Naruto Shippuuden 144. Awesome filler, or just over filling?

Alas, the moment many have feared to come has finally arrived on our doorstep, as the next filler arch of Naruto comes to pass. X__X

Hey everyone, it’s Tenrai Senshi here again and, for better or for worse, we have the first breakdown to take us through the start of what may be a long or short filler arch, with most anime watchers hoping for the latter.

However, I prefer to be optimistic about these kinds of episodes before I jump to confusions and assume the worst and I feel it is better to give them the benefit of the doubt before I submit to nausea.

You never know, they might surprise you. O__O

Enter our Jinchuuriki focus of the fillers. Lord Utakata. O_o

And so we start off our story with the introduction of a young man (or at least, I think he is young) named Utakata, as well as an admirer of his in the form of a girl named Hotaru, the granddaughter of a powerful, legendary shinobi.

Both of them are taking up residence in an isolated and heavily protected fortress which we learn very early on is currently under attack by a group of four shinobi.

Now, as we all know, most of these fillers start off with an idea that always seems interesting at first, but one that rarely holds that interest for long. I was personally enticed by the idea of seeing another Jinchuuriki as the focus this time round, especially when you consider how they are regarded in the world.

Much like Naruto and Gaara, I found myself wondering how this particular character has grown in a world that widely shuns his kind and how it has effected his personality.

It seems every filler arch has a group of four really weird looking villains. This one is no exception. <_<

Unfortunately, the villains in these particular fillers are rarely intriguing in any regard, especially when you compare them to the likes of Deidara or Itachi, who have far deeper stories behind their motives and actions.

But, even still, they do their jobs as the antagonists, if only to move things along and give our heroes something to strut their stuff against.

It all screams the kind of subtle familiarity that we have seen far too many times before in other fillers, and it’s almost enough to make us assume that this one will be no different.

However I must mention that unlike the last filler arch, which suffered from some very poor and unnecessary blemishes, such as awkward animation (some of those faces looked really warped) or the inclusion of pointless scenarios (learning a new combination jutsu with the toads that we will likely never see again), this may just take off in a different direction.

The animation was actually pretty good and didn’t suffer from strange facial designs or completely lopsided features. The main characters sound like they may have interesting stories behind them and even the humor was even healthy enough to invite a smile from time to time.

The smoke coming of from Katsuyu makes you wonder just how she arrived this far out. O_o

As things move along, our scene moves to our group of eight Konoha shinobi, who are currently on their way back from their failed mission to retrieve Sasuke or Itachi.

Of course, there is little time to breathe for our heroes, as they are taken straight out of one dire situation and thrown into another, seemingly equally important task. Katsuyu arrives in what is pretty much a decent from the heavens, only to pass the news while simultaneously calling Kakashi back to Konoha to debrief.

It all makes you wonder how on earth Katsuyu arrived that far out, because as far as I recall, a summoned creature should normally arrive at the location of the one who is summoning it.

This is what happens when you accidentally let a DBZ character onto the set of Naruto.

We also learn of a powerful shinobi from the Third Great Ninja War, who created a jutsu powerful enough to destroy an entire village (like we have never seen that before <_<) and that Hotaru is, in fact, the granddaughter on this particular individual.

Unfortunately, this also makes her a target for our would-be villains, who are intent on finding her and acquiring that power for themselves.

No, this is not a DBZ character going Super Sayan.

And so it is up to our heroes to search the by now abandoned fortress for the girl they need to protect, who also happens to be somewhat teary eyed and overly focused on one particular interest.

Wow, this really is sounding a bit too familiar. <_<

What really gets me is how unprotected this almighty fortress actually is. All you need is to send in a few pawns before you to set off the traps and then follow the path they had taken to avoid any more surprises.

The giant moat that is supposed to war of intruders is easily countered by one of the many methods of traversing such a gap (flight by ink bird, mokuton, chain of shadow clones, the list goes on…) and there are only three people who inhabit the grounds, one of which is seemingly defenseless.

Mokuton wasn't the only secret jutsu that Yamato inherited. Scary Face no Jutsu FTW!!!

After discovering that their goal has since moved on, our group then heads off to find her.

This is where our scene jumps back to our other traveling pair, where, after a few moments of mostly one sided conversation involving Hotaru begging Utakata to train her in the arts of his jutsu. (How annoying).

We also get a brief flashback from the past that clearly demonstrates that bubbles can be deadly after all, as a group of enemy shinobi are quickly taken out with little effort.

The real question is, can such a technique just be learned, or is there more to the bubbles than meets the eye?

Who said bubbles were only toys for children? What we really need are bubbles filled with Hydrogen and a match, then we'd be talking. ^ ^

After that, we arrive back into reality, where our group of Konoha shinobi finally find their target. Of course, no such encounter would be complete without a little action fueled by our hot headed blond Jinchuuriki.

I think this scene was a good showcase of some of Utakata’s abilities, however vague it was. We see that the jutsu he uses involving his bubbles can be manipulated in different ways.

From the very destructive instant kill we saw in the flashback, to the ability to essentially drown your opponent in a bubble of water, it makes you wonder just how diverse it really is.

The fact that it can be used for flight is also pretty useful, but does that make this jutsu a flop, or is it the start of a new awesomeness? O__O

Playing bubbles is all good fun until someone starts drowning in them. X__X

I actually found myself enjoying this episode more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the actions scenes, even though they were brief and I am excited about learning more about Utakata, who seems to be an interesting character with his own hidden shadows to deal with.

There is obviously a clear reason for his cold demeanor and attitude towards Hotaru, which could just be another example of how Jinchuuriki are made to feel a great deal of animosity to those around them.

I am also eager to see how Naruto interacts with him and what is born from that interaction. We never really get to see two Jinchuuriki meet and Gaara is the only other host that Naruto has really come to know, so it’s definitely a great opportunity that was never presented in the manga.

I'll be back... with more fillers. 😛

And so that’s it for this weeks breakdown. I hope you enjoyed the episode, or at least tried to go into it with an open mind. Remember if you don’t give something a fighting chance, you have already doomed it to fail with a poor mindset and low expectations.

Here is last weeks Caption Contest winner.

3rd) nope24: I’ll never look Karin’s Medusa again.

2nd) Captain Pickles: Aww, poor Suigetsu…probably didn’t see the sign that read: WARNING! If you are made entirely of water, please do not take off your clothes in the middle of winter…it tends to dip below zero around here (and we all know what happens to water then…not like we’d want to see you naked anyway…) …. Signed, Management. Sigh, how tragic.

Deathcon4: DAMMIT >_< someone put that ice sculpture in the freezer NOW!

Well done to everyone who tried, I know it was a hard one.  O_o

And now for this weeks caption, which is even harder. <_<

*Insert caption here*

Ahem!!!! *Looks around and whistles, feigning ignorance.*

Now, don’t be getting any dirty thoughts all of you. (Knows it’s gonna happen anyway). >_>

Thanks again! Here’s the previews for next weeks episode!

See you next episode! 😉


~ by Tenrai Senshi on January 25, 2010.

36 Responses to “Naruto Shippuuden 144. Awesome filler, or just over filling?”

  1. FIRST!!!

    not ampped for a filler like this like tenrai said it seems a bit repetitive and pointless to the main story

    I would like to see the Akatsuki go after this guy and show the hunt from their perspective kinda like lets us see characters that would other wise die after one short fight… Kisame etc plus u know all development to the main characters are pointless to the over all story anyway

  2. No, I WON’T be writing “SECOOOOOOOOND”!

    *lol* The “Tsunade threw Katsuyu”-answer was priceless!!! *lmao* That’s gotta be how it was, I bet on that!

    I must say, as I already told you in the chat, Tenrai, that I already hate this Hotaru girl because she will scream… about 3 times in each episode “Utakata-samaaaaaaa!”, and this is really going on my nerves. I’ve decided not to watch this filler every week, but instead to watch it all together when it’s finished. However, I’m looking forward to this as you really made me think about it: Naruto meeting another Jinchuuriki, which didn’t happen since Gaara in the manga. That can be really awesome! And it will be, I think.

  3. CAPTION: Don’t rub it in…. last time i spent 4 hours picking out the splinters.

  4. 4th?

  5. this filler gave me a pretty good first impression. i really hope akatsuki appears.
    @aeris: if you watch it all together, it’ll only be worse! imagine how many times you’re gonna have to hear Utakata-samaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  6. Bubbles?! LMAO!

  7. @truepain: Yeah, this would really be a… true… pain, but I’ll be able to skip it 😀 !

  8. @pein0avenue: Don’t worry about not seeing enough Kisame. There will be another filler arc before that fight. Can’t the animators spare us filler arcs?!? WHY?!? 0_0

  9. @Dragon

    Filler episodes are typical in most anime. Just remember, one anime episode normally covers three or more manga chapters at once. Now, if you consider that the anime comes out weekly, just like the manga, it means that the anime will cover almost three times the amount of ground in the same space of time as the manga.

    This also means that the anime risks overtaking the manga given enough time, which means it cannot continue running until the manga has moved ahead again.

    The solution. Well, they either make stretch each episode out to only cover one manga chapter (which would equate to a very drawn out and slow episode) or they can introduce fillers to give the manga time to move ahead again. The only other option besides those two, is to put the anime on hold once every few months, with no airing until the manga moves far enough ahead again.

    Personally, I would rather deal with fillers than have nothing at all. You can skip them if you like, but sometimes they may be interesting. At the end of the day, the animators are not trying to annoy you, they are just doing what they can to fill the time.

  10. @Tenrai: I was almost completely joking. I kind of liked the Three-Tails filler and this one looks cool.

  11. Great job Tenrai!!!!!!! Gotta admit, I love DBZ jokes lol

    There are a few things I wanna say about this filler.
    1. Ukataka is supposed to come from Kirigakure, so why the hell isnt he IN Kirigakure? *adds Ukataka to list of Kirigakure missing-nin*
    2.Kishi said Ukataka uses bubble ninjutsu and that his personality is “charming”. So far the anime has REALLY ran with the bubble ninjutsu part, but they screwed up his personality. This Ukataka isn’t charming, he’s a douche lol
    3. It looks like Kisame’s gonna be the one to capture Ukataka. I hope the anime doesn’t do what it did with Deidara and Tobi vs Sanbi. I wanna see a real brawl!
    Overall, I’m just hoping the anime doesn’t try to drag this arc out like it did with the Sanbi arc or like what Bleach is doing with Muramasa’s little arc.

  12. Great job Tenrai I actually enjoyed this filler more than I thought possible. How’d I know Ukataka would turn out to be as cold and uncaring about other’s feelings like our resident emo Sasuke? -_- Lol, it was the hair that gave him away that’s how!

    Still he’s a cool character with…bubbles…>_> As for these fillers they seriously need to stop. The anime is so far ahead that they’re basically pointless at this point in time and the fillers are…well they’re fillers thus hold no importance to the actual storyline. The only purpose a filler should serve is to allow the manga time to get ahead and in this scenario they’re going way overboard! >_<

    I can understand if they didn't give us more fillers for a long while after this, but why do I have this distinct feeling we'll see some more sooner than we think? Anyway I just hope this filler is kickass because I'm not skipping it. Never have skipped a filler never will. That's just the way I roll. ~_~

  13. Ok fine. i get the fact that the anime coulld outrun the manga, hence the need for fillers. However don’t produce/introduce stupid fillers that remind me of being fond of bubble sticks at eight.

  14. coolbeans is back in the states and ready for some naruto baby!!!! umm so funny question what has happened since nagato attacked kohana…… i put my money on alot

  15. 3rrrd great man 1rst time on the top 3 lets work it .
    man im the only one who voted it was great i feel lame.
    but i liked this first filler ep utakata seems like a multiple range nin with varius abilities on his use of the bubbles plus a jinchuriiki.
    and the hole third deal just furder shows how powerful and influential he was on the nin world.
    i dont know just my perspective on it

  16. Kishi might as well make this canon, like Oda did with Strong World … all his fillers don’t disrupt the storyline, and they’re about canon characters, albeit dead ones.

    @super: The only reason they did that is because Shippuden’s fillers are always precise … as to say, they don’t appear right out of nowhere, like Bleach or One Piece fillers do; they fit right into the storyline, as if it’s canon. They thought this was a perfect opportunity to fit a filler before they continue on with Pain.

  17. Finally I won hahah!!!!!!!!!! XD u can all go eat it! I shall now take my million dollars now :p

    Caption: Don’t rub it in!!! Your hole isn’t big enough……

  18. Well, I loved the breakdown…and I was optimistic about the anime…but I hated the first filler episode. There are SO MANY SIMILARITIES between this one and the previous fillers already. There’s a group of four that can do a special Jutsu when they’re together (like the terrain-altering filler team) and the threat of a village clearing attack (anyone remember “limelight”?) that just happens to look just like Shinra Tensei, rounded off with our disposable, emo, tailed-beast powered guest-star Sora!…I mean Utakata. and isn’t Naruto supposed to be pretty badass now? He trains nonstop for days and kills Kakuzu-the guy who gave Kakashi (KAKASHI of all people!) a run for his money-and then he starts fighting like a goofy retard again. WTF? And after bubble-boy and co. find out that they’re being attacked, they run off to a hidden village. Why didn’t they just LIVE in that hidden village. There were more things that bothered me (like the fact that I was hoping that they’d just move along with the storyline since the manga is so far ahead–which is technically my fault) but I’ll end my rant here. On a lighter note, it’s still Naruto and I’m still gonna attempt to love it. I’m guessing the newest emo doesn’t wanna train the little whiny girl NOT because she’s hella annoying, but because he doesn’t want her to get hurt by him…maybe he’s hurt someone in the past like the Sakura/Jiraiya and 4-tailed Naruto dynamic.

  19. Great breakdown, jo.

    Emm, well, I’m not gonna act like I’ve watched the episode…because I haven’t >_>. But I still have a caption to post!


    Naruto: What did you say? You burned down the Ichiraku Ramen store? *scary face*

  20. @Captain Pickles: BAD PICKLES BAD!!!!! XD
    …………i havent watched it either >_>…<_<'

    I refuse to watch fillers, do to the fact I think im allergic to them! 😉


  22. If I remember correctly caus eim not going to look for the part in the episode but Akatsuki said that 3 Jinchuriki remain and this Bubble boy at the moment he is the 6-Tail, I think thats a hole in the plot, cause I believed that they had to do the Bijuu in order or something would happen. But anyway I would of prefered the real 7-Tail in a filler She looks Strong and Cool.

  23. @Nagashikage: Ehhhhhh!? I thought you didn’t watch the One Piece anime! O_O Lol, it’s true though some One Piece fillers just come out of nowhere unlike Naruto fillers which can work seamlessly into the main story. Still, if that’s their excuse to throw a filler in there then I’m still not liking it. As I said before the main purpose of a filler is to allow the manga time to get ahead and Naruto is already faaaar ahead. >(0_0)>

    @Pickles: Yeah I agree, Naruto has some stepping up to do before he’s ready to challenge Sasuke again. Sasuke would beat that ass and make him cry his name. XD

    @Lelulalilo: The jinchuuriki don’t have to be captured in a certain order until the last one. All we know is that the 9 tail has to go in last.

    As for the matter of them should have been using the 7-tail jinchuuriki for the filler I completely agree. She’s hot and I’m tired of only knowing about the male jinchuurikis. I want to know about the girls! @_@

    Caption: “Don’t rub it in, protein stains are impossible to get out!” O_O

    I had to do it! XD

  24. @supertrek89: U r completly right! We need to start seeing some girl jincuurikis!

    Also the reason naruto sux in anime fillers, cause his twin version plays him. As naruto goes and take a hotbath with kishi, while making out with his boyfriend sasuke……..

  25. @super: Lool, when I was catching up to One Piece, I’d look for a few episodes. I’d watch one, then go to the next one and it’d be some random thing that I hadn’t read. But I watch it nowadays, now that I’m caught up and I can watch it week by week.

  26. CAPTION:
    Wax on … wax off instead naruto san

  27. CAPTION:
    Dont rub it in … im still sore from when sai tried

  28. CAPTION:
    But isn’t this what moon screen is fo-OH MY GOD I GET IT NOW!

  29. At least fillers happen before a lot of action and no after. It would seem like forever then. I think this one seems very promising, hopefully it doesn’t have a really cheesy theme to it though. Good breakdowns here, I’ll try to comment more. IRA seems to be falling again 😦

  30. I actually liked that last episode! Maybe it’s because my expectations were extremely low, or maybe it’s because I’m getting used to that guy using “bubble jutsu” but I’m actually looking forward to the next anime episode! crazy, huh?
    The only downside is that it looks like it’s gonna focus on that one village and we probably won’t get to find anything out about hidden mist–like seeing another one of the seven swordsmen or finding more about their past Mizukages (MADARA?!? 😀 )

    …and speaking of those two subjects…was Zabuza attempting to assassinate Madara?

  31. @Super, hate to burst ur bubble of perviness dude, but the 7 tail Jinchuriki’s gender is still up to Kishi. He hasn’t decided if she’s a he or he’s a she yet lol

  32. @Metachi, I think it makes more sense for him tp be trying to assassinate Yagura. He had the Village under oppression, and considering all the rebellions and missing-nin from that village, I assume he wasn’t very well liked

  33. i hate these fillers because they ruin the actual manga. How? Because for instance, in the filler right before kakuzu, there was some crazy person who could manipulate 5 different elements which took away from kakuzu’s ability, and now they in this one, someone has the power to blow up a village, that’ll make pein’s shinra tensei less spectacular imo

  34. zomg,

    Caption: Naruto: Don’t rub it in! It still hurts from when you tried last night, seriously man!

  35. @Kisu: Damn you! XD

    “However, for the time being, Fu is a girl” 😛


    I know I’m not a Jinchuriki and I’m not as popular as Kakahi but you didn’t have to mention Sai gets more screen time than me. T_T

  36. hey first of all ty for this amazing work I luved the comments they where absolutely brilliant and ur way of righting is amazing

    Now let’s get down to business .. like 1st of all BUBLE JUETSU for godsake where did he learn that from !! barney the dinosaur after a night in sesame street :S:S !! no matter how ” cool ” they try to make it looks it just BUBBLES !!!!

    then whats with aaaallllll that fillers ! I’ve heard that it will go on for 8 extra ep or something like I’m sure that there is in the manga billion more interesting things to show ” what itach do to naruto , the massage on the back of the frog , anything !!! ” like I didn’t read the manga but I trully wish that naruto would learn a new technique plz since ep 1 and hes using the stupid shadow clouns thingy !!! like they should have called the show ” SASUKE ” he’s the one with all the action goin around and getting all the cool techniques :S:S

    secound of all they don’t tell us when the freakin fillers is goin to end so I’m forced to go and download every singel ep just to be powned with other filler ><

    meh, finally … fillers are boring not related to the story and just so repetitive " all the fillers are the same " … so just a big waste of time and effort and gettin us excited over nathin just like a piece of cake that worth 300$ … buh any way hope we will get back to the manga soon .. I really want to see someone kicking that PAIN's ASS HARD !!! I have my own imige in my head about his death like " naruto knows about geraias death , he uses the forbidden jutsu he learned with full 8 tails chakra pumped to it … grrrrr and shread him to pices the turning him into dust !!! .. that what I call episode … whit that adrenalin pumping song in the back of course .. " lol ok I've been talkin for sooo long now … tc all tell me what u think ;] !

    Good thoughts and welcome to WRA! You might want to check out the latest breakdown if you want people to see your comments though.


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