Naruto and Goku. Super Saiyan 4 and Sage mode. Eerie similarities between the two characters that shows more than meets the eye. O_o

Hey everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here with a new random post focusing on a pretty much meaningless observation on my part, but one that is nonetheless interesting to note for those who may find it intriguing.

That observation involves two leading characters from two very popular anime/manga franchises, those being Dragon Ball and Naruto. Of course, the subject of comparison I am referring to is none other than the similarities between Naruto’s newly acquired Sage Mode form and Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 transformation.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Say what!?!? Is this like looking into a mirror image of sorts?

As I am sure you have noticed by now, just by looking at the above screen, that both the Sage Mode and Super Saiyan 4 transformations share surprisingly similar aesthetic features. Both characters’ eyes turn a golden colour from their original hue and both have a red lining around the eyes as well.

It isn’t just similar, it is near identical in both the shading of the colours and the overall appearance, other than the fact that Naruto’s pupils change shape.

Beyond simple aesthetics, both also have very similar physical benefits for their user, in that they increase their strength drastically beyond their normal levels, grant them near indestructibility and improve other physical traits as well.

One has to wonder though, is this astounding similarity just a coincidence, or did Kishi simply take ques from another popular hero in light of Goku’s presence in the world of anime and manga?

This realization brought out the idea that it may be more than just their transformations that are similar between the two characters and when we look deeper, we can find quite a lot to work with.

Even the red fur Goku sports in Super Saiyan 4 can be linked to the similarly coloured cloak Naruto adorns during his battle with Pein.

When you think about it, there are actually a lot of similarities between Naruto and Goku beyond those shared in both of their most powerful transformations. They are also very similar in character as well.

In the beginning, when we are fist introduced to either Naruto and Goku, both share many qualities. They both appear to be very dense, and are often portrayed as dimwitted or naive. At the same time, both have shown a remarkable instinct in battle that lets them overcome opponents that are stronger – and supposedly smarter – than they are.

Wow, they both have orange and blue in their clothing as well. Who would have thought? O_o

Both Naruto and Goku are also known for their excessively veracious appetites and have both demonstrated an unusual tenacity to eat far beyond any capacity that the natural laws of nature, physics, or universe in general should ever allow.

Beyond that, it’s easy to see where and how their personalities match up as well. Naruto is known for his determination, his compassion and his inspiring personality. He is willing to go to any length to protect those he feels are close to him and he has a strong sense of justice that compels him to step in when he feels a situation is unfair or dishonorable.

These are all traits that almost seem to be drawn straight from our DBZ hero himself.

Trading an outfit doesn't change the person wearing it. 😛

Looking even deeper than that, there are a few other similarities beyond the norm, like, for instance, the fact that both Naruto and Goku have anti-hero type rivals in the form of Sasuke and Vegeta respectively.

In fact, Sasuke’s character as he was before the time skip matches Vegeta’s personality in many ways. He comes across as very cold and uncaring at first (Vegeta when he first arrives on earth) but slowly develops a rivalry with the hero that eventually leads to a mutual respect (like Vegeta with Goku after he defeated Frieza). Despite that, they both have a strong sense of pride and are always looking to push themselves to try stay ahead.

In both cases, they also formed unwilling friendships that eventually grew over time and both eventually turned on those friendships for the pursuit of power (Vegeta accepting Babidi’s mark to become Majin Vegeta and Sasuke with the cursed seal and Orochimaru’s influence).

Powerful rivals, Goku and Vegeta share a similar relationship to that of Sasuke's and Naruto's.

When you take all of these factors into consideration and add them up, we are left with an interesting thought. It stands to reason that Goku, in many ways, depicts the image of an ideal hero. He is compassionate, loyal, friendly, kind and has a powerful sense of justice. He is also strong when he needs to be and knows when he needs to fight to protect what is important.

In a way, it isn’t surprising that Kishi might look to such an admirable and popular idol for the basis of his own now famous hero. I guess when you see a winning formula that works, sometimes it pays off to learn from that success. Even Kishi himself has mentioned that Goku’s character was an inspiration.

Naruto and Sasuke. Former brothers at heart, now rivals clashing under a curse of hatred.

Finally, I decided to end things off with a bit of a character comparison just for the fun of it. Some may be relevant, others just my own silly connections, but hopefully some of you find it amusing.

Naruto and Goku:

This one was obvious and pretty much the focus of this post. Not only do they share the position of leading characters in either of their respective stories, they are also similar in just about every other way, from their ideals to their astonishing appetites. The near identical features between Sage Mode and Super Saiyan 4 are just the icing on the cake.

Sasuke and Vegeta:

Both of these characters play as rivals to the main characters of each of their respective stories as well and both come across as somewhat cold and ruthless. They are also both inclined to take drastic measures to acquire power in order to achieve their goals.

Sakura and Chichi:

Well, this one is an interesting comparison. Let’s just say that both subjects are noisy, violent and very abusive to their male counterparts in most typical circumstances. They also have an unusual tenacity to show inhumane strength when it comes to beating up said male counterparts. In the same breath, in a real battle, they are both mostly useless when it counts.

Gaara and Piccolo:

Having both been former enemies of the main protagonist, they eventually had a change of heart – and personality – and became strong allies in league with the good guys.

Jiraiya and Master Roshi:

I don’t think I even need to bother explaining how these two are similar, beyond saying that they were both teachers and master figures each respective main protagonist in their series. Other than that, lets just say when it comes to the title of most perverted old man, Jiraiya and Roshi have met their match in one another.

Orochimaru and Frieza:

In this case, both subjects have a gender identity crisis, have pale skin, favor the colour purple and both just like randomly killing stuff for no particular reason. They also both have a particular hatred towards – and in some ways a respectful fear for – a certain specific race/clan of warriors in each of their respective stories, which brings us to our last comparison…

The Uchiha Clan and the Saiyan Race:

Both the Uchiha clan and the Saiyan race depict a group of very proud and powerful warriors that were highly revered in either of their respective stories. At the same time, both were also completely wiped out (go figure), leaving only a few known survivors remaining. Being strong, proud to the point of showing arrogance and also sharing the aesthetic feature of all having black hair, there are quite a few similarities one can find between these two groups if you just look carefully, despite the vastly different worlds they come from.

Much like Goku, Naruto strives to grow stronger every day, standing tall as an inspiration to those around him. He protects them all with an unbreakable spirit and undying will.

Anyway, that’s all I decided on with regards to comparisons for now. If anyone has any other similarities they would like to point out, feel free to comment! To end things off, here’s an AMV I found for just the occasion. XD

I hope you enjoyed the post! ^ ^


~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 12, 2010.

36 Responses to “Naruto and Goku. Super Saiyan 4 and Sage mode. Eerie similarities between the two characters that shows more than meets the eye. O_o”

  1. First again I’m on a roll XD

    Ahhhh teny why did u get ridd of my little sentance at the end @_@

    But as I said before great job :p

  2. 2nd?

    Nice job Tenrai.

  3. Btw, you forgot the similarities between the Rasengan-Chidori clash and the Kamehameha-Galick Gun clash and that both Goku and Naruto held back against their rival in a major fight (namely Goku-Majin Vegeta and Naruto-Cursed Seal Sasuke).

  4. @Dragon

    LOL! If I mentioned every single last similarity, this post would be far too long. That’s why I wanted people to comment and add their own. ^ ^

  5. i had noticed some similarities but this post really made it all clearer. the comparison between the saiyan race and the uchiha clan is best example, thank you for pointing it out!

  6. Hmm, I wonder why I didn’t realise all those similarities because I (almost) just recently watched DBZ in one run.
    Really great post!! Almost ridiculous is the near identity of their orange-blue suits!

    You forgot the white skin of Orochimaru and Frieza and their purple eye linings!! 😉

  7. Great job Tenrai, really love the comparisons and like Pain said the last one really hit home. Never saw that one coming honestly yet it makes perfect sense.

    It’s like the “D”s and Saiyan race could be compared too..>_> Yohohohoho! One Piece reference! XD

    Would Bulma = Ino? Flirtatious, pretty, bubble head. And if Sasuke = Vegeta then we’ll have SasuIno on our hands! XD

    *pukes a little* X_X

  8. SasuIno, what a COMPLETE waste of perfect genes for a possible baby!! 😀 😀

  9. It comes as no real surprise to me that Kishi took a leaf from DBZ. I mean, Dragon Ball really set the bar for action manga and anime, so it’s not really shocking to see new manga authors borrow one or two elements from the pure awesomeness that was DBZ. Kishi isn’t the only one, either, I think someone said to me that Oda (author of One Piece) wanted his main character to be able to stretch just like Buu. And thus, the great Monkey D. Luffy who we all love was born (too bad Ace couldn’t be as great -_-).

    Anyhow, before I begin a long angry rant, good job, Senshi! *runs away swiftly from OP fans*

  10. A lot of manga characters have the lionheart and ravenous appetite that Goku had, Luffy and Natsu are among them.
    As for the rivalry thing, Naruto/Natsu vs Sasuke/Gray.
    Bleach, as far as I know, doesn’t really take much from DBZ, but I do question where Kubo came up with the concept of Cero … O.O

  11. cool breakdown Tenria.

    I must sy i thoroughly enjoyed it seeing as how DBZ and Naruto are my favorite

  12. I LOVE DB and DBZ, so Naruto and One Piece having similarities with it makes me LOVE those mangas more. Do you guys watch Dragon Ball Kai? If not I can give you links to Dragon Ball related websites, if you want.

  13. @Dragon: Isn’t Dragon Ball Kai nothing but remastered DBZ episodes with redrawn opening and ending themes ?

  14. Oh, I just thought of another connection between the two. O_o

    There are nine (Actually, as Dragon pointed out, I made a mistake. There are seven) Dragonballs in DBZ and there are nine Bijuu in Naruto. If you bring the seven dragonballs together, it summons Shenron who has the power to grant any wish you ask. If you combine all nine chakras from the Bijuu, the Juubi would be brought back, which is considered to have the ultimate chakra.

    Both depict the ultimate powers in either of their respective stories.

  15. Well honestly, Vegeta is the best anime/manga character ever and Sasugay is just a gay emo bastard. Beyond the fact that they are rivals to the antagonist and share SOME similar personality issues, they have nothing in common (unless you count that they were both heirs to their respective people). Here’s the key difference. When Vegeta joined Babidi he immediately took control because taking orders isnt the Prince of all Sasiyans’ job, Sasugay is just Madara’s errand boy.

    On Frieza and Orochimaru. I think that another relation between them is the fact that they both had a hand in molding the protagonist’s rival. Frieza killed Vegeta’s father and made Vegeta work for him ever since he was a kid, and we all know what Orochimaru did to Sasugay.

    Now beyond personality similarities with Naruto and Goku, he’s actually more like Vegeta. Think about it, Goku was a genius when it came to battle. Goku trainjed at 100x the Earth’s gravity while Vegeta trained at 400x for the same result. When Cell was attacking, Goku and Gohan chilled in Super Saiyan for 10 days while Vegeta went through 2 years worth of training in the Time Chamber. What am I getting at you may ask? Goku is like Sasugay in that regard, they just get stronger easily, while Vegeta and Naruto go through a shitload of training for the same result. This is why I’ve always preferred Vegeta as a character, his determination to never give up, and the fact that he doesn’t sparre anyone, he’s got the highest kill count on DBZ lol

  16. great one Tenrai ^^

    Anyway, the similarity is still there since in both DB and Naruto you have to collect all mystical objects or animals to get an even stronger one. Seven Dragonballs= Nine Bijuu. Shenron= Juubi. Great job for finding that similarity, Senshi.

    @kisuzachi: I think Kid Buu has the highest kill count. He destroyed millions of planets before attacking the Kais and getting sealed in a ball.

  18. @kisuzachi

    I agree with you on quite a few points, which is why I compared Vegeta to a pre-timeskip Sasuke, rather than Sasuke as he is now (Because their personalities have since diverged on many regards). As much as Kishi may have used influences from DBZ for his own story, he still has to branch out at some point and make his story his own (and make it unique).

    And that is exactly what he did. As many similarities as their are between the two, there are just as many differences as well. You can see influences from DBZ in Naruto, but they aren’t too overwhelming that both manga/anime look like clones of one another. Naruto is also unique in terms of its overall direction and instead of simply having one arch after the other where a new, more powerful villain keeps appearing (wasn’t Frieza supposed to be the strongest in the universe?), the plot in Naruto seems to be more developed and more consistent in its underlying theme.

    Character development is also focussed on a lot more in Naruto than it is in Dragon Ball. The only real exception in the latter was with regards to Vegeta and Picolo (although more prominently with Vegeta). Other than that, Goku didn’t really develop at all as a character, other than with regards to his power level. There was just no real humanly emotional spectrem to his personality, which is why, I think, Vegeta was always a more interesting character for me.

  19. @kizusachi: Very good comment, your long one! Although I have to contradict you in one point (although it’s not a very strong contradiction):
    “When Vegeta joined Babidi he immediately took control because taking orders isnt the Prince of all Sasiyans’ job, Sasugay is just Madara’s errand boy.”
    Well, Sasuke nevere bowed to Tobi and said “Yes Master, I’ll do everything for you.” He often said that he is NOT Tobi’s ally (just in the newest chapter) and as well sometimes before. The fact that Sasuke wanted to kill Danzou AND Tobi wanted him to do that is just coincidence.

  20. @Dragon

    Damn, I miscounted. (Epic fail). T__T

  21. nice job and cool post, but kishi has already mentioned on several occasions that he really likes DBZ and took some elements from it, just like he took elements from star wars.

  22. LMAO!!! XD

    The Chibaku Tensei = The Death Star! XD

  23. Minato: “You are my son.”
    Darth Vader: “I am your father.”

  24. Orochimaru: “Come with me, Sasuke…”
    Senator Palpatine: “Come to the Dark Side, Anakin…”

  25. Woah those are some cool pictures! =D

    I wanna see Pain Invasion arc in the anime now! screw fillers (even if this ones decent)

  26. lol actually i think rock lee could be like yamcha in a few ways due to the fact that they both got their legs broke in a tournament both being a freind of naruto/goku.

  27. its also the whole senju uchiha saiyan trufflle thing

  28. theirs also the fact that Baby can take control of people by planting eggs in them and orochimaru can take control of people with the curse mark and baby gives vegetas body power like the curse mark with sasuke

  29. i think their are simularities between jinchurikis and super saiyans like the auras and the lvls of power like the second tail and super saiyan 2

  30. Don’t forget Babidi+Tobi/Madara.

  31. READ THE HOLE THING………NARUTO!!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY(because of the shadow clones){KEEP THE SHADOW CLOSE IN MID YOU WILL SEE IT AGAIN}…………… i dont mean to be mean or rude and im not trying to be offensive……… but Naruto does have an advantage agenst Goku Listen here guys when naruto starts going into his first stages of the Nine tails the red Cloks surrounding him protects his body from wounds and bone(imagin what it would be like hif he turned into the full Nne Tails) some time into the battle naruto will fall but Kyuubi will assist him and not to mention naruto has already defeated Kyuubi and took in his chakra wich is all of Kyuubi power and from that naruto was able to go into nine tail chakra mode and which makes him as fast and as powerfull as Kyuubi has agreed to assist naruto imagine this Kyuubi can create a tailed beast ball the size of a planet if he wanted to NOW imagine this naruto and Kyuubi work together and while naruto evolves into Kyuubi he goes into nine tail chakra mode and ALSO…SAGE MODE and then in sage mode naruto and Kyuubi create a giant taild beast ball and fuse it with a giant rasengan shuriken making it the size of two planets……. OKAY so……. a tail beast ball turns every singal thing it touches into dust and a rasengan shuriken attacks the anything in any living thing and turns it to nothing ANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD Let me add this They then make shadow clones and Repeat the Tail Beast Ball rasengan shuriken again and again…. just like naruto does in normal sage mode with his masive rasengan barrage….. (that kind of power WILL BE UP TO atless 10,000) problem soloved Goku is Demolised

  32. its no surprise sinse kishi said that he’s a fan of dbz

  33. lol at zoyd. have you seen any tailed beast bombs as big as planets? Have you forgotten how the lowly freeza blew up namek and planet vegeta with only one finger?

  34. Apart from those which you mentioned.

    Also Compare:
    Nine Tails Chakra Cloak – Kayo Kane
    Naruto Hair – Super Saiyan Hair
    Nine Tails Chakra Mode’s Glow – Super Saiyan’s Glow
    Son Goku is Four Tailed Beast (Ape) with Roshi as his Jinchuuriki – .. (Son Goku literally translates to ‘Giant Ape/Monkey’.)
    Sage Mode Technique – Spirit Bomb Technique (Stay still to gather foreign energy)
    Both the heroes are with the highest amount of energies/chakras.
    Both first think themselves as normal but later find out they are very much abnormal and the villian who killed their family is still at large. (Tobi/Frieza)
    Shadow Clone Technique – Tien’s MultiForm Techniue
    Naruto’s healing powers – Saiyan’s almost-indestructible bodies
    Minato’s teleportation/Summoning techniques – Instant Transmission
    Tailed Beast Bomb – Kamehameha Wave

  35. I’ll just copy-paste my Facebook post on this subject.

    I don’t like to argue about kids’ shows but DBZ has influenced a lot of great anime and manga and I’m sure Toriyama himself was influenced a lot by other things that lead to DBZ. I think it’s cool that they’ve been inspired by other people’s works to create things like this but it makes me sad that the fandoms fight so much over such petty things. Personally I loved DB, DBZ, and DBGT and I’m warming up to Naruto quite well, I don’t see why they have to be pinned against each other.
    So much for unbiased criticism and social discussion. *sigh*

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