Bleach: Fade to Black…Part Deux

Alrighty, picking up where I left off two months ago…Jeesh i’m such a slacker…Gomen *sweat drip*

So we start with Ichigo down in the sewers below Soul Society, getting healed by Hanatarou. Who doesn’t remember Ichigo, but remembers healing him. Ichigo goes to get unlost and Hana wonders how Ichigo knows his name.

We jump back to the twins who are dishing up Rukia soup. Apparently the lack of memory is effect Rukia too, cause she doesn’t know who the hell these kids are. They start discussing the note she was left, and find out the twins don’t have a name. We get a flashback of Rukia promising to pick out names for them and then she remembers who they are. Rukia who doesn’t remember anything asks what she’s been doing the whole time, and the male lies telling her she was asleep.

Back to Byakuya who is going thru the Kuchiki compound stumbles upon Rukias room, then we jump to him standing at his shrine for the lost Kuchiki members. Staring at the picture of Rukia’s sister Hisana, Ichigo and Kon try to get Byakuya to remember Rukia. Byakuya asks how Ichigo knows about his wife, then like ants  crawling out a hill that just got smashed shinigami pour from everywhere. Byakuya orders them not to attack but Renji goes for it anyways. During the fighting Ichigo tries yet again to get Renji to remember him. He busts out his bankai and the shinigami are shocked. Ichigo tells Renji to use his bankai, but Renji doesn’t remember that he can use his bankai. They continue fighting then Renji has a flashback of Ichigo.

Ichigo knocks Renji out and Byakuya goes to bust out his sword but tells Ichigo where Hiasana and Rukia lived instead.

Meanwhile Rukia is sitting on the roof trying to sort her self and remember what all has happened. Girly twin sits with her and they talk. Rukia promises to remember their names. The fog clears and the sun shines on the hill where she was supposed to be executed and she remembers it vaugely.

Back with Renji, who is all wrapped up is remembering his fight with Ichigo. Then Zabimaru starts talking to him asking him if he’d forgotten about them and his Bankai.

Byakuya is sitting remembering Hisana and we get a flashback of them and we see how sick Hisana was. And she mentions having to find “her.” Byakuya wonders who “her” is. He goes thru one of his journals and finds something that suprises him.

We jump to Yamamoto who is being briefed by Soi Fon. Ichigo is out looking for Rukia and the 10th squad is looking for him. Old Yammy is disturbed by the fact that Ichigo knows Soul Society so well.

Kon and Ichigo are going thru Rukias old neighbor when they catch a wiff of her reiatsu and find her on a hill. They are both happy to see her, but she don’t know who they are. Then the twins show up and Rukia demands to know how Ichigo and Kon know who she is. Ichigo who is clearly upset tries to get her to remember, and she does for a moment then her brain starts to hurt and she collapses. The boy attacks Ichigo and cuts thru Zangetsu, then disappears with Rukia.

We now find Urahara who has gone to Mayuris’ cell. The shopkeeper tells the mad scientist that he wants to do some research on him. He tells him that ever since he lost his memory a certain person has been forgotten and that he thinks they encountered the same enemies.  Urahara who is carrying a canister opens it and well….it’s pretty creepy.

That’s right, it’s a brain with wires attatched to it….grody.

Ok, that’s it for part two…hopefully I won’t be drastically as lame as I have been with this and make you guys wait another two months!


~ by Miranda on March 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Bleach: Fade to Black…Part Deux”


  2. * sighs after reading *

    pretty straighforward breakdown Mandi…… although a bit late 🙂

    BTW Urahara totally grosses me out here……he’s like…”BRAINS!!!”…must be the effect of Mayuri’s :D…

    is it me or is this film a giant promotional vehicle for IchiRuki?

  3. GOMEN!!! Don’t flog me!

    And I think the entire anime/manga is IchiRuki!

  4. secondddd!!!!! mandi dosent count (>.>)
    bnooo im ichihime yeeeeeaaahhh!!!!

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