New Fanfic- The Unbound Tournament

Hi everyone! I’ve got a one shot fanfic for you by our own Marksman! It’s a great story so give him some good feedback!

 Crashing through the cusps of tree branches, leaves, and broken crockery was a weary Naruto, trying desperately to regain his sight. He soon found his body smacking against the ground back first, his breath knocked right out of him. What the hell was going on? Nothing was working against this guy. The multi-shadow clone technique had failed epically, each clone being turned into little pieces of gum. That’s right, gum of all things. Was it magic?

Sakura was hurt badly, maybe even out of the fight for good, and Kakashi was nearly out of chakra. Luffy, who had been standing at the entrance of the arena hadn’t budged since the match begun. He just stood their, teeth gritting and fists clenched glaring at the enemy who stood with a menacing grin. What the hell was he doing? No time for that, Naruto had to think, and fast.

“Ok, sage mode it is. Hey Kakashi, Hiei!” He yelled, his voice echoing through the confines of the arena. “I need you hold him off for a sec, I’m going to gather sage energy!”

“Gotcha naruto!” the scared, red eyed Copy Ninja responded, his chakra nearly depleted, his clothes ripped and shredded indicating his past battle with  their seemingly  immortal enemy.  Hiei stood beside him, his dark eye opened in a blaze of rage, as he panted heavily. They were exhausted, extremely exhausted.

“Two rasengans, a raikiri from myself, Hiei in dark flame, and Sakara’s chakra infused strength wasn’t enough eh? Is he immortal?” Kakashi stared through the confines of his enemy, his red sharingan swirling in fury. “Its no good, at this rate, i’ll have no choice but to use it.”

“How long does the kid need?” Hiei asked, his tone low and filled with frustration.

“About 2 minutes at the most, sage mode is our best bet.”

“I doubt it!” the black haired warrior blurted, disappointment blistering off the last of his words. Kakashi raised an eyebrow, questions written all over his face.

“Eh?” He whispered, his curious ears tuned in.

“This ‘Sage Mode’ is in no way strong enough. If I couldn’t defeat him in dark flame, I’m afraid all hope of defeating this pink, child of a monster is futile.”

It appeared Hiei was just as full of himself as ever. Kakashi didn’t bother to respond, he only opted to release a sigh and re-fix his gaze back onto their opponent.

“Does this guy think of anyone else besides himself?”

Kakashi and Hiei begun their walk of death towards their death defying foe, Hiei a step or two behind Kakashi, unsheathing his sword once more. Before they knew, they were standing right before their brutal enemy once more.

“Ok, you pink piece of pathetic trash. Let’s dance.” Hiei said with smirk, somehow confident he was going to win despite their previous failed attempts. Did he still have a plan? Kakashi stood in a defensive stance as brave and non intimidated as he could be. But who was he trying to convince; his enemy, or himself?

Their enemy only laughed at the pathetic attempts to appear bold and non-exhausted, right before he blurted out his childlike retort.

“Me Buu, kill you.”

“Show me.” Hiei chuckled, pointing his crafted metal at the beast. Had he any fear at all? Here we go Kakashi thought, his faith in Naruto as strong as ever. Kid Buu didn’t take to well to the confidence of his weary opponent Hiei. As a matter of fact, his insistence on proving he wouldn’t be defeated and his intimidating smirk began to annoy him.

Kid Buu’s grin disappeared, as he now focused his attention on wiping that ugly smirk off the dark demon of a warrior’s face. He aimed his palm, pink energy gathering from his finger tips like little metal beads to a magnet. It wasn’t long before a pink ball of destruction roughly the size of a basketball levitated in control in front of the menacing child.

Kakashi analyzed with his sharingan, his brain trying to comprehend what was happening before him.
“Is he merely focusing his chakra into a concentrated blast of energy? In that case, perhaps we shouldn’t be standing so clo-…”

Too late. The ball of energy exploded into a wave of rage, the blast spreading far and wide, its peak surely looking to incinerate anyone in its path.

“Shit!” Escaped both the mouths of deaths prey as Kakashi’s decorated eye widened in fear. No time to dodge. They were both trapped, or so it seemed.


“KAKASHI!!!!!!!!!” Naruto yelled, dread filling his heart as Luffy looked on in disbelief. How the hell were the expected to beat anything like that?

The explosion engulfed them all, black smoke and debris first brushing away from the wave of pressure then escaping into the air, clouding the view of all who tried to glare through its contents. The only thing that could be conceived and translated through it all was the sinister laughter of an enlightened Kid Buu, a horrid faith destroying sound that seeped deep into the hearts of Naruto, a barely conscious Sakura and a baffled Luffy, all frozen in shock and fear.

Moments later the smoke cleared revealing the death defying prey who now stood alone, Kakashi and Hiei nowhere to be seen. No. Could it be, were they gone? Incinerated in the blast? It sure looked that way. The fight was over.

Kakashi and Hiei were gone, Sakura was out of the fight and Naruto had failed to gather sage energy in time. And unless Luffy had an ace or two up his sleeve, things were looking grim. They were going to die for sure. Kid Buu turned his menacing glare and selected his new opponent, Naruto, with his own two eyes.

Tears streamed down the face of the blonde hero of Konoha, but something was off. His eyes, the pure and innocent eyes of before had changed form, revealing that of a cat or a fox perhaps. They were filled with hate, a hatred that fueled his revenge seeking desire. Hell, Kid Buu welcomed the challenge, found it amusing.

“I swear..” Naruto hesitated, a mental block of blind rage filled with fury being the momentary cause.

Kid Buu exploded into a case of childlike laughter. This fight was over the second their opponent Kid Buu had been announced. This guy was impossible.  He had no weakness and he seemed to be running on an endless amount of stamina and endurance. Akatsuki had their number of unbound immortals, but neither Hidan or Kakazu had anything on this guy.
It was as if they were fighting the very being of immortal-ness itself.

The ground beneath Buu began to shake as if it were suddenly stuck by an earth quake. His laughter quickly stopped. Something wasn’t right. What was going on? Kid Buu pointed his questionable gaze at Naruto as if he were the cause, but Naruto looked as baffled as he was.

He then pitched his death defying stare upon the large wave of a crater in the ground at which hiss pink blast had undoubtedly created. At least he thought he created it.


Erupting from the ground with a kunai in hand and a balled fist with the other was the silver haired warrior. His upper cutting fist slammed into the pink jaw of his oblivious opponent sending Buu flying backward from the surprisingly strong force.


A wave of fire erupted seemingly out of no where and headed straight towards a weary Kid Buu.  Gritting his teeth in anger, Buu jumped to his feet and into the sky just barely escaping the rage of destruction that was headed his way.

“NOW HIEI!!” Kakashi yelled, his gaze fixed on the grinning demon above the pink monster with an unsheathed weapon of death. Kid Buu, upon spotting the source of the fire jutsu looked above him to see a certain surprise. What the hell? Had the blast done anything other than creating noise and smoke?
He found Hiei, just above him, his sword cocked back and ready to give the killing blow.

His eyes widened in fear as he tried to levitate away from the attack. Not fast enough. Three quick blind slices erupted into about fifty, Hiei’s speed showing off in a display of blind fury which was follow by a spinning kick, sending Buu straight to the ground.


Kid buu struggled to hands and knees and as soon as he did, about a thousand cuts, stabs and soars opened in his chest as if they didn’t have enough time to respond to the slices of Hiei which looked to never have been made at all because it happened so fast.

Pain unwavering and intense pain blasted into brainwaves and then into his mind, he felt like his chest were on fire.

“Time to finish this!”

Kakashi charged a raikiri which split into both his hands as he charged at his wounded opponent. It was time to go in for the kill. The compressed chakra of charged lightning blades dragged through the grounds, both hands on either side of the Copy Ninja.

Kid Buu couldn’t move and could only opt to stare at the finishing blow coming straight towards him.  This fight was over, or was it?

“EAT THIS!” Kakashi yelled.

What?! Oh No. Impossible! Was he smiling? Was Kakashi’s sharingan playing tricks on him, or did he really just witness the wounded chest of his death defying enemy close up and heal out of no where. Hell, it was brand spanking new again. What on Gods green earth was going on?!

Kid Buu stood to his feet, his game of playing possum was over, Kakashi needed to die right now.

“Shit” He stopped thanks to the advance warning of his sharingan which completed his fatal jutsu, it was too late.

Kid Buu kicked kakashi so hard, his foot literally went through the stomach and out his pack.  Pain; jaw dropping pain! Kakashi couldn’t believe it, this was it. His life flashed before his eyes. Kid Buu grinned and repeated his menacing words in a taunt in a “I told you so” kind of manner.

“Me kill you”

To Be Continued….maybe.

Click here for part 2


~ by Miranda on February 10, 2010.

18 Responses to “New Fanfic- The Unbound Tournament”

  1. 1st … Lool, why is Luffy not doing anything ? At first, I thought it was Luffy they were fightning. A grinning pink monster child … I was thinking of Gear Second, and I missed the part where it said Luffy was standing there. Who’s Hieh ?

  2. ah indeed i hoped it would be luffy they were figting since he would neutralize kakashi’s shidori. but ok kid buu… 😛
    and yeah Hieh? it was written good tho i just hated buu since he was overpowered in my opinion (overpowered even for DBZ)

  3. awesomeneesssss

    kakashi nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  4. 4th?

  5. AWESOME!!!! Kid Buu is overpowered, but that’s just what he is. Anyone in DBZ could beat Naruto and ,very probably, Luffy. They are just too powerful. Think about it. They can destroy planets with a finger movement, while Naruto and Luffy are only able to destroy cities.

  6. YOSH!!! Awesome story but why is Luffy just standing there!? Lol, sorry just had to say it. ><

    Anyway, poor Kakashi and I believe Hiei is the awesome demon from Yu Yu Hakusho! If it's going off the Hiei at the end of the series he's an S-class demon and uber strong. Plus he's pretty damn badass.

  7. this is great!!!
    i would have expected luffy to be the first to charge head on into battle… anyway, dragon ball characters are just too strong compared to just about any other manga. kid buu is, if i’m not mistaken, the 3rd strongest dbz character after vegeto and super buu. i’m not that sure about ultimate gohan being stronger then him… what do you guys think?

  8. Super Buu would definitely make quick work of Gohan. Gohan lost a lot of power and respect to me after he became “Saiyaman”. *shudders at bad memories* -_- I don’t care what kind of training he did after that he never made up for such a ridiculous attire and personality.

  9. Why the hell is Luffy standing there and Kid Buu’s not attacking him? He must think he’s his long lost brother, they’re both rubbery. @___@

    By the way, Ultimate Gohan is the strongest character in DBZ after, from second to first, Super Buu with him, Gotenks and Piccolo absorbed and Vegeto.

  10. @truepain: Kid Buu was stronger than Super Buu. But those three being the strongest ? What about SSJ4 Gogeta and Shenron ? Unless you’re excluding GT …

  11. no he wasn’t. goku SS3 was owned by super buu while he held his own against kid buu. plus, super buu contains the good part of buu(fat buu) and the evil, original part of buu(kid buu). the only thing that makes kid buu seem, and i repeat SEEM, stronger then super buu is that kid buu is a mindless destructive machine. and yes, i wrote DBZ characters.

  12. @nagashikage: I don’t count GT as canon since it was made by Toei, not from Akira Toriyama.

  13. Hey guys, i am glad you liked the first chapter. Ok on to the question of why Luffy isnt fighting?

    Well to be completely honest i know very litte about OP and only some of the major fights which is one of the reasons. I figured maybe i could get a few tips or something from super.

    BTW i am sorry to kill off kakashi in the first chapter T__T. I just did not want the story to be Bais off my favorite character because i know it bothers ppl.

    *glares at supertrek and Total* O_O

    i figured his death would inspire the kyubi within naruto to awaken so in the next chapter it would be 6 tails kyubi and @nd Gear Luffy vs the “unstopable kidbuu
    hieh is from yu yu hakasho one of my fav animes which in my opinion is second only to DBZ

    I have done a little research so prepare to see the Gum dude kicking pinks ass in the next chapter @_@

  14. You can’t stop Buu no one can stop Buu.
    Buu strongest there isssssssssssssssssssss.

    But all joke aside Kid Buu was the strongest out the Buu’s because he didn’t care. Kid Buu really played with Goku and Vegeta the whole time until that sprite bomb came at him.
    But he is one of my fav character next to Broly so I might be Bias.
    I SAID MIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Oh yeah Mark good job, don’t mess up Luffy or Buu or that your ass.
    Have a nice day!

  16. O_o

  17. omg this is so awesome! i really liked it, although, i really suggest some serious research before developing more the chars.

  18. lol great post i like how u have everybody where they should be considering only luffy would see how insurmountable the odds would be umm question?
    …where is yuske i only ask because he is way stronger than hiei and he isnt anywhere to be seen. but love the kakashi entering from the ground like always xppp

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