One Piece 575 IS OUT + 574 Breakdown And Discussion! A Tribute To Ace!

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Artwork by Rei-Kibou

Yosh~~!?! Meh, I’m just not feeling overly excited today and how could I be? Welcome WRA to the saddest chapter breakdown since Bon-Chan’s sacrifice at Impel Down to see Luffy and the other escapees through the Gate of Justice. Now I’m not as prolific of a writer as Oda but I will try to make this tribute as worthy as possible in honor of Ace. Here is your chapter 574 breakdown; the death of Portgas D. Ace. T_T

Admittedly I had the hope that Ace would live even after being sucked into the spoilers. It wasn’t until after I read the chapter that I finally understood Ace was dead and gone, and he wasn’t coming back to us. We lost a good man who died far too soon so let’s now direct our sadness and turn it to anger at this man!

Yes, this man is the devil. He has no problem with killing innocents and roasting his own comrades for his dinner later tonight. This is a true bastard and Oda did a wonderful job making us love to hate him. He’s cruel, violent, despicable, vile, and a f**king dipshit but damned if he isn’t powerful. I won’t waste my energy on him though this is about someone more much more important. We’ll deal with Akainu later.

Here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP.

This is the best tribute I could find of Ace on youtube and it’s very well done. AMV by one of my favorite One Piece AMV creators MauoThunder23. There was another AMV that came at a close second and I’ll post that in the comments section. Badass One Piece Picture depicting Ace thanking Luffy for everything by DS-Hina. You know that’s sad. 😦

And on to the breakdown!

OMGZ! Nami must have Haki! *_*

Do you know what the Mogura are? They’re a ninja clan composed of moles! How awesome is that!? They were in an episode of Ninja Turtles so that makes them automatically cool in my book. Anyway, the cover picture depicts Nami baiting Luffy out (what was he doing down their?) with food and she smashes him real good. If you’re wondering where I got the above panel check out this story I’ve bet you’ve never read before. 😉

That's what devils do...>_> I'm telling you Akainu is a cannibal! ><

In the main story we get a good look at the New World pirate’s shocked expressions after they see Ace punctured through the back by Akainu (the devil). You know whose face I really wanted to see? The Shichibukai’s specifically Boa Hancock but I guess they’re not as important right now as the New World pirates who are losing a nakama. Meanwhile the whole world is looking on and even the Den Den Mushi looks shocked as hell. O_O

Oda took the personality of T-1000, added a butt load of powers, and voila you have Akainu >(0_0)>

Angered, the New World pirates lash out by bombarding Akainu in cannon shots and gun fire but of course that has no effect on the logia user. Paying no heed to the pirates lashing out at him Akainu takes the initiative to finish Ace off who’s too hurt to even turn around much less defend himself. Who comes to Ace’s rescue just goes to show you how tired Luffy truly is. All Luffy can do, or decides to do, is sit their and yell “Stop it” but it’s Jimbei who jumps in the way and blocks Akainu’s magma fist. I understand why Luffy is too tired to even defend his brother at this point, he can hardly kneel down and pick up a piece of paper. Jimbei is giving up his life too by jumping in front of Akainu though he knows he cannot win. 10+ awesomeness points for you Jimbei!

Garp wants him dead! O_O

As all of this is going on Garp has really just given up on being on the Marine’s side. At least when it comes to Luffy and Ace because he actually tries to attack Akainu but Sengoku gets in the way. Dammit, let the man loose! I wonder who’s stronger between the two. With rage fueling Garp he may break loose but at the same time I think Sengoku is the only Marine on the island who could possibly hold Garp down like that without getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter.

I think it may be illegal to throw other humans at your opponent in a pokemon battle...>_>

Before Jimbei could get another magma fist, perhaps this one fatal, Marco and Vista hop in on the offensive to attack Akainu! Woot Woot, kick his ass division captains! I’m going to take a second now to address my confusion over Haki. Clearly Akainu was just sliced through with Haki infused attacks, one through the neck and one through the abdomen. How the hell is Akainu healing after that!? I thought Haki infused attacks nullify DF abilities allowing you to hit logia users as if they were regular humans. If that’s true then shouldn’t a Haki infused sword cut Akainu like he didn’t have a logia ability? Shouldn’t he be bleeding out right now because half his neck just got chopped with a Haki slice which should have nullified his DF ability!? >< It looks like he was just cut with a regular sword and is healing right after it.

At first I thought Aokiji avoided it by opening a hole in himself. Now I think he did get stabbed but it still won't do s**t! -_-

So this is what I now think. All Haki allows you to do is hurt and touch a logia type but they can still heal up right after you damage a body part of theirs. In other words you can’t chop their head off with a Haki slice and expect them to be dead because they will just regrow another one. Sure it may hurt but it’s still pretty damn futile if you ask me. What do you all think of Haki?

Hmmm...I don't know if that's more funny or sad...o_o

Alright, on to the main focus of the chapter. You know I’ve never seen Ace and Luffy this close before in the entire manga. I’m not talking about proximity but rather brotherly affection. Is this the first time we’ve seen them hug?

I wouldn't trust a doctor wielding a sword either no matter how awesome that is.

Ace asks Luffy to forgive him for messing up the rescue because right now he’s about to die. His insides have all been burned up and there’s no way he’s coming back from that. Being the hopeful that I am I thought the burns would cauterize his wound and actually help him to heal. Sadly that was not the case. X_X

There sure are a lot of assholes out there. ~_~

Luffy reminds Ace about of his promise that he’d never die and Ace goes into a series of flashbacks to his childhood and what he had to hear every time someone talked about his father and “what if” he had an offspring. Of course Roger did have an offspring and everywhere Ace went he heard nothing but torture and death awaited the fate of such an offspring. Now here’s something interesting. Ace said he would not have wanted to live if it wasn’t for Luffy and the “Sabo thing”. What is the “Sabo thing”? An incident, a person, place? Something which may be revealed in the future along with Dadan…

As Ace dies and takes his last breathes he is content he’s dying with no regrets just like they promised each other long ago.  For him to not see Luffy become the Pirate King could have been his only regret but he quickly realizes this is Luffy he’s talking about, lol, of course he’ll become Pirate King. Ace now knows the answer to his question of whether or not he should have been born. And as his voice fades he whispers something into Luffy’s ear to tell everyone later. Then mustering up the last of his strength Ace lets everyone know how he feels…

Artwork by KyDragonblade. Very nice.

“Old man…! All you guys…!!! And…Luffy… Even though I’ve been good for nothing my whole life… Even though I carry the blood of a demon within me…!! You guys still loved… Thank you so much…!!!” (Ace’s final words)

Ace you're a true member of the D. family. T_T

And with that tears flow from even Whitebeard as Ace falls to the ground limp and his vivre card completely burns up. But Ace dies smiling showing he truly is a “D”!  The chapter ends with a collage of flashbacks of Ace promising he’d never die when he has such a weak little brother to look after and the naming of Ace as a baby. All the while Ace lies dead before his wailing brother who looks up and howls to the sky in utter despair.


So were all these chapters and last 2 Arcs a waste? After all that Ace winds up dying and so many sacrifices seem for naught. Well, How would you have felt if Ace just died and there wasn’t an epic struggle to get him back? What would it have been like if Luffy didn’t put so much at risk in order to get Ace back? The build up, the suspense, the rescue was all the lead up to the moment Ace dies in order to create the most emotional death scene possible. That’s cruel but excellent story telling in my opinion. Will Whitebeard die now? It seems kinda lame but after all that talk I see no other way. He still has his other sons to worry about and get off the island safely.

And no Ace will not come back. I think this sums it up quite nicely if he does. “What a waste of time…!!” and I mean that in the nicest way possible. That concludes the breakdown for this chapter. I already did a demotivational poster at the beginning because I thought it’d be proper to end on this.

R.I.P. Ace. You will be missed. T_T


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  1. first !!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. second!!!! i’m still hoping the tranny queen can perform one more miracle! i can’t wait though for next weeks chapter. (Whitebeard x rage)+(Luffy x rage)+(Garp x rage)= 0 marines after the battle.

  3. third….possibly th emost depressing thing i’ve ever read

  4. Fourth, jo. And good job, Super!

    I wonder what Luffy and the others will do now that Ace is down and out for good…

    I think the reason Oda made him die is to give Luffy a reason to really hate the Marines. I mean really, really hate them…especially Akainu. It could be fuel for himself. Additionally, it would mean Luffy wouldn’t have to compete against his brother for the ultimate title. Just a thought.

  5. I AMMM DEADDDD!!!!!!!

  6. luffy needs his nakama… where are they!!!

  7. Lol, poor Ace. X_X

    Here’s that second AMV I promised and this one’s short and sweet.

  8. So here’s a question. What happens to the power of the Mera Mera now that Ace is dead ?

    Here’s an idea for an epilogue – Luffy has a son after becoming Pirate King (years later after now, of course). That son, named Monkey D. Ace, in honor of his uncle, goes out on his pirate adventure. He comes across a fruit, eats it, and whaddya know, it’s none other than the Mera Mera no Mi. But it all depends on how Oda decides to explain what happens to Devil Fruit powers when the consumer dies.

  9. Wow…just wow. This was… Damn. Just when I thought OP could not possibly wring more tears out of me!

    VERY well done super. And your captions weren’t even as snarky as usual. I suppose, in the context, that makes sense.

    I agree that Garp is on the end of his rope as far as the Marines are concerned. Family is different after all and now that he saw his adoptive grandson killed before his very eyes, he’s going to go medieval on Akainu’s ass. To say nothing of Whitebeard with his ludicrously-powerful Quake Quake Fruit!

    Very nice tribute to Portgas D. Ace. But how come you didn’t include Rouge among the dead/dying D’s? She’s a D too, despite having almost no screen time!

    Did you notice that Luffy’s last expression is a lot like Chopper’s when he left Drum Island and saw the “cherry blossoms”? Makes him look very childish! 😦

    @ everyone: A lot of people are saying that this is going to trigger Luffy’s Krillen moment, where Luffy is going to lose it and pwn everyone in blind rage. Thoughts? Will Oda go down the DBZ route or will something much more tragic happen before that occurs?

  10. i dont think that luffy is going to go beserk and crush everyone. i think this is the moment where luffy fails. this whole arc has been like the “rescue robin” arc, except this time we see that luffy canot save anyone just by deciding to, and then giving it everything he has. it adds realism to the story, because it shows that luffy is not guarenteed to win in the end, he can fail, and i think this will be a huge cause of character growth for luffy. i can see him becouming more serious, now doing more then just sending people flying when he wins, and as already mentioned, he now has a serious reason to hate marines(team up with dad luffy! he hates them too!), and, similar ro how he developed gear2 and 3 to get more power after losing to the ice admiral, i think it will seriously motivate him to get stronger. but, thats in the future, right now i dont see luffy doing much, he has been through to much shit, and is way too tired. as soon as the vigor hormones run out hes going to collapse, if not die. So, RIP Ace, you were truly awesome. we will miss you.

  11. I think the mera mera fruit is lost forever…there was only one, and now that the consumer’s dead, it’ll never reappear…

    About the haki thing, I think that if a haki user hits someone who doesnt have, or doesnt know he has haki, then it damages permanently. But if the logia user also has haki, then as trek said, it damages him but doesnt do much other than annoy him(and maybe make him bleed magma).


    FUCK ODA -_-‘

  13. Poor Ace. Oh well I can just bring him back with the Dragonballs. What?!? I can’t use them because this is One Piece?!? DAMN YOU ODA! DAMN YOU!

  14. wow, you sure did a great job summing up how i feel about akainu. i don’t think that he’s the strongest adrmiral (kizaru!!!) but he’s the most evil, cruel one. i really hope he gets it. as some people said before, this is going to make whitebeard’s death pretty much (sentimentally) meanless when compared to ace’s.
    i want luffy to get up and fight but i agree with takashid, he’s just too tired.

  15. For people who are confused on the DF issue there has been evidence of Devil Fruits appearing multiple times in history. The evidence of that can be seen here where Sanji talks about reading a book on DF abilities.

    Here he knew about Absalom’s ability to turn invisible (Suke Suke no Mi) because he read about this ability before. This means someone in the past had the ability and it was recorded in this book.

    When a user eats a DF there is no identical of it in the rest of the world so only he/she has that power. After the user dies it’s possible the fruit can come back in a number of years. Whether there is a specified number of years is unknown. Here read this from one of Oda’s SBSs.

    D: Excuse me!! May I pose a serious question to the typically-vulgar SBS?? In Volume 46, Usopp said that the same power doesn’t exist twice. But this doesn’t make sense with what you said in the Volume 45 SBS… If the Gomu Gomu Fruit was in a book of fruits, then Luffy HAD to have eaten at least the SECOND known example of the fruit! Now, most beautiful and intelligent Ei-chan, explain it all! ✩ P.N. Takafi

    O: Very sharp of you. But I’m cool. I haven’t made any mistakes. As a hint, let me rephrase what Usopp is saying. “The same powers don’t exist twice AT THE SAME TIME.” How’s that? For more detail, you’ll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are… Eventually.

    So we won’t know all the details until Vegapunk makes his appearance. And…there’s this…

    But that’s one of Oda’s Romance Dawn chapters so I wouldn’t take the “50 years” information to heart. It’s more of a test run chapter if anything. If you read it all you’ll see how. XD

    @Elisha: I wanted to get a close up of the people clearly smiling and Rouge didn’t have that. And…maybe…possibly…I could have forgotten about her. >_> OR!!! I’m sexist! T_T You choose! XD

    (P.S. I’m not sexist. That should make it easier…>_>)

    @Nagashikage: That’d be awesome! I would love to see Luffy’s child possibly pick up the Mera Mera no Mi. That it’d be a great story ending.

    @Pain: Yep, I believe we all hate Akainu but the reason why I think Akainu is the strongest is because he can easily melt Aokiji’s ice. Kizaru said it himself and Akainu actually goes on to do it.

    Also he has that extra ‘can’t touch me factor’ not only because he’s logia but you’ll get burnt and badly if you do touch him. Aokiji has that extra ‘can’t touch me factor’ too (you’ll get frozen) but Kizaru doesn’t which to me puts Akainu above him.

  16. Awesome breakdown Super. It really gave Ace a good send off.

    @Takashid: Sorry, we were having a bit of a discussion last breakdown about zone users and i didnt respond. In answer to the not seeing Marcos feet in his transformation; we have. I cant post links at the moment but its issue 566 page 8
    Marco kicks Aokiji with a normal foot and if the fire doesnt convince you, the bottom right pannel clearly shows his wings still out. Oda wouldn’t make a mistake like that and another example in the spider powered vice admiral transforming and only his abdomen going spidery when all other half beast transformations effect the face and stuff too.
    To me it shows something i have really wanted, possibilities for zone users. Logia and paramecia can come up with loads of different attacks but zones just have (or had :p ) three bodies that they simply fight in. Combined with the ‘awakened zone’ possibility it makes me look forward to Choppers development.

    @Haki thing: I would say haki allows for the df user to be hit and hurt as if they werent the thing they are (fire, light, rubber etc) but it doesnt stop them from being it so in essence i agree with Super. Though i wonder how Reighley cut Kizaru. Maybe Oda is a little confused himself.

    Im really going to miss Ace but what upsets me most is that we didnt get to see him doing anything other than hunt down Blackbeard. I wanna see bits of his adventure, him as the captain of the Spade pirates stuff like that. Not when Blackbeard was planning on fucking the world up *sigh* Im sure some of you disagree but it annoys me all the same…

  17. @super: akainu in a fight would probably beat aokiji but that doesn’t mean akainu is stronger then him. luffy beat enel. enel is certainly the stronger fighter but luffy was his weak point, like akainu is aokiji’s. that’s why he can melt his ice. but why can’t kizaru be the strongest out of the three? he’s likely the fastest and is his finger beam blockable??? i just think that it’s too early to say which admiral is the strongest…
    @franky: yeah, i too wonder how the dark king managed to cut a logia-type while vista couldn’t…

  18. great breakdown super. its a really sad to c luffy like that. he lost the closest person to him. its really really heartbreaking.

    @truepain: well in my opinion vista still cant fully control his haki like dark king thats y i think he couldnt cut akainu. or maybe the dark king has the haoshuko haki. till now we’ve seen shanks and rayleigh and luffy who can burst their haki.

    guys if a devil fruit reappear and if we assume that the pirate king had an ability, shouldn’t ppl just look for that fruit?? i mean it did made him the pirate king

  19. @Franky: You’re referring to this right regarding Marco’s partial transformation?

    @Franky and Pain: And I believe you two are referring to this when Rayleigh cut Kizaru.

    Yep, Kizaru is clearly cut after being sliced by Rayleigh who presumably used Haki to cut him. Yet when Marco and Vista cut at Akainu using Haki he doesn’t bleed. X_X

    @Pain again: Tis’ is true we don’t know who the strongest admiral is but I wasn’t saying Akainu was definitely the strongest one. I just think he is. Lol, for all we know Aokiji could actually be the strongest.

    All you gotta do is take it a little out of context…>_>

    @Everyone: I won’t be here for most of the weekend as I’m headed off to a track meet. T_T So if I don’t reply you know why. Farewell. ^(0_0)^

  20. Great breakdown super,
    You did a good job on giving ace his farewell. =P

    @franky: didnt we allready know that partial transformation was possible back from the enies lobby arc im pretty sure the giraffe man could do a partial aswell,…

    @Akainu thing: yeh i too think akainu can be considered the strongest, although i think there all pretty strong akainu is evil and doesnt care about killing some more people.
    aswell as his devil fruit is awesome overkill hes like magellan being a logia user (if i were to compare it).

    @df discussion: yeh i wonder too although i think it would be kinda lame if we found out about roger having a df and that it could be around somewhere cus i think it should be mentioned way befor..

    I hope Haki gets explained after this arc. by rayleigh/wb pirates/shanks/ dragon / ivankov or vegapunk idc who just give us an explanation! 😛

  21. This most be so frustrating to Luffy, he hasn´t been able to save anyone, lost all of his crew at the Shabondy incident, then went into Impel Down to save Ace but lost to Magellan, lost like 10 years of his lifespan couldn´t save Ace there and in the end Bon-Chan died and now he half-rescued Ace but at the crucial moment Akainu appeared all-mighty and killed Ace, Luffy really needs to do something to reivindicate himself, urges to have and upgrade in technics or something quickly cuz he has been a lil’ bit defenseless lately… RIP A-S-CE T_T

  22. I want to correct myself, I didn´t mean to put defenseless, what i really wanted to say is USELESS, yeah that´s more like it…

  23. @fearvano: Magellan’s Doku Doku was no Logia.

    @otepgaara: Let’s not be so pessimistic, nobody ever saw Bon Clay die. Actually, knowing Oda and his tendency to leave people that should die alive, Bon Clay is probably well and so. I just think that if he is, we won’t be seeing him reunite with Luffy until there’s a bright moment in the story, which won’t be for a while, considering the current circumstances.

  24. @Super: Thanks for the link dude ^^

    @Fear: No no, i wasnt just talking about the partial transformation. Look at the link Super posted for me then at the panel of Marco anf Vista attacking Akainu. Marcos feet are different which means basically he can mix and match between his two bodies. I was saying its a much more controlled version of Choppers rumble ball in that Chopper can only mix and match for 3 minutes and Marco could do it as long as he wants and he also has more than 7 possible combinations. That is all.

    @Nagashikage: I think Fear was saying Akainu has destructive power comparable to Magalen while also being a logia i.e. better

    *Sigh* So many misunderstandings

  25. ah yeh i got what ur saying now franky 😛
    and yeh i never meant to say magellan was a loiga i meant what franky said =)
    hmm i dont think we can blaim luffy on not beeing able to save ace.
    He gave it his all and actually got ace out of it but because nobody came to help to guard ace to the ship and both luffy and ace were panting as like crazy, it was they got another chance to finish ace of. But yeh i have to agree luffy is losing everything that is dear to him. We know the crew is alive and stuff but how the hell are they gonna unite after this arc,….

  26. @ supertrek: Amazing breakdown and more so, AWESOME TRIBUTE. You’ve given Ace a nice send off man. It’s made his death official and it just feels weird. Soome part of me feels, or should i say WANTS, Ace to come back at some later point, in one way or another, but i feel i should let go of that. AW man, this sucks.

    @ takashid: luffy won’t do anyhting against akainu. Especially after seeing what Akainu did to Ace who was a fire LOGIA, a paramecia DF user like luffy stands no chance. Luffy is no where near this level of strength and does not have the energy right now to do anything.

    I predict luffy going crazy and trying to go attack Akainu, who will be waiting for him, but some of the New World or WB pirates, will stop him and hold him back, telling him his brother didn’t die for him to just throw his life away. Then they will make a run for it while taking Luffy with them. WB will make sure the coast is clear and then, GO BERSERK on Marineford and take the island down with him.

    Hopefully we also get to see Garp kick some ass.

  27. hey… i was re-reading the manga… does anyone have any idea as to what kuma said to rayleigh right before making everyone disappear?

  28. @amar: It hasn’t been revealed yet, but my shot-in-the-dark would be that it had something to do with either Roger, Dragon, or One Piece.

  29. I think it has to do with where kuma sent all of the strawhats or how to make them reunite…

  30. I actually feel Luffy will be so overwhelmed by extreme sorrow and exhaustion, and every last bit of suffering and hardship he has had to go through, and all the fatigue he has gathered since this whole thing started at Impel Down will come crashing down on him more so now than we have seen since. And he’d either end up fainting or kneel down weeping (or screaming his lungs out)…something like that. In any case, I don’t really see him going ape jizz and attacking Akainu, or anyone else for that matter.

    @Omar: Kuma said even he had doubts about the matter, so it’s unlikely that what he told Rayleigh are the locations of the Strawhats. What I think he told him is that Ace was to be executed, and this would concern Rayleigh, since he probably knew he was Roger’s son.

    Hey, maybe that means Rayleigh may be entering the picture at Marineford soon. That would be pretty cool.

  31. …. My Ace is gone!!!! TT_____TT
    Good tribute though Super…
    Im gonna go cry in the corner now.

    Now Im curious as to where Luffy will go from here.

  32. @BB: Lol, you missed the breakdown last week. I put our MSN convo in the breakdown and everything! What? You want the link? Sure don’t beg me…>(-_-)>

    It’s near the very end of the breakdown so just scroll down. XD

    @Pickles: Yep, that’s what I’m thinking I don’t see Luffy doing much damage with how tired he is. Plus we’ve seen how he reacts when he loses his friends right before his eyes (Kuma vs. SH crew) and he’s never been this tired before. All he could do was look up at Kuma in pure hate and sadness. He knew there was nothing he could do. Either that or Kuma just got him before Luffy could react.

    Luffy may lash out at Akainu but he’ll just end up hurt if he touches him. Hopefully somebody grabs him and hauls ass out of there. Let’s not forget that somebody has to pick up Ace’s body. Wouldn’t want the Marines desecrating his body *cough*Moria*cough*.

    @Omar: He may have told Rayleigh where he sent the Strawhats, that he was helping them, or a future plan he had up his sleeve. Many possibilities… Well, it’ll be revealed later of course. As should who opened the Gate of Justice to Marineford. Some explanation on Haki and Devil Fruits. Blackbeard’s plan and where the other Strawhats are need to also be covered. T_T

    @Everyone: Thanks again for the compliments. Ace was an awesome character but think about this…

    Portgas D. Ace is dead…

    Next chapter.

    The revival of Gol D. Ace! >_>

  33. One Piece 575
    ACE DIES… What’s Luffy’s next move?
    Garp: (Tears running down his face) ACE! (Struggles to get out of Sengoku’s grip)
    Sengoku: Garp! You know what’ll happen If you kill Sakazuki!! (Tightens his grip on Garp)
    Garp: LUFFY RUUUUUUUUN!!!! (Thinking)I can’t lose two grandsons!
    Luffy: (slams his fist down into the floor) GEAR SECOND! (A tear drops from Luffy’s face. Luffy wipes away the tear, with a fierce look in his eyes) YOUR GOING TO PAAAAAAAAY!!! (A burst of Haki is unleashed knocking several marines back)
    Ivankov: Strawhat, don’t do it, get away!
    Akainu: He paid the price for his criminal acts. That was justice! Now it’s your turn to face justice. (Akainu’s fist turns to magma)
    Akainu: How pitif-
    Luffy: JET PISTOL! (Hits Akainu straight in the chest, Akainu goes flying backwards)
    Akainu: Shit! Haōshoku Haki!
    Luffy: (Appears behind Akainu) JET BAZOOKA!
    Akainu: (Flying back in the direction he originally came from) what speed!
    Whitebeard: Boy… (He watches on, as well as the other pirates)
    Kizaru: Oh-hohoho, Strawhat, You may be fast, but you can’t match me. (Kizaru flies in for a kick on Luffy)
    Marco: Aren’t you forgetting someone? (Marco intercepts Kizaru’s kick (like Rayleigh did))
    Kizaru: Oh, you again! (Smiles)
    Luffy: GEAR THIRD! (Luffy enlarges his fist) GOMU GOMU NOOOOOO-
    Akainu: (Gets up off the floor) DAI FUNKA! (Akainu swings at Luffy with his magma fist)
    Luffy: GIGANT JET PISTOL! (His giant fist clashes with Akainu’s “Dai Funka”. Akainu is sent flying back and crashes into the HQ walls)
    Pirates: WOAH! HE JUST BEAT ADMIRAL AKAINU!!! (They watch in pure amazement)
    Buggy: (Thinking) WOAH!!! HOW DID STRAWHAT DO THAT!?
    Luffy: *PANT* *PANT*(Luffy turns small from the effects of Gear Third)
    Aokiji: *Sigh* What a nuisance… ICE TIME CAPSULE! (Aokiji sends a wave of Ice along the ground)
    Whitebeard: Not so fast! (Whitebeard sends an earthquake which intercepts the ice)
    Aokiji: I see… You won’t let us touch the boy? (Aokiji stares at Whitebeard)
    Whitebeard: Damn right!
    Aokiji: Ice Time Capsule! (Aokiji sends a massive wave of ice towards whitebeard)
    Whitebeard: Gurararara! (Whitebeard blocks with several air quakes)
    Luffy: *PANT* *PANT* (Luffy, still lying on the ground, changes back to normal size)
    Aokiji: This is pointless… (Turns towards Luffy and runs towards him)
    Whitebeard: Marco! (Thinking) Damn, I’m not fast enough. Damn It!
    Aokiji: Strawhat Luffy, you are a threat to the world. You be executed here as well.
    Garp: LUFFY!
    Aokiji: Ice Time Capsule
    Luffy: (The ice heads straight for Luffy) Damn! I can’t move.
    Marco: (Flies in and kicks Aokiji away) He doesn’t die yet. (Marco then flies in pursuit of Aokiji)
    Kizaru: Oh! But you left him right open! (Marco turns in shock as he sees Kizaru standing next to Luffy)
    Aokiji: Ice Time (Aokiji freezes Marco)
    Kizaru: (Kizaru holds his foot above Luffy; His foot is glowing with light) Goodbye, Strawhat, you’ll be seeing Ace very soon.
    (As Kizaru lowers his foot to kill Luffy, his kick is redirected)
    ???: This seems familiar!?
    Kizaru: OH! (Kizaru says surprised) I didn’t think I’d be seeing you again so soon, “Dark King”.
    Luffy: Ray-san! (Suddenly two figures grab Luffy) Woah, what are you doing!?
    Luffy: (A tear runs down Luffy’s face as he sees his crew standing around him) Zoro! Nami! Usopp! Sanji! Chopper! Robin! Franky! Brooke!
    Zoro: Sorry, we’re late, Captain!
    Luffy’s Nakama are back! What’ll happen now they join the war!

    this had me crying towards the end 🙂 zoro FTEW >_>

  34. that would be pure awesomeness ahsan!

  35. @Super– Ah! Im so sorry I missed your breakdown last week! but IT WAS EPIC! XD lmao

  36. @BBGurly: Do you know he called you horny for Ace? 😛

  37. Great breakdown, Super. It really finalizes Ace’s death although a little part of my mind will always be going NOOOO!!! T.T The only thing that would cheer me up now would be the reappearence of some of Luffy’s nakama. Does anyone else think that just maybe Robin or like Franky have made their way back to Shabondy by now and are maybe seeing all this over the den den mushi that buggy still has and that MAYBE they will get thier butts over to marineford asap to help their captain??!!! If this was a perfect world Zoro would be there too but I think hes wandering around somewhere obscure. (That man couldnt find his way out of a one room building let alone to the archipeligo) And also we know that this isnt a perfect world because Ace is dead… T_T But i really want the SH crew together agin. I think Luffy could definatly use the emotional support right now…

  38. @Dragon– hahaha yes I did, it was funny XD

  39. Source: Apprentice
    Verification: pending
    Translation: Aohige_AP

    02/15(月) 13:07
    575話 言葉なき怒り
    そして今まで一部始終を見ていた?3人の伝説の囚人+一人+シリュウを連れて、黒髭海賊団登場 。



    Chapter 575: Anger without words
    Luffy is at a loss, Akainu takes the chance to attack him, but Marco blocks him.
    Whitebeard, who was observing the situation, attacks him without saying a word.
    Akainu fights back, but is taken down with two attacks. The second punch sends damage to the entire HQ, and not just Akainu.
    Blackbeard pirates, who appears to have been observing the whole deal, appears with three legendary prisoners + Shiryu + another character.
    Blackbeard: I’m glad I made it in time to see your death, pops.

    also id like to post an amv its an awesome tribute to ace from who ever who created it 😛
    damn oda for killing my 3rd fav character -_- now if marco and zoro die …. oda’s dying too

  40. @Kinda & Omar: Yeah, I agree. Luffy really could use the support of his nakama right now as they’re like the closest thing he has to a loving family, besides Garp. Dragon is off revolutionizing countries and whatnot, Luffy’s mother is missing from the storyline at the moment, and Ace just died right in front of him. I don’t know how close Dadan is to Luffy, emotionally, but I know they haven’t seen each other in a while.

    I doubt all of SH are at Sabaody Archipelago at the moment because they were spread so far out over the world. It took them months just to reach that place and its only been like a week since they were split. It’d be awesome no doubt if they were waiting for him there but I don’t think it’s likely. Maybe 1 or 2 of them but all of them would be way to convenient.

    I could see Luffy finding them over again like a ‘Retrieve the Strawhat Crew’ Arc but I don’t know how’d that’d work out. It’d be like rediscovering the value in each of his crew members I suppose. Overall, I’m just interested in what Luffy will do next I can wait for the SH reunion until after the war really.

    But I’ve been wrong so many times now who knows? Luffy’s crew could have been the ones to open the Gate of Justice. 😉

    Lol, jkjk that’d be dumb as hell if they didn’t show themselves until now if they were here the entire time. >_<

    @Ahsan: Lol, that first prediction you had was insane! Luffy just kicking Akainu's ass all over Marineford. XD

  41. @super:
    yeh i liked that prediction aswell.
    however why does every prediction ive read sofar during this war end with luffy’s nakama coming back and especially zoro.
    And then zoro always says something like “sorry im late captain”
    or “im back cap’n” it just sounds so damn unrealistic xD

  42. @Ahsan: Say whaaat … I thought Blackbeard was at Impel Down, about to rock the foundations of something or other, I think he said.


    Hmm…seems like there will be a break before chapter 576 but I’m not totally sure. We’ll just have to wait and see.


  44. Wow. When the spoilers said “Akainu took off half of Whitebeard’s face”, they were not fooling. It was more like a third of his face, but the fact that Whitebeard’s face can be punched off that way and he still goes on … that’s pretty frightening.

  45. one piece is out

  46. maaan that was awesome thanks for putting the link there diablo =D
    as far as i care wb should have stepped in earlier but oh well …
    it was Pure AWESOMEness too see him use his ability to its full extend (or close to it perhaps) good thing they got luffy out.
    Sooo i guess BB should announce his “thing” now? makes me wonder it could just be his shlong,.. it would sure surprise alot of people if he were to pull it out at that time 😛

  47. Hot damn, Whitebeard is such a badass! Half his face gone and still beating the magma out of Akainu! XD I have to admit though Akainu got a really good shot in on Whitebeard. Actually, an extremely good shot in but Whitbeard didn’t even flinch because he was probably to pissed off to care. This is why you don’t piss off the strongest man in the world. You get quaked multiple times. Akainu may have digestive problems for the rest of his life after this war.

    So Bleackbeard went to Impel Down to gain nakama from Level 6 like I thought. If Blackbeard’s show was to parade the strongest crew in the entire world.

    Then he probably got these people.

    He may also want to show something else though. Something that’ll really shake the world to its cores.

  48. WELL DAMN. Whitebeard is hardcore, part of his face blown off doesnt even slow him down! But, this means whitebeard is pretty much screwed now. this pisses me off, since we already lost ace. nice to see my prediction about luffy was right though. what really gets me though, is that aikanu will probobly survive whitebeards quake…

    Super: holy shit! i didnt realize it till i saw your link, but damn blackbeard really has recruited the best and worst, all famous pirates! and did anyone else notice his crew is exactly 10 people? didnt luffy also want 10 for his full crew? that means eventually we may get Blackbeard pirates vs Strawhat pirates, 10 vs 10! cant wait to see that!

  49. I think i found out who are legendary prisoners that came with blackbeard. A couple of chapters ago they mentiond 3 legendary pirates that ” shook the world”. Here you see Ivan mention 3 people(1 woman, 2 men)

  50. loved this chapter…i was so happy when akainu got knocked out. whitebeard is just so powerful! too bad he’ll die….. i hope i’m wrong, but i think that blackbeard will kill him.

  51. I have a question for you guys. I’ve been really confused lately and neeed an answer.

    I’ve been buying the One Piece manga volumes as they are being released 5 a month by Viz Media, uptil June 2010. (I have read all the chapters including 575 which just got released and which has got me psyched. Seeing Akainu get his ass whooped, burn half of WB’s face off then still getting whooped hahahaha. and then BB appearing with his updated crew including the Lvl 6 prisoners).

    Anyways, I am currently on the last book of the Skypiea saga and what is buggin me is the whole idea of MANTRA.

    Is mantra the same as haki, or is it something different? I was thinking it’s the term for haki used in the sky islands. Maybe i’m wrong. Cos i know that mantra allows the user to predict movements of his adversary and hear voices of things, like Aisa was able to and on a much larger scale, thanks to his Rumble Rumble DF powers, Eneru. But on Amazon lily, sandersonia sama and her sister used haki to predict luffy’s moves.

    SO are they the same thing or not?

  52. I think mantra as they described it in skypiea arc with the predicting thing is indeed a type of haki and the same as one of the sisters could do on the isle of women. i dont think everyone with haki can predict things like luffy prolly wont be possible to do it. the other sister was able to hit luffy and actually hurt although he is of rubber i think the predicting sister couldnt. but thats just what i think =P.

  53. @XdtOks: Yeah, what Fear said…>_> One sister (Sandersonia) could use Haki to predict Luffy’s movements similar to Mantra.

    The other sister (Marigold) could use Haki to hurt Luffy with physical attacks and repel him like Sentoumaru did to Luffy.

    I don’t know if Marigold’s repelling maneuver is related to Sentoumaru’s and I’m not even positive Sentomaru has Haki but I’m placing my bets on it.

    Luffy, who we know to posses Haki can be seen here possibly…I repeat possibly predicting Mihawk’s move of cutting off his arm if he attacked.

    Overall, I do believe Mantra is a form of Haki and the two are very much related. The different regions may have developed different forms of Haki like different regions in the world have different forms of communication.

    On a side note the One Piece Breakdown will not be out until Sunday because I have a weekend track meet and will be getting back late once again. Gomen.

  54. @ fearvano & supertrek: Thanks guys. That’s helped. I have the feeling that there’s quite a variety of hakis and how they are used and affect the target can vary quite a lot from one to another.

    There’s just so much in the World of One Piece that we have yet to discover and from all that’s been hinted before, understand better.

    one thing is for sure though, in regards to Luffy, and that is that Luffy will have to learn how to at least control some of his haki if he wishes to make it in the New World because from the looks of things, the New World is NO JOKE. With tough dudes like Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and the other Supernovae, things will get ROUGH. And don’t forget, the other Yonkou such as Kaidou and the unmentioned figure. I CAN’T WAIT.

    And as for BB, i can’t wait to see what he’s up to and what he has in store for the world that will shake it to it’s core.

  55. Hey guys, i don’t know if this could ever be possible, but you know how BB said he would shake the world to it’s core, WHAT IF he knew how to somehow take someone else’s DF ability, like WB and use it? Now i know this sounds stupid and completely ridiculous because no one can consume two DFs or you would explode but i just thought of that as being some crazy twist that BB’s Darkness power would allow him to do.

    Hahahahaha, u never know. Vegapunk may have figured out a way of doing such a thing.

    Anyways, on a more realistic, stick to the One Piece flow of things, i wonder how powerful and dangerous those Lvl 6 prisoners are and what they are capable of. I can’t wait til after this one week break. I’m way too excited right now.

  56. Well, as my first comment/post/thingy after a LOOONG holiday (pfft, yeah right, holiday >_>), all i can say is:

    2. Super, the day has come: I HAVE BECOME A FOLLOWER OF ONE PIECE!
    4. This chapter was one of the most awesome and saddest chapters in the history of manga, OP and brother deaths. I respect Oda-san for being able to give Ace a death worth a good character.

    Dammit, why can’t Kishi or Tite learn proper ways of killing off their heros?

    That being said, I don’t think I want a twist of fate to bring Ace back in any way. it was an awesome way to go.

  57. darn, still no new breakdown?

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