Bleach 393 The Burnout Inferno…Aizen pwns again

Hola ladies and gentlegerms, so sorry this breakdown is late. Damn real life! This week’s chapter was epic, Aizen owned some shinigami arse…but I still hate him.

So Hitsugaya has just has his ass handed to him, and Aizen being the supreme douchbag his is, is just gonna let Ice Ice Baby watch while he tears everyone apart. There’s a big ole boom and guess who has finally decided to throw his hat in the ring and do something…that’s right it’s Old man Yammy! Aizen laughs at the timing, cause well….the only people left standing are Yammy, Aizen and the still slack jawed Ichigo.  He tells Yammy that he wasted his time and shouldn’t have come out. And Yamamoto tells Aizen to stfu in that old man way. He tells Aizen not to think that he can be beaten, and Aizen tells him oh hey, I already did. Yammy gets the old man rage going and Aizen pulls some light footwork stabbing the captain commander right thru the gut…eesh what is it with Aizen stabbing people in the tummy?

Anyways, Yamamoto smiles and grabs Aizen by the arm and says gotcha! Aizen goes huh? And tries some of that mind screwing stuff he’s so good at. But old Yammy-sama knows better…i mean he’s like a million years old you’d figure he’d know something. He tells Aizen that he can feel the reiatsu in his gut so he knows he’s full of it. Then he goes all bad ass old guy.

He realeases his Flames of Hell and it’s on. Aizen calls him crafty and Yammy yeah yeah, stfu and die with me. Then tells Ichigo to stay back that it isn’t his fight… is the point in telling Ichigo to stay back? It’s not like he’s done anything in how many chapters? Jeesh. Aizen says that the flames will kill all of the shinigami and Yammy says they are all prepared to die…just like good little soldiers *eye roll*

Then guess who makes their appearance…Wonderweiss! Looking quite like a strange buggy eyed butterfly…wtf is it with Aizen doctoring his subordinates to look like bugs? First Tousen and his beetle resureccion, now Wonderweiss looks like a butterfly. Really, i’m having a hard time taking this seriously.

Anyways, Yammy-chan takes a swing at WonderFly and the buggy catches his sword and all the hell flames disappear….oh snap! Turns out Aizen altered Wonderbread just for the old man to extingush the flames of hell…..And then Aizen says goodbye and that’s it til the next chapter.

Sooooo, what do you guys think is gonna happen this week? Personally I think Yammy still has an ace up his sleeve and will pull something out. I mean come on now, he’s at least a thousand years old (ok i don’t really know how old he is, i’m just guessing here) he’s got to have something other that Ryujin Jakka. And if he doesn’t then that’s just lame.

ICHIGO WTF ARE YOU DOING?! You’ve been standing in the same damned position for over ten chapters! Can’t you scratch your ass or something? Some movement from you would be nice dude.

Seriously, where is Kenpachi and Mayuri? I would really like to see them right about now.  Or ya know, Ichigo could pull his head out of his butt and do something too….that would be swell. I’m kind of getting irritated with the Aizen pwns all thing here. And WHERE IS YACHIRU?!?! I haven’t seen her in chapters, all this death, doom and carnage requires some cuteness IMO.

I want to go back to Hueco Mundo! I want to know what happened with Yamhead! So Ichigo had to have pwned him, but I wanna know how. SHOW ME TITE!!!

Anyways, here’s this weeks caption/bubble contest!

*Insert caption here*

Alright, that’s it….see you guys in a couple days!


~ by Miranda on March 2, 2010.

14 Responses to “Bleach 393 The Burnout Inferno…Aizen pwns again”

  1. 1st
    Awesomeness breakdown!!!

  2. 2nd

  3. !!!!!FIRST!!!!! Good Breakdown….yadda yadda yadda…

  4. p.s. Maybe it was just me, but Yammys resurrection looked like a big scorpion… so for the sake of pondering lets throw him in the Big Bad Beetle Borgs category too!

  5. The 5th espada was also a pray mantis …

  6. Yeah, what is it with the bugs? The espada are creepy enough without the bugs thing.

  7. YOSH!!! Great job Mandi! 😀

    I wonder when Unohana is going to step up to fight or at least start healing some people. If you’re wondering what happened to Ulquiorra he’s dead and gone. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

    As for Yammy in Hueco Mundo I hope he’s almost done for. His development has been poor at best and his transformation disappointing though I thought the twist was a good one. Kinda undeserving of the number on his arm in the end though.

    Yamamato is a douche for stepping in at the last second just to sacrifice his men but damn if he isn’t strong. Ichigo should take care of Wonderweiss, Unohana hold off Gin, and Yamamato goes back to 1 on 1 with Aizen. I don’t think he can take another stab through the stomach though. XD

    Caption: Don’t turn around Yamamato just keep walking!

  8. Aizen was so badass!!!
    Bubble: It’s not rape if you yell surprise…
    I’ll think of the caption later.

  9. @Anyone: Does anybody know why Aizen is so badass? That was a rhetorical question… Lol, seriously though who’s going to beat this dude? If Yamamato had the most powerful Zanpaktou then Urahara and Yoruichi probably don’t stand much of a chance. Also, does that mean not even Squad 0 captains and The King have stronger Zanpaktous than Yamamato?

    Maybe Isshin and Ryuken together can take on Aizen.

    CAPTION: This is what happens when the ghost of the molested children comes back to haunt you.

  10. @Trek, me thinks i’m gonna have to go back an read the manga again…because I’ve obviously forgot an important part of the plot >.< freaking baka

  11. great breakdown =)
    indeed Aizen really is badass, just worries me who can take him on after Yamamoto, theres always ichigo to save the day,..
    i still dont fully understand why they needed Ichigo so damn much,
    first there like hell Ichigo we’ll protect you because without you we dont stand a chance,.. and now its like head captain yamamoto is gonna take him down and he will take all of the captains with him.

    Btw does anyone else think its amazing how long there dragging out this filler i thought it would have ended somewhere around the second week of januar but now its still going on…
    I mean that in a negative way if you couldnt figure hell this is the most boring filler ever although this last episode was a little better (the fun parts that is)

  12. I absolutely hate this filler, I refuse to watch it let alone do breakdowns on it…I looked at the ep list and it extends at least until the end of March >.<

  13. BLEACH IS OUT!!!

  14. @Super, Aizen’s badassness is just like Darth Vader’s coolness, it cant be explained XD!

    Isnt it funny how a few chaps ago Soi Fon was telling Ichigo that they all want to live then Yama tells Aizen they’d gladly die? Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto…….Bleach’s version of an old bastard…..

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