Naruto Shippuuden 147 Breakdown. Is that a bomb in your back? O_o

Hello to everyone at WRA and welcome to another weekly anime breakdown. Firstly, I would like to wish you all a happy Valentines Day for Sunday and I hope you all had a great time with the people you care about.

For those who don’t have that someone special in your life just yet, I hope some secret admirer made your day or perhaps you made it special for someone else. 😉

Naruto knows how to get some luuuurrrvvv. ^ ^

Moving along, and with Valentines as our motivating theme, we arrive at our next step along the journey of our ever expanding filler arc, only love is a force that is largely suppressed between the likes of Utakata and Hotaru, but there is hope for them yet.

I have to say, as interesting as this filler arc is, and this episode doesn’t fail to interest, it is also starting to slow down somewhat in terms of its overall pace. This episode in particular was a bit lacking in the department of excitement, even though there were a lot of details that kept things moving along by holding one’s attention through the plot, rather than pure flashy entertainment.

However, it does raise the question of how much further we can expect this particular arc to still carry out.

Oh boy. The animators have really gotten sloppy if they forgot to colour in the lions. >_<

In fact, if you want anything flashy, the only real action we see takes place very early on, as Sai and Naruto intercept the hidden mist shinobi holding the focus of their mission captive in the form of Hotaru, who seems to be taking the role of ‘damsel in distress’ a little bit too seriously lately.

Yamato seems content to just allow his two subordinates to have free reign for a moment, almost as though he wanted to see how the hidden mist shinobi reacted to maybe get a better idea of their intentions, but shortly afterwards he reels the two boys in and lets diplomacy take its course once he realized Hotaru was not the focus of their visitors’ goals. Of course, they all realize that Utakata is, in fact their true target.

Wow, when the weather broadcast mentioned that there would be isolated thunder showers today, they really meant it.

We are then brought to the arrival of the commander of our group of mist shinobi who rains in on everyone’s parade and decides to try and negotiate Hotaru’s release in exchange for Utakata’s capture.

Yamato, being a diplomat and realizing that Hotaru and their mission to protect her must come before Utakata’s own safety, gladly accepts the invitation to end things peacefully. Of course, their exchange doesn’t go unnoticed, as a hidden figure watches from the distance as the two groups negotiate their terms.

This is 'Hide and Seek' taken to a whole new level.

Now, this is where things really get interesting as many things are revealed in the discussion that follows, first between Yamato and this mysterious commander and then between Utakata and the same man, who he presumably knows if their familiarity with one another is anything to go by.

Utakata reminisces with a familiar figure from his painful past.

What makes this scene especially interesting is the conflicting viewpoints shared between Utakata and this mystery man that clearly appears to know him quite intricately. For one thing, they both seem to have contradicting accounts as to the intentions of Utakata’s master, with regards to the strange ritual all witnessed in his flashbacks.

Utakata himself claims that his master was trying to kill him and the bijuu he hosts, while his older company claims that his master was, in fact, trying to save him by separating him from his Bijuu.

The man then tries to convince Utakata that the village that persecuted him and used him as a weapon has now changed from the place that was once heralded as the “blood mist village”. What I find somewhat in contradiction to the man’s claims is that he tries to convince Utakata of how the village has changed so much but then proceeds to mention how they would not kill the young host only because of his status as a Jinchuuriki and his importance to their military power.

Is this a master's attempt to save his student? Or are the intentions behind such an act far more sinister?

To me, it just sounds like all of Utakata’s worth as an asset to his village, is merely as a weapon and a tool rather than as a human being. The only reason he is being offered life, is because of his power. This kind of perception sounds very familiar in respect to the treatment of all Jinchuuriki.

You are either a weapon, or just a curse. We’ve seen both sides of that spectrum with Naruto and Gaara before and it is always the same when it comes to those who are afflicted with the curse of carrying a bijuu. The question we need to ask now, is whether this offer of redemption is truly genuine, or if it is simply a trap to draw Utakata into complacency.

Oh god... not the puppy dog eyes. T__T

After some discussion, a compromise is eventually drawn that involves the Konoha team keeping both Hotaru and Utakata for the time being, the latter more for the purpose of ensuring that Hotaru doesn’t try to escape looking for her self-proclaimed master.

Once their mission is complete, Utakata would once again be subject to pursuit without any interruption.

Once that is settled, Naruto and company head out again to find a safe place to keep Hotaru guarded, only this time with Utakata in tow as well.

Naruto reminisces about his own master, and how the man became a father figure to him.

The conversation between Naruto and Hotaru that followed was a bit sad and, in a way, I think it was introduced as a way to remind us about Jiraiya’s fate and to bring us back to the main story for a moment. It felt a bit uneasy listening to him talk about out favorite old pervert like his father knowing that Naruto will eventually learn that the very person he cherishes so much died at the hands of Pein.

It serves to bring our minds out of the filler for a moment and back to a sense of a bitter and cold reality. Luckily, the moment doesn’t last too long and we are quickly distracted again by another final twist in our tale.

OMG!!! That mole is so huge, it has its own circulatory system!!! O__O

Now, this last screen brings me back to one of the comments posted on the previous breakdown where accordionninja suggested that Hotaru was the bomb herself.

Well, all I can say is that “a bomb” is exactly what that thing in Hotaru’s back looks like, so a good call on the theory goes to accordingninja for that suggestion. However, even still, I think having a poll is a good idea to get an idea if everyone else feels the same way.

Utakata's eyes fall empty, his heart overburdened by bitterness and grief as he sees in Hotaru the same pain that encumbers his own soul as well.

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and didn’t get up to anything too naughty. <_<

Caption Contest Winner:

3rd) DarkAvatar: “Yes, Hotaru, I’m a fully qualified proctologist. No need to worry!”

2nd) Kisuzachi: “Disney XD will never air us after this episode Hotaru” Hotaru: “This isn’t 4kids Utakata-sama”

Tigerpalm: Will this qualify me into the mile high club?

Well done to the top three. ^ ^

Here is this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*

I hope everyone enjoyed the episode for those who watched. For those who didn’t, shame on you, but thanks for reading.

Here’s a preview for next weeks episode.

See you next time. ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 15, 2010.

42 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 147 Breakdown. Is that a bomb in your back? O_o”

  1. FIIIRST! *does dance*

  2. Oh joy, a new breakdown. I hope in the next few episodes we get to see some bijuu action accompanied with huge explosions.

    Seeing that “bomb” thing on Hotaru makes me think she is a secret member of HAMAS and she is going to blow a Kage up.

  3. Third! Not only to comment, but caption too:)

  4. Caption: “I think he’s finally starting to get it…bout time too. We only cut his power supply half an hour ago.”

  5. First of all, I gotta say that I didn’t feel that the filler lost its fast pace. I think this episode was quite equivalent in speed and cool new interesting things.

    What I was wondering about the most however was Yamato’s politics. I found it really strange that all of the Konoha nins immediately attacked the Oi-Nins because they – same as their ANBUs – belong to the government of another Hidden Village. Didn’t anyone think about that those attacks could produce turmoils and riots?
    Of course, later Yamato said always “we don’t want a war with Kirigakure, so we should handle it like this and that”. But I already thought that in the very beginning when Naruto attacked one of them with a Rasengan.
    Anyone else on my side?

  6. Great job Tenny.
    I’m afraid of the end of this filler. Utakata will lose his Six-Tailed Slug and maybe die, but I think Hotaru might die too. She might die getting killed by an Akatsuki member or by having that jutsu in her back taken out.

  7. Caption: Naruto: Oh Mah Gawd, when will Kishi realize that THIS IS NO PLACE TO STORE HIS STUUUUPID SHADOW HANDS! I mean seriously! They make a mockery of the way I keep this place all tidy…and he goes and messes it all up! I swear…

  8. I’m doing two just because I’m not sure if that is a hand or not…

    Caption: Yes, that’s enough power! GAWD! I don’t want to be mistaken for Mr. Emosuke

  9. Caption:” I hope I give you indigestion, you twat.”

    Caption 1.02:
    “And he thought taking her out on a dinner on candles would be romantic.”

  10. where the hell have you been naru O_O


  11. Before I run away with Ahsan since I don’t watch fillers and therefore, have no real comment to make…

    CAPTION! (Yay)

    Utakata: “Th-this…power…are you sure your real name doesn’t rhyme with carrot?”

    *runs away*

  12. CAPTION (Don’t necessarily want to win and impossible NOT to write)

    Utakata’s master: “Th-this… power… it’s… OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!“

  13. CAPTION 2 (Practically identical)

    Utakata’s master: “Th-this… power… it’s… OVER 9000!!!“

  14. You never know … if this filler ends short, they might introduce another bijuu filler right after it … hopefully one that involves the 7-tails bijuu host, yess … XD And, Naruto might not even be in it, it might be Sasuke that interacts with her.
    That’d be a cool idea, to have Sasuke instead of Naruto in a filler for once.

  15. @Nagashi: That would really be cool, indeed!!!

    @pickles: I’m sorry, I don’t get it: What are you aiming at with the “rhyme with carrot”? I’m too blonde… 😦

  16. @nagashikage

    Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. Kisame has already said that there are only three Bijuu left to be captured and sealed by Akatsuki. Those three would be Naruto, Bee and Utakata.

    If you want to know where he said that, just look at the last episode before the fillers started.

  17. @Aeris: Carrot…Kakarot…Goku…power over 9000…see where I’m going? =P

  18. @Aeris and Pickles: I got it right away! 😛 And that’s where I got my caption from. *eats Pickles but then spits him out since I don’t like pickles*

  19. *Runs from filler with the fleeing crowd*

    Caption: Yes, flicking the switch turns the light off…

  20. Okay, the other two captions don’t count!

    Caption(final): Utakata: Sup Hotaru? Like that tail? Huh? I think it makes me look hot :3

  21. Great job Tenrai!

    @Dragon: DAMN YOU!!! You took the first idea that popped in my mind! XD

    @Aeris: I agree, but I’m not surprised Naruto and Sai didn’t think things all the way through in that situation. They had a mission to protect the girl so they took action. Their perspective didn’t go beyond the mission unlike Yamato’s who’s more experienced and knew this could escalate into something more.

    @Nagashikage: Hell yeah, 7 tail Bijuu FTW!!!

    *looks out for Kisu to pop in and tell him the gender is still unconfirmed* -_-

    @Anyone: One thing I found hilarious is Naruto contradicting his entire mission to get Sasuke back from Orochimaru in this filler. Eh? What could I possibly be talking about?

    “If you’ve already decided you want to be his student then who cares?”

    Oh really Naruto? Lol, then I guess Sasuke deciding he wanted to be Orochimaru’s student was the decision he made and should stick by it (which he did). You had no business trying to dissuade him all along and furthermore from what you’re telling Hotaru you encourage decisions to stick with the master one picks. Yet, you were you chasing after Sasuke all along telling him to not follow under Orochimaru and now you’re saying, “who cares?” XD

    I don’t blame Naruto, I blame the filler or translation. This amounts to one thing.


    Caption: Red Bull, it gives you Bijuu like power.

  22. “That’d be a cool idea, to have Sasuke instead of Naruto in a filler for once.”

    THIS… I knew that they would definitely get another filler in before the Naruto/Pain fight, and knowing that Sasuke dominated the manga up until that point I was fully expecting a filler focusing on him… wishful thinking…

    Seriously though this filler is even worse than the Sora Arc… These skirmishes between Ukataka and the bandits and then these water nin… some of the worst sequences of animation i have ever seen… I lol’ed at a few points where there was supposed to be “suspense,” etc…

  23. @Super: Damn you too, Super, damn you too. XD 😛

  24. @Trek: Yeah, of course Sai and Naruto didn’t think it through properly. But it is Yamato’s duty to prevent such things. Moreover, it could have been (in my eyes) a DRASTIC fault of Naruto and Sai to jump into that “conversation” of the Oi-Nins that would have caused almost a war.

    And the fact that it was Naruto’s mission to guard Hotaru…. errrrr, that doesn’t count as well. Imagine there were some Ame-Nins protecting Pain during his invasion. Would Naruto say: “Ooh, oooooh, now I get it! You’re protecting him, and that’s your mission!!! Okay, then it’s okay, go ahead and destroy us, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ll step aside.” ?? 😉

  25. I thought i’d like to mention this….

    Probably nearly everybody knows this already, but you check what the upcoming few Naruto shippuden episodes are called over on wikipedia.

    Episode 150 is called “active the forbidden jutsu”, hopefully the filler will end soon after that jutsu is activated and we can see some Pain vs Konoha action.

  26. Caption: Ukataka’s Master: Shadowy tentacles……Japanese guy……I HOPE THIS DOESN’T GO WHERE I THINK ITS GOING!!!!!

    Good breakdown Tenrai. I enjoyed your deep, often somewhat poetic, thoughts.

    I think that thing in her back IS the jutsu. It cant be a bomb because if it goes and blows up Hotaru, then the jutsu is gone forever, i think its just the scroll containing the jutsu. I like this episode because it shows that ninjas can resolve their problems without fighting, its just their job being ninjas and sometimes fighting isnt necessary. Also, I liked that my favorite village is getting some screen time (but I was hoping to get even a little info on Yagura, the Fourth Mizukage and the Three Tails’ Jiinchuriki). Now that Kirigakure is a prominent factor in this arc, I’m hoping to possibly see another Swordsman of the Mist, so far we only know 4 of them (Raiga, Zabuza, Kisame and Chojuro).

  27. @Super, time to burst ur pervy little bubble (hopefully Utakata doesn’t learn how to make these kinds lol) >8). She might be a he *laughs maniacally while watching Phineas and Ferb*

  28. @Aeris, Naruto and Sai jumping in was a good thing. Knowing Kirigakure ninjas (the Kaguya clan, Suigetsu, Zabuza and last but definitely not the least, KISAME), simply talking to them wont make them listen. Remember what the Raikage told Naruto “Ninjas respect power”, so if they came out begging, I doubt things would have gone as swimmingly as they did. Besides, its not like anyone got damaged from that little exchange.

    More importantly, I hope they show Kisame fighting Utakata and capturing him. Its the least they could do, considering the crappy end he got (my second most favorite character Kisame Hoshigaki, rest peacefully in Japanese hell, with Kirby)

  29. @Schy: You can actually check to see what EVERY SINGLE english episode will be called if you scroll down ^__^

  30. Nice one tenrai 🙂

    Caption: MuhAHAhAHAHAHa XD
    “Put your damn flashlight away, we all know u like eating ppl!!!”

  31. caption: I swear baby this never really happens!

  32. Great breakdown Senshi, like always!


    How dare you say Kirby goes to Japanese Hell! Lolz, just kiddin.

    I think you’re right about another Swordsmen. And Kisame deserves another chance! T_T I would like (Though it is impossible) this Swordsmen to actually live.


    Mysterious Man: Th-This… power…

    Naruto: Shikamaru! Stop using your new Shadow Puppets Jutsu!

  33. Meh, I have already listed and expostulated upon the many things that could have gone better in this particular arc. But truthfully, despite the insane slowness of the chapter it at least as a bit of intrigue. The characters are mature and have just an ounce of depth to at least get us to care juuuuuuust a little, if one really allows him/herself to be swept by the story. I can tell you what would set this story arc heads and tails over the rest of what we have put up with is for it to end like a Greek tragedy, what if the mission was an utter failure? Ukataka gets captures and Hotaru blows up. Yes, yes I know the writing staff just doesn’t have the balls to write a mature story line but that is the how i would turn the story. I think the main issue with these arcs is the fact that we already know mostly that naruto will save the day in the end. We know what is going to happen. The shippuden timeskip has matured the characters but not the arc writing staff. The writing has been dematured (if that is even a word) and now reads like a Saturday morning cartoon. Dang it, im not a weird violence nut, but the decapitations and serious injuries do add depth to a storyline. We can handle loss and failure, I think it makes the characters seem more human and less an archetype. Give us a protagonist that may not have serious trauma but has a measure of charm. A character does not have to have a horrible childhood to be relatable. Is that the target audience that these people go for? Does the writing staff think we are all social outcasts and will only relate to social outcasts?

    Am I the only one that feels they are being talked down to?


    -A greatly feared weapon-

  34. I have to admit-the end of episode 148 was utterly unexpected for me.Also things are starting to get somewhat interesting and the anime is definitely picking up speed.

  35. definitely. was that one of pains summons?

  36. @ultimate sharingan user:
    Yep, that’s why I was so surprised. I never watched what would happen in today’s episode and to be honest I was expecting someone else to go after the six-tails.Isn’t Naruto supposed to meet Pain in Konoha for the first time or maybe he won’t meet him now, but who knows.

  37. dammit, the anime guys screwed Kisame over. Well at least Pain gets the screen-time he so rightfully deserves. 8)

  38. @Aeris: I need the link to your German Wiki! Ich brauche den Link zu Ihrer deutschen Wiki!

    @Kisuzachi: As Kirby, are you talking about the pink ball that kicks everyone’s ass? He’ll never go to hell and if he does then he’ll just fight his way out of it! That thing’s unstoppable!

  39. @Dragon, do u have any idea how many people that pink blob ate? The only reason he’s in Japanese Hell is because they thought the best way to punish him was to put him in the same Hell with the Pokemon franchise lol

  40. Don’t diss the PKMN Franchise *3 snaps and a twist* Mhm!

  41. Pretty funny kisuzachi

  42. Great breakdown.

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