Bleach 394-The Burnout Inferno 2……Yamamoto is Jesus!

First special props to Pickles for the title. Next,  just so ya’lls know I know the 0 espada is Yammy…but I call Yamamoto Yammy cause it’s not as long to type out and i’m a lazy ass. Now, can anyone say HOLY SHIT?!?! Yamamoto is badass! I mean holy jebus, he knew he had to be badass to be a Captain Commander, but jeeeeeeeesh. I didn’t realize he was that badass!

So Wonderweiss has put out Yammy’s flames of hell with his resureccion. Come to find out Wonderbread wasn’t always a retard, he became that way to be able to defeat Ryuujin Jakka, willingly. Ok, really? Could you honestly be so devoted to someone that you would WILLINGLY lose your intelligence and speech to do something for them?! I wouldn’t, F–K THAT!

Anywho, Wonderbra goes to attack Old Yammy and the old man punches the butterfly right in the gut sending him/her/it into a building. After that he turns to Aizen and basically tells him…”ya know, i’ve been the Commander for a thousand years. Did you really think some young pup like you could take me?” And just to show off his badassness he does this….


Yammy comes up to punch him in the face, but WonderYears deflects it and stands their giggling. Yamamoto is like , “aight, if that didn’t work…let’s try this.” But, a strange random hand snakes towards him. He dodges and rips the arm off. More arms appear and grab Yammy-sama and hold him up in something quite close to a Jesus-like pose.

All of the arms in Wonderweiss’s back come down and pound the hell out of Yammy. But it doesn’t really work, cause Yammy just rips the arms off. Yamamoto tells Wonderbread it’s a good thing he wasn’t in child form, cause he’s gonna beat his ass. Then proceeds to punch him with Soukotsu.

And that ladies and gentleman is the end of this chapter. Pretty damn badass! Now, answer me this.

Now for the summary by Anon!

Aizen: retard hollow’s gonna pwn ur ass


Retard Hollow: Ahhhhh Ohhhhh Ahhhh Hurp Durp


Retard Hollow: Ohhhh Ahhh

Old Guy: *Badass look* Get raped, biotch.

The end.

Here’s a demotivational poster for ya!

Now for the winning caption/bubble…

Congratz to Trek for the winning caption and Dragon for the winning bubble!

Don’t turn around Yamamato, just keep walking!

Alright that’s it for this week, see ya’ll next week! ^-^


~ by Miranda on March 4, 2010.

42 Responses to “Bleach 394-The Burnout Inferno 2……Yamamoto is Jesus!”

  1. uno!

  2. Dos! One thing I noticed is that the chapter is called the “BURNOUT Inferno”. I’ve thought Yamamoto was going to die for a while, but this backs it up.

  3. Yamamoto still hasnt said Bankai so basically means Wonderboy doesnt stand a chance.

  4. YOSH!!! Great job Mandi! Lol, why does Wonderweiss have so many different names!? XD I like Wonderbra the best. 😀

    @Amaterasu: Good point there. I don’t want Yamamato to die though. He’s the best fighter in Soul Society and who would take his spot? T_T Oh no Toshiro the teapot!!!

    @lelulalilo: Indeed, if Yamamato is going to die he could at least grace us with his bankai before he goes. Wonder if Aizen can stand up that.

    @Anyone: Dammit Ichigo and Unohana why are you all just standing there!? Take out Wonderwiess for the old man! Attack Gin! Do something! >_<

  5. @trek Wonderweiss has so many names cause that all of em that I could think up that would be funny…DUH!

  6. I’m a new member to WRA and this is the first time i’m posting here. This blog is pure awesomeness and the breakdowns always make me go ROFLMAO 😀

    anyway as for this chapter…………..GO GO GO Yama-jiji!!! :P……good to see someone apart fom aizen displaying pwnage……
    unfortunately this may mean the end of WW. I kinda liked that brat :)…however, aizen does not look too bothered. does this mean more “aizen owns all” in the next few chapters???

  7. First time writing on WRA but was an avid reader during the IRA days and glad to see that the community is still here.

    @trek: Best name for him is still Wonderbread. He looks like the kid off the plastic bag. 🙂

    @Mandi: Great job on the back to back break downs. Always leave me smiling after reading your blogs.

    @Everyone else: My two cents of what will transpire in the next two chapters: WW regen is going to just keep on coming back no matter how many arms Yama rips off. Yama whips out Banki and pwns WW, then gets stabbed in the back by Aisen’s one trick pony of an ability.

    @trek(again): I think it was you that asked aloud what we thought of Aisen’s strength a few chapters ago and I didn’t see a reply so here is my arguement. Aisen while really powerful on his own has shown me nothing close to what he is truely capable of. Right now without that cheap sword, he would have been taken down by one of the weaker captains. Once he pulls out his Banki, Vizard Mode, and Resurrection and takes them into another reality (my personal belief at his ultimate power), then I’ll judge him again when he starts showing more tricks than hipnosis or a bait and switch tactics.

    And finally I’ll end it here with my belief that we wont see an end to this town until Urahara or Ichigo’s dad show up in a “suprise” twist. (You all see it coming, don’t lie!) 😉

  8. People will still have to see action from: ICHIGO!!! Unohana, Urahara, Ichigo’s daddy and the group that is still up in Hueco Mundo. I really do think they’ll end up playing a part in it. Because really? It’s not a war without Kenpachi.

  9. grandpa is awesome but he is gonna die , ichigo will loose to aizen , urahara will appear and pwn the shit out of aizen 🙂

  10. yeah, no I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Ichigo will end up taking Aizen. He is the main protagonist and Tite isn’t gonna leave his main character looking like a retard.

  11. Aisen is the current protagonist. I think Ichigo will contribute but i think Urahara gets the kill.

  12. That double fist attack by Yama … Double Bone ?
    Looks more like Rob Lucci’s Rokuogan to me.

  13. Overall Ichigo is the main character which is what a protagonist is. I just don't see Tite leaving Ichigo getting his ass beat in what I think is probably the final battle of the entire manga. Cause honestly, after this fight is over? Where is the manga gonna go?

  14. Yamamoto is a victim of the rule of manga. Whenever an old guy fights someone extremely strong, their power gets showcased by them beating on the weaker guys and then when they face the Big Bad (Aizen), they usually die. Now here are just a few examples; Master Roshi and the then-godly King Piccolo (DB), Genkai and Younger Toguro (Yuyu Hakusho), Whitebeard and Blackbeard (One Piece), hell even Obi Wan “Ben” Kenobi and Darth Vader. So all points to Yamma dying against Aizen..

  15. LOL@ Kisu. You got a point there.

    Nagashikage made an awesome comparison too! I must do something now!

    Errr…Ichigo is about as helpless in this war as Luffy was in the war at Marineford! YOSH!!! XD *goes to depression mode*

  16. but if Yama-ji dies then who will be the head boss? I think it should be Kenpachi!!!!

  17. awesome one ms mandi
    so many woderwhat references liked that
    and im hoping for some ichigo action soon dont stand there like youre looking at hentai and do something, anything. unohana is excuse since she must be dealing with hyori and hachi and looking at gin u know multitasking.
    and yammamoto is awesomess plus A++++ plus over9000
    im defenetly looking foward to seeing his bankai no way hes biting the dust before that.

  18. I meant Aisen is just the “current” bad guy. We have Zero Guard on good guy side. So there has to be someone on bad guys who are just as powerful to balance out the story.

  19. hell yeh kenpachi FTEW the next cc should be either kenpachi or urahara please not the kid captain -_-‘

  20. Anyone else get the feeling that the “Over 9000” thing’s getting a bit obsolete?

  21. i’m proposing “it’s just me”…
    or as the little green alien inside of me says…
    “you’ve been rick-roll’d!!!”

  22. Nah, I think Kyoraku or Unohana should be the next Cap Comm. *enters pervy hermit mode* All those poor female Shinigami if Shunsui became CC……..>8)

  23. to anyone new here who just thought that my previous two statements made no sense at all and were contradictory among each other…
    You are sane…
    <(^.^<) ^(^.^) >(^.^)>

  24. @harshytkage, I thik you have forgotten the reason “over 9000” is so epic. You need to remember

  25. LOL thx for the awesome reminder kisu 😀

    urahara kisuke will become the next captain commander by defeating sousuke Aizen

    my prediction 😀

  26. hey i want your guys thoughts on what could be kisuke’s bankai O_O lets speculate , a counter to aizens?

  27. @kisozachi you’re taking me for a n00b kiddo…i’ma IRA mega vet…just ask the others, keep your distance though…i bite! XD

  28. ROFLMAO @ harshy

    you bite balls O_O XD

  29. I wonder, who’d win in a straight-out fight between Whitebeard & Yamamoto ?

    Newgate vs Genryuusai !
    Pirate Captain vs. SoulReaper Captain !
    Devil Fruit vs Zanpakuto !
    White mustache vs White beard !

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a fanfic blossomed from this. 🙂

  30. After reading One Piece I think Yamamato just might die. Maybe The King will assign a Squad 0 captain to replace him. Doesn’t he decide who the Captain Commander is?

    @Naga: Lol, I already mentioned it in the One Piece Breakdown but I think Yamamato would win. He’s not affected by age and has centuries of knowledge and fighting ability in that body of his. Plus Bleach characters are on a different scale of power than One Piece characters.

  31. nop , wb will quake him to death . what can a sword do against an earth quake ?? mauhahahahhaahahahahah kido useless against haki?? O_o LOL

    wb pwns all

  32. @super: New CC might be ichigo’s dad or urahara. I don’t see the king giving up one of his own squad to give them a demotion of sorts. If anything when CC dies (yeah i said when…its gunna happen cuz cheap ass Aisen will stab him in the back.), the king would promote one of the current captains to become the new CC or like I said someone from the outside like Ichigo’s pop or Urahara will be given the job.

  33. @above 2

    huh? who’s the “king” here? O_o

  34. Kenpachi is the king, or am I the only One that noticed He wears his hair in the shape of a crown?

  35. Lol, what if all along Kenpachi was the Spirit King? XD

    Ok, seriously though. Here’s the Spirit King.

    And Aizen is trying to create the Royal Key to get to him.

    I just noticed it looks like Aizen is trying to create a Philosophers Stone. XD

    Muhahaha, finally links that open in separate windows! 😀

  36. @ SUPER

    thanx……was kinda confused………..guess this shows i should’nt have just jumped reading from end of SS arc to the fight above karakura 🙂

  37. Bleach is out!

  38. That was probably my favorite read of the month! Check that new chapter and read it. RIGHT NOW!

    *not so spoiler alert* Aizen is still BA. Yamamoto is still Jesus.

  39. lol good chapter

    where is urahara 😦

  40. anyone else noticed Tite isnt too good at naming chapters?
    just saying ^^

  41. YOSH!!! Yamamato lives and Ichigo is going in for the kill at full power! Azien is actually…dirty!? Someone took the smirk off that dude’s face! Is that a look of surprise on his face!? Go Yamamato and Ichigo! Though, Aizen is to awesome to be defeated here of course. Gin’s probably going to step in.

    @Fear: You can that again (please don’t say it again). >(0_0)>

  42. YEEEEEAAAAH! Yamamoto Genryusai FTEW

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