Rate the weeks Manga – 6/03/10

YOSH! hello again (or for not again if you didnt read the FT breakdown). So then i will like to introduce the new and improved manga rating post, i have made alterations to it (thanks to advice from SuperTrek) and now pass it on to all of you to bask in its glory. However i do have to say one thing and that is that i will not be including Bleach this week, i dont know why but i dont really want it included for some wakky reason.

Well this weeks chapter was good, even if it didnt involve Lucy in a towel >_>.Β  I enjoyed it mainly since it had some commical effect, like finding out that Edo-Natsu is a pussy wimp when not in a vehicle and normal Natsu randomly finding a scooter, in which i can not find out where the hell he got from.

Aswell as the commical effect the chapter had there was also the emotional ending which gave me the urge to punch the ‘main villian’ in the face, and actually got me rather interested in the current arc finally.

You can tell from their faces the epicness will be coming soon. Now for the downside of the chapter, first off no action, which is driving me insanse i just want to see Natsu go all jackie chan on their asses and secondly im still abit annoyed at the fact they havnt regained their powers, its bit dull to see them running around with these crappy gadgets. But besides those 2 things, it was a good chapter, i rate it at 8/10, just cos it lacked action and im not really into the current arc.Β  http://www.onemanga.com/Fairy_Tail/174/01/

Next is good ol’ Naruto…

Naruto, just like last weeks, was awesomeness, i loved it, everything was great about it, whether it was the Chidori / Rasengan clash or the Kakashi falcon punch, it was all great, and i only have to say one bad thing about this and that was that there wasnt enough action, but thats a given since its been a long time since Naruto and Sasuke encountered one another.


So yeah, basically Naruto and Sasuke exchange words, Sasuke isnt happy untill all of Konaha are dead, Naruto tries to talk some sense into him and then the epicness begins …

So yeah as i stated earlier, there wasnt alot wrong with this chapter and i loved it ! i loved it so much i cant wait untill next week for the possible conclusion or a continuation of the battle, either way, its going to be awesome! My rating for this chapter is 10/10, Naruto has gotten really good recently dont ya think ? http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/485/01/

… and finally, the greatest manga of all time (i can imagen Super will be YOSHing to this sentance) ONE PIECE!

Yep, it goes without a doubt in saying this weeks chapter was great, however upsetting to see a certain someone die (<<< trying not to give it away :P). Liked this chapter alot, mainly because as the chapter started it seemed as though Blackbeard was going to be killed by Whitebeard in rage mode, it was all looking soo good, i was thrilled to see that dick get whats coming to him…


So yeah, was all going well untill Blackbeard sprung his trap and layed about god knows how many bullets into Whitebeard and had a sword put through his chest. Which leads me to my only downside of this chapter… the death of Edward Newgate … aka Whitebeard 😦 first Ace now this, how much sadness must we go through, the next thing thats going to happen is that we are going to be told that Luffy will never be able to meet with his crew … ohwell i will cope and move on. My rating for the chapter is 9/10, would be 10/10 if i didnt have to suffer through another characters death …


So yeah there you go, the new and improved manga rating, once again i apologise for not including Bleach in this, im sure you will cope without it though.

And before i go into rambling mode i will just shut up and let you get on with things, and maybe you could be kinda enough to leave me a comment and get a discussion going, make my life a little more interesting :P. Thanks for spending your time to read this folks πŸ˜€


~ by Captain Awesome on March 7, 2010.

14 Responses to “Rate the weeks Manga – 6/03/10”

  1. first!
    best one piece chapter EVER!

  2. YOOOSSHHH~~~!!! Awesome work Dean (Kabuto)!

    One Piece was definitely the best this week with Naruto at a close second! Bleach came in third with a 9/10 for Yamamato kicking some serious ass without his zanpaktou. Then there’s Fairy Tail…I liked the ending. >_>

  3. THIRD!

  4. lol…….agree with super……..ONE PIECE IS THE BEST :D………there has’nt been a single chapter where there was not epicness or sadness or badassery or even just lulz to be had……….and this chapter took the cake for epicness :).

    for the second spot, i think Naruto scores over bleach, even though it was’nt as epic as i had suspected……i had hoped for “A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION, A LITTLE MORE ACTION” THIS WEEK…..oh well…..it gets bonus pts for the falcon punch XD

    bleach comes in third, despite yama-jiji’s heroics……..solely because the other 2 wee just too good :)…..

    i dunno about fairy tail, but i’ll trust super and say it was great lol…:P

    sorry for the bigass mini-breakdown comment LOL πŸ˜€

  5. op – 10 fu************************ wb died 😦

    bleach 1- for the first time its not a zero why? someone except for aizen actually pwned someone

    naruto well the whole chapter was worth zero as naruto completely ruined the great chance , sasugay was about to die . well still kakashi saved the chapter with his awesomeness again

    only for these three lines the chapter gets 9

    naruto : *looks at sasugay*
    ssasugay: *looks at naruto*
    kakashi:FALCON PUNCH!!!!!

  6. and another thing i dont count ft as even near the awesomeness of op
    or for that matter not even near naruto . ever since the last arc ended ft has done only one thing SUCKED!!!!

  7. @Ahsan, i must agree that it hasnt been as good since the last arc ended, the only good part was the emotional ending (that showed a little depth) and the double Lucy towel moment, which i suspect all the perverts of this blog would agree with.
    @Everyone, horray!, think its the first time my post has had this many comments or had this much depth in the comments, thank you πŸ˜›

  8. i feel sorry for the people who voted 1 and 3 on this weeks OP, just because you dont understand the awesomeness of OP and u dont read it doesnt mean it sucks, this was defenitally one of the best chapters ever and hell if only I could give it a higher grade i would do it! as chuck norris would say,… well i cant think of anything xD
    as for Naruto it was kewl im just getting so annoyed with sakura failing and kakashi telling her for the goddamned 100th time that she needs to piss off. and she still wont do it!!
    Fairy tale was kool I like how Natsu got so upset over that bastard King i just hope theres gonna be some action in the next chapter, that would be awesome.

  9. I don’t read One Peace, so I didn’t vote in that section.
    Naruto was 10 of ten. Absolutely perfect. Rasengan/Chidory clash can’t be a bad combination. Chapters who had a Naruto/Sasuke battle are always awesome to read and I can’t wait to read next chapter!
    Go, go….rasengan! πŸ˜€

    Fairy Tail….I give it 8 too, but maybe I should give it 6, or 7. It was good, but nothing special.

    No bleach? Why? Only pool would be enough, if you didn’t want to write a comment about it.
    For Bleach I will give a mark of…..7. Not too good, but better than an average mark of 5.

  10. @cumulus
    Its sooo sad that u dont read one piece….its awesome… I used to not go near it cuz it looked stupid….but its quickly become my favorite manga BY FAR….

    Order of epicness

    One Piece-10

    Yet all of them were f’in amazing

    and I just started fairy tail so I haven’t gotten all the way there.
    @super , one of ur old posts is what got me to try op… thanks man…i wouldnt have experienced this epicness if you hadn’t done that breakdown.

  11. @omar101990: i was in the same position as you, not going near OP cos it looks wierd/stupid, and used to argue with Super on how Naruto and Bleach are sooo much better than OP, now One Piece is better than them all by far in my opnion

  12. @ above 2

    LOL exact opposite here………started One piece first ( my second manga/anime after DBZ)………then naruto and just recently bleach……..

    i used to think naruto was too complicated, it had too much japanese names (“magyenkyou sharingan” :D) ……….but then i got used to it…started loving it after hearing naruto opening song 1 (WIND)…….same with bleach…….i just thought it looked kinda weird ( shinigami/captains etc) but then got used to it……..by BAD LUCK, the first amv abt bleach i watched was Komamura vs Poww and i thought it kinda sucked……but after learning about espada i wuz like FTW :)..

    i got ADDICTED to OP an after watching a youtube AMV of Luffy vs Crocodile…….i was like @_@ after watching it…. πŸ™‚

    indeed, ONE PIECE IS THE BEST O THE BIG 3 πŸ˜€

  13. my order( scale of 9000 to 0 )

    op 9000!!!! O_O
    naruto 5000!!! O_O

    bleach 0005!!! O_O πŸ˜›

  14. @omar101990 Well…somehow i hate to read manga who had more than 570 chapters and it’s still ongoing. Naruto, Bleach and Fairly tail I started to read quite early but I am more fan of the short and one shot manga.

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