Naruto Shippuuden 149 Breakdown. Are we nearing the climax?

Finding a diamond in the rough is an analogy that one could compare quite accurately with our current filler arc, which has proven to be a sparkling gem amongst what is otherwise a pile or uncut and rather flawed stones.

However, from the looks of things and with the arrival of our latest episode in this arc, it seems as though our time with Utakata and Hotaru is almost spent. Things definitely seem to be reaching their peak and I must say that as excited as I am about moving forward to the inevitable battle with Pein, I also almost feel a lingering sense of anxiousness now that we are almost ready to move on.

Hotaru and Utakata are two individuals who, as annoying as they may have seemed around their onset, have both really grown into characters that have slowly dug their way into my psyche, even if against my better judgment. It almost feels sad to know that we are going to be saying goodbye to them soon, one way or another.

Naruto always seems to fall into these traps, doesn't he? Maybe he has a fetish for being tied up. X___X

Now, I may be jumping the gun a bit here, but the end is exactly what I see on the horizon and this episode really put everything into high gear, moving it straight along forward with an almost adrenaline inducing, heart throbbing pace.

Things start off pretty much where they left off, with Naruto following a rightfully suspicious old man’s directions to the apparent location of Shiranami, the man he had been looking for. Unfortunately for Naruto, he was being lead exactly where his own target wanted him to be and was quickly captured shortly after that with a combination barrier jutsu.

With one major obstacle out of the way, it gave Shiranami the opportunity he needed to approach Hotaru unhindered and gain her trust without any possible interference.

Never trust someone with a smile like that or that kind of fashion sense. O_o

What follows is a scene that finally has the two opposite ends of the same scope meeting face to face as Hotaru is intercepted by the man who has been seeking her out this entire time.

Shiranami then proceeds to explain his story to her, telling her of how his father was entrusted by their clan to protect their forbidden jutsu. We also learn that his father died in that service and even later on in the episode we learn that Shiranami himself was the one who had dealt the deathblow in quest for his own power.

A great tragedy, or a dark treachery? Shiranami's past is veiled in a shadow of wickedness and deceit.

It makes you wonder what kind of mind desires power so greatly, that such a lust even comes before the love of one’s own family.

I also found this episode very visually appealing for some reason. everything felt quite nicely polished, especially when you consider how spoiled some filler episodes tend to be at times. Luckily, we don’t seem to have that problem in this arc as we did in the Guuren and Yuukimaru filler. It’s also great that the quality has really been kept up throughout and the soundtrack, as great as it is, really adds a sense of emotion to many of these scenes.

This, my friends, is why they invented emails.

Utakata is another story altogether and when we revisit him, we see that his mind is still in two places about his master.

On the one hand, Utakata remembers what he perceives to be a very cruel and heartless action from the time his master tried to remove his Bijuu from his body, as we have now discovered that was the man’s intention.

On the other hand, he also remembers the words of the Hunter-nin leader, Tsurugi as well as the words of Tonbei. In a way, it brings out an interesting thought on how human perceptions and our innate fallibility can create misunderstandings that often lead to terrible consequences.

You jerks! How dare you steal my hentai collection!!!

Of course, after receiving a suspect letter from Hotaru informing him that she had found Tonbei, and after allowing his thoughts to wander a bit more, Utakata is eventually led to action. I guess the poor guy just can’t suppress his feelings no matter how much he tries to deny their existence. What makes it more amusing is the fact that he is trying to convince himself of that fact more than anyone else.

That leads us back to Naruto, who shows his captors that they need more than a mere barrier to hold him at bay. He quickly surprises them with a sheer bust of chakra and stamina, overwhelming their snare and promptly destroying their nice little country home in the process.

Such a waste of good retail value. T__T

Unfortunately, the triumph is short lived, as another jutsu is used to knock the would-be escapee out again, leaving Naruto unconscious and in a rather vulnerable position. Luckily for him, a fellow Jinchuuriki arrives just in time to send his attackers running.

You like my new contacts? They make my eyes turn yellow. @_@

We also get a glimpse of his eyes changing due to the influence of his Bijuu, which is a common trait that seems to be shared by all Jinchuuriki, as well as a flashy show of power.

I find it interesting that Utakata’s eyes actually turn yellow, probably hinting at the usual colouration of a typical slug. Normally, we see a lot of the animalistic influences of a Bijuu shown in the features of their hosts when an excessive amount of chakra flows into their bodies, as well as more passive aesthetic features that identify them even when they are not accessing that power.

With Naruto, it his cheeks are marked with whisker lines and even his mischievous behavior and cunning are often the same characteristics that are associated with foxes. With Gaara, the dark lines around his eyes can be assisted with the similar dark patches of fur that circumvent the eyes of a raccoon. Both of them also have a similar change in the appearance of their eyes when they are overwhelmed with their Bijuu’s chakra.

It's all in the eyes.

From here on out, the episode really takes off, not that it was ever slow to start with. Naruto and Utakata head of to find Hotaru in an effort to rescue her, having know learned of Shiranami’s plans, which is where another conversation of their masters is once again brought to attention.

Naruto and Utakata reflect on each of their own pasts. Their individual and contrasting views of their own relationships with their masters only hides the true similarities ultimately shared in such a powerful bond.

This scene, for me, was just another harsh reminder of the reality waiting for us at the end of this arc. The anime does a good job of refreshing our memories and keeping us aware of the fact that Jiraiya is now gone.

In fact, I believe the underlying message of this entire arc is the bond between a master and student and how close they become, almost like a father who is proud of their son. I think the reason behind that message is to make us understand how much Naruto is losing and how much of an effect it will really have on him.

I, for one, am dreading the scene where he finally finds out and if Shippuuden’s soundtrack is anything to go by, a lot of emotions will be evoked when it finally comes to pass.

Creepy, scary as hell villages FTW? O_o

And so that brings us to the last scene in our episode, with Utakata and Naruto arriving back in the same village they had first brought Hotaru into near the beginning of the arch. Of course, their presence is not very welcomed and creepy little girls with explosive tags are only the least of their worries.

After battling their way through while trying to avoid harming any innocents, the pair are eventually intercepted by the rest of team 7, lead by Yammato, with a typical introductory exchange.

Team reunions... somehow they always end up with Naruto on the floor nursing another wound caused through blunt trauma of a feminine making. The look on Utakata's face speaks volumes.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan, which leaves Sakura, Sai and Yamato behind to deal with our ever present squadron of minor villains, whose only real purpose is to give the good guys something to beat up on.

In the meantime, Naruto and Utakata go off to find Hotaru while the rest of their team is left to cover for them. The only question now is, will they make it in time?

Zombie villagers, creepy torch-lit rituals,freaky little girls? This is starting to turn into a typically clichéd horror fest. Now we just need some shotguns and a flamethrower. ^ ^

Well, that’s it for this episode. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Caption contest winners:

3rd) Dynamicentrance: Dammit, I knew I was *ucked when the guy yelled SPARTA.

2nd) Prawlkage: SH*T! Did I just jump off a mountain?!? (This really made me laugh).

DarkAvatar: “Ok, which one of you asses pressed the pause button?”

Well done to the top three. All of them made me smile and it was a tough choice between first place. Darks just crossed the finish line first by the hair on his chin, but a victory is still a victory. ^ ^

Now here is this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*

Yes, it is the same creepy girl from the earlier screen and yes, she is holding an explosive tag (for those of you who skipped watching the episode). Make of it what you will. ^ ^

Thanks again everyone, I know this breakdown was a bit long, but there were quite a few things I felt I needed to say, so sorry if it was a bit high on the word count for some of you. Here’s a preview for next week for all of you to discuss.

See you next time! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on March 1, 2010.

22 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 149 Breakdown. Are we nearing the climax?”

  1. VICTORY!!!!!! oh yeh and FIRST!!!!!

  2. No, I will NOT scream “second”…. must… not…

    Well THAT was one hell of a filler, wasn’t it? So far the BEST episode, a filler one, ever! Those two funny moments “Ero Sennin DID teach me a lot of things! *pervy scenes* Err… well…” 😀
    And the arrival of Sakura! Sai: “Phew, I’m all worn out…” Sakura: “Eat this pill!” Sai: “Hehee, I’ll have on later!” *rofl*

    The Jinchuuriki scenes were great as well!!! Too bad that Naruto was unconscious when Utakata awaked his bijuu chakra… 😦 Of course this had to happen. *screams* I want them to talk about their jinchuuriki-being NOW!!!! *stops screaming*

    Waiting for thursday, again, desperately!

  3. Third?!

  4. I hope we get to see Utakata in a Tailed Beast form and I expected the chakra to be light blue kind of like his slug.

    Nice job Ten.

  5. CAPTION: is the toilet paper finished? Use this!

  6. Great job Tenrai! I really enjoyed this episode because it really got the story moving and now that we know the baddies back story we can move straight to the kicking of his ass.

    I hope they animate whatever battle Utakata does with Akatsuki for a little bit. I really want to see his Bjiuu in action.

    CAPTION: Can I have your autograph mister? Just make it out to DETONATE!

  7. Great breakdown! I think this filler arc has become really good (or maybe my expectations were too low after that Yukimaru desert cross).
    I think that the arc would end in a better way with the capture and consequent death of Utakata. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really starting to get fond of his character and I wish there could be some “good” way to save him. But with his capture and if Naruto knows about it only at Konoha, thus impeding him of aiding him, this situation, would add to Naruto’s grudge against Pein after he knows about Jiraiya’s death. I think that Kishi is building some pretty emotional chapters in the future. Just look at all the flashbacks showing Naruto’s and Erosennin relationship. They really show how much Naruto looks at Jiraiya as a father figure and his death will make Naruto suffer a lot.I agree with Tenrai that the point of the arc is to show the importance of this relationship. I have high expectations for the Pein arc, as some issues that weren’t well developed in the manga may be further scrutinized, and I hope that the end will be more dramatic and awesome than in the manga. At least less emo! Definitely looking for the “TINY, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”, scene.

    Anyway, that’s how I feel, but I have a feeling that Kishi will throw us another curve ball, and arrange some way to save Utakata. The clues are everywhere, from the attempt of his master to extract the Slug Bijuu, to the extraction technique for that nasty mole in Hotaru’s back. Maybe the forbidden jutsu and the Bijuu will both be sealed in Shiranami’s body, while Utakata tries to save Hotaru from that circle. After this, Shiranami is able to escape only to be attacked by Pein who makes him regret all the trouble he had. I can imagine the forbidden jutsu being released and absorbed by “that body of Pein that absorbs chakra and that I can’t remember the name”. Utakata and Hotaru live happily ever after! That’s my best guess and I wouldn’t be too disappointed! Sorry for the english.

    CAPTION: They said you would give me candy if I gave this cuppon to you!

  8. Nice Ten!

    CAPTION: Hey, Mr.! Want some candy? It leave a tingle in your mouth that feels like an explosion!

  9. great job tenrai a breakdown as great as the episode itself man i love this arc
    caption: osama sent a letter!!o__O
    ” “: BRING BACK HANNA MONTANA or everyone gets it

  10. Caption: “Here take this coupon, may exchange it for one prosthetic arm after the purchase of a first” (explosive sale) 😛

  11. Caption:”Hey mister, my dad’s newest constipation cure will solve all your problems.”

  12. Hooray for filler ending…


    Creepo: “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Hotaru’s little sister, Notaru.”

  13. @CaptainPickles


  14. Lol, it’s not the end of the fillers yet. 😉

    CAPTION: Welcome to Deidara Village. Here’s our currency but be careful. Money is a BANG!!!

  15. @Tenrai Another great breakdown. The email reference was funny.

    @Aeris What happen to wait til the arc is complete before watching ;^)

    Caption: Hi mister, I can’t read … can you tell me what is written on this note.

  16. Lol, I’ve got another.


    Creepo: “Hello, Mr Person, sir. I is with a organization named KPBBP (Kids Protects Big Blue Planet). We am distributed flyers containing information on how we can stopped global heating. For example, did you knows you can reduce the temperature by changing from Fahrenheit to Celsius?”

  17. Just finished watching episode 150… I conclude that this filler is a joke! 😦

    From Shiranami’s senseless ranting and poorly-drawn abs, to Hotaru showing unnecessary skin, to the Konoha three’s uninspired stunts, to the inexplicably awful showing of the two jinjurikis, I say.. WTF?!

  18. LOL whens the filler endin >.<

    btw the 2nd place caption realllly made me laugh to xD lolz

  19. Wow…yeah, ep 150 blew. The intro to natural energy/chakra was kinda interesting, but WTF was that about when Naruto runs into the ink control jutsu and Utakata watched it happen, doesn’t bother putting up a bubble shield or ANYTHING so it doesn’t happen to him and he doesn’t even attempt to avoid it! Then they finally break the seals and then all they do is punch the bad guy, stand next to Hotaru blankly and very calmly ask her if she’s alright.

    Fillers suck.

    Sooo…what happened to Naruto not relying on the nine tails chakra? It seems like even the writers are thinking it’s “just filler” so nobody cares. Screw character development. And then there’s Yamato and the others “fighting” the villagers. They run from them, trap them, they get set free, they trap them again…*snore* …and they get set free again…
    Seriously? Just knock them out. Honestly, I’d be perfectly happy if they just crammed the conclusion of the Hotaru/Tsuchigomo deal and the capturing and sealing of the six tails into one episode and got back into the regular storyline again.

    On a positive note, there have been a LOT of awesome captions this week! 😀

  20. @Metachi: I think it was more along the lines of Naruto using the Nine Tails spirit in order to sabotage the chakra used for controlling.

    What else would he have done?

  21. LMFAO @ PICKLES!!!

  22. Man this was the best filler EVER! With the best ending I’ve ever seen in a filler! Its sad and poetic at the same time.

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