Naruto Manga 478 Breakdown and Manga 479 Spoiler Discussion UPDATED WITH SPOILERS!!! – Izanagi: It’s What’s For Dinner…

Ok, working on the 2009 Year In Review put me a bit behind – that and my brother who likes spending entire days surfing (he’s in school).  Gaaaahhhhhhh!  So, here I am with the breakdown.  Hey, at least I didn’t have to work on TWO chapters at the same time…. 

The top five things I noted about this chapter:

  • Itachi’s appearance was a major letdown…
  • We now have a new Japanese name to banter about – but, what is it? 
  • We also see Susanoo, that lovely lady protector of all things Dojutsu, in her final form.  Very few bones were broken, if any, in the making of this rather unique defensive and offensive jutsu…
  • Danzo throws some curveballs into this battle.  They are, indeed, game-changers and have implications for the future…
  • If you are looking for any sign of our Yellow Sage, he’s still somewhere in the Iron Country face-planted in the snow like the springtime flowers set to bloom once the ice melts.   His Jonin compadres are trying desperately to “weed” him out of the ground… 

This is Penny (TsunadesTwin) with the Manga 478 Breakdown and, notably, the first manga chapter to be released in 2010 (yeah!!).  And, now we see what our lovely lady, Susanoo, looks like in her true-to-life final form.  But, first, we all wondered what the h*ll brought Itachi back.  Well, for those of you who said it was Sasuke, you were right on the money.  He figured out how to make his genjutsu illusions appear the most real that they’ve ever been (“Good.  Good.”  says Madara to himself).  So, Sasuke looks like he’s grown a lot lately – especially to Danzo.  However…Danzo sees right through the illusion.  Gahhhhh!

Bait, bait, bait. No wonder Sasuke got pissed off.

For the first time since Sai stuck out his tongue and said “ahhhhhh” revealing a similar pattern, we see Sasuke looking like he got run over by a bus with some serious tire treads.  At first, I thought it was related to a new jutsu we hadn’t seen yet but…it was part of Danzo’s seal collection.  It was, according to Madara, a binding seal.  From the looks of things, it is one incredible seal that holds someone tighter than your underwear that you unexpectedly grew out of.  As a result, Sasuke can’t finish him off for good.  Frustrating!

Danzo's got quite a collection of seals here.

One complaint I had in 2009 was that the intelligence level of the animators/translators has to be about the same as Danzo’s – pretty low.  It takes waaaaayyyyyy too long for Danzo to figure out that Karin is a sensor shinobi.  Well, I guess you can’t be surprised.  After all, this is the Baka who tried to throw the Kage discussions in his direction with another of his eyeballs – only to be busted by another Konoha tech, the Byakugan. 

Another noteworthy moment of stupidity for Danzo:  When he mentions that since Sasuke knows of Itachi and the truth behind the Uchiha “hit,” Akatsuki should, too.  Gahhhhhhh!   OF COURSE Akatsuki knows, you Bonehead!  Take a look at Madara’s coat, you blind Baka!  Black with red clouds.  Hmmmm, could it be?  Can it…?  Yeah, it is!  It is an Akatsuki cloak and Madara is…a member of Akatsuki.  How dumb can you get, you old geezer?  And, how stupid do the animators/translators think we are?  Work on the enticing language, you guys!

Then Danzo continues his trash talking…literally.   I have to admit that, despite my disgust with this “avenger,” calling this guy “trash” went a little over the top, IMO.  He continues his antagonistic evasive maneuvers showing no injury while baiting Sasuke for the emotions and any mistakes he could make.  Danzo goes on and openly wonders why Itachi didn’t kill Sasuke.  He further baits Sasuke by saying how Itachi made one mistake – letting Sasuke live.  Well, as is always the case, we get a bit of a flashback series.  And, it goes back to Madara’s initial conversation with Sasuke – about how Itachi couldn’t kill Sasuke and how his little brother was more valuable/important than the village.  During each line of this, something happens…and Sasuke pushes his body beyond the limits he has ever known before.  Again, Madara cheers him on from the sidelines.

Danzo may think Sasuke's trash but Karin may say otherwise...

Then….dun dun duhhhhhhhhn!  Yes, here she is…from the very white, very remote hills surrounding the Land of Iron, Susanoo!!!!!  (thunderous applause)  Hold the phone!  This lady looks quite a bit different than before.  Wait!  It’s got to be that new hairdo/hat thingy that she’s now sporting.  No; it has to be the fact that this chick now has a complete, and rather eery form.  Wait!  Wait!  What’s that awesome bow and arrow weapon she’s got?  Whoa!  Well, no matter how you look at her, you have now got to admit, this chick is certainly “bad ass.”

Oh, I'm so happy to not see your skeleton form anymore...

And, of course, Danzo, who continues his verbal and physical assaults, has secrets he is just dying to reveal in the form of jutsu.  He does reveal a troubling one that has some serious implications for the foreseeable future.   Seems that Yamato isn’t the only one with a Mokuton-based jutsu.  Yup, Danzo has it, too.  Turns out, he uses it to heal from using those Sharingans on his arm or damage obtained by an opponent.  When I saw Danzo’s form when summoning the Mokuton chakra – a picture of Shodai Hokage’s face on his right shoulder – it kind of reminded me of something from a horror movie.  Wait…there was a filler arc anime episode of Naruto about the Fuma Clan with the target of their search being a pet test rat of Orochimaru.  He had two of his cousins melded onto his body.  Ewwwwwww!  (yes, it isn’t cannon but it was just a comparison…).  Anyway, regardless, it is disgusting.

Somehow seeing a face on the shoulder on an emaciated body screams "trouble" to me.

This is where Karin proves to be the most useful.  She, like most of us, thought that Danzo had the ability to remain alive despite any physical damage to his body a la Kakuzu.  Why?  The multiple Sharingans – each represented a “life” and once one closed, a “life” ended.  However, Danzo reveals a form we haven’t seen before – and it is not just the Shodai Hokage’s face on his body.  Karin discovers that Danzo’s body is feeble, old and about as Nagato-esque as, well, Nagato.  This also proves to be the real version of Danzo – that he would have died from Sasuke’s Susanoo attacks if he didn’t have the Mokuton cells implanted in his body.  Now, this is something I am sure none of us expected.  Given this is now the case…

Another gripe I have and that is the repetitive theory of “If I get power by injecting/cutting/splicing and somehow altering nature/time/space, I won’t ever die/I won’t die easily.”  You notice that the average age of the people involved in this theme is…well, pretty damn old for shinobi?  Kakuzu fought the same Shodai Hokage that Danzo now has cells from (Yamato, at the rather young age of approximately 26 – according to – doesn’t count).  Good grief!  I don’t think even Hidan, who really couldn’t die, was a youngster.  Then…Orochimaru who, at 50/51,  was monkey-ing around in the lab with the Shodai Hokage’s remains (you also notice that no one goes after Niidaime, Sondaime  and Yondaime Hokage?).  It was like Shodai was an auto engine and Oro was harvesting the “spare parts.”    In any case, he was looking for the knowledge of all jutsu – resulting in immortality.  You think Kishi is trying to make a statement here?

You see a theme with these three? (If you guessed that these guys are greedy and old, you are right...)

Ok, now this is the question I asked before and I will ask it again.  Madara has this “aha” moment; a moment of clarity, a moment showing stupifying intellect.  So…for an Uchiha who has kept a close watch on Konoha from the moment he was 86’ed (fired/shown the door/tossed on his derriere), how can he NOT know that Danzo had kept in touch with Orochimaru?  He knew when Danzo was voted in as Hokage.  He knew about the Kage Summit.  He knew everything about Itachi (yes, he added a little emotional embellishment for his own purposes but it is based in truth) and the Uchiha “hit.”  So, how could he not know about Orochimaru?  He should have known that Oro had it in for Konoha from the moment HE left town – remember “Crush the Leaf?” – and his actions caused the death of Sondaime Hokage, his sensei and mentor.  Personally, this is a hole in logic I just don’t understand.

Madara? What was your first clue about Oro (something we already knew)?

What this brings to mind is that it closes a number of open items on the Danzo agenda.  First, back when Naruto went Kyuubi before Pain, it was noted that Anko, Yamato and Sai were on a reconnaisance mission to locate and capture Kabuto aka Kabut-Oro.  The initial mission, sanctioned by Tsunade, was to find him and, if possible, take him out after gathering intelligence.  Well, that all changed once Danzo took the helm.  Danzo now wants Kabuto so that he won’t squeal to Anko, or anyone else, about his ties to Orochimaru.  And, yes, Kabuto will continue with the lab experiments started by his mentor.  Oh and add that Anko is to be killed – not that I care about her anyway.  Makes me wonder about what other experiments that Danzo and Kabuto had in mind.  It is obvious as to why Danzo is doing this – the creation of the ultimate Konoha shinobi who just happens to be Hokage.  Whatever the reason, one things is certain:  Kabuto is back and we’ll see him very soon.


Oro + Kabuto will be back in the manga shortly. Niiiiiice. We get to look at the face of a half snake half human all the time.

Madara ends the chapter with an analysis of what Karin observes:  Danzo reserving his chakra, the Mokuton jutsu, the multiple Sharingans under his control, his actions against Sasuke and comes to the conclusion that Danzo is either going to or is already…casting the dojutsu – eye tech – that is forbidden among the Uchiha:  Izanagi.  Just based on the name, it doesn’t sound pretty.

Izanagi.  A new name we are now going to get familar with -but what is it?  According to Madara, it was a forbidden (Kinjutsu) dojutsu that even the Uchiha couldn’t/shouldn’t/wouldn’t use.  We also have an idea that it is one that is related to Susanoo/Tsukiyomi/Ameratsu.  But, what does it do?  Or, have we been seeing it?

I did some preliminary research on what Izanagi is in “real life” and what I found didn’t surprise me in the least.  Of course, Izanagi is based in Japanese mythology.  And, yes, in mythology, it is directly related to Susanoo/Tsukyomi/Ameratsu.  According to my source, Wikipedia, Izanagi was one of many deities in mythology and Shintoism.  Izanagi’s wife and his younger sister both bore all of the islands, forefathers and deities (and here I thought childbirth was bad…).  However, his younger sister died in the process and Izanagi tried to bring her back from Yomi, the Japanese version of the Underworld.  After he returned – without his younger sister – he held a cleansing ritual (must have been a messy trip).  During that ritual, he bore Ameratsu (the sun goddess) from his left eye (ouch!), Tsukiyomi (the moon goddess) in his right (working on a Migraine headache here), and Susanoo (the storm god) from his nose (ok, now we have a major sinus infection).  Hmmmm, the images I am getting of all of this are about as bad as seeing those Sharingan on Danzo’s arm.   Imagine if Izanagi had to sneeze…not a pretty sight.

 We leave Sasuke wondering what hit him; Karin, wondering how Sasuke is going to get out of this and Madara, cheerleading his guy on. 

Theory Time:

As I was reading the manga and then writing the breakdown, a thought occurred to me:  Orochimaru’s ties.  (Damn, it seems that even in death this guy seems to pop up everywhere…)  Yamato and Danzo have more than one common link:  the Mokuton cells of the First Hokage, their ties to Orochimaru through his “experimentation” of implanting those cells into both men (ok, one was an infant when it occurred) and the resulting potential ability to control the Kyuubi.  It made me wonder if there was more to this relationship than meets the eye.  I remember seeing more than one person wonder about Yamato’s role in the manga this past year.  Since his primary role was to serve as Naruto’s “keeper” and to control the Kyuubi and the fact that he can’t do it as easily (he’s on the Konoha Reconstruction team), what else was there for him to do?  Well, methinks there may be a change coming here.   What if there is a link between Danzo and Yamato other than their ties to Oro and the resulting implantation of the First Hokage’s cells into them?  Perhaps, I’m on some serious drugs…? 

Regardless of what comes of the answer to the above, we are now seeing a set up.  What is being set up?  We are getting a new crop of villains.  First, Orochimaru was the major villain.  Oro dies so then it moves to Akatsuki who is after all of the bijuu.  Now that Akatsuki is depleted (yes, it is still active but it doesn’t have the numbers it once had), we are now seeing some new names take the forefront:

  • Kabuto – he’s involved in the cutting/splicing and dicing of Danzo
  • Danzo – the leader of all things diabolical and shady and who has been after power for YEARS (remember Hanzo the Salamander?)
  • Madara – Yes, for that Ninja World Takeover bid but also as the Kyuubi’s potential handler


As much as I don’t like Sasuke, I am not including him in the list above.  It is very clear now (unless you are as blind as a bat) that Sasuke is a puppet of Madara.  It’s rather sad, to be honest.  He was able to leech off of Oro then rise up against him to kill.  Madara, it isn’t the case.  Yes, Sasuke’s getting a whole lot of power and opportunity to exact his broad-based revenge against all things Uchiha.  However, do we see him trying his hardest to wrestle from under the clutches of Madara?  Nope, nada, no way!


Then…another one:  Naruto’s “panic attack.”  Since it is now revealed that Danzo has the two main jutsu to control the Kyuubi implanted inside of him, it is obvious he wants to control the Kyuubi for his own.  It is obvious that he wants to have that power implanted inside himself resulting in Naruto’s death.  Could Danzo, with his current abilities, suppress the Kyuubi from a distance?  Could Naruto’s “panic attack” be more than what it appears?  What if it is Danzo suppressing the Kyuubi resulting in Naruto’s faceplant in the snow?  Or…Madara?  Result is that he cannot come to Sasuke’s assistance, among other things.   Hmmmm…

Prediction Time:

Where is this heading?  Well, I have a few ideas.  I left my ideas out as the annual review was for you guys to speculate.  Now, it’s my turn…

Sasuke:  He’ll survive though he barely survived the last battle between the Kage without Madara bailing him out.  Yes, yes, he’ll battle Naruto but only for a brief battle.  Why?  There are some hurdles:  Danzo and Gaara – Danzo for the control of the Kyuubi and Gaara for protecting Naruto.  Madara becomes his “Uchiha Sensei” and Sasuke, as part of his “training” will do the dirty work for Danzo in order to become Madara’s weapon against Naruto later on.

Danzo:   I don’t think Kishi is going to kill him off – at least, not right away.   He’s going to be the equivalent of a wiley coyote managing to evade capture/killing until someone like Kakashi or Madara nabs him permanently (aka, when he has served whatever purpose he’s around for…).  This guy is political dynamite and there is a lot that Kishi could do with Danzo on the political stage.  He still has to deal with the political fallout from his manipulation of the Hokage selection process, the Jonin selection, the attempted manipulation of the Kage summit and then…there’s the new war that has been declared.  We’ll see that all this year.   Then there is Kabut-Oro.  He’ll definitely be back.

Madara:  This guy is going to be the equivalaent of Orochimaru and Akatsuki – the major villains for a particular span of time.   He’s going to be one that determines the fate of everyone:  Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, Sai…all the way down the line.  There will be no one this masked villain hasn’t touched when it is all over.  Madara can make this war and its effects be felt for years.

Taka:  Oh, this group has gone the way of the Dodo.  Suigetsu and Juugo are being held in the Supermax prison in the Land of Iron for their “brilliant” attempt at invading the summit after the fun was all over.  While it is possible they escape and evade re-capture, I believe that for the most part, it’s going to be Sasuke and Karin.  The only possible thing I see here is the possible rematch between this rag tag bunch against Killer Bee (mostly as a test for Sasuke’s eyes). 

Naruto:  Oh, this guy’s got some serious issues and some fun times ahead of him (sarcasm intended).  We have to figure out what caused him to faceplant in the snow – I gave my ideas above.  He’s got some decisions to make regarding Sasuke.  Then there’s Miss Pink Hair and her disasterous performance – is their relationship damaged (probably)?  And, will she need to be rescued?  (Trek’s booing and hissing are duly noted).  And now…there’s Madara and Danzo who are both after him for the same reason:  the power that he possesses.  One thing I didn’t mention is that I believe he’ll figure out a way to control the Kyuubi, if he hasn’t already.  I believe it will be based in the Sage Arts.  Then there’s the “goods” Itachi gave to him – what exactly are they?  He’s going to be one busy Genin with a very lengthy “to do list.”   Of course, he’ll continue to make friends and enemies along the way.  And, we can, yet again, forget about any promotion in rank. 

Kakashi:  This guy, whether or not he likes it, is now Top Ninja Dog of Konoha (Kage) – at least for the time being.  If Tsunade finally dies, this is a permanent appointment.  This guy is now a “player” who will now hold a great deal of weight when it comes to the war and its execution.    However, he’s not one to stay in the office; he’ll be out and about.  I believe that Kakashi will go up against Danzo in order to protect Naruto.  He’ll be the lone Sharingan to counter Danzo…

Yamato:  Danzo’s revelation of his being implanted with Shodai Hokage’s cells/powers leaves the door wide open for Yamato to have a real role here.  He’ll be the Mokuton wielder protecting Naruto, among other things, and there will definitely be action on that score.  I also predict that there will be more (outside of protecting Naruto) with him this year – and not just a new trade in the Konoha construction industry.


Tsunade:  We’ll finally see what Kishi decides to do with her this year.  Hell, she’s been in a coma for a year now!  He’d better do something with her – even if it is for Danzo to attempt to kill her as she snoozes.

Sakura:  This girl’s in a heap of trouble.  And, she’ll be a catalyst for conflict – for bringing Naruto and Sasuke together.  Yup, I believe she’s going to be the one to stumble onto Sasuke and Danzo’s brawl, despite Sai’s best efforts to stop her – and Kakashi fails to get to her in time.  I think this girl is in line to be badly hurt in a brawl but she won’t be killed off.  I hear the high pitched scream of “Narrrruuuutoooooooo!”  in the background…

Sai:  He’ll abandon Root and declare his allegiance to the Hokage – if he/she is opposed to Danzo.  He’s developed a feeling of friendship with Naruto over the past year or two; so much so that it is now impossible for Sai to be in Root and be effective for Danzo’s purposes.  He’ll lay his life on the line for Naruto – more than he did during Naruto’s beating last year – in battle against Danzo.

Danzo/Madara/Obito Theory:  I don’t know why this one continues to pop up everywhere.  I’ve seen plenty of evidence killing the theory that Danzo and Madara are the same person – originally guessed way back when.  Look at when Madara greeted Danzo – he mentions the Uchiha “hit” – which means that Danzo was so much involved (if not just waiting for his ideal Sharingan) that there is a great reason for Sasuke to fight this bastard.  Now, Obito…not so sure about that.  I originally thought, “And why do we care about this??”  However, the Obito link probably will be at least mentioned, if not blown wide open, this year.  If the Obito link to Danzo OR Madara (or both) is confirmed, I see Kakashi going up against Obito, the former teammate. 

4th Ninja War:  I think we are all reading/watching all the preliminary crap before it really gets going.  It may get going later this year but it won’t go into full swing until next year, I believe. 

Timeskip vs No Timeskip:  given all that is happening this year, it is looking more and more likely but not until 2011

Whew!  I’m finally done here.  I hope I start people thinking about a few things…even if it is merely to get me to stop theorizing (ha ha ha ha).  You guys take it from here.  See ya with Manga 479.



~ by 綱手-Tsunades Twin on January 21, 2010.

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  2. DOS!!!

  3. 3RD! Yahoo!

  4. took me awhile to read the entire thing but it was well worth it! great breakdown penny! i feel bad because you typed all this and the next chapter is already out xD
    Uh…no, 479 isn’tout yet. Just the spoilers and if you note, the spoilers are at the top. –Penny

    anyways, now that Sasuke vs. Danzo is coming to an end hopefully we’ll start seeing Naruto again, preferably alot of Naruto. I’m thinking the next arc/fight will be something with Kabuto, hopefully him and Naruto with cross kunai and we’ll get to see some more of those sage techs we all love! =D

  5. great breakdown and the new chapter is pretty good 😛
    So danzou has a stock of eyes at home that he can replace the closed eyes with? Or is he done after this fight? And back to just a regular old man?
    And why the hell are there 2 pages the same in the new chapter just make it a 16 page chapter then instead of putting the same ones in >.>

  6. Why does everyone think there’s gonna be a second timeskip ? I think that was only a one-time deal …

  7. Me too, nagashikage!

  8. Sasuke will win for sure. They won’t let Emoguy die since he’s the most dynamic major antagonist.

  9. I just checked 479 is NOT out. Just the spoilers, which are on top.

  10. it actually is out! i found it on this site:

  11. Great Breakdown Penny looking forward to the next one!

    I think I’ll keep the Obito/Tobi/Madara theories alive until it’s inevitably squashed in the manga! Muhahahaha! XD

    I agree with Fanboi I want more Naruto. He’s been out of the picture far to long. I know Sasuke is important and cool and all but dammit Naruto is the main character! ><

  12. @penny onemanga is always late lately befor it was always onemanga that was out earlier then mangashare but now it seems reversed its out on mangashare and mangareader since this morning :p

  13. Mangastream is by far the fastest. They have bleach, Naruto, and OP by wednesday afternoon everyweek and always have the best quality imaging.

  14. ok, guys….the 479 breakdown is up:

  15. 1. i highly doubt there will be a timeskip (so much is going on, and authors rarely use the sametrick twice)
    2. i highly doubt there will be any mention of obito (story was just “filler” IMO)

  16. btw, Hidan is the only immortal that isnt an old geezer. He was 22 ^^

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