One Piece Chapter 578 IS OUT + 576 Breakdown And Discussion! A Tribute To Whitebeard! +_+

Read Chapter 578 here! Where’s the 577 Breakdown Super!? Pffffft, 577 what!? Look the manga is out! *runs like hell*

-One Piece 576 Breakdown Below-


YOSH!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 576 Breakdown! This chapter was purely EPIC!!! Is there another word for it? After a week break Oda delivers with one of the greatest death scenes I’ve ever seen in a manga but before I get ahead of myself let’s start from the beginning.

First up, this week’s AMV and BOPP!

This hilarious and saddening video is actually not an AMV but I just had to post it. I think it’s still relevant and needs to be seen. AMV by MasterkingJC. As for the badass One Piece Picture I promised I’d post an artwork of one of our users this week but I couldn’t pass up the chance to post something about Whitebeard. Sorry Dean, I promise next week I’ll post it! 😀 BOPP by Jepp.

Well, at least the rest of the crew is enjoying themselves... o_o

Is Oda trying to show us the crew getting back together? Or the most badass birdhouse in the entire world!? 😉

There's always something higher up in the food chain.

The chapter starts off with everyone’s surprise to see Level 6 prisoners here at Marineford. The most dangerous criminals in the world locked away because of past crimes the World Government would rather have the world forget about. We start with this huge behemoth “Colossal Battleship” San Juan Wolf. Somebody ate their vegetables and drank their milk growing up. A giant doesn’t even begin to describe this guy. He’s freaking HUGE!!! Oars Jr. maybe able to reach up and punch this dude in the nuts but that’s if he’s standing on his toes!

Where does he get those cigars? Must be from the same magical vendor as Sanji's.

Next up is the “Corrupt King” Abalo Pizzaro with his weird cat like eyes maybe hinting at a Zoan type DF. He seems to be reminiscing about something long ago. More hints to how old he is and the fact he isn’t wearing prison clothes pointing towards him being the guy that created Level 5.5? Then there’s “The Great Drunk” Busco Shot. He reminds me of Gluttony from FMA asking if he’s allowed to kill these guys. Not to mention the bastard looks dumb as hell and has a gluttonous appetite for booze. At least he doesn’t eat people…>_> Introduced next is “Crescent Moon Hunter” Catalina Devon. She’s ugly as hell and gets turned on by any guy that passes her way, kinda like Lola. Oh snap! Could it be? And look who Lola gave the vivre card to! Nami the navigator! Could the SH be on the way? Last but not least it’s M. Bison Ex-Warden Shiryuu. I hope he gets mouth and throat cancer smoking all those cigars.

That would have done it. @_@

Finally we’re told how the Gates of Justice were opened. It was Lafitte, the dude with wings and the ability to hypnotize others like Jango except he doesn’t fail and hypnotize himself.  He hypnotized the guards before leaving Marineford to break into Impel Down instructing them to open the gates for any ship that approached. It seems the gates opened for Luffy’s ship which approached first. What I’m wondering here is…WHAT SHIP CARRIED THIS GUY!? Thriller Bark!? XD Did he swim to Marineford? O_O

LOL! Oh, the mom jokes combined with an internet meme. XD

In the comments section last breakdown there was some speculation as to why Blackbeard attained the title of Shichubukai in the first place. We basically came up with the right answer. It was for him to break into Impel Down though he also used his title to gain access to Marineford and open the Gates of Justice.

Careful Whitebeard! The real estate market is bad enough!

Now enough talking let’s get to the action! Today’s menu is Whitbeard beating the crap out of Blackbeard! YOSH! Whitebeard immediately goes on the attack at full power, though can we really call this full power knowing how wounded Whitebeard is at this point? Anyway, Whitebeard tells no one to interfere and he will take the idiots life on behalf of Thatch’s name.

Ace's tattoo wasn't so permanent...>_>

Blackbeard becomes a smartass and taunts Whitebeard for his inability to save both of his sons, Thatch and Ace, even though he brought Ace here alive. What was he doing testing him? What a sick bastard and he said he truly looked up to Whitebeard. Obviously he only aspired to his strength and not his morals. Also the Marines at least had the decency to cover up Ace’s body. I applaud them for that and thanks to Xdt0ks for pointing that out.

There's only one man who's invincible!

As the battle commences Blackbeard becomes to cocky after sucking away Whitebeard’s DF ability with his very unique power but Whitebeard isn’t the ‘Strongest Man In The World’ solely because of his DF. He quickly pwns Blackbeard with his bisento right into his shoulder and Blackbeard goes down crying like a baby. I’m sorry but I have to make a comparison between Bleach and One Piece this week. Two old men considered to be the strongest have their powers sapped away and looked down on. Only to shrug it off and PWN their enemy. Just saying…>_>

Any respect I had for Blackebeard quickly started to dissipate from this point on. This is how it progressed.

50 points (My initial respect for Blackbeard on a scale out of 1000)

How about your skull bonds with the cement! -_-

Mark 1- Blackbeard proceeds to cry like a little girl when Whitebeard attempts to kill him. (-15 points)

Current respect points: 35

*sniffs air for that distinct smell* Ah! Cowardice at its finest!

Mark 2- Blackbeard can’t even finish off a half dead old man even with his wonderful DF ability he gloats so much about, and asks his crew to help finish him!!! (-25 points)

Current respect points: 10

This is what happens when two drunken old men talk. ~_~

Before Blackbeard looks any more cowardly as he tears down the old man in front of his weeping crew let’s talk about Whitebeard’s flashback. Roger and Whitebeard seem to have met up after Roger hid One Piece and came back from Raftel. Maybe even after he disbanded his crew… The World Government’s petty attempt at calling him Gold Roger to hide the “D” initial in Roger’s name should be noted here. Whitebeard, curious as to what the “D” stands for asks Roger and he tells him the story…off panel. X_X I guess we’ll have to wait for later eh Oda? >_<

Amazed that Whitebeard is still alive and they’re out of bullets Whitebeard tells Blackbeard he isn’t one of the D’s!

That explains everything! O_O

Mark 3- Blackbeard isn’t even a true D! (-9 points)

Current respect points: 1

First person to name this reference wins! A pat on the back! 😀

At least he’s above Akainu in respect points but who freaking does what he did? Can’t even kill Whitebeard on his own! ~_~ Moving on, Whitebeard goes on to explain the destiny of those who carry the will of D. The bloodline of the original Ds have been extinguished but the will of fire (Senju Clan?) their flames continue on in those with the inherited will. One day one man who inherits the will of D will rise forth and challenge the world in a massive battle (OMG IT’S GENERAL LUFFY) and the World Government is afraid of that.

And we all know where Sniper Island exists...>_>

And it probably will all swing into full motion when somebody finds that treasure. One Piece! IT EXISTS!!! Well we all knew that but it was finally confirmed. Thank God Luffy didn’t hear it. This scene being broad casted throughout the entire world really reminds me of Roger’s last words. Giving hope to pirates all around the world maybe Whitebeard is giving a new spark to a dying age. Whitebeard does a final flashback to his old days of pirating before he became world renowned. He was a pirate that valued something else as his treasure. It wasn’t gold or jewelry. It wasn’t women or even One Piece. What he valued as his treasure and what he always wanted….was a family. And with that said he apologizes to all his sons for not being able to kill the idiot with 1 respect point left and and says he leaves everything to them. Pickles told me it flashed to Marco when he said this and he was right.

If only he put that tattoo all over his body he wouldn't have been touched! T_T

And thus, Whitebeard dies a man above men. He died standing!!! Half his face blown off! Stabbed 267 times! Shot no less than 562 times! Hit by 46 cannonballs! And even with all the scars and wounds decorating his body. Not a single wound, not a single scratch of retreat marks the symbol on his back in testament to his pride! And that ends the life of the legendary pirate Edward Newgate. T_T

And so ends the breakdown! Here’s this week’s poster and a poll! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


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  1. Fist! *this is a message form the ghost of scorpion legacy* -_+

  2. Second!

    RIP Whitebeard. *salutes* T.T

  3. Second! The AMV was hilarious… I agree with Hitler, for once… O_O I shouldn’t have said that…

  4. 2nd !!! and sniper island FTW! Great breakdown Super and no probs about the BOPP, this one is just as badass

  5. I was third before, so no Epic Fail because I admitted it! That’s how it is right?
    We’ll miss you Whitebeard and Ace.

  6. Yosh! Whitebeard died like a true man, and that was a reference to Pokemon 2000 the movie

  7. Awesome review, super! Really heavy chapter, so I’m glad you went deep with it!

    And for shame, a Pokemon reference? Have you no sense of dignity? 😀

    Nice catch on Catalina’s possible relation to Lola, but wasn’t Lola’s mom in the New World? Eh, maybe she got captured between Lola’s time being trapped in Thriller Bark or something.

    RIP Whitebeard, you man among men. The Second Age of Pirates indeed bore your name! ;_;

  8. That Hitler video was hilarious !! “Ace is GANGSTA!”. lol.
    But man … Whitebeard’s death was a good one. How long is he gonna be standing like that ? I liked Blackbeard before, but he’s a real fag now. Why’s he even a D. carrier ? I’m still all for his power though. Yami Yami ftw.

    Oh, & the pic with Whitebeard saying “the world will turn to Ash” … from the 2nd Pokemon movie ? I’m mad at myself for knowing that.

  9. And to bring over my comment from the Bleach 394 breakdown;

    I wonder, who’d win in a straight-out fight between Whitebeard & Yamamoto ?

    Newgate vs Genryuusai !
    Pirate Captain vs. SoulReaper Captain !
    Devil Fruit vs Zanpakuto !
    White mustache vs White beard !

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a fanfic blossomed from this. 🙂
    (Thumbs up to Super for making the Yama-Whitebeard comparison, too).

  10. Lol, Pokemon FTW!? *pats Aizeal on the back* You were real close right after him Elisha. 🙂

    On a different note I remembered this pirate who was also from the New World and looked even more like Lola.

    They’re even wearing the same hat. So my theory on Catalina is more than likely a bust. X_X Oh well, lol. Here’s evidence Blackbeard is shooting for the position of Yonkou.

    If he could give Shanks those kind of scars pre-DF then why is he such a whiny baby in front of Whitebeard? Is Whitebeard that much stronger than Shanks? Maybe Blackbeard has come to rely on his DF to much and has neglected his old fighting style. Which is why his defenses suck so much.

    @Naga: Lol, you noticed the Pokemon reference and OP/Bleach comparison too? XD Coolio, I’d say Yamamato wins. He has the flash step, kido, and flames from hell. Bleach character’s power levels are on a whole different scale. I’m sure Whitebeard would make him bleed though, and bleed he will.

  11. lol super dont forget Yamma’s fists of fury! he has those he could use on whitebeard too!

    i am convinced that lola’s mom is actually the last of the four emperors that has yet to be revealed. i mean lolas friends did sayshe was a great pirate in thenew world… it would be a great twist if that turned out to be true. anyway, RIP whitebeard. his death was epic, but it didnt really tug on my heartstrings after poor Ace =( as for blackbeard, i still have hope that he will get cooler, even though i actually kind of like how oda plays him as very similar to a real pirate; cruel,ruthless, and willing to do whatever it takes. but, i can admit that he made a fool out of himself this chapter. i feel like im just ranting now, so now im done.

  12. nice breakdown super was waiting for it a lil =P
    Lots of things were cleared up this chapter the GoJ for one.
    Although i was a bit dissapointed about the outcome but i guess it would be to good to be true to think that dragon would show up.
    and be the one to have opened them 😛
    Im pretty sure Blackbeards respect points will go below zero in the next few coming chapter 😛
    one thing was bothering me,.. how the hell did they get a giant like that guy in and out of impel down 😛 and were was he staying :p
    As for the Pokemon reference i was the only one who didnt know it =(

  13. Whoops, didn’t notice Aizeal and Elisha beat me to the reference already.

  14. awesome breakdown super 😀

    just reposting my comment from the last breakdown

    my question for all ill post it on the new breakdown too ,
    bb and marines are there
    wb is dead
    how the hell will luffy and the others escape they are dead ^O_O^
    unless shanks shows up? XD or luffy’s crew shows up? xD
    btw if yyou not noticed in the cover stories the nakama of luffy are finding each other i dont know who is with who and dont know if its real but woooooooooot zoro is coming back hell yeh1!!!!!!

  15. hmmmm i have a theory (after reading Ahsan’s) comment, maybe Luffy will reunite with his crewmates in the original order they were recruited in the first place, like Zoro first and so on, would be interesting way of doing things. Then again, i would also like to see Luffy’s crew show up all together, and help them out, maybe they are stronger ? Im personally looking forward to the upcoming chapters

  16. Thier are only a hand full of fictional guys I would do this for. Batman is one and Wolverien is the other and now Whitebeard Let’s all rise our glasses and have a a few min to say good bye to the end of eraps Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard! *rise a glass of beer*

  17. @Ahsan: Mmmm …. did you not notice the huge gap Whitebeard made between the Pirates and the Marines ?

    No non-avian Logias, Paramecias, or Zoans can make it past that.

  18. Epic chapter.

    hey i had a thought that since the marines have aces body their going make him into cyborg ike they did with kuma cause atm luffys going to be more angry at BB and we need a plot point to make him hate the world government absolutely and i can not think of a better way then to defile his brothers dead body and make him fight him.

    just my crazy theory tell me what you think

    jetpack out

  19. @nagashikage: well, if the powers are just right then maybe someone who can stretch *cough luffy cough* could possibly grab both bodies or atleast ace’s back. but when did the marines get ace’s body? i know there were right there but..hmm…

    @super: awesome and touching breakdown to match the chapter. i honestly think wb’s death is more inspiring, while ace’s is more personal wise. in all i think that oda did it this way because i don’t think anyone one else will die for along time in this series til the end. that way once again it will be almost as touching as these two. because when you think about it, everyone thought ace would live after he was rescued, but …. anyways loved the amv, i think i’ve seen that same clip for an xbox commerical lmao…(it was supposedly banned for that)

  20. @nagashikage

    i think you didnt get me , i meant the big guys the admirals etc can get over it and they will go for atleast luffy,marco,and the other captains they would want to end this here 🙂 then what will bb do?

  21. loved the breakdown and the video.

    p.s.- Whitebeard doesn’t have a small penis. It’s the reason they called him a monster. XD

  22. epic breakdown as always, super 😀

    as for the chapter…..what more can i say LOL….just look at the last page of the chapter!!! :)..

    i think we can safely declare that:

  23. u know… i was just thinking…this whole time i’ve always considered luffy to have the easiest life with like nothing really depressing ever happening… and thats why he was the way he was as a part of the crew…i wonder what his personality will b like now that his bro died… i hope i doesnt change too much

  24. *raises glass to Whitebeard*

    @Anyone: Does anybody think the Strawhat Crew are on the way? The cover pages make it look like they’re getting back together as Ahsan pointed out. Lola’s mom is a New World pirate and could very well be fighting in this war. Nami has Lola’s mom’s virve card too. Even if one member of the crew showed up that’d be awesome. I can’t wait to see what they learned or gained while they were separated. If they don’t show up it’d be cool if Luffy can get back together with them in reverse order for which they joined the crew. That means Brook first!

    Also do you all think Dragon knows his son is the destined one to change the world?

    @Omar: Same thing I was thinking. I hope his crew is able to cheer him up or Luffy’s natural optimism will come into effect. Anything but turning him emo. ~_~ Though, I know this experience will mature him in a way and make him a more serious person in some aspects of his personality. This is for the best I think. He knows how it feels to lose someone and he’ll never want to go through that again making him stronger.

  25. yeh i think luffy will mature from this aswell but i also hope it wont change his personality too much One Piece has alot of comic relief and that should stay the way it is.
    As for the returning of the crew in reversed order i actually hope so too. although weve seen Brooke’s past allready we havent seen much of him fighting and it would be awesome if he would reunite with luffy as first then franky? anyways it would be awesome :P. If anyone would return the same time that would be awesome and epic aswell ^^.
    As for luffy i dont think we have to worry about him too much.
    WB seperated the space between him and the marines aswell as there still beeing the full WB crew and all the other crews who prolly have some strong people aswell.
    I also think that for now the marines will concentrate on BB as they see him as the largest threat atm. At last Boa will always save luffy if hes in danger since the whole world is about to change anyways (thats what i think reading the last chapter)

    As for the difference in deaths between Ace and WB I do think WB death has more impact on the world at this moment tho if they would have let Ace get stronger he would def be the greatest threat.
    Although i dont think thats the difference, I think the most important thing here is that we all saw WB’s death coming we kinda took that in account allready, however Ace’s death was all out of the blue. and nobody expected it now that he was finally saved, that’s why it makes Ace’s death all the more sentimental for me.
    /Spamm mode off 😛

  26. Awesomeness breakdown Super!

    That Hitler vid opened up closed wounds T^T Poor Ace, RIP
    Marines 2, Pirates zilch. Two of the greatest pirates died in probably minutes after each other, this is a blow to the pirates, but then with Whitebeard’s revelation of One Piece, I have no doubt other pirates will take their place.

    Now I wonder how Crocodile will react to seeing Teach kill Newgate. Perhaps Blackbeard will be his new target…..who knows? Whitebeard’s death was epic! But I wonder how the rest of the world will view Blackbeard, extremely strong (he killed the World’s Strongest Man) or an extreme coward (he killed a dying old man by gang raping him with swords and guns)?

    Oh, I didnt read all the comments yet, but surely someone has posted that you made a cheesy Pokemon reference 8).

  27. they’re not confirmed but here are some spoilers(maybe?)

  28. @ supertrek: What can i say… YOU DID IT AGAIN. Badass breakdown. And i love the reference to the Pokémon movie, (although i recognized the line, i didn’t quite figure out that it was from the PM movie 😛 ). And the way you talked about BB’s respect points got me laughing HARD man. DAAAAMN 😀
    Also, i’m not sure if Oda’s just pulling our legs by drawing cover pages of the Strawhats joining. I don’t know what to think about that. It would be cool if they were and somehow reassuring that we won’t have to wait too long before the SH crew is back together.

    @ everyone: I’m sure Luffy’s crew will keep his moral up and let him know they’re there for him. And as supertrek and fearvano mentioned, Luffy will probably mature a great deal from these past events. He lost all his nakama to Kuma, in Shabondy Archipelago. Then he loses Ace right in front of his eyes which is enough to tell him he has to get stronger if he no longer wishes to lose anyone dear to him. (I’m sure someone else has already said that 😛 ).

    DAMN, after all this, Ace dead and WB’s death, (reigniting he spark to the Pirate Age), One Piece is sure to only get better.
    And i’m sure someone’s said this already, but it really feels like we’re back at the start yet with everything set in motion.

    Maybe Luffy might meet a pirate along the way who he feels might have the same ambition as he does and Luffy will see this in them, and encourage them to follow their dream 😀 Who knows

    Anyways, enough said for now.

  29. so marco is the wb pirates new captain right? i mean its obvious …

  30. *spoiler alert*

    ok guys after reading the spoiler i fuckin hate bb 10 times more



    Dude, wtf … if Blackbeard’s Yami Yami can really do what the spoiler says it does in the next chapter … that’s so cheating ! That gives Blackbeard the potential to become ultimately invincible. No wonder he wanted it so bad.

  32. Friggin’ awesome chapter! You were right on the money with the new BB pirates, Super, great job! Thumbs up, jo!

    Ok, I’m certain this has been said already, but Whitebeard is so freakin’ awesome, it can’t be stressed enough!

    Blackbeard and his posse need to be spanked…hard. And most preferrably with rubber hands…

    I agree with you, Ahsan. When WB was thinking “I leave it all to you” or something like that, it was written on the panel showing only Marco. Suspiciioous…

  33. Did you guys change the spoiler text from blue to yellow just now ?

  34. *spoiler alert*

    that’s just plain bullshit. screw blackbeard, i’m really starting to hate him.

  35. ****SPOILER ALERT******
    ******DO NOT READ****
    ******KEEP OUT******
    *****BEWARE OF DOG****
    ****NO TRESPASSING****
    ****BEWARE OF SHARK O_O****
    ****JUST NOOOOOEESS, MAN :D******

    now it’s OK :)…kukuku 😛

    after reading the spoiler…..i kinda AM beginning to hate BB….even though i was a fan of his before his epicfail…

    anybody here starting to think OP might be going the naruto way, i mean, BB is getting power after power and victory after victory…just like sasuke gets plot-no-jutsu again and again….well, to put it in crude terms, i think BB got this new power “OUTTA HIS ASS” LOL 😀

    just hope Oda is’nt too much influenced by naruto and bleach and make BB his sasuke 😕

  36. @Fear: Ah, you’re right. The Marines we’ll probably focus more on Blackbeard’s crew rather than the escaping New World pirates. In my eyes Blackbeard’s crew holds the greatest threat to them in the short and long run. Hell, they hold the greatest danger to the world.

    @Kisu: Yep, the Marines definitely won this war. They lost at enies Lobby and this is their payback in extreme measures.

    @Xdt0ks: Luffy becoming a mentor like figure? A role model for other kids around the world to look up too!? O_O Oh the horror!!! Lol, jk. Once he becomes the legend he’s destined to become I’m sure he’ll meet plenty of people who’ll aspire to be just like him. Unless he dies at the end of the series. He won’t be meeting a lot of people then. T_T

    Oh, and here’s some sneaky foreshadowing of the D’s destiny to change this world.

    @Nagashikage: Nooooo…yes…lol, yeah.

    @Pickles: Lol, of course you’d agree with Ahsan on Marco taking over the crew. XD

    @Anyone: The only thing I regret about Whitebeard’s death is that his last order as captain wasn’t followed through but that’s no fault of his.

    I’ve been wondering this for a long time now. If Bon-Chan can take on the appearance of anybody he touches including voice and body size. What happens if he mimics a giant like San Juan Wolf!? O_O Maybe that’s why Oda potentially killed him off…>_>

  37. chapter is out.
    wow, Blackbeard is unstoppable now.
    what a badass plan he had, i knew there was more to his Yami Yami fruit then just the powers we had seen so far!
    just… wow what an icrediable chapter. even if you dont like Blackbeard, this chapter is awesome!

  38. BTW super, i had to agree with you on Blackbeard losing a lot of respect points last chapter. but now, this new chapter has jumped Blackbeard up about another 100 points for me. what a damn cunning plan, he did all of this just for this chance. im not gonna say anything spoiler, but just… damn

  39. @Super, that link you posted also seems like foreshadowing that Luffy and Smoker’ll meet again (I know its happened already, but not the right way yet). Besides, he’s been around since the early chapters and is still chasing them, and unlike Buggy, hasn’t become a comic relief-type character. After all, Smoker DID beat Crocodile 8P (though he apparently lost to Boa)


    even though the chapter is out

    *SPOILER* or more like the chapter 😛

    ok guys im going like WTF

    but i have a few questions , where was religh sitting????

    and how the hell is bb invinvible any one with a good haki controll can litreally own him , garp anyone?? but i guess this is a foreshawdoing that luffy will learn how to controll his awesomenesss haki to beat bb . btw the new cover story was zoro and chopper again supporting my theory that the straw hats have found one or two other member of the crew , eventually they will all be togather and go to find marco and the marco pirates XD as they would know luffy would have escaped with them and also WTF wb pwned the shit out of akainu and he is still fucking alive ?? fuck

  41. Awesome chapter but respect points going up? No way, not from my perspective. If he took Whitebeard down by himself then stole his powers then yeah, I would’ve given him that. Instead he waited until the last second to finish him off with his entire crew. Then he stole the DF ability from the dead man’s body! ~_~ I’m sure the person needed to be dead for the method to work but Blackbeard couldn’t even do it by himself!

    If I respected cunning plans like Blackbeard’s I’d respect Arlong more for tricking Nami into being in debt with him for forever. Or Spandam’s plan for setting Tom up to be accused of attacking Water 7 when he was just about to be acquitted thanks to his work on the Sea Train. I just can’t stand people who take advantage of a people like this to reap the glory. Yeah, he’s cunning I’ll give him that.

    @Kisu: I don’t believe Smoker ever beat Crocodile… In fact they never fought. Besides that, yeah Smoker does seem destined to chase Luffy until his death like Garp chased Roger to the end of the seas.

  42. *spoiler alert***
    wow, awesome new chapter. one piece is really kicking it up a notch!!!!
    i too don’t understand how BB stole his powers but his fruit is pretty f-ing awesome. i agree with you super, his respect points can’t go up for this. Blackbeard is one cunning pirate though, and i’m sure he’s going to be Luffy’s rival.

  43. @super, that’s what the World Government said he did (yeah I know Luffy did it >_>) lol

  44. wtf,…
    man somehow i kinda feel frauded dont know why but.
    I cant say i find this all kool and stuff,
    BB truly surpasses everything now, he isnt just at yonkou level now. Hell we might aswell consider him the pirate king at this moment.
    I kinda used to think that, that would be a power that One Piece would grant people. But i guess it’s because of BB’s power that he could steal WB’s fruit? In my opinion his fruit was allready strong enough but meh,..
    Do you guys think that his body can keep up with this second DF? Or might he be able to get even more devil fruits,..?
    Luffy’s rival? nah that would be atleast another 1000 chapters.
    dont forget that BB without a SINGLE fruit was able to scratch Shanks eye, I considered him on even level now that he has his Yami Yami fruit, and now that he has another one of the strongest fruits in the world “the power to destroy the world” ,….
    If he gets this power under controll he will be unstoppable for anyone.
    Why the hell is akainu still walking he got his arse quaked all over marineford and he’s still up and kicking.

    And what the hell is Rayleigh doing,.. i thought he would help luffy a lil but i guess he doesnt care a thing about the new age
    nah kidding dont really blame him that much.
    @Ashan hes somewhere near Marine HQ wasnt in on Shapondy itself?
    well its shown at the beginning of the Rescue Ace arc,..

    Only one to get awesomenesspoints are Ivankov and Jimbei,..
    Sorry guys just find it a shitty chapter,.. but it was a shitty day for me aswell so that might be the reason 😛

  45. And doesnt rayleigh care shit about Ace beeing dead? ffs it was his Captains son,.. =S

  46. i gotta agree with fearvano. i felt frauded too i mean wtf show some respect too the dead. also marcko said the reason BB can have too DF is because of his ” Atypical ” body shape!! WTF is that.
    but as we all know luffy is destined too be the pirate king so im lookin forward too seein how much stronger he gets to kick BBs ass.

  47. Last week, I absolutely detested Blackbeard for being such a pussy when fighting Whitebeard. This week, he might’ve just become my favorite character. And that panel where he had the Yami Yami in his left hand and the Gura Gura in his right ? Damn.

    @fearvano: Well, Marco did say something about Blackbeard’s body being atypical … And, just because he has two bad-ass powers doesn’t mean he’s completely unstoppable. You never know what could happen in this godforsaken story.


    understandable if you talk about San Juan Wolf 😀

    but BB looks normal to me..meh. hope it’s not the debut of Plotkai in OP 😛

  49. katz747: never! Oda is everything kubo is not when it comes to the plot! im sure this will be explained later on. im thinking it was because of the yami yami fruit. if he could have done that without the fruit then he could have figured out a way to do it while on whitebeards ship and not have to go through this. or he could have waited for whitebeard to die of old age and then while they were mourning… i have faith in oda! this will definatly be explained! in the meantime, DAMN

  50. o, just read the onemanga trans, it seems that “Atypical” is actually marco saying teach “does not have a typical body” lolz, its just a translation error XD

  51. @takahashid: How is it an error ? They mean the exact same thing.

    katz747: Why would something like BLACKBEARD EXTRACTING DEVIL FRUIT POWERS FROM ANOTHER be left alone & not be explained ? If you’re looking for Plotkai, go & mess with Bleach.

  52. Atypical means different or not typical so it was basically pointing out the same thing. I just can’t seem to find out what’s different about Blackbeard’s body. ~_~ He’s just a fat pirate! GAHH!!! >< I hate that bastard I really do! T_T

    On a side note it definitely has something to do with his Yami Yami no Mi fruit and why'd he cover himself and Whitebeard up with a blanket? If the method could only be done by him why would he choose to hide it? There's definitely something fishy going on here. There must be a weakness!!!

  53. super: maybe the black blanket was to put him and whitebeard’s corpse in a completly dark area? like both of them in darkness, see? ill bet it fufills some condition of the yami yami fruits secret power
    btw i know the blackbeard thing was the highlight of the chapter, but is anyone else that our favorite jackass admiral is looking to be the first character to kill two D’s? for the love of god stay dead! lol now i want him to get pwned by blackbeard’s quakes just like he was by whitebeard!

  54. sorry i ment to say “is anyone else pissed that our favorite jackass admiral is…” sorry about that.

  55. @nagashikage

    my dear nagashikage, i assure you i am not “looking for plotkai”……it’s just that i fear that Blackbeard’s recent badassery may be explained as “he had more spirit of will than others” or some such crap………of course, i do not want OP to become bleach, where ichigo can easily pwn aizen as long as he has plotkai………hey, i have faith in Oda-sensei too, i am sure that it will be properly explained 🙂

  56. @ super and others

    hey i have a really scary theory about BB’S “atypicalness”



    think about it and reply, fellas

  57. This chapter kinda surprised me. I never thought this was even possible. I feel bad for everyone else cos BB has already started/declared this New age his and all i can see is him terrorizing the world now that he has also acquired the gura gura.

    And I hope that Akainu dies. I have a feeling BB might finish him off, (i really hope he does). And i know Akainu will not touch Luffy cos no one will let him do so.

    And the whole flashback where Ace was asking Jimbei to take care of him, kind of gives me the impression that Jimbei will either, become an overseer of Luffy’s adventures and make sure he’s safe in someway or other, or that he might Join Luffy’s crew. In a way, i’d like for the latter to be the case, but i don’t know if Jimbei would fit in Luffy’s crew, seeing as Jimbei said himself that he’s not a people’s person.

    On another note, i hope this arc ends soon. As good as it has been and is, it would be nice for it to conclude and move on to the next one.

    @ supertrek: I was thinking about what you said about the Yami Yami having a weakness. Do you think that having acquired that power means that he did something real dodgy in order to hold onto it. I wouldn’t know ow to explain what i’m trying to say but he might have to do something and always do it in order to hold onto that power? I don’t know, i just feel something isn’t right in all this.

    and btw, here’s something for you guys:

    (I wrote the following for the Chapter 574 breakdown 😀 )


    Hey guys, i don’t know if this could ever be possible, but you know how BB said he would shake the world to it’s core, WHAT IF he knew how to somehow take someone else’s DF ability, like WB and use it? Now i know this sounds stupid and completely ridiculous because no one can consume two DFs or you would explode but i just thought of that as being some crazy twist that BB’s Darkness power would allow him to do.

    Hahahahaha, u never know. Vegapunk may have figured out a way of doing such a thing.

    Anyways, on a more realistic, stick to the One Piece flow of things, i wonder how powerful and dangerous those Lvl 6 prisoners are and what they are capable of. I can’t wait til after this one week break. I’m way too excited right now.

    xdt0ks said this on February 21, 2010 at 7:12 pm


  58. @Taka: Yeah, lol, Akainu is on a “D” member hunt. Aokiji has a score of 1 (Saul). Akainu just tied the score. Now he wants to go FTW. XD

    About the blanket. Yeah, it may have to have been in complete darkness for it to have worked. Either that or he was trying to hide something.

    @Kisu: Ahhhhhhhh, I see now. Lol, yeah “Smmoker beat Crocodile”. *Duval wink* -_+

    @Katz: Like Whitebeard said. I don’t think Blackeard is a D either. When Whitebeard was about to kill him he wasn’t smiling at all…though when Ace was about to be executed the first two times he wasn’t smiling either…>_> Well, that was before he accepted who he was. I think Teach stole the “D” name like he stole Thatch’s DF and Whitebeard’s DF. The damned thief!

    @Xdt0ks: Holy crap you were right! Right on the money! Congrats on an awesome prediction. 😉

    I want Akainu to keep on living for the time being. Blackbeard doesn’t have the right to finish him off. With Whitebeard dead it’s Luffy’s role to defeat Akainu.

  59. super: i think Blackbeard is a D, to me it seemed whitebeard was saying that, even though, Blackbeard is a D, he is not “the one roger waits for”. To me he it seemed like he was saying that blackbeard isnt destined to find One Piece. anyway, i would love to see blackbeard pwn Akainu, but i realize this is luffys grudge. but how can luffy fight him? we have already seen what happens when luffy fights a powerfull logia (luffy vs aokiji, luffy vs Magellan) and i dont see how he will be able to punch lava.

  60. 0_0
    What hell happened under that cloak?!? Looks like BB was doing some rated Rrrr stuff under there. He just ‘sucked’ WB power……hope BB dies a painful death and not some “oh lets feel sorry for him death”

  61. @Takashid & super yeh i think BB is D too and WB meant that he wasnt a real one like a black sheep of the family 😛
    tho i dont think all D’s can have multiple DF’s ,.. since that would be just to much bullox in my oponion,

    About the Atypical thing, one of the reasons i didnt like this all that much is because Oda still hasnt clearly explained what Haki is. And if this mystery is gonna take another 250 chapters to be explained this manga really is gonna drag on for another 15 years (not exaggerating,..). Now someone like marco just goes saying ah he (BB) has a Atypical body so that explains it all. And soon all kinda people with strange bodies (fatties,.. Kidding,..mayb.) are gonna show up and taking multiple df’s… well i guess im exagerating* that a bit. (sorry for the spelling of that word). but still i think Oda-san should do some more explaining about other things he still has on going (haki and Kings DP) In my opinion BB is way to strong now dont forget he also just got a huuuuuugggeeee upgrade with his crew,..

    Wow 0.o >..> @_@ Q_Q ~_~
    well u prolly got the feeling, nice call =)
    pretty damn nice with saying it would be WB’s fruit aswell.

    Now a question wouldnt it have been more logical if he were to “steal” a Logia fruit instead of Wb’s fruit? in my opinion that would be the better option for instant he could ve got Ace’s fruit ,.. i know Wb’s fruit has the power to destroy the world and so but with a logia in my opinion he would ve been more killer. ^^

  62. @Takashid and Fear: Hmmm…true, Blackbeard could be a “D” but I still don’t think so. I’m going to go with Whitebeard on this one. I think he just donned the name to fit his ambitions. If he is a D then I guess he would be the black sheep of the family.

    @Takashid again: Magellan is actually parmecia. I know, I thought he was logia at first but Luffy did hit him without the use of Haki.

    @Fear again: Blackbeard has a logia already and his Yami Yami no Mi DF probably would cancel out the benefits of any other regular logia ability. The darkness sucks in everything so even if he took let’s say say…Kizaur’s power (light) the darkness would still suck in any attack allowing him to be hit. In fact he even sucks in light.

    @Captn: Lol, exactly what I was thinking. Something kinky was going on under those blankets. X_X

  63. @super yeh i know hes a Logia but he cant let attack pass by like any other Logia user can. so thats why i thought it would ve been usefull to have taken Ace’s fruit but i doubt it works all that simple tho =P

  64. @ supertrek & fearvano: Thanks guys 😀 XD

    @ supertrek: I thought about what you said in response to takashid but didn’t Luffy whoop Crocodile’s ass with just blood and not haki, or does that not really count. Do you think there are different levels of logia as Akainu once stated, (as magma is to fire)?

    @ fearvano: I know what you mean about Oda needing to explain things cos there’s just SO DAMN MUCH going on, it’s hard to take it all in. Things mentioned that are left unexplained and i agree with you, when you say that Marco mentioning that could lead to meeting other people with an ‘ATYPICAL’ shape which means we might come across more. Or maybe it’s just the Yami Yami’s power to do so, along with the combination of BB’s body composition or what not.

    We’ll find out at some point, just hope e don’t have to wait too long for that to happen.

  65. @everyone

    well i think BB is a true D……..that speech of his at mock town………….that gathering of people to his cause…….and that laugh O_O…….

    i think you’re right. WB probably meant that he would’nt put his money on BB getting One Piece 😀


    well look at the d’s:-

    LUFFY—Rubberman. can take excessive damage to body. can survive Iva’s healing hormones in record time

    ACE—-Fire logia. can take excessive damage to body (by BB).Narcoleptic O_o

    ROGER:—Can live with fatal disease and still smile. can fight WB as equal. other powers we dunno.

    SAUL: Giant mofo. Can smile while being frozen.

    GARP: can take AXE-SLASH while sleeping. fights with Roger. can kill akainu maybe…….powerful old man.:D

    ROUGE: keeps pregnant for 2 years. O_O

    DRAGON: most wanted man in world…..

    TEACH: what can i say…


  66. @xdt0ks, nah the blood (or rather, liquids) was the weakness of Crocodile’s Suna Suna.

    I think BB’s DF power allows him to use the Gura Gura through the darkness’ effect. Think about it, BB is basically Deva Path. Except to repel, he has to first absorb, so through absorbing WB’s power, he soit it out back/can use it. That’s the reason I think he hasnt devoured the Gura Gura, but rather its abilities….

    Think about this as well, the Yami Yami fruit is totally different from other Logias, so what does anyone REALLY know about the body structure of someone with it? Perhaps this difference in bodies comes from the fact that he cant change his body to darkness/gravity. Who knows? Lets just hope this isnt Plotkai, or the less well-known Plot no Jutsu, or maybe its the formation of the dreaded Plot Plot no Mi.

    As far as evil plans go, BB pulled an Aizen (except his plan didnt go as seamlessly as Aizen’s), but I think Crocodile is a better evil mastermind. The guy almost took control of a country!

  67. Im thinking Luffy somehow consumes Aces DF ability and evens things outta bit. And I rekon Monkey D Dragon already has more than 1 DF if BB being a D knows some secrets about this and that then Dragon knows a hella of alot more seeing how he also had the power to destroy the world.

  68. OH YEAH BABY! I caught up on the chapters and I was happy until oda dropped the a-bomb on my parade. Where’s the love? j/k, as much as it blows, Ace and WB were awesome and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s getting harder to believe Luffy can fight these guys on 1 DF power, what you guys think?

  69. hmm dragon having multiple DF’s aswell sounds good to me that would be a storm storm fruit and a rare zoan dragon dragon fruit :P. If thats true he better help BB to the afterlife. =)
    Nah i still hope its somehow related to BB’s df that he can absorb another df i also hope its limited to 1 extra df or else,..
    Luffy and with ace’s abillity would be badassery too 😛

    @ajd gratz on catching up, hope you like OP as much as we do 😛

    @plotkai discussion: Plotkai?

  70. Soon as I saw the Marines mention that WB and BB were in that cloak together I thought either BB would take over his body somehow or absorb his power lol.

    I wonder if he can do absorb more abilities and just keep piling them up. That would extremely cheap and make him basically unstoppable. Yet more testament to the inexpensiveness of Logia type DFs >_>.

    Anyhow, great chapter…I wonder how Luffy is going to be taken out of there, although we’ll probably just be shown Akainu in a completely different scene without ever knowing what happened between him and Jimbei like has happened dozens of other times in this war.

  71. guys guys guys

    WHY THE PHUCK are you guys calling bb unstoppable ?? a good haki user can own him cant he ? garp anyone ???? luffy ??? the kings disposition ???

    and if this doesnt appear imma kill another guys

  72. I doubt dragon has multiple, cuz then the marines wouldnt be as shocked, they’d be more like ” him too!!!??”… so i think this is strictly a Black Beard thing.

  73. Hey, where’s the new breakdown? Oh crap…~_~

  74. here are the new spoilers:

  75. ********SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER******

    GO CROCO-BOY GO!!! XD…..i think crocodile has finally vindicated himself of his bad arabasta record 🙂

    also, sengoku seems pretty BAMF…….and here i was thinking he was just an old geezer 😛

    finally, it seems the supernovas are finally here…..LAW FTW 😀 ……man i really wanna see Hawkins and Drake in action….not to mention urouge….

    this looks like a SUPAAAAA chapter…

  76. new chapter!!!!

  77. YOSH!!! Mangastream is a little slow right now due to the traffic the latest chapter is bringing so here’s a download link.

  78. lolz super idc about 577 it was a crappy chapter anyways 😛
    but 578 is awesome!! go supernova guy go! Yeh croco rocks once again =D

    Also after seeing the anime of OP 443 I realised Croco had a passed with Ivankov and there was a weakness to him we still dont know, do any of you think that Crocodile might’ve been a woman in the past and ivankov changed him into a man when he first met him?
    that would be hillarious in my opinion but well thats just me,..

  79. forget 577 wheres the 578 breakdown O_o

    *gathers angry people and gives them guns * its time for revenge people!!!!!


    fixed a typo in your post hope you dont mind O_o @fearvano

  80. im back! i have been away from a computer for a week on vacation, and i came back hoping to see supers new breakdown! but its not here!? what is this madness!? lol, jk super, take as long as you need, as long as the breakdowns come out eventually im happy XD

    just read the new chapter, and i have to say WHOOOT! one of my favorite supernovas! gotta love that last line, “im a doctor!!!” awesome. and crocodile has almost, almost, almost gotten me to forgive him for alabasta. i still dont like his jerk personality, but i have to admit i cheered when he saved them, and when he was lined up with the whitebeard pirates.

  81. Lol, thanks for the support guys. The breakdown will be out by 10:45 am my time. That’s a guarantee. I just have to head off for class now and I’ll be back to finish it up. ^_^

    Ah, and here it is 10:45 exactly.

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