Naruto Shippuuden 148 Breakdown. Understanding true strength…

Hello again everyone.

Firstly, I think I should start of this breakdown by saying one thing, and that is that this is easily the best filler that has ever existed in the history of Shippuuden or even the original Naruto series. I was enjoying it up to this point, but somehow this particular episode took it from being good and injected something that I can’t quite place my finger on that has elevated its level to something truly great.

I am actually very pleasantly surprised and from what I can tell in reference to past comments from the most recent episode breakdowns, most others watching it agree.

I hope this redeems filler episodes to an extent in the eyes of anime watchers and I also hope it helps us think twice about judging something before we have given it a chance. This filler deserves the praise it is getting and I am all too happy to finally be able to give it.

Sometimes we are given a difficult path in life and things look grim. It feels easy to give up and to let go of our pain so we don't have to feel that suffering anymore. However, even the darkest nights are filled with the hope and light of a thousand stars, so we should never give up on our dreams as long as even a small light remains.

To better explain myself, to me it felt like a lot of heart and emotion was poured into this arc. It wasn’t just a story that was just put together in a sloppy haste just to fill in time, it really genuinely feels like a lot of effort was made to really make it shine.

The characters are people you can care about and even the stoic Utakata is showing a great deal more emotional development than expected. Even the back story has been well thought through and although you can see the telltale signs that give away the ultimate nature of this particular arc, it still feels like it could easily be cannon.

This episode itself just feels like quality all the way through, from the pace to the content and with regards to the story and production as well.

You know that feeling you get, when you feel like the eyes in that painting on the wall are watching you? Well... (Hey wait, is this another hidden Dragonball reference?) O_o

Our two alternating plots have also developed along quite nicely. For one thing, we have Hotaru and the forbidden jutsu of her clan that she protects. At first, it is easy to assume that the burden of guarding and actually holding the jutsu in her own body was a result of the greed and power hungry natures of those around her, but we get an interesting surprise when we learn it was actually her own choice to accept that burden, unlike what was the case with Gaara and Naruto.

We also learn that her grandfather developed a way to remove the jutsu should Hotaru ever wish to be rid of that burden. In a way, it is what makes her character unique, because it shows a different kind of strength that stems from one’s pride and love for her own clan. It also makes me wonder, if Naruto had been given the choice to accept his own demon, would he have still opted to take on that burden knowing what it meant and how much suffering it would cause him?

See, all of us were cute at some point. Once upon a time...

The second focus is, of course, Utukata’s own views on his past and the actions of his former master. After listening to Tonbei ask the pertinent question “what master would think of such a thing?” in reference to the actions of sealing the jutsu into Hotaru’s body without having a way to remove it, Utakata begins to wonder if he had perhaps been mistaken about his own masters intentions after all.

And so the plan is made to remove the jutsu from Hotaru’s body, in order to destroy it and avoid it’s misuse. Of course, Hotaru, having pride in the legends of her clan’s former strength, is against the idea, but her ramblings are quickly brought short by a sharp slap from Utakata.

Utakata sees a part of himself in Naruto. They share a deep understanding of one another even though they have barely known each other for long. It is a deep connection that joins all Jinchuuriki at the heart, an understanding of loneliness and a desperate hope to gain acceptance.

This scene was particularly interesting to me. From the first time Utakata had seen Naruto, it was apparent that he sensed something familiar in him that he could relate to. Whether or not he knew that Naruto was a Jinchuuriki right from the start is unknown, but it is quite apparent that he has figured it out by now.

What makes it more interesting is that he seems to have a silent respect for Naruto, as if the mere notion that he is a Jinchuuriki as well has formed some sort of understanding between them. Naruto still seems oblivious on his side that Utakata is also a host, but that’s Naruto for you.

One must ask themselves, however, how Utakata could see it so easily.

It's "The Omen" all over again...

Following some exchanges between our three resident “ultimate burden” carriers, Hotaru explains that their may be an alternative to destroying the jutsu she carries in order to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

She mentions another person by the name of Shiranami, who is also known to be able to use the Tsuchigumo clan’s forbidden jutsu. What makes this interesting is that Shiranami is the same mastermind who has been pursuing Hotaru all this time.

Now, the key sentence here is that he is “able to use the forbidden jutsu”, but nowhere is it mention that he could use it at any time. Perhaps knowing how to use it isn’t enough and one must also have access to the physical part of the jutsu embedded inside Hotaru. Shiranami, who was listening to this whole conversation from the shadows, now knows of Hotaru’s plans to seek out his aid, which presents him with a great many deal of possibilities.

I have a feeling he may use this situation to set a trap, by allowing himself to be found and luring Hotaru into a false sense of trust. In a way, everyone has handed him the perfect opportunity to get what he wants, which is why, when you discuss things of national importance, it is a good idea to make sure the conversation is secure. <_<

Population explosions. They do happen from time to time, but never quite so literally. O_o

Of course, Naruto decides to take it upon himself to help fulfil Hotaru’s wish to strengthen her clan and admirably offers to find Shiranami himself (Are these names increasingly difficult tongue twisters, or is it just me?)

In the meantime, the rest of Team 7 along with Hotaru, Tonbei and Utakata, stay behind to prepare to destroy the jutsu in case all else fails. However, Utakata, who is now curious about his master’s true intentions from the past, decides to leave the others and seek out the hunter nins that were pursuing him, in an effort to gain the answers he desires.

Which brings us to the most interesting part of the arc so far…


Dun, dun dun!!!!!

That’s right, there you have it. We are given a very shocking and rather interesting surprise in the arrival of one of Pein’s most famous summoned creatures, who intercepts the hunter shinobi who were on their way to meet Utakata.

We don’t see what happens to them, but I think it is safe to assume they stood little chance against such a formidable, and honestly somewhat immortal, creature. This introduces a few new scenarios that could come into play, not the least of which is the possibility of Pein being the Akatasuki member that may eventually capture Utakata.

Caption Contest Winners:

5th) DarkAvatar: “I think he’s finally starting to get it…bout time too. We only cut his power supply half an hour ago.”

4th) Deathcon4: “Marksmen!!!” “Put your damn flashlight away, we all know u like eating ppl!!!”

3rd) Dragon: “Th-this… power… it’s… OVER 9000!!!“

2nd) CyborgFranky: Yes, flicking the switch turns the light off…

CaptainPickles: Utakata: “Th-this…power…are you sure your real name doesn’t rhyme with carrot?”

A nice hidden reference to Goku and the DBZ series, further hinted at by Dragon. 😉

Here’s this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the episode. Things are definitely getting interesting and the pace is moving along very nicely. Let’s hope this arc finishes off with the bang we are all hoping for, even if it is a sad ending.

To end things off, here’s a preview for next week’s episode if your curiosity is getting the better of you. Thanks for reading!

See you next time!!! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 23, 2010.

20 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 148 Breakdown. Understanding true strength…”

  1. 1st? Great job Ten! ^__^

  2. 2nd! Good job, now I only have to read it…. lol

  3. 2nd … Excellent breakdown Tenrai.

    The people on the bus go up and down, up and down, up and down …

  4. I’ve been on WRA for a long time, but I think this is my first caption and I made 3rd! Thanks Tenrai… and in your face Deathcon4! *does victory dance in deathcon4’s face*

  5. wow, that final scene was so unexpected…but totally AWESOME! pain is going to capture utakata. i’m sure of it. i hope we get to see more of him…there has to be a bigger build-up of just how strong he is so that the battle with naruto will be even better.
    great breakdown tenrai, your caption for the first pic was really good.

  6. Awesome Tennie!

    Now for the caption:

    1. Caption: Jump with me! Come on Charlie, you can do it! I know you can, I know you can!

  7. Great Job Senshi!

    I love how Pein is now part of this arc. We all knew Utakata would be captured by Akatsuki at the end, but I never guessed Pein would be assigned to Utakata. He must have his hands full. Having to find and capture Utakata, then seal him really quick, then go and find Naruto, and die.

    I love your caption for your first picture in this breakdown. Totally goes with the picture.

    Now, on with the caption (Hopefully I’ll get into Final 5 this time.)

    Caption: “Look at my cape! I’m Batman!”

  8. Caption: “OMG IS THAT A MOUSE!?!?”

  9. Caption: MMMMMM, Tajuu Farts no Justu!

  10. LOL ok ok I got another one ^_^

    Caption: “Ok, which one of you asses pressed the pause button?”

  11. Awesome breakdown! Not to mention the episode. >3

    Caption: Dammit, I knew I was *ucked when the guy yelled SPARTA.

  12. nice one 🙂

    Caption: *waves pompoms* GO GO….GOOO Frogger…Keep onnnnnnnn jumpinggg…like youuuuuu just dont care.

  13. Oh maaaaaan, so many things I wanted to remark, gotta work my way through your breakdown again…:
    Amen! To me, the filler really feels great and has its right to exist!

    The poll about Naruto, if he was asked to take the Kyuubi NOW: I voted for “maybe”, but I had some other thoughts on that that I wanted to present here. Namely: I thought about the “Sailor Moon” in Naruto and thought if Naruto might say something like: “No, I won’t take it, I’m going to defeat it no matter what!” Of course that would be a little bit dummy-like, because – Naruto IS strong, but not strong enough to kill a Bijuu! Or is he…? Anyway, I imagine Naruto at least thinking about the possibility that he would say that he’d defeat Kyuubi so that NO one has to take it as his Bijuu. In order to save everyone close to him, of course, and himself as well.

    *scrolling up again to find the next part*

    As Utakata decided to leave on the “what master would think of such a thing” words of Tonbei: I understood that whole thing differently. I thought that Utakata wasn’t thinking if he mistook his master, but that he again felt grief and anger about his master that was so violent and brutal to him. And that he now simply wants to find out why this Oi-Nin leader whom he knows told him a different version of this incident.
    Am I obviously wrong there or could it be interpreted in both ways?

    *scroll up again*

    Aaah, Utakata and Naruto, the 2 Jinchuurikis. Hmm, I’m not so sure if Utakata is already sure that Naruto’s a jinchuuriki. In the beginning, when they first met, I’m sure Utakata felt Naruto’s Kyuubi chakra. But I’m not sure he found out more since then.

    Shiranami: Did you notice that he was standing inside the mean looking crowd of the Tsuchigumo village when Naruto & co. brought Hotaru there first of all? Nice thing 😉 !

    @Tinyyyyyyy caption: *rofl* I was as well cheering when Pain’s dog showed up. Nonetheless, I’m sadly sure that Pain will not have a prominent role because it is (should be) impossible for him to encounter Naruto. Because, then, their meeting in Konoha wouldn’t be the first one. Of course Pain could meet Utakata alone and defeat/capture/extract him, but I think it’s unlikely for Naruto not to be with Utakata till the end of the arc.

    Okay, enough written 🙂 !

  14. man i love beeing right im one of the few who loved this filler from cap 1 and its geeting better and beter so far so its geat.
    loved the end but i think team 7 wont see pain at all maeby utakata fights him at the end.
    and overall greatness cant say anything else about this one.
    ohh and greatness as usual tenrai my no2 favorite autor overall.
    1rst is penny. o__O

  15. Great job Tenrai! Can’t say I really liked this filler episode as much. Especially when I saw Naruto relating Hotaru’s situation with his past again. That idea is just to jaded for me but the rest of the filler was alright. Didn’t really get interesting to the very end when Pein’s summoning showed up, but then the episode ended. ~_~

    Caption: Ninja Training Exercise #13: The Trampoline. Believe it!

  16. CAPTION:

    SH*T! Did I just jump off a mountain?!?

  17. great breakdown Ten ^^ Nice to see my main man Nagato in this arc

  18. I don’t know whether you guys have seen episode 149.I is up from yesterday.

    First, and most importantly we get to see a little bijuu action, though not as much as I’d personally liked but still.Utakata has orange eyes when angry but the rest you’ll see for your selves. What makes this filler arc peculiar is that it’s moving very fast along the line and I am not sure that there are many more episodes to go. It would definitely be nice to have a short filler for a change. Last but not least, Pain wants the bijuu to create a uber-jutsu which can blow a lot of shit up.So why doesn’t he just steal the whatevertheirnameis clan secret jutsu that practically does the same.

  19. @to63to: probably because the bijuu are about a 1000 times stronger then that forbidden jutsu. we aren’t even sure of what it does yet. i was lmao at the part where sai, yamato and sakura show up in the village. while both sai and yamato had great entrances, sakura’s was a total failure!

  20. @truepain, lmao. I just dont know what it is about Sakura bashing that’s so funny, i guess it just is lmao

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