Fairy Tail 172 Breakdown… Back in Business!

Hello everyone! This is BBGurly14 bringing you this week’s breakdown of Fairy Tail. I’ve had a week few days off from school and thought maybe I should do something productive… for example the FT BD!

To start off–I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! I’m sure some of you enjoyed the time spent with your loved one(s) and got a big box of chocolates along side that fluffy teddy bear, candle light dinner made just for two, right? And then the rest of you received the classic valentine’s day card from your parents saying how much they love and miss you, Oh and don’t worry about so-n-so you were better off without them, go enjoy the day with your other single friends. Love, Mom and Dad…. Yeah I’m sure a few of you have been there before… >_>

*Ahem* Anyway….So it’s been a pretty long time since the last FT breakdown, so very quickly I will explain what’s been going on in a nutshell:

1- Nirvana was defeated

2-Gerard was arrested

3-Lucy gained 3 more golden zodiac keys

4-Wendy joined Fairy Tail

5-We got to meet Gildarts

6-Gildarts got beaten up by a black dragon

7-Gazille wants a Kitty cat XD

8-Mistgun was actually the one who helped Wendy, not Gerard.

9-An Anima sucked up FT into a parallel world known as Edras

10-Natsu, Wendy, Charlie, and Happy were the only ones who remained on Earthland

11-Happy and Charlie are originally both from Edras (Happy has no memory)

12-The four fly to Edras through the anima

13-We see the Edras version of Fairy Tail and its members

14-Erza is one of the enemies.

15-The king of Edras is King Faust who wants an eternal supply of magic

16-FT will be turned completely into magic in four days

17-Neither Natsu or Wendy can use their magic

18-Scary-Lucy joins the group and now they are on their way to get some magic.

And that pretty much sums up the last… 16 chapters ^___^


So the chapter starts out with the gang walking through Luen Town in search for magic. Until recently, magic was commonly used and traded, that was until the MAN came in and took away those privileges– of course T__T When Wendy asked what people who can use magic naturally do, we discover that no one in Edras is actually capable of using magic naturally, their “magic” is a combination of a lachryma and some type of weapon.

So that means Edras Lucy is: illiterate, poor, and is not naturally magically gifted...

Apparently Scary-Lucy isn’t rich, doesn’t like writing, nor does she use celestial keys, but she still has her loud personality according to Natsu. Speaking of Natsu, anyone else getting a feeling that perhaps Scary-Lucy likes him? Idk, maybe it’s all the blushing and avoiding eye contact that has me suspicious… O__o

Usually I would go for a guy in uniform... but these are a little too far out there

Moving on! Why hello Royal Army of 10 men. 10 men… seriously? Usually when I hear ARMY I think of a large group of soldiers consisting of more then just 10 guys. Oh look here’s a perfect opportunity to test out the new magical equipment. Natsu uses Flamethrower! The Royal Army used Protect! Flamethrower had no effect. Wendy is confused! Wendy used Whirlwind! Oh no, she attacked herself in confusion!

We're blasting off again! -___-

Hiding out in a shack after their narrow escape, they hear the voices of the royal army soldiers and upon closer inspection they see none other Lucy Heartfilia herself! Natsu rushes out to help, but surprisingly Lucy calls out Scorpio, who quickly knocks the soldiers away. With another fresh wave of soldiers heading their way, it is up to Lucy to take out the trash. Lucy calls out Aries (who is so cute btw) and uses Wool Bomb to distract attack the soldiers @___@ I was secretly hoping that Lucy would call out Loki, I wanted to see him again TT___TT   LOL Natsu’s jealous… you can tell

Turns out Lucy’s Grandfather clock spirit saved her by putting her in a separate space, right before the town was sucked into the anima. There she met Mistgun, who told her what was going on and then sent her to Edras. We still don’t know why Lucy can use magic while the others can’t, hopefully that will be explained soon. But either way Lucy’s ready for the upcoming battle! Fairy Tails strongest mage (for the time being) can take care of this, even if her fellow comrades aren’t as enthusiastic as she is, minus Wendy that is ^__^

I don’t know about all of you, but I’d be pretty worried if I were Natsu getting ready to take on the royal army and Erza with no magical power… well besides Lucy. We have seen from the Nirvana arc that her limit of summoning spirits is at 4 before she collapses. Maybe if Natsu eats a Lachryma he will gain his fire magic back.

And that about wraps up this weeks breakdown! I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that next weeks “Fireball” chapter will have the alternate Natsu appear. Any other ideas?

Oh one last thing: BUBBLE CAPTIONS! Here’s the scene– Have fun =)

Well everyone, thanks for putting up with me! ^__^ let me know how I did on my first attempt at a breakdown please! (but don’t be too rough on me >.<)


~ by bbgurly14 on February 19, 2010.

12 Responses to “Fairy Tail 172 Breakdown… Back in Business!”

  1. First! Awesome job BB! @_@ can’t wait till the next FT chapter!

  2. 2nd! Great job BB! Thanks to you Fairy Tail came back to this blog!

  3. 3rd! It’s really nice to have a FT breakdown here every now and then so thanks you very much =)

  4. OMGZ, thank you so much BB I didn’t see this coming! XD Great breakdown but I don’t think Aries looks cute. She’s sexy as hell! ^_^

  5. Finally! New breakdown!
    Thanks bbgurly14. You did a great job. :Thumps up:

    I believe that this arc will be very fun, I love Lucy’s actions and I hope too that we will soon see Loki.

  6. @cumulusbg – forget loki scorpio is way cooler!!! we need to see him in some real action!! <_< it has nothing to do with my name or zodiac lmao. Also mist gun must must be from that place since he looks just like gerard.

  7. @Scorpion Legacy
    Nice thinking for Mistgun! Maybe because of that mist gun is good, and Gerard bad guy.

    Scorpio is maybe stronger, but Loki is somehow…. more sensitive.
    We have a background story for him, but for Scorpio, we only knew that his girlfriend is Aquarius.

  8. Fairytail 173 is out!
    guess what most people predicted was right =D
    great breakdown btw BB =)
    and yeh i’de prefer loki over scorpio but there both kool =P

  9. Loki didn’t show up. 😦

  10. @ cumulusbg: Yeh its a shame 😛
    BB You better continue this breakdowns cus you rock!! =D
    gotta say i really like this arc,.. but with fairy tale in my opnion the ending of most of the arcs really suck there just too quick and it doesnt seem to be worked out really good, no concequences for the future or anything… Well this might just be me but what are you guys thinking?

  11. I’m thinking Fairy Tail is at a low but Lucy is so freaking hot! @_@ I wish the Earthland people could still use their magic. That’d make this arc 10x better.

  12. @everyone
    thank you guys! glad you all liked the breakdown! Unfortunately I wont be able to get a breakdown out for this week, but I’ll be back next week ^__^

    Scorpio’s cool, but not as cool as Loki. Maybe if Scorpio looked more like a human, i would like him better XD Loki’s such a ladies man @___@

    WTF IM SO MAD LOKI DIDNT COME OUT! who’s he on a date with anyway!?
    YAYYYYYYYY! Im so glad we got to see EdoNatsu!!!! He looks so badass I cant wait to see him in action.

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