An Apology From Us Admins To The Blog

Hey WRA, this post is coming in as a long overdue apology to the entire blog including admins, writers, commentators, and readers who have yet to sign in and make an account joining our awesome community. As we all know and for those who don’t know we have had our community besmirched with a small conflict over spoilers that blew up into something that never should have even been an issue. From what was said in a negative way regarding an idea about posting links for spoilers was taken to an extreme and blew up into what you saw in a recent post which has been removed.

On behalf of all the admins I would like to apologize to everyone who was either offended by any comments or felt antagonized or unjustly treated, or who had their comments moderated. Any such actions will not happen in the future, unless justifiable, and any issues with administration will be dealt with on a personal level and not on the blog. If a user has a problem with an admin, author, or anything they believe to be wrong on the blog, they must email it to one of our emails and NOT post it on the blog. We don’t want personal issues to ruin the discussion. This is why we have a chat. As empty as it is there’s plenty of room for posting a discussion about how you feel.

And a final apology to anyone who was inconvenienced or otherwise offended, we can assure you  necessary steps are being taken to amend the problem. If anyone has any meaningful positive suggestions, you can email us and we will consider them. The idea to this is that it makes the users feel like you have an active role in the betterment of the blog. It helps soothe some of that sting you might have felt and it makes you all feel like a part of the community. If you feel like you are part of it, then you enjoy it more. The WRA community belongs to you all and we want your opinions which is why comments are allowed on here to tell us what you think. We hope you all get back to the enjoyment of the blog and anime/manga discussion. The spoiler problem has been fixed and other changes have been made. Who’s to blame for this? That’s where the problem started. Blaming others. There were few who antagonized and escalated the issue but it’s us admins who should have put a stop to it.

Lastly, Penny will no longer be doing the Naruto breakdowns and Pickles will be filling in. We believe the blog is causing undue stress to her on top of issues at home. There are somethings we admins should be weary of, and as admins we hold far more responsibility than a regular commentator, but this is not an oligarchy. WRA is a democracy and always will be.

Emails to send thoughts to;;


~ by supertrek89 on March 7, 2010.

24 Responses to “An Apology From Us Admins To The Blog”

  1. … First? I don’t know super this feels extremely awkward to say the least… I can’t believe that something as stupid as spoilers escalated into this. People here take thing WAY to seriously (that’s one of the reason you won’t see me say sh*t here more than once a month). WRA needs to chill and remember what it was all about in the first place.
    that’s all…

    supafreak17 (Diego)

  2. Second…wow I missed it completely. WTF happened here? O_O

  3. well all i have to say is yeah super and u took the words out of my mouth superfreak well is expected from a fellow latino.

    we thougth almost the same.

  4. All is well now i see. Sorry about the comment at the blog. I got here a bit to late X__x.

  5. I remember it as if it were yesterday,…
    no seriously i totally missed it…
    but really you guys are baka’s if you can put up a fight up over spoilers, was it about wether they should be posted in another section or not or sumthing?
    anyways dont need to apologize about something so trivial in my opinion..
    everyone has common sence and knows when to stop an argument or not.
    As for penny, i dont know why you cant continue your breakdowns…
    just gotta say your breakdowns rocked =)

  6. This whole spoiler thing was dumb, hence why I stayed clear of it and can’t really make any further comment on what happened… In any case, will miss you penny 🙂 …hope you get back to WRA soon!

  7. Penny will be missed greatly, she was an excellent writer, a great contributor to the blog, but mostly a wonderful person. The stress she got from this place wasn’t doing her any good though and let’s keep it at that. The admins felt this apology was necessary for all the wasted discussion on the blog and animosity.

    Ah, and Penny wanted you all to know she’s writing for the SF Examiner. Writing about anime/manga nonetheless so wish her the best of luck and success!

  8. @supertrek: I was about to look for that “SF Examiner” blog for some awesome naruto breakdowns when i figured out that “SF Examiner” is a newspaper.. <—FAIL.

  9. supa, the breakdowns penny will be doing will be on the SF Examiners website

  10. Alright…WTF happened???


    i think some people took things a bit too seriously here…….FIGHTING over trivial issues like spoilers 😕

    maybe it’s not my place to say it ( i am a newbie on this site + i DID take a stand on the spoiler issue, but DID NOT fight abt it)
    but maybe we all need to read some REAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLYYYYY OOOOOOOOOLLLLLDDD posts of IRA and WRA to understand what this blog is all about…:). PEACE.

  12. What, Penny is leaving because someone was too lazy to click a link and felt the need to rant constantly about it.Damn, life sure isn’t fare.We all will miss your great personality, Penny, and your awesome breakdowns as well.

  13. …What the hell happened? I know about the spoiler fight even though I didn’t fight, but was it really that bad?
    I’m just sorry for Penny and we will miss her.


    Damn those spoilers! 😦

  15. Hey there every1

    I’ve been away from WRA for a rlllllllly long time, and this is ma first post since i started reading WRA and to be sincere i was pretty shocked of what i saw cuz WE ARE ALL FAMILY, we shud all treat each other wid respect and friendly, anyhow its good to be back to WRA

    I’m sorry that penny had to quit the breakdown they were rlly funney and i’m sure we’ll all miss you

    Its good to be back and it feels good to be back
    Lets all get along 😀


    Seriously, Penny will be Greatly Missed here…

    Beyond that, My “Moon’s-Spoiler-eye plan” worked perfectly… for I am Madara Uchiha….

    *Madara removes his mask to reveal an early-30’s white boy with a gun*

  17. I really enjoyed reading Penny’s commentary and breakdown. I hope to see her on the blog again soon! 😀

  18. @ prawlkage

    LOL at ur comment:D………..WTF u’re madara?? BUT I THOUGHT….

    *puts away the “AIZEN IS MADARA, THE END IS NEAR” sign sadly*

  19. Supertrek, no apologies from you or the current admins are necessary. For my part in this imbroglio, I’m disappointed that it had such an unfortunate ending. I wish Penny well and hope she finds fulfillment in her new endeavors.

    For those of you who continue to believe this brouhaha was about changing rules for spoilers or “links” to spoilers, your missing the point. It was about the dictatorial (and confusing) approach to its implementation; followed by the ridicule and contempt, directed by one administrator, at any dissent.

    The writers/administrators are the heart and soul of this blog. They provide the content that we love to discuss, and they serve as moderators for that discourse. As moderators they have power, prestige and authority beyond that of most readers/commenters… That is only fair, given the the time and effort asked of them. However, they must wield that power judiciously.

    Read the last sentence in Supertrek’s post; that is the context under which this simple disagreement became a fiasco.

  20. Hmmm, I’m not sure if I really get that: Penny is quitting here, but will be writing Naruto breakdowns for a newspaper/homepage of the newespaper instead??? This would mean that her quitting is not related to her real life but to the stuff that happened (I missed all of it) HERE??

    Great. Now that she just got my fav author who didn’t bash every character in every second sentence…. That just makes me sad aka angry… 😦

  21. @harshyt- exactly what i thought my friend

  22. Oh and I might add, that i’ve stepped down as an admin as you guys all drive me bonkers and I can’t handle the stress…don’t worry I still love ya all.

    Penny left because her mother is dying and she has to take care of everything so the blog and the dramaz have cause alot of stress she doesn’t need.

    Sorry Pen, but they wouldn’t get it otherwise.

    And, I disagree that the blog is a democracy myself. Because if it was EVERYTHING would be voted on….like who wrote what and such…and i’m pretty sure i’d be out of a job. >.<

  23. that’s… fucked up… I can’t imagine what i would be doing if my mom was dying :(.. I’m really sorry penny for all the trouble we’ve caused you and i hope everything goes well with you and your family. Best wishes to you and your mom.
    take care…

  24. O_O!!!!!! good thing im not an admin/on this site much any more or i woulda had to apologize as well…..

    PS. Bolded red font and/or RAINBOW colored fonts are the new “Official ReFleX Fonts”, so people can find my comments all the easier. Enjoy! 😀

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