One Piece Chapter 573 IS OUT + 572 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^(~_~)^

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-One Piece 573 Spoilers Below-

Man, haven’t done this in a long time. Here’s some 573 spoilers for those to anxious to wait a couple more hours. 😉 Spoiler video by Naruto1Piece5.

-One Piece Chapter 572 Breakdown Below-

YOSH!!! Welcome to the One Piece Chapter 572 Breakdown and hot damn was that an awesome chapter or what!? Anyone who answers “what” will be shipped off to Impel Down to suffer under Sadie-Chan’s endless administrations! Actually that doesn’t sound too bad. >_> Down perverts! ><

*gets down* o_o

Ahem…this chapter had a fair amount of action, an awesome collab between brothers, and some amazing artwork by Oda that had me lingering on a certain page for a full 5 minutes trying to memorize every sketch line. I think most of you know what page I’m talking about but I’ll rave about it in the breakdown anyway. We also were awarded with the story moving on with perhaps Whitebeard’s last order to his crew as his impending death draws closer and closer. We’ll get into all of that in the breakdown though I don’t want to spoil you all here. I already gave you that sweet picture. 😛

Alright, now that’s over with I must apologize for missing the chapter breakdown last week. No one wants to hear excuses so I’ll make up with this! Another not so early breakdown! Muhahahahaha, I’m a terrible person. -_-

Here’s this week’s  AMV and BOPP!

Lol, come on you know that’s funny. It’s not really an “Animated Music Video” but it’s animated…and it’s a video…if you want music sing a song while you watch it. 😉 Video by Raptorianxd and it only has 150 views. >< Let’s see if we can get it a few more by clicking on his name and watching the video there! This week’s Baddass One Piece Picture by Chiyomaru. Do I really think this is badass? Yes…I do. ^_^

Before I go on to the Chapter 572 Breeakdown let’s do some very quick highlights of Chapter 571. Let’s see what’s important and what just needs to be covered.

1. Luffy punches Garp out!

Yeah that’s pretty important. I admit I was wrong as I didn’t think Garp would hold back, but alas his fatherly instincts took over and at the last moment he let (keyword “let”) Luffy knock him off the makeshift bridge.

2. Sengoku is a confirmed DF user!

What his DF is will be still up for debate until Oda confirms things. Most have guessed Giant Giant Fruit and some say he can turn into Buddha. O_O Whatever it is it’s big as hell and the Fleet Admiral uses it so you can bet it’s powerful too.

3. Luffy frees Ace!

YOSH!!! The moment we all were waiting for! Ace’s freedom and at the hands of his little brother Luffy! A proud moment that made Luffy smile like a kid again. I missed that happy face of his. 😀

Chapter Score: Overall great chapter! 😀

Side Note:

Where in the blue hell did Galdino come from? I have to ask how the Marines let someone sneak into their lines, steal the uniform of a Marine, and then let him move up onto the execution platform with Firs Fist Ace all without being detected!? He made it to Ace! That’s a pretty big security gap if you ask me. Oda didn’t even try t explain in the next chapter! >_<

Alright on to the real chapter breakdown!

Is it Nami or is it Vivi!? I’m proud to say I got it right on my first guess when I said it was Vivi but admittedly I second guessed myself and thought it could have been Nami. Has it really been that long since I last seen the rest of the Strawhat Crew that I get them mixed up with other characters now!? Bring them back Oda it’s been a whole year! T_T

On to the main storyline if you all remember my chapter 571 highlights a few sentences up, which shouldn’t be that hard to remember honestly and if you have forgotten please see a doctor immediately, Ace was freed from his captives and is ready to kick some Marine ass! I don’t know why but I thought Ace would be too hurt to fight back with his Vivre Card looking like the remains of a mass book burning but whatever…>_> I’d say from what he does in this chapter he’s perfectly healthy.

Though he looks hurt this is it! This is the page that had my jaw agape in sheer amazement at the epicness of Luffy and Ace posing together looking like a couple of badasses straight out of hell. As soon as someone colors that you all be sure to let me know. Lol, honestly I didn’t even notice Galdino back there until my second read through of the manga. Anyway the Marines surround Ace and Luffy surprisingly not to ask how it’s possible to look so damn awesome, but instead to capture them. Yeah, good luck with that. I thought it was a pretty sweet moment when Ace took the time to comment on how he never would have guessed Luffy would ever rescue him, and Luffy just smiles and finally pays Whitebeard and his men some respect! : That’s all I asked for Luffy. 😀

So the real action begins with the Luffy and Ace Duo attack! The collab…was beautiful! T_T The Marines try using bullets and of course they don’t work. Where are the Gaol Bullets? Maybe they’re rare? They resort to swords next but Ace is immune to those too as long as they’re not infused with Haki or made of seastone. Poor Marines must not know what they’re up against. Hold on…I remember them saying something about Ace…

Oooohhhhhh!!! So they knew their attacks would be futile all along! Did they think the rules would make an exception this time, that they could alter the laws of One Piece just so they could take down Ace today? Dumbasses. -_-

After making short work of the dumbasses we get a quick fact from Ace and Luffy. Luffy still isn’t as strong as Ace and Luffy says it himself. That means Luffy isn’t as strong as Blackbeard who beat Ace and laughed at it. Thanks Takashid for pointing this out in the comments section before I could get to it first. >< Just how strong is Ace then? Well strong enough to hold off Admiral Aokiji without backing down an inch. What does that say about Blackbeard? O_O

Sengoku is back to his normal self and showing off his washboard abs while complaining about what a disgrace it is to lose Ace. Hey, look who shows up trying to sacrifice himself for Whitebeard like I predicted as soon as I saw the obvious foreshadowing when he lifted his crying face up to Marco. It’s Squardo the traitor! Though I was wrong about Marco hinting for him to do a suicide mission because it seems he’s genuinely concerned about Squardo’s safety. Or maybe he’s just a really good actor…>_> Where’s Jozu in all of this? Still frozen and forgotten? Going back to Sengoku there has been talk in the comments section, brought up by Xdt0ks, about him possibly losing his position because of this incident. Xdt0ks brought up the interesting assumption that the reason why Oda revealed Sengoku’s DF at this crucial time is because he may be showing all of what Sengoku has in order to make his failure that much more significant, so that the Gorousei  may end up demoting him. You know how a person shows all his moves before falling? Now that he used his DF and he still failed there’s a good chance he could be set up for a demotion. Though Garp and the Admirals failed too Sengoku is the Fleet Admiral in charge of the operation and would take the blunt of the blame.

Alright, somehow Squardo plans to distract all the Marines and allow his comrades to escape as he rams the last of Whitebeard’s boats into the Marines. Seriously, Squardo and his little band of pirates plan to fight back all the Marines while everyone else makes their escape. I can’t make this stuff up this is what he has actually planned! Obviously he was more successful at treachery than planning escapes. -_- Whitebeard steps in and Oda shows us once more why Whitebeard is to be respected. Did Whitebeard just stop that boat with one hand!? Yes…yes he did and believe me I know what you all are thinking, hell I’m thinking it too. Whitebeard would make an awesome traffic cop! 😉

Now here’s where Whitebeard really shines. He tells Squardo he’s being a disobedient little boy for trying to die before him, his father. He even told Squardo that he stabs people through the stomach like a girl because it didn’t hurt him at all. XD Lol, ok not in that context but might as well have. Whitebeard tells them everyone has their own life span hinting that this is the end of his. Well honestly he hasn’t said outright that he’s going to die here but isn’t he making it a bit obvious? Surely he can’t make it more obvious. Oh, nvm he’s giving a “Final Captain’s Order” to his crew. o_o Final as “that’s my final answer” or final as in ‘Final Fantasy’ because those just keep on coming…>_> His final order is this. He alone will stay here (not you Squardo) and hold off the Marines while everyone else escapes to the ‘New World’ alive. Now if that doesn’t entail Whitebeard’s death I’m banging my head on an upright pencil. O_* The old generation is disappearing as time goes on and Whitebeard is not a man to go out by old age. He’s a pirate and will go down in a blaze of glory. Personlly I think that’s more befitting of him than to die in his sleep old, weak, and riddled with disease.

With a mighty and swift attack he sends a massive shockwave through the base of Marineford crumbling the entire city and HQ of the Marines. Lol, that bastard Akainu must be pissed. It then shows a small flashback of Whitebead (then mostly known as Edward Newgate) back in his old pirating days as Whitebeard reminisces and declares the end of his long journey. A final stance against the Marines! Next chapter a flashback of Whitebeard’s journey through life and move up in infamy? That one panel of a flashback felt a little open ended to me. He deserves a flashback before he falls at least. Until the time he falls though GO WHITEBEARD TAKE OUT AS MANY AS YOU CAN!!! ^(0_0)^

Ohhhh, I got a good poll for you all!

That’s it for this week’s breakdown. Here’s the demotivational poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀


Most of the next chapter will cover Whitebeard’s past life in flashbacks expounding on his goals and ambitions when he was a young pirate. Kind of like a build up to the character we know today as Whitebeard before his life is brought to an end in present time. Yep, lots of flashbacks to come. I actually wouldn’t mind them this time. I would love to see how Whitebeard grew in infamy and perhaps how he got his DF. If I’m wrong and there’s not that many flashbacks, well no harm in that either. 😉


~ by supertrek89 on February 1, 2010.

26 Responses to “One Piece Chapter 573 IS OUT + 572 Breakdown! New Demotivational Poster Included! ^(~_~)^”


  2. 2nd? 😛

  3. 3RD!!!!

  4. 4th!!!…Double Awesome breakdown there Super 🙂 I’m kinda hoping that Wb takes on Sengoku for a bit, seeing as how those two are probably the two strongest pirates there. Ace and Luffy are gonna have a blast fighting off Admirals and Marines. Cant wait to the next chapter…

  5. FINALLY! Jeez, I’m like a crack addict with your breakdowns. Miss a week or two and start getting antsy!

    Anyways, awesome breakdown and thanks for the best of Ch 571! To be honest, the whole thing was build-up to free Ace, so it was an okay chapter to skim over for the awesome bits. Not that the awesome parts weren’t kickass! 😉

    I agree with your theory that most of the next chapter will cover WB’s life: why he became a pirate, how he fought with Roger, Garp, and the rest, etc. However, I am still paddling my canoe in a big river in a Egypt and am convinced that not even Whitebeard, a dying old man who’s one of the last remaining symbols of the previous age of pirates, will die. Someone is going to stop his self-sacrifice. I don’t know how exactly it’s going to play out, but the old man *sniff* is not gonna, gonna… T_T And I didn’t even like the old bastard at first!

    Even so, it was so badass to see the D brothers finally fight side-by-side (not counting the filler from the anime)! Even Vista commented how great their teamwork was. That’s brotherhood for you!

    Also I think Ace healed because he’s a Logia: as soon as he’s able to turn back into fire, he instantly heals and is back to full strength. Or he just healed himself out of sheer willpower! Wouldn’t be out of place in this manga! 🙂

    Don’t quote me on this, but according to Arlong Park, Oda’s gonna take another break next week. So…brace yourself for another long week! 😦

  6. I think Galdino was pushed up to the scaffolding by Kuma. That would explain why Oda didn’t explain how he got there right away, and it also fits in to my theory of how Bart Kuma is actually one of Dragon’s revolutionary allies.

    @takahashid: Right under the pic of Ace and Aokiji clashing, you had said that Luffy < Blackbeard because Ace < Blackbeard & Luffy < Ace ? While I do agree with that particular comparison, I don't think just because one is stronger than the other that another is stronger than the latter. Like Oda said himself, you never know how two different DFs will clash when pit against each other.

    I think Whitebeard should die … nobody ever dies in One Piece. Wapol, Enel, Lucci and the CP9 … probably because Oda plans to bring then back sometime, idk.

  7. oooh great breakdown 😛
    glad you could cover the highlights of 571 hehe
    although it woud have been fine if it was only 572 😉

    Whitebeard is gonna die for sure although its been 572 chappies without any deaths wb will prolly be the first to fall. Although according to wb it wont be a dead caused by injury just by old age 😛

    as for the WTH is this thing… i would put my bets on Napoleon 😛
    he got of his island he was put on and is in charge of a pirate crew which will conquer the world…

  8. Sweet, thanks guys I’m glad you all enjoyed it. ^_^

    @Shinobi: Welcome back man! I would love to see Sengoku vs. Whitebeard. I know it took both Garp and Sengoku to take down Shiki, and Whitebeard was equal or greater to Shiki seeing as how Whitebeard was equal to Roger. At this point though I think it would definitely go in Sengoku’s favor in a 1 on 1 fight with Whitebeard.

    After this last attack I don’t know how much fuel Whitebeard has left. It seems like Sengoku was tired out too though just from the transformation and one attack. He’s old too…>_> Anyway, unless Whitebeard can get a quake through Sengoku he probably doesn’t stand much of a chance. I also would like to see Garp fight Whitebeard but he may just hang back for now and see if he can get away with not stopping Luffy. XD

    @Elisha: I sprinkle my breakdowns in crack…that could be it…>_>

    Lol, I see we still have a believer in the ‘Whitebeard Is Going To Live’ camp. Well, if you’re right I’ll be sure to give you a shout out in the breakdown for sticking to your guns. That goes for anyone who still thinks Whitebeard is going to live after all of this. 😉

    Ah, if Logia types could heal themselves by activating their DF they’d be even harder to kill and kinda cheap. XD Though…Luffy does heal himself by eating meat…>_> But still, either Paramecia or Logia they both shined today from the badass example of Luffy and Ace and their teamwork. 😀

    As for the rumor about no chapter next week…NOOOOOOEEESSSS!!! T_T

    @Nagashikage: When Kuma sends someone flying they fly through the air for 3 days and 3 nights.

    So if Kuma sent Galdino flying with his DF he’d be far away from Marineford and still flying off somewhere. I do agree though with Kuma having some connection with the Revolutionary Army.

    @Fear: LOL! XD I should have known Napoleon couldn’t resist missing the greatest war in recent history! ><

    @Anyone: What's going to happen to Mr. 3, Oars, and Jozu? They're kinda just being left behind. Oars is to big to fit on a boat, Mr. 3 looks like he broke his neck, and Jozu is on the ground frozen but at lest Aokiji isn't watching over him. As he's busy fighting with Ace.

  9. @super: this may sound bad but out of Mr.3, Oars, and Jozu, I hope Mr.3 makes it out because I want to know how the heck he got up on the platform! and why he doesnt remember anything? because from what it looked like if Luffy hadn’t used the Kings disposition, Mr.3 would have executed Ace… So I want to know whats up with that.
    Idk if Kuma had anything to do with Mr.3 or not. Wasn’t he turned into full cyborg/robot? when he was fighting it didnt seem like he had any free will anymore.

  10. @super: Don’t you think Kuma has control over that ? Like when he “teleports” himself ? Even if he didn’t exactly, why would it someone have to fly for 3 days & nights to land on a scaffolding only a few yards away ?

  11. @bbgurly: It didn’t seem like he had free will. There’s always the option of pretending.

  12. nagashikage: yes! we must convert them to the”Kuma is secretly a revolutionist” theory! lol itll be just like trying to keep the Tobi/Obito theory alive for Naruto! besides its not like Kuma would have to send Mr 3 flying to get him there. theres a lot of Kuma’s running around, he could have used the confusion to slip Mr3 up there insted of the real guard. as for the ability matchup thing for Luffy vs Blackbeard, it did not seem to come into play when they ran into each other at impel down, so i didnt think it would matter.

    Super: i think what will happen is White beard will start launching a lot of pwerfull quakes and get close to the marines to draw their attention while the others grab Oars, Mr3, and jozu then run.

    Everyone: i have a theory about how oda will kill whitebeard!!! no one dies in one piece right? except in flashbacks… so obviously, Ace and the others get away, and later we have a flashback of Whitebeards final charge! (tho i wouldnt mind if Whitebeard survived either elisha, but at this point i only have a small sliver of hope left for that outcome)

  13. @BB: YOSH!!! Welcome to One Piece side of awesomeness! ^_^

    I don’t think Mr. 3 doesn’t remember how he got up there. I just edited that into the bubble…>_>

    You see he just lost consciousness after Luffy’s Haki blast and is confused about what happened to him and his placings. You know how people are usually confused about where they are after suddenly losing consciousness and waking up even if they never moved from the spot.

    As for Mr. 3 executing Ace. I think he would have pulled away at the last second or deflected the other executioner’s sword. If he was there to kill Ace he would have never given Luffy the spare key or even protected Ace with his wax shield. I agree about Kuma being full cyborg now. He’s definitely not holding anything back against Oars, Luffy, and Ivankov but there could be a shred of humanity left which could come into play later.

    @Nagashikage: It’s true Kuma may have control over how far somebody flies but right now that’s just an assumption. I’m just saying if he were to do what he did the Luffy and his crew on Mr. 3 he would go flying off for 3 days and 3 nights like it says in the manga like I already provided. Which is way past the scaffolding. The biggest problem I have with the theory though is this.

    Mr. 3 was always up there along with the other executioner and Sengoku. I think the Fleet Admiral would have noticed if somebody came flying from the sky and landed onto the executioner platform next to Ace. If you’re saying Mr. 3 was teleported up there like Kuma does to himself then there’s still the issue of him being noticed by Sengoku who was always standing right up there and other people looking up there for most of the war. Also he should have been noticed by the other executioner standing opposite of him and where’d the real executioner go? Then there’s the fact that there were only 3 Marines shown up there.

    Sengoku, an executioner, and Mr. 3 (dressed as an executioner). If Mr. 3 was not up there originally as one of the executioners and was just added to the mix by Kuma deflecting him up there then there should be 4 Marines shown (Sengoku, 2 real executioners, and Mr. 3 deflected up there dressed as an executioner). Also why would Mr. 3 be dressed up as a Marine if he didn’t sneak up there himself?

    @Takashid: Maybe Oars body can be used as a boat…>_>

    Lol, kill Whitebeard in a flashback to 5 minutes ago of when he told everyone to leave while he distracts the Marines. XD We’ll see it from Ace’s memory but we just can’t see it in present time ourselves. ><

  14. @Super– …..damn you for changing the buddle and getting me confused @________@

    anyway… >.<
    I hope the whole Kuma mystery gets solved. Didn't Ivankov say Kuma was a revolutionist? i can't remember and Im too lazy to look it up XD

  15. Super: wait, arent the executioners( he two that mr 3 turned out to be in) new ones that werent up there orginoly? i thought crocodile took out the first two exectioners that had been up on the platform with ace, garp and sengoku. so, then couldnt mr 3 have been slipped in with the replacements?

  16. Chapter was awesome as was the breakdown. Personally i see Luffy saying he isnt part of Whitebeards crew so he doesnt have to listen to the captains order. Then everyone else no in the crew (Jimbei, new world pirates etc.) will agree before somehow being forced to go. Whitebeard does need to die though…

    Hmm i thought Marco was the only person who could instanly heal wounds. Crocodile and Enel never healed in their fights with Luffy and Ace didnt heal against Blackbeard. I think Oda is just showing that ridiculous mental strength D carriers have.

    There isnt really a need to justify Blackbeard being stronger than Luffy is there? If nothing else Teach could just suck him up and throw him in the ocean….
    Well thats all i have to say for now i guess. ^^

  17. @BB: Lol, sorry about that. I usually change the bubbles to make them say something funny or emphasize a point sometimes. XD

    Ivankov said Kuma was an old friend.

    And we know they have history together so there’s a good chance Kuma had some connection with the Revolution Army.

    @Takashid: Exactly, those 2 new executioners are the replacements and I believe Mr. 3 slipped himself in as one of the replacements. I just don’t think Kuma had anything to do with it and I don’t think he teleported or deflected Mr. 3 up there. I think Mr. 3 somehow obtained a Marine uniform, slipped into their ranks, and somehow he became one of the Marines chosen to be the executioners. I just don’t know how he went about doing it. It’s as much of a mystery as who opened the gates right now.

    @Franky: Welcome back and yeah Blackbeard would destroy Luffy at this point, lol.

    Yeah, Whitebeard needs to die and I love the old man. After all this talk though about him being left behind, life spans ending, and throwing your life to the wind I can’t see him living on. Luffy and the others need to get out of there even if Marco and Vista have to drag them by the ears.

  18. super: yeah that makes sense. if kuma does still has his personality, there were probobly better ways to help prevent aces execution. i hope we see more on kuma soon though, he is one of my favorite warlords, and i hope he really hasnt turned into a brainless robot.



  20. phuuuuuck this is bad wont spoil anything but he wont die!!
    it might look bad but someone will save him it must be… right?!
    get ur water here jimbei!

  21. Ok, now I’m just friggin’ pissed -___-…

  22. this can’t happen!

  23. …oh shizzzz…

  24. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! it cant be! this isnt a flashback!

    Just had to say that. You know you were all thinking it.

  26. Hi everyone. Just wanted to say that both the last two chapters have been great reads in my opinion.

    Be it seeing Ace freed by his younger bro Luffy and the way he thanks him, to seeing them move as a brotherly unit they are and kicking ass in awesome teamwork style. To Whitebeard realizing that his era has come to and end wanting the new era to go forth and return to the New World while he sinks the old one down with him. CHapter 572 was bautiful and i myself didn’t care much of Whitebeard, after seeing him attack Shanks WAAAAAAAAAAY back. But now i love the darn critter. And it pains me to think he might actually get killed off as that seems most likely.

    And Chapter 573, AW MY… FRIGGIN HECK… DAMN BLAM SAM… i just can’t contain myself. One word ACE

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Oda, why. Poor Ace, DAYUM. He gets whooped by Blackbeard, imprisoned in Impel Down, burdened with worries abt Luffy actin wreckless and trying to save him, almost executed twice, then freed and kicks ass just before getting HOLEPUNCHED by Mr Red Dog ” hahahaha, our logia’s have a hierarchy ” Akainu that stupid SOB

    I’m pissed off man and sad for luffy cos he’ll get angry but he can’t do anything at this point since he’s exhausted and him attacking Akainu would result in a date with the GRIM REAPER.

    So what’s next

    @supertrek: Thank you SOOOO much for the mention in the breakdown. I appreciate it VERY MUCH and i just wanna take this time to thank my fans, my family, my friends who supported me …. hahahha just playing. No, but seriously, that was cool to be mentioned 🙂

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