Naruto Shippuuden 146. A misty mistery.

Good day everyone and welcome to the third episode in our filler.

I have to say, this episode felt very generic too me. It held some interest mostly towards the end, but otherwise felt more like a filler within a filler, that served no other purpose than to fill some gaps and build up for something bigger that has yet to come.

That isn’t to say it was bad, in fact it would be more fair to say that episodes like this are necessary sometimes, but it just didn’t hold the same intrigue as the first two and the humor, or a lack of such, was disappointingly absent this time around.

We've been here waiting in silence since before the sun had set and you wait until now to finally invite me to stay? Awkward... X_x

We start things out in what can only be described as an awkward and rather uncomfortable situation for Hotaru who is now waiting in the midst of a group of rather disgruntled villagers in a place that largely rejects her.

I find it a bit odd that so many people seem to know about her and obviously about the dangers of the jutsu she protects, because clearly they have some reason to regard her with so much animosity.

When we look at Naruto’s own circumstances, we see that the Kyuubi is largely kept a secret from the villagers that don’t know of its sealing in an attempt to try and prevent a great deal of trouble for the Jinchuuriki who contains it. It was a largely failed attempt at creating a tolerable existence for a burdened child in the long run, but there was at least a measure of effort from the Sandaime.

But in this particular case, far too many people seem to know about the jutsu Hotaru protects, especially when you consider its dangers. You would think something as powerful as that would be kept a better secret, but just about everyone seems to know about its existence.

See, I told you putting a candle behind for lighting effects would us would make our entrance cooler. Creepy silhouettes FTW!!!

Unfortunately, cranky villagers are the least of Hotaru’s worries. Her seemingly charming uncle is quite obviously not as amiable as he presents himself to be and soon our female focus of the arc finds herself on the run once again.

What I like about Hotaru in comparison to many other filler characters, or more specifically those of the fairer gender, is that she isn’t a whiny pushover who just allows herself to cry and become a victim. She works admirably to escape her pursuers and even pulls out a surprise jutsu to top it off.

You look thirsty. Let me help you with that. O_o

As admirable as it may have been, it was still ultimately futile, but it’s better than her just succumbing to defeat like a typical damsel in distress.

Luckily, Hotaru has a hidden guardian watching out for her well-being in the form of Utakata, who clearly cares about her a great deal more than he lets on.

*Thinking* OMG.... I can't believe I have feelings for someone else!!! I'm supposed to be emo!!! T__T

It’s kinda sad, when you think about it. For those who have read the manga, it’s quite obvious what Utakata’s ultimate fate will be. It almost feels depressing to know that this relationship that is slowly developing between him and Hotaru will only end tragically.

However, one must wonder if that is truly the case, or if this filler will simply throw a curve ball at us in the interests of a happy ending.

What are the possibilities?

In the interim, Naruto has already since returned to the village, only to find, much to his distress, that Hotaru has already gone missing.

Being less that satisfied with her uncle’s explanation and lack of intervention, he takes matters into his own hands with the support of Yamato and Sai.

Little does he know that the mind behind Hotaru’s plight had literally been right in his grasp.

Muahahahaha!!! I changed into my creepy villain attire! I heard vampires were in this season so I couldn't resist. I even sparkle in the sun. ^ ^

We also get another scene involving a chase between our mob of villains and Utakata, who had arrived in time to rescue his biggest fan. One thing that has been shown as a prominent strategy for our would-be antagonists, is that they seem to largely rely on combination attacks that fuses their chakra together to perform very high level jutsu they likely would not be able to achieve individually.

The downside to this strategy, is that taking out one of the team means eliminating their greatest strategy. It brings up an interesting question about whether teamwork is always beneficial, or if it can be as harmful as it is useful if relied on too heavily.

Naruto blames himself for Hotaru's absence. His heart burden the weight of his own guilt as well as the nightmares of his own past experiences.

Utakata also, once again, displays his knack for escaping trouble, only this time he has company along for the ride. I think it’s quite cool that his bubbles are so versatile, even showing a capability of shielding him in stealth for the safety of his travels.

It almost makes you wonder if there is anything he can’t do with them.

"You're right sir Utakata. I have been a naughty girl and I deserve a spanking." O_o (Secretly, Supertrek wishes he could trade places with Utakata).

For the most part, up until now, the episode has been more of a series of moments that seem to exist only for the purpose of passing time.

However, once we arrive with Utakata and Hotaru alone once again, that’s where the interest finally starts picking up again. After having another futile pleading session in an effort to acquire a master to teach her, Hotaru finally unveils a secret (in a rather crude manner) that seems to shock her current company.

OMG!!! She has a tattoo of me on her back!!!! I knew it!!! X__X

Now, I have to say, this wasn’t exactly something I had expected. We all knew that Hotaru was the keeper of her grandfather’s jutsu, but I don’t think many of us thought any further than that.

Clearly, however, there is more to her than that. This particular scene suggests that much at least and judging by Utakata’s reaction and his words “How could they?” there may be something imprinted on Hotaru’s back, or perhaps even scarring of some kind that may have evoked such a response.

The hair? The Mask? The funny bun thingy on top of the head? OMG, It's Haku's ghost!!!

Unfortunately, we don’t get a chance to see anything further regarding the subject of Hotaru’s secret as some Mizugakure Hunter-nins close in on their prey.

There was an awkward nod to Haku in the form of an identical copy of the boy we knew from the Wave arc, but I’m not sure if it was really necessary or even beyond being a bit cheap for my liking.

Nonetheless, they don’t waste time in apprehending their target, while revealing that Utakata is actually a missing nin from their village who apparently killed his master.

Naruto and his team arrive just in time to assist Hotaro and Utakata.

And so our episode ends with the timely arrival of our heroes, who enter the scene just in time to save our desperate pair of victims.

Judging by the current pace of these episodes, it looks like we may be getting to a peak soon, but somehow I have the feeling there will still be a few to go before we get near the end.

Caption Contest Winners:

4th) Tigerpalm: Don’t look so upset … I told you I was coming. (Is this an example of a hidden double meaning, or simply mistranslated innocence?)

3rd) Deathcon4: I just found Tsunade’s Sister. @_@ *faints*

2rd) Bakakage: Stolen sharingan in anus….. Success!!! (A clever nod to our current position in the manga. ^ ^)

Supertrek89: “I was promised 72 of these…”

Well done to Super for another victory this time around. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to run far away before Deathcon4 captures and tortures me for letting Super win again. (or worse). X_x

Here’s this weeks screen, with Hotaru once again setting the scene.

*Insert caption here*

Lets see if someone else can end Super’s current winning streak, however, considering the nature of this weeks screen, I have no doubt he will find something to say to set the bar high, whether in humor or just perversion. 😛

I hope you enjoyed the breakdown! Here’s a preview for the next episode, along with an Omake to go with it. ^ ^

Bye guys!

*Runs away*

~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 8, 2010.

30 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 146. A misty mistery.”

  1. 1st ! awesome breakdown tenrai. Probably one of the best fillers so far, well it hasnt bored me to death yet so it must be a good sign 😀

    Caption: Its not rape if its in a bubble.

  2. Awesome breakdown. As for the fillers, they aren’t bad but still I’d prefer for them to be shorter , because I certainly want to see Konoha getting blown to pieces.

    Caption:”Utakata-san, are you sure this burito propulsion will work…”

  3. Caption: “Me?” “I’m the good witch of the east!”

  4. Great job Tenrai. I thought the same thing when Hotaru bent down like that! I could just imagine Utakata spanking her in that position! I don’t submit my captions.

  5. YOSH!!! Great job Tenrai! I felt the episode was another good one from begenning to end. It almost picked up immediately for me as soon as Hotaru was on the run again.

    When Hotaru revealed her back to Utakata it really reminded me of Boa Hancock from One Piece and the embarrassing mark on her back (I know, no more One Piece talk). XD Anyway, I think it’s the jutsu inscribed on her back or some secret to revealing it.

    And why did I get excited when I saw Haku? I forgot he was dead at that instant and thought we were going to see some Ice Mirrors! Damn them for doing that! >_<

    Oh, and I won again! *does victory lap* Though, these captions above me are going to be hard to beat. *slips Tenrai some money* >_>


    Sex powered bubbles. The best kind of bubbles!

  6. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FILLER >_< runssssssssssssssssssss*

  7. Nice breakdown… but boring episode.

  8. Tenrai: Great job Tenrai! Just to clarify my previous caption, yes it was double meaning ;^)

    Caption: Will this qualify me into the mile high club?

  9. Caption: Hotaru :Wow Utakata-san this bubble is amazing” Utakata :yea…O_O w-wait we’re in a bubble?”

  10. oh and awesome breakdown 😀

  11. Caption : Rule 34, awesome!

  12. great tenrai this filler its just getting better with each episode this one was a slow build but a good one
    caption:damn girl this bubble is gonna pop if you keep it up

  13. @tigerpalm

    A good caption. lol!!!


    Sorry, bribery won’t work. You won the last contest because you deserved it, but now you have to try harder. 😛 Besides, if I accepted bribes, Deathcon4 would do unspeakable things to me. X__X

    But I do accept handouts, so thanks for the tip! *Goes and buys a cheesecake with the money and eats it.* ^ ^

    I do agree with you that this filler is good so far. It’s definitely above the others that we have seen in Shippuuden up to this point. I just really hope it keeps it up, because if it does, then it won’t be so bad even if it is a bit longer.

  14. Caption: “So, um…who’s driving this thing?”

    DarkWasHere ’10 ^_^

  15. idk if anyone else has sed dis but what if the inscription on Hotaru’s back is actually the real seal to the forbidden jutsu . i mean dats da last place i would look for one.

  16. Caption 2: “Holy sh*t dude, did you see that!? Danzou just ‘sploded!”

  17. Caption 3: “Yes, Hotaru, I’m a fully qualified proctologist. No need to worry!”

  18. well at least the anime remembered that Utakata was from Kirigakure and thus he would be hunted by Hunter-nins. Good job Tenrai-senpai. On the bright side, this seems like its gonna be as good as the Sora arc, or not as epically failing as the Three Tails Arc.

  19. Caption: “Disney XD will never air us after this episode Hotaru” Hotaru: “This isn’t 4kids Utakata-sama”

  20. Ok I will admit Edward uhh i mean Utakata is beginning to grow on me as a character. (Yeah Twilight fans that was a stab) Outside of the fact he seems like too much of a drama queen (like a certain bad movie character) and runs away from pretty girls (like a certain character from a bad movie). Despite his creepy homo eroticism dress he wears, i think I can actually afford to invest some interest in what happens to this character. Especially now that the plot develops with the mising nin ninjas.
    Actually, I just had a thought. Ukataka wears dresses just as Haku used to. Haku had serious gender confusion just like Ukataka. (btw Yes I know it is a kimono, but I know what a komono looks like and how it should be worn so until Utakata wears the damn thing properly and can learn how to dress himself I am going to call it a dress) Maybe they are related, maybe it is common in Kirkagire for men to be ridiculously effeminate. Maybe chest and facial hair are as much a reality there as leprechauns and stable eastern European governments are here. Maybe there is a more legitimate reason than we were origionally let on why all the bad a** “evil” Samauri of the Mist wanted a coop de etat. Maybe there were simply men in charge that inspired as much leadership as Lady Gaga. Am I wrong?

  21. I will be honest if haku or utakata were my hokage i thing id lead a coup de etat as well.

  22. One more thing: since noone brought this up yet I will go ahead and give one possability regarding the mystery awkward nakey. What if she was the bomb? What if the kin-jutsu involved a human being turned into a bomb? I dont think she would be involved with the bijuu so my thoughts are that this seal is somehow involved with the kinjutsu and due to Utakata’s reaction, this is a serious “Holy Crap I cant believe they did that moment. What if?

  23. @accordionninja

    A nice theory about Hotaru being the bomb herself. It is definitely one to consider, at least. I guess we’ll have to keep guessing for now. @_@

  24. CAPTION: Exhibitionalism never looked so hot.

    CAPTION: “Can you see it yet?”

  25. @AccordianNinja: By the way, I believe those are called yukatas – not kimonos. I believe yukatas are for guys while kimonos are for girls.

  26. I don’t know about Hotaru being the bomb but her back has quickly reached Danzo-gross levels.The new episode was nothing spectacular but I guess it’s needed for the story to progress.

  27. i really hate how slow the story is progressing! omg, pick up the pace.

  28. I hate filler!!!

  29. Caption: Oh yeah, baby, slap that. Harder, you freak, HARDER! Oh yeah…ow! Too hard! *PERVERSE SLAP NO JUTSU*

  30. Cool breakdown ^_^

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