392 Spoilers are out! Bleach 391- The Blazing Glaciers…Is this the end?


Well well well, finally a chapter that doesn’t make me snore. We got some pretty badass action this week. I want to say thank you to Captain Pick….Anonymous for helping me out last week with the breakdown. I really appreciate it. I am feeling better now…well mostly. Anyways, let’s get on with this weeks action.

So we start this week off with Komomura falling and Love getting his butt pummelled into the ground by Aizen while Ichigo just stands there going omgwtfbbq?! Aizen gets attack from behind which he easily dodges and cuts the sword in half. He tells the attacker that they are nothing but bungled arrancars and can’t touch him….Now I have a picture in my head of Aizen wearing parachute pants, and singing Can’t Touch This >.<

STOP! Hammer Time

Yes yes, I know the photo editing sucks…but hey that’s all I could do with paint and photobucket…anyways.

So Aizen is telling the Vizard, sorry I don’t quite know which one it is, off and dun dun dun…Soi Fon shows up. Then Aizen does some bla bla bla, Soi Fon basically tells him to stfu and busts out some clones.

KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!!! errr wrong anime

Aizen compliments her, she says k thanks…then attacks. Aizen goes to whip out his sword but Hitsugaya ices him down. Soi Fon busts out her Nigeki Kessatsu but Aizens reiatsu blocks it. Kyoraku comes up from behind, Toshiro comes at him and Aizen tells him he takes chances without planning ahead, we see Shinji standing on air and Aizen says shit. Then Hitsugaya plunges his sword thru Aizens chest….

Sooooo that’s the end of this weeks chapter. Pretty badass eh? Here’s Anon’s summary of the chapter….

Aizen: Lol get raped.

Aizen: I got raped wat.

Now for some polls.


Now for last weeks caption/bubble winner!

Circumcisions are never fun. Especially when Aizen performs them with his bankai

Congrats to Trek! Now for this weeks caption contest…

*insert caption here*

Here’s a demotivational poster for ya’lls too!

Alrighty and that’s it for now…Come back next week!



~ by Miranda on February 5, 2010.

35 Responses to “392 Spoilers are out! Bleach 391- The Blazing Glaciers…Is this the end?”

  1. FIIIRRSSSST!!!! πŸ˜„

  2. Seconded!!!!!!! Damn u superrr >_<!

    Caption: hehe *snort* haha I have a big sword πŸ˜‰

  3. can’t really see his sword, soo….

    caption: Oh shit this hurts! It’s caught in the zipper!!!

  4. YOSH! Cool breakdown Mandi and welcome back. Lol @ the Aizen and MC Hammer photoshop. πŸ˜„

    I think they’re all under Aizen’s illusion because surely he can’t be dead. If they’re not under his illusion and they actually did strike him (I’m guessing Toshiro aimed for the heart) then I can see Aizen doing some kind of release that heals him right up. Meh, who knows? All I know is that Aizen isn’t dead because he’s far to badass. He negated Soi Fon’s shikai ability (sure death in two hits) because his reitsu was so damn huge! πŸ˜„ You can’t beat that so easily.

    Next chapter hopefully Gin steps into the fray.

  5. i see tite being a jerk and sending us to hueco mundo…cause that’s how he rolls

  6. Great breakdown Mandi.

  7. 7th!!!!!

  8. awesum breakdown mandi. i agree with the “tite’s a jerk” comment πŸ˜› .

  9. I’m pretty sure this is just an Aizen illusion that they’re attacking. But what’s Gin doing ? And why did they have to show Aizen’s surprised face ? And man, Tite is just making everything up as he goes. Shunsui using shadows ? That doesn’t really fit him.


    GAH! My FIRST TIME!?! …and it was with a sword?!?!… How awkward!


    OUCH! Forgot again… Pointy-end towards enemy!

  12. caption: is that hyoris bottom half there?

  13. Thanks for the breakdown, Mandi! We (mystery writer included ;)) appreciate it.

    Yea, it would really, really suck if we were taken back to Hueco Mundo, but I’m definitely not complaining about this chapter.


    Ichigo…seriously? Playing with your sword in the middle of a battle like that? Get a room, man…seriously not kosher, dude…>_>

  14. here’s my caption…even tho it doesn’t count….

    Ichigo: Oh my god…I just shit my pants


    are those bricks inside my pants?

  16. caption: You did WHAT with my TOOTHBRUSH!?

  17. caption: So gonna get fucked!!

    caption: I’m the only one who isnt under his spell, the only one who sees the truth… Aizen’s fighting naked!!

    caption: I’m the only one who isnt under his spell, the only one who sees the truth… Aizen’s a hot chick with huge knockers!!

    caption: He cant see me if i dont move…sshhh

    caption: OMG… I DID LEAVE THE STOVE ON!!

    caption: Is that… a …. in my ass???!!!

  18. btw… wat the hell is Genryuusai doing??? just standing around like some senile bastard??? wtf?? did i miss something? why isnt yama’s ryuujinjakka burning some aizen ass??? did he fall asleep agsin?!

  19. …..I swear i just approved the exact same comment above me from “instalingrad” over on IRA…

    And LMAO, me and Mandi both thought of and used the same Kage Bunshin idea in our breakdowns πŸ˜„

  20. Caption: I….came.

  21. CAPTION:

    Aizen’s is even bigger than mine!

  22. SPOILER:

    Haha. According to spoilers, apparently, not only is that not Aizen they’ve been attacking, but he switched places with Hinamori somewhere along the lines, beforehand. Won’t Teapot be pissed at himself …

  23. Caption:

    Ichigo’s reaction to “2 girls and 1 cup”.

  24. caption: seriously. im never drinking milk at narutos ever again, ungh

  25. @Mandi – Don’t take it personally, but I somewhat dislike your breakdowns :<
    There was sooo much action in the chapter, and the way you described it, was somewhat bland.

  26. Well frozen, i’m sorry you feel that way. I only write what I think are highlights in the chapter, not tell you every single thing that happens in it. But i’m sure that you would find the bleach breakdown at IAreAwesomeness much better if you dislike mine.



    And just like that I love Bleach again. o_o Actually the transformation was slow but this chapter really kicked me into loving it again. Great job Tite but still the only thing keeping this series afloat is Aizen. F**king badass Aizen! πŸ˜€

    Oh, and WTF was Ichigo just standing there for the entire time!? Dumbass! πŸ˜„

  28. damn u beat me super! πŸ˜›

  29. Damn Aizen, got them good.

  30. awesome chapter even tho he just finishes them all off! πŸ˜›
    amazing =)

  31. yes kubo is on a roll keep it up man aizens too much or so it seems

  32. caption:the ruffis man damit!!

  33. now i overthink it,.. ichigo just let the captains slaughter hinamori… way to go ichigo! u really didnt like her did u?
    hes been like wtf’ing since last chapter but didnt bother saying anything untill teapot pierced hina. πŸ˜›
    nah Aizen prolly just “switched” later somehow but still..

  34. http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/392/02-03/

    Is ichigo’s hand broken or what ?

  35. Is anyone else thinking the same thing I am about Aizen?

    That he is really just a joke hiding behind the power of his zanpakto and that if he ever lost that advantage he would go down faster than Kon if he were fighting super saiyan Godzilla’s bankai mode?

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