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-One Piece 574 Spoilers Below-

*sigh* I couldn’t even resist the spoilers this week and now I’m sad. [Sad Face] But keep hope alive!!! The title to the new chapter could be a ruse…or a mistranslation…or maybe Oda got his dates mixed up and he thinks it’s April Fools!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! T_T Spoiler video by Mangakenichi5 and the script for spoilers is down in comments section.

-One Piece Chapter 573 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome WRA to the One Piece Chapter 573 Breakdown and Discussion! This chapter definitely had a big surprise for anybody who didn’t look at the spoilers, but just because it caught us off guard does that make it an awesome twist ending or a dud? People have mixed feelings about the drastic ending that had me going “WTF NOOOEESS!!!” (literally) and that was the deciding factor for why the chapter was great to me. I mean, who knew THAT would happen? I have a feeling the ‘Ace Is Going To Die’ camp will be resurfacing soon. >< What I thought was going to be a chapter of flashbacks leading up towards Whitebeard’s end was instead something completely different from what I expected. How did I possibly enjoy this chapter though nothing happened until the final few pages and I was totally off on my prediction? Well, honestly it was because of that last page and the way Oda managed to trick me into thinking Whitebeard was the only one in danger at this point. Maybe I’m naïve but I thought Whitebeard was going to sacrifice his life and everything would be ok because of that, but alas I was thrown into the harsh reality of the casualties of war. At this point I don’t know how the war is going to end by I know somebody is going to die dammit!

Before we get into the breakdown here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

When’s the last time we had a Brook AMV? That’s a trick question we’ve never had one before! >< Lol, so here’s our first one and it’s really great. Don’t be fooled by the opening it’s a really sad AMV actually. Creator Kalvi13. Badass One Piece Picture by Goldenhans! Wasn’t that exact picture I was looking but still very much awesome nonetheless! Luffy and Ace collab FTEW!!! 😀

As you can see from the evidence gathered Carue runs a number of illegal animal fighting rings around the world.

An animal wearing animal skin on top of another animal. What’s wrong with this picture? Oh, and why is Carue always leading around dangerous looking animals?

He's about to die! Get that man some fries!

The chapter starts right off from where it left with Whitebeard commencing a final attack, suicidal in nature, on all of Marineford while the pirates retreat. There are a few laggards but they eventually move on with teary eyes as they understand this is Whitebeard’s last ‘Captain’s Order’ to his crew. Besides they weren’t as bad as the one special laggard we’ll be getting to later on.

The Marines decide to try to finish off Whitebeard so they can move on to the retreating pirates, but even though the bullets pierce Whitebeard’s flesh he just won’t go down. This is simply because Whitebeard is to badass to be taken out by mere bullets and canon fire. His badassery is like a shield against all small attacks that would take down any normal human being. Badassedness > Bullets. It’s a simple equation really and Whitebeard is ¾ Badass and ¼ PWN. Do the Marines really think they can finish him off if they can’t understand simple math?

What you think I misspelled something? Not according to Norland >(0_0)>

As the pirates retreat we get over to Sengoku who comments on how Whitebeard isn’t holding back anymore now that Ace is safe and off the scaffolding. Ah, of course Whitebeard was holding back all along! With a Devil Fruit like his for him to go full power would hurt his enemies along with his allies. Which is why the pirates knew to stay out of the way when Whitebeard was using his DF even without full power. As we can see it’s destroying the entirety of Marineford and he’s doing this on the verge of death. I would have loved to see him in his prime. Garp then comments that Whitebeard has also chosen this time to put an end to this old ‘Age’ with his death and the destruction of Marineford.

Pokemon! Gotta catch em' all...(if that's even possible now) Pokemon!

What ‘Age’ is ending? It’s referred to as ‘The Great Age of Piracy‘. The spur of pirate activity to find ‘One Piece’ after Gol D. Roger’s death. For 22 years pirates have been chasing their dreams out on the sea most in hopes of reaching ‘One Piece’ and becoming the Pirate King. After 22 years though this dream has faded to only a few aspiring pirates, and dreamers are becoming less and less common in the late stage of this era. Though the dream to find ‘One Piece’ may never die until the next Pirate King is crowned the era of dreamers is coming to a fast close. At least this is all according to Donflamngo (crazy ass) who says the ‘New Age’ will be a time when dreamers die and only the strong will survive. Whatever is in store for the ‘New Age’ though it is certain that the old ‘Age’ spawned after Roger’s execution will be ending after this war and a new one will start. Confused? Muhahahahaha!!!! XD Just go here >(0_0)> Why is this all important? Look at the name of the chapter. I’ll get into that later and I promise it’ll be short-ish. >_>

Buggy vs. Wolverine = Buggy's win. Yeah, I know sad but true.

Moving on back to the chapter Buggy reenters the scene with a revived Den Den Mushi thus giving visual back to the whole world of what’s happening in Marineford right now. Of course he’s not focusing on the war but rather himself. You know in my poll last week of who would take Whitebeard out I never considered Buggy The Clown. What I can see happening now is Buggy trying to kill Whitebeard and failing, but in the process someone else takes down Whitebeard (or he falls himself) and it looks like Buggy did it to the rest of the world. How’s that for instant worldwide fame? 😉 We should also note that from this point on visuals are back on for the war, so anything said or done from this point on could possibly be captured by the Den Den Mushi and shown throughout the rest of the world.

I bet he head-butt the ground because he heard it talking trash about Whitebeard...>_>

The war continues to rage all around them and finally we get to see what’s up with Jaws (Jozu?). He’s still frozen on the ground eating dirt so forget him lets move on to the subject of the day. Portagas D. Ace! Before Ace can leave the man he considers to be his true father behind to die he wants to show his gratitude towards him (I can understand that) but Whitebeard tells him he doesn’t need any thanks. All he asks is for Ace’s answer on whether or not he was a good father. Of course Ace says yes and Whitebeard laughs heartedly, content with his life and ready to die with the old era.


Then it’s all downhill from there. Ace is retreating with the rest of the pirates and it looks like everything is going to go according to Whitebeard’s plan until Akainu starts throwing the “Your father is so useless” jokes out there. Oh boy…it’s on like Donkey Kong now. -_-

Many of things Akainu said had a fair amount of truth to  them, though exaggerated, which to me made it downright hilarious how Akaniu was laying the verbal smackdown on Whitebeard, and all Ace could do was tell him to shut up . XD Of course some of the things he said were a little sketchy like “He never controlled the sea, never became king, and never accomplished a thing!” I guess this is accomplishing nothing. Of course Ace gets pissed and instead of listening to his father’s last order he turns around and confronts Akainu.

I concur. -_-

Before we get to Ace’s not so smart decision and what ended  up happening  to him I want to quickly go over two important points in the last few pages of this chapter.

1. We see another case of a DF power being naturally superior to another ability. I believe the first case we saw was Luffy vs. Enel (rubber vs. lighting). Now we see Ace’s fire vs. Akainu’s magma  and the magma is the far superior force of nature here.

2. Ace wants the name of “this age” to be called ‘Whitebeard’! I’m a little confused by that honestly. Here Ace says “Whitebeard is the great pirate who created this age!” but surely he’s not referring to ‘The Great Age of Piracy‘ they’re currently in and which is about to end. That age that was clearly created by Gol D. Roger after his execution right? Then there’s THIS. “The only ones who can create ‘this age’ are the people living in it right now…!” (Rayleigh) Hmmm…who’s living in the ‘Great Age of Piracy’, the 22 years of pirates chasing their dreams looking for ‘One Piece’ hoping to one day become the Pirate King. It couldn’t be Roger who is dead so who’s the next big thing? The most influential pirate after Roger’s death? WHITEBEARD! O_O Rayleigh said himself that only those living in the Age can create it so even if Roger’s death and last words inspired the ‘The Great Age of Piracy’ it was Whitebeard’s impact and influence in the era while it was going on that created it. Does that mean Ace was right when he said, “Whitebeard is the great pirate who created this age!” or was that just his love for Whitebeard speaking? Once I mulled it over it does make sense what Rayleigh said. No matter how much of an impact Roger’s execution had it’d be impossible for a dead man to create something. It’s the actions of the people while the Age is going on that creates, molds, and shapes what it is. Roger lit the spark but Whitebeard built the fire. Does that make sense and do you all agree with all of this? I know it may be confusing. @_@

Akainu sure has a way with words. o_o

Alright now to the final moment. The Ace rant! Yes, I’m going to bash the crap out of this hardheaded ‘Flame On’ logia bastard! Does he not learn from his previous mistakes? Of course we all should have seen it coming. Anyone who talks about Whitebeard around Ace is asking for a fight. Who Ace chooses to fight this time though is no cannon fodder Marine.

He didn't learn from the Blackbeard incident obviously. Want to defeat Ace? Leave a note under a suspended Kairoseki cage saying 'Whitebeard is stupid'. Your win. -_-

Yeah, I’m sure we all remember how we got into this mess in the first place. He’s ruining the entire operation to save his ass over some insults to his father’s pride. You know what Whitebeard’s pride is? YOU Ace! You and all the rest of his sons are his real pride. His title is grand enough so that it can be denounced and he wouldn’t care. You don’t see him jumping on Akaniu because he called him the king of “Trash Mountain” (Lolz). Whitebeard doesn’t go after people who insult his name but if they dare hurt a member of his family you bet they’re f**ked (Blackbeard was a special case). This is the second time you didn’t listen to him and now look what happened to you! Akaniu fisted you through the stomach and made you into a shish kabob for his next meal! You know that man is a cannibal (believe it!)! >< Dammit Ace you better not be dead because I want to see Luffy whoop your stupid ass in the future! End rant. Of course…others have reasons why they don’t want to see Ace go. The following is a real convo I had with one of the members of WRA over MSN.

(Me): “It was totally unexpected. I can’t hate it because it looks like they’re killing off one of my favorite characters. Ace can’t die!!! He won’t die!!! T_T”

(BBGurly): “…he can’t…”

(BBgurly): “It’s too depressing!”

(Me): “I know. T_T”

(BBgurly): “That much sexiness disappearing would kill the manga!”

(Me): “O_O”


(Me): “HORNY FOR ACE!!! ><”

(BBgurly): “XD”

(Me): “I’m going to put that in my breakdown…>_>”

And so I did. 😉 Let me know what you all think of Ace’s actions in the comments section. I love Portagas D. Ace but this time he really f**ked up and lost a few awesomeness points for pissing on everyones sacrifice for him. Here’s the obvious poll we all want.

That’s it for this week’s breakdown. Here’s your demotivational poster! Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


Ace isn’t dead. Nuff’ said. >(^_^)>


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  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Man, you’re getting good at this, super! Love this breakdown! 😀

    In terms of how Whitebeard affected the Great Pirate Era sparked by Gol D. Roger’s last words: I think it’s the legacy he left behind in terms of the people that he took in and protected. Fishman Island became a gate-challenge for pirates that wanted to enter the New World and had to go through WB pirates. His sons and allies are all powerful and influential pirates that no doubt will go on to do great things: Marco, Jozzu (is there a consensus on how to spell this guy’s name yet?), Ace, the Doma Brothers, even Blackbeard, villain that he is, owes part of his strength to being a member of the WB pirates. So I think Ace is justified in saying that the New Age will be called Whitebeard. Then again, it could just be his daddy issues speaking! 😉

    Speaking of which, did you notice how subtly appropriate Ace’s DF is? He’s such a hothead in a very vengeful sense. Your parallel to his going after Blackbeard (really the thing that led up to this whole mess in the first place!) and his refusing to ignore Akainu’s insults really stem from the same uncontrollable rage he has about people he loves. From flashbacks we see of him beating up people that insulted Roger as a kid, he’s really been like this all his life! I also like the contrast to Luffy’s attitude. Luffy may be hotheaded as well, and his actions really do get out of hand like punching out the Tenryuubito or taking on anyone or anything that threatens people he love, but at least he has a sense of scale. I think it comes from having Shanks as his mentor: he was taught that you only throw your life on the line when it’s something important like a friend almost about to be killed and not being insulted. Much like when he brushed aside Bellamy’s insults. And Ace took a lot from his mentor, Whitebeard, as well: you remember Whitebeard’s attacking Shanks for daring to try to talk some sense into him!

    All that said, I seriously doubt that Ace will die. Oda would have to retreat to an underground bunker if he killed off someone so popular with the fans! Other characters have survived worse, but I don’t doubt that watching his brother take an injury like that will send Luffy into a roaring rampage and he may finally learn how to master his haki and not just shoot it out whenever he gets furious!

  3. fuck ace is noooot dead and will never die -_-

    damn you super for not allowing people to comment by giving there name email and website X_X do you not want me to comment!!!!

  4. Great work, as usual, Super.

    I got really pissed when I read this chapter because of Ace. I thought what he did was so rash, and it annoyed the hell out of me that he would throw everyone’s efforts out the window like that, like some ungrateful adolescent. Anyhow, enough of that rant.

    I really doubt he will survive this, but there’s a small undertow of hope in my mind that he will somehow make it through. I’m not gonna nurture it, though, so I don’t have my hopes dashed to pieces. So in my mind, as JT would say, he’s deeeead and goooone…*sings*

  5. @Elisha: YOSH!!! Thanks glad you enjoyed it. ^_^

    Yeah, on top of bestowing protection on Fishman Island, Whitebeard was also known as the strongest pirate in the world and 1 of the 4 emperors ruling the latter half of the Grand Line (New World). He definitely left his mark on the era and his influence will live on the sons (and daughters?) he raised.

    I really think Whitebeard got the shit end of the stick in this war. Injured before really getting into battle. Old age affecting him and he’s up against a younger stronger generation (admirals). Disobedient sons (Ace and Squardo) he has to put up with. XD Now he’s about to die and we’ll never get to see him fight in his prime. He’s a great man though and will be missed.

    As for Ace and his “hotheaded” actions matching up with his DF ability, lol, yeah that’s an appropriate connection. He really gets on “fire” (sorry for the terrible pun) when people talk about Whitebeard or his family. I just remembered how mad he got when Blackbeard talked about going after his little brother.

    You don’t mess with Ace and his family. XD

    @Ahsan: Ehhhh? IAreInnocent…>_> And you’re commenting right now. >(0_0)>

    @Pickles: Lol, I understand how you feel about Ace’s rash actions. I’m going to fully grasp on to that hope that he’s alive though. I don’t want to lose both Ace and Whitebeard in one war. T_T

  6. @Supertrek: Is this the part of the conversation where I butt in and get ready to say I told you so? I know, I know, not quite yet, but close. Though I think by even mentioning it, I should knock on wood first.

  7. P.S. You shoulda put another option on the poll that had something along the lines of…”Oh sh$t…looks like Zekks was right.”

  8. im confused about the akainu vs ace thing. so even if ace is in logia from when hit by akainu’s super fist of doom would it kill him?

  9. That Brooke amv almost had me crying, i had forgotten how bleak and sad his past was.

    as for the chapter, not sure what to say, i hope ace doesnt die, but it seems impossible that he doesnt, his cards almost gone, and i doubt iva’s hormones can help a hole in the gut. but jimbei is there, he is shown close to luffy and ace before aikanu attacks, hopefully he can use his water to drive aikanu away and heal/keep ace alive with some water ability.

  10. @Zekks: LOL, and here’s the ‘Ace is going to die’ camp revived! X_X If both Ace and Whitebeard die wouldn’t that make us both right and wrong at the same time? For you see I said Ace would live and Whitebeard would die. While you said Ace would die and Whitebeard would live. If they both die we were both 50% right and 50% wrong. 😉

    @Fuuton: Something is stopping Akainu’s fist from moving forward, so something on Ace’s body is solid which Akainu punched through. Even if he was in logia form Akainu’s magma would still burn Ace’s fire (don’t ask me how you burn fire I’m just going along with it, lol.) and it would hurt Ace.

    Would any of this kill him? We’ll find out.

    @Takashid: Glad you liked the AMV. I miss Brook. T_T

    Jimbei was right behind Luffy so I definitely can see him doing something next chapter too. Hopefully blast Akainu away, pick up Ace and Luffy, and run his ass off to the ship.

    @Anyone: I don’t see Luffy doing any Haki blasts because that would just play out such an ultimate power and make it old and boring to fast. I don’t see him even hurting Akainu but he’ll try. Either Ace is going to do something, Whitebeard, or Jimbei that’ll turn the situation around. Luffy is just far to tired I think to be of much use against an admiral at this point.

  11. Nice job Super. 😀

  12. good breakdown super 😛

    I dont see why ur so confused with the ages tho.
    WB obviously was the man of this age (ruling the sea’s and so)
    Roger was the one who ruled the age befor WB. but as the age of piracy was coming at its end in the time roger was roaming the seas he hided one piece in order to keep the piracy going on.
    so in my opinion its still the age of piracy. Only ace means that WB was the most important person at the time after Roger died

    Age of piracy
    | Roger | | Whitebeard |

    thats meant to be some kinda timeline :p
    but this is just my opinion.
    dunno if thats what u meant, cus the last bit got me a bit confuzled 😛

  13. damn you super for hating meh >.__< damn youuuuuuu

    p.s imma start an op post on ira 😛 make sure to check it out every week … apparently there are no op readers on ira X_X

    oh almost forgot and i dont think i need to say this as we all know this ….. awesome breakdown as always supah … great job …. maitooooo gai style thumbs up 🙂

  14. wordpress is messin my comment
    anyways i guess im back 🙂 since my net allows me to login now 🙂
    oh and super ill FUCKIN KILL YOU … if you say that this era shouldnt be named whitebeard l…… he was awesomeness character …. i mean he is >__< damn youuuuuuu

  15. Source: 2ch
    Credits: ???
    Verification: Pending
    574話 “ポートガス・D・エース死す”
    「センゴク! わしをおさえとけ! そうでなければ、わしァ…サカズキを殺してしまう!」
    「エース! 死なねえって約束しただろ!?」
    More from Aohige:
    ◆2GqVqHRvqs: I’m just writing this off my memory, sorry if it’s wrong from the actual content. Well, you’ll get the idea anyways.
    574: Portgas D. Ace, is dead
    Pirates: Ace is down!!!
    The pirates seemed shocked, Whitebeard is pale, and doesn’t say a word.
    Akainu: He’s still breathing?
    Akainu tries to finish off Ace. Damn the bastard.
    Jinbei cuts in between them, and is burned to crisp.
    Jinbei: I’ve already thrown away my life!
    Sengoku stops Garp.
    Garp: You better hold me down, Sengoku!! If not… I may kill Sakazuki!!
    Sengoku: you fool…!
    Luffy: Ace!! You promised me you won’t die!!
    Ace leans on Luffy,
    Ace: Sorry, you couldn’t save me…
    Marco is freed by Mr3, and Marco and Vista both attack Akainu.
    Akainu: Haki users eh? Well that’s troublesome… give up on Fire-fist, he’s done with.
    Marco can’t deny that claim, and regrets letting his guard down
    Ace flashback, people are cursing Gold Roger and his blood.
    people: The final words of son of Gold Roger better be “I’m sorry I was born at all”!
    Ace: I didn’t want fame… I just wanted to know if it was ok for me to be born at all into this world…
    Luffy: Ace!!
    Ace: I’m sorry about **** (sorry, some name I haven’t seen before, don’t recall). If you weren’t there, I don’t think I would have wanted to live.
    Ace: Oh yeah, if you see Dadan, ask him how he’s doing. Even a guy like him… I miss him now.
    Ace: I can’t raise my voice anymore… Luffy, you tell everyone.
    Pops…. everyone…. and Luffy…
    Luffy: !!
    Ace: Thank you for loving a do-no-gooder like me, a son of a demon like me…. thank you.
    Whitebeard has tears in his eyes, remembering how he met Ace.
    Ace falls to the ground, and the vivre card burns out.
    Luffy: …..Ace?
    Luffy cries with an expression never before seen in the manga.
    Flashback to when they were little.
    Ace: What are you crying for!!
    Luffy: But Ace, I thought you died…
    Ace: You idiot, how could I leave my own brother and die? I promise. I’ll never die. …..

    no matter what this spoiler says ACE WILL NOT DIE X_X

  16. @Ahsan… if this spoiler comes true i will have to kill you ^_^

  17. GAH SPOILERS!!!! *ducks head and runs* ><

    @Fear: Actually the Great Age of Piracy didn't start until after Roger's death.

    That's what I was showing in the breakdown. This is the timeline laid out for us.

    Strong World Era (3 years)

    After Roger dies a new Age starts.

    Great Age of Piracy (22 years)
    |Whitebeard||3 other Yonkous|

    And the Great Age of Piracy will be ending after the war. And that's when the 'New Age' will be starting.

    @Ahsan: Yes, I know Whitebeard is awesome and I do agree this Age should be named after him. He shaped the era into what it is now thanks to his influence and power. Roger is dead during the Great Age of Piracy so I don't know why people are voting for him…

  18. Holy Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One Piece spoilers are out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. @Ahsan… damn!!! you beat me to it!!!

  20. Judging from the spoilers, it looks like Ace is really done for … unless he gets healed by Ivankov (is that within his power), pushed to the nearest hosputal by Kuma, or something in the like.

    All three Admirals, in my opinion, are super bad-ass. I can’t choose between Kizaru & Akainu, though. Light and magma … O_O

  21. omg omg O_O spoilers, i didnt want to look but i ended up looking, wish i didnt now ='( wish i could kick Akainu’s ass myself tbh >_>

  22. YO PEEPS!!! Been a while since I commented or even came here. Just wanted to say I was shocked but not surprised that Ace F$#ken dies….Sad sad.. WELl either Luffy goes all inner demon-fruit beserk or he goes LOL PwnGE Haki mode!! Either way I can’t wait for next weeks chapter already lol. Peace

  23. I predict a Haki powered Berzerker Luffy will kill Akainu both brutally and with great prejudice.

  24. kizaru is the most badass admiral. i’ve always hated akainu, most of all because of his face…
    i don’t under stand what happened to jinbei…from the pics you just see him angry while the script says he dies…

  25. I still think Ace is going to live and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! ><

    I don't care if Jimbei or Whitebeard die just don't tale Ace away!!! T_T


    *goes to read* O_O


  27. OMFG ODAAAAA!!!!
    this is no way too start 2010 after somwhat like 10 years of nobody dying u cant just take someone like Ace =(
    So many questions now…. Whos Dadan? What will happen to luffy?
    what happends to the WB pirates? and what will WB do now?
    no way ace will die… Ivankov were are uuuuu.

  28. Wow, that left an aweful taste in my mouth….
    Seriously wtf Oda?! We never even got to see Fire Fist in a good fight (that he won) Geez….

    Oh and whats up with Marco and Vista having haki?! Oda!! Stop playing out such an awesome power before you even explain it!!

    @Fear: Dadan is Garps friend who raised Ace and also Luffy once Garp took him there where he met Ace for the first time. We havnt seen him yet though and Oda must be keeping the secret for a reason so it should be interesting…

    Again, what the fuck Oda? Truly, what the fuck….

  29. I’m glad…no…I’m content Oda finally killed someone important but dammit why’d it have to be Ace!? Whitebeard would have sufficed but now it looks like we’ll have two major deaths on our hands back to back. T_T

    Overall great chapter. Would have been awesome if Whitebeard died instead even though I love the old guy. -_-

    I wonder what will come about with that expression Luffy had on the last page. Seems like someone is going to get an ass kicking or Luffy just passed out from shock.

    This is going to be a sad breakdown to do…

  30. this chapter made me tear up.

    It left me in shock for like an hour. I just CANT believe Ace was the one to die after 2 whole arcs with Luffy trying to save him. It was the LAST thing I thought Oda would do.

    Yet I give kudos to Oda for allowing me to feel these emotions when I read OP.

    Im so sad tho….

  31. yeh its gonna be hard on u super..
    maaan i really dont think luffy can go berserk after the words ace spoke to him..
    WB for one i do expect to go berserk now, not the berserk that he was planning to do.. but the berserk like shocking the earth to its core,.. well that’d be kool.
    after this is all over i wouldnt be surprised if luffy met up with his dad and decided to systematically destroyed the whole WG

    Yeh i knew who Dadan was from a few chapters back, but i mean the person it seems we never met him, even tho hes seems important for the manga,…

  32. I’m speechless and in pain after reading this chapter
    I’ve been depressed ever since early monday. I camn’t take this loss. I feel so much for Luffy losing his brother. I can’t believe it’s come to this. It pained me to see Garp and WHitebeard cry and i wish Garp could deal with Akainu but i doubt he’ll do anything. It’ll put him at risk and labeled a traitor or even criminal.

    Yet i feel that this was necessary for the story’s progression. I’m already missing Ace SO SO SOOOO MUCh damn. I loved him as a character. But like i said, this will be a turning point in Luffy’s life and help him strengthen his will (Haki), work harder for his goals and make him realize that conquering the New World, will definitely not be easy. Seeing the strength of the 3 admirals and realizing that they were able to easily take out his big brother Ace like that, will allow him to put things in perspective.

    Man, this is too much for my senses. Everytime i read the chapter i get angry and wish i myself could just go into the world of One Piece and kill Akainu myself. If only 😛

    I won’t ever be able to let go of this no matter what Oda writes next or how amazing the upcoming sagas are uptil the end of One Piece, cos this came as TOO MUCH of a shock to me.

    I’ve shed tears cos of this (even more than when Bon Clay gave his life to let the prisoners of Impel Down escape).

    I just don’t know what else to say.

  33. OMFGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! i am speechless. i read one piece and Bleach. wtf! are my two favorite authors working together to kill my favorite characters!? ACE, Hinamori NOOOOOOOOO. damn it aikanu! after everything luffy has been through to save him, this happens? i just cant belive this. someone murder aikanu PLEASE. he has instantly beat kizaru out as the admiral i hate most. poor luffy! im so sad right now. i dont know what else to say…

  34. Luffy, it’s time you knocked some sense into that high and mighty bastard ! he hasnt been this emotional ever, so it is time to let some wrath out… I dont think he could WANT to kill Akainu anymore than he does now… That much will power in one blow (or gatling, come on gatling!!!)

    ACE!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! T_T where the hell is BB! we must changed this asap! :O

  35. I was teary after reading this chapter. LONG LIVE ACE!!!!

  36. this gotta be the saddest thing in one piece. damn oda for making me feel so sad T_T. that shithead akainu is now my most hated character. ahhh man this sucks

  37. cyborg franky: haki is someone anyone can use, but only luffy and other rare people have the soverigen(cant spell it) haki. even the boa’s warriors on her island could use haki:
    back on the chapter. im glad oda killed a character, and that he did something no one thought would happen after ace was off the platform, BUT STILL!!!!!! T-T im so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP ACE!(or come back to life on us at some later time pls!)

  38. @ takashid: im pretty sure not everyone can use haki, although Oda has not yet ( and i hope he does in a way after this arc) explained how it fully works. My opinion on the imbued haki arrows is that someone with haki did that to the arrows or that there are a few people on the isle of women who can use haki. still if u look up one piece wiki it says its a power that some people have…
    Also yeh getting kings disposition is a one in a million chance so that only a few people (boa, luffy, wb, shanks and prolly a few more).
    im not amazed marco had haki since hes the first commander and haki just makes people strong. i didnt think vista would have it tho but oh well.
    Part of my prediction is that luffy wont move the next chapter but is going to get on wb ship by someone. I do think WB + crew, and jimbei and perhaps some others (boa?) might go wild.
    BTW where’s croc?

  39. Reread the chapter alone in my room.

    Bawled my friggin eyes out. This is officially the saddest one piece moment Ive ever experienced. Ace was one of my fav and he’s really gone now…..

  40. I feel ya Pumpkin. The more I read it the heavier it gets and though the tears won’t flow I’m more than enough saddened right now to understand how most people feel about Ace’s loss. I haven’t felt this bad since the Going Merry died or when Vivi stood atop the clock tower and tried to get her waring nation to listen to her. Oda really tugged on the heart strings this time around.

  41. @fearvano: I was thinking that too. I have a feeling that ace will probably not move from the shock of losing his brother.

    I also have the feeling that just like when he lost his nakama to Kuma, (and marked his targets to beat as Sentoumaru, Kuma and Kizaru) he will now definitely mark Akainu as one person he will exact his utmost full revenge on and Blackbeard is gonna pay for having set Ace up in that position.

    @supertrek: I feel your pain when you said it’ll be a sad breakdown for you to do. By doing that, it’s like writing in stone that Ace is dead and one.

  42. Depending on how the story is going to go, any of you get the feeling we might see a darker Luffy(as in serious). Or something similar to what is happening To Naruto? I know this isn’t the oda’s style but you never know. He did just kill off his first character(ACE). Also whitebeard dying now seems lame and and feels like it won’t have any effect at all.

  43. @ アステックcaptnmexico21: You could be onto something there. I wouldn’t surprise me from here on out that Luffy may start killing enemies in fights (or seriously handicapping them) instead of just beating them to a pulp. And yeah, Whitebeard’s death @ this point wouldn’t do diddly squat to me.

    Oda has surprised us all and i hope that One Piece does get more serious. It wold kick ass.

    Still can’t get over Ace dying. The more i read it, the more i don’t wanna believe it.

  44. @Takashid: yeah i know all about how haki works. i have actually found myself explaining it to people quite a lot so its kinda nice to have someone explain it to me. But my point wasnt about how its impossible for Marco and Vista to have haki but how its stupid that everyone seems to be getting it now. I know loads of people could have it but still…Oda hasnt even given an explanation other than all the stuff you can figure out and he just keeps revealing more and more people with it…

    oh another point i have, anyone noticed how the high level zone users (namely Marco) can control what part of the animals come out in their transformation? Marco went around for ages in his human form with just wings but in this issue we see him with pheonix feet too….Choppers rumble basically mixes up his human and reindeer forms with different amounts of each so if he learned to do what Marco does then it would be like a rumble without the time limit. Awesome huh?…

    Well all points of mine aside, it really sucks that Ace died after everything Luffy did. Still i hope Luffy doesnt attack Akainu because he is NO MATCH AT ALL. I think Super was bang on when he predicted him being the strongest of the admirals not to mention he has no mercy and does the whole absolute justice thing…Dont fight him Luffy…Not yet…

  45. Wow. The initial problem was, nobody is ever killed off in One Piece. Now, it’s the wrong person is being killed off in One Piece.

    @CyborgFranky: Well, normal Zoans have 3 choices, human, animal, or hybrid transformations. I don’t think Marco’s feet were ever shown while he was in hybrid form, so the phoenix talons could be part of the form.

    Has anyone compared Haki to spiritual pressure from Bleach ? They seem like one and the same, except that Haki has to be forced upon, unlike Bleach where you presence is all that does it.

  46. cyborgfranky: yeah i see what your saying. but i dont think its unbelivable for them to have haki, marco is 1st devison commander and vista is a commander too(4th?). since they are the top guys in one of the four pirate emperors crew, it makes sense to me. what would make it lame was if oda started saying that the grunt pirates there can use haki too. God damn. i keep going back and reading the new chapter, it keeps making me tear up! whitebeard better not die now, i want him and garp (and oars, we havent seen him for awhile) to go beserk and tear the place to shreds. quake the enitre island to pieces old man!

    nagashikage: i dont think you can compare those two different things just yet. we still dont have an offical explanation for haki, but we have already seen that it is different from spiritual pressure:
    spiritual pressure has been shown to be just that, pressure. but haki can apparently do more then just knock people out, as shown with the above arrow example.

  47. fuq oda 😦

  48. T_T WHAT!!! Nooooooo!!!!! Oda goes, what, ten freking years and then decides to kill off ACE!?! Why do my favorites always die!!! *sniffles* Well… anyway it was a good chapter. Cant wait to see what Luffy does next week. Hows he going to handle this?
    @ fearvano Good point!! what ever happened to that sandy ass? What swamp is he hiding in now?

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