theory that Zetsu could be affecting Sasuke might not be so far off. He’s a big part of the next chapter from what it looks like. I’m not sure exactly what is happening, but it looks like he’s coming out of Sasuke. I can’t read Japanese so I can’t figure out what else is going on.


  58. @Aizeal: Didn’t think anyone would notice that, good eye ;).

    @Fearvano: It’s a gift =P.

    @Entrance: That’s a pretty cool analysis.


    they have the “complete spoiler”

  60. How do you think this new sasuke would fair agaisnt the six paths of pain?
    I still think pain would win.

  61. yeah, pain would win. it’s an old debate though, we started it then we stopped without a clear winner….even though it’s obvious that pain would win. =P



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  68. HOwdy guys back at posting and writing ma 2 cents on the matter.
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    2. We see madara backface
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    5. Eugene i don’t think kisame is still alive madura just wondering why he’s keeping so long
    1. I think its pretty obvious that naruto is going back to konoha after this to organise/reconstruct the village and starting training new tech’s and such.
    2. I don’t know if he’s gonig to develop power on the kyubii matter but on sage mode is inevitable

    I don’t remember any much right now but… i’ll try to comment on the posts aftrer this give me ur opinion

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    madara sure has a case of obito hair…

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  72. I think you guys are misunderstanding the “New Naruto” the fact that he will die with him has nothing to do with him being less powerful than Sasuke, probably the opposite. Naruto doesn’t want to live as the one who killed Sasuke, so the only option is to die with him if he won’t change. However, Naruto believes he can change him. The fight he wants to win has nothing to do with beating Sasuke physically. The fact he’s not giving up on changing Sasuke shows he’s still the same Naruto, and actually showing more of his old self than ever. Hell, compared to changing Sasuke’s Hatred beating him in a battle would probably be easier.

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    Also, Naruto did exactly what you would say to a person who will always argue back. If naruto would have said I’m going to pwn your ass sasuke, then sasuke would have said I dont think so. it would have been a pointless back and forth. Naruto went about this so effectively, especially when sasuke asks why does naruto care about him so much. Naruto’s answer is going to be with sasuke for the rest of the managa. Sasukes face was in sheer mental shock, regaurdless of his intent still in tact. and i know people are claiming that naruto is going over to the emo side but lets face it, to get through to an emo you have to think like an emo.

  74. @ultimate sharingan user

    very well put and exactly what i feel……i started watching naruto for the title character’s misadventures, not for sasuke’s emoness……..I MEAN, IS SASUKE THE ENTIRE FOCAL POINT OF NARUTO THE MANGA???? if this is so, the name of the manga may as well be Sasuke-Gaiden….

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    Well wasn’t his word bring back Sasuke alive to konoho and becoming hokage? What he is saying now is going against that.

    I just don’t like how he feels that he cannot beat him without both of them dieing. The old naruto would have fought sasuke right now and try to bring him back alive even if that meant breaking sasuke’s legs (which i would have loved to see) Or at least try.

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  77. @anybody

    well i wanted to see something more than “I’LL BRING SASUKE BACK AND DIE IN THE PROCESS”……….i mean, come on naruto, you dream is to become HOKAGE……….that is what i supposed was his guiding light……and now we find out that his ninja way is to elope with sasuke 😕

    it kind of leaves a bad taste in the mouth……i wonder what would happen if naruto starts considering madara his “FRIEND” next 😛

  78. i think naruto is just saying this to let everyone (specially Sasuke) know how far he is willing to go to save his friend. Though he may mean actually dying and it could potentially come to pass due to their mights being just that awesome, i think that the “gift” will make all things well before anyone expires. After knowing that Madara is the one pushing sasukes agenda to further his own and knowing he was the one controlling the 9tails. How in the world would naruto think of him as a friend??

  79. @Eugen: What in the world are you talking about ? Zetsu was not in Sasuke. Sasuke was about to hit the wall from the rebound from the Rasengan/Chidori clash, and Zetsu cushioned the impact. How could Zetsu even be inside Sasuke ? *Negative thoughts arise*

    And uhh, Kakashi mentioned that the kunai Sakura was gonna impale Sasuke with was tipped with poison. Sasuke grabbed it and Naruto ended up getting cut on the cheek. Sooo … does that mean anything ?

  80. *spoiler warning*

    It’s true. I know when I saw the low res scans that I thought Zetsu was coming out of Sasuke. But it seems more likely that he came in from somewhere else. Zetsu can come from anywhere it seems. It looked like there was a chance that he kinda came out of Sasuke like an air bag out of a steering wheel, but maybe not?

  81. *****spoiler warning*****

    no i read the chapter, its zetsu and he IS coming outta sasuke………he says something about “tobi” ordering him to go inside sasuke….o_o

    and sasuke is completely unaware of this “intrusion upon his privacy” it seems 😛

  82. I thought it was a great chapter. I always knew Naruto was willing to sacrifice himself to save Sasuke and bring him back to Konoha but he basically confirmed he’d die if he ever fought Sasuke again. No win…just both of them will die. o_o I guess that’s a win if he changes Sasuke’s heart in their last moments on earth. As for Naruto’s promise he never said what he’d bring him back alive…>_> Lol, he could carry Sasuke’s dead carcass back and collapse dead when reaching Konoha, or vice versa.

    Anyway, we’ll see when it happens. I don’t think Naruto is going to die before becoming Hokage though. Unless they make him an honorary Hokage after his heroic death or something.

    @Nagashikage: I don’t know much about the Zetsu being “inside” Sasuke theory but he can attach himself to people without them noticing his chakra.

  83. Hmm. Madera has his mask off and says, “This is a good chance to take out the Rinnegan.” Does he have a Rinnegan eye in his left eye socket, if so, where did he get it? I’m waiting on the Sleepyfans translation to see if it changes the context of that panel.

    I don’t think Zetsu is coming out of Sasuke’s body. If you look at the panel, Sasuke’s back is clearly outlined against Zetsu. I’m sure Kishi would have drawn the picture differently if he wanted to show Zetsu morphing out of Sasuke. @Katz, Zetsu said, “Tobi ordered me to hang around and keep my presence hidden from you.” Nothing about “go inside Sasuke.”

    I’m still mulling Naruto’s statement. On the one hand it is more of the same — Naruto obsessing about Sasuke. On the other hand, it’s a pretty intense affirmation of Naruto’s will of fire. For a short time, it appeared that he got through to Sasuke…then Sasuke’s normal arrogence came back out. However, I bet Kishi will be flashing back to this scene at some point later in the manga.

  84. @Jdb: Lol, you’re right. Can’t believe no one mentioned the Rinnengan yet! >< If he has one on his left eye that'd be a good reason to hide and cover his eye up with a mask. Also it could be referring to one of his few secrets.

  85. I think that there is no real sure way to know where Zetsu came from whether it was from the water, or hiding on or in Sasuke’s body. But what is more interesting to me is that Zetsu probably wasn’t affecting Sasuke’s personality. I guess I am now assuming that Sasuke has fallen from being redeemable now that I see that the only way Zetsu and Madara are affecting him is through speaking their mind. Could there still be a chance that Zetsu made Sasuke do things he wouldn’t have normally done?

  86. i dont know where this zetsu “inside” sasuke popped up from but sasuke has been BAD for a long time. Remember when he saw the fox inside naruto and the fox claimed something like his eyes being more sinister than madara’s? This guy doesnt need help being evil, his hatred has just been growing and finding out things have only fueled the hate. I think zetsu was just attached to the ground just like when he watches fights and came out to break sasuke’s fall. The rinnegan possibly being owned by madara is something else!!

  87. That was a good chapter. There was no battle and with the arrival of Madara, I doubt there will be one to follow, but even still it kept things interesting.

    The questions is, where do things go from here? I think there will be a few quieter chapters once Sasuke is gone again, with everyone returning to their respective villages/secret bases and preparing for the inevitable war. I also see Madara once again putting up the offer for Sasuke to take Itachi’s eyes now that he is practically blind.

    As for Naruto, he will probably be told that he has to be hidden and protected, etc, something he will obviously ignore. The thing is, now that we know Madara intends for Sasuke to capture Naruto, does anyone think that will happen.

    This is how I think things will happen…

    Sasuke and Naruto eventually fight. The battle is even throughout but somewhere along the line they have a similar clash to the final blows delivered at the valley of the end, a clash that would potentially kill them both. But just at the last moment, Naruto hesitates and prevents himself from killing Sasuke and ends up in the same predicament as that of the valley of the end, where Sasuke is standing over him with Naruto unconscious.

    Hence, Naruto is captured by his own friend. Now, this is where I think things would get interesting and where Sasuke’s mind would start playing games with him. He takes Naruto back to Akatsuki, and Naruto ends up becoming a prisoner being prepped for extraction, but Sasuke starts seeing the predicament his former friend is in and starts to question his own resolve. Then we have the typical flashbacks of how they used to be friends, blah, blah and Sasuke eventually realizes what he is doing.

    Having been affected by their battle and seeing how hard Naruto had tried to save him, he eventually overcomes his hatred and decides to save Naruto instead, and ends up breaking him out of Akatsuki just before the worst can happen or he is being extracted (last minute rescues for dramatic effect). Maybe he will even die in the process of his efforts and we have one of those tragic scenes where Naruto loses the friend he was trying so hard to save.

    That is just one way it could happen. It would be interesting and it would make sense. I believe the only was Sasuke can realize what he is doing wrong, is if he sees the pain he is causing his friend first hand. Naruto sparing him would have just added to that psychological effect and the guilt Sasuke would feel.

    Anyone have any thoughts on that?

  88. @tenrai: time skip *cough*

    at least i think =)

  89. @Fanboi

    I don’t think Sasuke will be that patient, to be honest and the war won’t wait either. If they skip too far ahead into the war with a time skip, it will also feel like a waste.

    The first time skip was necessary for Naruto’s growth, both as a person and as a shinobi, but now we are at a point in the story where Naruto has reached a level of understanding and knowledge that no-one else has and his strength is greater than ever. A second time-skip will not add to that any further or in a significantly meaningful way, and it is ultimately unnecessary.

    I just don’t see a point to a time skip at this point. All it will do is create an unnecessary gap in the story, which would have to be filled with a lot of information. Other than that, it will serve no purpose in terms of growth and it won’t really add anything to the plot or the characters.

    That’s just how I feel anyway. To me, a time skip will just break the great pace that is currently being sustained.

  90. Lets face it, nobody would be dying by the time naruto and sasuke duel. And there’s one thing i do admire about naruto. His immense growth. Far from being that impulsive ninja who acted before his brains could think he shows a calm, reasoning and quick thinking mentality. He absolutely understood that whatever he said would really not get to his deluded friend, hence he said what he knew would get to him. Saying their battle was inevitable did not mean he was saying sasuke is beyond redemption. He was saying that based on the nature of their friendship a duel was always necessary to get their points accross. He was saying he(naruto) would have to become stronger than sasuke to win him over. And also by saying they would “both die” he was basically telling himself they were at the same level as shinobi, hence he would have to become stronger to win him over.

    For the first time in this whole series, naruto realises it would be down to strength and ability to convert his best friend, unlike gaara and zabuza and the rest. That means we are going to see naruto train his arse off till that fated duel, since he sees the duel not as a show of strength or ability, but as a means to an end- a means to win sasuke over. And because he so badly wants to save his friend, he’s going to learn a lot of jutsu and become stronger. Just the time we’ve been waiting for, time to see naruto learn some jutsu rather than roam around aimlessly.

    And truely, this is where things are going to differ differently. While sasuke’s motivation to fight against naruto would be a show of ability, or that he is superior to naruto in every way, naruto’s motivation to fught sasuke would be to save him, meaning naruto has more of a reason to win.

  91. And about the rinnegan, yes madara plans on implanting the rinnegan on his other eye. Funny enough he has already replaced his arm. Did he get that from danzou? Is he going to restore(or has he already restored) the shatingan in danzou’s arm? I think so. Thing’s are going to get interesting from here. Sasuke implanting itachi’s eyes, naruto learning THAT jutsu.

  92. lol do i need to say it xD agree 100 % with ya total 😀

    if naruto fights sasugay who will fight madara X_X raikage? the other kage’s ? kakashi ? O_O is tsunade done for?? O_O who will fight zetsu ? O_O . who are the new members of akatsuki kishi said about in the interviews O_O ??? O_O

  93. Wow! You can cut the tension with a knife! I realize that Sasuke has done a lot of nasty things like attempt to abduct the 8 tails. He has also attacked the 5 kages! Now here is where I think it gets a little fuzzy. Sasuke was seen as savable until he started killing all those Samurai. Now, what’s funny is he became evil the same time white zetsu showed up in the kege meeting. That could just be a coincidence, but I doubt it…Ok, how about this, how long did it take white zetsu to tell Madera to save Sasuke? Like one second! I guess dark zetsu must be the slow one cause he’s missing…If dark zetsu was at the fight with kisame, then madera would have known right away. This manga issue is very important because it tells the reader that Madera does not have an all-knowing-crystal-ball. He instead depends on Zetsu for intel. I believe, now, that Naruto felt Zetsu on top of the log cabin just before Sakura’s group entered. This explains his quote, “Now I’m certain.” Even Kakashi is confused, “Certain of what? What the hell are you talking about?” Now, what could that mean? I’ll tell you…In order to make an effective bluff, your opponent has to believe you. So If Naruto were to say, “I believe that there is a evil presence in Sasuke,” then everybody would laugh, except for dark zetsu who is secretly hiding. If Zetsu knew Naruto was trying to trick him into coming out of hiding do you think he would he make it easy? Of course not! This is why Naruto is being co cryptic. This whole “we die together” is a BLUFF! He needs dark zetu to believe that his own life is in danger so that Naruto can trick him into fleeing from Sasuke’s body. By antagonizing Sasuke, Naruto can use the evil nature of dark zetsu against them and trick him into fighting here and now. I’m of course no fortune teller, but I can see Karin turning into one of the whistle blowers. I just don’t know how…

  94. @visinary1200

    lol i see some deep words there , infact i have come to believe that theory but one thing is missing X_X . why did madara say to white zetsu meet up with the black half on the way back from kisame? was black zetsu somewhere in the way ??? lol anyway your theory is a nice one just this one glitch O_O

  95. @visionary1200: So you’re saying dark Zetsu is still affecting Sasuke, making him evil. And Naruto knows this and is using a threat to Sasuke’s life (which is really a bluff) to extract the evil Zetsu chakra.

  96. I don’t believe that Madara have rinnegan. I think he meant to invade Amegakure instead. I think that the first big major fight will be a battle for Amegakure.

    Only person who had a rinnegan was pain, and Konan has his corpse.

    And somehow I think that in the next scene we will see Kisame and black Zetsu. Somehow I still believe that he had survived. Maybe black Zetsu have some powers to revive the dead?

  97. And something just cross my mind.
    Is it Hanzo really dead? It would be so good if Hanzo became one of the new members of Akatsuki. 😀

  98. lols as soon as i read the title i thought of Kung Pow: Enter the Fist!!!!!!! XD

    well its offical naruto and sasuke are soul mates -___-.
    one cannot live without the other so both shall die………
    Oh well

  99. zetsu didn’t come out of sasuke. it’s his spore technique which, like super already said, he had already used at the meeting of the 5 kages.
    we still don’t know his abilities but he’s a character, not a creature made of chakra. i wonder where his black half is though…i think that the part from sasuke vs danzo up until now has been happening at the same time as the fight between kisame and bee. this means that the dark half is watching kisame’s fight.
    this is the last we see dark zetsu…what did he begin?? did madara mean to show himself to the kages, or something else?
    how did madara get his arm back?? what were those spiky things in front of him?
    how many secrets does he have!?!?!? i don’t think that he actually has the rinnegan…he’s probably going to try taking it from nagato’s body.

  100. @cumulsbg

    your theory certainly got me thinking…….however kisame is certainly dead, i think. * flying head O_O*

    i hope madara does’nt get rinnegan ( if he does’nt already have it) because he wud just give it to sasuke……n i am sure no one wants to see a power-crazed sasuke with rinnegan…..

    man i wish PEIN was alive and on naruto’s side in this battle………..he would own sasuke’s emo ass in little time 😀

  101. I think madara is going to control his army with the rinnegan

  102. @flashstep: Good point. I reckon madara is going to use the rinnegan to “make” an army of ninjas. If not making an army it would be the creation of something horrible enough to face the coalition. Perhaps something to do with the seven bijuu. Maybe he could even resurrect people like kisame or find people stronger. Not quite sure, but i’m certain it has something to do with creation.

  103. @Visionary: *cough*4/5 of the Kages attacked Sasuke*cough**cough*not the other way around*cough*. He was only there for Danzo not the other 4 Kages. As for the Samurai who really cares about cannon fodder? 😉

    If you’re right about this Zetsu inside Sasuke theory then congrats. Though Naruto did say they can read each other’s minds when they collide. If Naruto was bluffing Sasuke would have called him on it. Sasuke yelled at Naruto because he knew he was telling the truth. At least that’s according to the veracity of how well they understand each other after they collide.

    @Total: Danzo’s sharingan arm is no more. He could have taken Danzo’s regular left arm though but I see no purpose in taking a regular wrinkly old man’s arm.

    It looked like he got his new arm from the Zetsu like plant. Maybe it’s from one of the former bodies he consumed.

  104. One manga has a different translation up now. It changes Madera’s comment pretty significantly. This translation makes it seem like he has to acquire the Rinnegan. Will Naruto and crew be heading for the Rain Village to protect Konan? Didn’t Sasuke already start the war, so why does Madera say, “before the war begins?” Does he mean that he’s about to get serious?

    Here’s the two translations. (wish I hade Supertrek’s link-with-a-new-window jutsu.)

  105. @flashstep

    I don’t think so. Nagato only manages to have 6 bodies under control, and he was born with rinnegan.
    Madara is going to implant it, so like in a case of non-uchihas, eye techniques are gonna be less powerful than the person who had it since born.

  106. The theory about madara making an army makes sense. Maybe his stock of all those sharingan eyeballs was taken during the uchiha massacre, then he originally wainted Pain to use the Rinnegan to resurrect his force so he could implant them all with sharingans.
    btw, is there a time skip coming? Cuz now seems like good timing for one…

  107. As many of you have already pointed out, Madera will probably use the Rinnegan to insert bijuu into chakra coils. The Rinnegan grants its user power over life, death, manifestation, energy, and matter. So, with that power, Madera could probably create jinchuuriki. Don’t worry, in case something does go wrong, and it doesn’t work, they probably have a seal for that too! LOL!

  108. yeah a time-skip seems pretty certain…….Naruto trains his ass off and becomes a Jounin……..Sasuke gains new jutsu and EMS free of charge :P………Sakura becomes more stronger and hopefully, less whiny :)…………kakashi gets a new box of Icha-Icha series comics :D…..and yeah, KAKASHI AS HOKAGE FTEW =)

  109. @ katz747: you do know that Jiraiya was the author of those and is dead, therefore there is no new series 😦 poor kakashi…

  110. BTW! Has anyone ever noticed Zetsu watching a fight in split form? o.0

  111. CAPTION:

    Sasuke: Did you guys know that Madara has the Rinnegan… You’re all pretty much FUCT now! hhahahaaaaaa!

  112. CAPTION:

    Sasuke: Ok, you want my left-handed CHIDORI HANDJOB for $20?
    No huh? ….you can also have the right-handed KUNAI ENEMA for $10!
    Either choice is a win-win for me!

  113. CAPTION:

    Sasuke: A TRUE Uchiha penis is thiiiis big! *holds arms apart*
    No I won’t pull it out and prove it!

  114. @super: I guess its more like a game of chicken so to speak, and Naruto is not going to chicken out. Maybe its more on the lines of he believes that there is something wrong(zetsu) so he hopes he can release his emo-no-rescue-jutsu in the nick-of-time? In Naruto’s heart is the truth that he will not back down. It’s almost like he sees Sasuke being manipulated, but has to do what he has to do…You know? 😉 I’m starting to see how Japanese view veritas and inner strength where inner-peace creates the most powerful center for a human being giving them power, speed, and clarity while truth gives them the drive to keep on going. So if anything happens(i.e. a character is acting out of character), then there is only one reason. that reason is something happened to him/her that was outside of his/her control. In the manga the only way to manipulate somebody physically is with a seal, surgery, or with drugs, but how do you manipulate them mentally…? Genjutsu is good at fooling people into seeing something they didn’t, but that doesn’t manipulate their minds. You see I was looking the whole time for when Sasuke would turn real evil and what it would take to undo it. I was actually suspicious before the kage meeting because the whole time I’m thinking where’s Dark Zetsu?! LOL!

    @Ahsan: Well what do you want him to say in front of Sasuke? *Madera whistles* “Ok Darky! You can stop manipulating Sasuke now!”
    *Visionary sighs* “Honestly! Throw me a freaking bone here people!”

  115. i know that this is besides te point of commenting on the anime situation instead of the manga but the fact that this filler arc only took 8 episodes strikes me a little odd compared to last year’s one witch took a lot longer then this one, and this one was actualy useful because we got intel on a jinchuriki that we had no clue about and it actualy fitted really good in the story.

  116. @supertrek: Yeah. You’re right.

    @everyone: What do you all think would happen when naruto gets back to training? What kind of jutsu are we looking at?

  117. @totalitarianhypnosis: I think we need to think about what his greatest weakness is. I believe its Genjutsu. So who will be qualified to teach the art of Genjutsu protection? If we can figure out who Naruto will be interacting with, maybe we can then make a better guesstimate on who will teach him. I figure most people see the eight tails doing it. He seems to hold the biggest piece of the jinchuuriki puzzle. I also believe that this could take the longest time to learn because he probably cant use clones. He also needs to learn his father’s techniques, but how?

  118. @ totalitarian: I think Naruto WILL go back to training – that seems to be the formula for all manga (meet strong enemy, train get stronger, beat enemy)

    I would like for Naruto to meet some Whirlpool country ninjas, and either meet/or learn about his mother. And, it seems pretty clear (if the anime has any bearing on the manga, which it doesn’t) that his next element will be WATER based. He has been placed as Sasuke’s opposite. Yin vs. Yang, Sasuke likes wang..


  119. So I haven’t read comments in a while and this whole dark zetsu theory that some people have going… is the most ridiculous thing since prawlkage’s posts (hey, btw, your caption’s this time are hysterical, i lol’d)…
    Anyway, there is no way Kishi plays up sasuke becoming more and more dark, to create a dichotomy with naruto, only to reveal that it was actually zetsu controlling him the whole time… please… have a little more faith in the writer than that…

    I’m glad more people are finally warming up to the timeskip idea… I disagree with Tenrai; here’s whats up:

    1. Characters DO need to get stronger. Its fairly clear (based on the new level of combat skills we are seeing from the most prominent characters and very new characters) that the “side characters” that used to play a part in things, are now fairly useless.

    2. More importantly, characters have new roles to fill. Kakashi – hokage, Naruto’s generation – sensei, etc. Kishi has been building up the idea that the next generation must take over for the last, don’t you think he will make it happen?

    3. Naruto also has a TON of room to grow. Think about the last timeskip; Naruto didn’t really learn any new jutsu, he just got better with the basics. He then was able to build on those basic things, in scenes we did get to see, to learn new techs. If there is another timeskip, we won’t necessarily just skip that growth, the foundation for it will be set.

    3. Konoha still needs to be rebuilt…

    4. Isn’t it fitting that the second chronicle in Naruto’s story is bookended by a chidori/rasengan clash the way the last was. (Setting the stage that the final chapters will also feature such a clash) Sasuke and Naruto clash, then denouement, then timeskip… its the same formula…

  120. @ adakias you really have a strong point going on and i myself have been going over this scenario of the time skip, thinking of most of the thing u just said in your post.

    The fact of the matter is we still need to hear one thing, last time wé’ve been given a dead line by orochimaru that he would take sasuke’s body in 3 years, and i think tha’t;s what we need to hear from madara

    Madara: It’s gonna take about (that tine) to prepair the bijuu and your training sasuke……..
    Or something like that. you guys catch my point we need another dead line to witch the time skip will be set upon.

    And i think that we’ll see this in the nex couple of chapters, the most important thing is we need to hear it frommadara because as far as chess goes it;s his turn on the board and ‘he’s the one that will decide the time he need until the war can start.

  121. This might not be the very next Jutsu that Naruto learns. But I’m a fan of him learning a body-flicker Jutsu like his dad. It just seems like it is inevitable if he wants to try and defeat Madara, or someone on a similar power level.

  122. Hmmm…Naruto’s next jutsu eh?

    @Timeskip discussion: I don’t care either way but if a timeskip does come it won’t be coming up in the next few chapters. Hinata’s confession to Naruto still has to be handled. Sasuke’s eye sight. Jiraiya’s funeral. Tsunade’s still in a coma. She can’t be out for that long, I’ve seen plenty of ninja nearly die from chakra exertion and get back up. ~_~ We don’t know what’s going on with Suigetsu and Juugo right now. Karin has to be dealt with. Kakashi has to be officially declared Hokage. Personally I would like to know what’s going on with the 4 other Kages and Killer Bee. Did he claim the sword for his own? Guess we’ll find out next chapter.

    Anyway, just a few loose ends to tie up before a timeskip is possible. If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t happen then no Minato Gaiden for us. T_T

    @Naruto’s new jutsu discussion: Definitely water will be involved in future jutsu developments. Maybe a combination jutsu with a toad summoning…*cough*filler*cough*.

    @Prawl: That’d be awesome! What if he went to the Whirlpool country to learn more about his mom’s origins and discovered he had a water affinity? Then on top of that he met his mother…f she’s alive that is! XD

  123. i just want to see Juggo and Suigetsu. I love Them. They added some nice depth to the series. Juggo was just F***ing awesome.

  124. from the way i see it there’s a lot naruto could learn, especially from the great sage himself. Seei how naruto is the child of prophecy i’m guessing the great saage might just pass down some ancient sage techniques down to naruto. That, right there would be overkill.

    Yes, water is a huge possibility, but things seem to be very interesting from the sage mode perspective. There’s the possibility of naruto achieving sage mode while running. There’s also the fact naruto’s trying to extend sage mode duration. And just maybe some kinda upgrade for frog katas? There is an endless list of possibilities.

    Oh..and one more thing. About naruto’s “FRS”. Yes, while he was training in myobokuzan with pa have a good time sleep he made up that jutsu which sliced the mountains. From what we’ve seen, FRS in sage mode expands and then explodes cutting everything it comes in contact with to bits. “That jutsu” sliced the mountain in half. Anyone thinks it could be shape manipulation?

  125. I meant a wind shape manipulation

  126. hey guys, i just found something interesting. i don’t know what it is, but i’m overly excited. When you read look for techniques below it. The very last one. Hehehehe. These guys seem to be innovative. Perhaps they work in kishi’s camp?

    Oh, and there’s also more….will bring them out in time.

  127. @anyone; how is it that Zetsu can communicate with Madara in the other dimension?? and whats more it looks like he can access it physically. I don’t think he ever lest sasuke’s side or everyone would have been like WTF!!?? where he go!??? but on the panel it shows him waist deep in there. and whats this with this time skip theory ou of the blue?? is it cause you guys dont think kishi will draw it out?? ( the war i mean)

  128. hehehehe….and this.

  129. @totalitarianhypnosis: You know… you’ve had that name Totalitarian Hypnosis for a long time now and I’m not sure if anyone’s pointed this out but your name reminds me of the Moon’s Eye plan.

    totalitarian – characterized by a government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control

    hypnosis – a trancelike state, artificially induced, in which a person has a heightened suggestibility

    Moon’s Eye Plan – Madara Uchiha’s ultimate plan for world domination, which would consist of ‘absolute control’ via ‘hypnosis’ by using a Tsukuyomi projected onto the moon.

    That’s a pretty odd coincidence!

  130. you have to love naruto’s outfit as seventh hokage.

  131. well maybe the whole thing was made up, but you’ve gotta love it still…at least something for the forum to talk about.

  132. @totalitarianhypnosis: It’s pretty creative what they’ve been making up.

  133. @maidencrow: I think Zetzu is coming up in Madara’s dimension via a reverse summoning jitsu, like how Naruto is summoned into the frog place. I think I see an opened scroll or something like that under him.

  134. @totalitarianhypnosis: You really have nothing to say about the Moon’s Eye Plan thing?

  135. Totalitarian is Madara’s Moon’s Eye Plan? o_@

    @Maidencrow and Arpotu: Are you all sure it’s Madara’s alternate dimension and not the building where he took Danzo? I’d go with the latter… Zetsu can create spores of himself and leaves parts of himself with different people. He can also travel quite quickly through solid objects so it’s no surprise he got to Madara that fast, or he’s able to communicate with him since he knows where the secret hideout is.

  136. I am now here to blow peoples minds with multicolored fonts!! YAY

    About this weeks manga chapters and the future of naruto manga in general??

    Kishi needs to stop smoking the good stuff and make this damn manga good again!!!

    All of that is true unless… well… unless he USED to smoke and has recently stopped smoking the green stuff….

    in that case he needs to start again!!!!!!! WE NEED GOOD, NON-SHITY MANGA!!! >_<



  137. @supertrek89; well supposing its either (the dimension or the building) he didnt seem to disapear and return to get to madara

  138. Why i don’t remember this “Mori Ketsueki” ever being part of the manga/anime? They even say he was a sage who uses the Sword Saint mode?

  139. ok, WTF is that wikia about? It’s obiously not about the naruto we know…

  140. @Supafreak17

    It’s a wikia from THE FUTURE o_O

    Anyways, it is very creative.

  141. @supertrek89: Yes, totalitarianhypnosis is Madara’s Moon’s Eye Plan.

  142. @gavin: The moon’s eye plan? Hmm…pretty much coincides, doesn’t it? Perhaps i have the power to cast genjutsu of an immense magnitude on this forum?

  143. This page could signify that Madara was intending to intercept Konan and retrieve the Rinnigan.

    About Naruto learning new jutsu it would be good if he could use a Wind style attack like the Chidori and even do a Wind style Nagashi but like a Hurricane emerging from his body as a defensive move.
    Also Kyuubi chakra Rasengans would be cool.

  144. At everyone, i agree with lelulalilo about the fact that madara is planning to steal nagato’s eyes, it would be a little farfached of madara having a sharingan in his right socket and a rinnegan in the left because he would have used it and thus wouldn’t have said that nagato should have saved the revival tech for him when he wold also be able of doing that.
    It’s logic that he intendes to steal the eyes from nagato’s dead body.

    About what will naruto learn from now on, i’me hopeing he will learn at least 2 new elements along with his fater’s thunder god tech and a really good control over the kyuubi, and the inevitable perfection of the sage mode, maybe we will finally see the sage kyuubi eyes in developement.

    I’me thinking while sasuke is at the top of his jutsu’s and probably besides the fact that he’s gonna have the ems enabled, i don’t see much much more sasuke can learn other then new elements and developing those.

    While naruto has a lot of catching up to do, as i stated before,
    he has a kekeigenkai to learn, a 2nd even 3rd element, the kyuubi control, “that jutsu”, itachi’s gift and the sage mode perfecting training.

    All & all sasuke has a lot more trump cards in his sleeve then naruto has, but naruto has way more potential, and that’s were it’s gonna count.

  145. @ Everyone:

    I have to agree with many others that have posted. We will have to see some training… it’s MANGA LAW!!!

    I’m still hoping/looking forward to some Whirlpool Country back-story. If Naruto’s mother (or others from “clan Uzumaki” were still alive, they may be able to teach him some new techniques. Also it would Refresh the story a bit… maybe turn up a new member or two for akatsuki.

    On that note, Madara should rethink his strategies a bit… He’s running a bit short of lackies, and releasing any of the tailed beasts would seem stupid, since he would risk losing them. But then again, he IS ALL POWERFUL!
    Given those facts, it is almost certain he’ll get the rinnegan, and a bad case of… SHINOBI AIDS!!!!!!

  146. @Eugen

    Naruto don’t have a kekeigenkai to learn. He is a normal ninja. He must be. All philosophy of “don’t giving up even if you are a loser” are bast on fact that he is a normal ninja without talent (at least at the beginning of manga/anima), and don’t have a special powers. All his techniques are hard work. Nothing was just given to him.

  147. @ cumulus: except for the 9 tails and sage mode. Sage mode wasn’t given to him but it can’t be learned by just anybody and the 9 tails has served as a last resort trump card to Naruto several times. I’ll give you that fact that he’s learning to not rely on the 9 tails but it will come down to him having to master controlling the bijuu in him so I’d say that is a big advantage he has.

    Also, as far as we know, he may have a kekkei genkai from his mothers side but you are right. He is the hard working ninja and it would be pointless to give him one now. His affinity for wind should be enough considering that was his fathers affinity.

  148. @debito89

    Well… 9 tails and sage mode are not the kekeigenkai.
    9 tails was also given from his father. Naruto didn’t was born with it, Kyuubi was sealed soon after his birth.
    Sage mode is not something that everybody may learn, but that’s the case with strong techniques too.
    Chidori can be learn only people with sharingan and electric ability, so I don’t see difference.

  149. @cumulus: You don’t think you’re being a little harsh saying naruto’s got no talent?

    No dount about the fact he’s the hardworking type, but cut the guy some slack. He has been able to accomplish things even genius ninjas could not finish. He accomplished adding his natural sffinity to the rasengan, something the fourth could not. Fine you might wanna say he had the advantage of the kage bushins, but then you might also want to inquire on how he was able to master the kage bushin jutsu in such a short time given he was on the run for possessing the forbidden scroll, learnt rasengan in a week, something that took the fourth a lot of time to complete, mastered sage mode compared to jiraiya who had to sommon pa and ma to achieve sage mode, has been able to reject the horrible powers of the kyuubi inside him as a result of his chakra(which is what yamato said made him strong if you remember) and so on.

    If there are two kinds of geniuses, naruto is the hard-working kind. He is one person who learns fast with his body, as he has proven so far in the series. Naruto having a kekkei genkai is a possibility, as kishi has hinted on that.

    And also, from what jiraiya was trying to tell orochimaru, a ninja does not necessarily become great when he learns and masters all the jutsu that exist in the ninja world, but by the will and desire to not give up. It is the only reason why naruto is going to keep trying to save sasuke, and also one strong reason he’s going to work hard to become strong enough to save him, his “ability” to not give up. His learning the kage bushin jutsu(which is supposed to be a jonin level technique) at such a short time, learning rasengan in a week, achieving sage mode, completing FRS and his willingness not to depend on the kyuubi comes from his will to not give up. And when you don’t give up everything’s possible: from jutsu capacity to changing people and becoming hokage.

  150. @ cumulus: i wasn’t saying the 9 tails or sage mode were kekke genkai’s but that the 9 tails was given to him as a source of power since you said that he wasn’t given anything. And sage mode served as his sort of chidori in the sense that he is only one of the few who can actually learn it.

  151. @ debito89 Yes, 9 tails has been given to him, but no mater how strong the power was, that is also a burden. But I understand what are you want to say. My english is not the that good and misunderstanding are often in my case. 😀

    I didn’t say that Naruto is ninja without the talent. Now we know that he is a genius, bit in first episodes, Naruto was presented to us as a only ninja who didn’t graduate.
    By my opinion that was created to show the kids who watched it, a message to never give up, always to work hard, and so on…. Japanese “Ganbaremasu” philosophy. 🙂
    And because of that I somehow believe that Naruto doesn’t have a kekeigenkai. I maybe wrong, time will show it, but in my opinion, I wouldn’t want to see a kekeigenkai in Naruto.

  152. @cumulusbg

    fully agree with what you said. naruto having a kekkeigenkai would somehow ruin his character…….a lot of us like naruto because of the fact that he has no special abilities 🙂 …….hell, he is a failure for many years in the academy…….and yet he never gives up….he works hard and gets what he wants….he, the “class clown” is the complete opposite of sasuke, who is the “elite”, accoding to the latest chapter.

    the entire focus of naruto fighting has been thus….all his fights……be it against kiba, neji, sasuke, gaara, orochimaru, pain etc etc etc…… showcased what he had developed in himself 😀 …..

    I BELIEVE NARUTO SHOULD DEFEAT SASUKE AND BECOME THE HOKAGE BY USING WHATEVER HE HAS LEARNED……..i don’t want him to have some cheap power-up which he kept hidden all this time and then pulled outta his ass, sasuke-style 😕 ……..naruto should gain the villagers RESPECT USING HARD WORK ONLY….

    sorry for the LOOOOOOONG comment but this is an issue i feely strongly about 😀

  153. @ katz, I know everyone of us expects naruto to win only through hard work, blood, sweat and tears alone, but naruto dose deserve this so called power ups.

    Naruto as most of u said was a dropout at first not being able to fit in because perents and old people in the village saw him as the enemy due to the fox, and there kid were taught to think the same about him, naruto never had any tru parent figure witch should have been there to teach him some of the more basic things in life, ninjitsu, manners and so on.
    So he was a late bloomer if u will, only because of the fact that he didn’t have those bond to teach him what was necessary for him at his young age.

    Now we finally see him coming a very long way in life, being mature, powerful, wise, understanding and he also didn’t change who he was, being preatty much the same person he started out in the begining, so that means if the fact that he didn’t deserve this so calld gifts (i’me reffering to power ups, kekegenkai and so on) from the start witch was normal because he had to earn them more so then anyone else, now he is intitled to them because i know that every power naruto will earn or learn he will not get it easy, he will work his fist’s to the bone for them and that’s what he should do because there’s no such thing as “something for nothing” so for everything naruto will earn he will pay it back 100000 fold.

    I’me not saying a kekegenkai is mandatory, but he must have something genetic inside him either from his mother or from his father , just like ino, neji, shikamaru, chioji, shino and all the rest of the kids naruto’s age have from there parantes genes.

    It’s that fact alone that makes me think he has a hidden ability down deep in his blood.

  154. sorry for the typos, i usualy don’t review my comment until i post it.

  155. Speaking about naruto and his “ingenuity” did you all know that minato, who was referred to as a genius in a generation, graduated from the academy at 10(as opposed to the sannins, itachi, and all the other geniuses you could find). Then, through hardwork and patience he became the yongest hokage in the history of konoha.

  156. @ everyone, I don’t know from who i’ve heard this from, all i know it was 2-3 weeks ago here on WRA, and it was something about the naruto shippuuden movie inheritors of the will of fire, and the fact was that the little bad guy who collected kekegenkai somehow had the flying thundergod, and it was stated that the FTG, was like raikages lightning sinapsis armor mode only it had the addition of the wind element witch made it that much faster then raikage’s jutsu.

    With that said i’me really curious if naruto will develope a sort of fuuton nagashi to increase his speed, thus not needing to rely on sage mode for speed.

  157. and yes i know chidori nagashi is a defensive and ofensive jutsu and not for speed, i only said that because it;s like raikage covered himself in lightning. that’s for the haters.

  158. wow somebody must be working on the last manga chapter since no one is @, you guys are just waiting for the no 1. :)) Echo echoooo echoooooooo.

  159. Can some1 answer me plis?

    if ma dog pees on zetsu is he pissing him off or is it consider marking territory? LOOOL ahahah this was a funny joke ;P
    Lets talk seriously now plis
    1. what hides behind ZETSU, is he a human plant did his dad pwned wid a plant or backwards :S? is he strong or just like a flower pretty fragile?
    2. Point out to madara, you masked obito/Tobi/madara/twin danzo lol can u pass me ur id/passport, hmm we gotta do you an an*l search so *robber glove noise* prepare yourself, do u have a sharingan and a rinnegan mhmmmm don’t think so but u do have to clean up ur as* and treat ur fungus.
    3. SASUKE: MOM, naruto called me a faggot aka Gay, SASMOM:So hit him, Sasuke: but mom he is so cute and pretty, bahhh sasuke make up ur mind dude it can go both way or u swallow or u don’t gezz.

    LOL i think i shud stop wid the character bashing or else i’ll be kickedo ut xP hope u find dem funny and entertaining hihih

  160. @ acklikxx: im worried about you lol

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