Bleach 392-The Breaking Glaciers

I’m going to start off this chapter by saying I hate Aizen….really really really hate him…Many of you will applaud Aizen for his actions this week, and I will admit it was pretty damn sneaky and i’d think it was cool if he hadn’t killed one of my favorite characters…*sigh* Oh and next week Bleach will be on hiatus so Tite can think some new and exciting stuff up. 

The thing that sticks with me the most in this breakdown is Aizen’s use of Hinamori…again. I’ll get more into that later, but fair warning she will be the focus of this breakdown. 


So we start out with everyone standing around with their mouths hanging open, pretty much a shock and awe moment. Aizen reaches up and grabs Hitsugaya’s sword and everyone just stands and stares. Kira and Tetsuzaemo who are standing over Hinamori collectively say “he did it.” We see the look of relief on the captains and vice-captains as they stare at the scene. Kira however doesn’t look so relieved, he knows that something is up. Tetsuzaemo tells Kira to cheer up, and as Kira turns Hinamori apparently wakes up from her multi-chapter coma and starts to walk away. Her guards ask if she should be up….something isn’t right. They yell for her, but she doesn’t stop. From above Shinji thinks things are starting to turn around and Ichigo is still standing there with his mouth hanging open like a retard. Finally he speaks, to call attention to the scene in front of him. 



In that instant the relief turns into horror as they look up and see that the person with the sword through their chest is not Aizen, but Hinamori. 

The look on Hitsugaya's face, pure horror


Kira and Tetsuzaemo stare on in terror as “Hinamori” disappears and becomes Aizen. 


We have just seen the power of Kyoka Saigetsu, complete hypnosis. Shinji who is beyond anger asks Aizen when he started using it, to which Aizen replies when did you start thinking I wasn’t using it? We go back to Hitsugaya and Hinamori. Ice falls from the sky as Hitsugaya stares at Hinamori, and she asks him why. 


Toshiro snaps and starts for Aizen. Shunsui calls for him to wait, and Aizen tells them they are all open. The last panel of this chapter shows Shinji, Hitsugaya, Shunsui and Soi Fon falling as blood pours. Aizen attacked quickly, and apparently quite deadly. And we are left with that for at least a week until Tite’s hiatus is over….evil manga man. 

Now……I’ve seen many of you ask, “why the hell is Ichigo just standing there? Why doesn’t he do something?”  Well, Ichigo was basically told to stay put and the captains would handle it, was he not? So he was just doing what he was told to do. That and the pure horror of watching a fellow shinigami being killed by her closest friend and not knowing everyone else was hypnotised would leave me standing there like a  slack-jawed retard too. 

I’ve had alot of people ask me why Hinamori is my favorite character. The answer is quite simple really. She’s my favorite because I identify with her. Hinamori was young and had someone she looked up too, loved even. And that person took those feelings and used them to their own advantage. She worshipped Aizen, was even willing to die for him. He knew this and took advantage of it. Even in the end he used her, trading places with her and having her best friend kill her. That is if she is dead, I have hope that she won’t be….but I ain’t gonna hold my breath. Anyways, I identify with Momo cause of how she was used because of her emotions…and to be honest who of us here hasn’t been used at one point or another? I hate Aizen, dispise him even. He stacked betrayal upon betrayal on Hinamori because of her feelings for him…typical male. I think this is kind of a portrayal of our society today. Everyday people are used and taken advantage of by someone on a power trip because of the feelings for them. Have we as a speices become that cold and callous? Using anything and everyone to get ahead in life? I’ve seen it time and time again and I must admit, it makes me very sad. *sigh* 

I was talking to someone about Bleach and Momo, and they said that they thought Hinomori was set up by Tite from the very beginning to die. She was written the way she was as a pawn for Aizen and would eventually die for her. I find that quite depressing. But then again I’m thinking of her as a human and not an anime/manga character. That maybe be part of my problem >.< 

 I also have to say I feel for Hitsugaya. He was there for Hinamori when Aizen tore her apart and tried to help put her back together. I honestly believe he loved her, and in Aizens betrayal he was the one to kill the one he loved. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would feel in his situation. 

Now enough of the deep thoughts and my jaded opinions on the human condition….let’s get to the winner of last weeks caption contest. 

Seriously. I'm never drinking milk at Narutos ever again, ungh

Congratulations to bakakage! There is no caption contest this week because I didn’t really see any panels that would work IMO. 

Here’s Anon’s summary of this weeks chapter:

Aizen: O darn u gaiz got me. 

Everyone: Yay we did it! 

Ichigo: Guiz. Guiz.Guiz look. WTF GUIZ!

Everyone: Oshit u guiz.

Little white haired kid: I killed my gf. RAAAAAAAAAAAGE

Aizen: lol raped again  


And just for giggles i’m throwing in an AMV…it’s already been posted in AMV corner, but it’s fiting considering this weeks chapter.    

Alright all that’s it for this week….don’t forget no Bleach next week!    



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  1. Oh yeah, Ichigo was never under Aizen’s Kyoka … so why did he wait until AFTER Momo was well, nice, and stabbed to yell something ? He couldn’t yell something while Soifon was charging at her, while Shunsui’s shadow was crawling up the ice, or while Hitsugaya was aiming for her chest ? Ichigo, I swear.

  2. FIRST, JO!!

    –actually second there Pickles….hehe


  3. THIRD! XD

    Great breakdown Mandi! You’re getting better and better great job! ^_^

    @Nagashikage: LOL, exactly what I was thinking. Ichigo is all about saving friends and innocent victims. Why in the world would he just stand there for all of that? He should have flash stepped in as soon as he saw Hinamori being attacked. He should be fast enough to stop a captain’s attack.

    Personally, sorry Mandi, I love Aizen to death! He’s such an awesome villain and I think what he did to Hinamori was cruel but badass. He’s a user but I can’t help but like his god like powers. I wonder when Gin and Yamato will step in.

  4. Well as someone who has been used like Hinamori was….I see it on the other end of the spectrum and if Aizen was real i’d kill him myself 😀

  5. @Super&Mandi: I have to agree, Aizen is pretty badass. Slightly overpowered to death, but who cares ? That’s what most villains are anyway.
    But, I guess this next week off is what Tite will be doing: wondering why he killed off Stark & Halibel in such a dumb way, and coming up with a good excuse as to why Gin is standing there smirking his fox smirk and why the top captain in Soul Society isn’t helping anything, instead just … standing there and being old.

    @CaptainPickles: Whoa hey. 😀

  6. sincce momo is not coverd with blood, im going to assume that he switched with her in a split second, and ichigo did not have time to yell. or, and this is what i belive did happen, is ichigo noticed something, tried to say something before then, but remember kyokya suigetsu? aizen could esaily make it so that even if he yelled they would not hear it. i think aizen let them hear ichigo right then just to show them(hitsugaya most of all) what they had just done to poor momo. he is truly evil. even if momo lives, hitsugaya is going to need serious therapy!

  7. Taka, that is a good theory. I didn’t think about it like that before. Hmmmm…

  8. Is anyone else thinking the same thing I am about Aizen?

    That he is really just a joke hiding behind the power of his zanpakto and that if he ever lost that advantage he would go down faster than Kon if he were fighting super saiyan Godzilla’s bankai mode?

    I mean I know Gin says he is strong, but I haven’t seen any proof of this otherwise. He could just be using his zanpakto to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes this whole time. He has proven one thing though, he is a stone cold coward.

    That’s just my opinion anyways.

  9. Lol, epic fail on my part. Anyhow, great breakdown, Mandi.

    Well, I think we all knew Aizen wasn’t down and out, it was only a question of how he was going step out of the crack. Well, it looks like Hinamori got screwed over once again…the poor thing. Anyhow, it was a pretty cool chapter altogether, I thought.

  10. @ mandi: great breakdown! Sadly, to tell you the truth, from where I’m from it has always been the girls that used the guys. Especially me. But really it doesnt matter which gender does it, it’s all just plain wrong to use others like that.

    As far as Aizen goes, he is the best villain in my opinion. He’s cheap, a liar, user, intelligent and incredibly strong.

    @ iamnotreallyhere: he did prove his ridiculous strength before they all fought…Ichigo couldn’t keep up with him. We’re talking about someone who apparently also has twice the reiatsu of a normal captain as well that can’t keep up with Aizen. Everything Gin has said about Aizen has been totally and utterly true. Period.

  11. This was a great chapter, it reminds me why I hate manga (too short). I thought Momo and Hitsuguya were(adapted) siblings…Momo seems destined to die, can you think of another(somewhat)central character thats gotten less screentime ?
    Aizen is gonna continue his pwnage no jutsu until Kenpatchi shows up . Then will you see someone finally lay hands on Aizen . At the very least visards and the remaining captains use there damn bankai…..Speaking of bankais Any speculation(s) on Old man Yama’s? ….ps@ Ms.Mandi I thought Yachiro was your girl…

  12. Great job Mandi.

    I am really mad with Aizen for using Hinamori like that. If I could I would go in the manga and break his neck.

  13. I agree 100% with Super on this one. BA villain, one that has possibly generated some of the most hate towards a manga character I’ve seen in a long time.

    However, I don’t see 1 way Aizen can be stopped soon, so Ichigo either has to go uber crazy, or hold off for now.

    Anyone else wondering why they haven’t informed the royal guard about Aizen, or at least his power? None of them have seen it.

  14. @debito89 How many of the Espada have done the same in the last 50 or so chapters? Just because he could run a few circles around Ichigo(who wasn’t hollowfied by the way) doesn’t mean he is all he is portraying himself to be. I would be willing to bet that much of the fight after Ichigo is left out of it is the result of Kyoku Suigetsu.

    All I have seen evidence of is that he has the ability to fight multiple captains simultaneously, something any of his espada could and did do. In the end however if he were truly as strong as he portrays himself to be then he wouldn’t need ultimate hypnosis to take out the captains. That he relies on it like he does tells me that he is weaker than he say (or thinks he is).

    For all we know the only one who has been able to fight him at full strength is Ichigo, as the rest being under Ultimate Hypnosis could only be using half or less of their power thinking that they are using much more, or being forced to pull their punches so to speak at the last second without knowing it.

    Aizen is a Coward with no Honor who can’t fight anyone with out that God Mode Sue of a Zanpakto of his.

  15. @return Yachiru is my girl, she’s so cute and bubbly and you just wanna squeeze her cheeks and hug her….ugh, everything i’m not. I love Yachiru, but I identify with Momo.

  16. lol i love how no one is giving aizen any credit lol he is by far the SICKEST COOLEST MOST AMAZING SNEAKY POWERFULL SMARTEST SEXIEST villian ever who goes around sprinkiling rape sauce on everything. He is the only thing that keeps me on bleach at all and on the subject of hinamori she was a useless charecter and to be fair someone on the good team needed to be killed even though the person they killed was completleu useless to the story,They might as well have killed a random animaL. look at all the bad guys that are dead man starkk uliquoria tousen pretty much all the espada and not one good guy that mattered has died what kinda nonsense is that. She better be really dead or this will be completley unfair even the chick whos name escapes me at the moment that was cut in half buy gin isnt dead how one sided can a manga be and i guarentee that all those people aizen just lunched on are all going to be fine by the time the fight is over and btw to say aizen is hiding behind his sword is ridiculus even gin said it. look at what he did to ichigo while he was hollowfied and if he IS hiding behind his sword why cant he…. they have 10 plus guys fighting one person and those 10 people have a fuckin HEALER on their side

  17. @fioresful: I admit Aizen’s greatness, but I find the way he made Hitsugay kill Hinamori despicable and, like I said before, I would break his neck if I could.

  18. amen Dragon…i’d say it must be a girl thing to sympathize…but I’m not entirely sure of your gender so I can’t 😛 Aizen is pretty badass, but his douchebagness overshadows it IMO. I really wanted Hinamori to get revenge on Aizen…*sniffle*

  19. What pisses me off most is the fact that Aizen is this fuking strong and we’ve basically wasted reading 92 CHAPTERS! watching Espada Battles. Aizen could’ve just fuked everyone over like this from the beginning!!! OMGWTFBBQWHODAT!!!

  20. @iamnotreallyhere, Kyoka Suigetsu, is a Zanpakuto and is thus a reflection of its Shinigami’s soul. Kyoka Suigetsu is so strong because Aizen’s soul is so strong. Its abilities ARE his power. AND he’s shown he can still pwn ppl beyond recognition (what I call Aizening) without using its powers (examples are Love, Komamura and Rose, even Tessai when he used his barrier to block Tessai’s “great” Kido).

    Good Job Mandi, me ARe assholes, aren’t we? lol ^^

  21. @ kisuzachi: not only that, but Ichigo is also using Bankai against Aizen to give him his equal standing

  22. @@iamnotreallyhere: dude(or gal), While Aizen is a douche and scumbag of the highest order, who for some odd reason cant get enough of screwing momo(the one gal who wud actually hav lukd out for him, which makes me feel rather pissed..more below), he’s still the STRONGEST THERE IS! i mean, apart from maybe Yamamoto, who for some reason is still doing nothing… he’s like the main man..and plus, we knw that he made tousen a vizard too so.. u knw, he’s even more powerful now.

    kisuzachi is totally right. and if u remmber, when ichigo faced him in the save rukia arc, aizen stopped his bankai with like a finger or something… i mean… DAMN! nobody in the entirety of soul society cud do dat…except zaraki, maybe

  23. I have a couple of questions, actually.

    1.(dont mind but this has been bugging me for months) how come zaraki cud beat nnoitora a hugely powerful espada but not ichigo before he even got his bankai?? i mean, it just seems weird and dont tell me coz ichigo surprised him or something coz.. well.. come on.. power is power…maybe i missed something.

    2. if aizen is doing all this to get into the royal palace, then how come the zero squad hasnt shown up? and besides.. if he does get thru.. i mean, what hope does he have? the zero squad is made up completely of captains and they havent been exposed to kyouka sui’s powers.. and then there’s the king right? i hope he doesnt turn out to be a wimp…

    3. if aizen is as powerful as he seems to be, then why use the espada at all? i mean… u cant hit what u cant c… all he really has to do is distract the others long enough to feed ichigo his sword.. and he’s still not using his bankai… or is he?? i mean, this kinda power, it seems very bankai like to me..

    4. why momo?? i mean… why??? and why did everyone think that it wud be soo easy..apart from kira… and also.. what happened to ukitake… i remmber he was stabbed but, he hasnt been seen or heard from since… what.. last august?? longer? and nobody even tried to get to him and heal him? i feel like a lot of these characters are being forgotten.. or maybe they’re playing dead to avoid major pawnage!! HEHHE 😀

  24. Well well well. I had always wondered how strong his “Absolute Hypnosis” was and now i got to see. Did you all read aizens answer to shinji’s question: “when did you start thinking i stopped using it?” Heres a theory… The moment Aizen stepped through the portal/gateway thing to Karukara town(whatever the towns name is) Yamamoto stated: Good, it looks like we made it in time> Aizen replied “In time for what?” This shows me the Gotei 13 were already under hypnosis. This also could mean, the Gotei 13 never fought Halibel, Starrk, or Barragan. The whole time they could have been fighting themselves and never know it. And while they are actually killing each other, Aizen and his sadistic sick ways, stood back and enjoyed the true horror. Which means we might end up seeing Starrk, Barragan, and Halibel, show up to fight the 3 captains left in Hueco Mundo. Anyways most of us probably already know, the real fight will come down to Aizen and Urahara. Urahara is a genius and has most likely spent 100 years trying to find Aizens weakness in his “Absolute Hypnotism”. Anyways its just a theory, im not saying with 100% certainty. Oh ya and one other thing. We also have Ichigo’s Father who was a zero gaurd captain. There are actually quite a few hints that showed me that, including the emblem he wore on his shinigami/captain uniform. We may even see Ichigo’s dad show up to fight. After all, Urahara helped to restore his powers, and chances are Ichigo’s dad hasnt seen Aizens shikai either. We may see a father son tag team match as well. Anyways go back and look for the hints during the fight scenes and you may see what i have seen. Like… possibly my favorite captain(kyouraku Shunsui) stabbing Ukitake through the chest, when he thought he stabbed starrk. “Absolute Hypnotism”

  25. @axelgerhard…if that actually happens and the first three espada are fine i’ll be REALLY pissed…. cuz we wouldve wasted 1 year or more… on an already slow manga. I’m just waiting for everyone to bust out there bankai’s in one episode lol

  26. @instalingrad…1.nnoitora caught ichigo tired and hurt from the grimmjaw fight and Kenpachi ia a bad mofo….2.Maybe he’s already there Aizen never seems to be where he should be….3.Maybe its all an illusion/distraction while Aizen collects what he needs to the real Konakura town….Momo is the anomaly, her death is merely the equation trying to regain equalibrium.

  27. The way I see it, Kyoka Suigetsu is a mirror of his soul. It shows that Aizen’s greatest strength is his ability to deceive and manipulate. While I am not saying he is necessarily weak I am simply stating that the way he portrays himself he should easily be able to crush all of the captains and vizards with out having to use Kyoka Suigetsu’s Complete Hypnosis. The fact that he seems to constantly use it whenever he actually has to face anyone tells me he isn’t all that.

    Case in point: Teapot.. I mean Toshiro Hitsugaya vs Aizen: Does Aizen fight him and defeat him in battle? no he utilizes Kyoka Suigetsu to cut him down without having to fight him.

    Case in point: Ichigo Kurosaki vs Aizen: Ichigo had just barely beaten Captain Byakuya Kuchiki, and I feel safe to say that he also barely survived that fight as well, as is also safe to say that he was no where near as strong as he is now in the manga, nor was he even close to full power at that time. Neither was Renji Abarai for pretty much the same reasons.

    Case in Point: King of Hollows(Baraggan Luisenbarn) and his army vs Aizen: Does he even lift a single finger against them, no he uses his Kyoka Suigetsu and lets the other two do all the work.

    Case in Point: Sajin Komamura, Love and Rose vs Aizen: I’ll give this much to you that Aizen proved he wasn’t weak here. However Sajin Komamura had just been nearly killed my Tosen Kaname, and Love and Rose had been given quite a beatdown by Coyote Starrk. So it can be argued that they weren’t quite at their best. Still This does not raise him to such a level of strength as that which he claims as Tosen was clearly capable of doing exactly the same thing(he would still be alive if he hadn’t bothered with his Resurrección).

    All I am saying is that Mr. I’m going to be GOD needs to start putting his money where his mouth is before I’m going to start taking him more serious as a villain. Otherwise to me he will be nothing more than a bait and switch con artist.

    He does have two things going for him though, His Vaizard form and his Resurrección. Both of which should increase his power greatly. Though as Tosen demonstrated this power increase doesn’t mean that he will be invincible and may even end up being both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

    sorry for the long post, just didn’t want to have to double post or anything.

  28. @Iamnotreallyhere: Also Aizen has yet to release his bankai which should give him 5 to 10 times more power.

    And he already has twice the reitsu level of a captain. Then there’s this.

    He overcame Soifon’s shikai abilty (2 hits “certain” kill) on pure reitsu. You make some valid points and the reason why I think Aizen uses his shikai so much is because it’s so much apart of him. He likes manipulation and toying with his opponents and his ability is perfect for that. It amuses him.

    If you look at the battles mostly everyone uses their shikai like crazy. It’s the basic fighting style in Bleach. Whip out your shikai for most of the fight and when you get your arm cut off and you’re an inch away from dying FINALLY whip out your bankai. -_- Lol, of course Ichigo is an exception because he spams his bankai so much it’s not even worth much anymore.

  29. LOL Supertrek89 ftw

  30. im pretty sure the fact that he likes using and deceiving others was also a big reason why he put together the espada. It’s also likely that they were a way to simply buy time for the hougyoku. He’s wasting everyone’s time just for that thing.

  31. @Mandi: I’m a boy… -_- You interested? *winks* 😉
    And I didn’t notice or do it on purpose but I wrote Hitsugay instead of Hitsugaya before! HitsuGAY, get it?

  32. oh and one other thing about my theory. Aizen admitted to Yamamoto that he knew this was the fake town. And now since Aizen replied to shinji: “when did you think i stopped using it?” its even possible while they were under absolute hypnosis this whole time, the Real Aizen and his lackies might actually be in soul society destroying the real town for the kings key. Tite wants to reveal the zero squad and this would be a way to do it. Again this is just a theory and i know some of you would be mad about this if it was true, but Aizen was created to be this powerful and smart. And with the introduction to 0 squad, we may also see Ichigo’s father to reveal himself as a member of zero squad. Again their are many hints to his power, even when he admits that when he regained the power of a captain, he was only at a fraction of his power. Also the he was wearing a captain’s robe over his shoulder with a Royal crest holding it in place. Enable to see it you have to cheat like i did lol. Scan the actual page and zoom and try to focus the kanji as best as you can. I for one would be glad to see either Urahara or some zero gaurd kill aizen. To me its rediculous to see Ichigo always beat more powerful fighters with 300+ years of fighting experience. I understand he is the main character, but even the main character shouldnt always be the hero. Anyways thats my theory and im sticking to it^^ I for one wont be mad if tite did in fact make the past year Aizens hypnotism. It would just show us how bad ass of a villain tite created.

  33. lol dragon…maybe…how old are you…unlike Trek here, i don’t go for the underage kids >.<

    I really think that with this hiatus that Tite is gonna come back with us in Hueco Mundo….but i've been saying that for awhile now…so who knows.

  34. YESSSS!!!! i won something!! hahaha thanx Ms.Mandi, pitty you dont win t-shirts no more…. but still yay me! great breakdown btw

  35. @Return_of_Ra: 1. im not saying that ichigo wasnt tired and beaten up when nnoitora found him nor am i saying that zaraki aint a bad mofo(truly one of the baddest of the fo’s of the mo’s) but lets think back a sec. Nnoitora was still an espada… no. 5 to be precise.. stronger than grimjow.. who was stronger than ichigo’s bankai… which ichigo did not possess when he beat zaraki… i mean… its insane. Ichigo without his bankai beat a guy (or drew even with) who beat another guy way more powerful than ichigo… its .. crazy!! the only way this makes sense is if kenpachi actually became stronger after fighting ichigo.. which cud be true..

    @axelgerhard: Im still curious about what happened to ukitake but oh well… i have a theory.. i think that the reason why gin is not really doing much anymore is coz aizen sent him somewhere while he messes around with ichigo and company. i mean, he prolly knew that they’d bring him to fight aizen and if he wasnt there ichigo wud just say so.. but no1 wud notice gin gone.. so.. he’s prolly in soul society just about ready to burn it all down.

    The thing im luking forward to tho, is urahara kisuke.. we all knw he’s just hiding somewhere in the shadows ready to whip out a cool gadget that’ll turn aizen’s hypno powers to pulp and then he’ll get pawned !! now the only other thing left is for the dying mommo to get angry and unlock her super awesome, bomb the world bankai!!

  36. @instalingrad: lolwut ? Gin is standing right there watching Aizen fight – – unless it’s another Kyoka trick. But when it comes to Bleach, you can’t think too hard about things. The main character in mangas always defies common sense, but Kubo has screwed up A LOT, like with the explanation of the Privaron Espada, Starrk & Halibel’s retarded deaths, and the obvious mix-up of Shunsui and Ukitake’s Shikais.

    To me, the most prominent mistake was the Cero situation. At first, all Cero were red. Then, when Ulquiorra revealed a green Cero, it was told that his was a unique color because it was extra strong. That’s when Kubo thought it’d be cool if each Arrancar/Espada had their own specially colored Cero from then on, but it was too late for Grimmjow, whose signature color was blue but cero already red. That’s when he came up with some Gran Rey Cero crap, a cero that supposedly matched the color of the Espada using it, but that was already happening with everyone’s ordinary Cero … shit like that is why Bleach is under Naruto and One Piece in my book.

  37. @nagashikage: i knw that “Gin” is standing there.. but what im saying is that Aizen didnt leave and make everyone fight themselves.. i think he told the real gin to leave and replaced him with a fake gin… or maybe he’s using his powers to make yamaji think he’s fighting gin… that wud explain why he’s not ….helping.. at all.. and since he wud hardly be the person that ichigo wud luk for asap, which wud be aizen himself.. ichigo wudnt notice gin missing and tell everyone about it.. see?? clever as a pickle

  38. Yamamoto i8s doing one of four things
    1. He’s guarding the pillars
    2. He’s keeping an eye on Gin
    3. He’s letting the Captains tire out Aizen so he can finish up
    4. He fell asleep (He IS old)

  39. @Mandi: First I would like to know what continent are you from? And by the way you said it, it sounds like Trek is a pedo…

  40. I’m in the USA baby! And he says he isn’t….but I wonder about him sometimes >.<

  41. Actually guys about yamamoto. If you watched the Zanpakutou filler, Yamamoto explained how to fight a shinigami with sensor controlling abilities. it does require a bit of meditation apparently, as in you need to close off your “heart” to nullify a sensors abilities. As soon as Aizen made his move, Yamamoto disappeared. I think he’s getting himself ready, hoping Gin may step in to fight ichigo when ichigo makes his move. While Gin is keeping ichigo occupied, Aizen will attempt to show his shikai to ichigo. At this time 1 of 3 things may happen. 1: Yamamoto steps up and shows why hes the captain-commander. 2: Urahara makes his move and reveals what 100 years of studying aizen has given him. 3: (what im hoping for) Ichigo’s dad shows up with all his strength finally re-gained, and explains to Aizen that he may have double the reaitsu(Riatsu? sorry for some reason i have forgotten how it is spelled), but even ex-zero gaurd captains required more than Aizens imagination. Please dont forget ichigo’s dad complained that even at a tenth of his power back he only had a captain levels spirit pressure. Having an extremely powerful father is an explanation to ichigo’s freakish power with only a year of shinigami experience. Ofcourse this is only a theory if my first theory of Aizens “ABsolute Hypnotism” falls through. I love how unpredictable bleach is.

  42. @axelgerhard : i dont think that yamaji is actually going to use that technique coz im pretty sure nothing from the fillers has ever been used in the main manga… altho that wud make him seem soo much more useful.. but it cud also be that aizen simply made yamaji think he’s fighting or something… or maybe.. urahara made yamaji a gigai which he switched with himself after beating up those chicas… BWAHAHAH!!! damn that wud be soo clever.. pity it wont happen.

    But i do know how the fight will go… i think i see axelgerhard’s point… it’ll go something like this..
    ‘gin fights ichigo… and pins him down with his “sword”… as ichigo struggles to get away aizen shows up behind him and yells “pic of orihime’s boobs” ichigo turns around ecstatic and aizen flashes him his “shikai”… ichigo: “d’oh!” … aizen:muahahah… gin: 🙂

    and btw it’s spelled.. Reiatsu….. rieatsu… ria… aaaaaahhhhhhh!! dammit… !! crap crap crap.. how do u spell that!!

    also, can someone tell me when ichigo’s dad reveals all this stuff about him? i mean, i knw that his father was like a capt but i can remmber all this other stuff… about his reiaatsui.. watever…

  43. Oi oi, what’s going on here!? I leave for 2 days and come back to see I’m a pedo!? o_O BANKAI!!! ^(*_*)^

    I believe the word is spelled “Reiatsu” and I don’t know about all the stuff on Ichigo’s dad Axel is talking about, but here’s the chapter introducing Isshin.

    He’s clearly strong but I don’t know if he’s THAT strong (10x stronger than a normal captain).

  44. If you can read/speak japanese you’ll find sometimes in manga translations to english, a lot of the meanings get lost. Read the chapter supertrek89 linked and read chapter 188, and read the convo between urahara and ichigo’s father. He complains about having the strength of a captain at only at about a tenth of his actual power. Also another reason why i honestly believe Iishin will join the fight is because on page 10 of chapter 188, he even mentions that he is preparing for the battle. Also if you re-read both chapters you’ll notice Iishin knows a lot about Aizen and about the Hougyoku. I think we will see Iishin show up in time to save his son from Aizen’s shikai. Iishin will probably have a very cool background story to go along with it.

  45. Oh and about the lost translation stuff. Whoever translates japanese into english, will always translate different than what other people may conclude. One may translate “the cat in the hat” to the cat lives in the hat” or the cat got in the hat” so to speak. Just have to read it in japanese yourself, or hope the translator didnt get straight C’s in Japanese lol. If any of you read fairy tale, you’ll notice that the main characters of that manga go through name changes whenever a new translator takes over. Kinda funny.

  46. @axelgerhard: im still not sure how u came to that explaination that he was that strong bt watevr.. i still hope that the zero squaad comes out to play… it wud suck that we went to soo mcuh trouble to read the manga to not even be allowed to see the zero squad.. plus karakura being blown up wud give bleach a much more interesting tone… plus give ichigo much more depth … maybe even make him evil… ooh.. now that wud be something else.. eh?

    @supertrek89: i knew it was Reiatsu.. damn axel for making me forget it.. oh well.. no matter. but i followed ur link and i guess that makes sense, that isshin is not as strong as he was but it doesnt indicate him being…. THAT strong… that wud just be insane!! i mean.. 8times stronger wud make him ….aizen’s boss’ boss..’s boss

    @Anyone: i think we’re unfortunately going back to the hueco mundo scene… soo unfair.. but i suppose necessary.. i still dont get how that weird 10th espada became the 0 espada… i mean.. zero means nothing so technically that means he.. was a nothing… but anyway, i thot it was plain stupid making him the most powrful… i mean..does it make him more powerful than ulqy? and therefore morepowerful than ichigo’s full hollow mode?

  47. Again this comes down to whoever is translating the manga. the espada rankings are given in terms of Reiatsu level. Not actual who’s better than who, but for the most part if you have more reaistsu, chances are you can beat someone with weaker reiatsu. Unless you have an ability like barrragan, where you can age your opponent the second they get to close to you. When he was in normal mode Yammy had the 10th most reiatsu. Apparently though he died in the DBZ universe and is able to raise his power level throughout the fight. So when he goes supersaiyan yammy, he achieves a reaitsu lev el that surpasses starrk. Yammy is just unique in this way of how much reiatsu he actually has and the difference between his normal versus release mode. I’m sure in a fight barragan could kick his ass, and starrk could probably destroy him too. If you read it in japanese when they explain the rank structure of the espada, you’ll read that it is determined by reiatsu, and not actual abilities. It’s just when you translate the actual grammar of that convo, its just easier and takes up less space in the bubbles to pass on the full explanation. I’m sure when these manga actually get translated by the companies that have a contract with shonen jump, you’ll get a different and better translation than what you may read at I’m not saying the translators that do this for free are doing a bad job, in fact im grateful they are willing to do it. Cause it takes me about 2-3 weeks to get the mangas shipped from japan and i hate waiting that long for such good stories. But in about 6 months to 9 months you’ll end up reading a more detailed version, then you’ll see what i was talking about.

    And about zero gaurd showing up. I don’t think were gonna see all of them. Were gonna most likely see Iishin show up to reveal his zero gaurd status, and reveal the humongous difference between gotei 13 and zero squad. Urahara will most likely get the killing blow on Aizen. Im guessing that, mainly due to the history between those two. Aizen pretty much bent over urahara the worst in the pendulumn background story. Since most fights are based on revenge, i see the fial fight coming down to urahara and aizen. Iishin will probably kill gin. Just my crazy theory^^ who really kjnows except Tite. Sorry for ranting so much XD


    new bleach is out

  49. The new bleach is out…omg. WonderWeiss + Aizen = hoplessness. I’m gonna love to see who’s gonna fix this mess.

  50. um yea. ichigo needs to take care of wonderweiss while mr. commander deals with aizen

  51. Damn, I knew Yamato was strong but I didn’t know he was that strong! I wonder if his reiatsu is higher than Aizen’s too. I doubt it though. Yamato hasn’t even released his bankai yet and Aizen got wary of him enough to make an arrancar just to negate his shikai! Freaking badass!!!

    Lol, I loved how Aizen dismissed Unohana as a capable fighter. XD

  52. Urahara and the sexy kitty lady are going to have to show up… or possibly Captain of the 4th division(forgot her name). If you’ve noticed people consider her to be “scary” i’ve always wanted to know why that is. And if Wonderweiss was designed solely to stop commander yamamoto, then surely the 4th division captain, or urahara should be able to stop it easily. We still have Gin around to think about, and one other hiding in the shadows… Iishin. Were about to see some cool shizznit very soon. I mean how boring would it be to see Yamamoto one-shot Aizen? I honestly don’t want to see Ichigo be the hero in this battle. I want to see one of the captain’s, Urahara, or his father reveal their ultimate badass bankai-ness. I am sad that Kyouraku Shunsui won’t use his Bankai. In my opinion, his shikai is nearly God-like, but since his Zanpaktou’s games only allow one winner, his shikai would kill everyone in his Reiatsu range including allies and all. Kyouraku should have gone by himself and Bankai’ed right off the bat lol.

  53. what the hell happened to the vizard with the wind bankai?!?!?! o well Ichigo should get up and take care of wonderweisse.

  54. @Super, I was almost out of my seat when i saw Aizen (the real hero of this story) cut Yamamoto! LOL It was sheer epicness! Btw, it was said that when it comes to destructive power, Ryujin Jakka is the most powerful Zanpakuto, so that’s what Aizen meant, and not that Yama has more Reiatsu than him.

  55. i think yamamoto has more reatsu aizen himself said that a battle betwen shhinigami its a battle of reatsu meaning power=reatsu and plus to having already the strongest fire zanpaktou no wonder he maid a extinguishing arancar just for him ichigo got to step up unohana get on gins way and kubo end this ark already.

  56. Lolz Aizen is all kool =)
    but at this point of the story if uhara and Ichigo’s dad would show up and be able to compete with aizen on his lvl it would be kinda Lame. I consider Yamamoto to be the strongest of the whole Bleach world and if Kisuke and yoroichi would show up and make a change in flow that would be kinda unreal sure they migth be strong but if Tite wanted to show that they really make a change he should have showed that befor the whole gotei 13 fell befor Aizen unless they acutally really hate those guys =D

  57. How would it be lame for them to be stronger than Yamamoto? Eventually someone will have to be stronger than yamamoto to take his place as captain-commander, so for him to always be the most powerful would be lame. Aizen admitted that yamamoto is more powerful than him and in a fair fight Aizen would lose to him. Eventaully someone has to surpass yamamoto in power and Urahara or Iishin(resigned-zero gaurd, possibly for love?) would be fitting in my eyes. Urahara is insanely smart, and just as Aizen found a way to counter Yamamoto, im sure Urahara has found a way to counter aizen. The real fight is going to be fun.

  58. wonderweisse is proper gay

  59. i’m still not sure why no1 has pulled out their bankais…. its f’in ridiculous…

  60. hey guys sorry i haven’t gotten the breakdown done yet, i’ve been getting my butt kicked at work…I will try to have it out monday evening

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