Fairy Tail 174 Breakdown – Revelation

YOSH!! Dean here filling in for BB, so yeah, don’t expect anything amazing from this post, since im still getting used to all of this Breakdown business. Anyway enough of my rambling and on to the breakdown!

We start the chapter with every looking amazed at Edo-Natsu, who is looking rather badass with his goggles and his jacket with flames on… so yeah, and straight in on the second panel we get Edo-Natsu commenting on normal Natsu’s weakness towards vehicles, with the words “thats shamefull”… So yeah the journey continues untill the seem to notice the vehicle has no Se plug and after some technical speak about how the vehicle has limited supply of power, the car stops and everyone is forced out of the car… i mean come on, one minute hes talking about helping them and the next hes kicking them out into the desert … well i think its a desert anyway.

Normal Natsu takes it upon himself to bring their new freind along with them to help them along with the battle … however … Hes kind of a wimp … yeah, i was rather amused when i first read this. So lets compare: Normal Natsu – Weak on Vehicles, Strong in general… Edo- Natsu- Confident/Badass on Vehicles, a wimp when not on a vehicle, this world seems to be a bit crap to be honest, although i dont really care for this arc at the moment, but i will save those rantings for my rating post or maybe next time i do this i dunno O_O…. anyway yeah …

We then have the pleasure of reading a few good panels which just helped towards the humor of Edo-Natsu’s wimpiness, provindin a little insight for normal Natsu and normal Lucy that hes got a whole new personality when hes in a vehicle, but ironic since they all have limited power, sucks to be him. It also seems that Edo-Natsu is especially affraid of Lucy, well most likely not our Lucy but Edo-Lucy…. anyone else getting slightly confused by all this name changing -_-…. why couldnt they have made a simple arc thats less confusing for me to write breakdown about.

So yeah after being shown the way to the Royal Kingdom by Cowardly Natsu, our Heroes discover the reason, for the magical kidnappings, its basically to power the city (or well thats what i gathered from it all), and not long after wandering around the gang come across a chunk of the Lachryma…

Before i go on from this point, i would like to draw everybody attention to the page before the one shown above…

Where the hell did that scooter thing come from, because as far as im aware i never saw Natsu obtain it, was it just added in for comical effect ? Well whatever it doesnt matter, just thought i should bring everyones attention to it either for confusing or just for LOLs.

Back to the main part of the ‘breakdown’ , and from we left off we see a bunch of foolish civilians believing what an evil dictator says …. hmmmmm where have i heard of a situation like that before …. Not only that but the ‘dictator’ looks like hes been up all night doing drugs

Drugs - don't do them the night before you have to do something important ...

and yeah, the next few pages has been one of few moments in all of the manga ive read (Naruto, One Peice, Bleach etc) where i have wanted to kick the crap into him… because basically, hes being evil, in otherwords… hes trying to become the biggest douche bag in the world. NOW to save me writing out what this guy said and losing the effect of it, i shall link the pages to let the rage come to naturally.

What a dick 😡 … SO yeah, it seems as though our heroes have encountered our main villian… or is there a guy waiting in the shadowns?? Will everyone get their powers back while in this world?? find out next time in FAIRY TAIL ….<<< see what i did there ;P

So yeah thats it for my attempt at a Breakdown, im glad i didnt get picked to do this full time 😛 im not very good at it am i lol, ohwell, try to be positive towards it and if i bored you that much tell me in the comments and i will look for something entertaining you… anywho do not worry BB will be back next week so you will have the joy of reading somebody who has the skill to produce a good Breakdown … hmmm need to learn to stop ranting so much >_>


~ by Captain Awesome on March 6, 2010.

16 Responses to “Fairy Tail 174 Breakdown – Revelation”

  1. Why does the King of Edoras look like a homunculus ? Especially in that panel where he’s cracking the lacrima.

  2. 2nd 😀

  3. Great job Dean and thanks for covering!

    @Nagashikage: Lol, and the two kings with the glowing eyes.

    @Anyone: I don’t know if Hiro (the author) plans to give them their powers back but he better or else we’ll be stuck with them using these lame gadgets. T_T

    This last chapter was alright though thanks to the emotional ending. It finally provoked a small response out of me besides boredom and lust for the near naked female characters. >_>

  4. 4TH!!!

  5. 5th!

  6. @Super, yes i must admit this arc so far has been dull, excpet for the Lucy towel moment and the emotional ending of the recent chapter.
    On a different note, does the Fairy Tail breakdown always get such few comments or is this just due to me writing it, i noticed with my manga rating that i seem to get only a few comments, which are provided by Super and Dragon mainly lol

  7. and fairytale 175 is out on mangastream! http://mangastream.com/read/fairy_tail/175-68/1

    @kabuto nah i normally comment hear aswell but didnt get to it this time (i know its a lame excuse) xD

  8. just read it and i swear i’ll be twisting that twisted cats head
    wont spoil anything else tho its not really spoiling since the chap is out :p

  9. Charle’s a bitch to Happy. Just saying…

    Nice chapter. I wonder how much of a royalty she is (above the king?) and maybe Happy is her comrade who somehow forgot all his memory. If she’s really that high up she can easily get them close to the king or perhaps her memory fragments that are coming in will reveal she knows how to return the bodies to normal.

  10. Jeezaloo I leave the blog for a few months and the 1st things I see are a huge debate over a little thing, an apology, and people takin’ my Fairy Tail posts! LOL! I’m just kidding guys, I’ve been out of the loop for an inexcusably long period of time. I apologize to everyone that wanted to read a Fairy Tail Breakdown for those 4 months or so in which I didn’t do what I promised to do.

    BB, congrats on being appointed to the Fairy Tail posts…the torch has been passed to someone much smarter then me (although I’m better than her at basketball ;)) Also congrats to KabutoSlingshot on a great breakdown last week. I’m sure you guys will do a hell of a job on the breakdowns from now on (although I might want to write a breakdown once in a while, if it’s ok with Supertrek) and I wish you the best. ^__^

    Once again, sorry to the blog for being a spaz and sorry to Super for taking up your time while you waited for me to get my s*** together. I’ll make it up somehow…

    AHA! I got it! Hope you like THIS Fairy Tail readers! (pervs, lol)


    Yeah yeah, I’m a hypocrite…lol.

  11. Yo Dro! You also missed the mass WRA streak! Everyone was streaking! The damned perverts! Lol, jk. Welcome back, talk to BB about the Fairy Tail breakdowns. I don’t want to take posts away from anyone without getting their consent. 😉

    *looks at pic*

    Nice. @_@

    Thank you! and no >.< you will never beat me in a game of basketball! lmao
    And of course you are welcomed to write the FT breakdown anytime you want! It was yours originally anyway ^__^ Just email me and let me know or whatever (I think u have my email…dont u? if not just skype me) Or if you ever have anymore episodes of the old comic you used to do, I would be oh-so very happy to add em in 😀

    @Dro and Super
    prevs… that Lucy isnt even hot! the male in the background obviously agrees with me, he's trying to shield his eyes XD

  13. Oh, and Fairy Tail is out! Finally a decent chapter! And his name is “Happy” not “Male” you stupid undermining female cat (no offense to any other female)!


  14. YOSH, nice one super, was feeling abit bored,now ive got FT to read. also thanks to Dro for saying i did good 😛 aint seen dro in ages, last time i saw him was back in the day when i first joined up to WRA



    Awww, this one was much better than the rest. Predictable but sweet nonetheless. 🙂

  16. FAIRY TAIL 178 IS OUT!!!


    Good-ish chapter… Badass Erza was the most impressive character here. Everything else was just involving cats. -_-

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