Rate this weeks manga 12/02/10

YOSH! I’m moving my post to WRA from IRA since I was recently added here and thought it would be a good thing to try out, also to see if I do as well as I did last week. First off I’d like to say I enjoyed every chapter this week (if you read my last post then you will know this only applies to Bleach, Naruto and One Piece) and there was only one downside in all 3 chapters….

My rating for bleach this week would have to be 9/10 since I enjoyed it alot and left me with this sentence in my head: OH NO HE DIDNT !!

Next is Naruto which was also a rather epic chapter, even though I knew what was going to happen because I got bored and read the spoiler, but whatever great chapter nonetheless. So basically we start off with Naruto waking back up after wussy moment passing out session and has a short convo with Cpt. Yamato, and then it’s back to Sakura’s fail crew group, and after a fight between Lee and Kiba vs Sai, Sakura interferes and they all have a nap (well it wasn’t their choice to have a nap, it twas a sleeping gas bomb innit…). To once again cut a long story short everyone has their own separate conversations, Karin has a flashback, Sasuke goes to kill her, Sakura stops him and then sucks up to him by offering to join Sasuke -_-“.

To be honest i just want to murder Sakura at this moment in time, shes reverting back to her useless whining ways, hopefully if she follows Sasuke around she will end up like Karin …

Anyway, yeah my rating for Naruto this week has to be a 7/10 (would be higher if it didnt involve Sakura being a whiney bitch).

And finally One Piece which was also a good chapter however… very sad TT_TT. Yes if you have read the chapter you will know why, it was basically a chapter to see Ace off to his death ='(, as you see in the chapter, no one is happy with what has happened and surprisingly neither is Garp, who at one point says that if he isn’t held back he will go kick Akainu’s arse (to be honest i dont blame him, i wish it was possible to kick his arse aswell -_-) So yeah, we see that nobody is happy with this, at one point Akainu is about to finish Ace off it wasn’t for Jimbei who dispite his efforts has only prolonged Ace’s death, however he did give Luffy time to say goodbye to his brother properly, I will be honest i was almost crying as I read more of this chapter lol, and I never cry at things like this ='(

So yeah there’s not much to go into detail about here, we basically just saw Ace collapse into Luffy and eventully his vivre card runs out. Just vanishes. Bad times. Yeah, from then on we see Luffy crying and shouting … alot as well as a short flashback of how Ace said he was never going to die… to be honest i can only see one good thing coming out of this… that Luffy is going to get soo pissed hes going to go all Jackie Chan on Akainu’s ass.

So yeah my rating for this weeks one piece is 8/10, it was a good chapter, however it made me very sad.

SO THEN THATS IT !!!! Feel free to discuss in the comments and give me some feedback on how the post was, would like to know if i did well =P.

Cya in the comments folks…


~ by Captain Awesome on February 14, 2010.

10 Responses to “Rate this weeks manga 12/02/10”

  1. First -_-

    I’m back on the Blog one day and I already have a “first”. WTF is this MADNESS?!?!?!


  2. SECOND!!! XD

    Good job on your first post Kabuto. 😉

    ONE PIECE FTW…though Naruto and Bleach will obviously get the most votes…>_>

  3. Nice job Kabuto.
    @Super: Do you add authors or does Scorp? Just curious.

  4. By the way, what happened to the WRA chat?

  5. @Dragon: Scorp moved the chat off the blog because it was always full with viewers. >(0_0)>

    I add authors to the blog.

  6. 10/10 for One Piece for making me cry rivers of manly tears.

    Ive never cried in the other two nor have i laughed as much.

  7. Shout out to myself for thinking of this. Rating was my idea!! 🙂

  8. im with pumpkin a 10 out of 5 to one piece this week man too sad and left wandering whats next

  9. pats dean on the head* good job mate 🙂

    but then again where is the zero button ?

  10. @pumkin: manly tears ftw

    @Ahsan: i will be honest i swear i put it in xD must of been edited out by scorp or super, oh i might of just forgotten lol

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