One Piece 576 IS OUT + Short One Piece 575 Breakdown and Discussion! >(0_0)>

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-One Piece 575 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Hey WRA, sorry it’s so late and yeah, lol, sorry it’s so short but it’s all the time I have to do this breakdown. Here’s your chapter 575 breakdown! +_+

First up are this week’s AMV and BOPP!

AMV by AllBluePirates. It’s really awesome check it out. Badass One Piece Picture by Lunalnverse. You know that’s badass but damn is it sad. 😦 But it’s badass…>_>

And on to the breakdown!

A camel smoking a camel...>_> Lol, Oda loves animal on animal puns. @_@

I’ll just pointing out a few things I found notable in this chapter. Any of the minor instances you all might have noticed can be further discussed in the comments section. =)

All you need is some rubber Luffy...and you've got that covered. 😉

What, Ace is still dead!? Where’s Buggy Jesus when you need him!? Waaaaahhhh!!! T_T

Huummm...just looking at the clouds. Hey, that one's shaped like Ace. X_X To soon?

Luffy’s mind collapses in on itself. For all those wishing Luffy would go berserk were probably disappointed this chapter, at least for this moment, because Oda didn’t pull a DBZ moment. People don’t magically get enough strength to pummel an opponent that would normally whoop their ass because they’re angry. I liked the direction Oda went in regarding Luffy’s handling of the situation. Completely exhausted, emotionally drained, and blank like any human being would be after escaping prison and going through a war just to lose your brother right before your eyes. The ass kicking will come later folks so don’t worry about that. ^_^

Give that man a medal! ^(0_0)^

Lol, note the brave pirate who tries to take Akainu out with a knife. What a badass. XD

Nothing scares Akainu except a shortage of children.

Marco’s fire is hotter than Ace’s? Seeing as how Marco is able to block Akainu’s magma without getting burned and Ace wasn’t able to. I guess he’s 1st division and Ace is was 2nd division for a reason.

Never ask Whitebeard for the Heimlich Maneuver! O_O

For all those who wished Whitebeard to go ape shit, 18% of the voters, you got your wish. He’s seriously pissed and decides that Akainu needs a long overdue spanking. His parents probably let him get away with a lot of crap when he was just a little devil kid but Whitebeard is drawing the line here. It’s time for some corporal punishment.

I bet Whitebeard's never coming to this Barber Shop again! >_<

But Akainu isn’t a sissy and he’s taking half of Whitebeard’s face with him. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt but Whitebeard is ready for some more and he still plans on taking Marineford with him. Creating an earthquake he allows a great way for his sons to escape back to the ships.

At least he didn't steal your virginity. Because that's what pirates do! o_o

Last but not least that bastard that caused all of this shows up! You know who I’m talking about, it’s Blackbeard and he’s donning a few new crew members! O_O All from Level 6 to be noted. Let’s see we got the most dangerous woman to ever be imprisoned (Catarina Devon). She’s the ugly looking woman wearing the pearl necklace. I bet Blackbeard gave it to her…>_> Next we have Colossal Battleship San Juan Wolf. He’s the (sorry if you’re offended) giant retarded looking bastard. Then we have Mighty Drinker Busco Shot! The guy that skipped out on one to many AA meetings if he even bothered to show up at all. Must have been going through terrible withdrawal phases in prison. Then of course there’s Shiryuu who we all saw join Blackbeard’s crew a while back.

Unfortunately the Drill Guy also has a pearl necklace which kinda ruins the joke. -_- Or does it make it better? @_@

But wait..what about that Viking looking dude with the drills for arms!? Could it be…him!? He has drills for arms and with all that long hair he could be considered old. Plus, all the new members on Blackbeard’s crew were prisoners mentioned in that chapter (Shiryuu, Catarina, San Juan, Busco, and drill guy). 5 new members bringing Blackbeard’s crew up to 10 now compared to Luffy’s 9. So there’s two questions I have.

Is the viking the drill guy who created level 5.5? I think so as it seems like an obvious foreshadowing.

Will Luffy be getting a 10th crew member to match Blackbeard’s numbers?

Yep, that’s it thanks for reading and since there’s no manga chapter this week I hope we can get at least a little bit of discussion going on though this breakdown is out so late. Here’s this week’s demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! ^_^

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  1. FIRST!!!!!!!

  2. Hey super! Thanks for alleviating my OP-less week with your wonderful breakdown! Yes, I have no life! 😉

    I agree with you on Oda’s decision to make Luffy shut down instead of go into unstoppable rage. He’s just a 17 year old kid, younger than my kid brother! He’s been through hell, both physically and metaphorically, and seriously put everything from his life to the lives of his friends (BON CHAAAN!! ;_;) on the line to save his big brother, only to lose him like that! I seriously don’t know what’s going to pull him out of this, but Oda will usually work it out.

    Also with Marco, I’m guessing that he, unlike Ace, mastered haki, hence his being able to block Akainu’s magma instead of getting barbecued.

    Also, did you notice? Whitebeard didn’t just target Akainu, he aimed for the one thing Akainu cared out: Marineford itself. If Ace had gotten out alive, he probably would have left well enough alone and left it in one piece (ha ha!), but now… Akainu done f***ed up good and there probably won’t be enough left of Marineford to fill a matchbox! Unless of course…

    Blackbeard!! You may hate me for saying this, but Blackbeard is easily my favorite villain on OP, no contest! Yes Croc was suave, Enel was an insane bastard, Lucci was admirable in his own way while still being absolutely badass and brutal, and Moria was…Moria, but Blackbeard? He started out as one of the most innocuous characters ever, having a lot of parallels to Luffy and being even likeable in his own way. And then, it turns out he murdered one of his “brothers” in cold blood, beat up and turned in his former commander who he used to eat steak and pies with every Friday night, and was planning on betraying his captain, who he’d served for 20 years, as soon as he got what he wanted. Damn. Just damn. And the worst part is, he isn’t like Kuro in that his friendly behavior is just an act. He really is friendly and courteous in his own way, he just doesn’t let that get in the way of his ambitions. Seriously, he is one of the most classically “Pirate”-like villains we’ve had thus far! I’m really looking forward to the next chapter where he’ll reveal just what kind of plans he had for the world! 😀

    BTW, am I the only one who thinks Catarina might be his long lost sister/daughter/niece/second-cousin? Just look at those two and tell me you don’t see the family resemblance!

  3. Third.

  4. That was quick. O_O Lol, I didn’t expect anyone to be up this late. XD

    @Elisha: By far my favorite villain would have to be Crocodile because of recent events. I used to hate the bastard but who else could go from ruining a country to aiding the pirate who beat him into the dirt? He didn’t even mind and his ambitions were already moving on to his next goal (Whitebeard) by the time Luffy was reunited with him. From being hated to…grudgingly accepted. ~_~ Oda did a real nice job of flipping his character status around to unexpected hero. Though since he technically isn’t a villain anymore I’d have to pick Kuma next.

    Kuma comes at a close second but I can’t tell if he’s a villain or friend…

    Blackbeard is powerful, simple minded, and admittedly unwavering in his dream which is admirable and comparable to Luffy. He started from nothing just like Luffy (no crew, relatively unknown, and 0 bounty) but he’s just to vile for me. Crocodile caused a war but he never killed any important characters, lol, and he’s kinda making up for his past actions. I admire Blackbeard’s strength, his dream, and he makes for great friction with the protagonist but I just don’t like him.

    Who kills his own nakama and laughs about it!? >(0_0)> Then he put Ace in jail and God knows what he has up his sleeve with that powerful crew of his. I still can’t figure out why he wanted to become a Shichibukai so badly. He’s definitely using the Marines that’s for sure. Yeah, I hope he burns in hell, lol, no offense to your favorite villain or anything.

    Alright, I’m headed off for bed thanks for the comments. ^_^

  5. nice short breakdown super =)
    about the drill guy lolz how did you even remember something like that xD. I totally forgot about the guy who created Impel down 5.5
    But still theres a possibility it’s indeed him, however ivankov said “a long while ago”,.. So i do think that he passed on allready but who knows..
    As for BB beeing a sichibukai i think that was his plan to get into impel down like Boa did, but since luffy allready opened the path for him he didnt have to go through the trouble of going down to lvl 6 with magellan on his side. and could just go there on his own. What i wonder about is how did BB get out of Impel down again i know he has some uber strong ppl with him now but that doesnt make up for the fact that the GoJ were closed after luffy went trough them. now it could be that they took out everyone who was in impel down and opened the gates and just went trough them. but isnt it true that the GoJ can only opened a little bit? So the tunneling guy might just be the answer for that all xD…

  6. >_>……………<_<

    one piece sucks

    hehe spam

    *runs away*

    Probably running to your pimp. ~_~

  7. O_O

    WTH Death!? *uses Narutard repellent spray* >_>

    @Fear: The thing is Blackbeard didn’t know Luffy broke into Impel Down when he arrived. He just barged in there and started sucking up people and spiting them out. He intended to get down to Level 6 without using his Shichibukai status…which is weird to me. (Blackbeard surprised Luffy was in Impel Down and not at Marineford)

    As for how in the hell Blackbeard made it out of Impel Down and the Gate of Justice…good question. ~_~ He would have had to get past Magellan and that’s no easy feat but I suppose he could have beaten him the second time around.

  8. Nice memory there trek.cant believe you remembered about the Drill guy! not even One Piece wiki figured who he was yet.

    As for the gates of justice Im pretty sure San Juan Wolf coulda opened them himself with ease.

    The dude’s like twenty times bigger than Oars…who was already like 3 times bigger than a giant!!! O.o

    *brain explodes*

  9. Elisha and Super: im with elisha on the villan thing, Blackbeard rocks! very esaily my favorite antagoinist. sure he has done horible things super, but is it really that bad compared to other pirates?(not counting luffys group of course) Crocodile did way worse stuff, he nearly destroyed an enitre country!! Eneru fried his loyal followers just cause he wanted only five people! so far Blackbeard hasnt done anything that bad. I guess i really enjoy how similar Blackbeard is to luffy, hes very esaily just an older, more rutheless/evil form of our beloved protagonist . after all he does seem to care about his nakama, just not anyone else. As for how they got to marineford, hmmm… well im not sure, though i agree with the previous comments about it being either the giant or the drill guy. anyway great breakdown as usual Super!

  10. *Cries cos super left out his wakky names for the new crew members* good breakdown, short but sweet (Y)

  11. YOSH!!! Memory FTW! XD

    I wonder if Blackbeard plans to fight or just watch. I don’t think he brought that crew just to showcase it. I wonder how they snuck in though. The fog of war?

    *pays off Kabuto to forget about everything* >_>

  12. @deathcon: hehe =P
    WAIT WTF DID YOU SAY!!!! Why you Little!! =)

    @super: hehe even if BB doesnt want to fight do you think that really a good question as if theres a chance in hell that WB would let him be of like that!!
    Yeh I do agree Magellan allready had some beating and except for him there aren’t any strong people down in impel down atm, but yeh how he got out of Impel down and in the war i wonder, You think Oda will explain it? or will he let it pass by like he let the mysterious stop WB’s quake attack with 3 admirals power rangers pose pass by? I still think BB was gonna use his sichibukai power to get close to impel down or something, otherwise his ship might’ve been attacked as soon as they saw his ship but i’ll guess we will see later…
    As for BB I dont like him but he makes a great villain atm, and i hope he’s one of Luffy’s first targets but i doubt it,… hes gonna make it atleast a few 100 chapters more in this manga, that is if he isnt going to make the end of OP. =P
    *off to sleep*

  13. some guy wrote this awesome spoiler!!

    cover: Franky is shown smiling and drinking a cola. There’s a old man in a lab coat that has “Vega” written on one side of it and is also smiling.

    A New ERA
    1st part: Blackbeard is shown on the execution platform with his crew and few legendary pirates that were thought to not exist anymore. Sengoku is more surprised than anyone to see what Blackbeard has done. His betrayal is of epic proportions… Whitebeard has lost half his face in the battle against Akainu and has reserved himself to die and destroying the Marine Headquarters.

    Sengoku: “What have you done, Teach?… These are prisoners of Impel Down”
    Blackbeard: “Zehahahaha …. ha hahaha- You dont look very pleased Sengoku…?”
    marines: “Isn’t that Catrina Devon, the most dangerous woman pirate in this era…?”

    Catrina D: “Are dey talking about meee? I will kill the lot of dem for imprisoning meee?”

    Blackbeard: pointing at the marines – he says “Even though, you have succeeded in killing Ace and wounding the mighty Whitebeard…. YOU ALL HAVE HAVE LOST THE WAR!! MARINES !!”
    — Zehahaha!! hahahaha!! This is the start of a new era of the BLACKBEARD PIRATES!!

    DonFlamingo: ‘FUFUFUUUFUFU! What a turn of events? Justice is being defined as we speak, “
    Sengoku: Shiryuu!! Have you joined the Blackbeard pirates and betrayed your position?

    Shiryuu: “You decided that when you imprisoned me…!! And YES! … Impel Down is no more.”
    a flashback is shown of Magellan being attacked by Shiryuu and Blackbeard at same time.
    Magellan is shown defeated somehow.
    Jimbei: “Cant believe Shiryuu has joined the Blackbeard pirates? … Hurry up everyone get on board!!
    a flashback of Shiryuu telling Jimbei how much he hates everyone even the marines.
    Also how he feels its better to be a pirate who makes up his own rules to live by.
    Akainu: “Like I’ve said before – pirates cant be trusted…” he coughs of blood.”
    Kizaru: “ Oooh!! This is frightening!!”

    2nd part: Whitebeard is angry and is determined to destroy his half of the Marine Headquarters and to take down Blackbeard with him also. Blackbeard seems to welcome any marine or pirate to fight his crew.
    Blackbeard: “I am enjoying the show… please continue POPS!” zehhahaha
    WB Pirates: “He is mocking our father! You will die Blackbeard!!”
    Whitebeard: “You wont make it off this island as well TEACH!”.. WB swings his spear in the direction of execution platform, which splits in two and crumbles. The island starts to split again.

    San Juan Wolf: “ I. GOTCHA!” in which he grabs the blackbeard pirates except for Laffitte who flies up in the air.
    Blackbeard: “ I see you are eager to die … Zehhahahaha!! You have done well to destroy the Marine headquarters… POPS!

    Whitebeard: “Listen up, my Sons!! Leave NOW!! “ …. most of the pirates have entered ships.
    Marco: “No POPS!! We will destroy Blackbeard with you!”

    3rd part: Whitebeard charges up his fist to make a final blow to Marine Headquarters destruction. Sengoku commands the Marines to defend what’s left of Maniford. Kizaru and Aojiki prepares to attack the Blackbeard pirates for their betrayal. Akainu is badly hurt but intends to fight as well. Sengoku and Garp looks at each other as if their backs are against the wall.

    Sengoku: “Garp…! Its time we put an end to this!!” as he rolls up his sleeves.
    Garp: “This is unexpected to see Busco Shot and Catrina Devon to join the Blackbeard crew!”
    Sengoku: “With those two and Shiryuu – the Blackbeard Pirates will be unstoppable if they get momentum.”
    Shiryuu is shown slicing up the marines and Burgess is throwing Marines around.

    Laffite drops down on Whitebeard from the air and attempts to stab him as Blackbeard grabs Whitebeard and nullifies his last attack.
    Blackbeard: “Surprise … POPS!!”

    An old guy is shown coming up from underground behind Whitebeard as he fights Blackbeard and Lafitte. A sniper shot hits Whitebeard in the chest from blackbeard pirate Auge. Whitebeard coughs up blood.
    Blackbeard: “Zehahahaha … YOUR END IS NEAR – OLD MAN!”

    4th part: Buggy and his crew are still filming the whole battle… and the people of Sabobody Archipelago are shocked at the turn of events. There are cries of people shown around East Blue, South Blue, North Blue, West Blue and Grandline at how Ace has died and Whitebeard is dying.

    Buggy: “WHHAAAAT!! Blackbeard is stealing my prize…” he thinks -”I am suppose to kill
    Whitebeard and become famous.”
    Jimbei lays down the unconscious Luffy on the ship… “Wake up… Luffy!”
    Ivanov: “This is not good – Luffy seems to be in a coma. Wheres the doctor? He needs treatment”

    Last scene shows Whitebeard turning white as he has been stabbed from the back which looks like a drill… and Blackbeard is smiling as he has hold of Whitebeard to nullify his Devil Fruit.

  14. Less Whitebeard more Crocodile (please dont tar and feather me T^T) >_> Good breakdown Superdude

  15. hmm i must say that spoiler seems pretty plausible to me, and it would be awesome if something alike would actually happen. Luffy beeing in coma now also sounds logical we allready kinda predicted that.
    I can only say awesome spoiler/prediction =)

  16. @ spoiler: I doubt this is real. It’s far too early for anything to come out yet, unless next week’s chapter is coming out insanely early!

  17. I thought we were done here but now the Blackbeard Crew comes and
    who knows.I think after seeing Blackbeard,there will be people heading back to Whitebeard.
    They cant leave him there alone now that this stupid and strong
    crew has arrived..It would be too hard for him to handle all that
    and he probably would die in an instant if they all attacked him

  18. My future match ups for the Strawhat Crew vs. Blackbeard Pirates! 😀

    The Obvious:

    Luffy vs. Blackbeard (Captains)

    Zoro vs. Shiryuu (Swordsmen)

    Usopp vs. Van Auger (Snipers)

    Chopper vs. Doc Q (Doctors)

    My Lame Suggestions:

    Nami vs. Lafitte (They’re both their respective ship’s navigators)

    Sanji vs. Busco Shot (He hates drinkers because Zoro is also a heavy drinker…>_>)

    Robin vs. Catarina (Hotness vs. Downright ugly)

    Franky vs. Jesus [really that’s his name] (They both have a big build…)

    Brook vs. Drill Guy (Just the last ones left! XD)

    SH Crew vs. San Juan Wolf (That dude is BIG! It took the entire crew to bring down Oars so I don’t see how any one man could do this job alone)

    Can’t wait to see the 10th member of the SH crew! There better be a 10th member! >_<

  19. Holy crap, I had no idea there was an OP breakdown up. Good job, Super; and great call on the new Blackbeard Pirates inductees. Honestly, I don’t know how you find these things lol.

    About the chapter, I thought it was really good. It was funny watching Akainu get trashed and thrown about with very little visible effort by Whitebeard. Makes you wonder just how much of a maniac the guy would be if he were at full power.

    As for what happened with Luffy, I kind of saw it coming. It would have been a little too incredible for him to have been able to charge at Ace’s assailant, let alone whoop his magma ass.

    Ok, it may well be set in stone now that WB is dead and gone, so that begs the question: “What will happen to the crew.” I say the lot of them should join the circus…seriously, some of them look the part >_>. Who else thinks it’s possible that one of them way even join the Strawhats? Well, I don’t know, but it would be cool to have Marco join the crew…don’t know how possible that is, though. Anyway, I think the WB crew will just disband is all.

  20. @captain pickles: i see marco maybe joining shanks crew, because shank’s asked him before, so it wouldn’t be weird seeing as how wb is “dead”/ going to “die” in the next few chapters.

    @super: Once again your breakdowns rock 🙂

    I think this is gonna be an interesting chain of events that BB has done just by having those guys with him. Sengoku and maybe admirals probably know those new crew members are so with those guys being free (which each by themselves were probably a major pain in the ass) will require there full attenion, but can’t due to the fight between wb/nwp(new world pirates) just to save ace. i think this is BB saying to the world that he’s gonna be the pirate king unoffically until he gets OP with this crew alone or atleast the badest mofo on the sea….a Yonkou

  21. Awesome breakdown Super! Really awesome.
    I can’t believe Akainu even got a hit in on WB. If i took a concentrated quake right in the digestive track Im pretty sure there are several liquids other than magma my body would be proirtising. Then again im not a demon who eats human flesh while blindly following absolute justice and punching holes in our friendly neighbourhood logia users….I digress…
    It annoys me quite a lot that Akainu is going to survive this though…

    @Marco thing: I dont think haki is an actual defense from logia abilities since Rayleighs haki filled sword didnt do anything special to Kizarus light sword. I think Marco was probably just healing the instant he took damage. He seems to have totally mastered his fruit so he can probably do that right?

    @Blackbeard being schibukai (spelling?): Wouldnt it be really really hard to get to Impel Down without the current since going around would mean going into the calm belt to get there? Not to mention if he wasnt a member then the war wouldn’t be going on and so if he raised alarm (like he did) then he would be swarmed by marines with little better to do. Im sure he messed up/ changed his own plans quite a bit by turning in Ace instead of Luffy…Though maybe Ace would have got them all to help his brother anyway. Who knows….

    @Super: You and your lists! I remember when we were matching up the supernova fights too! And that giant dude is BIG. How does he even get around never mind fighting him…

    If Whitebeard dies will they be the Sankou?…

  22. YOSH!!! Thanks guys!

    @Pickles: I hoped Ace would take over but now that he’s dead the Whitebeard pirates will definitely disband and perhaps we’ll see them again on different crews. That’d be pretty cool.

    Also it’d give the SH an opportunity to fight members of WB crew one at a time and not all together. Like now Zoro could fight Vista at one time then move on to Diamond Joz who may be on another crew.

    @Shinobi: GAH!!! If Marco joins Shank’s crew they’ll be practically unstoppable…and awesome! Lol, I wouldn’t mind that coming to fruition.

    I think BB will fight on the Marine’s side. Though BB attacked the men at Impel Down the Marines will have no choice but to cooperate with BB because of the man power he wields…unless the Marines utilize the Shichibukai. Where the hell are they anyway? Boa is worried and all Doflamingo does is laugh like a maniac.

    @Franky: Akainu took a nice chunk of Whitebeard’s face off with that one attack but I think Whitebeard got the better of hits in for a dying man. 😉

    Even though he’s a Shichibukai I wonder if they’ll revoke his status now that he broke into Impel Down and freed Level 6 prisoners of all people. He also attacked Marines too. Did he just become a Shichibukai to get close to Impel Down? He sure didn’t use his Shichibukai status to gain access to the prison. He just barged in there unexpected and guns blazing.

    Muhahahhahaha, you will love my lists! 😀 What’s “Sankou” though?

  23. Sankou = Yonkou – 1

  24. Ah, I see. o_O Lol, actually I think Blackbeard with such a powerful crew will become a Younkou. He has the crew, the required publicity (Den Den Mushi broadcasting to the whole world), and he has the power to back it up. I don’t know how a pirate is given the title of ‘Yonkou’ but I’m guessing it has something to do with undisputed power and reputation. All Blackbeard has to do is watch Whitebeard die here, or kill him, and move into his territory in the New World after announcing to the world he’s taking Whitebeard’s spot. I can see the bastard doing that.

    If he somehow maintains his title of Shichibukai which I find highly unlikely he’ll use that to his advantage to gain easy access to the New World.

    @Anyone: Did anybody grab Ace’s body from the battlefield? If anyone deserves a Viking funeral it’s Ace. Burying his body leaves a chance for it to be desecrated. Remember many people hated Gol D. Roger and especially his “what if son”. I wonder what they did with Roger’s body after they executed him…

  25. i believe i found spoilers.

  26. @super
    Yeh im pretty sure BB will get kicked from his position of shichibukai
    if u read this version,… im pretty sure Sengoku realizes that its BB up there and he wouldnt say that if he would be glad to see them 😛
    BB will be Yonkou for sure i think that the other yonkou just have to aknowledge him as one and even if Shanks dislikes him he has to admitt hes at unthinkable high level now, i even think hes stronger then Kaidou at this point since:
    Shanks>Kaido=Moria and luffy beat moria (although moria might have not been as strong against luffy as he was against Kaidou) and well i think BB is way stronger then luffy at this point. Not to forget BB gave Shanks that scar on his eye without having his DF….
    I think BB will just kill whoever he is
    About Ace’s body i guess we know as much as you do, i do think somebody will pick his body up tho and give it a worthy funeral like Oda did with merry…
    @marco joining Shanks: yeh i can see that happening it would be a nice happening in my opinion.
    @Franky Why do you think luffy will fight the WB pirates? atm there allies and they care right as much for Luffy as they did for Ace, i can see Zoro testing his strength against Vista or Jozu, but really fighting nah i dont see that happening



    Who woulda predicted that both Ace AND WB were gonna kick the bucket in less than three chapters apart in a story where NOBODY ever dies. 😦

    Lol, I put a spoiler warning atop of your comment. Just make sure you do those next time in case others don’t want to be spoiled. ^_^



    Blackbeard is officially on my f**king hate list. Whitebeard was truly awesome. Just as this chapter was. T_T

  29. O sorry. I didnt bother putting up SPOILER ALERT becus the chapter had already come out. 😀

    It was the most epic death WB couldve had.

  30. Onepiece is awesome I had tears flowing when Ace died but I still think somewhere my lil heart that Marco will do some kind of Phoenix rebirth thing on him and he’ll be back.

    Was Ace and that group that Luffy escaped with were they on the 5th lvl or the 6th. Oh man Blackbeard has one hell of a crew he was a true Pirate.

  31. hot damn that was one kick azz chapter in all the aspects you could see it!!
    The action of teach finishing off WB aswell as the information about the Will of D and One Piece that it really exists and in my eyes that its something which really is strong or stenghtens somebody.

    What i found interesting aswell is that WB never confirms nor denies Ace’s death, tho i doubt hes gonna come back now after that hes confirmed (by others) dead

  32. Chapter 575 was a good chapter. I’m glad, well not really, but it’s good to see Oda writing Luffy out of this and not unleashing Haki like some people were hoping to, (I was secretly hoping that but knew it wouldn’t happen). If Luffy was still conscious and had seen BB, HOT DAAAAAMN, he would have gone crazy but got his ass KILLED.

    And then WB, going NUTS, pounding Akainu’s face into the ground, having half his face burnt off, followed by quaking Akainu in the stomach as well as ripping Marinford HQ in two along with the island.

    Then who comes and stirs things up even more, that BB piece of s***. He pisses me off but at the same time, i find him very interesting as a character.

    Chapter 576 was an awesome chapter with so many goodies hinted at and revealed. Won’t say anything about that til the next breakdown, in case some of you haven’t read it.

    I can’t wait for the next breakdown.

    @ supertrek: even though your breakdown was hsort, it was excellent. You highlighted all the main things that took place in the chapter. Nice one. And btw, in Ch. 576, you see that the Marines have covered Ace’s body with a marine coat. It’s in the little panel after Vista says, ” THAT BASTARD ”

    I hope that at least clears up what they’ve done to his body so far.

    Looking forward to the next breakdown.


  33. wow, 576 is just great. it’s one of my favourite chapters ever. i really loved it. i thought that WB’s death wouldn’t be emotional after Ace’s but Oda proved me wrong. Blackbeard is one of the strongest pirates out there but Whitebeard proved that he really is The Strongest Man in the World.
    Thank you for everything you’ve done Whitebeard. You’ll go done as one of the most badass characters ever and one of my personal favourites. R.I.P. WHITEBEARD!

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    R.I.P. Portgas D. Ace, but Long Live Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate.

  37. @Xdt0ks: Thanks for pointing that out! 😀

    @Everyone: Ace’s death still struck me more than Whitebeard because I felt closer to him through Luffy, but Whitebeard definitely had the most epic death scene I’ve ever seen.

    I’m disappointed in Blackbeard to say the least. -_-

  38. LOL super you sound like a mom telling a kid ” im very dissapointed in you young man ” xD LOL

    but yeh bb sucks balls -_-‘

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    I truly feel that ” The Name of This Age is Whitebeard. “

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    bb and marines are there

    wb is dead

    how the hell will luffy and the others escape they are dead ^O_O^

    unless shanks shows up? XD or luffy’s crew shows up? xD

    btw if yyou not noticed in the cover stories the nakama of luffy are finding each other i dont know who is with who and dont know if its real but woooooooooot zoro is coming back hell yeh1!!!!!!

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