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-One Piece Top 10 Moments Below-

Artwork by Alphonse13

Alright, I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now and after 19 days I have finally found time to work on it! One Piece has been fantastic this year from total WTF moments, to kickass DF abilities, and emotional scenes. Oda definitely delivered the goods this year, though be it some of those chapters could have been longer, but who are we to complain when we could experience more of Oda’s work for another year? With that in mind I have composed a top 10 list of my favorite moments that to me defined and made One Piece great for the year of 2009! This is my personal list and not every item on the list may be that grand in scale but it still held some importance for me to put it on here. They’ll stick out in some sort of way I can tell you that much. Let’s begin! 😉

#10: Luffy vs. Blackbeard Preview

This was just an awesome teaser of things to come between Luffy and Blackbeard. Oda purposely let them get an equal share of hits in, quite big too, just to keep interests peaked. He didn’t give a clear victor because there was none. Though it was kinda hinted at that Blackbeard may be still above Luffy because Blackbeard was the one to singlehandedly take down Ace. Still we know Luffy can do some major damage and those two are destined to fight. Perhaps he’s Luffy’s greatest rival in the New World to come… Who knows but in the end there is sure to be an epic battle and only one will walk away bruised but victorious.

#9: Shiryuu Joins Blackbeard’s Crew

Shiryuu the man we all know as the future opponent of Zoro unless Oda pulls a fast one on us. I mean it’s kinda obvious the sharpshooter on Blackbeard’s crew Van Auger vs. Usopp. Shiryuu the swordsman vs. Zoro the swordsman! Anyway this is another great preview of things to come. Shiryuu once commanded the halls equally next to the man known as Magellan. We all know how much of a beast Magellan is so Shiryuu is sure to be badass though he was defeated by Magellan. This is also a sign of Blackbeard’s crew growing in number and strength.

#8: The Formation Of Team Awesome

YOSH!!! Team Awesome FTEW!!! 😀 I have never seen a more badass team of misfits since the Strawhat crew! XD I immediately had to call them Team Awesome because they just permeate the essence of it from their badassedness (is that a word!?). Here we have Crocodile a former Shichibukai, Jimbei a Shichibukai (back then he was still one), Ivankov the queen of Okama and a member of the Revolutionary Army, Inazuma also a member of the Revolutionary Army, and Luffy an up and coming pirate/Supernova. How the hell did this happen!? XD I don’t know but it’s AWESOME!!!

#7: Luffy Loses 10 Years Of His Life

You know when you have this forsaking feeling of things to come? Foreshadowing at its best I say. Along with Gear Second, his do or die attitude, and now this I just have this sinking feeling Luffy is going to die by the end of the series… Ah, but that’s for another post. 😉 Right now let’s just discuss the #7 item on the list and why I found it so important. Well…the protagonist of the series just lost 10 years of his life, like him or not you gotta admit that’s important. How easily he agreed to it was just a testament to his character too. He doesn’t care about his life as long as he can save his nakama he will be happy. That’s how it’s been all along and how it will always be.

#6: Whitebeard Is Betrayed

The OMFGWTH moment! Lots of cursing Squardo out for his stupidity quickly spread followed by “who the hell is Squardo!?” and “WTH kind of name is Squardo anyway!?” XD Yes, Squardo was a next to unknown character making his first appearance in the war actually, so it was no wonder when people got mad over some unknown pirate stabbing Whitebeard through. He was mentioned earlier though when Whitebeard called down to command his troops to spread out but he was mysteriously missing. Well we all know what happens and whether or not fans have forgiven him is questionable. Secretly I thank him for giving my prediction of Whitebeard becoming the first main character to die more steam…>_> (Main character made of flesh I know you all are out there Going Merry enthusiasts -_-) Also Whitebeard forgave him so who are we not to forgive him when the dude who was betrayed has done so? Overall, this moment was important just because its shock value and was the moment nonbelievers looked at Whitebeard and said, “You know he just may die…”

#5: Luffy Releases ‘Kings Disposition’ at Marineford

The moment we all were waiting for and the most obvious of all predictions really. The reason why it isn’t higher on the list is because nearly everyone knew Luffy was going to release a burst of Haki sometime during this war. His feat at Amazon Lily was basic foreshadowing of what would happen at this war when his limits and desperation were pushed to their limits. Even so it was still an awesome moment and surprised the hell out everybody, even the ones that knew him best. Boa may be an exception because she had prior knowledge of his power’s existence. Plus I think the fact that he is now a known ‘Haoshoku Haki’ user will be a prime factor in raising his bounty exponentially. Also there’s being Dragon’s son, punching a Tenryuubito, and breaking prisoners out of Impel Down…>_>

#4: Whitbeard’s DF Power Is Revealed

I loved this moment simply because it was the epitome of “WTFuckery”. He didn’t just showcase his DF he nearly ended the battle in 1 hit! XD Holy crap the power to destroy the world!? That’s what Fleet Admiral Sengoku said Whitebeard was capable of and I believe every word he says because I saw the power myself. Whitebeard can create controlled earthquakes and when he makes an undersae earthquake he can create tsuanmis!!! We all know the destructive power of a tsunami and for a man to weild the power to create and direct them at whim is dangerous as hell. I dare say if it wasn’t for Aokiji the Marines would have been screwed. Well recent events of 2010 with the massive earthquake over in Haiti is a sad example of what such power can do. Let’s just say Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit is exactly that. A powerful weapon indeed and luckily it ended up in the right hands. Can’t imagine Akainu with those powers. *shudders* -_-

#3: Chapter 0: Strong World

On to more happy subjects Chapter 0: Strong World was entirely just to good to pick out one moment in it. Roger vs. Shiki, Garp and Sengoku vs. Shiki, Shiki singlehandedly escaping Impel Down. My only qualm with this chapter is that it was just a big history lesson and a tease to fights we could never see! T_T I understand though such fights as those would take forever to cover and the epicness would be to much for our brains to handle. Overall, I really enjoyed this chapter because it gave a lot of interesting background information and was a nice look into the world of One Piece 23 years ago. Who knows maybe he’ll do a Chapter X or something and cover the ‘Void Century’. >(0_0)>

#2: Ace Is Gol D. Roger’s Son

Lol, of course this is #2. Who would have guessed this? Sure many can claim they predicted it and hell some could be telling the truth but the majority of them are just lying attention seekers that couldn’t predict what they’re having for breakfast tomorrow. -_- Ahem…this is probably the biggest twist this year in One Piece and definitely deserves its spot on #2. Roger has a son…Roger’s son is none other than Portagas D. Ace. Which also means Ace and Luffy aren’t blood brothers which makes it all the more touching when we find out Luffy knew all along but came anyway to rescue his “brother”. Is this our destined Pirate King coming to rise in his father’s place? Great moment Oda!

#1: Bon-Clay Sacrifices Himself For Luffy

Bring out the tissues and wipe your eyes it’s time for the saddest moment of One Piece in 2009. The sacrifice of Bon Clay for Luffy (and 240 other prisoners) to escape Impel Down makes it to #1 on my list for obvious reasons. It’s the first moment that sprung to my head when I decided to create this list. It’s by far the most touching scene that happened this year followed closely by…nothing really… Maybe Whitebeard bending down and hugging Squardo after his betrayal, or Luffy yelling out to Ace he’s still his brother when Ace told him to turn back, or it could be when Oars reached out and fell defeated right before Ace’s eyes all the while remembering his Wano hat.  Either way they come nowhere close for what Bon Clay has done for Luffy and a bunch of prisoners he hardly knew.  Before Impel Down Bon Clay was one of Luffy’s greatest friends who was ironically his enemy at the time they became friends. Since Luffy’s departure from Arabasta Bon Clay has saved his life a total of 3 times. His 3rd and perhaps final act of heroism taking place at Impel Down in the face of hell, torture, and most likely death. The question is, is Bon Clay dead? Well if he is then he’d actually be the first main character to die but right now it’s unconfirmed and all guesses are up in the air. In the end we’ll miss you Bon Clay where ever you are and we’ll send you off the Okama way by giving you the #1 position on the top 10 list of 2009 One Piece moments.

Honorable Mentions:

#11 Marco And A New Zoan Type

Badass moment and pretty cool DF ability. Also the rarest type of fruit introduced in the series so far (Mythical Zoan Type). The thing is a lot of other new and cool abilites were shown this year but Whitebeard’s took the cake so unfortunately Marco the Phonix didn’t make it on the list.

#12 Oar’s Sacrifices Himself For Ace

Poor big guy was the center of attention and that’s never a good thing in the middle of a battlefield. It’s even worse when you’re the biggest thing on the battlefield for all to see and shoot at. A barrage of cannon fire, ‘Ursus Shock’, a cut off leg, and spear through the chest later he finally fell down right in front of his goal he tried so hard to rescue. Of course we know he got back up and pushed the ship through the gap in the metal wall, then he was shot back again…>_> But he’s alright!!! 😀

#13 Buggy Is Jesus!? o_O

LMAO, if you’re offended then this is obviously not the place for you. 😛 I found this moment to be extremely hilarious and I even considered it for #10 spot on the list until my head cleared from all the laughter and I conducted myself. It gets an honorable mention though for be freaking hilarious!

#14 Whitebeard Arrives On The Scene

A great and highly anticipated moment indeed and his arrival marked the start of the war in most people’s eyes. For me though the war didn’t start until Whitebeard revealed his Devil Fruit and made the first attack and I already covered that. To me that trumps his arrival.

#15 Blackbeard Reveals Some Sort Of Plan

Whatever it is it’s going to be BIG!!! That’s all we know basically. We all have our theories and that’s all they really amount to…theories, which is why this didn’t make it in. It was an announcement but probably not on the level of say…Ace being Roger’s one and only son. Here’s to hoping we’ll find out soon enough what Blackbeard is planning in the year 2010!

Top WTF Moment Of 2009

Nope, still can’t figure it out… Ivankov turning a man into a woman came at a close second but that’s more possible nowadays than grabbing water and manipulating it like some kind of Water Bender! As for Jimbei calling the whale sharks…that was definitely 3rd… XD

That concludes the extras!

-One Piece Chapter 570 Breakdown Below-

Before we get to the breakdown here’s this week’s AMV and BOPP!

The AMV just gets more epic and epic towards the end until you’re leaning in your seat ready for Luffy to put the final ass whooping on Lucci. We all see it coming but that doesn’t make it less awesome! XD AMV by Seren278. This week’s BOPP is of Crocodile because I’m slowly (VERY SLOWLY) starting to like the country ruining bastard. Besides the picture looks awesome…>_> Badass One Piece Picture by K-EL-P!

And on to the breakdown!

YOSH!!! Welcome to another One Piece Chapter Breakdown! After a few weeks of waiting chapter 570 has been delivered and after a few more days of waiting you can now finally read the breakdown! XD That’s my way of saying I know it’s late and yes I’m sorry. My work ethic will pick back up when I head back up for college. 😀 Now on to the awesome chapter we had a lot happen in this frantic war and many things I need to quickly point out. If you were confused as I am at some parts then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

You can tell Sanji is thinking about cooking them after this.

I know some of you may be thinking Sanji just found ‘All Blue’, but personally I think it’s just him getting beat out by a bunch of fish in a sharpshooting contest on a regular ocean…-_- Put Captain Usopp on the job he won’t lose face for the Strawhat crew! 😀

Uh-huh....uh-huh....uh-huh....uh-h- WAIT WTF!? o_O

Alright here’s the first thing that I wanted to point out that confused the hell out of me in this chapter. If you look at the versions of the chapter Mangastream, Mangareader, and OneManga uploaded they all say the same thing, Luffy just used ‘Haoshoku Haki’ (Also known as ‘King’s Disposition)! That’s cool but head over to Mangashare and you get something completely different! Whitebeard and Shanks are confirmed users of ‘Haoshoku Haki’ and that’s just not any ol’ regular Haki. I don’t know about anyone else but that’s some really important information either being left out or added.  Who to believe!? Well seeing as how 3 different manga sites uploaded the same version I was obliged to believe them over the 1 site which seemed way to different. Something was wrong here. I mean how do you mess up so badly that you ADD names to a translation? On the other hand how do you mess up so badly that you MISS names in a translation?

Well I did what any manga fan does when they’re confused over translations! Find the raw version and translate the kanji myself!? Hell no! >< I searched forums and One Piece wikia for others to give me answers! XD As you can see the two links I got from One Piece wikia convinced me to just follow the Mangashare version. I know the wikia is a fan based user site and I’m not telling you to use Mangashare or take the route I took. I love and appreciate all the sites hence the reason I use them all for manga reading. This time though I’m taking the Mangashare upload over the others because it just makes more sense to me.

This is my personal translation on the matter... I think it's pretty believable. >_>

Back to the chapter everyone is in an uproar about Luffy using the rarest and most powerful form of Haki but all come quickly to realize it was done unconsciously. Kind of like how a mom is able to lift a car a few inches off her son to save him in a moment of desperation. Yes it’s true and it makes me wonder what Nico Robin with her DF would do if Chopper was stuck under a ship. XD Ahem…mixing real world with manga not really a good idea. >< Anyway, Ace says an interesting comment on Luffy’s ‘Haoshoku Haki’ use,

“you too…”

Now he could be talking about himself having it too or his old man Whitebeard. I think I’ll stick to the latter because if he had it he would have used it on Blackbeard and beat the living shit out of him. All attention focuses back to Luffy now and the Marines want him dead more than ever, after Whitebeard of course. Another interesting point I to want display are the small hints to Dragon having the same ability as his son. Vice Admiral Doberman (A.K.A. Scarface) saying,

“That’s the son of Dragon The Revolutionary…it’s only natural that he should posses the gift…!!!”

Then Ivankov thinking,

‘He is not even aware of it!! A power that lays dormant…yet no “vonder” he draws others to him!! That is your son, and no mistake…Dragon!!!’

Are they hinting at Dragon having ‘Haoshoku Haki’ also? Personally I don’t believe so after all it wouldn’t be so rare if every strong guy in the manga was revealed to have it now. Is this a case of “Like father like son” in pertaining to “Haoshoku Haki”? Also does Ace have it?

It's true, I remember him saying somewhere he can't die because he was Whitebeard! It's like a invisible shield of words!

Skipping on ahead Whitebeard orders his men to back Luffy up in making sure he reaches Ace. Has Whitebeard given up on himself? In reaching Ace probably yes but he’s far from given up on the next generation and he’ll assure the new rising stars will come to fruition no matter what. He wants someone who carries the Will of D to show him what lies beyond this Great Age of Pirates.

This frightening image can only be beaten out by an army of Okama coming your way. Ask the Impel Down guards they have not yet been able to fall asleep since then.

As Luffy is attacked the New World Pirates jump in to save the day kind of like Tuxedo Mask, except with much more freakish appearances, but in the end they both wore weird costumes and were creepy. This is a test of faith Whitebeard is putting Luffy to once again even after Kizaru reprimanded him for letting Luffy lead the charge to begin with. Ivankov points out that Whitebeard, considered the strongest pirate in the world, is placing his faith in Luffy once again effectively putting his pride and Ace’s fate solely in Luffy’s hands now. Luffy doesn’t care about Whitebeard’s expectations though. He’s not here to make friends, fame, approval, or respect. He’s here for one thing and one thing only and that’s to save his big brother Ace…but damn Luffy no respect, no respect! Show some appreciation for all the help Whitebeard is lending you! >_<

Just make Mihawk his tea next time...o_o

As New World pirates jump into the fray left and right it gets to the point where even Daz Bones and Crocodile are…supporting Luffy? Nooo, no way they’re just pissed and kicking Marine ass to pass the time! There’s no way they’re helping Luffy out of good will but Daz Bones takes a hit from Mihawk to save Luffy. O_O Daz Bones is quickly dispatched of course but holy shit Crocodile jumps in now and confronts Mihawk! For some reason seeing those two possibly fight really got my blood pumping, after all those are like the earliest Shichibukai introduced to the storyline and some of the most liked. I still hate Crocodile bastard but he has admittedly been gaining awesome points since Impel Down…>_>

Lol, I knew it sounded familiar! Zombie Sanji knows what love is! XD

Next interesting point goes out to all those who think Boa is weak with a bounty of only 80 million beri. She has control over her ‘Haoshoku Haki’ (though how much is unknown), beat Smoker down like he was her bitch, was able to stop multiple Pacifistas singlehandedly when it took the entire SH crew to take one out and it left them exhausted, and lastly look at Sentomaru and her. He’s getting his ass beat and she doesn’t look tired at all! XD Love is like a hurricane! 😀

He looks pretty badass to me but you can tell he's really taking his anger out on these Marines for shooting him in the balls last chapter!

YOSH!!! Inazuma is back and Whitebeard is looking badass just punishing the marines who think they can finish him off. Inazuma is summoned out of Ivankov’s…hair and Jimbei has Whitebeard’s back. Lol, I found a good comparison. Inazuma is to Ivankov as Jimbei is to ________. Slap that on a SAT and watch me PWN! 😛 Inazuma leaps out of Ivankov’s hair and starts cutting up the streets of Marineford making a path straight to Ace and great use of his DF power. The ability to manipulate anything he cuts like it were paper. I don’t know why the power to throw slices of cement at people seems like an awesome DF to me but it is and I really wish I had it. T_T

Sounds fun to me...

Luffy heads up there immediately but of course things aren’t so easy. A Marine fires a bazooka at him but Vista steps in and slices the projectile in half. Well if that doesn’t work surely Kizaru moving in at the speed of light will stop Luffy but no wait! Whitebeard comes in and blocks off Kiazru’s path similar to how Rayleigh did here. I’m just going to say Whitebeard sliced through light particles Kizaru was forming with Haki and not through Kizaru the person or else he’d be dead. I guess it easy after all when you have friends like those eh Luffy? 😉 Ace is almost in reach and Luffy is actually smiling as he closes in on Ace finally ready to set him free. Cheers are heard from the pirates all around and he can see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Lol, agreed Garp UNLESS it's one of those big ass water slides! Those things are fun as hell! XD

Well that is until the biggest dog in the pound Vice Admiral Garp steps in Luffy’s path. Remember what I said about Garp finally taking full responsibility of his position in the Marines now? No more looking the other way for Luffy though he may be wishfully praying for Luffy’s success he won’t be holding back or pulling any strings in this battle. My verdict? Luffy’s f**ked unless someone steps in again to help him out. Let’s not forget that at the top of the execution platform next to a kneeling Ace stands the Fleet Admiral Sengoku who is of higher position than Garp (yes I know Garp turned down promotions) and we know his strength is probably on par with Garp himself. See Chapter 0 for reference. Next week Luffy vs. Garp?

That concludes this breakdown again sorry and it’s late and a new apology for it being longer than expected. Here’s this week’s poster. Comment, predict, and enjoy! 😀

Artwork by Juju67

My Prediction

Luffy gets help or he gets owned. Garp is going to throw his rubber ass of that bridge and Luffy will have to start over again unless someone intervenes like Galdino (Mr. 3). Haven’t seen him in a while. I don’t know why but I have a feeling Buggy is going to do something big soon and maybe he will in the next chapter. We shall see…


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  1. 1st

  2. Omg that was quite long (that’s what she said ^_^)

    Awesome as always super, nice article/breakdown/feature

  3. ooh awesome breakdown!
    i mostly agree with ur top 10 moments although i would ve placed bon clay just a lil bit lower xD somewhere around the 3rd or 4th place 😛 although it was a very important moment ofc!
    One piece 570 breakdown was great as usual =).
    although we kinda knew shanks had the kings disposition allready from the chapter in which shanks and whitebeard meat and all wbs troops start fainting.
    but its kool to know wb has it too, tho why the hell isnt he using it!?
    I also still think garp stepped up against luffy because if he didnt sengoku would have killed him. And i start disliking Mihawk how awesome he was when we first met him the more annoying he starts to get.

  4. Great breakdown! Just as I expected! ^__^

  5. Whoa, a chapter breakdown AND your top ten favorite moments?! You’re really going for the gold here, super! 😛 That’s awesome!

    I have to agree with your choices, which is a first for me. Usually on Top 10 lists I go “wait what about ____?” or “that moment really didn’t do it for me.” but this…prime gold my friend! 🙂 Although I’d have put Luffy’s haki as # 1 but that’s just me.

    I agree that it’s doubtful that Ace has King’s Haki like Luffy’s because as you said he would have used it against Blackbeard during their fight. Most likely he’s referring to WB, who it seems also has King’s Haki. Actually it looks like all the Yonkou have King’s Haki. So much for it being one-in-a-million! 😛

    Crocodile is really veering into anti-villain if not anti-hero territory with all of his protecting the D bros. Although where’s Doflamingo? I seriously doubt Croc was able to get rid of him that easily! My interpretation of why he first protected Ace and now Luffy is that he considers Whitebeard and Luffy as his best enemies and would sooner protect them rather than let someone else beat them for him. Especially now that he sees that Luffy has King’s Haki, I think he wants to have Luffy as his final opponent to regain his strength as a pirate. Eh, who knows?

    Luffy vs. Garp really won’t last too long, even now that Luffy’s grown stronger. Let’s face it, the only way for Luffy to get out of this fight in one piece (no pun intended) is either for Garp to hesitate at the last minute due to his love for his grandson or for someone else to distract Garp while he runs to the execution platform. My money’s on the latter because Garp was relentless in putting his grandson in mortal danger even when Luffy was a kid! Maybe Rayleigh or Dragon might show up??? 😀

  6. @elisha yeh i can somehow see dragon showing up now and tell garp too get his hands of his son saying he should be ashamed or something. but we dont know all that much about dragon yet tho, so we dont really know anything of how he would respond yet, but according to ivankov dragon would be furious if he figured out his son is dead or something.

  7. Thanks a lot everyone, though it was difficult picking out the top 10 moments (except for the really obvious ones) it was all worth it in the end. Glad you all liked it whether or not you agree with all the placements. 😀

    @Fear: I honestly thought Whitebeard and Shanks were just flaunting regular extra powerful Haki like Rayleigh. It makes more sense though that they have the rarest form, ‘King’s Disposition’, though seeing as how they’re Yonkou. I think Whitebeard isn’t sending out a powerful wave of Haki because he’ll knock out some of his men too. I doubt you can just direct it at one person and it may be a waste of power if it tires the user out.

    I still like Mihawk he’s just doing what suits him and that’s cool. As for Dragon showing up it’s a good possibility to strike the government while it’s weakened and save his son. The power scale is definitely in the Marines favor right now so the pirates could use some extra help right now.

    @Elisha: Lol, ‘King’s Disposition’ can still be one-in-a-million if there’s millions of people in the world of One Piece. It’s a big world, I just hope Oda doesn’t overdo it and start handing out the rarest form of Haki to characters like it’s candy.

    Unfortunately I’m starting to like the anti-villain role of Crocodile though the first move he made after reaching Marineford was attack Whitebeard. Good point on him protecting Ace and Luffy to save them for future rivalries. I can see that happening especially since he got pissed at Whitebeard being stabbed by someone else other than him. He likes for his rivals to fall by his hand not by anyone else’s, especially not by “goody-two-shoes” Marines. 😉

    @Anyone: Now on to Garp intercepting Luffy. I think we all agree Luffy doesn’t stand a chance alone unless Garp hesitates or holds back, but that’s not likely. XD Like Fear said he could have stepped up to Luffy so Sengoku didn’t kill him.

    What I can see is Luffy knowing full well he can’t defeat his grandpa at this time so he’ll try to get around him. Kind of like what he did to Moria.

    Knock him up in the air and go under him.

  8. This was truly an awesome breakdown and list, I read it word for word. I’m pretty sure Whitebeard has Haoshoku Haki, along with the rest of the Yonkou. His name is under “Known Haoshoku Users” in One Piece Wiki, as is Shanks’.

    Spoiler from Mangaspoiler … hope to Oda that it’s true ! … Although I did like the idea of Dragon showing up to save Luffy caught by Garp … but maybe it’s too soon for Dragon to make a casual appearance.

    01/16(土) 15:37

    571話 処刑台

    ルフィーVSガープ「わしを倒してから行け!」ルフィーのギア2がガープにヒット、(わざと受けた感じ)ガ ープは橋から転落。
    そして処刑台にたどり着くルフィー、エースの手錠を開けようとするが黄猿のビームで鍵が飛ばさ れる。
    そこに処刑人に変装していたまさかのMr.3。能力で手錠を開けようとするが、ついにセンゴク の能力発動。
    見た目は大仏、巨大化している。センゴクがルフィー達にパンチする、そのはずみで処刑台が崩れる、ルフィー 達は転落しながら手錠を開けようとする、そこに海軍が一斉攻撃、炎の中からエース登場!終


    Ch. 571: The Gallows
    Cover: Nami

    Luffy vs Garp [I’ll blow you out of my way] Luffy goes into Gear 2nd and smashes Garp (Garp seems to take the hit deliberately) and is knocked off the bridge.
    Luffy arrives at the top of the platform, and attempts to unlock Ace’s cuffs, but Kizaru intercepts, knocking the key away with a beam.
    Mr. 3, who had disguised himself as an executioner lends a hand to free the locks, but Sengoku finally plays his hand and reveals his ability that makes him grow large (kyojin no mi?)
    His appearance is that of a Daibutsu (a large statue(s) of Buddha), he has become huge! Dai-sengoku throws a punch at Luffy, the scaffold collapses bouncing everyone off, Luffy tries to open the cuffs in mid-air (got the key back and/or Mr. 3) the marines concentrate a barrage of fire on them, and from inside a circle of flames appears Ace! Endo.

  9. sweet breakdown as always super! i think maybe dragon is already there, cause remember, someone opeaned the gates of justice for luffy and the rest of Team Awesome. maybe it was Dragon or one of his men? i hope dragon shows up, lol it would be awesome to finally see him in action. btw Does anyone get the feeling that Kuma is actually part of the revolutionary army? when he first runs into the strawhats he basicly tests them(zolo more then anyone) and then spares them while telling us that he knows dragon by mentioning dragon as he leaves. then he saves them from kizaru and sentarou by teleporting them all away. And Ikanov seems to know him so… i just have a feeling that if Dragon appears with his army he is gonna press a button that will deactivate Kuma’s brainwashing and he will jump on their side. just a theory lol. cant wait to see next chapter with Garp vs Luffy. im really feeling like we are reaching the climax of the war and this arc.

  10. 571 is out, believe it or not …

    @takahashid: excellent theory … and this chapter only makes it look even more likely. How did Mr. 3 just suddenly faint and appear on the scaffolding ? Smells like Bear to me. He’s probably the one who opened the gates to Marineford too.

  11. YOSH!!! Great chapter I’ll save my thoughts for the breakdown and expect it to be out Saturday. ^_^

  12. Awesome Mega breakdown Super. If i could only have the time to read it the comments. If things went how they are supposed to luffy is gonna get smashed for a good while. I don’t see anyone getting up there in time to help out long enough to grab Ace so this will decide how people know about luffy.

    So until i get a new charger im offline for manga and WRA… -_- ohh the pain

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    And Blackbeard fearing Luffy’s potential does make sense but that’s just battle jitters. I don’t believe he fears Luffy. The reason he was panting and wide eyed is because all the adrenaline that rushes through your body at the beginning of a fight. Also it may because Luffy knocked him good with that one it. XD

  23. @super: Don’t forget that in addition, because of the Yami Yami, Blackbeard absorbs more pain than the average person, so that’d be a good reason why it took a lot out of him.

    **SPOILER ALERT** (If anyone minds me posting spoilers, I’ll stop, just lemme know.)

    Source: OGATYxQ20 @ 2ch
    Verification: confirmed
    Translation: Puma D. Ace @ OM


    タイトル「The Times They Are A-Changin’」












    (・・・財宝に興味はねえ? じゃあ、お前は何を目指すんだよ、ニューゲート)



    Cover: Vivi

    Title “the Times They Are A-Changin’”

    The freed Ace and his little brother go on kicking the marines asses.
    Although Whitebeard and his crew reached their goal, there is no way out
    Then, suddenly, the ground is moving and Squad appears in a paddleboat
    “We’re gonna take over this battlefield!”
    But Whitebeard is nonforgiving
    “This is the last order of your captain. Everyone, on the boat!”
    “Don’t start talking about “last” and that stuff!”
    “I and you part here. Everyone, you’ll have to live and carry on into the New World!”
    They don’t confirm, but no one opposes their captains orders.
    The pirates board the vessel and depart.
    “Pops!” “Old man!”
    “I am the remnant of this era. I won’t embark on the ship into the new era.”
    “Continue your long journey. Let’s settle the score (<-thx Steven D. Teach) Marines!!
    (…you are interested in my treasure? Well, what are you aiming at, Newgate?)

    taken from OM – translation by Puma D. Ace

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    Still, if Whitebeard is going to die, that begs the question, what is going to happen to his crew? All he gave as his final order was for his crew to get their butts the hell outta there. Hopefully, he’ll tell them a lot more before he passes.

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    Nah, no breakdown for 571 couldn’t find the time and I want to concentrate on 572 so I won’t be doing a double breakdown. I’ll mention it though and point out the highlights in chapter 571. It was a great chapter and I’m sorry that I missed the breakdown for it but I won’t completely neglect it. 😉


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