FMA Chapter 104: The First Well Executed TAKEOVERTHEWORLD Plan… after Death Note of course Õ_ŏ

While Madara strives to create a moon with an eye on it in ‘Naruto’ and Aizen waves his sword around ranting about illusions in ‘BLEACH’, one villain has managed to reach his goal… or so it would seem.

This is dynamicentrance back with a YOSH! and a parade of trumpets sounding in the background! There has been no better return since Star Wars and everyone’s still raving about that one. But on to more important matters.

Specifically, one of the most awesome chapters in the history of FMA! 8D With a thrilling 52-page chapter, Hiromu Arakawa certainly proves that she’s the best female shonen manga writer out there. Let’s give her a little commemoration with this:

… well done, dear cow. Well done.

The chapter starts off immediately in the heat of battle between the Fuhrer and Scar with his awesome tattoos. Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’re about to see the end of that fight, but I really wouldn’t know who to bet my money on. The fuhrer’s immortal, but Scar’s awesome. Immortal… Awesome… Immortal…

I’m sorry. I’ll have to go with awesome here.

This pic is so Badass, it leaves skid marks in the asphalt.

After only one page of Scar and Fuhrer action, we cut to the underground conspiracy thing where Father evil thing that is evil stares at everyone with something like a bazillion eyes. And he’s got his arms folded. WE’RE DOOMED! D8

May is hit by Selim, pretty badly judging by the blood marks everywhere and her panicking panda. Ed tells Al to protect her while she recuperates and decides to take care of Selim himself. He looks like he could slaughter an army at the moment.

Selim wants Ed alive. Ed wants Selim to shove it.

For a moment, it seems like Selim has the upper hand. He claims that since Edward has always been short (I was waiting for a ‘short’ rant here. God I’ve missed those. T_T), he’s not used to fighting people who are smaller than him. But this is where the logic is flawed: Ed is short; Ed fights short; Ed knows his own style; Conclusion: Ed is Master of Shortjitsu.

It’s quite obvious from that moment on that Ed is going to win. He finishes off some awesome string of hits with my personal favorite: the Gaara Therapy move.

The resemblance is uncanny! I KNEW Naruto should've patented it. -__-

Selim then disintegrates like the plot of a badly written fanfic.

We get a shot of May, who is so awesome that she can perform alchemy to heal herself even when she’s down! Take that ‘medic’ Sakura! 8D However, evil thing that is evil notices her and decides to– OHSHIT IS THAT A GUN COMING OUT OF HIS FINGER? That’s useful. I wonder why Ed never did that with his automail, it would’ve saved him a lot of hassle in many fights. Now that I think about it, there were so many things he could’ve transmuted it into instead of that boring (yet somehow awesome) blade… *is trying to picture Ed’s automail as a bazooka*

Father is about to shoot May when Al appears and protects her. He tells her to recover while he tries to inflict some damage on the invincible thing. INVINCIBLE. WITH AWESOME ALCHEMY POWERS THAT BEAT ALL. GREAT PLAN, AL.

Alphonse obviously still cares for Hohenheim, but spares no thoughts in trying to hurt the evil thing that is evil even though it’s merged with his father. His attempts are (as we all pretty much predicted) futile, since Father doesn’t even have to move to transmute a shield for himself. Although shooting stone bullets straight out of the ground is pretty awesome. ^_^

Izumi makes a move, although she’s feeling just as frustrated as most of the readers: transmuting without moving is not only troublesome- it’s boring. -___- She conjures up a pretty good crossbow though. This isn’t the first time that something so elaborate is made with alchemy in the heat of battle, and it makes me wonder whether it’s actually more effective, or if Arakawa-sensei simply draws it to make the fights more interesting.

Izumi’s attack is futile, so she conjures up a shield for herself. However, the evil thing that is evil turns into THE BLOB and uses tentacles to get past everyone’s defenses and grab them. IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!

A general diagram of the evil thing that is evil (which watches you at night when Santa's not bothered).

Looks like it’s sacrifice time for Ed, Al, Roy, Izumi and Hohenheim. It doesn’t look like they’re about to get away, and the tentacle DID break through a shield made of alchemy-reinforced stone. I have a bad feeling about this…

We switch to the outside world where the Blob’s followers are panicking because they’re not in the centre of the giant transmutation circle. The time of the eclipse is nearing and no one seems to be aware of what’s in store except for a handful of people… why does it always involve an eclipse, I wonder?

We then get treated to two giant pages filled with characters we know and love. Vee~ry ominous… ARAKAWA WOULDN’T DARE, WOULD SHE? D8

Suddenly, an ominous earthquake shakes Amestris.

Oh boy.


We cut back to the Blob, who explains that the planet they’re on is actually a system, almost like a living organism, which can store information and power. And now the revelation of the GREAT BIG EVIL PLOT: the Blob wants to open the gate of the planet and gain its power! Aka, he wants to become a God.

… wait a moment. -__-

If the way to the planet’s power is its gate, then what is the gate that Edward and co. opened when trying to resurrect people? The Gate of Alchemy was different, wasn’t it? And if it’s the same one, then why does the Blob need those five people to open it when each of them did it on their own?… THIS MAKES NO SENSE. And the FMA wikia says that “both the Earth and the Sun have gates and that it is by harnessing the power of both that Father plans to achieve his objective”, which means that he needs to open two gates instead of the single one he keeps raving about.

Well, other than that dilemma– HOLY GREED BATMAN. O_O Before the Blob can finish his monologue about taking over the world, the most awesome of the seven sins makes an appearance, his never-dying greed making him thirst even for the power that his own creator wants. Greed wants the WORLD. >3


The five sacrifices think that they’re about to be saved by this sudden appearance, but the Blob is a cunning thing. Namely, it can twist and stretch and bring you lots of furustration like PLAYDOUGHtm, so it spares no time in blobulating around Greed onto safer ground together with the five people who are now pretty much doomed.

Best. Giant ink blob moment. Ever.

Just as Father is about to begin his rape session ritual, Hohenheim gives one last shot at getting away- the electric spark of YOUTH!!… unfortunately, so far that has only worked for pikachu (and maybe Gai), so the plan ends in epic fail. Damn you, pokemon. Damn you.


Suddenly, everyone starts growing eyes on their stomachs and a giant black ball of DOOOOM begins to grow out from the evil thing that is evil. As it moves out, it swallows everything in its path…

You can start panicking now. >_>

So Father is using the energies of two gates repelling each other to open a third one, right? Right?… I’ll leave the topic alone for now. -__-

The power coming out of the reaction is so strong, apparently, that even Father is having trouble containing it. Which makes me wonder exactly how strong is he, since everyone’s going to have to face him at some point. For now, I’d say he’s damn near invincible… but then again, all the villains usually are.

Dark hands of DOOOOM appear out of the ground and start grabbing people in the streets.


So people around the entire country are suddenly collapsing because their souls are sucked out to open one gate. ONE. That is somehow awesome and scary at the same time. O_o Evil thing’s followers are collapsing. So is Winry. SO IS GRANNY PINAKO. D8

Those were the bravest *sniffle* last words *sob* EVER. TT_TT (notice that the dog survives? O_o)

Umm… the whole continent splits in half? D8 And something big and evil rises from the door that was opened? SOMETHING REALLY REALY BIG, AND REALLY REALLY EVIL. And it looks like the Blob. Is it the Blob though? *is confused* WTF IS THIS? DD8

...It looks hungry. D:


The big scary Blob tells God to answer the goddamn phone his call. Lots and lots of black hands shoot out to grab the eclipsed sun. The sun turns into an eye (and I am permanently confused).

Okay, someone is SO copying someone else. I’m staring at you Madara. Yes, you.  -_____-

So now there’s a gate open on the earth with a big black hungry man sitting in it, and another giant gate in the sky with another rinnegan eye staring out from it. WHAT IS IT WITH THE EYES ALREADY?

There is a really big boom and the Big Black thing is angry. It wants to drag the gate down to the earth and make it a part of itself… Is there like, a wall surrounding the gate? You know, since a door doesn’t just hang there usually. Except this one does. Oh well. >_<

The great big eye in the sky disappears slowly. For further effect. We get another page full of dead people.

ARMSTRONG, BABY HUGHES! NOOOOOOO~~~~!!! TT_TT How could Arakawa kill them? They were AWESOME! D8

This is the saddest page in the history of FMA, and we were forced to see Hughes die. T-T

Meanwhile downstairs, the only people who are still alive are finally coming around. Roy thinks it’s too quiet. Ed wants to know WTF just happened. All I know is that they won’t like the answer.

The dark shadow in the mist tells them that he just basically slaughtered the entire country to put God inside himself and create the ultimate battery. Ed and Hohenheim are not amused. -____-

Out steps the evil thing that is evil.


Alright. That guy looks like too many people at the same time. >_> At first, I thought that he must have reverted to the shape of young Hohenheim for some reason, but the more I think, the more I begin to believe that he’s actually using Al’s lost body as a container for himself.

So will there be an epic fight to end all fights? Will Armstrong be revived? How did the evil thing plan to use all that power anyway? And most importantly: will Granny Pinako get to clobber Hohenheim or not?

All this and more in the next chapter. This has been presented to you by dynamicentrace. 8D

Ja ne!

~ by dynamicentrance on February 25, 2010.

17 Responses to “FMA Chapter 104: The First Well Executed TAKEOVERTHEWORLD Plan… after Death Note of course Õ_ŏ”

  1. FIRST! Great breakdown dynamic! Welcome back!

  2. YAY!!! FMA IS BACK!!! Awesome job Dynamic! ^_^ Control your fangirl hormones around Father though. XD

    Though, the Furher isn’t immortal since he’s the only homunculus that ages like a human. He also can’t regenerate like the others. And I don’t think that little bastard Selim is dead. Just his head is partly disintegrated.

    As for the rest I’m just as confused! YOSH!!! XD I have no idea why there are multiple gates but this is what I think. Notice the giant thing that came out of the ground is formed by the giant philosophers stone source and looks just like those other creatures that were created from the stone. (One big philosophers stone)

    But why did he use the lives in the giant philosophers stone to open the gate when he had the lives of everyone one in the country to use? My guess…I have no clue…that’s where my theory ends. o_o I just noticed the giant thing looked like the little puppets and that’s all really. >_>

    Oh, and Greed isn’t the best Homunculus. WRATH is the most awesome and badass Homunculus. Kicking ass at the age of 60 with double swords and skipping around on rocks to evade deadly train falls. Can’t get cooler than that. 😀

  3. its

  4. Fourth.

  5. LMMFAO XD rofl

    this was just an awesome breakdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If that’s Als lost body, I want a piece!!!!! DX

  6. si si si finaly FMA is back baby.
    a great one dinamicentrance.
    damn good one thou i liked 103 beter scar revealing the other hand awesomess!!!!!!
    LOL on the shortjutsu wander wich kage he woud be.
    and the gun thing is good but no dice with ed as he woud have to use part of the automail for bullets but a pretty good last resort manouver.
    and im more duuhh than all of you on the hole gate,gates thing. one thing is clear father is badass thou he seems to be going on instinct here maeby were saved by a clause he overlooked.

  7. Yay! Lol, I haven’t talked to anyone yet who isn’t confused about what’s going on in FMA right now. Good then, everyone is confused and there’s no genius around here who can figure this all out.

    On a side note I didn’t know the author was a woman. o_o That’s awesome! 😀

    Take that all those who thought I was sexist!

  8. @super: well, Selim’s obviously not dead yet (just disintegrated- the usual). Wrath is nearly immortal though. I mean, it’s not like he’s about to die of old age in the middle of fighting Scar… is he? >_>

    I wonder if the sins that weren’t in the center of the circle got killed too. If so, then until this whole mess gets cleared up, Wrath won’t be there to prove whether or not he’s more awesome than Scar.

    And ’tis true that Wrath is a crone that’s badass for his age, but Greed gains a couple of points just because he used to be/kind of is Ling. The guy that annoyed the crap out of Ed. And ILU Ling. 8D (being a girl gives the advantage of being able to fangirl)

    And yes, the cow that created FMA is a woman. MY HERO. *_* She grew up on a dairy farm and made her main character hate milk. God, I’d love to see a meeting between her and Ed. *pictures a giant milk-gun fight* Ahh~~~

    @sagemodefreak: Yeah, that’s why the bazooka thing wouldn’t work for Ed either, unless he picked up some shrapnel or something and used that as bullets. That would be so awesome. :3 Way better than a crossbow made out of stone.

    BTW, I checked some pics of young Hohenheim, and I’m almost completely convinced that it’s not Al’s body we’re seeing as the SEXYEVILSONOFABITCH. It looks exactly like the young Hohenheim, unless Al inherited the whole genetic pool in looks.


  9. OK everyone prepare to be blown awayyyyy~!
    the evil thing that appeared out of the smoke is actually *takes a deep breath* Part of Al’s body, has Ed’s antenna (maybe his arm and leg too), has Mustangs eyes, Hoenheims young smexy face, and last but not least Izumi’s female parts. YES ITS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!

    *ahem* anyway just wanted to point out the May is still alive, along with GREED! which means that the rest of the Homunculus’ are alive and well too. And maybe since May is still alive, maybe Scar is still alive too! which means LET THE BATTLE BETWEEN SCAR AND WRATH CONTINUUUUUUUUEEEEEEE!
    OHHHHHHH and the other Ishvalans (they better be alive too) that were gathering towards central were CLEARLY up to something? perhaps to try and activate that mysterious alchemy circle discovered way back when? whooooo knows!
    I want the deaths to be reversed. Maybe Father will realize what he is doing is wrong and pull a NAGATO-NO-JUTSUUUUUU!

  10. Nice theory BB. o_o That could be potentially funny if Father had female organs in a male body though. XD

    I think everyone outside of the immediate vicinity of the circle is dead though…>_> Not Scar and Wrath though that badass fight has to continue no matter what. Those Ishvalans though…dead and gone…for now along with the rest of the citizens of Amertis.

  11. 😦 when is the new chapter coming out!? i cant stand waiting when important shit is happening!

  12. RAWS ARE OUT! 8DD Bad quality, but it’s better than nothing:

  13. ahhhh curse you dynamicentrance for putting up the spoilers! >.<
    I couldn't help but read the first few couple pages XD Im just getting too curious…
    do u have any idea when the translated one will be out?

  14. FMA IS OUT!!! ^_^

    Awesome chapter! Wrath is truly a badass! T_T

  15. god damn it now i have to wait a whole month before the next chapter…oooooooh this is going to be painful. Great chapter though

  16. HALLELUJAH! *goes off to read*

  17. im quite stoked how this chapter went. seems like scar is truly going to save the day! how ironic :p

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