Naruto Manga 483 Breakdown: Kakashi vs The Emo King T__T

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Hey guys! Marksman here.  The Incredible Marksman that is, and I will be filling in for the Naruto breakdown this week as penny unfortunately is still out of action due to personal events. Get well soon penny. ^_^

This will be my second breakdown on WRA and I must say it is a honor and privilege to be doing so for all of you ^_^. I can only hope that this breakdown is as Phenomenal as Penny’s and as epic as our last breakdown done by our very own Captain Pickles.

I hear Kishi says that this year is supposed to be the year of the copy ninja and Seeing how the manga is picking up true to his words, I must say I am quite excited seeing that Kakashi is my favorite character.

So lets get right down to the breakdown, shall we?

Kakashi is not happy. >_>

Alas! Last time we left the pick haired, emo bag full of dutches named Sakura, she forcefully and cunningly put a gang consisting of Sai, Kiba, and Lee to sleep using one of her sleeping potions.  Hell if she new any better, she would have let all of them accompany her to the battle field to kill Sasugay *cough* Sasuke. Why?

Well for 1 she really does not stand a chance against the emo king on her own. Everyone in their non bias minds could have concluded to that fact. >_>         *whistles innocently*

2: When the hell was the last time we got to see Kiba, Rock Lee or Sai in a fight? In my opinion, Kishi needs to give his side characters a bit more spotlight instead of in long, dragged out fillers most of us cant be bothered with.

3: Sakura stands no chance against the Emo King on her own.

Did I mention that own her own, Sakura would easily be pwned by Sasuke? T__T   Well what do you guys think?

Sakura Engages The Emo King

Gawd I frikkin HATE Sakura! -_-

So here we have Sakura putting her solo plan into action. Here she begs Sasuke to let her join him, to deceive him so she can become the true emo master by gain his trust, then eventually kill him.   You know, that’s fine in all but there is only one thing wrong with that plan.

And that is Sasuke is not a dumb ass.  You fail Sakura. You hear me? Fail as in epic fail. Sasuke has worked very hard to become king of all emos and get to where he is now and last i checked, he is a tactical genius just like Shikamaru and Kakashi. To be completely honest and in my opinion, her plan shipped from fail boat island the second she thought she could pull it off on her own.

Isn’t that right Super?

Supertrek89: YOOOOOOSH!!!

I still don’t know what that means, but I am sure Supertrek agrees.        >_>

Lets see how Sakura’s situation or “plan” continues to play out.  XD

Emo-Mon Master Trail


Here Sakura sees just how far gone Sasuke has become in the darkness. That’s right Sakura. Just look at her face in the picture. It says it all.  He has come a long way. If I remember correctly, it wasn’t very long ago where we found Sasuke over using his eyes to save Karin from the eight tails and to extinguish the black flames that would have killed her. But now he has come so far as to personally try to kill a member from his team to get to Danzou.

His quest however is nothing like pains because he is not seeking peace. True, pains idea was a little warped and I completely disagreed with it but at least he had somewhat of a good intention.  And at least he didn’t go and kill off his team mate who had done so much for him.  Then there is Itachi, who in my opinion may have had it the worst because of his mental state.

I mean honestly, could you imagine smothering your emotions to the extent of killing you own mother and father, let alone the entire clan. Then having to live with that guilt and be an enemy of Konoha for the rest of your natural life. In my opinion, pain and Itachi both have better reason for revenge then the emo king.

Ill let you guys vote in your own opinions. Or just post a comment below about it after the breakdown.

After letting out her deceiving words about joining Sasuke, she is then asked to prove her new loyalty by finishing off Karin. Then, the battle within Sakura really starts.

Great idea Sakura! Turn your back to him. And here I thought you were stupid >_>

Its seems as though Sakura is a bit hesitant in the final moments. She  plays along, walks up to Karin and makes it look as though she about to kill her. However, Sasuke had a few plans on her own. He decides there can only BE ONE! true emo master. He goes to give the final blow to Sakura and be done with her. And he does not have any second thoughts about it.

In the end, Sakura took a bit to long. Hell i think she deserved it. Maybe this turn of events will teach her a thing or two about not being stupid. If she would have brought Rock lee, Kiba and Sai along with her, her mission may have already been finished. At least considering the tired state Sasuke is in now.

What happens next completely blew my head around when i first say it. And i can bet i speak for all the Kakshi fans out there when i say OMF GOODNESS!!!

Marksman: O_____________________O


Just in the nick of time, Kakashi bolts in and saves the day just like old times and there we have it.  Team seven is almost reunited.  All we need now is Naruto to step in. I am sensing that these next few chapters are going to be very epic.


We cant always have everything we want Sasuke. T__T

And here we have. A final confrontation between the one of a kind copy ninja and the ultimate king of cry babies and supreme emo master revenge bent sasuke.  Kakashi better win this battle. If i remember correctly, sasuke should be tired and worn out from his battle with danzou. He is almost blind and he is still bleeding from his eyes. He didnte enough time to healm karin and if he did, i doubt it was enough to take on a 100% kakashi.

So I think Kakashi is winning this one. But what do you guys think?

The Final Showdown! O.O

And so our chapter ends with the beginning of what looks like an epic battle. XD

I hope you all placed you bets and look forward to next week manga chapter.

Well that’s about it for me folks, i hope you enjoyed breakdown here is last weeks bubblectest winner deemed by Caption Pickles Himself ^_^

Winner: Metachi


1. C’mon Akamaru…just eat ’em!

2. Fine… I’ll do it.

3. Choju Giga… Five Carnivorous Sperm!


Well that ends it. Catch you guys in the comment section. ^_^


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  1. FIRST, JO!!

  2. Kyouto is here. (Goes to read breakdown)

  3. Unless Sakura magically becomes intelligent in the next few minutes and leaves with Karin like Kakashi said, we’ll have a not so joyous complete Team 7 reunion on our hands.
    I think Naruto will save Sasuke from Kakashi. Either way, neither Sasuke nor Kakashi will be dying today.

  4. 4th

    For me the funniest thing in this entire chapter was when sasuke says “bring me back itachi” lol… the whole time i was thinking… YOU KILLED HIM YOU IDIOT lol

  5. awesome breakdown marksman, i dont know what sakura was thinking i mean sasuke took on pretty much every kage( albeit he was kinda owned) and she thinks she can just take him out pffft. i wouldve loved to have seen naruto’s reaction though if he found sakura dead

  6. THIS WAS AN EPIC BREAK DOWN, seriously I laughed alot!

    good stuff. totally love the bashing 😛



  7. 5th

    Great Breakdown Marksman

  8. @everyone: I WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK. Let there be NOOOOOO doubts. Thanks Marks for covering. And, thank you for the “Epic” comments! 🙂

    Damn, I’m sixth. I was hoping for fifth given my name is Tsunade…

    This was clearly a set up chapter like Kishi does before a major event. He sets up the characters, re-arranges them like pieces on a shougi board and then leaves us hanging for a week. And, he just did it yet again. Oh boy, oh boy! I get to write this battle up next week (tee hee hee hee).

    Hmmmmm…Sakura bashing to the max, eh? Yes, I disagree with her trying to take down Sasuke on her own – she is absolutely, positively no match for Mr. Emo King (I like that Emo King thing). I even disagree with her using that sleeping gas time bomb on her comrades. Now, she’s pissed off not just Naruto but three other teammates as well. She’s got quite a streak running. However, to take the devil’s advocate position, Kishi appears to be trying to get Sakura to “grow up,” even if she does make mistakes. How many times has Sakura tried to go it alone, only to get a grade of “epic fail?” Too many to count. But, you have to admit:

    –she can be calculating; look at how she kept those sleeping bombs hidden

    –she can take action and evade – again, the confusion when the bombs went off

    –and she can make one helluva potion – note the three sleeping shinobi that Kakashi had to drag to one place. I wonder if she’s the one responsible for putting Yamato to sleep…that was a joke.

    One thing I noted is that now we have the meeting of two women who have the hots for Mr. Emo King. Ok, so Sakura is having a serious round of second – or even third – thoughts, but still the two women most in Sasuke’s life finally come face to face. Interesting, isn’t it? And, wouldn’t you know that both have a form of chakra control/healing ability. I don’t think that this is a mere coincidence.

    Ok, Kakashi. What else can I say but it was pure awesomeness!!! He is another of my favorites and he showed us all how amazing he can be. The one thing with Kakashi – he blames himself for everything. Obito’s death, whatever happened to Rin (I guess it was that he didn’t go after her on that one mission in the Gaiden) and now he’s blaming himself for the Team 7 Sasuke manhunt for going on for so long due to comments he made to Sakura (that battle on the hospital rooftop way back when). Gawd, Kakashi! Give yourself a break. But, I guess that is what makes him a guy who is so likeable.

    Ok, Naruto comes and bails out his Sensei. We’ve seen this one coming. So, does Yamato continue napping at the inn – remember we’re at war here? Do any of the others regain consciousness and offer some kind of assistance/lack of hinderance? Does Naruto pull out his Sage Arts Fuuton Rasenshuriken to counter that full body Chidori sending Sasuke blasting off like Team Rocket. Who knows? But, the possibilities are so endless here…

    I’ll be posting but…I’ll be back to writing next week.

  9. LMFAO!!! XD Awesome work Marksman!

    YOSH!!! ^(0_0)^

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I think you’re trying to take my place as the #1 Sakura basher here! O_O I do think Itachi had it bad, as did Pein, and so did Sasuke but they all had enough reason to want revenge. Itachi was the only one strong enough to suck it up, but not everyone can be so strong.

    Wasn’t Itachi the one who tortured Sasuke with Tsukoyomi the night of the massacre then looked into his little brother’s eyes and told him to grow hateful and seek his revenge? This was all apart of Itachi’s plan, to die by his brother’s hands, so I don’t blame Sasuke for becoming vengeful.

    I don’t see Kakasi or Sasuke dying in this fight but it looks pretty one sided to me. I expect Kakashi to whoop Sasuke’s ass unless he goes easy on him because of their former student teacher relationship. As for Sakura…you said it all Marksman. XD

  10. Great breakdown Marks!

  11. 10 bucks says, Madara shows up in time to save Sasuke. Then Madara takes Kakashi’s eye. Thats the set up i see for this fight. Mainly because Sasuke is exhausted, so this fight shouldn’t be a contest, and as far as Kakashi is concerned, Madara isn’t close by. Kakashi will get warped into Madara’s realm, and will end up on a surgical table next to Danzo. Good bye Kakashi’s eye.

  12. Seriously, in the narutoverse, when has anyone just stood there and let themselves get stabbed with a freaking kunai?(OK, zabuza did get stabbed up pretty bad, but even then it took like two dozen weapons sticking out of his back to bring him down) When has suckura ever landed a blow on sasugay? Where does she get the idea that she can bluff a sharingan? ARRRRGG!!! OK…it’s official. I HATE SAKURA!!! I never really have until now. We shouldn’t be so surprised about how far Sasuke has fallen when we compare to how far Sakura has fallen. Anyone remember the Sasori fight? She kicked serious arse for once! Apparently only once. Because every time before and ever since, she has done nothing but eff up the situation. *sigh* I’m done with my Sakura bashing for today and I’m so ready for her to redeem herself and take up more of a heroin role like Kishi said she would. Or she should just take up heroin and freakin’ OD. OK…NOW I’m done.

  13. Great job Marksman! By the way, I think you meant “Kakashi vs The Emo Queen”, rather than Emo King.

    Emo-mon!!! ROFLMAO!!!

  14. Something is still wrong with Sasuke. I keep re-reading chapters to check. He was emo cool and collected genius, now he’s lashing out all the time evil emo genius. He used to have this ‘thing’ where he wouldn’t kill the people he didn’t want to kill – he was very picky. It just seems wrong now that he’s killing more and more people who don’t deserve it. GAH!

  15. Awesome job Marksman!Really nice breakdown you made there.I quite agree with you about Sakura.If she had brought her team with her, she wouldn’t need Kakashi to save her ass.I understand and actually agree with her intentions and the fact she wants to be useful somehow but her actions are not well thought through and will lead other characters to hate her more than she deserves(or not).Anyways, if she reconsiders her ways, she might actually be of some use to the others.

  16. Concerning the breakdown itself, it was way too much repeated Sasuke and Sakura bashing for my taste, but never mind…

    @Gavin: I completely agree with you. Where is THIS Sasuke?
    And where is THIS one?

    I totally hate that Kishi forgot what he draw. I want this Sasuke back!!!

  17. Hai ppls ^_^

    Been a long while since I last commented on a Naruto Manga thread…yeah yeah I know. No, no, don’t cry. Dry your weeping eye. ^_^ I is back! *waits for round of applause*


    Errrrrr…anyhoo, I just gotta say WOW. Like freaking Shamwow, WOW. This chapter was EPIC. Until this chapter, I was only reading the weekly chapters out of sheer willpower and utter loyal fanboyishness. The manga has taken a downhill turn ever since Itachi died (grumbles somehing about a debate he lost long long ago…), and when Kisame followed suit, I lost all faith in the manga ever redeeming itself.

    Then Kishi FINALLY threw us the bone I’ve been waiting for, to signal the ressurection of this once-epic story from the murky depths of his money-addled brain: the beginnings of a Team 7 resurrection.

    I’m not gonna spend too much time on this chapter, as you guys are undoubtedly gonna pick it to pieces. I only have a few thoughts I’d like to share:

    1. The Gaara Effect VS Emo no Jutsu. Which of these two mighty forces will prevail? Will Naruto revive the whiny Uchiha kid’s spirit with little more than a bowl of ramen and a blood-curdling, awe-inspiring “DATTEBAYO!”? Or will he be brought to his knees by the deadening power of the Emo no Jutsu? I for one have not seen the Gaara Effect ever falter, no matter the strength of the Emo No jutsu being cast by the poor victim. Nagato, Gaara…all were like wheat before the scythe to Naruto’s infectious enthusiasm. But Sasuke will be Naruto’s greatest challenge of all…

    2. Look at this pic:

    Look at the distance between Sasuke’s throat and Kakashi’s kunai.

    Now look at this pic:

    Sasuke is either REALLY exhausted and not thinking properly, or is incredibly retarded, because you do not launch an attack against someone who has a knife to your throat. You could try to maneuver yourself out from the direct path of the knife, or wait for an opportunity to strike (ie with Kakashi temporarily distracted by some odd event), but not try and bring your ENTIRE left leg from behind your body, completely around it, and swing it at an opponent and PRAY that because he was your former teacher that he won’t stab you while you’re incredibly vulnerable.

    Secondly, why DIDN’T Kakashi end him? Or at the very least, press the knife right up against his throat to interrogate him. He had the opportunity, the time and the advantage of surprise. As a master ninja, he should have done at least one of those things, not wait to get a boot up his ass.

    During this fight, either Sasuke will lash out and do something stupid, giving Kakashi an opportunity to follow through with the kill he should have done at the beginning of their encounter, or Kakashi will get cold feet, and our very own Emo Freak will take advantage of that and turn the tables right around. Either way, Kakashi will dominate the majority of this fight. It’s the ending that scares me. If he does get cold feet, I pray Naruto will save his sensei in time. I will seriously burn my entire naruto manga collection if Kakashi dies.

    3. I dunno…I just like ending things on a three. ^_^


  18. Hilarious breakdown. And I hate to say it, but based on Kakashi’s daddy campfire meeting that ended w/ kakashi still having some “unfinished business”, I think that business is to die by Sasuke’s hand. Yep. He’s a goner. I know we’re all biased towards kakashi san but lets be honest, he doesn’t have the arsenal Sasuke has and he doesn’t have the huge tactical skill advantage anymore either. Yep. He’s a goner. **unless someone interrupts the fight then I take back everything I just said**

  19. @kahmix:against a 100% Sasuke maybe you are right(just maybe) but in the shape Sasuke is now i don’t think Kakashi has any disadvantages.He is at full health and chakra and unlike Sasuke he isn’t almost blind.And you know-being blind kind of sucks.

  20. @to63to and everyone lauding kakashi’s definite vitory here –

    Kakashi definitely has a few disadvantages in this fight… He knows nothing about the extent of Sasuke’s powers. He doesn’t know sasuke has amaterasu. He knows nothing about Susanoo. How do we expect kakashi to fight against either of those…? MS? He can only use it for a very short time… But I suppose thats all he needs considering Sasuke will probably only be able to use his techs for a short time as well.

    The only way this fight becomes one sided for kakashi is if sasuke starts to lose his vision entirely…

    This fight will have to be a draw. Naruto arrives, after a chat about the nature of revenge, Naruto will let sasuke go, he won’t try to capture him against his will…

    @marksman – Emomon, i lol’ed

    @sakura bashers – I agree with whoever said that this was another stop on Sakura’s learning curve… I think this chapter really added depth to her character. She has realized the burden naruto has put on himself by trying to carry it herself and I think she will have a new found appreciation for him… But, I think she will still love Sasuke even knowing he tried to kill her (this is the only reason that I must for once, agree, that she is RETARDED!!)

    Also, kiba, lee, and sai have proved themselves to be hardly any more useful than sakura in this series… Emoking would chidori their asses too…

  21. @adakias that is the reason I mentioned Sasuke’s current state.I always thought of myself as a realist and now is no different.It is true that Kakashi probably doesn’t know the extent of Sasuke’s powers but you have to admit that Sasuke is all beaten up, most probably out of chakra(or on the very verge of being out of it), has almost gone blind from overusing his eyes and so on.I am not a huge fan of Kakashi (not in the face, not in the face…) but you have to admit that Sasuke is on his limit and as far as I am concerned I deem this fight in Kakashi’s favor.As many others have guessed it will be either Madara or Naruto that will save Sasuke’s ass.

    Well, that’s where I bet my two cents at least.

  22. Considering the fact that Gaara and co. visited after witnessing most of Sasuke’s powers, I am confused as to why Kakashi would not have the latest intel on him? He should also know that Sasuke used his eyes quite a bit. BTW! Does anybody else notice how Kakashi is always shown catching people by the wrist.

    @anyone: If a person has enough hate can they really break a seal that has been placed on them?

  23. @visionary: LOL, absolutely right there, Gaara should have been able to tell Kakashi everything about Sasuke’s new techs!!! 😀 If he hasn’t: epic fail!!

    Concerning his hate seal breaking: Yes, I think we can consider that as a very “magical and emotional” seal breaking. Danzou insulted Itachi and him, Sasuke was on the verge of death, he remembered his brother, and BAM – seal released. It’s magiiiiic! 😉

  24. Is’nt the 4th hokage the only one to kill somebody with one kunai. Well anyway i can see sasuke using Susanoo straight away and i hope this could happen but kakashi use kamui on susanoo, do you think that could work?

    Anyway i don’t think kakashi’s gonna lose his eye, but naruto will probably show up and madara will teleport away with sasuke.

    anywho what happened to jugo and suigetsu? are they captured or something?

    but yeah i would love it if somehow kakashi and sasuke have a chidori-off! or like he uses kamui on sasukes eyes would be cool

  25. Upon reading Super’s comment, I wonder, Itachi always calculated every outcome possible, and, if he pushed Sasuke to seek revenge, could it be posible all this emo rage sasuke is having is also part of his plan?

  26. @noom- he didnt consider madara telling him the truth, he knew madara would try by implanting amaterasu into sasuke, but he didnt know all of madaras secrets and well.. itachi didnt consider that probably

  27. you are now my favorite poster marksman! Great Job

  28. Thank you so much guys. I am glad you enjoyed it. I cant take all the credit. Tenrai Senshi and Kyouto i believe had there hand in helping me with this breakdown. ^_^ Btw please exscuse the grammer errors. T__T

    *eats Typos*

    As for the kakashi vs Tired Sasuke
    It is true. Kakashi vs a 100 percent sasugay = kakashi getting utterly pwned. No questions asked. However, seeing as how sasugay is half dead, i see kakashi moping the floor with his emo hide in the next chapter.
    Either that or kishi will pull out favorite character no jitsu and have sasuke win somehow. Then naruto comes in to either stop sasugay from the final blow and kakashi from the final blow.

    Either way, next chapter is going to be good.

  29. @visionary: Why didn’t Kakashi have the latest intel on Sasugay? Simple, he had other issues – such as rebuilding Konoha and escorting our Yellow Sage into that disasterous meeting where Naruto tried to save that Emo King’s ass.

    @everyone who is looking for badass Sasugay: Sasugay lost that title long ago. One he took on the mantle of trying to destroy Konoha way back when, it didn’t matter who it was. If that ninja got in his way for his vengeance or was no longer useful, Sasugay p’wns him good (i.e. Sakura/Karin, among others). Yes, Sasugay has some specific targets but in the end, his picky-ness for killing is over now. On one thing I agree with Danzo on: Sasugay is merely throwing around his anger and is trying to see where it all lands.

    Kakashi vs. Sasugay: Not sure if even a fully healed Sasugay would win for the reasons I stated above. Sasugay is too unfocused in his targets and so focused on his revenge whereas his opponent, the legendary Copy Ninja, is calm, cool, collected and is very well-versed in all areas of jutsu, not to mention he has four of the five elements in his possession (the only one he doesn’t have, of course, is wind). On top of that, he knows the Uchiha fighting style and many of their ninjutsu is in his own arsenal. Then there’s Sasugay not knowing that Kakashi, too, possesses the MS. We only know about the time-space part of it. We have no idea as to what else he can do with it. For those who think Sasugay has the advantage weak or at full-strength, be forewarned, do NOT underestimate Kakashi.

    As I also stated above, Sakura is learning about bearing burdens as Naruto and Kakashi have done. She’s getting her cajones now but still weaker than her comrades in many respects. Another part I see her playing is with Naruto – in attempting to convince him that Sasugay is not the one that they knew and that the promise should not be kept (like hell Naruto will listen, of course).

    I also think that Naruto will try to pull a “Nagato meeting II” with Sasugay before he p’wns him (“I understand what revenge is”). And, there is this fact: Naruto promised Itachi he’d bring Sasugay back to Konoha/save him and not allow him to destroy Konoha. I think that Naruto is going to figure out that “saving” someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they end up alive (Darth Vadar dying at Luke Skywalker’s hand yet his saying his own son “saved” him). Itachi is definitely also going to fill in a role here.

    I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. Lots of angles Kishi could go here.

  30. @Aeris, visionary1200: I’m right with you guys. I’m totally convinced we will see someone figure out what’s wrong with Sasuke. I don’t know who it is, probably Naruto? Hopefully Kakashi figures out what it is.

    @everyone who isn’t looking for badass Sasugay: I’m throwing down the gauntlet. Someone is going to identify something wrong with Sasuke. It’s going to be about something messed up in his Chakra or something. Characters in the story have already mentioned it and foreshadowed it. He has different chakra, and I think it will become a very literal problem that Sasuke has. Someone is going to try and address it. Maybe drawing it out somehow or something, I don’t know.

    It’s going to happen. He is very out of character right now. We are going to see the old Sasuke. Naruto will bring him back.

  31. ok for all those sakura haters… i have nothing she was legit stupid this time. But rly tho i wish kishi gave her some god damn fighting skills… instead fo standing there and looking dumb she could have tried to dodge it or done something.

    @kakashi vs sasuke debate
    Who ever said sasuke has caught up to kakashi in experience is so wrong… there is a huge skill difference and adding in the eye sight issue this battle will be up hill for sasuke. If kishi allows sauske to use his special MS techs thin that will be some bllshit. he has been shooting chakra bolts at danzou for three freakin chapters!

  32. @penny: Eeeerm, Kakashi has “only” three elements. Katon is just filler.
    Concerning “Why didn’t Kakashi have the latest intel on Sasugay? Simple, he had other issues”, no, exactly that WAS his issue. Yamato was the one who should escort Naruto back to Konoha. Kakashi decided right away that he would go after Sakura who went chasing after Sasuke. So it is really plausible that Kakashi should have collected intel on Sasuke.

    @Gavin: Hmmm, nice idea you have there with the “literal dark and altered chakra that could be drawn out or something”. Of course you’re right, Sasuke’s chakra was really VERY often adressed as “dark, different, strange, dangerous and very evil”, and that is really an exception. Maybe Kishi will make something out of that. I agree with you on the “out of character” thing (holy shit, his laughter was ridiculous!!!), but I fear that Kishi is really serious with this… 😦

  33. @Aeris: It’s weird because I wrote a story about a fight between Naruto and Sasuke that had the same maniacal laugher that Sauske has this chapter. I’ve sort of envisioned him losing his cool from someone who could finally get under his skin.

    But, that was one of the greatest criticisms of my story. Sasuke was way out of character.

    I for sure don’t think Kishi is making Sasuke a cut and dry evil character.

  34. I think Itachi wanted Sasuke to be as strong as possible in order to see through Madera’s trickery and find a way to defeat him. Itachi probably knew he would have to bail Sasuke out again. On a lighter note, now that Kakashi no longer has any more “Icha Icha” to read he’s been spending that time focusing and training. So Son of White Fang is gonna kick Emo King’s @$$! My favorite attributes of Kakashi are his coolheadednesseseses and proper technique(he is “tight like tiger”, no?) which I think will definitely win him more “cool points” in the next upcoming chapter. B)

    So my cool point predict is:
    Sasuke 0 vs Kakashi 3

    @anyone: Once Izanagi is started can it then be stopped to prevent eye loss?

    I apologize for not acknowledging your breakdown sooner: Tenrai Senshi, Kyouto, and Marksman – One of the best I’ve ever read! Thanks!

  35. You know penny, about the kakashi vs Sasuke debate, i must say i agree with you. i never thought of it that way.

  36. LMFAO!!! XD @”tight like tiger”

  37. Susanoo is an outward shield. Kamui sucks things in. If Kakashi targets Sasugay from within Susanoo, chances are he’ll be sucked in. I honestly believe Kakashi can beat a 100% Sasuke. Sasuke has fire, Kakashi has water. Sasuke has lightning, so does Kakashi and two other elements to boot. ZOMG! Sasuke has a huge lightning bolt, Kirin. Kakashi has the Raikiri, which he used to cut a lightning bolt. Sasuke has epic taijutsu, wait a sec, Kakashi TAUGHT him his epic taijutsu. Sasuke’s fast, so’s Kakashi. Plus Kamui is the most badass of all the Mangekyou jutsu.

  38. @penny & anyone discussing intel – it’s way too hard to discuss who has the upper hand when it comes to having info on the other opponent. Not only did Sasuke make the idiotic mistake of taking the Kage’s on in head-to-head epic battles (showing off his entire inventory of techniques and making them public knowledge), but then you have to consider that Tobidara was Deidara’s partner and any enemy intel would have been shared between the two of them, including Kakashi’s use of Kamui to tear Deidara’s arm off.

    The one main reason Kakashi will win this fight (regardless of Sasuke’s physical condition) is that Sasuke has given in to his bloodlust. A warrior under the influence of bloodlust is a reckless powerhouse, with absolutely no concern for his own well-being.

    Regardless of his chakra level, Sasuke will be burning through it at a rapid rate, and he won’t be paying any attention to the little details which would allow him to implement his own strategies on the fly, or the ones that signal that Kakashi is implementing one of his own. Think Muhammad Ali VS George Foreman.

    It’s not even about skills, jutsu’s, power. It’s their very fighting styles that cause Sasuke to be in such a disadvantageous position. Again, Kakashi will dominate this fight, I just worry that he will get cold feet and Sasuke could use that to his advantage.

  39. Something is going to happen to end the fight quickly. I think Kakashi is going to get hurt to some extent. I think Naruto is going to arrive and leave with Sasuke because naruto is a tailed beast and it would actually give him a chance to talk (convince) with sasuke.

  40. @Gavin

    I agree this change in Sasuke has been huge, compared to how he used to be. When he would only kill those who were his targets and take great pain not to kill those who were not.

    What I’m putting below is what I posted in another thread, but I think it’s more appropriate here.

    I believe the reason behind the change is in Sasuke is this.

    I say this b/c this time he got FLESH and CHAKRA transfered to him from Jugo (the pure source of where the original curse mark was derived) directly this time. Enough might I add to repair a hefty amount damage done to his body. And he took in enough of what makes Jugo to turn the guy into a little kid. So he has A LOT of Jugo floating around in him right now. Where as before he just had remants from a bite from someone effected by a potion or concoction derived from Jugo.

    Getting this 100% pure and unfiltered “Jugo juice” transfered to him I believe has gradually caused the effects we’ve seen so far, at least in terms of him giving into his bloodrage and killing/attempted killing of those who were not his original targets.

  41. VERY interesting thought you have there, repairmanjack!!!
    Although I think that this is unlikely for a shonen manga, or for Naruto in special, it would be a good explanation, for me. But still I fear that Kishi let Sasuke go wild with no real point and reason.

    @visionary: That would be really senseless if you could activate Izanagi and release it at second number 59 and you prevent your eyes from closing. Although we don’t know how it would work if you did that. So, I think it’s not possible to do that. Once you activated Izanagi, the countdown rolls and no matter what you do in those 60 seconds (in the case of Danzou), an eye will close when the countdown goes to zero. Once you released it, the countdown wouldn’t restart from 60 for the next eye – that’s how I think it works.

  42. once naruto arrives its game over so i dont see the kakashi vs sasuke fight being as epic as it could be.

  43. @Aeris: I see what you’re saying, but then why does Sasuke have to attack him with constant pressure and close up? Like Kirin said, “Just attack from a distance!” Because Danzou would then be able to release Izanagi! Right?! =_=; (that’s what it says…)

    @holycow185 & @DarkAvatar: I completely agree with you! WTF!!! Makes no sense. I guess its like the evil boss thing…As the evil shows its true self great power shall be revealed but with less regard and more openings for attack. I definitely see Kakashi taking his time. This “usual strategy” of Kakashi will play to the reader’s advantage because we actually need to remember that this is not regular Sasuke. We need there to be obvious signs of lunacy. Otherwise people won’t get it. Maybe Naruto will be able to see it with his sage eyes, but I doubt it. He’ll probably have to touch him or be put into a genjutsu and see it then(this way it takes up more pages in the manga). Ever notice how some issues take one extra manga to resolve than you expect? LOL!

    I truly believe that Madera doesn’t care if Sasuke gets caught(right now). Think about it! It wasn’t Poor Emo King’s fault after all! Let’s have him stay at Konoha and piss off the Raikage! Yeah! He won’t notice! We’re the Leaf and we can do anything because we’re sensitive human beings.

  44. @visionary: Nonono, Karin said “Keep your distance and outlast him.” Okay, mangastream says “Run away, fight him at long distance.” Either way, I understand it like this: If Sasuke kept his distance, fighting at long range, or waiting at long range 😉 , Danzou could release Izanagi because he had more time to evade every attack. But if Sasuke stays close to him, with Chidori, Susano’o, Shurikens etc., Danzou is too slow for evading and needs Izanagi to stay activated.

  45. @Aeris: OKokok! I got it! 😀 I didn’t notice the first time that Danzou performed his release of Izanagi when he thought he had Sasuke in a sealing jutsu! Woops! That’s why I asked! LOL! Thanks!

  46. @everyone i just reread the whol;e fight betwen sasuke and danzou. karin healed sasuke right before she was taken hostage and sasuke has used chidori twice and his lightning sword once so he has plenty of energy to fight kakashi with, but his eyes have to be alot worse off now because he cant stop using them so i hope this fight is just as awesome.

  47. Well, there is a golden rule (or trope), that whenever some guy gives off a totally evil vibe and does ‘THE LAUGH’ (okay, I can’t write this without laughing my arse off at the memory of Light in DN), he is done for.

    One example, as mentioned before, is Yagami Light from Death Note. Not to mention numerous other bad guys that began to rant about how invincible they were and laughed at their opponents’ words, only to have their asses whooped in the next ten to twenty minutes because of some loophole.

    I really don’t see Sasuke getting out of this alive. Unless his laugh is interpreted as not-invincible-just-plain-loony. With a capital L of lunacy.

  48. I took the laugh from Sasuke as someone possessed.

  49. Awesome breakdown,

    “Kakashi…. has spoken.”, I laughed my ass off.

  50. sasuke won’t die. killing him off now wouldn’t make sense unless the naruto series is coming to a close. There are too many loose ends to end the series now and sasuke’s death(IF he dies!) would be a lot more drammatic.
    i don’t think Sasuke is possessed. he’s just become evil and pretty cuckoo.

  51. @gavin: lemme guess, dark zetsu? lol dont worry im not against that theory it seems very plausable to me, espesially since yamato never explained light and dark chakra when he had to, maybe that has something to do with it or maybe it will be explained when they find out bout zetsu (if the theory is true that is)

  52. First round of spoilers…Note the source.

    Source: 2ch
    Credits: Nja
    Verification Pending

    Kakashi and Sasuke start fighting, Kakashi reads sasuke’s chakra.

    Kakashi makes a raikiri and charges at sasuke, sasuke dodges and cuts kakashi with his regular sword. The kakashi was a Mizu (water) Bushin Jutsu.

    Conversation about how the clan died between them both, and Kakashi asks sasuke why is he spitting on Itachi’s legacy. Sasuke is shocked kakashi knows the truth.

    Sasuke: Konoha made Itachi betray and kill the clan.

    Kakashi: Itachi did it on his own free will, he wanted to do it.

    Sasuke forms Susano…

    Kakashi in thought, that’s susanoo I must use it…(not clear about this).

    Sasuke: Behold my power, the power of darkness.

    Kakashi starts his MS, sasuke is in complete shock. While in susanoo a hole starts to open up inside. Kakashi is targeting sasuke (Karui)

    Kakashi: This is my Mangekyou power, I told you those who seek revenge will see a dark end.

    Sasuke cannot get lose and his head starts to get sucked in.

    Kakashi has a flashback of Naruto and sasuke arguing and Sasuke trying to get the bells from kakashi, He tears up and says I’m sorry Naruto I must do this.

    Madara appears from behind Kakashi, and Kakashi loses his focus. He is about to stab kakashi.

    Madara: You can tell Naruto sorry when you meet in death.

    Madara gets pucnhed hard and flies into a tree his mask falls off, He looks up in shock

    Naruto is in a Kyuubi 2 tailed state with sage mode!!!

    (it says pending but it is from Nja)

  53. @Aeris: When you refer to just “filler,” be careful. I referenced and found that, indeed, fire style (katon) is in the anime. The other three: earth, water and lightning (his affinity) are in the manga. However, given his ability to copy ninjutsu, it wouldn’t be out of his reach to have fire at some point though not likely.

    Second, those “other issues”: Recovering from his attack from Pain – yeah he rose from the dead but he wasn’t entirely well, helping with Konoha’s rebuilding (remember that Land of Waves duo that arrived at Kakashi’s urging?), caring for Naruto’s wounds when he got pounded by Kumogakure nins, escorting Naruto to the Raikage which leads him to the place he is now – in front of Sasuke, not far from the inn and not far from where the meeting with Raikage took place. Not a lot of time for intelligence gathering. As you see in the spoiler above, he does not know that Sasuke had Susanoo – I would bet that he knew about Itachi, though.

    Overall, part of the issue I had with your comments to me was the condescending/criticizing tone. We don’t do that here and I don’t know of one person who likes being addressed that way. We are here for discussion and not for “one upping” another. I realize that was not your intent but that is how it all came across to me.

    @truepain: I agree with you – Sasuke isn’t possessed. He’s just been “brainwashed” by a very convincing, conniving and very charismatic Madara. Given that Sasuke had his anger issues from the very beginning, he was a relatively easy target for Madara to manipulate.

  54. o my sack if these spoilers are true im gonna go crazy with excitement!!!!

  55. @Penny: But it is impossible to copy elements. Kakashi himself said that.

  56. @aeris – and yet the Third Hokage was said to have mastered all the techniques in the Hidden Leaf Village, earning him the nickname “The Professor”. I take this to to mean all jutsu that he is physically able to learn, regardless of nature but excluding those that rely on genetic dispositions that are specific to a clan or individual ie Sharingan/Byakugan-reliant techniques. I imagine that Kakashi could learn the katon jutsu with or without the sharingan, but it can’t hurt right?

    Dont read too much into what you’ve been told is possible or not. Really just means no one has done it yet. ^_^

  57. @DarkAvatar: I really thought about that for a long time: How do I say that without sarcasm as sarcasm almost always sounds impolite and mean? I found no real way and thus, I rather don’t say anything. Maybe we should talk in privacy so that we (or I) don’t disturb the other comments here. Let me know if you are interested nonetheless, and we can exchange email addresses or so. The same @Penny.

  58. Just post it below lol I can take it ^_^

  59. Ok, what I actually wanted to say was:
    Aaw, come on! Do you really wanna say that the “Third Hokage who was said to have mastered all the techniques in Konoha” makes you assume that he could have learned ANY jutsu with ANY element but WITHOUT the Kekkei Genkai elements? If you rely so much on this statement about Sarutobi, then why doesn’t that include that he could have learned the Mokuton as well? After all, it’s very popular in Konoha because the First had it.
    Because it’s impossible, yeah. “Dont read too much into what you’ve been told is possible or not” :p

  60. Ah…your point, exactly? Whether or not it is possible to learn the First Hokage’s Mokuton jutsu is irrelevant; the topic of discussion is Kakashi learning Katon. For the reasons stated above, I believe he can. Unless you can show me otherwise?

    And Mokuton IS a Kekkei Genkai, I believe. A bloodline limit, thus Hashirama’s genetics had a huge role in his ability to perform the technique in the first place.

    What I said was that given what we have been told about the Third that he could use all techniques in konoha “…excluding those that rely on a genetic disposition that’s specific to a clan or individual.”

  61. @bakakage: Yes, I was referencing that. Good call.

    Also, if we get to see Madara unmasked soon, then I’m excited at well!

  62. Screw Madara’s unmasking, what about Kakashi’s, dammit!! XD

  63. mokuton is a bloodline limit.
    i’d rather see madara unmasked then kakashi.
    anyway, according to this site this spoiler is probably fake:

  64. All I wanted to say was that learning a Kekkei Genkai = element combination is as impossible as learning a normal element if you don’t have that element / element combination.
    Why EXclude genetic dispositions such as Mokuton or Sharingan for this sentence about the 3rd (meant ironically), when you INclude all the five elements instead? Being able to use Katon, Doton, Fuuton, Suiton or Raiton is based on genetic dispositions exactly like Kekkei Genkais are. You were either born with that element, or not.

  65. LOL @ everyone

    There are 5 elements. Each person is born with an affinity towards 1 element. Over time these individuals can learn to develop their affinities with other elements.( I believe it was stated that the most anyone ever learned was 3 or 4.) However , even though it is possible to learn more then 1 element, there are elements out there that require the combining of other elements to create new elements. (Lava , Ice , Acid , Wood , Crystal;anime only) But in order to mix elements to create new ones an individual would require a Kekei Genkai to mix them.(Yamato can mix Earth and Water to create Wood; the life source thanks to the first Hokage’s Kekei Genkai)Even though it was said that the Third Hokage was “The Professor” and mastered all Jutsu within the village. It’s also safe to say that these old ninja’s tend to exagurate with their old war stories lol ^.^ but I believe he mastered quite a bit of the jutsu that required elements and mastered most the jutsu that didnt.(shadow clones , rasengan)

    O.o whoa that’s alot to read . I’m sorry 😦

  66. @ DarkAvatar

    Ok so I believe the issue on the table is Kakashi learning Katon or if he does? The answer is yes, he has Fire as well as Lightning , Earth and Water. However in Kakashi’s case I dont believe that all the Elements were learned by Kakashi the traditional way. I know Kakashi is genius but I think that at maybe 1-3 elements were “transfered” to Kakashi when Obito’s eye was implanted. Remember Kakashi already had lightning which is normally one of the two elements the uchiha have. So for me the only thing left to resolve are which Elements did Kakashi have a greater affinity for after the transplant ( if any ) that he didnt have before. o.O or I could be wrong and he learned ’em all the old school way!

    Kakashi isnt a Character , It’s a lifestyle. GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

  67. @Dark: So good to see you posting again. W@@t!!

    Mokuton is a bloodline (DNA/Genetic) limit. When Tenzo/Yamato had the DNA of the Shodaime implanted into him and it “took” (i.e. it didn’t kill him), he now had a Kekkei Genkai. Among other Kekkei Genkai are the Byakugan and its various techs (8 trigrams 64 palms, for example – don’t you dare ask me to spell out the romanized Japanese term for that), Sharingan (the big techs: Susanoo, Tsukiyomi, Izanagi, Ameratasu).

    And, on that line, since Kakashi had the Sharingan implanted into HIM (note that Kishi likes people getting genetic handouts from others), Kakashi now had a Kekkei Genkai.

    @awesomenessnoob: YOSH! “Kakashi isn’t a character; it’s a lifestyle” FTW!!!!!! Regarding the Sharingan comment, I think you are onto something unless someone can disprove (manga, databook, stats, narutopedia…).

    Gee, I had no idea that this would have generated a lot of comment… 🙂

    Also, based on what I remember from Kakashi’s and Tenzo/Yamato’s “tutoring” with Naruto, one has the affinity for one of the five elements but may have faint/trace affinities for others. Jonin tend to work on developing those other “trace” affinities, unless you are like Yamato in that he has two off the bat and can work to combine them into a new form. However, there is always an exception – there are never hard and fast rules to this: think of Nagato who, with the Rinnegan, had all five elements mastered.

    @truepain: 2ch is from Japan and Kyouto has been seen to bring those up front for spoilers. I’ve been to that Blogspot site before – every single item I’ve seen from them in the past is either fake or merely a prediction. And, just because it says Madara may be unmasked just doesn’t immediately discredit it. You can see that the mask popped off and not see the guy’s face…creating frustration for all of us who want to determine if this guy was Obito.

  68. This has been suggested before (in the wayback machine), but what if Naruto has a Kekkei Genkai where he can learn all other bloodline techniques?

  69. @DarkAvatar: Hah! I didn’t think of Kakashi getting unmasked! I guess I still want Madara to be unmasked more right at the moment.

  70. @Penny: Right, the first or primary element can be detected with those chakra sensitive paper pieces. I wonder how you figure out your other element(s)… Maybe you just have to inhale deeply, mold chakra, spit it out and see what comes out of your mouth 😀 😀 !

    Little ninja boy: “Eeew, dad, mud is coming out of my mouth… I think I’ve gotta throw up…”
    Father: “Yay, you have Doton! Great, son!”

  71. @ everyone commenting on chakra natures: Just to add to the discussion-I do believe it was stated really early in the manga that, though, a ninja can use multiple chakra natures one has to have an affinity to use the more powerful techniques.Basically assuming Kakashi can use fire, he would have to stick to the basic jutsus.Also,up until now, every weird chakra type was Kekkei Genkai and we all know that can’t be copied.Otherwise we would be seeing Mokuton wielding Kakashi.

  72. @to63to: Citation? Would like to see that…

  73. @Penny:well…I’ll have to find it I guess.I remembered,though, it wasn’t in the beginning but rather in the arc where Naruto first learned about chakra nature types… I think.Anyways I don’t have time right now(yay Manchester United)but tomorrow I will search for it, unless someone beats me to it.

  74. @penny & @aeris – I know, I was just being an ass. ^_^ you know how I like to stir things up a bit…makes for a good debate. Been a long while, missed those awesome debates we had:)

  75. Although now that I think about it, why exactly IS it impossible for one person to not be able to master all 5 elements? I mean, is each human being so different at the genetic level as to affect the way their internal energy is molded and forms? Kishi’s explanation makes little sense, I believe that each person should be physically capable of learning any technique given the proper instruction. Not to say that just because they are capable of it means that it would be easy to pick up given a couple of lessons on the matter. I won’t be an Aikido master after visiting my local dojo for a week lol.

    Ok maybe spitting fire at ppl is a bit more complex than learning to throw ppl around, but you get my meaning. All ninjas have two arms, two legs, and a chakra system that molds chakra in exactly the same way (via handsigns). What makes one person able to blast you away with wind and another able to send a lightning bolt at you? And why can a person learn only up to three different nature chakra types? Given enough time and effort, it would seem entirely plausible to me if a ninja could learn all 5.

  76. @DarkAvatar: Hmm, I like your idea about combining 3 or more nature types. How about anti-matter. That would make Pain’s Konoha buster look like a cheap firecracker.

    Ok,seriously now. Maybe each person has a different ratio of elements in him(carbon, iron, etc.) and that is what determines their nature type. Most likely, though, Kishi was just following the “rule of cool”.

  77. Hmm, I think it’s simply based on chakra itself. Everyone has different chakra, and it is in this “materia” that your elements lie.

  78. well if the spoiler is true then it just adds more fuel to my and supers fire ehem tobito, interesting how conveniently kakashi is placed at madaras unmasking, almost as if he should be there for a big event……… (whistles inconspicuous)

  79. @to63to – but I didn’t say anything bout combining 3 different chakra types lol just that a person should be able to learn at least the basics of all 5.

    @aeris – lol your explanation is better than kishi’s that’s for sure lol

  80. @DarkAvatar: Did you not? My bad then. It seems I have misread something . o_O

  81. @DarkAvatar: Yeah!!! I knew it, I’m the new Kishimoto! 😉

  82. Ok, here’s a so-called confirmed spoiler to add to the mix. I realize I posted one earlier that I believed in, but after reading this one, this one appears to be more credible – and it does the Kishi-drawing out method for fights.

    Sasuke uses chidori and Kakashi uses raikiri to block him. Both are blasted away from the impact

    Sasuke: “is there still such a difference in power when using Lightning Release then?”

    Amaterasu appears and hits Kakashi. Kakashi burns

    Kakashi: “You really are able to do it”

    Suddenly Kakashi appears from under the ground (That’s what’s translated)

    Sasuke: “You were hit by Amaterasu!!! What the…”

    Naruto is approaching…

    Sasuke realizes that Chidori is useless and uses his Mangekyo Sharingan, but when he uses his eye, he flinches and blood flows

    Kakashi: “Sasuke, looks like you’ve already been through an intense battle before this”

    Sasuke: “You’re right, but I can still kill you. Just feel sorry that your power isn’t enough”

    Sasuke uses Susanoo but he falls to the ground in pain and sweats like hell

    Kakashi: “This abnormal power? Is that what Kazekage meant about the power of darkness?…”

    Sasuke: “Dammit, this eye can’t take much more…”

    Susanoo fully appears and prepares to attack with his bow

    Kakashi: “Sasuke, looks like you really can’t turn back, can you?”

    Kakashi: “I’ll say this for the last time, Sasuke!!! Stop the whirlpool of revenge, or I really will kill you”

    Sasuke: “I’m going to butcher you, Kakashi”

    Susanoo shoots at Kakashi!!??

    Naruto is getting closer and closer: “Kakashi sensei, don’t get killed”

  83. Naruto 484 Spoiler Scripts
    Status: Confirmed
    Translation by C3PO

    Sasuke uses chidori and Kakashi uses raikiri to block him. Both are blasted away from the impact
    佐助”还有如此大差距吗 雷盾”
    Sasuke: “is there still such a difference in power when using Lightning Release then?”
    天照出现 并击中卡卡西 将卡卡西全身燃烧
    Amaterasu appears and hits Kakashi. Kakashi burns
    卡卡西”你真的 下得了手啊”
    Kakashi: “You really are able to do it”
    突然 从地里钻了出来??(翻译是这个)
    Suddenly Kakashi appears from under the ground (That’s what’s translated)
    佐助”明明被天照击中 什么??”
    Sasuke: “You were hit by Amaterasu!!! What the…”
    鸣人路上赶来 佐助发觉千鸟不行 万花筒再打开了 但一打开 马上又捂着 并流着血
    Naruto is approaching. Sasuke realizes that Chidori is useless and uses his Mangekyo Sharingan, but when he uses his eye, he flinches and blood flows
    卡卡西”看来在这之前 佐助你是经过了激烈的战斗呢”
    Kakashi: “Sasuke, looks like you’ve already been through an intense battle before this”
    佐助”是啊 但我现在一样可以宰了你 你就叹息你自己的力量不够强大吧”
    Sasuke: “You’re right, but I can still kill you. Just feel sorry that your power isn’t enough”
    佐助出了须佐 佐助痛苦捂眼睛 并跪在地上 痛苦的流汗
    Sasuke uses Susanoo but he falls to the ground in pain and sweats like hell
    卡卡西”这种异常的力量? 风影所说的暗之力吗??’”
    Kakashi: “This abnormal power? Is that what Kazekage meant about the power of darkness?…”
    佐助”可恶 这个眼睛快撑不住了吗?”
    Sasuke: “Dammit, this eye can’t take much more…”
    须佐完全体显现 准备拉弓
    Susanoo fully appears and prepares to attack with his bow
    卡卡西”佐助 看来你确实已经回不了头了吗? ”
    Kakashi: “Sasuke, looks like you really can’t turn back, can you?”
    卡卡西再一次劝告”我最后再劝多你一次 佐助!!! 停止复仇旋涡 不然我真的会杀了你!!”
    Kakashi: “I’ll say this for the last time, Sasuke!!! Stop the whirlpool of revenge, or I really will kill you”
    佐助”我要残忍杀了你 卡卡西”
    Sasuke: “I’m going to butcher you, Kakashi”
    须佐之弓射向了卡卡西那!!??(翻译难翻 好象击中卡卡西!!??)
    Susanoo shoots at Kakashi!!??(It’s hard to translate, looks like it hit Kakashi!!??)
    鸣人离二人查克拉越来越近”卡卡西老师 别出事了”
    Naruto is getting closer and closer: “Kakashi sensei, don’t get killed”

  84. wow if kakashi dies or loses like this i officially quit the manga. 1st Kisame now kakashi with the lame deaths. This is a huge downer

  85. @ultimate: just above you is posted the same thing…

    And, if true, I don’t think Susanoo’s arrow hit Kakashi. It hit a clone. IMO I don’t think he’ll die as there would be a mass fan riot lol

  86. I know we are in the midst of lots of excitement and suspense in the manga, but I came across something really hilarious on youtube that I though would be cool to share with all of you. Not sure if others have seen it, or posted it in the past, but it is called Naruto Abridged. Basically a show by show ad-libing of all the characters on Naruto…I found it pretty funny. Here is a link to the one I am currently on, Enjoy

    Just saw the post for the spoiler…seems credible. Don’t think Kakashi is finished. Something tells me either madara or naruto is gonna save sasuke/kakashi.

  87. Here are spoiler pics confirmed for anyone interested. The other ones posted above are fake.

    Also, can I suggest that anyone posting spoilers to please keep in mind that not everyone wants to see them, so rather post a link to them rather than the full spoiler copy itself. Post the link and then someone else can add it to the top of the breakdown if needed. That way it can be more easily avoided for those who don’t want to be spoiled.

  88. @Tenrai Senshi:Sorry for the foolish question, but do you mean all 3 of the posted spoilers are fake or just the first or last ones.I am asking this because I read the spoilers here but if their aren’t real, I prefer not to see the real ones.

  89. @to63to

    All the previously released spoilers were fake. The confirmed spoilers have only just come out now.

  90. @Tenrai Senshi

    the spoilers u posted are epic this chapter is gona be sweet.

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    Spoiler Reference—————————————
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  94. @chakra debate, think of it this way. All of us are somewhat genetically similar, but from a religious standpoint, all of us have inherently different souls. Chakra comes from one’s mental and physical energy and is related to one’s life energy (hence why Kakashi died from chakra overuse), so it too is different from person to person. That is why no ONE person can master all the elements. BUT there is one exception to this, Nagato. The Rinnegan is the Samsara (Reincarnation) eye. I’m sure most of us know what reincarnation is, its the cycle of rebirth. Nagato has shown that he can manipulate souls because of his Rinnegan, now I wont pretend I know EXACTLY HOW he did it, but based on this evidence, the Rinnegan is the sole reason he could master all 5 elements (plus someone in the manga said it, I dont remember who exactly, Jiraiya maybe?).

  95. @kisuzachi

    Yes, Jiraiya mentioned that Nagato was able to use all five elements and he mastered all main stream jutsu by the age of ten, I think it was.

    It’s his Rinnegan that gives him access to all five elemental types and it does make sense. The original Sage was said to have given birth to all ninjutsu and in order to do that he would have had to have been able to use all the elements.

    Of course, as time goes on and bloodlines became mixed, more unique Kekkei Genkai obviously began to surface over time, like Haku’s Ice element and the Mokuton wielded by Hashirama. At least, that is how I see it.

  96. @ten & kiz kakuzu could use all 5 elements because of his ability also.

  97. @Kisuzachi
    I read a lot today about this and while it is true Pein could use all 5 chakra natures thanks to the Rinnegan it isn’t explicitly said that other people couldn’t learn to use all of them as well. The problem comes from the sheer amount of time and effort needed for mastering just a single nature type so most ninja would need more than a lifetime to learn all. Also, if we forget about the eye techniques, kekkei genkai are simply the abillity to combine two chakra nature types into a 3rd. I am saying this because a lot of people seemed to think of bloodlines as some special abillities. Yes, they are special, but in the sense of mixing chakra types, from which come the weird jutsus we see. Furthemore Kakashi himself said that jounins could use at lest two chakra natures which,as we can see in his case, doesn’t mean only 2 or 3.I think ninjas are limited only by the time and skills they posses.

  98. Kakuzuu is one of my all time favorite characters. Pain and Kakuzuu are very unique and it isnt fair to compare their elements to others progression with the elements , the reason why is Pain and his rinnegan are so unique they only appear once every few hundred years randomly in individuals. As with Kakuzuu his jutsu and heart transplant is so unique I doubt the Narutoverse will ever see anyone that badazz for a long, long, long time. These cases are so rare they shouldn’t be lumped in with regular ninja and there elements. There are always exceptions to the rules but that doesnt mean everyone can learn them. ^.^

    Rant Rant no Jutsu , success! (>____<)

    The more I think about where this war is heading , I find myself thinking that Madara will cast his Ultimate Genjutsu on the world then find someone to Sync with Gedo Mazo (He may need someone to sync with Gedo Mazo to cast the Genjutsu , this is still unknown)

    Ultimately I believe once someone syncs with Gedo Mazo that they will "revive" the fallen members of Akutski. At least the ones that would still be willing to further Madera's goal's.

    Now the question remains … DUN DUN DUN what are the spare Sharigan for!? Perhaps this Genjutsu has a steep price!?

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    (He was referring to himself as well lol) I don’t think even Kakashi could master wind element no matter how hard he tried.

    Now there was something about Naruto having a Kekei Genkai that absorbs ther Kekei Genkai.. Let me start of by laughing out loud….LOL!!!

    I don’t think Naruto has a Kekei Genkai , however the Fourth Hokage had an extremely unique transportation technique, it wasn’t a Kekei Genkai therefore Naruto can still possibly learn this Jutsu. The fourth Hokage told Naruto that without some special tech you couldn’t hope to defeat Madera. This transportation tech might and most likely was the Fourth’s way of countering Madera’s Teleportation and ultimately i believe it will be Naruto’s trump card against Madera. The only question is wtf ever happened to that special Kunai that allowed the fourth to use the Thunder God Jutsu.

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  102. @to63, not saying ur wrong, but think of Kakuzu. He was 92 years old and he didn’t have those elements despite the experience he had (if i had to guess, i think his original element would have been earth, considering hi string jutsu is called Earth Grudge Fear). I think everyone is born with a limited amount of elements that they can master, its just that Kakashi’s is higher than most, and its because everyone has unique souls.

    Kekkei Genkais just make things more confusing, but here’s what i think about the dojutsus. Sharingan requires one to have Katon chakra, that’s why all the Uchihas have Katon, but then we meet Danzo, well its not like he uses the eyes for actually seeing……. Then there is the Byakugan, I think it only requires someone to have chakra (no Byakugan user has done an elemental jutsu yet), still mysterious…….. But then one Kekkei Genkai a bigger mystery than both the Sharingan and the Byakugan, Kimimaro’s. Even Orochimaru didn’t know how his worked…….

  103. @Tenrai Senshi: Could u help me find where Jiraiya said those things about Nagato? Because I had the impression that he talked about the “Legend of the Rinnengan” having all the elements-not Nagato. It seems that Nagato had control over the elements of life, death, spirit, and energy. I don’t think Jiraiya thought of Nagato as a master of all the elements in nature.

  104. guys take a look at these two links, in particular the second. i believe that ying and yang chakra has a really big part in the narutoverse.

  105. Can you really say Kakuzu mastered all those elements when he still depended on other hearts for their power?

  106. @Kisuzachi

    Ummm… I think I elaborate what I meant since obviously isn’t clear enough.From what I have read I got the impression that everyone has the potential to learn all the natures but(and what a huge red but it is) of course not everyone has the needed skills or time, nor does everyone want to do so. Judging from Kakashi’s words that elemental training takes many years, it is safe to assume it just isn’t possible for normal humans to learn all of them unless they are immortal. (top left corner-I do believe he was referring to how much time would be needed to complete the training)

    Also, as you stated, people like Kakashi quite obviously learn at a much higher rate than normal shinobi, so I don’t really see a problem for them to be able to, if not master, at least use jutsus from every chakra type.

  107. @to63, the link you posted was when Kakashi was teaching Naruto how to use his MAIN element. What I said was “I think everyone is born with a limited amount of elements that they can master, its just that Kakashi’s is higher than most, and its because everyone has unique souls.” I said nothing about his growth rate. Its decided what you can learn when ur born. No matter how weak or how powerful the jutsu, you have to have the element type to learn it I think Yamato and Kakashi make it clear…..

  108. @tobi, I agree about how all elements can be learned if the ninja is strong and skilled enough.

    The element type you are is the “easiest” element for a ninja to learn. When Kakashi flowed his chakra through the paper, it crumpled. It didn’t crumple, crumble, and get wet. I think your affinity for an element comes with personality and body type (passed down through generations, especially in manga) and the slight differences between each ninja when molding chakra. I can’t find the source, but i swear somewhere it was mentioned that each element comes from a unique type of mixing of physical and spiritual energy. Eg, fire is more spiritual, earth is more physical. But only slight variations, not huge differences. Also, when learning wind, the user has to “will” the chakra to take a certain form through thought (thin and sharp), both mentally and through body intuition. This is something that has to be learned by meditation and practice (Kakashi and Yamato said it can take years to learn a type). I imagine each nature requires a completely different mind-set to learn and you have to be strong enough to adapt to each accordingly. Eg. Fire might require you to picture your chakra vibrating or compressing, water could be the expansion of chakra etc. I think if Naruto wasn’t preoccupied with trying to save everyone, and still had the determination as if he was anyway, he could master all 5 in a few years with his Shadow Clones under proper instruction.

  109. @kisuzachi

    Yes, I am quite aware of that.I Just wanted to make clear what I think.Also the link i posted is deliberately chosen from that chapter as we get a deeper insight into chakra natures in it.As for Kakashi, I am not sure whether he refers to the amount of time needed to master an element but I do believe so.Even if I am wrong, and I probably am, it doesn’t matter as I am just sharing my ideas with you and you are free to disagree.I msut admit though-this is forming into a nice debate.

    Now about elemental affinity-I think the difference between using a chakra nature you have affinity for and one you that you don’t is, that your jutsus are more powerful and the more important one is that you have access to very high level techniques, which otherwise are impossible to learn without affinity for the element in question.Again I will quote Kakashi :”…jounin can use at least two elements”. That means all jounin, which means that you can learn to manipulate chakra into other nature types besides your main,although the amount of techniques one can use would be limited, as well as their strength.

  110. I do believe there is a primary and a secondary affinity. Kakashi’s primary is lightning but what is his secondary? Imho if there is no chakra molding(like rasengan or raikiri) then its not mastery.

  111. Let me add my two cents to the ellemental debate.

    Firstly, it is suggested that shinobi cannot use all five ellements. Secondly, in the anime during a filler arc (I know it is filler, but it still uses theory from cannon) Yamato also tells Naruto that it is probably impossible for a shinobi to use all five ellements and that no shinbi has been recorded achieving such a feat.

    My theory is that this is based on each person’s natural affinity. Jounin may learn to use two ellements, but even then they are still born with one that they are most highly attuned to. This ellement, which is their most natural affinity, also has a natural weakness in one of the other five ellements, and that is why I think that each person has at least one ellement they cannot use because it directly conflicts with their ellemental affinity.

    This would also explain why Kakashi has never been seen using wind ellement jutsu, seeing as how it clashes with his affinity for lightning.

    Secondly, Kakuzu could only use all five ellements because he took the hearts of other shinobi and used their affinities. This is mentioned during the battle with him and he even lost one of his ellements when his first heart was destroyed.

    He only managed to achieve all five ellements by stealing those of others, nothing more. Pein is unique in his ability to controll all five, because he is the only person in the manga who is ever suggested to have done so naturally, without any alternate means such as heart stealing, or having a Bijuu, etc.

  112. @tenrai: great idea about posting links for spoiler pics and raw translations! I will make a note of that for the next round of discussions once 484 is released.

    @lousytv: That could be merely the only text that is shown in the chapter. Remember, 484 is expected to have a lot of action (if you look at the link to the spoiler pics from Tenrai you can get evidence of that along with the previous chapter) so the text presented won’t match the pics released.

    Also, remember that translations are only as good as the translator. If the translation is botched, you can get a lot of misinformation/inaccuracies – even if it is from a reliable source.

    One thing I will say about the spoilers themselves and why I care about them: I use them to start – but not complete – the breakdowns. Once spoilers are confirmed, they give me a direction to take the breakdowns. Once the chapter is released, I fine-tune the write up and grab pics, create polls and other notables (yeah, I just gave away a few of my “secrets” but I’m not against sharing if it helps anyone). Accuracy doesn’t have to be 100% in the translation details for me, not like you guys who are looking to get the first glimpses of what’s coming. I just need the broad view of the chapter to start writing (until it is out, of course). In case you are also wondering: my title goes on LAST, after the chapter is released.

    So, in the event I don’t post to a breakdown discussion, don’t think I’m not watching/reading the debates. Contrary, know that I am. However, I am also looking for any hint of a spoiler that’s out there.

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  114. @ Tenrai,kisuzachi

    Ok, ok, I am willing to accept that maybe it is impossible for normal ninja to have all five elements.I still refuse to entirely rule it out, though.

  115. @pazownz: I think he used up sage mode getting there…

  116. No worries, I’m sure he has some Sage Mode batteries charging in Frogland. That is, unless he hasn’t had time to return to Frogland and summon his clones… hmm..

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  118. Seems like the last spoiler I posted was a fake. However i think i found a legit script now. It goes with the spoiler pictures that Tenrai Senshi posted.

  119. I don’t know if this theory’s been posted yet or anything, but I wonder if Karin might be used as a way to wake up Tsunade? After all, the awesome Kage isn’t dead yet for a reason, and Karin has proven that she’s a great if slightly different healer.

    It would be a hint that whatever happens in this fight, Sakura and Karin would probably still get back to Konoha. It just seems plausible to me. Since conventional healing techniques don’t work on Tsunade, Karin’s bite-and-heal way might. ^_^

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  121. @tenrai – regarding your theory of ppl shinobi not being able to master elements of opposing nature ie Wind and Lightning. A good theory indeed, however there is one exception to this rule that I have found so far.ī

    Godaime Mizukage. Not only has she managed to learn 3 nature chakra types (including two opposing ones, Katon and Suiton), but she’s even managed to MIX those two chakra types and create her own kekkei genkai.

    As she is the Mizukage after all, I assume her nature affinity is water, though we don’t know for sure. If she was able to learn a chakra nature that directly opposed her natural affinity, then MIX them together as well to form her acid/steam release, then it is not too far fetched to assume that given enough time and effort, a talented shinobi could naturally learn all 5.

  122. @Dynamic – only problem with that is, Tsunade isn’t conscious, so it would be fairly difficult for her to bite Karin in the first place. I’ve always wondered how exactly Karin’s healing jutsu worked. Does the healing chakra reside in her blood, and the ppl that bite her are drawing blood out of her with each mouthful? Is it in her skin, and physical contact with it sends chakra into the person touching her? Here’s hoping it’s the latter (she’d be a freak in bed…one quick nip and you’re ready for round two lol).

    Seriously though, if it’s the former, perhaps a few quick drops of bloood into Tsunade’s mouth would be enough to heal her. If it’s the latter, perhaps sticking her finger in Tsunade’s mouth would force her into consciousness long enough for her to bite and heal completely.

    Idk, but it’s interesting.

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  127. Hi there! First time writting here although I’m a very frequent reader of WRA since the beginning, and from when IRA was still running. Only now I decided to get a username and start posting as a newbie. Some basic info, I’m from Portugal and I’ve got hooked on Naruto in fall’08, while watching the Lee-Gaara combat on TV. Since then, I’ve seen all anime episodes (yes, fillers included), all manga, but no ova or movie.

    Well, enough of talking about me. It looks like 484 is out and it was awesomeness. Kakashi was strong enough to counter a Susanoo arrow, but if it wasn’t for Sasuke going blind, I guess he would be in real trouble. Sasuke’s chakra seems to to be feeding in is hanger. I think the flashback with Itachi was essential to understand Sasuke’s path to darkness. And all this situation has to be really hurtful to Sakura. Guess the only chance Sasuke has now is Madara saving his @ss and him implanting Itachi’s eyes, gaining the eternal MS. I can foresee a little skirmish with Naruto, but Madara will definitely save the day.

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    Also, i think i know how Naruto could dodge Sasuke’s Susanoo’s arrows. The shadow clones would be the best way to either trick Sasuke or atleast be used to push the real naruto out of the way. It’s a theory since I dont know what else he could use when not in sage mode. He’s pretty fast with his clones and reacts with incoming attacks just like here…

  129. @ultimate – kakashi has shadow clones too, not to mention water and lightning clones as well. But that’s besides the point. Kakashi could suck Sasuke into a different dimension from inside susanoo. It really all depends who’s faster on the draw.

  130. Well…We all know, now, why Karin never had a chance..LOL!

  131. @DarkAvatar- Yeah thats true. well my theory goes out the door then. Maybe Naruto is need of some of his father’s teleportation jutsu in order to fight Sasuke on even footing.

  132. @Chakra discussion: I’m surprised no one said Nagato mastered all 6 elements not just 5.

    And apparently there are certain chakra elements inside the chakra tubes residing in your heart which chooses which element you’re allowed to use.

    At least that’s what I came up with from those links.

    @To63: Ah, about the Jounin learning a certain number of elements. Kakashi said “usually” they learn up to two so to put that in perspective it’s possible some learn 1, 3, 4, or even none at all. (I.E. Rock Lee) is he a jounin?

    @Anyone: Can anyone find the link where Kakashi says shinobi can’t or haven’t ever learned up to 5 elements?

    @Latest chapter: F**K! That was awesome! I don’t know why people said Kakashi could beat Sasuke at full strength. He was stumbling after using MS just once and Sasuke can shoot out those arrows like nothing. Plus Sasuke may not be as clam and coolheaded as before but remember Sasuke’s strength grows with his hatred. So he’s stronger now than he ever was before.

    Plus, he’s still tactical as he’s proven in his last fight with Danzou.

    After all that’s said and done. I still want to see Naruto kick his ass! XD He looked so cool saving Sakura like that! Oh, and Sakura is crying again and she can’t follow trough on her own resolve. That is all no Sakura bashing needed from me this week. -_-

    @Gamse: Welcome to WRA! ^_^ *shows him his Hinata pic collection* @_@

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    I see Madara making an appearance soon to rescue Sasuke, but Naruto is going to leave him with something to think about. Hopefully we don’t have any flashback stuff in the next chapters.

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  136. @Super, do u take mental images of the chapters? Its like u have a chapter for every situation lol. But to answer ur question, in the Sora filler arc, Yamato says no ninja can learn all 5 elements. Btw, nice find with the sixth element, i completely forgot about that one lol

    @whoever, one CAN learn opposing elements, my example is Itachi (water and fire). But you cant learn all five……unless ur Nagato….

  137. I’ve been silent about a stance on this for the whole life of the manga cuz I never had an opinion on it but it’s official…I hate Sakura’s character. even more than Ino. which was hard cuz Ino’s uh, pointless

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  140. Look , I’m sorry but no matter how much yall wanna debate the fact remains that everyone is born with ONE element. Even tho Naruto touched that peice of paper that made him air , i think that and Kakahi agrees with me so there can be no debate that a ninja can master up to FOUR elements. Kakashi himself mastered 4 elements, however he is the only ninja to master so many elements WITHOUT A KEKEI GENKAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope that clears THAT up finally. if not scroll up for my previous statements on the subject. CTRL-F Awesomenessnoob 😀

  141. I kinda think they’re gonna defeat a weakened Sasuke, take him back to a jail cell in Konoha, where Madara will secretly show up and offer to free him if he takes Itachi’s eyes…

  142. Thinking of Byakugan:

    1) I wonder if Byakugan is a technique originally learned by MS users who went blind, but still wanted to be useful to the Uchiha clan. It is a derivative of Uchiha, after all. Maybe children of blind MS users were born with Byakugan and that’s how it started.

    …in that case…

    2) Marriage of Naruto + Hinata = Uchiha (via Byakugan) + Senju, so maybe their child would inherit all the traits of both family lines? Naruhina fans probably already thought of that, but meh, what do I know?

  143. wow, 284 aweful chapter. Typical dramatic entrance by naruto and SAKURA YOU ARE THE WORST CHARACTER EVER DEVELOPED KILL YOUR SELF NOW!!!!!!!!!!! to many flash backs kishi’s trying to stretch this out to much ugh

  144. @Kisu: Lol, not really I’ve just been through the manga so many times I can recall where to find a certain image or quote. Thanks for the info on the Sora filler arc. I don’t give filler much credit though. Pseudo Jinchuuriki. X_X

    @Noob: What are you debating and who are you debating with? Are you sure you’re not the one on drugs good sir? o_@

    @Arpotu: I think you have that backwards. The Uchiha Clan’s origins come from the Hyuga Clan.

    In other words the Byakugan came first according to Kakashi.

    @Dricedt: I believe you mean 484…

  145. @Supertrek89

    I actually remembered something I wanted to ask.Ok, how come the Uchihas came from the Hyuga clan when Madara said that the Uchihas came from the second son of the Sage of six paths.


    Did you notice something strange-whenever Itachi or Sasuke used any of the MS techniques they bled quite seriously from their eyes,however, Kakashi has never had this problem.Is this because of his transplanted eyes or is it just Kishi forgetting about it.

  146. @to63to

    well i dont think kishi forgot about it just kakashi doesent spam it as much as them two. he only uses it when he is desperate and i remember him asking either sasuke or itachi how much can they still see out of there eyes. so he must be seeing some side effects to be asking the question.but he tends to end up in a hospital for a week once he has used it so id say bleeding from the eyes is less seriouse than not moving for a week.

  147. @to63to – as far as I know, no one with a transplanted Sharingan has had an issue with bleeding eyes. Madara is the classic example (his teleportation jutsu being the full-mastered form of Kakashi’s Mangekyou technique Kamui). Perhaps this is the same with Kakashi’s Mangekyou.

  148. T@chromer91

    But didn’t Sasuke bleed even the first time he used MS.


    Perhaps. Would you kindly show me where it is stated that Madara’s warp is the complete form of Kamui. I thought every MS has its own unique jutsus. Sasuke has Itachis techniques because the latter transfered them to him.

  149. i was just reading from first when i saw a hokage fight with orochimaru.i want what if naruto is able to do kage bunshin stuff like hokage did on shuriken then naruto will do it on wind shuriken.think about it. 50 rasen shuriken flying from

  150. @DarkAvatar

    As said, the only real exception to the rule of elements are Kekkei Genkai, which was my supporting theory as to why Pein could use all five was his Rinnegan.

    The Mizukage’s ability to use opposing elements is also the result of her bloodline, but you never thought of whether that opposing element conflicted with her primary affinity, or just with one of her other three elements.

    So, for example, if her primary affinity was earth, then neither water or fire would conflict with it. Hence why she would be able to use all three. Wind is a weakness for lightning, Kakashi’s main element, which is why I suggested he could not use it, but only because it opposes his natural affinity, not because it opposes his other elements.

    The same goes with Yamato’s water and earth, seeing as how water is weak against earth (according to Naruto, even the water erodes the earth. >_<). My theory is based on the suggestion that only Kekkei genkai allow a person to have two natural affinities, even if those elements oppose each other, like Pein being able to wield all the elements.

    I hope this makes sense. It's really complicated when I read it. lol.

  151. @to63to: LMFAO!!! Yeah I guess you can say Sasuke bled when he lost his visioninity.

    @lackofimagination: I don’t think its a level of Susanoo. Granted Sasuke has had a little trouble cause he’s new at it, but I think its a good(Itachi) vs. bad(Sasuke). Please notice the earrings on Itachi’s Susanoo(yang). When Kakashi was trying to remind Sasuke of the good in him you saw Susanoo change for a moment to what I believe is the good one which MIGHT happen to be the real source of the Legendary Sword of Totsuka. Both good and bad have the mirror which I believe represents truth(defense). The diff is the weapon I think…

  152. @super: (with regards to Hyuga and Uchiha) – yeah, what you said! I didn’t remember the comment from way back in #78, but there it is 🙂 Then the story of the Sage reverses it… In either case, a Naruhina kid would maybe inherit both bloodlines and become the new Sage?

  153. ok. from reading the manga i have a few conclusions.

    – sasuke would definitely transplant itachi’s eyes after this.

    – there’s something about naruto’s speed kishi’s not telling us. First, in his battle against pein, when demon realm was close enough to “rape” tsunade he pulled of “that thing”, punching demon realm to the ground. Could have been a rasengan, but even that again hits my point. The fact he had that split second to do a rasengan and intercept demon realm at that speed left me clapping to the point i wasn’t aware i was. Now this? I mean we all saw kakashi trying to get to sasuke to save sakura from a distance. We also saw sasuke about to chop sakura’s head off. We also saw that sakura was saying to herself “oh that means i don’t get to annoy onlookers of the manga anymore if he kills me off, maybe i should say my last words”. And then from nowhere, while kakashi’s still running, sasuke’s still swinging the kunai, naruto appears from nowhere, grabs sakura and gives himself quite a distance from sasuke. You could see the shock and disbelief i kakashi’s and sakura’s face. Even sasuke was like WTF. Also did anybody notice how much he looked like minato after he did that, looking back at sasuke that is? Just saying.

    – I don’t see madara saving sasuke, and even if he does, madara would let it play out a lot longer so sasuke’s blind. Madara knows sasuke would be tempted to use his mangyeko on naruto, after which he would literally be blind, leaving him to request for itachi’s eyes. Madara, for now, has things playing out the way he wants them.

    – We would get to see what naruto got from itachi if not in the next chapter, then in the next two chapters.

    That’s all i can put my finger on for now. Will let ya all know when something cool comes up.

    P.S. sakura’s death would have been a relic.

  154. @total: I kinda remember that, from the Pein fight – do you remember the chapter? I would like to go back and review that 🙂

  155. @visionary: good point never notice the earrings,

    @spanky: naruto has so much potential with just the kage bushin is just crazy.. imagine him doing tajuu kage bunshin with itachi’s exploding tech, which i bet he can learn. how about if he learns FTG with 1000 clones throwing that kunai, better than yondaime dont u think, he can also learn this all he needs is that special seal mark..his potential is crazy is just all up to kishi

  156. @totalitarianhypnosis

    I noticed Naruto’s insane speed too. One more example would be when Naruto fought the kumo ninjas. After he blocked the female ninja(sorry, can’t recall her name) he had less than a second to make a shadow clone to block her sword and then again when he caught Sakura when she was kicked. I think his increase in speed is due to him learning frog katas. Did you notice after his training for sage how much his taijutsu has improved and I don’t mean just when in sage mode.

  157. Also to buttress my point on naruto’s speed is this link.
    Watch how quick he gets to sakura(yet again) when she’s shit kicked by karui.

  158. @arpotu: yeah, here are the links
    I get the feeling kishi’s just looking at those wishing naruto was faster and laughing at them. I mean i reckon there’s a lot he did with jiraiya for 3 years. Seems kishi plans on releasing them slowly.

  159. @Tenrai – …crap. Lol. Errrrr well, then explain Itachi. He only has Katon and Suiton.

  160. @to63to & Co.: I don’t think that’s insane speed that Naruto displayed there. I think Sakura bounced a few times(when she got kicked) before Naruto got to her. All you’re seeing is him running like a chump. 😉
    There is a scene where he does show insane speed and that’s when he saved Tsunade. I mean he was chillin on one of the frogs in the background and managed to get in front of her b4 a dude right next to her could even take a step! Insane! And now we know how far 5 min of sage tech will get you.

  161. @visionary1200: What are you talking about? You don’t think naruto displayed insane speed catching sakura? Did you see where naruto was when karui kicked her? she was already kicked, and given the distance between naruto at the time and when she got kicked he should not be able to reach sakura, but somehoe he did. That’s shocking you don’t think there was some fine display of speed there. And then in the latest release, rescuing sakura from sasuke, kakashi and sasuke couldn’t even sense the bloke coming. They only saw him after he caught sakura. Look at what sasuke was trying to do by the time naruto had already caught sakura. He was still swinging his kunai and kakashi was still running. He did that without sage mode. That, my friend, is insane speed there.

  162. @supertrek89: “squishes blood from both nostrels”. Shares private rare pics collection of spycam in Konoha’s kunoichi locker-room as a thank you gift.

    Well, Naruto is indeed showing a lot more speed. Could it be that he’s turning into the new Yellow Flash?

  163. what happened to sasuke’s susanoo?!? i wonder if it was itachi’s that appeared or if all susanoo have that form. i believe that the form itachi had was just a more advanced form of sasuke’s. it’s the highest, or at least a higher, level of susanoo.
    @naruto’s speed discussion: yeah, naruto has become incredibly fast and good at taijutsu. someone said that he reacts faster then kakashi. he is surely faster then kakashi, but in this case it’s not the perfect example since kakashi was slowed down because he had just used the sharingan.

    sasuke has almost become blind after having used the MS for like 5 battles(sure, he fought strong opponents but still…).
    what about itachi then? itachi had it already from part 1, so that’s at least three years. this must mean that itachi practically never used his MS. he wasn’t this blind when he died…

  164. @to63to – lol sorry I’m a huge Tobito conspiracy theorist. It’s not explicitly stated in the maga that Madara’s tech is the complete version of Kakashi’s Kamui, but you can’t deny the similarities! Here’s a link for you that I managed to dig up from IRA:

    Now this in no way is proof that Madara has Obito’s other eye, and I guess we won’t know until the mystery behind Madara is revealed. But given his penchant for scavenging Sharingans and the similarity of their techniques, I’d be willing to bet good money on Madara having Obito’s other eye.

    As for each individual MS having it’s own technique. We have only seen 2 techniques that are unique to individual MS’s and they are Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi. It’s never been stated in the manga that this is the case for absolutely every Uchiha’s Mangekyou Sharingan. Out of an entire clans worth of MS techniques. It was never stated that Kakashi’s Kamui is unique to Obito’s right eye, unless you can pull up a link that shows otherwise?


    Not only did he epicly fail, he looks like a smurf with his giant nose. XD
    Actually that whole page is an epic fail, drawing wise XD
    of coarse i couldnt do much better >_>

  166. @total: thanks for the links – I truly dig the 2nd one – Naruto was instantaneous, wasn’t he? *And* with a rasengan to boot! I’m starting to get psyched for the upcoming manga – I hope Kishi lets Sasuke and Naruto play together a while on this one 🙂

    Deathcon4:……………………Play time..-______-‘

  167. @truepain: it is stated that Itachi took no enjoyment in violence or combat, instead preferring to avoid battle or, if this was not possible, end it as quickly as he could. so wat u say is true he almost never used it.

  168. @truepain: I understand when you say that kakashi was slowed down by the mangyeko. But my point is, technically speaking, kakashi was running towards sakura, and given that naruto was nowhere near the vicinity when kakashi asked sasuke to stop( or karin and even kakashi himself would have been able to sense him coming) i’m saying that kakashi should have been able to get there before him. What’s more, i think sasuke’s reaction vs naruto’s speed should be a good analysis point. Sasuke was trying to swing his kunai to cut sakura’s boobs so she wouldn’t be able to heal it with medical ninjutsu(a little bit of humour heh). While he was swinging it kakashi was pressumably ahead of naruto. Before sasuke’s hands try to reach his destination naruto grabs her off, so fast that he was able to prevent sasuke cutting sakura and reduce the damage the kunai should have done to him for interfering to just a graze. If you watched sakura’s expression when naruto grabbed her off it was one of “oh what just happened”?. And then kakashi says “naruto”? meaning surptise and shock. What made me raise both eyebrows was naruto was not in sage mode when he did this. It’s definitely something you’ve got to give him credit for. Naruto has become very fast, and that’s something kishi wants us to realise slowly.

  169. something thats buggin me is why does shisui uchiha the only one with a unique doujutsu with his sharingan? not one other uchiha has had a unique ability while just having his sharingan.

  170. @DarkAvatar

    I saw the pic and I still don’t really see the justsus being the same.

    About the MS, it’s true I can’t prove that every MS has unique jutsus but so can’t you disprove it.I am judging from what we have seen so far and that is that every MS has unique properties(Sasuke doesn’t count because Itachi transplanted his jutsus).I,of course, may be mistaken but until someone in the manga tells us that MS aren’t unique among different members in the Uchiha clan I will stick with my version.

  171. I think that scene(with Karui) is a collection of actions(time lapse) from each of the characters where it shows the attack and the result as well. Maybe Naruto saved Sakura from hitting the wall? Sakura is tumbling on the floor though, if you look at the scene, which indicates multiple incidents of interactions not one instantaneous one(it shows the moves being fully done in one large frame).
    Now I’m not saying Naruto was not moving fast in the latest scene either, but what kind of speed are we witnessing? Is it reflexes and sprinting or someone already in mid stride? I think its hard to tell or appreciate in the last scene because he came out of nowhere(we don’t see the fight from his reference point)! For all we know, Naruto could have made bunshins and threw himself in(very unlikely). I realize that him coming out of nowhere and saving Sakura is fast, but we’ve seen many examples of characters coming out of nowhere and surprising. My point is we don’t know enough, but in the fight against Pain he showed his best display of reflexive speed and dynamic power!

  172. @To63: Lol, yeah it’s confusing. I have a theory on where the Byakugan and Sharingan came from and it’s here Check out the fifth comment.

    @Arpotu: If Naruto and Hinata start making babies he’d have a lot of influence “inside” the Hyuga Clan. 😉

    @Speed Discussion: Indeed, Naruto has grown faster and stronger like anybody would after intense training. I do believe Sage Mode makes Naruto faster too and Totalitarian gave a good example with the link to Tsunade being attacked. Though, him reaching Sakura after she was kicked doesn’t show much.

    If you notice she bounces almost 3 times before Naruto reaches her. His speed is good but any good ninja can attain that speed. As for how fast Naruto is exactly. That has yet to be shown in and out of Sage Mode. Faster than Kakashi? Doubt it. Faster than Sasuke? Doubt it even more.

  173. @visionary: I get what you’re trying to say, and you do have a point when you say there’s been many examples of characters coming out from nowhere to save the day. And true, we probably do not know enough, which i personally attribute to kishi’s idea of mischief. The thing is the detail on every reaction shown was just to obvious to deny that was just impressive speed from naruto. Sasuke,s swung kunai, kakashi’s running naruto being grazed by the kunai, these where just obvious examples to buttress naruto’s speed. It was like we were given slight clues to a tough puzzle and left to figure the answers for ourselves. It was like kishi was leaving slight detail to amazing “near-future” possibilities, especially with naruto. However, with those detail, it’s impossible to notice how fast he has become. That kunai grazing naruto was meant to be proof of his speed. It shows he was not as fast as a teleportation but was some crazy speed to reckon with. kishi making naruto arrive there in time without some sort of explanation would be him not having a concrete storyline. And the only explanation here is that naruto is fast. Simple and short.

  174. @supertrek: if your point is that naruto is slower than kakashi and sasuke normally i could agree with you. But if you include sage mode, then i’ll be more than ready for an arguement. That would mean you underestimate naruto’s sage abilities, and i’m sure you don’t or don’t intend to.

  175. And to expound on Visionary’s point we have seen others come to the rescue unnoticed and seemingly out of nowhere, but no one commented on their speed.

    And this was all 3 years ago. In other words Naruto coming to the rescue and being unnoticed is a great moment and good demonstration of speed but it’s nothing really to go on 100%.

    Oh, and Sasuke has laughed maniacally before so technically he was always crazy. >(0_0)>

    @Totalitarian: Lol, I’m ready for a debate. It’s true I don’t believe Naruto is faster than Sasuke in Sage Mode. 😉 Kakashi maybe… If you think I underestimate Sage Mode then that’s ok. I just think I know its limits. Perhaps you overestimate Sage Mode? >(0_0)>

  176. @speed discussion

    I think we’ll all learn just how fast Naruto is when the anime comes out.Speaking about the anime-Pein wants the bijuu to create a jutsu that blows a lot of shit up.The whatstheirname clan from the filler have such a jutsu, so why doesn’t Pein steal it from them?

  177. @supertrek: Yes, but even you know those are under very different circumstances. If you look carefully at the circumstances under which naruto arrived and saved sakura and those that prompted the arrivals of those characters, they are very different. Fine, visionary has a point, characters do arrive in time to save the day, but look carefully at naruto’s and the detail. I guess if you analyse every detail you’ll see they are completely different circumstances. It’s like kishi was inviting us to see how fast naruto was. With sasuke especially, the timeframe between which he rose his arm and swung his kunai was enough time for naruto to snatch sakura out of sasuke’s grasp…and not just that, he was also grazed with it, to show us at least that he was fast enough to prevent sakura from being struck down. These detail set the circumstances apart and highlight on naruto’s speed.

  178. what supertrak said is 100% true: you can’t judge a character’s speed when they come to the rescue. still, this doesn’t mean that naruto is slower then sasuke
    sasuke is fast but i think that naruto in sage mode is faster.
    naruto in sage mode is in a state where the user’s physical strength, speed, stamina, and durability drastically increase. sasuke on the other hand is in a normal state. his advantage is the sharingan which, combined with his fast reflexes, lets him dodge attacks since he sees the movements in advance. he might be fast, but he’s only in a normal state.

  179. @supertrek: You seriously think sasuke is faster than naruto in sage mode? Ok lets review the possibilities of that
    Now look at sasuke’s position before he gets close to deidara. He close and only then does he draw his sword, to slash tobi, giving deidara enough time to jump. And even i personally belief tobi allowed that to happen just because he knew sasuke’s effort to cut him was futile. Now chew on this for dinner.
    Naruto was way behind tsunade, way behind that the anbu guy who was jumping should have gotten to tsunade before naruto did. Now demon realm was close enough that his hand was right on her face and he was thinking “oh yeah, at long last those tits are mine”. And then with his hand about to to what it does best naruto comes, not from nowhere this time, but from behind, with a rasengan in hand smashing the pervert to the ground. Remember sasuke did not arrive close to deidara and madara with his kusanagi in hand or with a chidori in hand, he arrived there and tried drawing his sword and then cut madara, whom in my opinion allowed that if deidara was able to jump away. In naruto’s case, demon realm did not even have time to react. It was instantaneous, sudden and lightning quick. i think you should judge that justly and then come back here.

  180. @supertrek89: You’ve just brought on the biggest debate of your life! You are so wrong! Naruto would be so much like Goldmember on his ass! He did it to Pain!

    What I’m more curious about is Naruto vs. Raikage!!!

  181. Wait….could someone tell me why my comments are awaiting moderation?

  182. too big break it into pieces

  183. @Totalitarian and Pain: Lol, alright let’s do this! XD Ok, you bring up that link to Tsunade being saved and as I said before it’s a good demonstration of Naruto’s speed. Once again though, it’s another “save in the nick of time” scene where we don’t know the total circumstances of the rescuer. We don’t know when Naruto moves or how exactly far away he was. I tried to break it down in here.

    Notice Naruto was well aware Demon Realm was about to attack before he even did so. Which indicates he must have already been heading Tsunade’s way as fast as he could while both Tsunade and Pein exchanged words. It’s not like Naruto came from the frog to Tsuande’s rescue just as Demon Realm attacked. He was already headed that way.

    About Naruto’s speed in Sage Mode, I’m sure it increases his speed but it hasn’t been said to do so. It affects ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu but it’s not known for increasing speed.

    If we’re talking about speed then look at this.

    Lol, now that’s lighting quick and Naruto was looking right up at him. 😉 Now we both know they’ve both gotten stronger since then but I believe we all know Sasuke was better than Naruto back then.

    Even if Sage Mode did boost Naruto’s speed drastically (which nowhere in the manga does it state to do so) then it would have had to surpass Sasuke’s speed beforehand and after all his fights.

    And- Ah, dammit I have to go. Lol, I’ll finish my points later tonight. *_*

    @Visionary: Wait, what are we debating!? O_O

  184. hey everyone! first time posting on wra! ive been following the manga breakdowns for a good while now so i finnally got off my lazy butt and decided to join.

    so just finished reading the last chapter and was pleasently impressed. sure i wish there was more of a fight between sasuke and kakashi but.. meh id rather just get to naruto vs sasuke ^_^

    speaking of which, narutos entance was HELLA EPIC! second only to his arrival during the pain arc! the only thing that would put it at number 1… sage cloak… DAMNIT KISHI GIVE HIM BACK THE CLOAK!!!

    @visionary: yeah i think naruto vs raikage would be a way better speed battle than naruto vs sasuke/kakashi

    Welcome to posting. We love opinions and debate here and you are among friends. 😀
    Hope to hear from you when the next breakdown is posted (Saturday sometime…) –Penny

  185. @Supertrek89: Naruto in sage mode is faster than Sasuke. Sasuke is slower than the Raikage who I believe is more in Naruto’s category of speed. I gave a funny example before but don’t get me started! In case you hadn’t figured he was able to surprise a more experienced fighter(Pain) with a kick(he almost didn’t block it). But, honestly, the Raikage fight says it all…And on top of that that comment on how fast Sasuke is…C’mon! It was the wood guy! He’s sloooooow! His primary is week to Sasuke’s in so many ways! >_>; It’s like somebody’s grandmother saying how fast they are. “Damn wipper snappers!”

  186. @supertrek: Excuse me, but i’m curious as to how you’re convinced naruto was already headed that way when he got to tsunade. Now that’s you robbing naruto of his well deserved skills broad daylight, and i’m absolutely glad you’re not the author of naruto. if i recall correctly naruto was still a little confused, thinking and listening to what tsunade said. Nowhere in that episode did they show naruto “already on the move” while demon realm was ready to crush tsunade. And even if he was really “on the move” the mere fact he was able to arrive there before the ANBU guy who was definitely “on the move” is absolutely something. About you saying it was not said anywhere in the manga, it was said in narutopedia at least. Here.
    Unless you give me something to make you feel you’re right and narutopedia’s wrong.

    Speaking about the so called sasuke’s speed, yes i agree, he was fast……but then someone who was able to get somewhere in a split second with rasengan in hand and in that same split second smash his enemy in pieces earns my pass mark for ‘insane speed”.
    conclusion, naruto’s faster than sasuke in sage mode.

    i understand that you naturally prefer sasuke over naruto, but you also understand sasuke’s too emo to cloud your judgement, right?

  187. OH NO, we’ve lost Super to Sasuke’s emo powers T_T

  188. @Visionary: Yes, Sasuke is slower than the Raikage but we don’t know how fast Naruto is compared to the Raikage because…well they never fought.

    Yamato (the wood guy) wasn’t the only one surprised by Sasuke’s speed.

    And if you go to the page before that you can also see Naruto is caught off guard by his speed. As for the kick to Pein they were already in close combat when that happened.

    @Total: Lol, whoa now slow it down. I’m not robbing Naruto of anything I’m just breaking down the panels. 😉

    First off as it clearly shows Naruto was well aware of Pein’s intentions which gave him ample time to move. Why would Naruto just stand there knowing his Hokage is about to be attacked? Does that sound like something Naruto would do? Look how he reacted when he saw the Kumo ninjas on the offense.

    As you can see when Naruto notices his friends are in danger he immediately acts not just stands around and waits for them to be attacked. Obviously he made his move over to Tsunade beforehand but you don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to. It’s just what I see happening while you see Naruto instantly making it over to Tsuande from atop the frog in a split second. Which also means he waited for Tsunade to be attacked before he moved even though he was already aware. I guess it’s a matter of perspective.

    Secondly…you just provided me a fan based source…no further comment on that.

    I already stated I believe Naruto’s speed increases with Sage Mode. I just don’t think it gives him the edge over Sasuke’s speed and that the speed increase is not “drastic”. As it still states in the manga (not Wiki) all Sage Mode improves are ninjutsu, genjutsu, and hand-to-hand combat (strength). Not speed.

    Last but not least I do like Sasuke but that doesn’t come into my decision of who’s faster. XD I like Sasuke over Madara and I know Madara would whoop his ass. If we were talking about strength I’d give it to Naruto. I honestly believe Sasuke is faster than Naruto (in or out of Sage Mode). Bring in Kyubi Mode and you might win me over. Is that good enough for you? 😉

    *gives in to emo-no-jutsu* @_@

  189. I finally made an account just to say, Naruto in sage mode is still being way undervalued by too many people. I assume its because we’ve only really seen him use it against one person, but that person happen to be pain, who before getting his ass handed to him by Naruto both physically and mentally covered ever other opponent in rape sauce. Naruto in sage mode is faster than Sasuke, its a physical state Sasuke can’t achieve, sasuke relies on his sharingan to react faster, but in terms of raw speed vs naruto in sage mode, I think Naruto is well beyond Saskue.

    @supertrek89: did you miss the box that says “hand to hand skills” pretty sure those include speed =D Hand to Hand skills only amounting to strength seems a little one sided if favor of your argument. Link me a manga panel that states hand to hand skills get a serious power up from only increased strength…

    would you say rocklees hand to hand skills are only due to increased strength?

  190. @supertrek89: I was mocking your reference that you posted of Yamato(the wood guy) saying how fast Sasuke is, and if you say, “Well Sakura mentioned it too.” I will just look at you. o.O Two idiots agreeing still doesn’t change the fact that they’re idiots. I hope Naruto breaks his sword!!! Especially now because you brought up that scene! Pray for your Emo-Boy!…pray! (>_<;

  191. @Devour: That’s a mighty good point regarding Rock Lee’s taijutsu skills. His taijutsu was trained for speed and power though. Naruto’s “hand to hand” combat was trained for technique (Sage Arts) and strength. I don’t believe hands have anything to do with a person’s speed. I run track, trust me I know this. I have a few friends who takes martial arts and I can dust them all in a 100 meter sprint easily. Hand to hand combat does not equal speed. >(0_0)>

    Let’s compare translations.

    I do believe Pa Frog was referring to increasing Naruto’s hand-to-hand skills and not his speed. Maybe the speed of how fast he could punch someone?

    @Visionary: Surely Sakura has no common sense but we have to admit she’s a great student and analytical on the battlefield as proven in the Sasori fight.

    I’m confident in saying she can judge someone’s speed just fine and Yamato too. He is a jounin assigned to Team 7 after all. *stares back* o_@

  192. @speed debate: to me, if sage mode drasticlly increases strength then why wouldn’t it increase speed? if naruto can upchuck a rhino into the strasosphere using the sage charkra to enhance his arm muscles, then couldn’t he do the same to his legs and feet to make him move faster?

  193. @supertrek89: pretty sure hand to hand combat includes kicking, I’m also positive all sprinters strength train their legs to sprint faster, because speed normally increases with strength, at least in the real world. My point is I think Pa Frog is referring to increasing Naruto’s hand-to-hands skills because sage mode increase all physical ability, and from the changes I’ve seen in naruto while in sage mode it seems to include both a “serious power up” in strength and speed. My prediction is as we see more fights with Naruto in sage mode his increased speed and strength will become even more apparent and hopefully commented on in manga.

  194. @debate

    Naruto’s speed did increase drastically as seen when he fights laserhead pain. On that note though, its not true that the stronger you are the faster you are. Look at all the people in the strongest man competition, they arent super fast, they are in fact slow as hell

  195. @amar: true but sage mode doesnt give you any extra physical mass that slows you down either. which is why he uses sage chakra to inhance his leg muscles to move way faster

  196. sorry for the double post, and for repeating past arguments, but yea, my conclusion is that, we can’t yet determine who is faster, per say, but we definitely can know that its close

  197. @Supertrek89: I believe their comments were reactionary to what they just witnessed. Not an analysis of how he compares to others. These two are also getting smacked around… In reference to the Tsunade rescue scene, Naruto was at a complete stand still when he decided to move which was in cue with when Pain launched his attack at Tsunade. It is very clear that he has insane speed which also supports the fact that Naruto(sage) has been able to throw moves that were hard to track vs. Sasuke…ehhh…I just don’t recall Sasuke throwing moves that were hard to track by high level opponents. Maybe you can help me?

  198. I will however point out that in the narutoverse sakura’s strength doesn’t = speed because she has learned how to build up chakra in her fists alone to increase striking power, however Naruto’s chakra from sage mode increases through out his body which means his increased strength should also increase his speed insofar as leg strength allows one to move faster.

  199. @Blog: Lol, since I’m debating the entire blog at this point and it’s to much hassle to start naming names.

    Naruto did become stronger and does become stronger in Sage Mode and in doing so his legs do become stronger, but it’s not area specified enhancement. A swimmer has strong legs but he’s better at swimming than running. A martial artists have strong legs but he’s better at fighting than running. A boxer has strong legs but he’s better at throwing punches than running. I’m not saying they’re slow I’m just pointing out just because they train their legs doesn’t mean they’ll get drastically faster than they normally are already.

    Again, I’m in complete agreement with the fact Naruto has become stronger and faster. I believe I’ve stated that multiple times already. I don’t think Sage Mode “drastically” increases his speed though. Just his strength as pointed out in the links. Just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you’re fast as Omar pointed out. A thrower (throwing the shot put) is not as fast as a sprinter (100 meeter dash) just because the thrower has stronger legs. It matters what training you do. Naruto was more trained for strength rather than speed. Enhancing his body would make him faster nothing to serious like one upping Sasuke.

    @Visionary: I don’t think Pein had a hard time tracking Naruto’s taijutsu. He blocked the kick right? Then Naruto’s strength sent him flying.

  200. @super: i see your point but its just an assumption to say that sage mode gives naruto a bigger boost in strength than speed sence it doesnt say that anywhere. yes narutos training is more strength oriented and sasukes is more speed oriented. and as such sasuke has the edge over naruto in speed. but sasuke cant do sage mode to increase ALL his atributtes like naruto can. if narutos strength was 5 and his speed was 2 , and sage mode gives a +10 to all attributes then his strength becomes 15 and speed becomes 12. i guess it all comes down to whether or not you believe sage mode increases everything equally

    and lol. your doing a fine job on taking on the entire blog so far. time for the ulysses s grant stradagy!! send wave after wave of troops until you finally give up! O_O

  201. @King: Does that make me Robert E. Lee? X_X I’m doomed no matter what I do then, but at least I got my point across to someone! @_@

    *prepares for surrender*

    Lol, it kinda makes sense. I’m Robert E. Lee defending the not so liked side (Sasuke) and the massive Northern army (Naruto supporters) are just building up. I’m about to sneak over enemy lines…>_>

  202. well dont get me wrong i still think naruto is faster than sasuke in sage mode, if only by a little. but if by some 1 in 100 chance he isnt, then he could always go sage-kyuubi mode ^_^ now i KNOW you don’t want to start a debate there

  203. @Super
    We have intelligence you know…kind of… 🙂

    General, two new trees have shown in the last hour. Shall we trim them a bit with a few cannon shots…

    Hmmm…Yeah…good night…

  204. Naruto + Sage Mode + Kyuubi Mode. Well done. ~_~

    *takes off tree disguise and surrenders before he’s blown to pieces*

    I’m done. You all can get in the last words while I eat this muck you call prison food. X_X

  205. ah well that was fun! dont worry super. we wont make you eat prison food…we’ll just put you in a cell with a crying sakura for a whole day til you chew your arm off ^_^

    can’t wait for next weeks emo no jutsu vs. instantfriend no jutsu
    its on like donkey kong!!!

  206. @Supertrek: “No soup for you!” LOL! I actually like Sasuke. I like that he has so much pride in his technique and clan. He has a sense of style and he gets all the girls. I would like him just as much as Naruto if he weren’t so emo! I believe that Naruto will make Sasuke good again, but I’m afraid the inner emo in him will have him getting in trouble again…But to infuriate you further(j/k) allow me to at least acknowledge Sasuke’s speed as being at Kakashi’s level. *Visionary clinches eyes and waits for explosion* (>_<; <__>;

  207. @supertrek: No matey, that’s not enough for me. i can clearly see your biased love for sasuke has clouded your judgement if you seriously think naruto is not faster than sasuke in sage mode. I personally think there’s no point in carrying this further because the evidence here is impressively clarified to prove what i say. Naruto is faster than sasuke in sage mode.

  208. @everyone: the new breakdown is out and published:

  209. @Total: Lol, alright whatever makes you happy. XD

  210. @ debate I do think naruto is faster then sasuke but i gotta say this has hard to tell because they haven fought recently. Also everytime we see naruto use the super speed he is coming from a high vantage point(the bridge was above kakshi,sasuke and sakura during this battle). i dont know but it seems to me like it is faster to run and jump then to stay on the same terrain and go get em. i gotta say im on super side just because the main example being used in the pain fight shows his movement while they are talking… the panel where naruto is realizing what is happening has movement lines in the background. kishi only has those lines when some kind of movement is happening not when some one is realizing something. but still i think is not as fast as naruto

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