WRA Chat and WTF Videos! Randomeness at its best. ;)

YOSH!!! Hey WRA, here to let you all know we reattached a new chat to the blog free of tweens and other entities that can turn into a nuisance. A place where you can properly discuss or debate anime/manga or come on to just have a good time. Of course you know the rules (no stupid stuff that’ll get you banned) and if I have to spell it out for you then quite frankly you probably deserve to get banned. XD Just use your common sense when coming on to the chat and I’m sure you’ll get along with the other members just fine. So come on every once in a while and stop viewing us like ninja stalkers! ^_^


Just to make this post a little more relevant here are two hilarious videos. The second one deserves more views. Only 56 WTF!? The first one is just pure hilarious WTF! XD

Don’t judge me because I LOL and hard at this video. XD

Video by Goldevee. Click on his name and watch it there to give him more views.

~ by supertrek89 on March 1, 2010.

6 Responses to “WRA Chat and WTF Videos! Randomeness at its best. ;)”

  1. FIRST!

    Here’s to hoping we’re not found again.

  2. lol a little kid in the audience -.-

  3. 3rd!

  4. YATOSH!!! XD

    Thanks for giving Goldevee a few more views guys. He’s a really awesome AMV maker and deserved them. ^_^

  5. these vids made my day over 9000 times better lol

  6. Finally! no more twilighters! A party is needed, Toga Toga!!!

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