Fairy Tail 173 Breakdown–Fireball

Hi guys! I know I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to be able to get the breakdown out for this week, but I had a couple sudden changes in my schedule, so here it is! Fairy Tail Breakdown 173 starts NOW!

First off–probably the one thing about reading fairy tail that drives me insane the most is the constant name changes. Last chapter “Ruen” was Luen. The town Natsu’s in now is Shicca, but on the shirts of Natsu and Lucy its spelled Sikka, and then when I read the new chapter on Mangashare they called Edras ‘Edoras,’ but now its also Edolas? T___T I’m guessing that onemanga is just having translating issues, but its annoying, they need to get their stuff together!

Anyway…Natsu and the group have made it to the next town Sikka, where they get a little time to relax before moving on towards the kingdom. EdoLucy’s body does not please Natsu, the thought of two girls showering together is much more amusing to him (typical guy -____-)

Don't let him fool you Lucys, that light sweat and shaking isn't caused by laughing... >_>

Lucy and EdoLucy are so alike they’d be able to do the mirror trick! There’s only one small difference about them.

I would think tattoos would be a good way to tell the difference between the two.

Awww EdoLucy got a new hairdo! I think it looks pretty ^__^ and It goes well with her serious face >___<

Lucy is mad that EdoLucy ditched them and won’t be fighting in the battle. Oh, but little does she know that EdoLucy has a plan: Convince the rest of her guild to stand up to the Royal Army once and for all and fight back! I can already see the whole guild coming out of nowhere to rescue just when all hope seems lost. Reinforcements FTW!

The power of reading is a miracle worker. You can go from angry to insanely happy in an instant! Lucy gets a history book about Edolas’ history XD and we learn that over a hundred years ago, a race known as Exceed lived here. This little piece of information got me thinking… and I have a theory, but I’m not gonna say it yet cause I don’t want to be wrong and feel like an idiot XD But I do want to know–

OMG AN AIRSHIP! With paddles?

The gang overhears the soldiers talking about the extraction of magic from the lachryma will begin in two days, and once it starts there is no way for Fairy Tail and the rest of Magnolia to be returned to normal. So Natsu decides they need to steal the ship. Unfortunately for Natsu, he forgot that Wendy can’t use troia to cure him… now he takes back his suggestion 8D But Lucy steps up to the plate and goes out ready to defeat the soldiers with the very handsome and powerful L—VIRGO? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! TT_____TT Why must I be tortured like this? And who is Loki on a date with anyway!? >__<

Poor Lucy failed… Wendy and Natsu failed even more, then they all get captured and the airship flies away D8

But wait! What’s that in the distance? Its fast approaching! A magical four-wheeler? SWEET. The car and driver were sent by EdoLucy to help Natsu and others out.

Now that's what I call burning rubber

LOL at the angry soldier who shakes his fist in anger XD

So who is the mystery man that rescued our heroes? He’s the Fastest Man in Fairy Tail– SMEXY BADASS EDONATSU!!!!


That wraps up my breakdown for this week. Hope you all enjoyed ^__^ I look forward to next weeks chapter and the interaction between Nastu and EdoNatsu. EPICNESS IS ON ITS WAY!

Until next time!


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9 Responses to “Fairy Tail 173 Breakdown–Fireball”

  1. First! awesome chapter and breakdown! I guess that Loki is on a date with Aries. ^_^

  2. Great job BB! 🙂

    Err…more boobs. >_> Lol, seriously though I hope the manga picks up a bit more in the future chapters. What happens when Edonatsu runs out magic (fuel) in his 4 wheel? Is he just as useless? Can Natsu eat fire and gain his powers back? I freaking hope so. XD

    Oh, and what’s your theory BB don’t be embarrassed to say it. >(0_0)>

  3. Third. Great job! By the way, can’t Virgo fight? -_-

  4. @Super
    yeah it does need to pick up, sure I love all the funny parts, but i need more action! LMAO I can see Natsu right now trying to eat fire then buring himself XD

    hmmmm my theory… its kind of long. But basically i think that Mistgun was once apart of the Exceed people @____@ maybe XD

    Virgo can dig holes. Although she did originally fight against natsu and lucy…

  5. Awesome You could do the breakdown BB =P
    hmm that Mistgun theory seems very plausible to me. Are you saying that Gerrard is the earth version of mistgun then? because that would explain why there are two of them…
    Anyways chap 174 is out and its pretty kool, Natsu better get his fire back and kick that kings azz =)
    lolz at Edo Natsu 😛



  6. Wow, a new chapter. And so soon too. 🙂
    Nice breakdown!

  7. Nice chapter, the ending was the highlight. Edonatsu is a bitch though…~_~

  8. havent been reading fairy tail ever since the last arc ended and dro gave up doing the breakdowns LOL I JUST NOTICED THIS WAS HERE AND THERE HAS BEEN ANOTHER ONE TOO? XD

    nice breakdown bb =p

  9. 9th.

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