The Juubi’s Eyes

The Juubi, the ten-tailed Bijuu, the ultimate monster and weapon, was introduced in chapter 467 when Tobi made a declaration of war to the ninja world. Of course the Juubi has special powers, but what do they have to do with our beloved main characters? What are those eyes it has? Well, let’s have a look, shall we?

This is Aeris, new member (Hi!!), and very proud of it! I’m German, so some phrases or sentences may sound a little bit awkward, just so that you’ll understand why, if it comes to this.

The Juubi and its Host

So, here we see it. The Juubi with a single, but most certainly totally IMBA eye, and its host with his key ring wand. Let’s take a closer look at those eyes:

Three, six, nine tomoes on three circles: Voilà, the Sharin'negan!

Here we have it, displayed as Tobi’s Mugen Tsukuyomi, the state where he will have his eyes projected onto the moon. Of course, we all see that it is a mixture of the Rin’negan and the Sharingan, I dubbed it the Sharin’negan. But the Sharingan has only three tomoes, doesn’t it? Why does this eye have nine of them? a) We’ll see that later on, b) maybe because it would look really silly if there were only three on the inner ring.

Until now, we all think that the Rikudou Sennin had the Rin’negan himself, because it was always said like this. But my theory is based on the following: Rikudou does not ONLY have the Rin’negan, but the same eyes as the Juubi! A prove for a Bijuu’s attribute passing over to its Jinchuuriki are the whiskers on Naruto’s cheeks. So maybe, in some way, the Rikudou Sennin had the Sharin’negan as well after he became the Juubi’s host.

The Rikudou Sennin had two sons. One who believed that power was the key to peace, and one who believed that love was the key to peace. The “power son” had descendants that formed the Uchiha clan, and the “love son” had descendants that formed the Senju clan.

The "Senju son" and the "Uchiha son"

The son that eventually would form the Uchiha clan definitely inherited the Sharingan from his father and passed this on via DNA to every descendant. However, not each Uchiha child is born with the Sharingan, you have to activate it, a striking event must occur so that it activates itself.

Now, what if the son that eventually would form the Senju clan inherited simply the other dou jutsu, the Rin’negan?

This would mean first of all that Nagato needed to be a scattered Senju descendant. But why not? Nagato always talked about peace, that he hated and detested war, that he couldn’t stand it and that he wanted to live in a world with no war at all. But he was not strong enough in his heart. The civil war with Hanzou Salamander showed him one of his two pains, and sadness overwhelmed him. “And sadness leads to sorrow, sorrow leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to the Dark Side of the Force.” Yeah, Nagato definitely turned to the Dark Side, to Akatsuki. But how did his life end? He turned to the good guys again, being convinced by Naruto. And how could he have achieved that if the Will of Fire was not dwelling inside Nagato? I mean, Naruto is NOT Sailor Moon who can talk EVERYONE into becoming one of the good guys! (or is he?)

If the Senju clan had inherited the Rin’negan that would further have to mean that -same as the Uchihas- nearly everybody should be able to awaken it. But nobody did, as we saw. Well, maybe the Rin’negan is not that easy to activate because it has way more powers, that would only be fair 😉 .

But a better explanation is this one: How should the Senju KNOW about their legacy? This info is written on the ancient stone table and you can only read it with Mangekyou Sharingan, Sharingan and Rin’negan all together.

The ancient stone tablet in the Uchiha hideout

The Uchihas and the Senjus are destined to be enemies all their lives, so how could the Senjus even get near the stone tablet? And even IF a Senju once stood before it: as Tobi said, the info about the Rikudou Sage’s secrets can only be discovered if the table is read with MS, S and Rin’negan together. So even the Uchiha didn’t know that.

Okay, that the original Senju son totally sucked at passing down this secret to his sons is a complete lack of intelligence, but maybe he didn’t know either.

Remember my a) and b) choice in the beginning? “Why does this eye have nine of them? a) We’ll see that later on.” I’m pretty sure that all your jaws will drop open to your table or at least to the floor beneath you when you see this picture that comes from chapter 400, page 16:

Well well, what do we have here?

WTF, a second circle????? A new power? (Credits for spotting this image go to Ninjason, a user from the German Naruto wiki.) Holy shit, what is THAT supposed to mean? Easy, in my opinion: There will come the time when Sasuke evolves, develops a second circle in his Sharingan AND three additional tomoe, so that he would have six in total by this time. I mean, this image can no way be a mistake! Or can it?

If my theory is correct, the Senju clan inherited the legacy of the Rin’negan. The Uchiha clan possesses the legacy of the Sharingan.  Plus, we have Sasuke linked to the Juubi’s eyes via Sharingan. Hmmmm, who is missing now….? *thinking thinking thinking* The rest goes without words and is to be interpreted by you.

Chapter 462, Tobi to Naruto:

This is only the second time we’ve met, but I can tell the fire of the Senju clan dwells within you. I can see the first Hokage in you. Though dead, he still lives on.



~ by Aeris on February 9, 2010.

18 Responses to “The Juubi’s Eyes”

  1. 1st? By the way, didn’t you do this post on IRA a few months ago?

  2. i was waiting for a post about the juubi for soooooooooooooooo long!

  3. Looks like you jumped straight in and made a post Aeris (or re posted 1). Great post btw

  4. Yes, this one is already on IRA as well, you’re right!

  5. Awesome post Aeris! I wonder where the Byakugan fits into all of this.

    The Sharingan derives from the Byakugan. Plus the Hyuuga clan is the Leaf’s oldest clan.

    In other words the Byakugan came first. So shouldn’t the eldest son who inherited his father’s (Rikudou Sennin’s) eyes have had the Byakugan? If the descendants (the Uchiha) of the eldest son developed the Sharingan somewhere along the line someone had to have developed the Byakugan first. Maybe Rikudou Sennin himself was a descendant of someone with the Byakugan but he was the world’s first shinobi and possessed the Rinnegan, so I don’t see that happening. I don’t see both the Rinnegan and Sharingan being mutations of the Byakugan.

    So my theory is this. Rikudou Sennin had the Rinnegan and then came along his eldest son. The eldest son could not have had the Sharingan because no one before then had Byakugan and the Sharingan came from the Byakugan. Following along? What doujutsu did the eldest have then? Well it sure wasn’t the Byakugan because it doesn’t look like it. In fact it really looks like the Sharingan but it’s to dark for confirmation.

    I think the eldest son had a mix between Byakugan and Sharingan. Then somewhere down the lineage the Byakugan was developed. Then further down the line the Sharingan came along which made Byakugan look like its bitch.

    I hope that all made sense…>_>

  6. My theory above may be confusing and totally off so I made that a separate post. Now to address your theory Aeris.

    It’s Awesome! 😀 If Sasuke could develop 6 tomoes he’d be super powerful and even more badass than he already is! And that picture was a good find by your friend. I didn’t even notice the extra ring. It sure looks like a setup to put 3 more tomoes on there.

    As for the Jinchuuriki inheriting the properties of its Bijuu. Do you think Rikudou Sennin had the Rinnegan before or after sealing the Juubi? Like maybe he sealed the Juubi who had the “Sharin’negan” and once he sealed the monster in himself Rikudou Sennin gained the “Rinnegan”. Like Naruto had the Kyuubi in him and gained those whiskers. Just wondering what your opinion is on that. We haven’t seen Rikudou Sennin with the Sharin’negan so I really can’t say anything about that…

  7. i dont want to be ‘that guy’ but, dont you think, the firrst line we see, its the eyeball itself, the scond represents the pupil, and the third, the line where the tomoes are placed ?

  8. This post makes me think about how much naruto has changed over the years. At fist it was about a unskilled kid working hard and creating his own ninja way now it is about fate and legacy…powerful bloodlines. *sigh* I miss the zabuza arc T_T.

  9. According to madara the juubi is sealed inside the moon. Sooooo he must first destoy the moon to release its body. Now what I would like to know is, how the heck is he gonna cast a Mugen Tsukyomi on the moon if it does not exist -__- ??

  10. This makes me wonder…Where the hell is Neji ? I need to see Byakugan vs. Sharingan. Seems like genjutsu wouldnt work against Byakugan . Byakugan always seems to find the week spot. Alas, it doesent look like were going to see that ’bout.

  11. @Noom

    I also thought that, so I decided to look to the anime to see if a “full coloured” exampled of the same scene would help make it clearer that a black and white manga panel.

    Sharingan New Power?

    Unfortunately, as you can see from the link above of the screen I took from episode 141, the anime version of this scene is almost just as vague as the manga, but even still you can see a white outline (perhaps the white of the eyeball) around what looks like the iris (the darker part). The circles might just be a drawing effect to add detail to the iris itself, or it may be a second ring as well.

    However, I still believe the new power Madara was referring to in this scene was just the Mangekyo Sharingan. The eyes that the Juubi had would probably only be attainable through the Juubi itself and I highly doubt Itachi intended for Sasuke to become a Jinchuuriki for the Ten-tails.

  12. @super – we are told in the manga that the Sharingan came from the Byakugan, but does that mean it’s true? Spreading misinformation was just one of the many tools ninjas used to keep others in the dark, helping further their own ends.

  13. @Supertrek: Thanks at first!! Second, I think it’s like DarkAvatar said: Since Kakashi only said those lines once, it needn’t mean that it’s true.
    Second: Your question: Did the Sennin have the Rinnegan before sealing the Juubi? Yes, I think so. Because, if he really was the one who created ALL the jutsus, then he needed the Rinnegan for that (although that’s just my assumption). And if he wanted to seal the Juubi inside him, he needed a jutsu for that, eh? So he should have created that jutsu before using it 😀 . Although this “creating the jutsus” might be simply a metaphor as well and all this doesn’t make any sense…

    @Noom: In my opinion, it is pretty clear that it’s not the way you described it. At first, the pupil is simply the black dot in the middle of the eye. So ANY other ring could only be a ring for the iris, depicting the border of our eye color blue, green or brown.
    And that is already the last, outer ring shown on the “new power” image. A third ring inside wouldn’t make any sense in sense of anatomy.
    I think it all comes down to this question: Did Kishi draw the eye in this way: like the Daisan no Me of Gaara? This depicts the whole eyeball as it would look if you would rip it out of your head. Or did he draw it as we see it all the other times, IN the head, and the outer ring being the iris, like this: ?

  14. personally, i think we can take what kakashi said about the sharingan coming from the byakugan with a grain of salt. It was probably speculation by some of the leaf ninja as to the origins of the power of the sharingan. I beleive that since madara has gone into much more detail, that the sharingan does come form the rinnegan. However, the byakugan could have come from anywhere, maybe it was around before hand, and the hyuga’s were simply a clan of healers and wise people.

    But trek’s theory sounds good as well, that one makes sense becasue the byakugan does have a ring in it when its activated, so that would give a person an eye with 2 rings and three tomoe (wiht one ring provided by the byakugan part of the heritage.

  15. Ja, what Alec said.

    This whole thing got me wondering. If the Byakugan is supposed to be from the Leaf’s oldest and greatest bloodline why does it suck so much compared to the Rinnegan and Sharingan? Sure it has great “insight” but how far will that get you in battle?

    Sharingan user: “I can see you move as if you were in slow motion and copy your techs.”

    Rinnegan user: “And I have powers over life and death.”

    Byakugan user: “Oh yeah!? Well I can see you feel insecure about what you’re wearing today!”

    Lol, I know some of the Byakugan’s other attributes but still no comparison to what the sharingan and rinnegan offer.

  16. Lol @Trek!!!
    Hmm, but however, you can look behind you with your “wheat beer-kugan” and needn’t turn around. And you see the chakra flow of your enemy as well. And you can use the whole Juuken thing with the destroying of inner organs. Okay, that doesn’t get you anywhere if can’t get near to your opponent or hit him.

    As Alec said, there is the “all including” theory of the Byakugan providing 2 rings, and the Sharingan providing the third ring for the Rin’negan. However, this pic I posted seems to be the only I can find with 2 rings. If you look at Hinata’s confession to Naruto, where Kishi payed CLOSE attention to drawing Hinata at her best, there are no 2 rings…

  17. actually, from watching the anime a lot, I’ve seen that second circle in MANY Sharingan eyes….but i digress.

    As for the Rinnegan and Nagato, it is more logical to say that Nagato is the Rikudo Senin’s reincarnation, the Rinnegan IS the Samsara eye after all AND it doesn’t pass on by blood, it shows up willy-nilly. Besides, if the Rinnegan was passed down by blood it would have been diluted and wouldn’t be as godly as it was when Nagato used it.

  18. @super – It’s true that the Sharingan and Rinnegan offer much more potent abilities over the Byakugan, you have to remember that their range of sight is itself an incredibly useful tool. Being able to see your opponent from a huge distance and knowing he was there before he knew of your presence is a huge advantage, for stealth and increased aim.

    @kisu – valid point, dude. Though by the picture of the Juubi’s eye, I would say that Kishi is deliberately linking the Sharingan and Rinnegan together, much as Aeris has said. I personally think that the Rinnegan IS a bloodline limit, but skips a few generations before showing up again.

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