Bleach 389- Winged Eagles 2

Konichiwa my fellow Bleachkateers….yes I did just make that up…so sue me. We pick up this week where we left off with everyone pulling the “OMG I HEART YOU ICHIGO WE WILL PROTECT YOU!!!!!!11one” bit. So lets mush on….

We start off with Ichigo telling everyone that they are going overboard by protecting him. Shinji tells Ichigo that letting him do this alone would be overdoing it. And they’d be super pissed if he died. And also tells him not to bear it all on his own. Then Hitsugaya attacks Aizen, which he blocks easily. Aizen tells Hitsugaya that he was reckless and Toshiro says that if he hadn’t attacked no one would have. He compliments Aizen on not using Kyouka Suigetsu on the first strike. And Aizen says that he has to compliment him as well.

Then Komomura thanks Ichigo for attacking Aizen, cause if he hadn’t Rin Tin Tin would have done it and got his ass kicked. Then the puppy attacks. Hirako asks why Ichigo didn’t bring Orihime, cause she could have healed them all and the battle wouldn’t be so bad. Then says he brought Unohana back, and she was probably a better choice. All the Vizard attack and Ichigo just stands there. Soifon tells him that an opening on Aizen could last for only a few seconds, and standing there is a way to lose it.

She attacks and Ichigo calls her to wait, then realizes that it’s the captains and the vizards and he doesn’t need to worry. And he tells himself to pay attention to the whereabouts of the battle. Then we jump back to Aizen and Hitsugaya.

Hitsugaya goes on to say that swinging your blade in hatred isn’t how the captains fight. And tells Aizen that he doesn’t have what it takes to be a captain. Aizen apparently finds that amusing and says that those aren’t to words of a man who holds the most hatred. And asks if he is saying that his blade does not contain hatred. And then….

Then Kyouraku comes from behind and attacks…but misses. And Aizen bitches him out for attacking during a conversation. Shunshi says that listening to men talk is boring. And Hitsugaya calls his Bankai.

Shunsui tells Hitsugaya to not get hasty….and that’s the end.

So that’s it for this week…but I did find this awesome demotivational poster….so until next week.

Special thanks to CrapPope for the poster…


~ by Miranda on January 21, 2010.

8 Responses to “Bleach 389- Winged Eagles 2”

  1. FIRRRRSSSST!!!! 😀

    Great job Mandi and LMFAO@ the poster. It’s so true and sexy which is always a bonus! @_@

    I think Unohana is more suited for the situation because she can do healing and battle. Orihime is more suited for healing and that’s it. Her fighting capability is very limited. Can’t wait to see Aizen kick someone’s ass and where the hell is Gin!? ><

  2. These chapters are going on in an extremely slow pace. These last two chapters could be covered in probably about 10 minutes of 1 episode …

  3. nice one ms mandi.and a great demopic its about95%to5% chance
    i liked this ep just cause everyone was like dude hold youre horses each one here has a bone to pic with the antagonaizer that is aizen and we hold our own weight in battle too so dont be a ass and cooperate find the 1 in 9000 percent chance at a strike and cut him toushiro droping some serius balls at the end just to be problably mising or being cut down by gin dude is M.i.A. after all and i want to see shinsuis bankai.

  4. that was quick

  5. heres to hoping littleteapot finaly gets it!


  6. I liked the demotivational poster.

  7. Im really hoping that Aizen or Gin actually kill someone, Hopefully its Yamamoto.

    I think if Aizen made everyone see each other as himself then that would really rock the boat and make things interesting.

    That girl on the bottom of th demotivation poster I want her and Grimjow to join Ichigo’s ranks when this arc is over.

  8. A spoiler is out…
    I posted a small spoiler in the comment section..

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