Rate this weeks manga 27/02/10

YOSH!! sorry for my absence last week, had alot of things going on, but i wont go into my personal matters. On the subject of manga this week, all chapters that i read were awesome, i enjoyed Bleach (for once in a while), loved Naruto cant wait for next weeks, and fairy tail was rather epic aswell, oh yeah should mention im now involving Fairy Tail in the post now, and when ive caught up Air Gear will be aswell so theres something to look forward to.

Right onto the ratings and we will start with Fairy Tail …

We start the chapter with some good ol’ pervertedness, everybody loves abit of that, dont we ?… this is the part were u all nod politely and say yes almighty Dean.  Basically this perverted part involving the 2 lucys shows how different there personalitys are, for instance, Edo-lucy doesnt mind letting Natsu see her naked body… however regular Lucy does and has some shocked faces and shout sessions.

I’d like to draw everybodys attention to the picture above, when i looked away from the Lucys in towels i noticed the Fairy Tail logo on Happy’s back, now is it just me or has that always been there, because ive never seen it before to be honest lol. Anyway back to the sumerizing, after some short banter and a haircut session for Edo-Lucy, we come to the point where we find out Edo-Lucy has run away, or so it seems to Natsu and Lucy, but the truth is that Edo-Lucy is trying to convince her guild to take up arms and assist Natsu and gang in taking down the kingdom etc etc.

Now sometime later after Lucy does some ranting about rare books and whatnot we are introduced to an Airship which Natsu quickly comes up with a plan to take over and ride it to the kingdom, even though they have no magic and Lucy is practically useless. Well then Lucy tries to take on the guards with her steller spirits but there are some things going wrong it seems, to sum things up, they are all completely useless, and when it looks as though they are about to get arreste…

queue epic badass music ..

Edo-Natsu comes to save the day, leaving the gang with a shocked look on their face, excpet Natsu… who is suffering from motion sickness.

My rating for this weeks Fairy Tail has to be 9/10, im enjoying it, but could do with regular Natsu getting his powers backs so we can see some badass fighting chapters. If you havnt already read this weeks chapter: http://www.onemanga.com/Fairy_Tail/173/01/

Next would be good ol’ bleach…

owned? no word exists to describe how screwed over they just got

I was rather proud of bleach this week, its been the first chapter in a long time that ive actually enjoyed reading, and im actually looking forward to the next chapter, which i havnt been like since i was left wondering what Soi Fon’s Bankai was going to be (so yeah a while ago). Anyway i will keep the summary for Bleach short and sweet since not alot went on and since i went a little overboard with Fairy Tail … basically we see alot of words being exchanged between the old man (captain commander) and Aizen, in which Aizen acts cocky (for a change) and the captain commander gets pissed …

Looks like somebody isnt happy ...

Not long after this Aizen appears behind the captain commander (after their harsh words have been exchanged) and stabs him though the stomach (i asume), but the CC (i cba to write Captain Commander all the time, it will either be CC or old man now… get used to it!) just stands there and smiles… which to be honest, was abit scary, and grabs hold of Aizens arm (while the sword is still in the old man), and the only thing he can think to say is …. Ive caught you, surely he’d be atleast wait untill he pulled the sword out, i mean the CC must be in alot of pain, but yeah whatever. And in result the CC takes his chance and unleashes hell, and by hell i mean shit loads of giant firey pillers


So yeah, hes isnt happy, and after the CC thinks victory is near, that annoying little retard (sorry if i offended anyone) Wonderwiess is back in his ressurrecion form, which apprently was modified to counter the old man’s ryujin jakka, so yeah hes pretty much fucked.

SERIOUSLY, Wtf is that meant to be ? a butterfly ??

My rating for this weeks Bleach is going to be 9/10 aswell, it was good, but i would like to see a little more of Ichigo instead of him standing on the side lines and everytime someone dies he says OH HELL NO! http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/393/01/

And finally, saving the best for last… Naruto, which in my opinion even if there was a One Piece chapter this week, it would of been better than it (and i think One Piece is awesome every week).

We begin this 17 page piece of awesomeness with Sakura healing Karin, which was a rather disturbing picture, since all the bite marks seemed to go right down towards he breasts, looks like Sasuke gets abit carried away when regenerating his chakra. We then get to the fight, between master and student, in which we start off with Sasuke being a general dick as always.

Ever heard the phrase respect your elders ? obviously not ...

And so it begins, and as i read from this moment on i had some sort of epic fighting music in the background… as a normal person would <_< >_> (something like this maybe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pbrFKspA4c&feature=related ). We also have a page or 2 of Naruto recalling what people said about Sasuke, leaving him with the answer: when i see him i will know the answer, then its back to the good old brawl, and we see Sasuke summon Sasunno and fires a big ass flaming arrow (or whatever it is) at Kakashi, in which he admits that if he didnt have his sharringan he’d of been blown away. We will then skip a coulpe of pages to where something ‘funny’ happens:

Thats what you get for being a prick ... and an emo

yep, hes going blind (LOL), which all i had to say was: sucks to be you. And as Sasuke whines about going blind Sakura tries to sneak up behind him and kill him, untill … she flashbacks … basically she remembers about Sasuke and in the end she says she cant do it (useless as ever)

and so Sasuke notices her and goes to kill her, without a second thought untill *dynamic entry!* Naruto arrives and saves the day!!!

So then thats it, my rating for naruto this week was 10/10, it was soo epic i couldnt summerise it properly … actually that might be due to the fact im writing this at like 1:30am but whatever. http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/484/01/

So there you go,  thats my third manga rating post, what did you think, have i still got ‘it’ ? did i even hate ‘it’ to begin with ??

Thanks for reading and i will speak to you in the comments folks, cya.

~ by Captain Awesome on February 27, 2010.

5 Responses to “Rate this weeks manga 27/02/10”

  1. Good job Dean!

    I’d give FT a 9/10 for sexiness. Lucy = Hotness. A 4/10 for action and plot. Not really interested in this arc at the moment.

    Bleach a 10/10 for Aizen and Yamamato badassedness!

    Naruto a 10/10 for pure awesomeness!

  2. couldn’t agree more w/ super on this one.

  3. Nice job Dean.

  4. @super: i agree that the plot this time isnt really anything ive gotten excited over, but how its alright

  5. 10/10 for Naruto!
    This week all manga chapter was awesome! 🙂
    I give high marks, but Naruto was only who earn 10!
    I enjoyed it very much!

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