Naruto Manga 480 and Manga 481 Spoiler Discussion: That’s One Down for the ‘Niisan’

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Sasuke's life ambition needs to be updated but I still thought this was a funny tribute to the now-dead Team Taka.

As much as I like the manga coming out early, it makes it tough to time these breakdowns.  Geez!  You’d think that the release dates would be a bit more consistent.  Oh well, here we go with the latest…

If there was also any doubt, Danzo is officially dead, if not down for the moment.  Good thing since Suna thinks Kakashi is Hokage…

We also finally see the demise of any semblance Sasuke had as a team for Taka, at least in its current form.  And, Karin can forget about ravaging Sasuke as this guy is trouble, even for his teammates. 

This Uchiha has no room for teammates, apparently.  Sasuke has issues with his revenge interferring with keeping a group of hoodlums together. 

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with your weekly Naruto breakdown.  With a title of “Sacrifice,” you knew this one had to be a good one.  It sure didn’t let us down, did it?  With this chapter, the Danzo/Sasuke battle is officially over (YOSH!!) and we can move on to the next…Homura and Koharu, anyone?

You see those two on the right? They will be Sasuke's next targets - unless I wake up and get to them first.

However, in saying all of that, we also see just how far into the darkness Sasuke has gone.  Anyone got a light for the guy?  Anyway, we had no doubt it was definitely dark in the mind of Sasuke Uchiha, I don’t think any of us would believe he would sacrifice anyone.  Well, guys, he has now.  IMO, the person he “sacrifice” – ed, Karin, was proving to be very useful.  If it weren’t for Karin, Sasuke would not have survived some of his near fatal exploits (Battle at Unraikyo, attack at the Kage Summit, etc.).  And, if it weren’t for Karin, he wouldn’t have been able to finally slay person number one on the Uchiha “bingo book,” Danzo.  Even Madara agrees.

Yeah, but your bitch turns around and offs her. So much for "useful"

Back to action, which was awesome I must admit.  There is so much to cover that I’d just be putting in the entire damn manga.  But, as we see, the action is clearly at its height with Sasuke and Danzo piercing each other with their respective choice in “blades” (ok, Sasuke’s is made of chakra).  It appears that both were hit…

Gee, I wonder whose sword made the REAL injury here...hmmm

…but, Danzo soon realizes that, after he prematurely gloats over his victory, he was the one who was truly wounded and on the verge of death.  For me, the pictures of Danzo looking like he s**t his pants were classic.

Gloat, gloat, gloat. Just like a worthless bastard like you, Danzo, would do...

What's happening, you ask? Can you say: EPIC FAIL?

For much of the remaining of the chapter, we hear from Madara – or what he’s thinking – in the form of a play by play analysis of this rather bloody fight.  Turns out Sasuke has a wimpy genjutsu but has learned how to use it to his advantage (Ladies, this sounds like something you’d hear from a guy with inadequate, uh, equipment but claim they know how to use it…hmmm).   Not like Karin was complaining about Sasuke’s genjutsu too much.  Ahem!  Anyway, Sasuke turned a disadvantage into a rather clever move.  The illusion was that he made Danzo’s sharingan-infested hand appear as if there was one healthy sharingan left to use up, when there really wasn’t.  Unfortunately, Danzo figured this out way too late.

The truth hurts, don't it, Danzo? You aren't the God of the Ninja world (go take your anti-psychotic meds now...)

Seems Danzo took a few lessons from the Naruto Ninja Handbook:  never, ever give up.  And, he certainly doesn’t go down to defeat very easily.  As with most despots, Danzo is having some serious delusions of grandeur about his role in “saving the ninja world” and how he can’t give up until he does so.  Blah, blah, blah.  Geez!  This guy is REALLY compensating for something.  Wait, that’s what the armful of sharingans was for, wasn’t it?

In the past, I’ve gotten disgusted with the Uchiha “greatness” complex being bantered about.  However, in this chapter, it is totally relevant as this is a battle of sharingans:  the ones that one opponent was born with and ones that the other had implanted in some rather strange locations.  As per typical Sasuke, he states the low-key battle cry of the Uchiha:  Don’t mess with us…

I can hear Sasuke fans cheering at this one. I must admit, he's bad ass here.

As you’d expect, Danzo’s science experimentation starts to backfire on him as his body gets weaker.  The implanted cells from the First Hokage start to take over his body in an attempt to create new lush greenery in the snow-covered Land of Iron.  Perhaps Danzo would have been the fertilizer to boost the growth rate.

You think with all of that foliage growing that Danzo would make a great U-chiha pet? Nah, didn't think so. (sorry for the very bad pun)

Of course, Madara is cheering on his “bad boy bitch” from the sidelines.  “Great job” he says.  Great job?  It looked like a version of “Well, I beat him, didn’t I?” with the messiest battle to date and with a weak arsenal (the eyes – NOT Susanoo).  Gotta work on those eyes, Sasuke.  The eyes…

Yeah, tell Sasuke "great job" when you couldn't get your precious Akatsuki robe dirty...

Yeah, a great job of Sasuke when you couldn't even get your precious Akatsuki robe dirty...

I’ve never understood the biting Karin’s skin for chakra.  Definitely a sexual reference.  And, what?  Is she in pain or having a major orgasm?  If any guy bit me that hard, I’d bitch slap him to Mars.  *shakes head*  Well, whatever works, I guess.

Sorry, that's a bit too kinky for my tastes. That "marking" thing is just a bit over the edge for me.

In a last-ditch attempt to stay relevant and preserve his appearing in the manga, Danzo does what many criminal minds do when their back is against the wall:  takes a hostage.  And, it isn’t any hostage, it is Karin.  Danzo declares her a sacrifice for his version of saving the ninja world (second verse, same as the first…).  What a coward!  And, that’s what Sasuke says – he calls him on his s**t for his constant put downs, taunts and themes of self-sacrifice.  Yeah, Sasuke.  For once I agree with you.  Definitely a double-standard.

I believe this is where Danzo said, "Damn! I'm hosed..."

Karin, as would be natural, is begging for Sasuke to help her.  It appears that he is weighing how to save Karin yet get Danzo at the same time.  But, as I said above, Danzo AND Karin go down – Sasuke’s lightning chakra “sword” pierces Karin’s body (and all she could muster was a “huh”?) and gets Danzo straight in the heart.  No question:  Danzo’s history and…Sasuke keeps score:  Uchiha 1 and Konoha zip.

Ok, this is bad. Karin, I believe that Sasuke's saying he no longer needs your services. And, Danzo? You're OWNED!

Did anyone notice something in the pics that may become a problem later?  It’s the Kage Hat.  This could really add fuel to the “Off with his head!” campaign being waged by the Konoha 12 – and prove to be a problem to the NEW Hokage, Kakashi. 

That’s all I have here for that.  I wanted to let you know about the prediction “contest” feature.  I was looking over the several predictions I saw in the comments and realized that it is going to be really tough for me to determine who is right/wrong or a “definite maybe.”  I am not going to do that for this write up but I will look at the predictions again and let you know who ended up being the “most” correct. 

So…until next time.  God, I hope the manga schedule gets back to near normal.  Writing blogs close together is a pain…but I love you guys! 🙂


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  2. SECOND!!! HELL YEAH!!! 😀

  3. Third, and yes I agree this was an amazing chapter once my pizza arrives and I can think straight without being so friggin hungry Ill add more to think on.

  4. yup, Sasukes BA again. Tripin on the dark side. Maybe he’s gonna become the next Darth Vader lol

  5. YOSH!!! Awesome work Penny and thanks for the coverage! 😀

    Lol, at the compensation problem Sasuke seems to have, but at least he knows how to use it when and where it counts. XD

    Getting stabbed through the heart may entail Danzou’s death for most people but I still think he’s alive. It seems most people were right about the genjutsu Sasuke cast on Danzo (shout out to Tenrai who said it first) and Danzo has now also lost his right arm… Why does Kishi keep taking people’s right arms?

    First Deidara.

    Then Madara

    Now Danzo

    Might I add a right arm fetish on to Kishi’s list of fetishes along with emos, doujutsus (particularly in the right eye), and immortality? Lol, I just added immortality for fun…>_>

  6. Ok now that am finally filled with formerly frozen sustenance, I can give my thoughts. First, has anyone here seen the movie Swat? Well in the beginning of the movie the main protagonist shoots a terrorist/ bank robber in the heart THROUGH the shoulder of his hostage, and the woman hostage ended up with a nasty non-fatal bullet wound, and she sues him for it but that is besides the point. What the point is, however, is that this appears to be the situation. There are two reason for this:

    – “Don’t move Karen” (p.13) why would he be concerned about the position of her body if he was gonna plunge a fatal blow anyway
    – The last frame, this is entirely debatable, but it would appear to me that the blade is piercing her shoulder and nothing vital

    A couple things I wonder about though. What was the MS for in between these actions. He didn’t need it for his chidori blade and there aren’t any eye based physical justsus being performed in the last panel which means that there is some sort of genjutsu still in play within this situation. What do you think is going on? Is it directly related to Karen or Karen’s injury? Or is there another illusion in play?

    Also if a genjutsu is cast specifically on a person, why is everyone in the area fooled by it? I mean if Sasuke can cause one of the eyes to appear closed shouldn’t Karen and Madara be able to be in on the picture? It is not as though Sasuske would need to cast am illusion en masse. I am just sayin, either this is a plot hole or a plot device that says, ok we can bypass continuity just this once to tell a story and keep the reader in suspense, ok I can buy that. What do you guys think, are my deduction as straight as Raikage? or as straight as Sai?

  7. And why One down for Nissan? I own one and dang if it doesn’t get good gas mileage.

  8. @Accordianninja: The only person that was fooled by Sasuke’s genjutsu was Danzo who looked into Sasuke’s eye. Madara noticed Danzo had no eyes left on his arm which explains why he knew what was happening (or what had happened) so he wasn’t under the genjutsu. Karin wasn’t fooled either she was just worried Sasuke got stabbed and she couldn’t see Danzo’s hand anyway because Sasuke’s body was covering it up. It’d be kinda cheap if Sasuke could cast his genjutsu on anyone regardless if they look in his eyes or not.

    As for the MS thing. Really it doesn’t matter which eye it is because both sharingan eyes can put someone under genjutsu. When fighting a sharingan user you avoid both eyes to avoid being put under genjutsu not one specific eye, so you’re right he could be putting Danzo under genjutsu. Or Danzo could have Sasuke under genjutsu too…>_> Who knows? Maybe Madara put them all under genjutsu and is taking advantage of Karin as we speak. >< Lol, personally as I said before I think it's for dramatic effect.

  9. Danzo=EpicFail! I was LMAO when I saw Danzo’s “WTF?!?” face, and Sasuke has to die now that he killed Karin. Lets hope Itachi’s sickness is genetic and it’ll get him too. MUAHAHA!

  10. I was thinking to myself about what Kishi said about something happening with Team taka this year, and after a long day playing Xbox and Smoke I came to the conclusion that Karin is still alive now and that Team Taka will be focused on bringing Sasuke back from the edge of Darkness, they will struggle and support him but feel his wrath like Oro was to his underlings.

  11. Good Breakdown Penny!

    I’d like to point out that Danzo still has Shisui’s eye, so possibly, he could use Izanagi once more. Besides, he is a central figure so Kishi wouldn’t kill him off so qui- *thinks of Kisame* never mind. Anyhoo, glad to see KArin’s done for, but once again, Sasuke hasn’t beaten a powerful opponent on his own *sigh*

  12. @Penny: Hmmm, I was wondering a bit as you wrote that the “battle between Sasuke and Danzou is now officially over” and that “Danzou is officially dead now” as well… Of course this can be your opinion or theory, but I have a problem with calling it “official” because……. it isn’t. I mean, it’s not like this would be the first chapter with a cliffhanger at the end and the next chapter will start with a surprising “heheeee, it’s not what it was looking like at all” explanation.

    I don’t think (and hope) that Karin is dead either. As you can see, Karin is standing directly in front of Danzou. However, he is taller and bigger, so their vital organs can not lie on the same line, a line from Sasuke’s hand to Danzou’s heart. I’d judge that the Chidori merely hit her wishbone or shoulder. Like accordianninja said with the SWAT reference.

    As for the activated MS, I’m still thinking as well. Maybe it’s like Supertrek said: just for dramatic effect. Nonetheless, it’s not his Tsukuyomi eye, but his Amaterasu eye, the bleeding one, that’s clear. I think the Tsukuyomi as a special genjutsu is bound to his not-bleeding eye however, or isn’t it?? Because you, Supertrek, said that he could cast genjutsus with EVERY eye.

  13. Kewl breakdown, Penny!

    I said this before in the last breakdown, but I think I’ll say it again since it concerns this chapter. As I said, I’m not positive myself regarding whether or not Karin is now a standing corpse, but I do believe Sasuke doesn’t care at all whether or not she lives.

    I feel there could be more plausible enough reasons why Sasuke told Karin not to move. First, if Karin started squirming, Danzou would have to struggle to keep her in the head lock, thus, making it much more difficult for Sasuke to hit him in one of his vitals, because of the movement that results. So to avoid that, he told Karin not to move.

    Second, when Sasuke says “Don’t move.” that could make it seem as if he is ready to listen to Danzou, giving him a false sense of security, making it easier to pounce.

    Add these two together (or either, if you will), and I feel you get equally credible reason(s) as the widespread one for Sasuke’s to tell Karin not to move; reasons contrary to prevalent which is that Sasuke said it to protect her.

    Now, take a look at the last two double pages where Sasuke has on the most baleful face you will ever see. And then there’s that psycho statement he makes at the end o_o. And then there’s the title of the chapter. And then there’s the closing statement of the chapter O_O.

    My conclusion: whether or not Karin is alive, Sasuke wasn’t trying to protect her. If she does survive, though, he and Madara would most probably leave her for dead anyway, but that’s for another time =P.

    If I were forced to pick a side, though, I’d have to go with the “Karin is dead” team.

  14. @captain pickles: perhaps I was premature in my saying that Karin is dead. However, from the looks of things, she’s gone the way of the fallen shinobi (dead).

    Danzo? I’m not so sure he’s a central character. Politically, he’s central but for the manga in general? Nope. Not sure what Kishi would have in mind for him to live other than create further chaos for Konoha, the war effort, for Kakashi taking over as Hokage…you name it. But then, we still have Kabut-Oro to worry about so I guess that could be plausible. Hmmmm…damn it and I thought we were done with this guy. GRRRRRRR!

    @accordionninja: LMAO I was wondering if anyone would catch the other meaning of “Niisan”. Imagine, you now have a car that is named “big brother.” Interesting since Itachi would often be seen carrying Sasuke on his back and a car “carries” you from one place to another. Wonder if that is another intentional pun?

  15. @Aeris: I think both sharingan eyes can cast at least regular genjutsu because avoidance of any and all eye contact is recommended when fighting a sharingan user. It’s just that one eye specializes in ninjutsu and the other genjutsu.

    But we know they both can do ninjutsu (Susano’o) so they should both be able to do at least regular genjutsu.

    On the Karin topic I do also believe she’s alive because I don’t think Kishi would dispose of her character so easily. Though…ever since Kisame…I have my doubts. >< I still think she's alive though but like Pickles said Sasuke may not care one way or the other.

  16. Naaaaaw Kisame is good, he will be back. What? It makes about as much sense as any other injury in this series.

  17. Seriously I think these guys are made of tofu, and dont have internal organs.

  18. Great breakdown Penny!

    I agree with the general consensus of theories that telling Karin not to move was a way to miss her vital organs… If sasuke does really kill her he will be “officially” evil (at least in my opinion) and I don’t think kishi is going to have him take that plunge just yet…

    I’m also not sure Danzou is really done. The last izanagi theory is very plausible.

    I also came up with another possible plot twist here: What if Danzou bites Karin? He already noted the ability of someone to suck her chakra to heal themselves when sasuke did it… he could just bite her and then catch sasuke in a genjutsu and escape… (this may kill Karin…but who knows, its all just wild prediction :))

  19. dang it, ya beat me to the punch. That’s exactly what I thought when he got skewered…”why not just dig in to Karin vampire style? she’s right there!” But maybe she’ll elbow him in the gut as she falls and then do some kinda self healing jutsu like Tsunade did when she fought kabuto and orochimaru. or she’ll just die. which is also acceptable.

  20. @kahmix You took the words right out of my hands, totally agree!

    I dont believe ,however, that the fight is over yet. Shisuis’ eye seems like such a major player/object in naruto..wait sauske-verse that we should atleast see what it is capable of … right!? Im hoping Danzo, within the split second it took sauske to perform his lightning sword, was able implant the thought that sauske impaled him and is still alive.

  21. Oh, I forgot to mention this in my last post. I don’t think Danzou can do a last Izanagi because he didn’t do the seal. And in for proof of that, Madara did mention something about Danzou not being sure whether to use Shusui’s eye for Izanagi or the mind-takeover technique, and this was when he grabbed Karin (or right before…not sure now). And we know he didn’t make any hand signs after that.

  22. @everyone

    does anyone else feel danzo used the izanagi like a retard, i mean if them sharingan are rendered useless after using the technique ouldent u avoid being killed every page? but i cant wait for him to be killed off this fight has lost my interest and has become the sasuke show.

  23. @chromer: You’re absolutely right! 😉 “Killed every page”, *rofl*!

  24. Sorry if this got discussed already but i havnt been here for a while, Just shoot me down if it has.
    Anyway, isnt the special thing about a Tsukiyomi that it controls time? Maybe its harder to break than a regular genjutsu too but Sasuke can only hold it for a little while anyway so breaking it doesnt really matter. Werent his old, non-blinding genjutsu more effective than when he uses his MS pointlessly? Just seems pretty dumb…

  25. well the verdict is still out on Karin…I think she will probably make it due to the fact that Sasuke told her not to move. However, if Kishi really is saying that Sasuke has passed into darkness, then she probably is dead.

    As far as the MS, there is probably some genjutsu going on there…Kinda interested to see what it is.

    Now that this thing seems to be dwindling down, hopefully we can get some Naruto action…How can you make a manga and go so long without having the Titular character. I wanna know what Itachi gave him already.

  26. @Franky: Lol, maybe Sasuke should just stick to regular genjutsu if his Tsukoyomi can’t even last that long.

  27. here’s what i think, danzou isnt gonna die, like other people said he’s gonna bite karin and possibly kill her.then he’ll retreat and try to find a new plan, or probably run,now that he has some energy and karin is out of the picture.before he can gather himself naruto and kakashi show up to save sasuke, or to kill him.either way, they’re here now, and Danzo questions the fact that naruto has left the village, but kakashi tells him to shove it cuz hes in charge now.^_^ Narutos gonna attack,but danzou uses his genjutsu and escapes…..

  28. Now I also think Danzo is going to bite Karin, suck the chakra out of her, and then run his ass off after putting Sasuke in genjutsu. The only problem is…would Madara let him get away? From what I’ve seen so far Madara can only put one person at a time under his genjutsu with Shisui’s eye.

  29. @supertrek89: You mean Danzo can only put one person under…right? Btw, thx for comments, more coning soon.

    Lol yep, my fault thanks!


  30. I don’t think Danzou is dead. Watch out for that mufuggin body flicker shit.

  31. Hi peoples 🙂
    I am prety sure getting stabbed through the heart is quite painful, so in othet words Danzo is prety much done for.I mean, we all know he is a sneaky bastard but his time has come.He’s been alive for what – 480 chapters, so yeah… Karin on the other hand, might actually survive. I wonder when she overcomes the innitial shock of getting penetrated by Sasuke’s blade, can’t she just suck her own chakra and heal herself. Or does she have a healing factor at least?

    Then again, Danzo being the mutant he is , might have a second heart ala Kakuzo implanted by Orochimaro-you know-a senju one, so he can control all that chakra and sh*t.

  32. Technically, Danzo COULD use one last Izanagi and sacrifice Shisui’s eye to save his life. It was mentioned that he never used the hand seal to use Izanagi before getting lightning-shanked by Sasuke–and I’ll also add that he CAN’T since he only has one arm now, but he never released the Jutsu either, meaning that Izanagi should still be active. He very distinctly releases the technique here
    (I dunno how to insert links)
    but there is no point in between his last use of Izanagi and his stabbing that he releases it. He might just run…run and cling to life.

    Personally, I doubt it though. He’s served his purpose, storyline-wise, and I think he’s gonna be killed off. I’d actually trade him to get Kisame (or Pain =D) back. Maybe we’ll get a flashback of Danzo eventually (and ironically) if Sasuke decides to do what his brother originally intended him to do

    …and quit being a poopie head.

  33. Naruto confirmed spoilers:

    by: Ohana – 2Ch / Sho – NF

    Just glanced through

    Karin probably died

    Sasuke: “This will be a nuisance”

    Danzou flashback

    There’s Nidaime, Hiruzen, Akimichi Torifu, Homura, and Koharu
    **ohana crossed this out; she originally wrote “Madara”

    They’re in the midst of a mission, surrounded by enemies

    Who’ll be the decoy…?

    Hiruzen says that it’ll be himself

    Danzou: “We won’t just have you go off alone”~ and something or other

    Nidaime says, “I’ll be the decoy. Starting tomorrow you (Hiruzen) will be Hokage~”

    Danzou uses a reverse sealing jutsu and turns into a sphere

    Sakura and co.

    Kiba says he discovers Sasuke’s scent

    Sakura tells everyone to stop

    Just as she’s bringing out the knockout gas, Sai stops her

    Sakura says she’ll go on alone

    Sakura puts gloves on her hands…

    It’s Sakura VS. Sai (Kiba and Lee may join in)

    Danzou self-destructs

    Sasuke directs his attention towards Konoha…



    It’s not Madara, it’s Danzou

    It’s a memory of Danzou wanting to become Hokage

    Karin dies

    Barring Sasuke and Madara, no one shows up [there]

    Sakura begins to go where Sasuke is alone

    and that’s where Sai stops her

    Since she wants to go even to the point of using force

    it’ll be Sakura VS. Sai

    Sai and Kakashi

    Sai goes, “Things are going a little poorly,” as he jumps ontop of a tree

    Danzou dies

    Madara says it’s a sealing jutsu as [Danzou’s] on the verge of dying is why I said that

  35. Hello Everyone! It’s been a while!
    Time for some crack theories from PRAWL!

    Danzo isn’t dead – as someone mentioned above, he’s going to “bite” into Karin – with his PELVIC MOKUTON!

    Another Danzo thought – if the Shodai’s cells were overwhelming him, then wouldn’t he become Hashirama? I think that would be awesome! He falls over dead (danzo) and stands back up as Hashirama! then he and Madara fight again!

    Sasuke encounters the Konoha kids, and they fight him… it goes as follows:
    Sasuke: “Hey guys, I was just about to come back to the village peacefully… and… OUCH! MUTHUF*CKA!
    Everyone but Rock Lee dies… Lee goes off to do push-ups until he can beat Sasuke.

    Sasuke leave dead Danzo, and heads for Konoha, in the process he runs across Killerbee, and controls his Hachibi – FORCING BEE TO INVADE KONOHA. Either that, or Samehada convinces bee to invade, or maybe that damned giant racoon Ponta convinces him… bee seems pretty easily influenced.

    Sakura, Ino and Tenten finally do something useful – Sacrifice themselves to bring Tsunade back from her coma

  36. @Prawl: LMFAO!!! XD

    I’m all in for the Pelvic Mokutonn jutsu! 😀

    @Anyone: Does anybody think Sasuke is redeemable still? I think so and I’ll say why in the next breakdown.

  37. Yeah Sasuke is redeemable . Just like Gaara . I’m just curoius, at what point was Kakashi made Hokage ? Every body keeps saying that but since when do the other Kage’s get that choice ? If recall the feudal lord and the village elders make that choice(I just came to stir stuff up) …

  38. yes no feud over the kage position now
    i like this chap for what we see here flashback and sasuke deeper in the shroom cloud of darkness hes created awesomeness

  39. The new manga is out.

    Aside from being an awesome chapter i am having the feeling that Sakura will heal Karin.Sasuke is officially asshole number 1 and Danzo wasn’t that bad after all(he is still a freak though).We finally get to see the second hokage and he is much more serious than I imagined before but quite a badass nevertheless.

  40. I think Karin may have been sealed in Danzou when he unleashed his last Jutsu. So she may or may not be dead, depending on whether or not she can be unsealed from him, and if her injuries are not still killing her within the seal.

    But dead or not she was most likely sealed in Danzou’s last jutsu.

  41. Yeah, after reading the manga the second time, I too reckon so. She is nowhere to be seen in the last page and she certainly was close enough to be captured by that huge black sphere.

  42. I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!

    Tobi is Kagami Uchiha

    1) Nidaime is the one who distances the uchiha by making them police and keepin an eye on them, so kagami is pissed that he chose hiruzen as hokage.

    2) Tobi ( kagami) wants revenge on the senju, and the candidated that nidaime had to chose from. So he is killing danzou, homura, and hoharu.

  43. Also look at the hair comparison both short and double curly (sorry for the double-post)

  44. Awesome chapter!

    Well yea, if Karin isn’t dead already (which is quite unlikely), she probably was sealed in Danzo’s jutsu.

    Looks like Akamaru may be undecided as to what he really is >_>:

  45. awesome chapter!!!!
    Personally i thought it was great to see some background of danzou and sarutobi and the other elders.
    Meh its a shame danzou is dead. he was a bit less evil then he looked 😛
    as for sasuke yeh now that its confirmed that he didnt try to dodge karins vital points or anything, it shocked me a bit, but i guess there really is no way back for him now. if only sakura had a sacrificial jutsu to take down sasuke in the same time that would be great 😛

  46. So, who’s going to be the leader of “Root” now? Sai? Kakashi (since Tsunade will probably wake up)? Yamato?

  47. Is it just me or did kishi overhype Danzo? Kishi to me seemed to portray him as an extremely powerfull ninja…not saying he isnt but this fight was short, very short. Compared to most fights in the manga.

    Or is Sasuke just that strong now….if he is I dont know how naruto will beat him. Sasuke always seems to be one step ahead of everyone else beside….Mandara/obito/tobi/Kagami Uchiha…*that was for super XD.*

    Naruto needs some more arsenal besides fainting no Jutsu or Whore no Jutsu….

    All in all this was good/boring chapter…now on to the next ^_^

  48. @deathcon4: Kisame was a very powerful ninja, but you know how short his only real fight was… I don’t think Naruto can beat Sasuke either. The most obvious reason is Susanoo, even though we know it’s not invincible.
    How can you say that Sexy Jutsu isn’t effective?!? I bet you didn’t see the new and improved version… 8)

  49. Great chapter but the scantalation and translations were downright terrible. Lol, I’m going to wait for a better version to come out before I really give any judgement. Like Pickles pointed out why in the hell is Akamaru making cat noises!? XD

    Oh, looks like a better version came out and they changed all the shitty translations, but I kid you not they had Akamaru saying “Meow!” before. XD

    Anyway, I wonder out of the 20 ninja who killed Tobirama or was it a group effort?

    Hmm…the girl advisor is hot.

    Oh, and Danzo is still an evil, hypocritical, douchebag. When he’s alive and healthy you don’t see him protecting the village (Pein vs. Konhoha), but when he’s on his last breath and has no other choice that’s when he rants about protecting Konoha and all that BS. I’m sure he loved the village and I’m sure he wanted what was best (whatever he said was best), but he always put himself first until now. Of course he had no other choice but suicide and inevitable defeat so is that really a heroic act?

    And when he’s “protecting the village” with his underground movements and shady activities…

    Is that really for the sake of Konoha or his own ambitions?

    @Death: Thanks, lol I see you added a name on there (Kagami). 😛

  50. I think Karin wasnt swallowed up by Danzo’s swan song jutsu – when they got stabbed they were standing under the big tree on the side of the bridge. Then Danzo wondered off to the middle of the bridge (where the smaller tree is – the one that he used to deflect the first Susanoo arrow).

  51. @tandaradei: Nah, they were probably throwing empty soda cans and making cruel jokes/taunts at him at him as he crawled. Must’ve been fun for the last two Uchiha to poke at their prey as it writhed to it’s death lol.

  52. @Tandaradei: You’re absolutely right. This should make it more clear. As we can see in the link coming up, in between the pillars is where Danzo loses control and takes Karin hostage making his last stand.

    In between the pillars is also where Karin was left to bleed on the ground.

    Danzo ran out to the middle of the bridge while Sasuke just smirked and watched his dying prey try to escape (Arpotu said it better 😉 ). This is where the jutsu was activated and as we can see its range did not reach the pillars.

  53. @Super- This page and the one that follows it illustrate your point about Danzo:

    I found this chapter to be a mixed bag. The flashback was one of the best Kishi’s penned in a long time. It was short enough that it didn’t slow the story, and it was choc-full-o-insight. I particularly liked how it showed some similarities in the relationships between Danzo/Saratobi and Sasuke/Naruto. He even got the the Yin/Yang theme into a panel.

    However, Kishi keeps building up antagonists and then killing them off like a junkie raiding his stash…and like a junkie, Kishi is getting diminishing returns. Danzo died with a wimper rather than a bang. His final jutsu, with Madera and Sasuke standing only feet away, was a dud. Kishi didn’t event bother drawing a panel to show how they escaped it. He just placed the Uchiha boys next to each other on the precipice quipping, “That was close.” Worse, they were on opposite sides of Danzo when the jutsu began, so Sasuke would have had to jump through the sphere to end up next to Madera. Whoa, that was close.

  54. i think i like the idea of karin selling sasuke out to konoha

  55. This latest chapter makes it all too clear! Tobis identity has finally been revealed. He even admits it himself in the panel with Sai and Sakura.

    AKAMARU IS TOBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  56. @jbd:i think madara worp sasuke up with himself to avoid the seal makes sense.

  57. Happy Birthday goes out to Tsunades’s Twins (or quite possibly the charcter) but either one Happy Birthday…

  58. happpppppppy birthday penny! 🙂 hope it’s filled with love and joy @-@

  59. Happy Birthday Penny!

  60. Happy birthday Penny. And great breakdown.

  61. Happy birthday Penny.I wish you best of luck in your life and one hell of a good time at the party.

  62. Happy Birthday Penny!!!!

    And as for the latest chapter, I think Kishi is really trying to make us dislike Sasuke. I also think there is a chance that Karin will survive and that she will be found by our Konoha-nins.

    Normally, when prominent characters die, we get more insight into their pasts and their mindsets, but this didn’t happen with Karin. Of course, that isn’t always the case, but it has come to be expected.

    It also stands to reason, with Danzou conveniently walking away from where she fell before he went ‘black hole’ on the nearby environment. If she had been sucked up as well, her death would be confirmed, but as it stands now, she could very well be alive until proven otherwise.

  63. Hmmm, strange, in Naruto wikia she is listed as incapacitated rather than presumed deceased or deceased.I also agree with you Tenrai.I think Sakura will find her and heal her and Karin will reveal what a monster Sasuke has turned into.That might convince Sakura that killing him is for the best of everyone.

  64. naruto is like the sopranos it cuts out when it gets good!….except it does it every week -______-

    that was random……..

  65. Since when Sarutobi have a white hair?
    I think he had a black hair in his youth.

  66. While you’re waiting for the Naruto 481 Breakdown, you can look at this one, if you want:

  67. Why is sarutobi having white hair weird? My great grandma had total white hair by the age 18!!!

    Also I have a new weird ass theory! Lolz tobi is really sarutobi XD get it!

  68. Happy Birthday Penny!

    @Everyone Regarding the state of Karin, didn’t one of the interview with Kishi said that an Akatsuki member would join Konoha. Maybe it will be her.

    In, Danzo said that he never became Hokage. Was he meaning legitimately without using Shisui’s eye?

  69. @tigerpalm: I thought Sakura would heal Karin and she would join Konoha since last chapter’s cliffhanger.
    And Danzo wasn’t actually the Hokage. He still needed the Jonin’s votes (YAY for democracy!). He was only proclaimed as the Candidate Sixth Hokage by the Fire Daimyo.

  70. @deathcon4
    Well… Sarutobi have in this chapter a white hair, but he will have black when he started to train Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade. Here’s the picture:

    This picture is showing Sarutobi after he became Hokage. He is older there but he has dark hair. So it’s weird to me.

    I think that Konan will be the person who will join Konoha. After all, she already promise to help Naruto in “making peace”.

  71. @ Deathcon – HI!
    Anyhow, it’s wierd for Sarutobi to have WHITE hair because in every other flashback reference to him, he has black hair.

    As another thought – When the hell is Kono-homo-ru going to learn the summoning jutsu, and use his Grandpa Hiruzen’s MONKEY KING! …Wait! that sounded terrible… I didn’t mean he was going to use his grandpa’s monkey… GAH!

  72. @ cumulusbg – Damn you… you clever bastard! you beat me to my post! Meh.. no hard feelings.. I am old.. like Dino-Sarutobi…

  73. One last thought – and apologies for the triple-post!

    If Madara turns out to be Kagami Uchiha, I think that will be a bit of a disappointment. We’ve assumed he has been every uchiha, (and villain) with the exception of being Sasuke himself (he still might turn out to be Sasuke… woooooo scary space-timey jutsu)

    And finally *blog cheers at the notion of Paul’s eventual silence*
    Kishi certainly is killing off alot of characters lately, I think I smell “Kishi’s takin a long vacation, and FINISHING Naruto”

  74. Lol, Mangastream mixed up Kagami Uchiha and Torifu Akimichi. I was wondering for all about 3 minutes why someone from Choji’s clan had a Sharingan. Anyways, I think: Sasuke will be gone by the time Sakura gets there. She’ll find Karin, heal her (since Sasuke supposedly didn’t stab her vitals) and join and help track down Sasuke using her powers. That’s assuming Sakura somehow gets past Sai and the rest. I wonder if they’ll even recognize each other from that moment they crossed paths in the town ? I don’t think they even looked at each other then …

    @tigerpalm: I think that was Konan … but Karin was never part of Akatsuki, she was an unofficial member. Just like Danzo was the unofficial Rokudaime.

    @cumulusbg: In the anime’s flashback of Sarutobi teaching the young future Sannin, he had brown hair …

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Penny. =]

  75. Maybe Sarutobi’s hair changes color in combat, kinda like Jiraya’s “Super Hairspray No Jitsu”. After all, Jiraya had to learn that from somewhere, yeah?

  76. I think we’ll find out that Sai is actually Orochimaru’s kid! (Illegitimate of course… as no true villain pays child support)

  77. u know the worst part about almost killing karin is that it was completely avoidable… sasuke could have used chidori nagashi on danzou and karin and possibly seperate them. Or if that didnt seperate them it would definitely weaken danzou and then sasuke could could go in for the kill. cant remember who said sasuke wasnt rly thinking during this battle but i completely agree with you now.

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  79. Hey boys and girls!
    What do you think, am I missing here something: Tobi didn’t take Shisui’s eye after all, did he? Because when he actually planned to, Danzou was exploding in blood or this black sphere or whatever and there seems no bit of his head left intact. So, actually, Tobi shouldn’t have Shisui’s eye, should he?

  80. @Aeris: Yep, that’s right. Danzo died before Madara could take the eye.

  81. I see no reasoon why Danzo would have Shisui’s eye as of yet, it should still be stuck in Danzo’s head.

    BTW,why is there no breakdown yet @_@

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    This weeks weekly Naruto manga post has been out for a while now. 😉

  84. @Schy: As IRA’s #1 poster boy I commend you but surely there’s only so much advertising you should do for it over here. XD

    I believe most people are waiting for the Naruto Breakdown on WRA so if you don’t mind be a little more patient. 😉

  85. where is teh breakdown X__________X >_> <__> .

  86. is this possible?

    New akatsuki members: 1. suigetsu (with samehada)
    2. Juugo (although he seems too weak for me)
    3. Sasuke (DUH)
    4. Fu (nowhere else to go)
    5. Torune (nowhere else to go)

    Gimme some ideas on new members…..

  87. very possible baka … but since sasugay is a gay he would like to use every one … juugo and suigetsu would end up dying for him or sasugay would kill them somehow … fu and torune are very possible but sasugay if joins would join to use it for himself 🙂 i hope i helped 🙂

  88. yes makes perfect sense suigetsu and juugo are too weak nway

  89. but if their too weak i wonder who will fill in for them?

  90. Source : 2ch
    Credit : Nja @2ch
    Verification : Confirmed
    Translation : Shounensuki @ NF (via : Southa)

    ナルトから ヤマトに監視され安静にしてろといわれていたが
    サクラ達 サクラに出し抜かれサイ・リー・ネジは眠らされてしまう

    サスケとマダラ マダラがダンゾウの遺体を回収(シスイの眼をとる為)
            (その後とろうとするがダンゾウが死ぬ間際にシスイの眼を潰していて回収不可 )
    マダラ     その女にとどめを刺しておけこいつは知りすぎてる
    サスケ     いつからお前の仲間になった?お前に指図される筋合いは無い~
    マダラが去り サスケがカリンに近づきカリンの回想へ
           同じ木の葉の里出身だったカリン 昔天の書と地の書を集めるときに
    少年サスケ  なんだ地の書か じゃあな(笑ってる顔)
    現在のサスケ (顔が逝ってる)じゃあな
    カリン もう一度あの顔が見たかったな~…

        カリンに止めをさそうとした所 サクラが現れ
    サスケ サクラか…今の俺に何の様だ?
    サクラ (これが今のサスケ君ずいぶん変わってしまった…)


    Naruto was told to rest under Yamato’s watch, but he manages to sneak away and go towards Kakashi.

    Outwitted by Sakura, Sai, Lee, and Neji have been put to sleep.

    Madara collects Danzō’s corpse (so he can obtain Shisui’s eyes)
    (It appears to be a fruitless effort, since Danzō smashed Shisui’s eyes while he was on the verge of death, making recovery impossible)
    Madara: “Finish the girl off, she knows too much”
    Sasuke: “When did become your comrade? I have no reason to follow your orders”
    Madara leaves. Sasuke approaches Karin, while Karin reminisces.
    Karin hails from the same village of Konoha. Back when they had to collect the scrolls of Heaven and Earth, Karin lost her comrades and was attacked by a bear, but she was saved.
    Boy Sasuke: Is that a Scroll of Earth? Well, bye~ (smiling face)
    Current Sasuke: (face dies away) Well, bye~
    Karin: I just wanted to see his face one more time…
    Just when he wants to finish Karin off, Sakura appears
    Sasuke: “Sakura…? How did you find me?”
    Sakura: (This is the current Sasuke-kun. He changed so much…)
    “I’m going to accompany you Sasuke-kun, so I’m running from konoha as well!!”

    The End

  91. @Baka: I’m hoping for some majorly strong ninja we’ve never even heard of before to be joining Akatsuki in the future. Juugo, Karin, and Suigetsu just seem below par compared to the former Akatsuki members. I could even say they’re far to weak to be in Akatsuki, an organization full of S class ninja. Same goes for Fu and Torune though if they did join Akatuski it would give matchups for Ino and Shino. We haven’t seen those two in a real battle for a loooong while.

    @Flash: *covers his eyes* Thanks for the spoilers! 😀

  92. that spoiler is unconfirmed still

  93. spoilers too crazy man if thats true im shoooooked in the less i mean it was most peoples guest after sakura diying so…

  94. @super: id say suigetsu atleast has potential to become stronger so that ONE DAY he could join akatsuki if you look at his techs and powers and well just the fact that hes collecting the 7 swords. But juugo, no way he has reached his limit and i was unimpressed to say the least when i say his full power, as for fu and torune i think we havent completely seen what they have to offer yet so who knows, maybe they are s-class besides id like to see shino match up, i just like his style but ino, meh she can go climb in under a rock.

    @anybody: hehehe if these spoilers are true i think sasuke would be like, sorry bro im heading for konoha, not running away. now die. CHIDORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. O and did anybody notice how the anime writers made sure that raigas swords doesnt get destroyed or anything as if they did not want to interfere with what i suspect is a future storyline for suigetsu and how he collects the swords. its like they wanted to make sure the filler doesnt not match up with whats going to happen in the manga

  96. @bakakage

    filler…that word sends a shiver down my spine im so glad i dont follow the anime anymore if i see anymore fillers i think i would hurl.

  97. yes i know its filler and all but what im saying is even in the filler they spared the swords so that when suigetsu acquires the swords in the real story people who are unaware that there is a difference between filler and canon manga dont say oi! but those swords have been destroyed!

    Plus you cant expect to see just before a anime episode in which suigetsu is supposed to acquire the swords a notice saying: “the previous episode where the swords was left in the river did not count because it was filler, the real story of the swords will now resume….”

    And it cannot be proved that filler characters does not exist in the narutoverse, utakata is canon proof of that. kishi still has to approve of the anime writers ideas. and he has approved. 😉

  98. Is their going to be a weekly Naruto manga post here or not? 0_0

    The next chapter will be out soon….
    This is making me sad 😦

  99. @bakakage

    yeah i wasnt saying you where wrong or anything they probly will do what your saying because it makes them more money. i just still cant believe there are fillers. naruto had about 200 filler episodes then a huge break for shippuden and now shippuden is on fillers. plus the first 3 mins is a song as is the last 3 mins then they recap what happened in the last episode and the story moves so slow paced but they still manage to interupt the story with loads of fillers.

  100. Ahhhh!!…i just checked the status and progress of the new WRA Naruto weekly manga post through the dashboard and their is no new weekly manga post! Nobody has even started a breakdown over here 0_0

    There is no drafts, no nothing…..WTF why?? +_+

  101. @SCHY because the writers here love nothing more but to torment us and especially you. Oh and probably because Penny has a life, I am not very sure about this,though. 😀

    Those spoilers sound way too far out even for Kishi’s standarts, but then again…Still, I just can’t see Sakura doing something as childish as this.Abandoning her friends and village to join a freekin’ maniac just because she had a crush on him when SHE WAS A CHILD.It just seems too unjustified for me.

  102. @chromer91: lol sorry just used to most people starting debates here lol, but what you said above ive also thought about its almost just fillers, intros, outros and recaps, irritates the crap outta me when i watch episodes back to back on my pc while lying on my bed with my girl and either one of us must stand up to skip all the rec(r)apping and intros. true that.

  103. I wonder if the “speak no evil” seals are gone from the tongues of Root members, now that Danzo is toast…

  104. @arpotu: I was thinking the same thing! Maybe Sai will try to attack Sakura, but then he’ll notice the seal disappeared and then he’ll say that Danzo is dead so Sakura will rush to the battlefield.

    @to63to: I can actually see Sakura doing that. Sasuke refused when she asked him if she could join him 3 years ago, but now he might accept since he just lost a member of Taka.

  105. @Dragon
    Nope, Sasuke did not loose a member, he killed a member, hence he probably didn’t need her “services” anymore.Also,while possible for Sasuke to accept such an offer, I doubt Sakura will give it.After all she was heading his way to deal with him, one way or another.I do hope she goes primal on him and tears his a new butthole but it’s highly unlikely. 😦

  106. @to63to

    i dont think she is dead as of yet sasuke will probly get teleported after a little conversation with sakura and co. sakura will likley heal karin. but i also take into concideration im usually wrong about everything so she probly is dead.

  107. @to63to: It’s a euphemism! I didn’t want to say kill, so I said lose.

  108. @chromer91
    Hey I am taking wild guesses as anybody else.I have absolutely no idea what will happen and I usually am as far from the truth as possible.But yeah, I also support the idea of Sakura reviving Karin and then both of them unleashing furious feminism on him 😀

    Okay.But my main point was that Sakura won’t join him but I guess you already figured that out.

  109. Yeah…I predicted this would happen because Sukura wants to turn Sasuke over herself. It would be an ultimate test to see if she is “good enough” Why? you ask…because she is, in some ways, a selfish person, but she also has had a lot of trouble growing up where she never felt that she was good enough. She also loves Sasuke. This is like so many other women who want to change a guy. lol! Anyways…this all goes back to my prediction that black zetsu is creating a dark aura in Sasuke causing him to edge towards evil. The reason there are other characters like karen and suigetsu is that they are going to try to turn him good again. And remarkably, I predict, that Naruto will be the only person able to see dark zetsu while in sage mode. *Ahem* nobody saw white zetsu in them and he was in all the hokages!!! I also feel that the original dark aura that we saw resembled zetsu a little as well. If you wish to prove me wrong please do so! BTW! It is good to see that this site is doing great! I love reading the breakdowns! 🙂

  110. For 1 if this spoiler is confirmed im going to break sumthin *starts to look for crayon box* Dude wtf is kishi doin why is he tryin to make us hate sakura more and where the hell did this whole karin thing come up with her at the chunin exams did he just wake up and say screw it imma freak out today…..*Sighs* im really not likin the direction hes going in. o well at least bleach is gettin good Aizen FTW oh and @visionary1200 good perdiction not sure if its possible though why would zetsu do that edge him toward evil i mean. sasuke wants revenge pure and simple and he just dosent care who gets in his way ne more

  111. @fioresful: there are two reasons why:

    1)By getting Sasuke to do more evil acts he will then feel more committed to being evil and stay on Madera’s side.

    2)To progress his Sharingan’s abilities

    This link shows where Sasuke turns evil. The timing and the place of the evil chakra sensed by Karen in Sasuke just makes no sense. If there really was an evil chakra manifestation in Sasuke wouldn’t it have reared its ugly head in battle against a more sinister opponent like Danzou and not against some foot soldiers?

  112. @fioresful guess who =P
    i told you so..

    anyway hey everyone new here so just saying my hello’s

  113. oops…seems that spoiler is actually confirmed.

    Sakura is one hell of a bitch. I mean a bitchy bitch

  114. Holy crap.I still refuse to believe the spoilers are true until the chapter comes out.Ignorance is bliss they say. 🙂

  115. @to63to: If the spoiler is true, then I’m sorry, but I have to say… I told you so! Victory tastes good!

  116. if the spoiler is true, then kishi really let me down… sure, it would give sakura an important role but…WHO CARES ABOUT HER!!!!!
    @visionary: that’s just his dark aura. it appeared in that moment because sasuke was close to his goal. i don’t agree with you on the dark zetsu stuff…he’s just a character like any other! no one saw dark zetsu at the meeting because the two parts split.

  117. @Dragon
    Well I guess I have to give you a victory cookie 😀

  118. I don’t know what’s happening in the next chapter but if Sakura is doing something dumbass maybe it’s to get closer to Sasuke’s antagonizer (Madara). Or maybe she’s just a dumbass I don’t know. 😉

  119. Supertrek: Sakura is still with konoha. She plans in every way to kill sasuke when she gets the chance. What i’m worried abou is that madara knows this already, which would very much put sakura in trouble. Sasuke might sense this, not very sure, but one thing’s for sure. Sakura’s eloping with sasuke, and then she might carelessly reveal the fact she wants sasuke dead. Things will go very interesting from there. Well if sasuke kills sakura as a result, we just might see an enraged naruto very willing to give sasuke evrything he’s got. Madara might see this as a huge opportunity to “throw sasuke into naruto” and might just let things slide, despite knowing sakura’s true intentions.

  120. @totalitarian: According to the spoilers, —— Sakura plans to join Sasuke and abandon Konoha.

  121. @to63to: Thank you for admitting my VICTORY! *grabs VICTORY cookie and gobbles it up* 😛

    @truepain, supertrek and totalitarianhypnosis: Remember what Kishi said in this year’s interview:

    He said that Sakura would become more of a heroine, so her joining Sasuke is unlikely IF we listen to the interview. I’m sorry super, but you won’t be able to bash Sakura anymore if she becomes a heroine.

  122. @Dragon: You underestimate me. I can still bash a heroine as surely as people bash Naruto, the hero of the story. Everybody makes dumb mistakes and the more Sakura makes the easier it’ll be to bash her. 😉

    Besides, I was on Sakura’s side. I said she’d be joining Sasuke to get closer to Madara. >(0_0)>

    Oh, and I didn’t look at the interview because I don’t do spoilers. Btw, what were you right about? I’m quite curious now. XD

  123. @nagashikage: Yeah the spoilers say that but you must understand sakura’s ‘escape attempt” with sasuke is only a decoy, one she thinks is strong enough to fool madara, and one she’s almost sure will get through to sasuke. Madara however knows her true intentions and is just going to play possum, using that as an opportunity to throw sasuke to naruto as he said, knowing very well that sasuke would not hesistate to kill sakura if madara points out to him that sakura is targeting him. Sasuke would also kill sakura because he will see it as sakura standing between him and his revenge mission. Result? Naruto is furious as ever because he would become convinced sasuke is beyond redemption killing someone from team 10. Madara slowly gets a foothold in making sasuke his personal plaything and knows that the death of sakura would be the one thing that makes naruto serious against sasuke. In other words, sakura becomes the “heroine” by becoming the sacrificial lamb, a cost great enough to make naruto realise he would have to cross out sasuke and eventually madara to bring peace to the ninja world. Truth is, as long as sasuke is alive and is an avenger, there would never be peace. Madara would eventually bring up some funny theory of some villages assisting konoha in the uchiha extermination, indirectly using sasuke as his 4th ninja world war weapon. That possibly explains why madara plans on making sasuke quickly obtain itachi’s eyes.

  124. I just read that interview. To be honest i’ve seen a lot of interviews and this one, to be honest, is a horrible one.

  125. Naruto is 582 is out on

  126. WOW, Madara has A LOT of eyes there.It’s like he took the eyes of an entire generation there.No wonder he has a EMS.He can change his eyes not unlike a shoe for all he cares.

  127. Ohhhh, so Karin is alive like I said! To bad I wasn’t right about Ace! T_T *goes to emo corner*


    I think Sakura is just trying to get close to Madara and Sasuke. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. She knows she can’t defeat them in combat so she’s trying to find some weakness or motive by joining their organization. Also when she’s by Sasuke’s side she can keep and eye on him, like how she just saved Karin’s life, and perhaps try to dissuade him from other such activities. Not to mention she can try to convince him to come back to Konoha if she’s with him again but of course she’ll do that subtlety and not brandish her true objective.

    This kinda reminds me of what Sai did (befriend Orochimaru) to get to Sasuke.

  128. i agree to63to…WOW. what’s up with all those eyes? i believe that madara took the eyes of everyone from the village after the massacre. all those eyes aren’t the reason he has EMS. to have EMS you need to take someone elses eyes with MS.
    @super: i too would have prefered karin dying and ace living. and i hope that sakura hasn’t been too influenzed by sasuke’s emo no jutsu!

  129. Sasuke’s present face is SO funny. If you look at his younger face and then look at his older one, you get scared, but then you start laughing.

    On the Sakura joining Sasuke thing, I think she’s just waiting for the moment in which he lets his guard down to hit. A punch in the head with her super-strength could possibly kill you, especially if it’s at point blank range.

  130. @truepain
    I know.What I really meant was that, even if he had no EMS, going trough that stockpile of eyes would take him a considerable amount of time, hence the eternal part.I am not very sure but I have a feeling he might be using different eyes for their different abilities.Remember when he said it was good that Itachi didn’t know about all of his secrets.Well, he’s got A LOT of secrets it seems.

  131. I think sakura really wants to join him, all she every really cared about was susake. But thats just what i think though

  132. So, we’re saying that Sakura:Sasuke :: Sasuke:Orochimaru. That is, Sakura is to Sasuke, as Sasuke was to Orochimaru? IE, Sasuke fooled Oro and killed him when Oro was weak, and Sakura plans to do the same?

  133. well not sure about the killing part tho she might try,..
    but i dont think sakura just turned over to the “dark side” all of a sudden if she had wanted to i think she would ve done much earlier. she def try to set up sasuke for something or try to gather info on madara.

  134. well this has been awhile:

    hmm .. Sakura better be planning to kill him off cause if she isn’t someone better be ready to feel pain >=( oh sakura lets review your love 4 sasuke? What qualities does he have? well to make it simple, Sakura meet Karin, that is you without the muscle power and cotton candy mishap… On the plus side maybe he wont make you watch a train crash like poor karin! come on naruto! more drama drama drama…

    I find the manga has lost its touch… it has kinda got boring!

  135. defenetly shes not going to join for real and sasuke knows it he migth try to go with the flow and see how it plays out. but kakashi is going to intervine and we get a team kakashi reunion with naruto as always coming late in the end.thou maybe not hes running in sagemode hes defenetly going fast. and man what is yamato smoking i dont say narutos not sneaky enougf but hes a mokuton user and he proplably made that house.just dosent fit with me
    man i hope im right.

  136. i’m officially switching sides..NaruHina from now on. what the hell sakura, the last few months have not been good for you.

  137. I remember theorizing that Sakura would join Akatsuki. Sakura is either really weak, or trying to be sneaky, and failing at it like all the other normal jounins and chuunins.

    Sasuke = Emo no jutsu.

    Naruto = Savior no jutsu. 😛

    By the way, I feel a little bad for Karin. Apparently she was scouted out by Orochimaru, doesn’t it seem like? During the Chuunin exams?

  138. Just curious what everybody think is in these holes in the wall with name tags

    Unlimited supplies of eyes?

  139. what a letdown of a chapter, the chps had been soooo good for a while and then this???. only interesting happening is naruto in sage mode, has he mastered gathering his natural energy? WOW to him if he has cus thats huge. Why is it that sasuke doesnt have an opinion on madara taking the eye? even though he tries to act cool its totally obvious he is madara’s lackey that or playing possom

  140. Honestly, after that fight with Danzo, Sakura does have a chance to claim a victory against Sasuke. However, I really doubt Madara will let it happen. Someone is going to be killed by Madara very soon…and it’s either Kakashi or Sakura…or both. I’m aiming for Sakura though because Kakashi seems like he has a much bigger role to be playing out now as the Hokage

  141. my future prediction for naruto manga

    kakashi v.s sasugay is on!!!!!

  142. Gripe #1
    Okay so Sakura has crossed into one of the most unlikeable characters in the Manga so far. I am aware that she isnt turning evil, but GOOD GOD woman your hormones are going ape s**t. I dont care what Kishi has planned for her this plan is STUPID. To actually go and KNOCK OUT you friends, after screwing with your other friends heart. And she really expects him to simply accept her? I…I just cant get over how rediculously stupid this is. This plan is more stupid than suggesting you and your new wife go to an anime/star wars convention for your honeymoon. (Yes I know the girls on here are an exception to the general rule) This plan is more stupid than asking a girl to go on a date in your mom’s basement.
    Did the Konoha eleven take stupid/weak pills over the timeskip? The original series treated these characters like a character case study and actually got us attached to these guys. Now that we are invested in these characters, we get nothing to show for it. They built up these great characters only to go nowhere with them. Case in point, Rock Lee, one of my fav characters from the original anime. This dude can become uber strong he can annialate his foes especially if he has a little of grandma’s cough syrup :O) We see him develop great speed when we first see him fight. These traits that made him such a bada** are gone, Rock Lee is nerfed, he has been stripped of his powers. Its like the creaters just gave us the middle finger and said f*** you. Now…Now Sai, Lee, and Kiba get taken out by….wait for it… Sakura. I…I am speechless I am done, any thought and memories I had of absolute a** kicking are gone. These guys are about the equivalent of….well something weak, like RAAAAADITZ. LOL that was a good reference.
    Gripe #3
    Evil Sasuke: Sasuke does not work as an evil character. He is just an emotional wreck, he has a terrible motivation for being emo, and he has no real plan he just does stuff. Now we can see the straight up double standards this kid brings to the table. He doesnt kill Naruto because that is what his brother would want him to do. He doesnt take his brother’s eyes because that is what his brother would want him to do. Yet here he is just going around killing under the whim of Tobi? Good night, character development 101: If you want to develop a good character that is relatable at least maintain some semblance of consistancy. Having a character whose actions, motivations and morals are all over the chart is hard to follow and is not something we can get behind.

    Looking forward to the next breakdown, if you guys are having trouble getting your stuff posted on time get in touch with us there are a ton of guys including myself looking to maintain this community. Dont take that as a complaint…please, just an offer should you guys need it. We know you guys have lives, I have a 5 page due tomorrow and 2 pages of greek to translate. So I know you guys are crunched, just know we are here for ya.

    a ninja’s ultimate weapon

  143. Oh yeah, and so Sasuke did decide screw it ill just kill Karen. If yall remember from before we debated about Sasukes “hostage” moment. Well that is what I get for giving him the benefit of the doubt.

    Everyone goes on about how Sasuke’s chakra feels different like it feel darker or more evil. So what does evil chakra feel like:
    -the feeling you get when u get pwned at Halo by your girlfriend
    -wet hair
    -a bad sunburn
    -the feeling we get when our Dallas Cowboys can’t make it to the finals (i am really going out on a limb if there are any football fans much less any Cowboys fans)
    -a sweaty hairy Scottish man’s chest
    -is it like being slimed in Ghostbusters
    -the awkwardness when one’s girlfriend asks what is going on when she walks in during Karin’s more pervy scenes
    -maybe it feels like the awkwardness a straight guy feels when a gay man flirts with him
    -maybe its like the awkwardness a girl in here feels when they are hit on by some of our more creepy members
    -maybe it feels like putting your fingers into a fan
    -maybe its the feeling we get when Naruto wont isnt released in a week EPIC DEPRESSION OOOOOHHH

  144. @accordionNin:
    +1 couldnt have said it better 😛
    im really dissapointed by the character development since shippuuden its only been Naruto, sasuke, and sakura screw ups.
    I know it must be hard to keep as many characters as the manga naruto has alive but (Kiba, Lee, Hinata and Shino (nope not gonna mention Ino :P) should get a bigger role aswell)

    As for the latest sakura development yeh im annoyed aswell she couldnt have taken sasuke on herself prolly but with the other guys sasuke in his state wouldnt stand a good chance.

    and last where’s gai!?

    P.S. if u want something better then Naruto start reading One Piece =P

  145. @enear lol kid you would be here wow…..we thought you died 🙂 oh and if your talking about sakura not loving naruto your dead wrong man kishi has never been that easy to read shes probally going with sasuke to try and kill him when he least expects it *Crosses fingers* w/e the case in the end NaruSaku FTW oh and i should have never started reading one piece man i actually teared up on the last chapter like my puppy died…. Ps Im definatley changing my gt to Aizen lol so yea

  146. Hey guys, first time leaving a comment here, I’ve been following and reading this site for a while now, and thought maybe it would be cool to join you!

    Well, first off I think there must be a reason why Madara is stocking up on eye’s, maybe that jutsu that Madara is planning to use carries an awful risk that he need’s all these eye’s for some reason?

    Also notice how Madara has to touch someone in order to make his space/time jutsu work.

  147. Hey why doesn’t anyone do the fairy tail break downs? I like fairy tail, at least i don’t have to deal with sakura being the dumbest character ever invinted. I’m willing to do the break downs if anyone reads it… lol Naruto and Bleach and one piece aren’t the only good manga’s out there you know.

  148. @snoopydawg2: Welcome to WRA! *whispers “Check out IRA too”*

  149. @korrothechampion: I like Fairy Tail too! I don’t know why they stopped doing breakdowns here. I could start doing them on IRA if I have a bit of free time.

  150. @Dragon: I originally came from IRA , but since someone left a note saying that the site is closing and this is the new place for the breakdowns, I moved here ;P

  151. @korro
    Yeh after it was announced that fairy tale would be the next manga to get a weekly breakdown i caught up with it.
    and i have to say i didnt like it all that much untill this arc, it seems like its gonna be a very good one =)

  152. I like fairy tail too.
    We didn’t have new breakdown for….ages!

    New breakdown, please. 🙂

  153. I just hope Kishi doesn’t do the “Shaman King” thing, where the storylines rocked for most of the series, then the final big fights were rushed and over in a couple of episodes…

  154. @ anyone: what was up with sakura on this page? —> she said : “is this really sasuke? it’s like he is a different person”. I was like huh?????!!!! and 0_o and @_@ cuz couldnt she remember that this was the same guy who tried to kill her, naruto and yamato after their 3 year separation? And the man she heard joined the akatsuki and did all those bad things? What was she expecting?? Didnt she already see that he was a “different person” a long time ago? gahhhh tell me please that was a typo cuz kishi made sakura look pretty stupid there :S

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