Naruto Shippuuden 145 breakdown: Tripple angst.

Good day everyone and welcome to another fill-in for our latest filler.

I have to say that despite early dread regarding this particular arch, as would be the case with any episode with the word ‘filler’ backing it up, things are starting to get particularly interesting this time around.

Slowly but surely, hints are trickling in that reveal an underlying plot regarding both Utakata and Hotaru and the reason behind their awkward relationship.

All in all, I can’t see anything really wrong with this episode. Could this be the first truly decent filler arc?

The secrets behind Uta's and Hotaru's pasts are not the only shadows being brought to the light.

We also get a brief glimpse of a certain figure who is also hinted as the primary villain of this particular arc.

However, the villains really don’t carry much weight regarding the interest in this episode other than creating a focus for our good guys to later clash with. What really made this episode was the insight we got into the two focus characters, being Hotaru and Utakata.

Hotaru activates her hidden doujutsu to deal with the menacing threat that befalls her. The super giant white scary eyes!!! ROAR!!!

One thing that really made me enjoy this episode more than I would most fillers is the humor. It really helps break up the somber undertone that often weighs down these particular arcs.

I thought Hotaru would be an immensely annoying character at first and the previous episode mostly reinforced that belief, but she was surprisingly entertaining this time around, injecting a fair amount of laughs as well as the usual emotional turbulence we have come to expect.

I also enjoyed the exchanges between her and Naruto, which were partly typical of our Jinchuuriki’s usual fair with those of the opposite gender, but also very meaningful at times as well.

Naruto reminisces on old times as he and Hotaru share their thoughts on the ideas of a master.

What added even more to the humor itself was the miss-communications between Naruto and Sai, which seem to be even more emphasized in the anime than they ever were in the manga.

Sai seems to have undertaken the role of a source of comic relief, using his emotionless characteristics and combining them with an almost innocent outlook on simple ideas to create a canvas capable of displaying many colorful depictions.

These kinds of things always happen when someone's back is turned. X__X

And once again, Naruto displays his uncanny knack for doing a full split. I feel sorry for the nether regions of his anatomy... X__X

After seeing more of a lighter side to our story, we then venture into much darker paths as the scene changes to our more eloquent and somewhat colder Jinchuuriki.

This is where the episode really drew my interest, more so than any similar outing of the past. I found that the last two potential Jinchuuriki in the forms of Sora (who contained some of the Kyuubi’s chakra, but then who later lost it after his body could no longer contain it) and the more innocent but somewhat annoying Yuukimaru (who could control the Sanbi’s chakra), just weren’t as meaningful or as interesting.

Why? Because they weren’t real Jinchuuriki, but rather more akin to what could be called shadows of real Jinchuuriki. Utakata not only appears to see things more from the perspective of a true host, but he even seems to notice that characteristic in Naruto as well.

Death by bubbles or by rainbows? Choose your doom wisely! (Secretly, the Care Bears are invading some distant land). <_<

We also get a more meaningful insight into the reason behind Utakata’s disapproval of the notion of having a master and his reluctance to train Hotaru.

At first, he just comes across as being cold and heartless, but soon it becomes apparent that the reason for his behavior is seemingly far darker and more painful than that.

A blood red omen marks the scene of a terrible crime. Is this the birth of a Jinchuuriki that is to take place in such a forsaken darkness?

Now, if you look at the scene above, it just screams ‘sealing technique’, but is that really the case?

From what we know of of the sealing of Bijuu into their hosts, there are certain factors that need to be fulfilled. For one, there needs to be a sacrifice in the form of a human life in order for the sealing to be completed.

Secondly, earlier on in the anime, during the first season of Naruto, we also learn that the Kyuubi could only be sealed into a newborn child who had just had his umbilical cord cut. This idea is further emphasized by the Kazegake also sealing the Ichibi into his newborn son, Gaara, rather than just having it sealed within himself to gain access to its power.

So, is this really the moment in time that the Six-tails was sealed into Utakata? Or was it simply one old master’s quest to obtain power? Who had to die in order for such a terrible power to be sealed away?

People care about global warming in Naruto about as much as they do in the real world. So much for saving the forests. X__X

After going through the more subtle and darker emotions that fall in the wake of Utakata’s past, we finally arrive at another battle scene.

Only this time the combination jutsu of our for dimwitted villains prove to be somewhat troublesome for our host. We don’t actually get to see what happened to him, but I feel it is safe to assume he will either be captured, or he will somehow escape with a feigned death.

After that the scene switches back to Naruto and company, where our group of misfits finally arrive at their destination.

*Hotaru endures the same eyes that Naruto has many times before. The same eyes that threaten to tear away your existence and whose awful gaze cuts deeply into a vulnerable and anguished soul.

Unfortunately, this is where the episode took a slight dip for me, in a sense.

I’m all for the emotional and meaningful tribulations that define many of the characters in Naruto so well, but one theme that seems to recur a few too many times with our guest characters in particular is the underlying theme of a lack of acceptance and understanding.

We’ve seen the same thing in every Naruto movie, and most of the fillers, where the guest character experiences a similar position as an unwanted outcast who is searching for their place in life (Shion, Sora, Hotaru, Amaru, etc).

Then Naruto comes along and relays his own similar experiences and uses his sense of hope and understanding to convince such characters that there is another way to move forward. It was done with Gaara already and it had a huge impact at the time, but to recycle that intensive over and over becomes a bit cheap after a while.

Luckily, there is a saving grace, surprisingly in Hotaru herself. Instead of moping in self denial, grief or just general angst, she seems to genuinely accept Naruto’s attempts at encouraging her right from the start, showing a break in the trend of overwhelming animosity and excessive stubbornness we have seen in past examples of the same situation.

Naruto feels his soul pulling him to a kindred spirit, knowing deep inside his heart that something is definitely wrong.

This was probably the most meaningful part of the whole episode, where Naruto apologizes to Yamato and turns to go back to the village he left Hotaru in.

It just shows how differently he perceives things in the world due to his experiences as a Jinchuuriki. Where Yamato and Sai were content to return from their mission, Naruto’s instincts scream for him to make sure Hotaru is safe and I think it is that innate compassion and growing sense of understanding that truly defines him as a character and sets him apart.

And so that ends our current episode. I hope you enjoyed it. Here’s last weeks caption contest winner.

Supertrek89: “Don’t rub it in, protein stains are impossible to get out!” O_O

Well done Super. It was disturbing on so many levels, but still funny. 😛

Here is this weeks screen.

*Insert caption here*

I’m sure you guys can come up with something for this one, although admittedly it may be difficult.

Here’s a preview for the next episode.

See you all next time. 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on February 1, 2010.

29 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 145 breakdown: Tripple angst.”

  1. FIRST! Oh God, I can’t believe I’m doing this…

    Anyway: As you might know, Tenrai, I promised not to watch the filler every week, but to watch it all together when it’s finished. Anyway, my boyfriend messed this up as he simply started watching it yesterday and I had no choice!
    My thoughts were: Yay, this is getting interesting! The slug-thingy-thing at the beginning was hilarious, Sai is so … hmm, what’s the word? I’d say “schnuddelig” in German, which means that he’s kinda cute and I wanna poke his cheek.
    As the story went on, I was very delighted about the flashback of “training” between Utakata and Hotaru, as Utakat showed a funny, “normal” side.
    But the moment the filler really got me was: when the ritual was shown! Gosh, was THAT cool! I think this was the sealing of the Slug.
    As for the village, it seemed to me that Hotaru is somehow returning reluctantly into a prison something or somebody forces her to go. And the prison wards don’t want her there.

  2. SECOND!!

    I like the action but these are all irrelevant to the main story. The filler is just messing with the manga!

  3. Third?

    @Aeris: As I thought,you’re a woman! Unless you’re a man and you’re gay… 😛 …Don’t kill me!

  4. @Aeris

    I’m glad you started watching the filler, even if to just give it a fighting chance. I think one of the biggest problems regarding fillers, is their poor reputation and a person’s mindset can be his own worst enemy in that regard.

    That particular way of thinking ruins things before anyone has even given these kinds of episodes a chance, but by the sounds of things, you are just as surprised as I am with how entertaining this particular arc has been so far.

    I have personally enjoyed it as far as I have seen, so I will remain optimistic. Lets just hope it keeps up the interest and doesn’t do what the Yuukimaru/Guuren filler did.

  5. 5THHHHHHHH XD lolz……u know ,idk if this is a good thing ,but tenrai u do such a good job on the breakdowns I dont even need to watch the show O_O….

    Tenrai u do make a good point on how all movie/ fillers are about naruto giving support or acceptence to the other main character. Its kind of annouying >_>…naruto could be a really good counselor.

    How did super win the caption contest >_<!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine was more sick and wrong XD

  6. It seems this filler may be interesting, but I still can’t bring myself to watch it. I think it’s because I’m a bit of a purist as someone once said to me…same reason I don’t read fanfics, no matter how good a person says they are. It’s just me, I guess…

    Moving along…


    *wakes up* *faints again from loss of blood*

  7. @dragon: *laugh* Yes, I am a woman, more girl! 24. How did you get the fact? Because I said something about my boyfriend or because of the Sai-cuddle-thing? 😀 I’m still completely clueless how everybody seems to assume that a person called “Aeris” having an avatar of a girl with a butterfly on her nose should be a BOY! WHY?? 🙂 “Aeris” sounds totally feminin!

    @Tenrai: As I said, I didn’t start watching the filler, it was my boyfriend! 😀 It’s just that I’d prefer watching more episodes in a row instead of watching every week an being setup that it will take another week now because I’m so anxious. I can’t deal with this strategy when there’s manga action and storyline to be shown, but I can stand it to wait the entire time when there’s new filler material I don’t know anything about in the first place.

  8. YOSH!!! *dances in Death’s face* ^(O_0)^

    Lol, don’t kill me. T_T

    Great breakdown Tenrai and I agree with you on the last point about the same cliche story dealing with someone who doesn’t feel accepted being repeated here for the umpteenth time. Naruto comes along, relates to them, and shows them the light I can see it now. I actually sighed at that part because it makes me think they’re not even trying to work a new interesting theme in here. Just recycled goods.

    As for the the rest of the episode I immensely enjoyed it. Especially the training sequences and slug part. Sai = Awesomeness! XD

    Oh, and for the sealing thing I don’t really think it matters in regards to how a Jinchuriki is actually sealed. This is a filler arc and thus the information presented to us means next to noting regarding the actual manga. As for my opinion on what was happening it looked like an extraction.

    @Pickles: I’d recommend this one so far but it could turn on us at any second and I don’t want to put you through that. o_O


    “I was promised 72 of these…”

    DAMN U SUPER DAMN U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-deathcon4

  9. CAPTION (a continuation of Super’s =P)

    “…And if the rest of my dream comes true, in a moment, there will only be 71. Gigiddy, gigiddy!”

  10. @Tenrai: Awesome breakdown.

    @Aeris: I totally understand your comment about waiting to see the whole thing at once. The suspense of waiting a whole week just to see what happen is quite difficult!

    Just curious if anyone thinks that the guy in the shadow belongs to Akatsuki.

    Don’t look so upset … I told you I was coming.

  11. @Aeris: I knew you were a girl when I saw your avatar and Aeris sounds feminine. Sounds mithological too. Maybe a goddess? 😛

    @Tenrai: Great post. This filler is really growing on me, but, just like you, I didn’t like it when they made another character an unwanted outcast like Naruto had been. One thing you can always predict in filler or movies is that someone will be an outcast.

    Don’t tell me your afraid of white slugs now!

  13. First a quick question:
    How involved is Kishi in writing these arcs? Who is it that writes these fillers?
    Anyone else catch the reference of slugs in this episode considering the nature of the Beast in our favorite dress wearing jinnchuriki (I don’t even care enough right now to check and see if that’s spelled right)… what? I can catch a theme where I want, i just think it was funny they used slugs… oh and by the way this was one of the first times I busted out laughing regarding the falling slugs. That was friggin hilarious. Ok I have night class but Ill be back on later to describe my beefs with these characters.

  14. Caption
    You know it’s not a dream, when she is not naked….

  15. Ok so I have decided that the characters for these arcs are not really genuine people, rather they are archetypes that fill a slot for a story. Let’s begin with identifying the archetypes in this filler arc and compare them to the other archetypes used to fill a slot in an arc.

    Archetype 1: girl who is cold to main characters, helpless, needs naruto to physically carry, CARRY them when danger arises (seriously), eventually warms up and develops romantic feelings for naruto. Slot filler for this arc…Hotaru. Where have we seen this archetype before:
    -Koyuki Kazahana: Naruto Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow
    -Toki: Bird Country Mystery arc, “Im gonna put pointy things into my flesh, wait I dont have to do that? Yays I love u Naruto”
    -Haruna: Vegetable Country arc, “Please Shizune lend me Naruto so he can fit between my thighs….uhhh i mean help me rebuild the country….right that’s what I said”
    -Shion: Naruto Shippūden the Movie, btw I’m gonna even expand on this one this 15 yr old girl asked Naruto another 15 yr old to help her produce an heir, what 15 yr old girl thinks of producing an heir (yes yes I know they have other things on their mind but, motherhood isn’t one of them, well typically) moving on
    -Amaru: Naruto Shippūden 2: Bonds, “i hate u naruto and ur friends too, wait u mean I can live without my replacement father figure? yays Im gonna blush everytime I touch naruto for no adequately explored reason”

    Archetype 2: small group/organization of bad guys
    You know what, no, no I am not going to list them all, because I would be here all friggin night. Every other arc has to have some sort of obligatory small group of criminals/ brothers/ clan etc. Each member has some weird power that sets them apart from their other members. Slot filler for this arc…this uh group that has yet to be named, see these guys are so unimportant they don’t even get names, hah. I will list bad guy examples that I think would make amazing villans:
    Deadpool-esque villain- villain who is bas ass but is mouthy and annoying, but hilarious (somehow I don’t think this kind of humor ever translates well internationally), I think that is why they stick to sight gags for their humor, everyone can get it, but I digress
    Insane mafia boss u don’t wanna f*&% with a-la Nigerian crime boss from District 9
    Joker-esque villain- no real background, no real clear motivation, but mindf*&#s you every chance you get, only major goal is simply to spread chaos
    Magneto-esque villain- a villain that is not necessarily evil but has a method of reaching his goal, such as saving his own kind, that just happens to step on your own enjoyment of breathing
    Corrupt Military General- Red Ribbon Army (DBZ), Avatar general, General Shepard, u know how it is a military man who has the best intentions, so long as they are HIS intentions, even if it means killing a LOT of people to see those intentions through
    The IRS- damn skippy lets have Naruto and company having to find their receipts, their Konaha W-2’s, file their 1080ez, hey it would be more entertaining than some of these arcs, Ninja taxes are a bitch!
    I could go on, but Im gonna plug my nerdy pop culture bottle and move on before this gets too long. In fact I need to go to bed I will finish the other archetypes tomorrow. In the meantime comment on what I have so far.
    -the Accodion
    A Ninjas ultimate weapon

  16. @Dragon: Oh, one of the first guys who guessed right from the start. No, not a goddess, just a character from Final Fantasy VII….. that is, Aeris IS almost goddess-like in this game, you’re right!!

    @accordion: I think, but I’m not sure, that Kishi just looks at the filler storyline and nods before he continues drawing his manga. He can’t be THAT involved because, if he was, he would have noticed the huge mistake in the first movie where Kakashi copied a Hyouton jutsu which is actually impossible.

  17. @Supertrek89: *KIlls Super* >_<!!!!!!!!!!

    Caption: I just found Tsunade's Sister @_@ *faints*

  18. @Pickles: Oi, is that even fair? Lol, jkjk it is funny. XD

    @Accordion: Everything thing you said = WIN. Lol, my knowledge of Naruto (especially the fillers) is not so in depth but I do remember some of those instances, particularly the movies. For example the 1st Shipuuden movie with the future predicting princess. She was kinda hot…>_> Naruto should have stayed a few nights and given her his going away presents. After all how do you deny a princess such a request? XD

    That Nigerian crime boss from District 9 was a villain you don’t mess with, lol, even if you had the upper hand. The dude never showed any fear even when he was about to die. I would love to see Naruto kill someone like that. Especially since this is a filler doesn’t really count towards anything.

    @Aeris: LOL, good point.

    @Death: I’ll haunt you forever…especially in the shower. @_@

    @Anyone: Does anybody know how long this filler is going to be? First they have to take care of this 5 man group of filler ninja. Then we’ll see Akatsuki come and capture Ukataka. Somewhere in between all of that we’ll see what happened between Ukataka and his master. Something like that just wondering…

  19. @Supertrek: This filler will probably last 23 episodes or something like that. By the way, like the Kanji in my user name? Oh, and you meant Utakata not Ukataka, right? I get confused too. @__@ 😀

    @Aeris: That’s not Haku’s Ice Release. It’s not a Kekkei Genkai (bloodline limit). They manipulate already existing ice, so Kakashi can copy it.

  20. @Trek: What was a good point?

    @Dragon: Nonetheless, Kakashi copied a jutsu named “Hyouton: Itsukaku Hakuegei”, and that makes it a hyouton jutsu which can only be performed by Kekkei Genkai, eh? I’m also member of a German Naruto wiki and we don’t write the Hyouton article this way. I think this wiki is wrong. Since when is a shinobi able to perform an element-based jutsu because something of this element is nearby? That would mean that Naruto would be able to perform a Katon jutsu if he’s standing in a firefield. Or that Sasuke could do a Suiton jutsu / or copy it when he’s under water.

  21. @Aeris: The good point was about Kakashi copying the jutsu but I see that’s up for debate right now. >(0_0)>

  22. @Super: Lol, don’t worry, I’ve made sure Senshi won’t consider it =P.

  23. @supertrek89

    Well, the filler’s length in episodes really depends on what they want to achieve with it. People underestimate how much you can fit in one episode when you don’t feel like dragging things out and this particular arc seems to be moving at a higher pace than the last one.

    However, another factor to consider is Jiraiya’s death and Pein moving along to Konoha. Those factors may mold this filler into a shorter one, maybe about the same length as the one involving Sora or perhaps even shorter. I say that because it would be unnatural to make it too long, after all I doubt it would take Fukusaku that long to relay news about Jiraiya’s death or for Pein to arrive on Konoha’s doorstep.

    All this is just my opinion though. With fillers, you never know. X__X

  24. @Aeris

    I also agree with your point about the Hyouton Jutsu that Kakashi copied in the first movie. It was explained in the manga that Haku’s Hyouton was a combination of his wind and water elements and that only a Kekkei Genkai allows a person to combine two elements to create a new element.

    We all know that ice is NOT one of the five main elements, which means the ONLY way to create an ice element, is with a combination of two other elements, which requires a Kekkei Genkai as mentioned.

    Kakashi also specifically mentioned that this is why he could not copy Haku’s Hyouton, because he did not have the necessary requirements to perform the jutsu. Actually, the enemies who used it in the first place should not have been able to unless they too had a Kekkei Genkei similar to Haku’s.

  25. Tenrai: “However, another factor to consider is Jiraiya’s death and Pein moving along to Konoha. Those factors may mold this filler into a shorter one, maybe about the same length as the one involving Sora or perhaps even shorter. I say that because it would be unnatural to make it too long, after all I doubt it would take Fukusaku that long to relay news about Jiraiya’s death or for Pein to arrive on Konoha’s doorstep.”
    => I’m sooooooooo hoping that you are right!!! *sigh*

  26. Caption: stolen sharingan in anus…..


    “Hey baby! Wanna see my OTHER bubble-blower?”


    “Dammit! I slipped MYSELF that date-rape drug!”

  29. I feel sorry for Hotaru and Naruto. They both reminisce about their masters and Utakata will die by the end of the arc while Jiraiya is already dead. I hope Hotaru gets stronger. She can only use one jutsu!

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